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Are. You smash hit two good steed who used to ask people 95 point seven. Resume its. Yeah. ER okay. I like streets. Now we teach you 23 feet nine inches and Denzel boldly go where no man. Did the voice warriors basketball. Tim grew. One hit seven back that they would. Six over accessible as the ride like because I thought. What a lot like you failed brigades are out there. Mark Russell with the right coach the quarterback hit it with a foreign aid. Despite the fact that they were the glory glory. Double how much of last night's loss to Utah Jazz went the second Debbie here. Golden State has scored under a hundred points at home. As well as see their fourteen game winning streak snapped the Golden State Warriors losing last night that you job but. Really nobody in the game didn't mean anything Golden State other bands having stepped curry Kevin they're ranking them lord. And get some run together and hopefully we'll see down along lake Thompson. Tomorrow night with a way to close out the regular season. Against the Los Angeles Lakers. So tonight this is our final regular season addition. LB the art here in 95 point seven league game crystal clear at them. And a reminder that the lawyers 2062017. Season is brought to by Kaiser Permanente. We'll have a game that didn't mean anything last night means. Only one thing the Golden State Warriors the playoffs are coming they start this weekend as the warriors take down the pride of Oakland debut Millard. In the Portland trailblazers not sure what they were playing on as of yet at this time tomorrow night we might have a clear picture and certainly. At about 930 tomorrow night. We will have the schedule. For the postseason when the lawyers take out the trailblazers and we'll find out whether or not the series will start and oracle on Saturday or. On Sunday it promises to be a high scoring series with a splash Brothers came the injury among Greek going up against a very talented back court. Damian Miller and CJ McCollum so stay here on 95 point seven the game for all your details on the warriors in. The post season and coming up on the Tonight Show later on in the show over to have a guest in Kevin collateral he's the TV voice. What the Portland trailblazers and he gives us a little inside information about the recovery of Portland senator use of their catch. And yeah it is Malick or an injury shoulders up and or body. I've been able to all part of high energy and we need to do orders spare. Any and all of that by the Golden State warrior so are there going to be I think they're all in Asia. We'll find out what the lawyers are doing in the community as well as answering your questions on warriors Vioxx. Plus we'll take a look back at one of the great buildings in the NBA the palace in the Auburn Hills as a Detroit Pistons closed out their history in the palace. Last night. And so while. All right well. Palace of Auburn here who was more than just bricks and being. It was the heart and soul of the great basketball community. But first Obama shelved Goldstein of lawyers team president and chief operating officer Greg Welch will give us the estate of the franchise starting ended just a moment we delivered trivia questions and I saw this last night talking about our guest on the year be able to every question. These two guests we have tonight. Both started there NBA careers in the same place. First what we get the correct answer on a Twitter at warriors Vioxx lawyers VOX or email to avoid TI am RO YE and lawyers that come at we will get you some lawyers gear ace well. Warriors prize because that's how we operate here. I'm beyond the page ended up some lawyers grab for fan night tomorrow. What the lawyers host the Los Angeles Lakers their final game of the regular season all fans in attendance will receive a special lawyers spent ninety shared. Courtesy of Adobe gauger verified official tickets at lawyers dot com. Were at the golden age of the Golden State Warriors franchise team has won more games over three years that any team. In the history of the NBA lawyers have their first NBA title in forty years and try to get their second NBA title in this here. This upcoming postseason. At every night when the warriors come off the hard blow their Natalie rewriting their history. They're rewriting NBA history so it gives the state of the franchise right now who better to tell us the warriors team president and chief operating officer. Rick Welts. So here we are the lawyers are heading back to the post season again as the number one scene which is it again just amazing part of history were living through but you stated franchise. We've got twice as many people on a waiting list for tickets and it's fit in the building. The team's been nominated again into the best organization in in professional sports. Over 200 consecutive sellouts I mean it's. Just a fabulous time to view the warriors. You know I hope. I know yours is I hope everyone's point of view is the same as mine is just to be so thankful to be around this at this moment in time as you said it's it's incredibly special. He's come along so infrequently dad every day you wanna. Enjoy it and I mean you wanna try to make it better but there's not a lot we can do better than what's happening right now could you imagine anything like this when you took the job. I ate you know on truce or no you can imagine this what everyone could imagine was. From watching the league forever that there was an opportunity here to create something special now known kind of forcing it would become this special this quickly. But I think that all the all the ingredients for success in your professional sports existed here because of where we play. Because of the amazing fan support this franchise. History it was all here the market is so special and I think that. You know no one could have predicted how quickly it happened or to level it happened that but the ingredients were always here. From the business side of things that none of the French what are you most proud. While. This is gonna sound a little corny. Having you know done this since I was sixteen years old this is the nicest group. Professional athletes I have ever had the privilege to be associated with the and you know I think people you know you talk to people every day I talked dealers they they kind of sense that from the way the team plays on the floor. But they like hearing that is really true and it is really true to a person on the roster and you know just it makes what otherwise would be an incredibly. Pleasurable. Journey to something that's way beyond that just because you're so happy. For every person involved in the process. We've all seen this before been around only long time that. You might have a great team and things are going well but maybe those 22 count star players their intense and they don't want a lot of distractions they don't want a lot of stuff on the side but when you have a player likes to curry saying the tone for. The basketball side of things it just makes an incredible difference where do you put him in all of the athletes only great NBA players who had a chance to work that they know. Hey east he's unique and special right we all know that so he's just the