Beyond The Arc 10-18-17

Beyond The Arc
Wednesday, October 18th

On the season debut of Beyond The Arc, Tim Roye sat down with Warriors Guard Klay Thompson, former Warrior Ernie Beck, and Ric Bucher! 


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Yeah. Yeah yeah NBA champion Golden State Warriors basketball. 95 point seven the resilience. Okay. Mike's pizza. Now he takes you 23 feet nine inches and Denzel boldly go where no man. The voice warriors basketball. Tim grew. You fly it. It could start your whole all the ball it's going to be no good it was not really play the ball was still a baby. What their program. The film maker dead it's going to be no good. What a mixture of emotions last night the Golden State boy your first they receive their championship breaks they unveiled the 2070. Chevy chip banner. And then the heartbreak as the warriors broke down in the fourth quarter Kevin Durant shot was good. But the ball is still on the edge of his fingertips. When the clock hit zeros and so it disappoint lost the Houston Rockets to open the campaign but boy look to get back on the what do part of ledger. When they get out in the world to take out the pelicans and starting three games in four nights of the road. With a stop in Memphis and Dallas as well I had two of royal welcome to another year beyond the arc right here on 95 point seven the game we've got a great show. Coming up we'll talk championship and China with Klay Thompson than certainly clay. Has become a big star over into animal talk about his love. For that country as well as a conversation with a another champion Ernie back. Of the 1956 Philadelphia champion warriors had chance to catch up with him before last night's game with Houston. And he was part of the championship ceremony will also take your questions on lawyers lots of lawyers VOX on Twitter I'm also find out how the warriors continuing efforts to make the Bay Area a better place to live. What's next in the calendar there Rick did you're the Bleacher Report will stop by. In the second half of the shell but first double want to tell you that the championship celebration continues when the Toronto Raptors can detail on Wednesday. October 25. All fans in attendance will receive a replica championship break get your tickets tonight. At lawyers dot com lawyers and the raptors their only Bay Area appearance purely chance to see to Mark DeRosa. And Kyle Lowry and that's of coming on Wednesday October 25 while the 7 o'clock pregame show for you right here on 95 point seven the game. But as we start tonight shell a chance to talk with Klay Thompson clay started last night on fire hitting his first of four shots of that of course. Moments after receiving his sack it. NBA championship race that's why start the conversation with clay. Asking him to compare the first ring ceremony back to 2015. With the one last night quote take off to a racist. Buildup strip likely to to the top of that business would you like quickly to carry the front porch or that that. Make it by three balls. Guard for a record did not. It was one of the day after that until that big clutch shot one. One whole line. But they first off thanks for red joining us here on the show and end. I know last night didn't end up the way anybody wanted to but. Can you compare them that that two ceremonies that you've gone through now from day 120152017. It and the emotions that go through you. In a moment like that. It's it's just special both of whom can't pick one over the other but to be a part of some that have been done of four years here. And you're part of part of two home it's it's so cool and off so much his one day well fears many more to cull but. Jose amazing night regardless of their game output unfortunately we lost. Louis which is very unlike us but we'll get better. And rockets are are good team. And that it was a great nine and an anti victories of banners such amazing opportunity to so many great players never had a chance. Yes it's one of those things that the only age you go through it. Even those of us who are going through it in and talking about it. A daily basis or I truly get it now or people say we don't really appreciate to you look back on and maybe in ten or fifteen years because. It's been amazing three years. All men amazing three years they get through championships and six years is unbelievable with. Steve every series of very best applause. It's amazing and I'm just so excited that. We. You know res two banners and bunkers so foreign. For a lot of these guys get their first who played temple issues and we and miss so much and then. In hopefully like I said before this is in the last of its and we have to do that but. Yet taken all indices just you know the electricity there and how happy all the fans are it's in the Bay Area fans of the best man I was so happy if fest an ovation last night to future farmers when fifteen team as well. He has great Seacrest is back there and I love the fact that the organization brings back people from the previous championships to make it yet giving have a family at type feel. How are you by the way in terms of you know how do you feel it's been three years a row the warriors have played ended June in and day all the emotions that go playing in NBA finals. And we've had three short off seasons in a row how are you. Tom great Rana feels so I feel this the mr. Phil who lost economy model in my life and down or my professional life. The body feels great. I was able play thirty minutes and 38 minutes no problem last night. And I just feel like him in amazing shape right now I just want. Build off what we do last night go you know this weekend hopefully go three known at all the tough Texas road trip or southwest trip. We just got back from China a week