Beyond The Arc 10-24-17

Beyond The Arc
Tuesday, October 24th

On this edition of Beyond The Arc, Tim Roye talked to Warriors rookie forward Jordan Bell, Memphis Grizzlies rookie Dillion Brooks, and Warriors reporter for the Mercury News Mark Medina. 


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Yeah. You champion Golden State Warriors basketball. Now I'm 517. The resilience. Yeah. York okay. Mike's pizza. Now it's easy 23 feet nine inches and this boldly go where no man. The voice of warriors basketball. It grew and yeah. Lawyers come off the floor. Maps of but her with a couple of tough calls placed Thompson right one of the Dallas that doubled the Julius bring clay back does that he's home free have a baseline but to ask why have. Very jazzed up a Julia. And the lawyers lead by 1177. 66 wheel over three quarters of the fourth quarter gave last night Goldstein of lawyers looked like Golden State Warriors. Eventually ending up with a 133103. Victory over the Dallas Mavericks outscored the ban. 68. To 41 Q the second half. Big night for Kevin the ready at 25 points eight rebounds existed in other players had a big night and well. We've extended period Clayton Townsend Perry had to deal with the 49 points eight assists and four steals. When it avoids replace options between the great. They combined for 75 the report thirty green with a blue state way. Does this mean that the warriors are back well have to wait and see small sample size but they went to applaud the road trip always good to come back off a winning road trip. Now get ready for the very tough round raptors and that's to Barak had a workable that's starting at 7 o'clock right here at night five point seven. The game they'll static at all. And we are so glad the war here for another edition of the the market we have a great show for you tonight that George bell. Only show us what kind of an athlete he is in the second half last night we'll hear about that in just a moment but. Dirt they'll rookie from Oregon who scored to have an impact on the Golden State Warriors. He has a player that plays with a certain amount poised and he has a great skill set for the Golden State Warriors he does things they need. They don't need it the big jump shots but they duty of the block shots. Be around the rim and be active on the defense is that the ball and it looks like. He's going to be able to do that we'll hear from his college teammate Gil Brooks of the Memphis Grizzlies the grizzlies really huge road win last night. It Houston they're 30 keep that I. What's happening down in Memphis even live. The absence of Tony Allen and Zach Randolph saw a pair of ducks coming your way in just a moment Jordan bell. And duo Brooks but later round of the show mark Medina ease that newbie writer for the Bay Area news group he stops by to give his thoughts about the Golden State Warriors in about his former beat the Los Angeles Lakers and the comparisons between the two. Some comparisons in terms of popularity but. Between Kobe Bryant. And stepping jury. Mark Madea's thoughts of the warriors coming later on the show will look ahead of the schedule I'll let your questions of lawyers fox or find out what the what are you doing off the floor. To make the Bay Area. And even better place to live and I mentioned Toronto a quick reminder. The big championship celebration will continue when the raptors took the job tomorrow night it's your only chance all your longest CEO of person. Kyle Lowry editor Mark DeRosa. All fans in attendance receive a replicate temperature break. Get your tickets tonight and warriors dot com to get our pregame show starts at the 7 o'clock right here in 95 point seven a game. Will it gave already out of reach Jordan bell got some much needed playing time last night in Dallas. Anybody's old market. On the proceedings. We feral hands might count really his shot blocked by bell. As for why would he want to play now want a class that didn't slam that down adding up how old. Jordan now haven't sub plot out there. The root out all but the last drink bud standing out part of this guy Kevin Durant had his hand over his phased step burn you can't that happen. But hey Ed did you see. Yeah off the glass that went and got it and Duncan. My goodness. To want when he won that night before. Could have blocked by bell and secretary had this look give them joy and surprise on his face and Dallas gonna call another tab out here with 242 to go. So how the first couple weeks a year pro career gone so far and then what a dealer. On what you can't do well. Coaches put me and certain situations you are match. And it seems like you go lose trust in me being a rookie. I'm over the suits in its competitors partners. I mean we know who earned him the centers. And of office are disturbing things and everywhere it goes off on scores. I'm appeasing a close look at march seasons. Seems like looking early that you might have future earnings that ice clear rules of origin JaVale McGee yeah. Yeah similar I was him on his tall listen. But it must be mix of the sort of extreme close out the shooters. And clay Acadia and makes my defender out the hope off. Who's been dozens of history and only be used against. And is some times like burrows who were if the right decision news goes through barter a supporter. Of course were a couple weeks away from pre season in China. Polish your trip to China and and was your first time you know for sometime. Trip weren't but it would