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Are. You smash hit two did Steve who used to ask people 95 point seven. Resilience. Okay. I like streets. Now we teach you 23 feet nine inches and Denzel boldly go where no man. The voice warriors basketball. Tim grew. Gave it your local privilege that the blood sport. This could be the last hatred. How well how come through that golden gate bridge and the Golden State Warriors. Have beat the San Antonio Spurs want to leave that one bad day. And they capture the last. And even though it is day four game sweep. Well your magic coverage tonight might be buried at the third straight sleep with a Golden State Warriors it's the third straight year. The lawyers by the Western Conference champions as the third straight year that the Golden State lawyers are going to be NBA finals. So very gulf the Golden State lawyers headed to the NBA finals for the third straight. Season. But that's again just to my lawyers are in the NBA finals for the third straight. This year this is the run the franchise have been telling you all along savor every moment of this because it's special it's not NBA real life. Tonight another addition the finals edition of beyond the arc here at night five point seven a game and I am Tim Roy in the way your 2016. 2000. Seventeenth season is presented by Kaiser Permanente that coming up but tonight show it is jam packed. Would data US data we've got cat day right here. Right here on 95 point seven a game later Robbie our Chris Ballard. Of Sports Illustrated talking about the magic of Steve career. Conflict reminding them. That the world is bigger than this team and bear in this game now in the big scheme of things a lot of it is it's important but not important important. Plus non lawyers watch you'll hear from the new general manager of the Atlanta Hawks Travis like. You know the opportunity that you cease. We know what they've been working on sort of sits with a chip the ground running pressure. And while lawyer fans are celebrating a third straight year to the NBA finals lawyers Ford Matt Bard's will make his first trip to the ultimate series in the NBA I got chills still you know. Goosebumps but first double talk to the legend a hall of Famer lawyers executive board member. Jerry West and a reminder dubbed nation the 2017 NBA finals begin next Thursday on June the first our coverage will start at 530 with a pregame show. Jim Barnett will be along side now a lot of lawyers ground next Thursday 6 o'clock of course the tip. And this is the chance we will waiting for. So join the dubs as they shoot for another title verified official tickets for the NBA finals Iran sail right down to get yours today. And boy years dot com. No better man. To put the NBA finals in perspective that a man he's played in the NBA finals he's been a coach and executive in the league leading to championships the one. The only. Jerry West while the pleasure always an honor to talk to lawyers executive board member and cult favorite Jerry West here around beyond the arc I'd Tim Roye and we continuing our program and ended Jerry the lawyers heading to the files for the third. Straight year you've been a player in this Liu played the finals you've been executive fourteen to go on the finals. Can you give our fans just an appreciation. Of what an accomplishment that is for the lawyers and just how hard it is to get to a files even in Justin in back to back years. Well you know we're all it's enormous. In the record. Of these came over the last three years that's what even more surprising. You would expect came. Team like this with the help they have to be very competitive. You'd never know what's gonna happen in terms of injuries and do your key personnel you just don't know. And that's what makes it more. More intriguing. Thank also. Whoever wins and east I'm assuming it's going to be Cleveland as everyone else's pain and I think that won't be where the burglary tools start and all of them all and that players frankly don't want to display button that will be focus effect of the media. If Kevin Durant. The sole arbiter and and I think the outcome of the finals the year ago. Wolf will be there and and we've been been wearing great. On games to me had a great issue of his career game. And they have another. Really dynamic player carrier for Ford's perspective. But I think. Our historical are here. And are the players will deter further questions they probably won't take it all with the task. I that game it's being played right now as we're era of the year that. Cleveland Boston able we are comically and they are up three want why why do you think it all this great seasons why do you think this year. Is LeBron spent cease. Well it could just sit look at the totality. Of his work. If you look at how many games he's missed army game came off M board game story. That's how right. Again there reapply coached. Arm through his one of the most under appreciated. Go to in this week. He's really good. Defensively they've picked up a notch. And I think that's why they have been so dominant in the playoffs to this morning. Which I would Jerry West you're out beyond the arc and Tim Roy warriors getting ready for game one of the NBA finals has great ring to it time. June 1 and more than likely playing beat the Cleveland Cavaliers. You need it just humor me for a moment in and gist. Compare and may be contrast. That the finals for when you start playing through too when you're an executive to this spectacle that it is now. You know what was it like when you win was it was of their huge difference between that the playoffs and the finals when you're player. Well a little