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Beyond The Arc
Tuesday, October 31st

On this edition of Beyond The Arc, Tim Roye talked to Warriors Assistant Coach Willie Green, Santa Cruz Warriors Head Coach Aaron Miles, and Sekou Smith from


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It. You champion Golden State Warriors basketball. Nut five point seven big. It's. Yeah. New York. I like streets. Now it's easy 23 feet nine inches and Denzel boldly go where no man. The voice of warriors basketball. It grew and yeah. Kathy get just get through over the last deploy a big. Baseline Bobby Brown throws outside for young deep freeze street itself though that you have. Now about strikeout walk away with a Whitehead forum. The lawyers dropped 28 points. Obama. Okay. Owners behind me told me. Along okay. Okay. All the we'll hold them back. Ball game and pop talking. You know it's. The U. And here's. He did that match no doubt about it it is Halloween not figure out beyond the arc. I'm 95 point seven in the Bay Area sports station night Tim Roy in the end though flout our Halloween night editions with Golden State Warriors with a win last night. Doubt LA against the clippers. And I think the lawyers quietly shipped the ghosts. Of 20162017. And get rid of the cobwebs. That had plagued him early in the season. And finally got back the plate warriors basketball. And then hopefully. That's a trend that will continue. The upcoming road trip the Santonio and to Denver it is Halloween night and I hope your goals and goblins are having a great time out there. And if you're listening while you're driving your car please be careful. Lot of kids out there and we want them to get home safe. Happy with a bag full of candy. And that is make sure you're on the defense about there we want to make sure everybody has. A great Halloween and we got a great show forty coming up red take your questions about lawyers clocks on Twitter as lawyers BOX. Plus. Were also going to be here promising to Smith of NBA dot com and NB ATV I asked him point like the question is this the year. Of the Greek Greek. As anybody dressed up as Ellis of the Kubel in your neighborhood I know this carries out there and an analyst KD's straight months and place but is there agreed freak. In years neighborhood. Meanwhile we'll also hear from Arab miles he's the new head coach of the Santa Cruz lawyers had chance to catch up with him pre season the former warrior he was actually Golden State warrior for just a brief time. But he is thrilled about the chance to join the warrior organization. And to lead the young man down in Santa Cruz first up though we're gonna hear from Willie Green warriors assistant coach now is second year. Alongside head coach Steve Kirk and he is a former NBA player who had a very nice career. And had chance to play with some very good teammates we'll find out about some of those. In this conversation but a reminder that the championship celebration continues when the Miami Heat of the town on Monday November 6. All their exit Ted it's receiving a miniature replica trophy. Presented by racquets it gauger verified official tickets tonight at warriors dot com so we begin tonight the Halloween edition on beyond the arc. Would lawyers assisting coach. Willie Green. In double figures for the magic for the first time. This year. First of all welcome to the lawyers we think she'll be on the Arkin and you know it's been great in the know you and and to watch you work the last couple of years and I know that. Opening night had to be pretty special night. Yes definitely open I was present its you know receiving our rings. Obviously it resume in the manner and on my shooters and disputes is corrosive. The credit goes through you know guys working hard to staff working hard. You know through and articles in the season was repression. It's a little bit about the in the coaching especially on this team when you have Sony's established. Stars and veterans. You know how. How does that change maybe a little bit what you do. It's. Well it makes our jobs a little easy head you know these guys. Really talented guys they understand what it's x.s. So win in each and every day they come and practice. Their broken better and makes it easy for us as coaches. But. You know. Think the beauty and is that we are missing those every day is coming to better focus on small simple things but also realize in the big picture. When you talk about the other big picture. It brings me to that has to start this year and in in. It's been three years or row of the courtroom this team than it is to do this. That's right so it's almost natural I think we've we've we've we've seen other teams do this in the past. Well it's yeah we had a hard you know it's just tough getting some finals every year it's a long years in the short summer and starving quickly. Not to make any excuses you know our guys are guys have to limit right now but. We still have. The pitcher goes in mind is gonna take this containment work and the fundamentals of basketball. Keeping