be. I was toast and orange so which. It was amazing new dealers and that's even better it's gonna take care of you. Very. Who's going to triple. You don't like traveling it's going to be a hard thing that yet 82 games in 41 there are held on travel accident and you I own flights and estimates these definitely. It was that to me that. It is truly reminds me that it was the league is always saying that we're a global game when you see the fans over there that it deaths occurred. Yet desolate coast and officers there. The base of them where. They have this in any best offense of there as we. People here in the US it's great to see you know. They were Mazen. Released of CU I don't see. They are very. Of course were coming on the heels of that the road trips. In Memphis did you get chance to hang out with your former duck there mister Brooks. Give me them talk promotes him is loaded point three guide and who wrote premiums being considered aside talks in the year ago. Efficiently and so. Bozeman college. And an apple dirty game is cracking jokes those arm. It was in the game what was our domestic and there's. We're gonna both days oppose can loan commitments and certain zones. Finds Brooks looks rough alive I counted doubles is live tonight. How is Jordan as a team organ a record. Once the stars. Soon during need to do their thing you know you can number of the ball. You can block shots he does all the action things you guys don't want to know dial floor. Grab it term matters to rebound and guard 15 or best player. Known to earn now run you know fall for our phones or when he made that for. And you know Avery turned it on and Smart plan for wars right now because of that run he is averaging double double. 567. Blocks a game. You know you say you a lot of you know our mistakes on on that the president and you know that's why he's played or not. Off the court. Actually pretty tightly. Story. Where he loves today yes. Like everywhere. You know me and JB were there for three years together you know for freshman me and grew together. No us men and has basketball players and you are seeing the growth. Between me and me we both face the same battles with injuries. You know growing from freshman to do juniors. And he had the same time alas I'm my brother and he's responsive on time. You know I know his family just what he knows mine and you know two days of the great day. Let's yeah I mean how who these guys that. How cool that is that apple knowingly. This week. We're treated to. You know I dislike for sixteen like say your home brother you know doing the same since hitting you do. You know meaningful groove you know from expressed in your bulls wanna be in the NBA. And both gain seen as an underdog you know this government and the only thing too was one thing. And or has known names in all hype or not think you know to me and we generated mean he gained our own hype. And you know we've proved to all everybody known NBA scouts know. A lot of fans Nolasco Skiles room whenever coaches. You know we can replay and you know we can really. I guess do if something to a team grow from it. We. You know we know from Theres. A lot of back story. Great. How do you see him grow and hopefully. It's tough times and shape and it's so it's a great person he is today. You know he's his mom is you know one of the best mothers out there knows he. Raise them to do you know grade zone and you know great man. And you know it goes to show with our coach McCourt told me you always preach you know every single day that. He knows more it's more than being like a man known knowing that things off the court. You know he's close you know when you have children you know being the father being you know sacrificing. And you know me NGB I always thought that you know really young didn't we run in from from coach on the and you know it taught us a lot and you know he's battled through people not believing and thinking that you know he wasn't being able to a school. Ineligible. And found ways to you know get back to it and then. Producing on the court and officials resilience. Show that you don't never gives up on anything and you know he's achieved his dream and now it's you know. I guess the skies the limit. Supporters of the pros. How old. Was surprised you most about two. Hours. Alone. He need a guy like him. You know five man who runs the floor just like Notre Dame on or anybody. Block shots. You know he's he's and we went is that part of war and are looking for. And a guy and he slipped in the draft and the warriors. Decide to present. No he does everything that little things you know maybe some guys on a wars you know don't want to you know some of the guys will score. And you know put it up and JB's right there blocked shots. You know get sure rebounds you know pushing things that are unselfish play and foremost those players or play with. You can go Q level wide open dunk it pass and 043 and he has his may have to play for the warriors so. You know he's relishing his his role in I feel you can probably. You know get a bigger rolling over on towards on the season. It was mr. And look around you looking down for obstructing. It was. Hopefully they get story. So please. First. Is going to be great honestly. You know me and we always have battles in practice and we always guards practice. And I only went back for an you know for the football game against Nebraska you know we knew he was enough to remove it through. You know assist our