up a lot different. I think it came to a culture that I really didn't do or as many. Scenes around. All these young players coming in the big group right here not ready to worry that the caliber they need deployed to get to before. There's a lot of differences in and all the media although social. Media. You reach some of these comments and frankly and there are great paired apps outrageous. And I don't think players a power play today and certainly. People. Want to have an account a Twitter Al. I wouldn't have here and it's distracting. And there's enough distractions already and he and or two days I have ever seen. Debts as saying that if a player says something now it's around the world one in thirty seconds it's just it's just crazy. You know it Jerry this year the lawyers as you mentioned and it Kevin did to rant that's going to be a big story coming up in the files you've played a team with Elgin Baylor and and you added Wilt Chamberlain. You know what's that dynamic like in what has impressed you with the way that Kevin Durant has has fit in with the warriors sheer. Well it the biggest dynamic different is that both came it came lakers opened. You know. Org and art are very. It was a different kind of game at a much more thirty it was a dirty game it was a physical. And today it is not a physical here today at this game this series. The players and not to go out the pundits. And not the remarks that have been made. Quote we are work. Information that he should read. 02. Wrong that there are harder to. So it's harder to prepare. And I know I am very very well you play with the lakers great. You know I read that certain. You know I would sadness. I think so who's very very competitive sell about what you. Primary error they'll wake up. We have some unfinished business. All of that rhetoric. Is not going to do any. The players at the end of the day. The balances. The team just don't make that earned over. In this year's different movements side of yours all the at all this is this system player or special. There's four more games to be war whoever win except as ever great summer. The ones that don't when it ever miserables. And that's what it boils down to is pretty simple. Instead of during up ought. Everywhere and it projecting who's gonna Wear and who's gonna lose who has the best matchup that this at this point. But no matter. What sort of matter what happens. With bands. For the nation's. But it port. Oh. Jerry West our guest to Gerri before I'll let you go couple questions more one. Unselfishly. I think we all would've loved to see Travis like stage with a Golden State Warriors but. No one day tasks of being a great team is that people come after your employees at tummy year. Your thoughts on Travis and and and the job he's going to be able to do you think Atlanta Hawks. Well our collective thank him Russell Byrd and Earl. He's deserved this opera. I think when you work or team that's had success. Are there people at one of them are. So impressed me. He's prepared. Query. Oh lawyers if you real law a law was what. To replace them it's going to be difficult. I'm thrilled for them it's an opportunity and polite. I think everyone with an organization. Or are thrilled for. So in need success. Hopefully breeds success for them. Yes so hopefully he might always get do a great job there and in the US UN and to a situation in Memphis. Yeah how long before when you get hired to swish like that you really feel cab got everything in place now for astute. To move forward how what what's that process like. Well you know artwork retain that had enormous success and at that point and I wanted. I think every one more. Oh clear. Amir it's very well. Everywhere so quality work but the lakers trust me is no featured were lakers. Struggle. And I had always wanted to work worst. And that this group would. To me and visit since. Operative best I've ever felt like it. Was so wept Memphis in the C. Till a time. Our lawyers ownership. Are. Wonderful work. To see the light into Horry. The McCain won 23 game. That most of game did have a war victory. Differ a bit next year career with one. We one when he a portrait it would work. And obviously that wasn't for here. It's an accurate 158. I think it's probably the most gratification I have ever had my life to be and be part of that. And are I thank you for ever leave their insight. This would probably. How I life as an effective. And then. In a few years removed to. To be involved in a completely different manner in and over where the warriors to craft are are well what are made. I was flattered number one but it ought maybe effort helped contribute. And to watch approach to this came under. Cho were. Credible ownership group. An area also would have an opera currently work pop mart something oh for he's been great. They're golfing great to work where to see where this where which has workers'. Tests. Into the ownership and the basketball. Front office to bring in the talent they applauded at that and do have a cane been as quick to where four. I think the better for our years they should be here every year. This is out now to this to this. If people say well you know they're not as good as they were a year ago this team is better or are you yours yours. And it's just been amazing. Apart from me or air. And in Europe there are good growth before. That the warrior fans are special they are. And there are very every night. You're going had to rein in cities see. This sea of gold there that. Ownership art or science. It's an amazing start and I know why are people so whenever this. Personalities. In his brain Mark Green has that personality is stiff early