ago. And. I say you are a rock star over there. Why do you think you end and and working with that country wise it's such a good fit. Obviously of silent and through so girls but. I just think there. You know eagerness to learn about basketball. And they love our talents so much the mesmerized by the way we shoot the ball the way we please team. How via phone. I think the Chinese culture loves that that we were so will's team. We played well flashy. But consistent and sofas. Typing game they love that and for me it's such wanted to go over there to do much shoot two or. Sees thousands of fans just to see me in put on us a shooting clinic yourself and is. It's so cool. I never would envision that grown that be traveling the world showcase my skills so. They tell me who travel wherever it is especially China. Very thankful and now will be so. Great for these opportunities are markers over. Did you have did give yourself a good chuckle when you learned about the term China clay. Obama we're. Yeah. It's. The advantage there. It's a persona developed book I think that really resonated with the Chinese people who live they saw that I try to. The death of their coach I was having so much fun and they loved it so numb to try to keep that up you know every year. What do what it did the challenges of this year as you see it for the lawyers. Complacency and distant not be complacent. Not read into it was writing and there was gonna pick us to win the championship. That I can really get to your head if you know careful. So for us is just taken no shortcuts. And playing every night like throw us. He only knew factor in. Then everybody was able to come back where you. It to tell you if you thought about that whole process about the fact yet through the bring back most of that. The core players. I was so huge multi Dooley was very happy about it but. This shows that were ready to do this thing again and running back. And yes I think it's a show with who we like who or where your stable if you've. We I think we really had a net dynastic potential of free just stay home or in the work every day and take it every game seriously. What would you like to be better at this year. Myself. Like to play more all around game whether it's rebounding. Didn't that freak who aren't steals blocks. As you very complete versatile player. In these is you. Progressive through the season you're working on things a year looking at around the locker room. You know I had to tell me. About it's it was a star drama. What do what do you think straight money is better at now that maybe in the first year he was in the starting on. Shoot probably scoring. He's really a thorough book. Can take any big guy off the dribble and because she knows a great playmaker but he's a great scores well and three point shooting has definitely has improved his knock down Gilliam open you know they go owners three point shucks he really knocked down. Well the things I talk about the broadcast also want clay and obviously you you know get a chance to hear that but I I think what the most devastating. Sequences I've seen in covering league for a long time is when you and aunt's death. Exchange for each other. Talk open about that when you guys we estimate set screens for each other end and Tyler what you see with the defense is sometimes secondly you could almost see. People starting to think OK am I can't leave this guy but I can't leave that guy open it's it's an it's an interesting process to watch from up top. Yes definitely. You know if you just slipped out of it live for Willis can do with three every time. Hates us that could set a screen Carol such great shooters throw off the defense react. They go pick their poison you know it could switch and then here's a mismatch or they can. You know trying to urgent that we can pick and pop. So our ability to shoot the ball from so deep I think stretch the defense is. Everybody driving lanes will. And every time either rescind a boss before each other or. We. Exchange on the week's we just keep we hit the defense can say Gaza retrieve source base for a team operate. Couple questions for clay town so before I let him go we your thoughts on on rookie Ed Jordan bell and how he is progressing. The majority get better every day is going to be huge force rose this year. He's so. Such a gifted athlete. And he's you know he's just eager to get better and he's been great rookie and you can have a bright bright future in this week. Same question so it was armory Caspian and and again. Both of because of pros. They just won't win armories are great players they would Nikki so would make it US nightingale how with the festival. On Regis Smart cerebral player can do with investment as well so we did to us two years ago and I three so for the code and help us. You know. A lot this year. 25 questions what's it like playing for Steve Kerr. As grave as Steve's Obama my game so much and he's got such a calm presence about him but he's so competitive at the same time me. Wants as does the team things going to be coaching could be hall of fame coach London. Ended as you know I rescue dogs I got to ask how Rocco. Rocco is living the dream terribly suffer through every day. He throws around the backyard to support or so launches. There's a blessed life. It's did Iraq. That is. Clay as always I appreciate your time and look forward to deceive the course other upcoming road trip to the world and I think you. Getting publicly tabs and here on beyond the arc and 95 point seven began biamby are brought to by mountain Mike's pizza and a mountain Mike's pizza doc out. And order. Away coming up I'll answer your questions on Twitter at warriors Vioxx lawyers BOX. As well conversation with Ernie back from the Philadelphia warrior championship