personalities who we love to play in. You know Callaway comes when his size in one regard me right away and someone garden tomb so it's going to be a great game and known it's going to be a renewed again. I would that would that there's also Hillary connection with the lawyers Christmas trees down re having as the game percent cruise. What do you what do you see was him in and he comes back a 100% what kind of a player can he be. He. Looks like to this point. Can easily Modano very veteran out I mean he's schedule. About I mean I think you can come me immediately impact. Great three point shooter from the corner. With a good shot blockers of lettuce is that you did so I think it was he just uses he backed under. Just moving like he used to be I think maybe just. Jordan bell here beyond the dark and 95 points of the game like Tim Roye and end. Is there is that it's been surprising. He's so far about being a pro. I think demographers army after practice. Right community college news Merck and apparently seven. Meg going back to root canceling it plugged in with tutoring lifting invest our news. Is ultimately. So. Here practice is over the room on Saturday. Leave sort of Alter it is not a resident Dave just do whatever I think that's feels. So what what is keeping you busy off the floor. Sleep hey I don't honestly and and I've been trying to get myself to Bamako keyboard to some of wood there and exercise aren't ours to do. It's gonna get to do and two videos on these news. Salute was there a particular. Keyboard player the work fan of you know my sisters just she or issuers you sort of have an equipment and Maria here. Accused of slaves sometimes and so. It is that's that's pretty it's that's pretty cool. Now on YouTube you find it isn't good videos and helping. Yet I've ever vote for years ago my friend's house or the week and there's armor and yet keyboards only knows what it. I went taxes John Legend so he knows most popular donuts. So. Easy. Take him well me like I was in his new dads leave it there it is rooms. So we've known it sees no. Having having some issues that. Something on my a lot of fun hasn't hit yet the Euro a year and a team then that gets all the attention that every people. If people everywhere are thinking that they're going to be a hands on to win and another title at some point that you yet. Yeah obviously adjusted to all the people who votes come in numerous events footers Somalia enforcement treasure and departure. Look you receive a bonus so. Definitely a good kind of team and Bob he doesn't mean anything. Seem seem to be word lost again there it is here. So. Hopefully you know reduce ticket. Future. Now who's helping you along right now who is taking islanders their way. Osage honestly everybody talks mean it is. Now one person Reza Odeo. As far as a certain things policy probably dream as the human misery the most news you know I'm also about. I was talking quote things. Everybody knows you know whatever. At some moment the other night but looking down from up top. Where dream I was talking unit free throw line even semis and now that you professor Greene is now giving a little bit of a tutoring to. To the rookie mr. velvet but is that exact kind of thing helps and easy like you kind of giving you an education into the MBA. Yeah definitely I OC things are different coverages are different camp played. She will certainly play intensely everybody's doing in the worst player in the league. Those like sloping that's victim now miss a different colors. Meet those elbows. Telemarketers it was. Addressing everything can be sometimes. Now immediately it is not your coverage UK okay go to Letterman leaves a question varies. Sometimes joke just like led his team executed. And Richardson. Good judgment that. You stimulate got to pick and choose what to do certain things came to rest when you think your words and rookie. And. Question obvious a year Long Beach poly guy he went to organs so you're no stranger to the Bay Area he'd been there before but that. What a Baylor would what do you think so far. The school close. Definitely. Makes him so lunar. Weather's denies. Currently Richard Nixon so the coast salvadorians. Not a moderate. I'll admit it's a cool place orders from some of course those kind of saying change doesn't have to provide new people are really cool little moment. If we appreciate the time tonight and then. And best of luck good word so excited that you're here with the warriors and we know you're gonna make it big contribution sometimes an American think that was it. Two rookies that could have an impact for their teams this year. And two rookies who have a chance to leave their mark long term. In the NBA deal Brooks in Jordan bell right here beyond the arc at 95 points of the game I typically what we come back. I'll let your questions on lawyers watched the final the lawyers are doing off the floor as well right here up beyond the arc. 95 point seven a game no static at all. We're going back. Kids thirty. Wave back to DR DR. They this season the warriors are throwing it back to the days of sleepy Floyd had pervert sure he had that great. Ray boats over its eighties these classic edition jerseys from Nike. As they're available at any warriors team store locations or unlike employers dot com. Right out to advance your questions on warriors box of warriors BO XME email at 2 point TI am RO YE. And we used to company try to get to as many. As we can't we'll go to