things simple make sure we get rest and he's healthy and all those good things. So that we would go out and performed would want to. Talked with Willie Green nearly beyond the are you mentioned fundamental basketball on and that people are surprised like don't tell them how much you guys work on fundamentals. Vehicle back in your career what what what coach stressed the fundamentals most in your life. Or started early. You know my uncle calls from when I was younger and he always talked about being able to do everything. And that was important men in college and in the NBA probably Monty Williams mystique of this war. The little things in basketball because. If you look at the difference in the the last team in first in points it's only a few points and that's just about housing haven't examined but also you know fundamentally sound team. Thanks for your ankle early on high to get drawn into the game. I had older cousins that were planned and people my family. You know after they complete basketball and so I want to do the same things people around that ultimately it. At what point did you realize that maybe you had that little extra gift may be we're a little bit better than everybody else. You know it wasn't necessarily. A point that out realize that I just. I just want to be better than my peers and so's anytime we get beat by. Teammates or you know cousins or whomever I went to the gym just continue to try to get better and I realized that maybe maybe. Guess maybe I can use with the isn't addressed. Brooklyn basketball area Detroit to great bass player in fact state Michigan's basketball area who are so the guys who played against growing up. An armored guys and Jason Richardson and played an NBA. People don't believe me and Antonio Gates. Tight influence charges in the united what. And I was really good netbook where I could see that he's very athletic did you complete used to have a rival ice comes and and so it was an armored guys and my understanding roles prominently against those guys and I was younger and in the summer so. This is a good traditional basketball. City and you some good games want HUS steel for college you went to Detroit mercy he. Why stay home why not go out and see the world well at that Tom. Number one enough so that the coaching staff was gonna allow me to grow as basketball player that was important to me. I was and guide you control and fire right away as a freshman. At a bigger school comments on your time between developed and continued better. And talking to us that they were gonna allow me an opportunity and to meet I was most important is his. The role there was going to be better than rooms. And Willie when you ended up in into the NBA. You know the big first first ought to tell me about you always curious. How did you find out about. Being drafted. I was at my uncle had a little something in his house Romo was and all of a lot of friends there and my name came across the bottom this is reality hitting you because this is on commercial and we came back. My name was going across the bottom of the screen and relies relies I got drafted and who's a great films such it was a lesson and you know I was excited to start. He played over ten years twelve year career in the NBA and then I I always stability you played decade in this league. That's great career and and little. What was it about Willie Green do you think they'll allow it to places along. I think number one. I was blessed to be human. To being good organizations. And invested in me and just trying to be professional time relies on. Every day I commandments is it as a great opportunity continue to work any. Problem with your come to the NBA moment. Asked if it's a good question I'm not sure when Immelman was. You know line has really good moments and NBA's New Year's and you know courts and plus another community. Use this game as a platform. To some recent touch of the people's lives and it's. Robin while one of the reasons why UV became coach would pull out of that thought for a moment because before you know waste your playing career. Give me Fehr five favorite teammates. Had five favorite teammates is. Chris Paul. Tom on Adrian Miller. Andre Iguodala. That you Wear us coming is that and his eyes artisans from the point and so some goes. Will lobbying never hurts the sole. In the mission money Williams the coach who is really the coaches who had an impact on. It's a good question Mo cheeks was had an impact on me just his personality. On us was huge. And helping me understand like this is this it is of a business that you have to be professional con man no matter what's going around you the circumstances command every day. And just do your job and it just it could not enter into a speed of it and McKee Kevin Ollie Eric Snow those guys very influential in my in my career as well as teammates. All all really give pros and they knew how to play and should the Fontana got there are had on time when Willie Green your beyond the arc in the end it's it was there point your your playing career. Word coaching came