do. Is is like everyone's favorite son and I. That would large cities places today. Clay Thompson who really plaza under the radar just out there every night doesn't. I don't think security is up Lester. Kevin Durant who is the ultimate. Particular things said about Kevin. That are negative disappointment nicest human being god ever put space here. He is a professional and two cents. Cares about where me. When he came here I was just work. It was probably an awkward bit broad and called beta test in this where so much. But I think always felt about him that there was so much more to his to his best of all day. In just being a score. And he scored nearly as much and he it was a third. He was a third person overtake her step or charts attempted. And he still wherever 24. Point five or six game. These are leading rebounder. And Napoli these are leading shot blocker. And he's also you know I think we're Baptist pastors and very. That. If you need to have two in beep beep players one came practically write for. And they have developed these thankful or and again you have to get their ownership group of masked ball. The basketball all off us. A lot of kudos for that. I had that is very well said I could've said better and Jerry were obviously been thrilled that you're part of the warriors organization in the the contributions that you make on a daily basis and and I appreciate your time it's going to be a great file slogan for it to that end and again thank you so much for joining us tonight. Well I really appreciate that and more importantly the warriors need to win or more games. Put damage Cisco in the Bay Area to have appeared. Have another big celebration that would be fun to sit. That will be awesome for more wins thank you Gerri thank you. That's lawyers executive. Jerry west side two point next Bobby Bobby are the finals addiction. Let's a year questions about the NBA finals as well as hear from the nude jell manager of the allow hawks. And that is Travis like former lawyer's assistant to GM. It will hear the excitement in the voice of Matt Barnes who is heading to his first. NBA finals that's what beyond the arc continues here on 95 point seven a game. No static at all. We're going back. Kids. Wave back to BR BR. Presented by bound flights. This summer keep your kids ages seven to fifteen entertained and energized with the lawyers. Basketball camp powered by under armor there are locations throughout the Bay Area but these can't sell out quickly it's a reserve your spot tonight. And lawyers dot com slash camps. Well time now for your warriors boxes segment that's right follow me on Twitter at boy your clocks lawyers BLX. We try to answer as many questions as we camp we did Sammy email Tim Roy TI MO RO YE. And boy years and dot com was first go to camp who wants an L are the oil is going to tweak the lineup in the second to fourth quarter so staff and TD don't sit out together. The abroad usually plays through that. Why did they may be tweaked but that group says start the second and fourth quarters has done very well for the most part. I thought they had tougher series against you saw them they did against San Antonio and I really like the chemistry. Would that group as long as they find a way to score of that group is good it's well connected. Of the defense of amber it's a great question can't great question we have to MVPs. You always like to have at least one of them. On the floor. Again we thank him for following this out lawyers box lawyers reveal acts. Well when your great team like the Golden State Warriors your ballots elusive personnel that's because other teams look at what the lawyers are doing and they're going to try to replicated somehow some way or at least parts of it. That they like. That's why after the lawyers want the title of 2015. Alvin Gentry head coach of the new worlds pelicans and last year Luke Walton hired off speaker staff he's the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. The latest one to leave it happened just within the last 48 hour as lawyers assistant Joseph ledge or Travis like was named GM. Laviolette hawks on tabloid your employee came to the lawyers in 2004. Travis like joins us here beyond the arc and Travis first of all. Congratulations. It's way overdue and you're gonna do great there and in world just thrilled for. I appreciate to have my own plumbers live here actually attacked for ourselves our fair play. We have a lot of work to do here in short tough times so. Who's should be. Well I'm sorry you're not going to be what this in the files but I know we've got. Some work to do but now you can you can draw upon in India posting about this driving in today that you've had this great. Experience in your career mean you've worked with Pat Riley Chuck Daly Don Nelson. Steep curve Jerry West I mean you've got all that that base of ballots that he can now put and to put the action. Yeah a lot of I mean that you just flicking all the guys have been fortunate to work. All would implore over my years. It is. You know it's been a great ride for me up until this point and now hopefully I can. Maybe certain matters to me and got myself a one day they'll trade area between network which I must let alone what governor wrote Gupta lurking right keep it there. You've worked as a coach Chanel as an executive in the executive par what what about working. Would the warriors now do you think is gonna help viewing your job for the hawks. I think the one thing that I really started would have when Joseph and Peter king live is just that communication. You know not just from top Obama. What are we talk about open the business side it and the basketball