squad of 1956. He was an oracle last night. And I had the honor of talking to him last night please stay tuned for that never say should. I'm beyond the arc on the ID five point seven the game no static at all. We're going back. Kids. Waved back to BR BR. What the lawyers team storage your hope for warriors can't beat you here select for the largest inventory of glorious championship items including the limited edition. Championship jewelry designed by Jason of Beverly Hills this lunatic collection. Includes rain dependent and conflicts that feature elements from the players custom chip beat your brains get your championship jewelry online. At warriors. Got jobs to that answer your questions our weekly show here on beyond the arc got you by about Mike's pizza and about Mike's pizza dot com and order away. Was always it's not lawyers BOX on Twitter or semi emailed him Roy TI am RO YE. And what you're stuck around all we had a number of questions about the prognosis for drama agreement out with a sprained left knee was being looked at earlier today speaker addressed that after today's practice. An MRI this morning about those sorts of stuff. But apparently. In practice. We'll Seattle it's serious problems. That's lawyers say coach Steve Carter earlier. That today now the lawyers back in 195556. Were in Philadelphia they were coached by George sandusky they finished the regular season with a record of 45 and 27. They would go on to beat their rival the Syracuse nationals in the first round of the playoffs. Winning three games to two and that simple files series before Wayne pistons and they want that. In five games wearing their Sackett. NBA championship lawyers owner Eddie Gottlieb talked about two of the key players. For that team. George and it was my coach and Angola. Had just joined the pain that this started. One of the main factors. Along with the. Well Larry and beyond the end I consider. And one of the greatest weather blatantly. That lawyers team was very balanced with Neil Johnston scored over 22 points a game. Jack George also averaged around fourteen at night and off the bench they have players like Walt Davis also Ernie back hometown guy who had grown up in Philadelphia. Ernie Beck was apple lawyers championship ceremony last night at ORACLE Arena I have to admit it was pretty cool to remedy this with a championship member. Of the 195556. Philadelphia warriors Bernie first of all. It's great to have you here in the Bay Area and to represented the challenge of words from 56 and and that tell a little bit about that process how did you find out and what did you think when they call. Well I've moved past two years ago to come out. And I should now on the outcome I don't like the fly my family went crazy because and on the flow of the play with the arrival of Davis wore him out. And I said that they do win again which they won this year on common and it tore open. I'm very happy to be very much impressed with this organization how they handle everything even look at it to shoot around today. The wizard Steve runs that team in the way they practice. I think it would reduce usually do so much different and that you know socialize inflation. This type of players who have. One thing isn't until like of the Peter who were bought the team their very interest in the history of the franchise as a line and so I'm just thrilled to have a chance to talk to you and and let's go back to its of that championship here. A guy who played for the lawyers George and askew was the head coach in Andy nice has some talent. Well it was amazing because excellent players. Came from Philadelphia. That change was poor direction with Villanova. Whether he had actually would Villanova. And that that was Sri false promise I'll check to urge Tommy go. Jackie Moore who was the only black player after a market that was on the team at that time because there was a time that Jim Crow. And the best teams that we're playing the best in the who's playing at that time with the Harlem Globetrotters if you can believe that that's what we're likely. Retaliated with live you're squabble at what point this season did you think he's got a chance to life. Well I think I think it was. Was pretty close to force them was to give us trouble in New York it was trouble I was was only for change in the issue division. Who is New York Philadelphia us and just in Rochester royals right now. And Rea. But we we had a real what you thought we all played together in the city position and are sending tool myself. Check George. Jackie Moore who played. Has to reward played together. Neil Johnson who was Russia or. It was actually of baseball when they always got to be bit will because that he got with the owner. Ran baseball in the summer and found out about them. That's how we put him Philadelphia. Is one of best scores in the hero wasn't he was harsh sure you understand the be issuing championship and these. He was later became my coach to. The warriors and that was that was hard. When he's because due what's today kimbo would. On the so it's. Russell Russell bill can vote there used to be auctioned an artist right in the right size to back it'll go forward. When bill came up that was yeah that usually you're the bookshelf although it was a hundred data strong they'll learn the face of this convenience. Well because you could and should review to. When I talked ally adults about the old days the lawyers. He has a million and one stories about Andy Talley please give me a couple you're best getting out of stores well. One thing that makes it very interesting news. Coming out to your organization here and seeing what can happen one today with that read these shows or news. Young people work in our competitors. You know art we have we have a little. It