into view. Yeah act as I got tours and in my career last couple years you know plan on teams we have younger guys that you've had to help. Have an understanding of what they need to do to be better you know that's that's our that's a part pollution is a part of being in a relationship which is teammates. And then once you good relationship. No it pretty much do anything that you actually do so. That's to me this is hosting. Levy Levy men and and you know guys not really about x.s and knows about you know when people are our chances to get him to do. Things you need to do to be great. Do you think that is the strength of Steve Kirk. I think it is he's he's got it is very aware of people. Humble and you know this is an awesome having an opportunity to learn and work work four. With the guys that day you're responsible for the U gotta warm up and and talk to Wear those guys are patching called. Me young in the west. While that is a wide spectrum of people right there that is just that is Noah and and this is great for me confidence. This is really diverse in terms of the personalities and David now played together a year in New Orleans. Make you sort it at a point in his career where he's a veteran but maybe company another five years and I'm Patrick is just getting started so. It's just slight difference victims right now and I'm I'm working witness really geeky fun. Is nick trying to feel his way into this team I think it's going to be hard for got to come in. With so many established players ahead of them yet he is he's he's trying to get a feel for his rule he's trying to get through four. You know. How to continue to contribute to the scene but I think he's going to be fine it's gonna take some time and there I think the beauty unions. Where he's guys are new career I've been there before and I mean two to sort of relate to that. You know existing as we start to wrap this up is that you know the lawyers are struggling to start the you're not playing to their best. And years gone by two last night and Thanksgiving it or don't worry about announcements by November 1 yet I think it. That's an adjustment I think I think leaked one I think we're seals sloppy play because I don't think players that were ready for the start of the season. Yeah I think that there's this season being pushed up. Was that we can have two weeks early. It's it's it's having an effect Vanessa yes ma'am excuse horse you know we. We were professional we understand what's was was in front of us but it does take time and we're all humans and and so we receive in human side of our team right now guys through and little sluggish coming into the season iron in its history things like that. My guess I'm not trying to make it. An excuse but that is the human factor and basketball and so we're gonna continue to work continue to get together and now I'm sure we've. I really appreciate your time it's a great day. Have you share some of your grasp it. All love and knowledge for the fans in the hand it's just great having him board and banks and appreciated. Lawyer's assistant coach Willie Green in nineteen royal biamby are happy Halloween everybody will come back and answer your questions on lawyers blogs and hear from. The new head coach of the civic groups lawyers era models. That's next. 95 point seven a game the Bay Area sports station. We're going back. Kids. Waved back to BR BR. Presented by now. That's your questions at Reuters clocks on Twitter lawyers be elects. Or send me an email to appoint TI MO RO YE at lawyers dot com we try to answer as many. As weak hand well will China give last night and he had a question he says look out love listen to you. But I can't afford the new league gas prices this happened last night during the game so I had to respond to will save the audio league pass is back. Just go to sign up for a league pass an MBA dot com scroll to the bottom of the page. And you'll see audio league pass easily nine dollars and 99 cents in India every game every team all year long. Just ten bucks for the entire season and you could listen. To the lawyers where every war. It doesn't matter here outside of 75 miles we can't listen to the lawyers asked if you're outside the signal of the warriors radio network. You ought to be on satellite for say you can be on NBA dot com and then use the NBA app. To listen to warriors radio or the 95 point seven a game that he's that is well and so bad. Is one way you can keep in touch with the dubs when you're dot. In the Bay Area we'll you're heading south of the Bay Area you might want stop off at Santa Cruz at the boardwalk the great fresh sea air some great food down there and the the Santa Cruz lawyers of the G league the F finalized there. Opening night roster it's a very familiar names you remember from pre season. And Tony as Cleveland guard from Southeast Missouri State Michael Bennett. In the pre season as well as a damion Jones is going to be honest silence from the lawyers to start the year George Ni Yang a very nice young man who's got a chance to. Maybe find his way