side you know they used to establish a culture of openness and transparency. From top to bottom intra right the last. You know that's you know after spending time with the ownership group here a flat out mean that's that's the same objective they have here in the quite frankly so. Getting to know the other group here hollow leg but it totally wrestlers. That's what made this such an easy decision for me that this ownership group here is committed. To be successful. And I'm just really excited to be a part of this whole process. You know it's it's it's inch steam now and they didn't in year your plunging into this mean you got that draft coming up a couple weeks ago. It may allow late nights. Yeah we got 1930 weren't sixty so we've got three choices in the NBA draft obviously wrote the draft we have created these. All year we've got to step it's been here and work in the plug away from last month saw that I've got to get to know and spend time with the club and they almost did today it's an account of these guys from. You know the opportunity to see we know what they've been working on solid citizen to chip the ground running pressure. Wait a minute in your first draft as a general manager of the Atlanta Hawks you have the lawyers second round pick. But what actually better than what they'll look forward looking at the. Oh man that's awesome hey you know I know you're you're really busy just a final question what butch it would cheer favorite memory. And memories of of working with the warriors. I mean there's obviously you know from the time I was there the past you know thirteen fourteen years there's a lot of a lot of great memory Asian you know we believed seasons. Obsolete the last three years there I think the one memory that at that I will not forgive our. You know go to the championship you know the trade and said the trade is probably the most humbling event. Been a part of my life assures suspect this deal will expand shore up a meteor remember. There must have been a million people there. And just could get the excitement on their faces that you oil goes as places of either the Bay Area with the warriors fans who didn't do very very special place there's you know. In the world to support that little band based there against the warriors. That that's probably the one thing you know and among my deathbed that I'll be able looked back up probably remember. Well Rick right up there was doing the post game radio show up glue on getting to actually what you. Yeah now is offset that little hallway in the Cleveland but what do you meet tablet sobered Lou there will never forget that and where those those hats. So you can actually the man. Just a great great to have you here for we believe and here for the championship and hopefully you start making some new memories for. Here a year Newt fan base in Atlanta Travis it congratulations man it's it's it's it's great just really really really happy for him. Barrett thank portrait I have no doubts that Travis like is going to do very well win the Atlanta Hawks and the lawyers loss is Atlanta's game. Got to answer some more questions that boy years Vioxx lawyers BOX on Twitter Brian wants to know about the status of head coach Steve Kerr and were all rooting and prayed for Steve Kirk. To give back his normal lifestyle instead of what he's gone through. The last couple of years wolf earlier today right here on 95 point seven a game and talking with. Greg Papa lawyers jelled manager Bob Myers gave the update on the status of Steve Kerr. We're try and he's trying to and I wish there was some didn't that I wish it's for him as a human being more know anything to feel better but at this point there's no. There's not really an update to defect that I know people are writing and saying certain things and that's probably because he's been more visible 'cause he's around. But there was there will be an announcement that he's coaching game one or anything like that and as so as to as it gets closer something changes we've always said that well. We'll speak on the baton and but today when I speak it'll be Mormon update to to what I just told you guys I'll answer questions but. Other than that I I wish I could give them my mortar something more definitive. But he can't. Where David Watson out. Its draft rose to barge you're expecting is a delegate wise down the lake. Or. That was Matt Bard's back at 2007. For the we'd believe lawyers. Who would've thought. Ten years later Matt Barnes will be a warrior yet again and going to the NBA finals. Is it starting to sink. In the here. On the lawyers heading to the NBA finals. It sink and then when it's still. Like answering you know that's. To start training training camp. Last October in Sacramento and to be here in June you know with the winners towards him is that this is this crazy. I don't would you take this probably isn't weird kind of work in this late them. I've not never happened and it is my first time I got a chance at least at our disposal of an Orlando. You know but NBA finals you know this is somebody waiting for my whole career and to be here with this group of guys and to be in Golden State doing in this is a tremendous blessing. Have you had any questions for your teammates. You know the core this team has been in the last two years. Not necessarily need them and I think I came that fit in pretty good and I'm really just following their lead in these guys have been here and then it. You know that mean in in this league and a you know from this experience standpoint the relief. Having everywhere just you know we look at that denies and understand what was going on what has he done and we go