Twitter first though employers box boy yours BOX. And GS warriors ride wants to know do you think the last nights at the told. For the 20172018. Season. I would say this to step in the right direction you'll three of the four quarters I thought they were really good second quarter they got away from what they wanted do you travel bit or give up 38 points in the second quarter. You know in years gone by we have seen the warriors be right that top. Of defense of efficiencies so I went to This morning objected defense efficiency for the warriors and their 23. And 106 point seven. Small sample size yes but that's an area that needs to cleaned up for Golden State they have to play better defense. Because of back and everybody's coming after them. And there are a lot of teams in the west. They're really good they're just waiting for the Golden State Warriors to falter. So the defense I think has to be cleaned up by the offensively. I think they're doing the type of things that we have been cut become accustomed to edit the offense will be just fine but I think on the defense event of the ball. That's where the warriors have to make. That next improvement in the early part of the season Casey wants to know what do you think the lawyers will move I would Bolivian Joel's they're not playing much taking up roster spot well again. The lawyers played. Thirteen guys last night. You could only have thirteen active. On the roster and any particular nights we do need those guys it's a long season there's going to be moments where those guys getting get a chance. And both of those guys have shown improvement from last year come out Loney has leaned out his body he looks good he looks active. And I think. Right now it's it's their their other roster for a reason they're young players their big players. And they're giving the warriors that kind of cushion that every team needs in case of injury so I wouldn't expect anything right now wanna get in EE could only play thirteen. And and usually. Most teams play eight or nine. A particular night the waste and the plane look a few more because the style they play it because Steve Kerr likes to keep everybody involved. But so so I wouldn't worry too much about the guys who are down he'll rotating anywhere from twelve to seventy. Their roles are gonna change. Nightly basis if I only yellow wants to know about what was said on the floor last night. And he is semi it's we Weyers box moyers VOX. Between two rave on green. And Dennis Smith the junior dance with junior went up her doctorate mom blocked at their war of words in the what happened their dream on. Dallas killing the other way for Aubrey are way yet to Matthews downstairs go to Ferreira goes up over to a lot fell exits that junior rather going up over great mind there's a Fallon. Now there are words between the brash rookie of the equally Bradford three. That Dennis Smith Judy's making a name for himself right now. And he took that the three months. A better player. Might of pulled up several tickets concluded that that just as good as the layup we get two points. But again nineteenth. He did draw a foul he does get a couple free for. Personal good. Three of 104 of nine shooting that the instant. Still some chirping going on down there. Looser. Another officer since summer you will. Touch and go dunk on the better luck next. From. This look like never. Remember you're referring can grip on her group. Did you know about him coming into the game and how far our guys should grab certain things like you here. Saw. I say always room. Scenario you have the answer from great month. And that we have. Answered some of your questions we try to get to as many as we can't I'll try to fire back ups and the other ones when time permits again employers box we'd be elects. Thank you so much we always appreciate your participation. With the lawyers consistently participate off the floor both staff and players. The try to make the Bay Area a better place they do this in a variety of ways here's yet another example of a Golden State Warriors. Trying to make the Bay Area. Better place to live. They've done it's about her wits with you at west lake middle school and Oakland for the launch of the chef academy. Presented by Wal-Mart in partnership with ATV's and share our strength. We've got over 106. Greater Sierra and we're sort of having the it might make healthy recipes that are affordable and sustainable clock back to visit special guests let's go check it out. So eighteen he's in his crowd are cooking matters program to Wesley had partnership with the players well like. To cope with it that we're doing a bunch of different than activities today. The kids are tasty new beef and vegetables for the first time. They are making me tofu stir fry. They're making their own thing a lot and they are writing snooty bikes and making their feelings eighties Manhattan streets and even vegetables and a. We believe health as well. Meaning the more you think you buy more longevity. Being missed the one body you have the type that I can understand that foundational yet. What I thought I think it helped me because you know I have. You don't have evidence be even more I have slam into me it was an instant look at it you know get in advance is it didn't coming out. But there are learning. How to eat healthy and pick the right is they don't have to do it. Scenes those lifestyle choices when they get older. So this really cut them up our success than probably