from Zachary James Sutherland and former New York big clear pretty early all. On the roster for the Santa Cruz lawyers the man who will be coaching that team is Aaron Miles he's a former Golden State warrior or point guard at Kansas. And a delight that talked to. Wiles to make you with. Raptors building up while still active there miles well real pleasure to welcome back to the lawyer Stanley Aaron Miles is now and ridiculous Santa whose lawyers. We're here in China recording this interview in and it's been the quite a trip. It's been gracious and from the I've seen this tumbling economy back with the organization. I've seen over the last. Or five years we've been a tremendous run home. Great organization. Arguably the best in the league right now and homer of the apartment and for them to embrace him going to abort. And welcome meal you know back when they had no close post car as well as the rest of the staff just organization as a whole. Have welcomed me and and it's a great privilege to be part of the. As a coach coming into the situation. And you look around the warriors coaching staff they have a lot of different person now Isaiah all bring different things that table whatever you've been able to Jamie's on top of that. Now that's the whole truth the whole training camp you know. This man although you know in different stories in their philosophies you've talked about different. It in the game. You know to be a part of those meetings it is here. You know hello Bob process that goes into you know being a coach is coach. Because so much on the news in the look corporate it. 44 for the journey. You know it and Google did this. I asked him if the staff it's incredible you know they're willing to just share their knowledge of you asked as bad as it is. In the blessed you know and not only them against the players who in their technical things probably that they light from different coaching staff that they've been apart. Part of your journey as a player will help you as a head coach. I think the fact and up pops and deceased dad. The god the best that's important to realize Wear them understand it. You know what I'm telling them is is just because I think it's woods I need to be seen it too was to open up. Witnessed and been a part of you knowing him like I said you haven't seen that sadness saying seized at this in the evening at the same wants and desires of you know I think hopefully that doesn't do much favor. I'm not I ask you to charity secrets but that the fact remains everyone knows this fifteen contracts in this camp that are. You know more than likely barring injury. Going to be egg with a Goldstein awards the start of the year. Are you getting a look at some guys that you might be able to happen in its anchors that are working on this camp. Well you definitely you know. Obviously you know we have a couple of guys that. Wave. Before we came to China and you know our talented you know an option there's a couple of guys in this. Roster right now as towns that would be good to have home court but we'll see what happens in. You know mob mob mob go for all the guys that put him ought to have opportunities to play at this level. You know. That if we're fortunate that it was well if they had come down the senate approved and hopefully we'll get back up to to this level. At best to go. Would the fact it now especially the worst actress going ninety minutes away they can bring them down as they have in the past guys like Obama in the game Jones supreme now for gamers so. You've been that switch as as a as a player. How how you know what's what's it cash they're being able to give the guys some minutes of floor that he's not gonna get necessarily at the Indian. I think is important about these very important and I assume we'll talk with quote current and Stafford Gardner who for some young players that don't may not be in a rotation. Possibly you know come and join us. Occasionally and happy to be good form because I've that they weren't far over the summer. If indeed he can't and so forth. But you really get better when she gets. To showcase it in him. You new game said. He also is important young guys get that game experience though even though it's you know imaging businesses it's important to play. To play as planned as it is important. When you. Becoming head coach those decisions come passengers the firm writes you know every every joy of course that if you're making a lot of decisions they know how it will what's what's second mile. We'll see it's. I don't know really you know. This is all new to me. No problem I'll put it challenged. And excited for this opportunity so. You know we'll find out you know next next next summer. You know would have another conversation Alex how we. Absolutely before I let you go you know I people here read some of the the organization cultures here right now. And how good it is you've been you know between actual lawyers now what do you see in wanted you felt in the year's first sponsor. Mean is. Since professionalism. When you get to top guys and dad. Katie