about our business. And you touch your kids about on this alone what's their reaction excited that they can't wait you know I got here they keep asking about the two guys in the coaches and that is if my team misses them so I'm. You know they feel like they're that's part of supply I love them for them. And as the one on one now so what's the site Hulu about this the situation speakers you know hasn't that we get back from the sidelines. Tell me what has impressed you about what Mike Brown has done I think just the way Steve's. First one Howard is players you know he was definitely business interest in this government that would suggest you went out there trustees of the you know he makes you feel. You know that you can go at him be yourself and I think he's on the thinking that the coaching staff you know or. For a team apart over the losing head coach people look at this ago there trouble foot. You know when Mike stepped in electricity that was Stephen. Wrestling is seamless transition they might have missed be it Gingrich had that chance to ask you since it happened or talk when that aren't here beyond the arc but. When they brought back is this your fellow teammates from we believe what was that like for you I just it was against shields do again you know. These boats and the excitement from the crowd was amazing and just to see those guys again back here you know realizing. You know we kinda sparked. You know what have what has become you know obviously when the biggest franchises investments has an MBA with an event that started ten years ago. Tennessee these guys come back be invited back and the crowd appreciated them you know really Meyer when those guys of those Ezra here with me. There malevolent. Pretty cool walk on the practice floor again reminded of that every day guy upstairs and Nelly you know it is. It was a fun time but you know being in the finals and another toughness. What has to have you think the lawyers get four more wins. Stay focused. Stay healthy I think we're playing at a at a very high level right now. I think we're confident we're not cocky. And militants and other core guys have been here before and and you guys are following the lead and do what they do it. Coming up at Mexico. How much fun we'll be when you're name is called the bill into an NBA finals game. If it's going to be an explainable I mean fifteen years. In my and to deal to come back and do this team in this city but this man basis. Speech it's very very happy for you my friend take care thank you very much. So happy for Matt Barnes and his MBA travels have him back in the day. Getting ready to help the lawyers to hopefully. For more wins or lawyers insiders have a chance to win tickets to the 2017. MBA finals insiders also enjoy access to ticket pre sales but for every NBA finals game the lawyers play at home and insider will be randomly selected to win a pair of tickets become an insider tonight. At lawyers dot com slash insider. I tip Roy thanks for all your response on Twitter all yearlong employers fox lawyers feel lax and of course she did Sammy emailed he's still have a files questions at him Roy TI MO RO YE at lawyers dot com we try to get to his many. Ass weekend. Back with more here out beyond the Arco mauled a chested chat with Chris Ballard of Sports Illustrated have a tablet of steam curled before front. On 95 point seven a game no static. At all. The splash right Berlin's black. Has returned to this is BR BR. By mountain MySpace. We're always excited to have more rounds and welcome to our coaches meetings there. But this stuff like that for a few days now it is our leader a coach. And until you can go around we feel good. Lawyers acting head Coach Mike Brown talking about his boss Steve Kerr who of course is sidelined right now we're all rooting you pray for Steve. To get back to the sideline and more importantly he begins his normal life back. Well Chris Bauer to Sports Illustrated and SI dot com go to great article about Steve Kerr recently you have that ready. I encourage you to go there and check it out it's a great free. About what makes Steve Hurst a great NBA comes. Chris great to agree it's not viewed as a whole what it's about one talking about that we're airing this interview right now at Cleveland and Boston are playing games like cavaliers are leading received one. We're assuming it's. It's Cleveland and just wow you know what. What history and read it it's never been done before. Two teams playing in the end in the file three years and also that happens. Cleveland that. You play it's it's really an historic final series. And Natalie that's but it really fun one. Don't think they're they're not methods you can imagine. Where I think and we're good now again right. You got I've always loved it spurs you but I know. That there are certain certain troops back to defend them that when they were really dominant Lego man earth again let I don't imagine there's a basketball fan out there and it's not a. Excited about being the worst McAfee is certainly airlock that are excited about how we got here with the two dominant runs but. I mean all the story lines and I think if it had to come in and taken a beating the way to airplane at the end there are he's been. It would be less interesting but the fact that they have looked so good with the exception of one law of Boston they could make remarks and. Yet it's if and again Gil you have so many high profile people in this. This this these potential matchup LeBron James carrier ring Kevin Durant stepped Currie. You know clay taps drip on me it's just it's got it's got nothing but in the what happened last year it's that nothing