was a ticket office across from City Hall grocery felt it was a work do besides Eddie. And they were part time workers that was the wars organization. And everything that was so different whistle before television. Like the plan ever talk about this so recently we've played you don't believe and believe me I was a first round draft choice for Philadelphia. Tomorrow. And the that he would give me any more than 101000 dollars. Two in the service because it was a Korean War. Welcome back to an excellent campaign about tonight and 500. Up he took a pay cut for serving your country yeah I have been yeah that's a ways to it was a television. And and that we did this. We did win the championship and 5556. And we've really put on the first TV games of Sharia always remembered because. We defeated the Fort Wayne pistons with Georgia currently. The best game. That at 23 points against him that was the first game we we won and missionaries. When championship. Tell me and teller fans old and about hollers and uncle. Well Paul Paul was my room so. I don't like to really talked to Reuben say is what poll poll what Villanova. It depend who we were very close. We're very unknown and it would look very good Catholics so we we get to force him to play the slowest right. We've got the portion of course is probably got a flight that went for churches which point the church up abortion. We go to church and go to confession forward that we put themselves and still lose. No no divine intervention quickly hustled us. But the Tommy Tommy was a good thing Tommy. That was one of these horrible where she was soft and I would say in light on pretty ago for a two day. Tommy could shoot but he wasn't a great shooter but he put defense can vegetables he can read them to do everything. And that that was British number which is what does. And you were with the lawyers when Wilt Chamberlain came by after issue after Kansas and then our local tourism played he played two years we can't just because it was a ruled that you could play. Professional. Let's do. You're you're on track to graduate book which you usually can't just before he was eligible to play in the NB and they kimbo. That was our first big so you know again 64000. Dollars you it was an unbelievable talent. What was his secret. You know he always treated me well. The shores was association and on the team at that time. We he always told you for the story because she lived in the neighborhood. Four from where. And missionaries should tell you this right now. That is it for what direction that's value when record your head. Up. I came here is just brutal time putting was so nice it. That followed that I grew up with. Played at west Catholic I played. They defeated overbooked operational you know Willis and what was so veteran. And this Fella guys and when he died. I forum and brutal rule this was usually. Boo. Contacted me go to people literally gave it to the fellow's wife and so as a with the story what side did. That was just the view that as the co opus that opens the mind department. Yes I think you've I know I know you price played against him I have an old friend news unfortunately is longer with us. Because I orgasm at the beginning in my career when he was coaching college Larry Costello was drafted by the Philadelphia or Cuba Larry Larry Kane from your cues. And she they traded him to answer I got pictures is what she was appears that there although. He lived in the same apartment complex like that so it got to nobody right well the good friend of mine and he used to date is pleased that they display from those years I was used to the it'll actually I was that you wait until they traded at a Syracuse. But it it was an active is very good and Gray Davis to cancel out those fusion that. I don't think it today I played before. Three point play. And mystical harming. The Kool. That walking. Two days. This part of the three point play is so much to do with the game wouldn't. Excellent or is there an example that what what do you like about this game. Well what I like about it when I actually shown to inflict Golden State San Antonio. Who moved up four. And every position to get it touching it before Russia is sometimes which is good and controller well just opened the Phillies whose house they consume. Or entertainment that android. That that America. Be tough to imminently. But that figure is actually years ago we play. That he won believers we were told. Don't play people Google's vision because you're gonna burn yourself. Now today and you know she's and they exercise that you gyms this so much bigger and stronger there's. And and that that that has a lot to do. That was what can carry shoot today practice. Maybe he just has such intrusions forty junction us general puts them. And scurried EC's an amazing player he were so happy came out and I'm I'm so thrilled to have a chance to meet you and it. The talk with the union and and and congratulations on your career and thanks for being part of the lawyer's opening night so outraged yourself while those who was well that. Took my job where you're from and they felt we really don't did you have an hour on your plate center of the color guard jealously guard right when I'm sure they'll films I would definitely do that. As many you know there's nothing I like more than to celebrate the great history of the game and the great history. Of the lawyers franchise as we leave you on lawyers box a quick little note here from last night after the game rockets head coach Mike did Tony certainly has the war years in his sight at least. There in his consciousness when he was asked about his club and defects. Somebody said we don't take it seriously defense while Brazil take seriously the you know from head coach Henry