I've. We understand Apollo engagement in the community. We know that it makes a difference when you come miles and hos on advice in this for the next generation so I think it. Players. And I locations. We think that that's one of the all hides all the it. This clash. Great rallies clash. Has returned to. This is BR BR and presented by about my yeah. Well he's gone from being gold as the destroyer to be a champion head coach. And belt and succeed and faster. We're celebrating true lawyer loyalty with Albert L tonight on October 27 when the lawyers take gaveled Washington Wizards. It's the first authentic fan Friday at the first 101000 fans receive an album adults Bobble and yet verified visual tickets and lawyers got I'm gonna break out my old gold seems weird time. You'll we'll go back and I'll probably. Write wins the service shortage in the eighties era emerged in the run DMC right about then. The government aware that. To whom. Except Felicia what matters is going to be getting beat Albert adults experience with her baby the first time that it marked with Venus. He writes in the Bay Area news group that covers the Golden State Warriors it's his first year. Up the way your feet so we want to find out a bit more about mark how he sees the boy here's what he took away from the China trip. How the Western Conference is going to play out the 2072008. Easy. First though house. It's usually the Bay Area and so it's and I started. Like you. It's incorporated. I mean it's received more on a daily basis that's that's a bonus. Well wolf find out but so far surgeon one. It's an interest in the Soviet. I think some work parallels you with how old lakers arm and obviously watched different stage. In a rebuilding team on team there's always so much attention on the lakers so much and first. Being an alloy media market and just enters the trend nationally and globally. So that part hasn't really been just the warriors are the number one show and now league perspective that are always in the news. You know just there success. Everything else with their personalities that they travel teams that part asteroid than to watch just I've kind of we're in this rodeo before but. You know it's. Kind of been in just an actress in some good basketball on me and they've gotten off so little but the slowest are the ones that are normal standards are thought. McCain compared to what ousting them with collectors last year's the double that blowouts. Yes a clear exit its main news and it was going to be a long season. Tell me about the pre season what was your take away from there. My take away I think was Jordan L I mean that we all knew just another headliners of Staten claims or ran for a green I think I ever was an accurate one. We against it or tell me. He's a young guy and there's obviously Johnson you itself let's talk about making. It just seems like music I scratched the surface cnet's him. Think there's been a lot of head scratching. For good reason from the warriors have. Did that I like to have become available. Citing a vocal workers happy obviously used in progress. This. Make some pretty good start. Mark. Indeed it was just the Bay Area news group here on beyond the arc and 95 point seven the game we're chatting about the lawyers in the NBA. And look at the west had to say that again small sample size but. The rockets impressed me with the fact that. Bringing in Tucker a bomb would take it changes how they play and changes how they look on the floor and the thing is. This this area or anyone in the league is at first ball wasn't really playing that well. He wasn't a 100% obviously there concerns of him being out for an extended period of time. What kind of issues will come with his turn on you would think that once he's healthy page. That are going to be so dangerous offensively and I know that there are fair questions to be cast as pal that dynamic. Between curse on James Harden are gonna work and it's going to be an adjustment. From an axis of standpoint but the sense is hijacked with both players it that are open this time change for injuries he sought James Harden last year. Had a really good year but he kind of worked out in the playoffs I think he's really looking for today. The less is more effort might be helpful for eminent first ball is. I know this perspective with the help them out with some of the clippers well covered she was always frustrated but it really never. Jetted to push in the playoffs part of it health related part of back and it just it really happened off. Beyond their Big Three in terms of depth and so I think he's kind of openness that is more you know because he knows this will help them women and championship. What did you see with the Minnesota in the pre season how they can maybe. I think. I don't know if they're going to be a wealth seem but I think that that are going to be something special and yours to comment have a really good young nucleus and I think the fact that theory again. Some really good veterans and that group. Really helps you know not only with just star power of lower and so maybe a little luster with the ball Crawford ought. It is kind of Harken back to my time the lakers you wanna have investment union guys and help what you can't just let them be running the show they have a lot of things they need to learn. So if you have a group of veterans that can produce. Out on the court but also showed them the ropes behind it that's the ideal mix and I think the