staff. Clay. Who's a tough guys to him on you know working hard being professionals. Is this and I make I a says he's proposed and nobody on the it was amazing that those guys bawdy talk with whom. Took costars. Philosophy and everything is so. It makes it Montes who's this. You know you seem to be relaxed because this is the present what they know what they gotta you've done so we come in they come in as walking alone a company if they weren't. You know I mean I think that's important for guys understand hopefully young guys at the future. It's. I'd say it's false it's they don't really get that renewed. How hard these guys really have how much work they put in to get to the states to get this level. No because. They put in the work and whenever you go first couple years in the league problems it was a lot tougher difficult or. When now they got to a point as veterans that they understand what they need to do and how to work. So we'll put the hope that the young guys understand and I think there's two good job talking to communicate that to while we're thrilled to. Have you back it's great to see you again and I know you're going to be well doubts and criticism. The wish you best of luck though pretty sure you're not gonna need an opportunity to thank. What a great hire by the lawyers organization bringing Erin miles back into the fold he is going to be a credit to the Santa Cruz lawyers and the Golden State Warriors well last week the lawyers' community foundation donated one point two million dollars to Bay Area charities just continuing some great work that they have done for years another program that was established by the NBA that has been in effect for a long time it's that get fit program in encourages kids to learn about nutrition about the benefits of staying in great shape. Golden State boyish participate every year and we get fit program just another example of how the warriors. Try to make the Bay Area. He's a better place to live. I have hit a bad. And let teachers elementary school for the warriors again this time out of that sponsored by Kaiser Permanente. These elements. Of course facing. Today yeah basketball of course yoga. And there might mean. We have to give bid. Here's who's gonna give these kids that. Sure they understand nutrition and exercise. We have these here and there we go to. That's neat gifts worth give. He's just staying fit because they'll help you out alive and listening to people who played in sun role. Is huge opportunity for it if you look at how the warriors could be so generous and bring a lot of the players here complicated. About the importance of physical activity the importance of making good nutritional stories they have. And the important thing to be an agent of change in their communities students got the opportunity to be empowered. It's another Eric caring adults with them. For their future. And support positive outcomes it. This slash press release black. Has returned to. This is BR BR yeah presented by the mountain licensing. What reality are continues everybody five point seven to give the Bay Area sports station remember figure out. Please be careful laughter readers out there. If you wanna make sure everybody gets home happy. It's safe and with a bad stuff we can't keep his that's what we do that's what we do here in America Timberlake. We're joined now by Syracuse in the NBA exact count easy money and be ATP. And this AQ first of all happy Halloween. Great I apparently over and you Pritchard. And do you have a have particular. Costume that when holly comes up do you remember. That they Yuxi coup war with pride. I'm actually remember. Around a little weird here in the empire strikes back out collapse that was determined that he's a bit. Your body hunter are working. My record here in I'm home. You always great never would hire out there and let you probably ever read. Behavior into my whining and her migrant people remember this. That might be the last time I actually entered into whatever elsewhere out here. Her record. When you're you're one time I'll grab. Are you out earlier and it is no matter. How Halloween. That's awesome both all of that the Korea was more. More traditional for me who says you know Kate cowboy aid I want to be cowboys won here you know so I got my caps on hold itself. Who is elusive a special day for me that day you know as I was as prepared as. Immigrate out of the democratic conferences and integrate. But we're going to Kauai Cabrera is great and or she goes all out our students who call in Mexico or is that every year in some. Who are. It's a I don't know. They aired it to you last is that O nine you know half of Qaeda terrorist I'm sure are students in order. You know a group membership showed up this is when you're strong and what it looked pretty out there if I'd probably every human being. I under our goal of my name out there you're repeal may. Can't kill baby out. I'm really good at that deal you have to worry about me becoming a grumpy old man I think they'll grow you so. Her hair beyond the arc and get