that story lines all losers. Well for sure you know. Of waiting for the oral history of the drain minded going to lose either game last year credit yeah they're just there's so much therein. You know you could tell he had been on the warriors who recently that that they have been able to maintain this. I get it there have been a bit of anger frustration whatever it is even able to maintain it or year all when he toward the series. Savory meat to a drain months I've got to move now to a talk with Chris Ballard Sports Illustrated and talk to you about the articles on Steve Kirk. And and wanna a great article that was talking about Steve Kerr and about is his coaching salad in. To me it's it's at that the whole relationship he has with streamline. She shows what kind of a guy Steve is because. You know it's is he knows trim on has to have that fire. And but he'd also knows that he you know he has to find ways to motivate her in my it seems that the two. Play off each other almost seamlessly. I think seamlessly might be going well a little alcohol are considering. You know the their dust ups it and all that but he's 81 of those it's been you have conflict. And it it turned sour in any relationship. I think he. What both those guys are going port and it has such great competitors may have a greater gold mine that whatever there has been conflict. Between. Murder and grandma and I don't think there's. Necessarily grudge that held. You know and talking to to drain money news and there's always an amazing quote. That story don't eat these were explained either way it took awhile to understand that what he was trying to do is motivate him. It will yell for example held no. People inside line and LT Kurt issued I mean she grew much retreat to yell palmetto. To do it shootaround but do in practice. Andrea what they get heated said to me look we don't want you taking streak you shoot X percent that wouldn't do much scoring would he know that that motivate you that. They're adding he's sort excites me I bet that accident up in a dream on this team has figured out. The way to motivate drain money Hilton's figured out if you my dream on. We've mumbled an intern go motivate the rest the teams so near green told me a story about last year. In New Orleans. The team was a little loose you know the bad shot them off the lead. Kirk all the time out and up point. Andrea month telling he played pretty good gain and that many shots you turnovers and he said that you know that time out. Erlich right and it just goes after the budget gap bombs and interim I'll look at what is right and even open it but it when he did he went out. And he'll address the team and they played better and they got fired back and agreement like you know. Is that okay. It is great is that strategic I don't know but it worked. And that's what matters when he says that something that they occur understand about in an effort speaks stood occurred ability to. I understand people what each person needs you'd never do that Andre Iguodala. Right exactly and there you can't there's certain guys you can't yell Latin you know and at Baghdad's. That's part of a you know a bit I remember talking with Eddie Johnson years ago he's played the cat the Timmons. And he said that. He was the guy the cotton would yell. Because he knew Eddie can take. And it it when he was yelling at me was yelling at the whole team. So it's inching he finds there were the right guys in doing this article by the way if you have a Redick goes to SI dot com and am looking up it's about the the 25 leadership lessons of Steve Kerr it's by our guest. Chris Ballard an end and that I would I just always really really well done and I read start to finish without eating at stopping. But but it would when you're writing in this article what was that maybe a couple things about Steve that you learned in putting this together. Wheeling Pitt that jumped at me which I didn't expect it goes talked about his ability to communicate or meet doctor Bruce Frazier and and you know Ron Arab an amber and I am Mike Brown no thought that usability. What were the TNT analyst jury as a player he was attributed quote or the coach he's so good at communicating. And he told you that actually is worth were incredibly shock I as a boy. And he said he really only learn how to do this to speak publicly to get more of an introvert. And an accurate despite what you might think. True basketball so he was a big reader and he's the writer at the kids we had this item. Like that and then it would being interviewed. Inserted humorous there's an app that they've brought that out to make it a public thing that surprised as sort of assumed Kerr was one of those guys who always. No rise by need. Ted and guy and he probably was but he wasn't necessarily good at putting it out there or what again maybe he's just being really markets and Parton oppose these. Yet it is it is harder about we'll see this I have never met a guy. Who knows. You know who makes everyone facilities but also knows. You know as a coach and as a leader he knows what to say it went to say it. I mean he just has this knack any. Am. You know we we all get consumed in this business and you know when you're working with a team in your broadcasting. Critique it consumed about that the next play the next game the next half. And yet he has a way to look at the world in totality. And in and bring it to to the workplace and it's it's really amazing it's amazing thing and it's it's it's over it's a rare thing in pro sports. Most coaches are very consumed in you know we think of them as locked in looking at film all day and stressing about the next meal the next