question is what Tom Davis patients what was going to be with this process he made it clear that. He's about it for rebuilding year net is that something along the lines that here. You know just how we you know potentially waited a loose and Walt also was interest in specific we image time triple weird there. There's a lot of talk about. It's on us you know really ratchet up these practices with the two days have decided that he's kind of scale back I didn't see that at all that's going to be interesting to see how that plays out. Operatives partners alum I think there there really could be some special them on the I think they're going to be a playoff team but we'll get back then vote for it. You mentioned China. That daylight I do coupled thirsty things went to Hong Kong that the two hours it. Shanghai did you get did it chance to do anything funny in what was it was your impression. Yeah I'll. The NBA China folks talked a few writers and higher that the market in Shanghai and I got a whole lot of good seats three seats five shirts for route 350 dollars. Could it get better you hagel kind of city actually get that kind of deal with say it's fortunately. We had a transfer that helped us with a negotiated bought you know we. We had a group of folks overrated appliances that are flexible but as far as anything else that is a busy troopers now and you know with the pre season games and practice availability and all of the events came along with that. We are pretty visits it was by no means vacation but it was a fun experience my first time in China and it was. I know I don't wanna say it was surprising I think you know we all do that award for popular guys like Klay Thompson's record having around big deal over its wanting to know about the dangers to see it up close. It's wrote some stuff that was incredible in the you know every time curry walked around it was. At the MVP I mean it was just it is just not let them. Yet at the markets get back up my Christmas shopping that's pretty happy with the got some good deals that are definitely got some good investment so it's let's get vaccinated the less to retire what mark Medea the Bay Area news group here on. Beyond the arc on 95 points of the game is you you and I disagree Seattle Minnesota B a playoff team I think you could take. Six teams in the last blows it may be your top four. And had that same argument I think I have a talks about this though those storyline I think the bottom half of the west is going to be an incredible race this year. Yeah and. And you know just at quarterback. I don't know their hat a like guaranteed. I would I wish I could see them in that group but to what your point we're talking about the last out quoted as. Were talking about our time up there at the top job at two games obviously gold states expect top and have. Teams like Houston and Oklahoma City San Antonio those last four teams are item up for grabs and that's where I'm kind of on or. How is actually got an assist certainly could be. And neck replied I just don't really have a grasp on that on app because what you just where it seems like anything can happen how busy it's not going to be on the clippers going to be as good as some people think they are. Yes portly gonna have another 45 plus Wednesdays I think to some great stories oh yeah and you know just kind of gold backs lakers that are that's their hope to but I think for some was them. That would probably be too amnesty as there come in office two point 61 season. It seems like they're they have it in the right direction. They have guys could be specialist on civil whose line. They're competitive so far on their guns because there along the west as a as the world conference plane and again there so that it's. Had to be honest I could be ill really excited about on the ball if it weren't for his dad and fitness czar that's where fail. I think a lot of people including Patrick Beverly would agree with that statement and I think the thing that's interesting about wants it was he doesn't have. Kind of that the person out this stat has at all if you talk to him he's very soft spoken very professional. Adding there's something be said in fairness will bar that as he is a guy who raised him and and this is how long it was but see your point I think he has put himself. In its opposition quiet in the way he's more in the way he's you know saint statements and I think that this adamant tonight yet when I talk to people around we is. You know on one hand did you understand the more chance. Fact it will if he wants to do that he wants it's happened that Elway and the lakers for an but I think what a lot of people have problems with. Is when he started to talk about other players and it's hard to say that it's better than. Stack courier or you know LeBron James is off and show for that's where some of these guys are gonna wanna take canal zone and the thing is there are gonna do that to some degree anyway because he's a rookie you always. And at that initiation process but. You'd have Patrick Beverley plays the way that he does normally it's every opponent. Even admitted himself. There's a little bit more extra juice the puzzle more I think that's fairness. Question about that is a final question boy this is lined them. I'm probably campus legalizing the people come awfully. New pace of play less timeouts. Does the fact that coaches won't have those three or four time outs in the back pocket within minutes ago or couple