good for your wife of the well done for her good the great that she's doing that for the kids in the and we need more people like her. So it'll be eight is this the year. Of the Greek. Freak. I think you're our on Sunday in the flesh and under what terms are in the I don't know. About obviously order yeah. The grandest if nobody's figured out a way dropped him off the group that the you've got to give people 2530. Everybody. Of this just really no written form. There is there's not one single bullet theory. Individual defender record Franco who's going to be able owners out that they too are pretty guys recruit what they were currently are nice they regretted it. If you if he can sustain it and that's always that they'll Europe or Asia that. You know making that leap from one level for the next if you can sustain this production. It could very well currently it's yeah it's very book could we see many groups and opened it up commercialized now. It was some individual award put the book on his back. You know or say in and carried him to that next level editor he beat her current. If tolerate it. How serious he is in the locker room. Org name group outstrip an elected government in Iraq and definitely feeling. You know this. And it's an opportunity. To really you know seize that moment and elevate all of this beyond. You know. You know morph into barely cleared before periodic report on the lot way to Europe fair bet you are not a unelected. We don't have to like go on an illegal critics who have. Absolutely you know and then. You go at it there's a league patently unfair what you can take like the other two steps can be crossed half court did to the rim. I mean it's it's it's really incredible watch and I think you know. Every time people you know look at the league even coming in this year he was all the really no story it's going to be worries calves that there's always great stories. There's always a great young players. You know we have so much young talent in the league. And this I think he's gonna be right at the top so let's go from a real positive thing the baby is something it's not as as positive and that's. Was having their blood so in the in the Phoenix Suns and do you see. Any any redeeming light there it is is there a deal out there that they can make that can help them. Well they do got a good view of this. It's let go out of town and then maybe. Of an open need right now because you don't want a malcontent as a veteran player that he. During your lack rim in an in your brakes. Poison. The water for younger Uga miracle current aspects. You know one here and younger guys you know wanna build around. And I don't know that you wondered where it's a round. Your Internet situation inside out nonevent this spot out on. We're gonna have to be good at the cornerstone of your read being it is then. Now an app for quite some time now are you go to motivate I don't know if this. It's even been active remember how entertaining that loosening those. A decade ago I mean. They were they were one of those teams who have been corked bats are a variant of religion we're out there and it broke records and it is seen that here. What does this will be no. Acute challenge in the Westin com and Robert Robert took over and they make any physical as low temperature and it was like Coke and they bring it to the bottom of the barrel or a lot of a lot of schools are in the organization that figure out what they want it at the right. In the front office spirited Buick. That you have to look around the league and it was the best. Outcome for our young guys we have in here are count the core group players and it built around. And it hit another great player you know electric gotten pregnant right now where is that an accurate it's. That we add to our mix we did Eric let's go out the clock went. Cougar movement in Germany and it was a. In which I was sick use bit of NBA dot com and NB ATV here beyond the archive two of Roy and and let's switch over to Philadelphia you know full scope gets hurt and it's it it almost seems like the big they can't buy a break every every player they give in the air seems to get banged up in some way. She perform but what's your outlook gun on Philly and will this you know Stew of young talent. Somehow find a way to you know come together and to be something of profitable for them. Well look I I would marketing. Go now or Richard a year just because it really. Ordered that a retreat you know reporter wrote children. I just figured. For some reason or another. That surprise you grew up it was really a or what to. They would know or the rest of what this tremendous soaker go to him in total abuse that the Al. You couldn't get away with mark Opel. Not a record. I don't know political slogan of make them much of a difference in the press. More particularly as he opened you know billion. Looks like grow race and and have been. Watching him be would mud on every economy's health in a note introduced to wait a this so dynamic so to count it as such great there's this. And I would feel good at