play caller gonna make it. And they yet Steve U Steve can do that he's competitive with anybody but but he also has this worldview and to me that's the most remarkable thing about. Yeah did I totally agree and I think what it is it's. Booked atomic coach. Is trying to make his team feel like. What they're doing is the most important thing in the world even if it's not because that bump in the Petit when they try harder and prepare harder. It's a big goal to be like you know chip in this tiny little were up against the world know only through psychological tricks. They coaches the views including art Jack and you know prior prior to hurt but so cart adopted. You constantly reminding them. That the world is bigger than this team and beer in this game now in the big scheme of things a lot of it is it's important but not important. And so by encouraging the players that think about the world and showing an eclipse during video. And in speaking out and reading books and even on days off and yeah pretty much told me an example last year or they. And we're really struggling a bit Western Conference finals now and it is either the box pull up but instead of go to tracks that are they went up. Oracle and relevant why wouldn't oracle. The pulpit and he actually he had a batting practice. The coliseum there's no practiced that day Clinton batting practice that they get exactly what we needed you know and that though experts in the spirit out. Is is where a lot of liquid what do doubled down needle through the Pat Riley approached for a practice you know would I don't work too well that this is the waist deep in the. Yet it's being lead date. To them on the bus Minnesota couple years ago to went bowling. You know it just yeah yeah and he knows it when the right time is two for them to let off some steam it's it's great. Chris Brown art of Sports Illustrated my guest to delete the USA that comment. And look at this great article that team put together about Steve Kerr and his leadership lessons just couple quick questions foyer zealot you go and end. You know as if you prepare for. A finals in the end year looking at a files you want. TUZ is it different now because of social media because because every is now like to say. You know somebody mentioned something in and the guy you know halfway around the world knows it. In inside of a couple minutes is it different now you think because we're there's so many ways forward to get out there. Our. As far as just the build up and then yell you the there's more I think I think there's more billboard material now than ever because we will gate. Knowable take one quote out of a press session and that gets blasted around the world that five minutes it's this. Three is a bit different things today. Yeah I think what players have done is that part on our current control under a message or circumventing it. You know via debuted their lawmakers were there urged Twitter or social media order you know. Posting videos. But do their ability to facilitate something out of context it they don't happen sentence. They couldn't boom right back and they hit aesthetic I think you know obviously dream on really good that. In a nearly approached or to conduct an approach. Which a lot of players who argue with the tape is patriots don't say anything. You get beat floated on it. And that's why you know so wish him when he sees someone like her who can walk that line he can. Talk for fifteen minutes. At a presser and they're welcome way to do that I was interest in I learned something illegal not eight giveaways strategy. Being in sight the opponent I mean it is only a couple maybe not representatives and it is the story and it sort of came back with eight cuter anyway he knew that this is great story about don't. Former teammates say they know of course we can't you never bite the hand that fed you mean you're always aware oh what. Home. How something won't play that much harder for where did Napier Patrick collier. You know NBA rookie. You know hotline that's by agreement rigors there have this group. Gather these guys around villagers had to back it better better but yeah I mean anything will blow up now LeBron. I think he's sort of loved it is those always can drum with LeBron and I'm sure there will be in the final game to game. Without question for him are you still play pick up ball. Guess I've got to a weekly league you know along with the body holds out I'll be doing. Good for you men Imus Imus plan my knees will Melanie even go close to. A floor anymore but I I always enjoy the conversation. And then obviously I enjoy what you write its its world wolf. We'll put together in hand I thought it was a fascinating read this Everett start to finish without him. In stopping the first ever phone calls and text though there's you know read the fish this story but I appreciate your time as always. And they'll want to always see you at the finals. Certainly yeah. They treadmill and. That's Chris Broward and SI dot com make sure you follow him on that Twitter at SI underscore Chris Ballard he'll be covering the NBA finals. For Sports Illustrated. Police say boy your fans a new lawyers teams store opened its doors recently in downtown Walnut Creek the shop is open Monday through Sunday at stock would grade year. For women men and kids so every fair dumb nation gain gear up. For the NBA finals of for a limited time each customer will receive a free lawyers car flag for store hours and other information go to lawyers team stork. Dot com if backe to join Mets dive that's a judge Dickinson at the lawyers team story and Walnut Creek. 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