scored pretty guys so they both days sixers are we did play well enough. And it's a big push us we wanna be a good defense table when you Vegas guys like that I'm going to be elsewhere the ball. And we were able to do both but you're right the Vijay Lou. Clay came back into good live Ryan played well defensively especially toward last or last quarter Holden when he appointed by the look as. There always seems to be something just a little bit below the surface. Between the Houston Rockets in the Golden State Warriors simply keep our eyes out and our ears listening for. As the season progresses the Golden State lawyers haven't champions on the floor into a the last three years they've been champions off the floor for very long time as they continue their efforts to help the community in a variety of different ways. The the warriors community foundation all the ongoing efforts of the Golden State Warriors. Are chronicled here as they try to make the Bay Area. Who better place to live. They dubbed nation that votes we've been attacked me. You didn't innovation in downtown San Jose for our very first learning without limits programs of this season. Presented by eighty PD we have over 106. Grade students coming from kits heritage academies to learn about stem related activities that they can't. Otherwise you in the classroom. They're gonna they don't roller coasters and members of the warriors dance team is here that's a check it out. Neighboring Connor if these days with the warriors and bringing Aberdeen Scotland. Big kid throughout the Bay Area. And what's great about that program is really getting them out of the Costner and bringing him and phenomenon season. And teaching them science technology engineering and math and it outside of the class. The big takeaways from this. Is that the kids understanding their power to solve problems but today will be designing roller coasters and making them but go off of me you know by design studio creating. Will be working with virtual reality will be building robots the big takeaways about the subject. It's understanding their power off problems. Bringing these kids outside the cost of helping them develop. Guilty to be successful I think Barack and that brings back. Our community if I forget it. Usually takes you back just three point play. It's beyond the arc continues. Presented to find out Mike's pizza. On the Golden State Warriors radio network. Beyond the arc continues brought about mom likes pizza to the mountain Mike's pizza dot com and order a way. Today lawyers Nike connected jerseys around sailed out we teams stored oracle reed outlined are the only locations advanced to purchase the new Jersey's. It features the same look worn by the players' racquets and dads on the chance to get your new boy years Nike jerseys and lawyers dot com. The NBA tipped off for real last night plenty of games on the counter tonight great theater break it down a bit forced them to talk about the warriors. Great NBA do those am more risk because of former warriors beat writer a former lawyers sideline reporter and now writes the Bleacher Report. As well as making appearances on mad dog radio and MBA radio a Bay Area got Rick speaker. On the NBA Rick always great to talk to you I think you and I go back to it to Joseph Smith I think I think that's that's a far back. I. He while those were the days. I think that's why I think that I am. And and I beat her off and and or the warriors fans that go back that far. Is why there is a an added depreciation. Or what we're seeing now because we know very clearly what the other side. Well as without question I mean we've we've been down to the dungeons and our. In the top of the podium purse say but eight you know it's funny last night goes a great a great reminder. That you know even even did the best laid plans can be fleeting you know when you watch Gordon Hayward go down and they're. You know the Celtics did everything right to give them. They they are at all lined up and and now you know now want you know that that's I'm sure that's the question going on in the opposite Danny's today. Yeah not good no question about it and it's why when people talk about. You know this even being fait accompli the warriors are gonna win again cast to gonna eat there are. You know that that there is no drama. Certainly hate to see the kind of drama that we saw last night with. With Gordon Hayward. But that. You're exactly right there there are no apparent evenly you know we thought the same way with the warriors and it. Last night with. Would drain on green I've I've often said it you know there there are eat pieces this scene everybody thinking that. Yes tremendous amount account tremendous amount of depth tremendous amount of chemistry side. You lose a couple key pieces and it changes the dynamic in a big way and we don't we can go back. You know the staff. Freaking me frame on getting suspended for a game Andrew Bogut going out. Andre Iguodala having issues with his back and suddenly it seemed that 17 retained. Is losing 31. Oh lead in the finals so. And it is. It's may it's the nature of the beast and and that's why we knew when when you have a team that ultimately does get it done that. Has the luck can help them. Chemistry and all those things you appreciated for what it is without assuming that it's going to happen. Social last night you know the the warriors play in the end in. In the Buick L sloppy there in a little raggedy now at certain times. And then they occurred on the drive home when I add her name they say this that this is this is new territory. For everybody because. These players have never played meaningful games this early high school college or pro I don't think anybody's ever started. In the development a year yet. Yeah no