some coded up in about. The process you know but it didn't go forward so bad. And will give full ready to go when we and there's no pressing need marker or. Good to have one pick there's no need for him. Pressed into a bigger role in this very right now because you have over the program in a low. Let's talk about the early season injury are following issue that's when the season would would starter somewhere around hollowing. And the ballots started weeks earlier. And it to round Lou in Cleveland is calling oh loss to New York unacceptable the lawyers had 26 turnovers the other night. Against the Detroit Pistons and the Orlando Magic star and your five and two. You know after you after a few years of of not being very competitive soon so it does deserve something to this early start disease that has an impact on the season. I mean you know wild offseason full moon. Or less. So in view of the ball it's. Greater last night after another lesson early gains in. You know toward a group this is so if you look at expanding in the good. In the into Oakland well early on Orlando Detroit could be. Correct and I'll have. On the and then you see some of the powers not struggle obligated to report. A but it supplemented or do you know you like warriors and cavaliers that I was not ready. Asked. Without a real legitimate. Great in the exit and the last game of the eat you have you're you're. You have to create who starts and has this made the start of this even know what they know and knowing how long distance. Aid they don't come into. You know the first public dispute with the same. Interviewed her from the way that you word if you hadn't played in heat if it is they have so I don't think we didn't give credit to. A lot of but certainly gonna play where another discreetly. Have been cracked cracked you know I haven't lost a great low. The curfew is just secret decrypt them and they're back and wait. Until we know we think it is Christmas a federal round yeah and real grade who has worked ground the leader made it through Coast Guard shorn. As we go from Europe Thanksgiving and Christmas spirit is really considered favorable always kind of click and look heavily to ask ourselves is this what will really. Installed or that the input. And I am aware of this I was such in at bat around Christmas is when asked articulate aged. Lebanese and what the. Just a couple of questions for election go like I have to ask you about of this the pelicans and and I look at DeMarcus Cousins. And you know again I. I about two years ago I think guided our I wrote to my my my statement on him have sort of off the base is OK that's it that's who this is Julius. I mean in in the do you do you see that that there is still a chance for the Marcus. Yes yeah I think. This Silverstone has I mean just such an unbelievable round of our raw ability. Typical you know ability as well as it. A big lead and the ball soup. In interactive group in the polls that we can do everything war or that. Or read it and certainly. Probably wouldn't ask about it it. I felt like you need to be in in a better situation prepared mentally. Sacramento I think you born out of local. Is it that relationship is really credit scores out. A mixed in war veteran David Levin did treat you know what I understand. How to put him and his very best positions up instantly. It's simpler if it's good this situation that I've been. And it the relative or find a way that the battle for playoff but they're rugged Western Europe with it. I prepared go a long way toward changes to gratitude to bookmark Kuerten the player he would now or certainly the route could be in the near future. Yeah I hope so because you know he he has this ability to make these plays he made a play. Against the lawyers this year. There was a long he tried to leak out there was a long pass to and it was it was no more than calf high if it was between his ankles and his cast and he reached down. Grabbed it in one motion but right open it up on full speed. And spun the ball in and I remember thinking going east the only guy in the league maybe maybe you know the Greek phrase you know to Google. Could make them play it full stride and and convert a light that means he's got so much talent. But it just boy I hope who works form because it's it's. You know he has the potential to be to be truly truly great. Sake it was let's yellow and dead as we've we look at this and and the you know we're almost at the ten game par which is what 18 of the season you know what what. Stories are you Kyle looking at a import what teams are to be you know you try keeping your eye out for the maybe haven't made some noise yet. But might make some noise as you say is we get the support of the season to where we start to really figure things out. I think under no real Clinton's view of this image wondered what it was like they. Other it would work. Still a compelling group to me. And if they don't wanna watch. It's just yeah they evolve it. The same goes for the timberwolves. Burton it's really got a big lead just here recently