minutes ago. Is that going to be an advantage for veteran teams their bodies see that playing out over the course of the year. I think it would be. An advance for veterans here is because it'll necessarily. Need to have that Simpson speak on file plan mean always helped that they know how to run the show I think. More importantly you know earlier in the game. You know war. Runs and that's it that's that. Would be war I don't know that. Again coming off the lakers. That was very important thing when it's time now it's just a moment now so if for no question that matters. Well it's great to have you in the Bay Area and you have today anything special comings and if you should look for. On the job begin and the working on story ideas and thing is like you know how this is it's always fluid and you think you have something lined up in a false that the cracks. So I never I don't wanna ever promising evidence in the suburbs Paul ward style always like to talk about itself. I'm definitely trying to you know plan some batteries and do things they had these upcoming week Paulson doing. The dated days stuff that everyone does but it sounds. A competitive field and everyone has different schedules so until I know that I have an interview and I know sums run and I really. I'm reluctant to say act outside the wind up because sometimes if all survived a plane went down in a different feature ideas and that's for them to cast him we can't wait thanks so much of the jet ethics in Washington early. Well mark Medina has been a friend of lawyers radio for a number of years and it's great to have him covering the lawyers. On a daily basis when we come back we'll look ahead to the schedule and the homestand the lawyers welcoming Toronto Washington. It's damn bad get the of the Detroit Pistons all coming your wife. I'm beyond the arc gotten 95 point seven a game no static at all. Yeah. Tim normally takes you back to three point play it's. It's beyond the arc continues presented by about Mike's pizza. On the Golden State Warriors radio network. As always beyond the arc he's brought to buy about Mike's pizza order online about Mike's pizza. Dot com tell about the upcoming broadcast you start with tomorrow night in Toronto Raptors aren't valid that means. That the little boy dark with a big will. We tried to handle warriors and help advance Kyle Lowry. He fired copy. I've no idea. Wasn't a great shot. Lawyers Iraq after 7 o'clock offense it's at its receive eight championship replica ring. Tomorrow night 7 o'clock. With the tip warriors and the raptors out Friday night but another great point guard comes to doubt. He would slowly climbing up the ladder in the Eastern Conference it's the Washington Wizards and the electric. John Wall. Filled out a poll right double slow but markets little defending the main now Wilson of heart goes the basket but it's. You're definitely movement. And I think a signaled what equipment we call a timeout but she looked at. Mark Russell. As to whether it would that this six point lead and it's great that the wizards are in town for Albert annals night because when the lawyer for the title in 1975. They beat. The Washington bullets that year the first to 101000 fans receive a limited addition Albert panels Bobble heads of get there early on Friday night. For the lawyers and the wizards the Hulk still wrap up on Sunday with a 5 o'clock pregame show warriors and the Detroit Pistons and how do you keep monetary drama. Off the glass. Dogs to Tobias Harris there's been. Let's talk about a hundred. That I will. Does Obama. It is Filipino heritage night brought to buy cache creek casino resort with a lawyers take out the pistons and get a reminder. 5 o'clock the pregame show early fired thirty tip that's different this year when the lawyers take out pistons right after the gave the lawyers will fly down south. And take out the LA clippers out of Monday night. Starting at 7 o'clock right here. And that he five point seven league games and then out Tuesday night it's our Halloween edition of beyond the arc comfortably at 7 o'clock and don't know we're gonna trump. To show about that show so make sure. There are trick or treating keep it tuned right here 95 point seven regain our Halloween edition. Beyond the pitcher verified official weigh your tickets for the game against Toronto tomorrow night Washington Friday at Detroit Sunday right at warriors dot com. Or call one triple AG SW hoop Empresa options. Number one. That's gonna wrap up another dish that beyond the arc here at 95 points of the game Chris doubt that is up next our team like taking all of our guest or affect. Lawyers rookie Jordan bell as wells as former college teammate compared Memphis grizzly duo Brooks was that mark Medina. Of the Bay Area news group for chatting it and making his first appearance as a warrior beat writer. I'm beyond the arc as always it's produced by our senior radio producer and that is our C. Davis at tonight the CRC a great mood tonight to see Stanford here. Coming up Chris jobs are right here. I'm not a five point seven game tomorrow at the warriors and the raptors for oracle 7 o'clock with a pregame show here at your home for the dubs. That he five point seven the game. This is didn't beyond the arc as that point I won't go beyond. Tim voice weekly rundown of all things golden city presented fight about Mike's pizza took great. For ticket. Call 1888. GSW. Who are very go to the British successful broadcast.