I think it's a great point. That the I don't know how much people appreciate that that. That all athletes are creatures that have. And there's a rhythm. Two the year and he's been in and you throw in a trip to China and you know I think I think there are a lot of back I don't know that that's the I had Carol Maury. Rockets yet on how much show yesterday. And he said. I would do away with received an altogether let let everybody be scrappy and allow the very beginning and find our way. But those of like those games. They would rather. That sort of fuel we saw last night which is. Finding teams finding their way through the meaningful games not to think some of that you know some of its its calendar some of the the China trip some of it. Sort of it's quite honestly you've seen that note that there are going to be lining. In order anticipating they're here they're going to be playing in May and potentially even June and so it it. Your your focus is. There's a long view and the idea that you have to be dialed up up and on point with everything. The first night yeah news. Is it not be. It's not the emphasis with these teams so I think there was a lot of and and you have two teams they're also added some or shifted them some significant pieces certainly for the rockets and I think they're. The way to warriors played last night going deep into the bench. Saw a lot of guys. That are somewhat new. That's Nick Young or Jordan Powell. Adding significant minutes and playing significant roles and even if you have guys that played a lot the other on the floor. It's it's it's new for them to be in a in a game. Last night. With last night's audience and the vibe going on and playing you guys on the floor trying to act. Datsyuk was a deaf player low learning curve there in the end. And important for Daryl Morey as long as there there're. A trip to China available the end be able make them and that there will be pre season if I I've kind of changed my thought process on the TI I think 45 games is great. I think every team should be required to play one game. It and not NBA site. Just to give those fans because you know I've I've done games and not NBA sites in need to see the fans there of their reactions big for a lot of them that's the only time. You're ever gonna get up close to an NBA team. And it's it's pretty cool to watch. No I've I I've done the same. I've been there you know even not necessarily overseas and there's certain. Certain places and it in the US. You know you go to Iowa and Idaho coded. Why don't you get it because certain states and that they don't have either professional sports or don't have. NBA teams and don't have been easy access to them. People do they go absolutely bonkers and and and I think it's that look I know it's in the accident scene and and the players. Spreading the spreading in that the good news of the NBA and and the product that it has right now. In its beneficial to everybody in late. And the question we're taught over speaker era beyond the arc. We're sure remember Rick he's been beat writer for the lawyer she's gonna sideline reporter for the lawyers now. Writing for the Bleacher Report your mad dog radio NBA radio. So it's it's created to have one day in your most recent article. Talked about how re Irving and LeBron James and talked about some of the great do those. In NBA history a warrior dynamics all the different Casilla for guys. Blunt. So so tell me tell you what what prompted you to write is just the dissed the break up or the fact that the NBA's always had. You know advertise a super teams but to me. Here you know. The eBay's always tagged super teams and yes it in the they're easier to assemble because sometimes it is just adding that one guy. Alongside your star and role players and all the sudden you've got a great but. Yeah I think I think the combination of why we have and why aren't continue to have soup seems to think players have taken it upon themselves. To take more control over their careers and even willing to sacrifice money in order to play with who the pick who they wanna play with. Certainly be the amount of money that is out there for players to earn. Is. It makes it a little easier. To have been. Fast silent and did give up a couple million to go play with a team that you wanna play with with the guys that you wanna play with so I expected. We're only gonna continue to see that the inspiration for the pieces just you know we've whether we've been looking at. Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant in Oklahoma City certainly people talk about Shaq and Colby. But I I didn't look at those guys those particular pairing any great extent because. While people think that they could have should have stayed together longer the current state together 89 years for me that's. That's the that's not the longevity of Stockton and Malone or that you can careened but. It isn't good enough Ron and so it was really looking at that. Like the up for me I kind of knew that dynamics of Tyree in the pond while while people looked at demonstrate. And what this three straight NBA finals. No why would you ever not wanna play. With with someone when you've been able to do that and and you probably know this as well as I do him like there's. There's so many things that go into. Relationships on the scene and successes only one part of it it's like any job and if I think this is that this is not often relayed a bowl berth for. The average person out there in the job they have related to playing in the NBA that there are some elements that are and they're saying you know we. The people who who who worked or you know great companies great businesses that are that are really successful and the people that you're working with it just it's not like it's not