that I'm curious what it but don't put together. Stunningly believe it out of New York it. You know could have putting it off to a really good start scorned like crazy. Everybody would wonder what what we'll let it be like yep the tribal it's. What they're Jackson. I mean. Is it then but I promise of intrigue wanted to watch. They eat what you of course if it with those guys this I don't have any delusions early in the year about what they might you know debate site. You know challenge or you know in the Eastern Conference that the goal. Wide open after the very top of anything what. But I'm intrigued that you put so much on our. So many young cleared to run illegal land. There were the best or none are better than the status I don't know what the warriors of the cavaliers and although that it seems a little boring group able. What we but it couldn't see and I didn't see. Who can implement the adrenaline flow from earlier this year. Or did you January if it was serious about trying to make a move it. You know understand addition I think the knicks. Know could be it couldn't but in that group maybe not but I want to see if they have what it says. Three you know what my guy Jarrett Jack. At the point guard spot there is. Jarrett Jack he's the tail say he he takes big shots he's not afraid of the moment love watching him like he was great for the lawyers. Sake you always always fun always great enjoy your holiday happy birthday to your life. And hopefully we'll see you either out of oracle or somewhere along the trail a sometime the next couple months. No doubt about it thank Tim Tebow would appreciate. Always great to talk with seek to Smith right here beyond the arc. I'm 95 point seven again the various sports station the championship celebration continues when the Orlando Magic of the doubt com Monday November 13. The first 101000 fans receive a stepping period champions addition Bobble head courtesy of Kaiser Permanente gauger verified official tickets tonight. Employers dot com we'll look ahead of the schedule we continue. I'm beyond the arc got 95 points out of the game the bay area's sports station. Yeah. Tim normally takes you back to three point play it's. It's beyond the arc continues presented by about Mike's pizza. On the Golden State Warriors radio network. Dad got to close out the broadcast or might do the lawyers 20172018. Season. He's presented by Kaiser Permanente. The lawyers head back down the road on Thursday they take on the San Antonio Spurs for thirty with a start time and disburse it started the season without Kauai better. But they still have. We'll market soldier. All the way out of that fire we know it's gonna try to back get a JD holding his ground. Don't turn around there's a tough shot and Aldridge put it in 27 for all drove idea stop that you don't. Boy reasons first 430 in the afternoon on your ride home. Listen to warriors and spurs to get you where your going here and 95 point seven a game the warriors radio network Saturday the road trip continues in Denver and let's see. How Paul Millsap is fitting in with the Doug it's almost separate fires. There's blew a 26 record quarterly made it pretty gritty effort. Of course overtime. 530 your pregame show. Lawyers and at nuggets. I'm 95 point seven again in the Golden State back home mom Monday night. And it's a got the Miami Heat their only Bay Area appearance of its only chance you can see shot blocker extraordinaire. Hassan Whiteside. 112 JJ. Driving into bioterrorism pull up jump shot short rebound tip. Mr. Wow. I don't know right now we'll. That's why I picked that up. And it got to. Goodness. Whiteside I just. In the red light went off and had to write down. Stan Van Gundy out and they're gonna have a look at this. Lawyers and the heat of money that it's 7 o'clock all fans that night. Receive aid champions mini replica trophy courtesy Iraq exit. Again starting at 7 o'clock you get your verified official lawyer tickets of lawyers dot com for the warriors and the heat or call one to avoid. Do you still being duped and press option number one. That's got to wrap up tonight show on this Halloween night please drive safely picture of the triggered fears get home safe happy with a bag full of candy. Well thank all of our guests on tonight show warriors assistant coach Willie Green gracious with his time. As well as the new head coach of the Santa Cruz waiters and that is Aaron Miles and always a great time when he talked with say can Smith about the MBA from. NB ATV and NBA dot com. I'd him Roy. Crist out is coming up next here on that he five point seven the in the Bay Area sports station and I effects of lawyers senior radio producer RC. Davis. The lawyers at the San Antonio we'll talk to you Thursday in the AT&T senator right here 95 point seven a game. The bay area's sports station. So it took. So. This is didn't beyond the ER. There's a point I won't go beyond. Tim voice weekly rundown of all things gold this C presented by Bob likes pizza took great. For tickets call 1888. GSW. Who are very very successful broadcast.