a great fit you look across the way in Europe you know what to stop the new over the air and. I know those people over there and they're not successful they're just starting out that. That that kind of appeals to me or I've been here for awhile and I think is an element he would without them and I need that new challenge and. But I looked at abroad and Tyree and as you mentioned that the the warriors have four guys that early I think it's stepped in clay. Coming up together and having struggled together and having found that together. It what is a really important dynamic epidemic Stockton Malone the same thing guys that weren't were number one pick for retiree and LeBron and Irene and LeBron and yet you know. Rod and how to access elsewhere. And expect Cleveland. Last had some success had greater success won rings tirades while they didn't win was already an established talks. And what party coming into the league with the mindset that this team is going to be built. Around me and so LeBron comes back in May have that. And now there is often innuendo and rumor that LeBron. You know on the verge of leaving again inquiries. Going through yet another GM and he's thinking. OK let the stability here what attack. You write wait a year and then. LeBron gone and now I'm the guy left here or. He lives or my options now because. There's the opportunity is the opportunity to go to Boston the opportunity to play with a Gordon Hayward who already. He had tried to recruit to Cleveland. The summer before LeBron canes and. So that all of that and fired at inspired me really look at why Stockton and Malone blasted. As long as they did why careen in and magic worked. Anything even Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton because you had guys who really it has in many ways. The with the diversity there between the two. And yet it worked and what were the ingredients that made it work and I think it could use her for warriors fans is that. When you look at whether it's the two or three or the four. The dynamics of the last thing relationships. Very much exists warriors so but that's the good news check out this check out the east if you wanna know more. It's on the Bleacher Report and I know you've gotta run but I appreciate your time as always and and look forward to seeing our pass once again collide along the NBA trail. All it upload them. That's great speaker IT Breuer the lawyers 20172018. Campaign. Is presented by Kaiser Permanente. First road trip of this season the lawyers go down to in the warlords but take out the Memphis Grizzlies and then that Dallas Mavericks before coming back home. Next week we will look at that schedule and we returned at wrap up this edition of the the arc on 95 point seven a game. No static at all. Usually takes you back to three point play yeah. It's beyond the arc continues. Presented find out. My experience. On the Golden State Warriors radio network. Well we wrap up beyond the arc presented by mountain Mike's pizza. You can order online about Mike's pizza dot com to battle the upcoming broadcast the lawyers go on the road their first road trip of the season. And Agassi three talented big men. This trails they start in New Orleans on Friday night 6 o'clock with a pregame show at the lawyers try to contain. Anthony Davis. Intensity of the global life. What was normally cluttered with a variety. I satellite knew what. There defensively from Charlotte but we'll take it and give us now according to work only. After battling the pelicans in the world that's less than 24 hours later the word we'll have to deal would mark console. In Memphis. Gives Purdue a sophomore second console working on Albert running double clutch shot. It's. Big big city. If you land Mulder from the baseline. You now please big winner will be a good. Heroes on the wrong. Those are the raptors could briefly make you want to do it literally. In overtime. 11. Game lawyers and a grisly starting at 430 in the afternoon on Saturday so very quick turnaround and that the lawyers head to Dallas from money that battle. Would Dirk Nowitzki. Want more for that if he. It's evolved this time. And with those two free killed there today if he with 31 point in the game at. And he has just officially passed Charles Barkley and has moved into the nineteen placed on the NBA's all time scoring list. Lawyers to mavs 5 o'clock with a pregame show 95 point seven a game of the warriors radio network. And they gold taken back home for game on Wednesday against Toronto. And I next beyond the arc show will be next to Tuesday night starting right here at 7 o'clock tickets that Toronto game. Camby had employers dot cal or call triple AG SW who. At press option. Number one Chris Townsend is up next on 95 point seven the game dubs radio. And thanking our guest for tonight show warriors guard Klay Thompson always great to catch up with clay. As well as talking with Rick speaker of the Bleacher Report you can check out there. At a great time to catch up with Ernie Beckham member though lawyers championship team in 1956 in Philadelphia he flew out for last night's game was part of the championship pregame ceremony. And I had a chance to catch up with him before. The cut it's great it's not the one of the all time. A great. Warriors I too broad talk to you in New Orleans and that's a coming on a Friday night at 6 o'clock with a year to have. Right here in 95 points of the game for our senior radio producer RC Davis I bid you farewell of seats in Christa out that is up next. On 95 point seven the game. This is didn't beyond the ER has a point I won't go beyond. Tim voice weekly rundown of all things gold and see presented by Bob pike streets could break. For ticket. Call 1888. GSW. Who are very elegant very successful broadcast.