opposite of what you describe it because we've really you know the coaching staff very dapper guard rails around zephyr hills say yes to everything I need. That's just who he is and what is what is nature is that he want he's he wants to please people he wants doesn't want to let anybody down but. You know we we try to respect his basin and try not to overburden him because if we ask he'll say yes so the goal is to. Make gas an important in this is that possibly can be especially this time here you know that he's. Key I don't know that I've ever been around anybody who. Is such a combination of talent and every human being that. Is all about all the things that all of us as part of these people he's an incredible family man he's. He's he's got such a social conscience he he's Smart TV he understands what fans expect and tries to deliver every single night. Very special. So whatever quotes here beyond the arc and 95 point seven in the game crystal clear. And famine and this I would lost one to get the update for the fans what's the update on. Where the chase in areas in the end I'm still my head still spinning from the on the ground breaking so. At least those and well. I've. The best thing you can do everyday is doing ideas that are adjacent dot com a look at the life cam is a can actually watch the construction. Taking place I have no idea what all those people and all those machines running around doing right now. But I know a lot of dirt moving and I'm told are right on right on schedule for opening in the summer of nineteen that. But you know I kind of pinch myself or created just say while it seems we're really under construction in this really is gonna happen you know we have. Two season is too great seasons last year oracle but. Sorry nineteen going to be special and we kept our revenues and I host the warriors played their first game in the fall of 2019 its. It's it's going to be a sense of accomplishment. I think everybody in the franchise is going to feel hopefully hopefully had been holding area appreciate. Our recent press release it's pretty pretty cool that there's going to be a lot of local vendors there. On the food side I think it's pretty exciting so excited. For that I mean. You know we announced last week five new. Really Anchorage restaurant brands that are going to be inside chasing her which each one of on this iconic area around that. Was born and bread you're still run by the same people that founded them and I think it. This speaks to to what we're trying to create in the whole entertainment experience because I think there's entertainment I know how you eat so I know you think the same and it's part of your party your night out when you're going to a concert going to warriors game and we've been having you know that's been a primary. Focus of the design from day one. What we're going to be able to deliver there in terms of real Bay Area cruising the people are going to be excited about it I think his side in the second tonight. Struggle a bit of who wrote to us over the issues ago where our league wide the whole resting issue came up obviously. As I've mentioned so the other two were played pretty well since but. But it did there's a lot of things going on I think it's nice to have a guy like Adam silver added that the Tillerson is being because. He seems to be a guy that's gonna take input from other piece along like you or maybe. Maybe someone like a couple of the players and he seems so I'd like to get a lot of input before he makes a decision. Very do if. And personality who won the he would replace yes. You know they each have a very effective style that is very different style Adam. Is exactly as you described these he's much more inclusive much more. Open to different points of view but before he makes a decision rather than. Kind of making up his own mining going west. I think that that that has really distinguished him amongst ownership and I think amongst the players who I think. Collective bargaining compared to prior years was a breeze this time because they never got to that usually confrontational point that. Things had a potential falling apart. That's that shows leadership on both sides not just on the commissioner's side that shows leadership on the players side as well that. I think that more than anything else probably. Is a great example what you're describing. We'll have things there you excited about the dead the lawyers in the NBA and tackles in the near future. It's hard to have that special that's saying international outrage for warriors are we're going back to China for the third time this fall. You know. Not necessarily an easy thing for the players or coaches as they prepare for the season. But it is important players you know they understand what a global game this is becoming opportunities for them. Especially in China and it's hard. To think about him they without thinking about the international components going forward work. We really have such an advantage over the NFL or or the NHL or or baseball which is very regional internationally where we hate. You know where the 300 best athletes in the world to play our sport you play an hourly every year there's no model quite like that and to agree it's a growing. Part of our business to to broadcast those games. Have players get interest around the world and some day joining an NBA roster gets. Funny because they get these into my next question what was the first ten years well as with the lawyers and now again I'm an elevator on the road. And so we'll look at crossed there and it's gold stays at it and Colorado. Where is that California they wouldn't know. But with the success of the team what's happened all right it's it's great for any discussion about the name of the game when we do move to Trace center and I would have told you absolutely positively there's no way we're not changing the name to the San Francisco warriors five years ago. What's happened in the interim is as you said there. The warriors with the success we've had on the floor have now become. The team that everyone knows around the world it's become more step three jerseys sold around the world than any other player in the NBA. More warriors merchandise and any other team in the NBA. So now. I think we've done a 100% reversal saying you know we have a lot of equity in this Golden State game and it really means something. Around the world so. Those are hoping for San Francisco warriors. On the final decisions are made Iowa I wouldn't hold your breath and that's a huge process change in the name of professional sports treacherous it is and and you know I would be willing to that when we design that cord. That name San Francisco may appear there somewhere. Indicate exactly location where adjacent areas but. But I think we're we've really grown to embrace the Golden State name is something that we can carry with us going forward so basketball fan Rick wells how excited about the postseason. This is crazy right I mean. You know it's. We were in New York last week at the at the owner's meeting and you know you feel like the pretty girl to dance I mean it's really true it's it's just amazing how much focuses is on our team right now and and how much it means the rest of the league and how many fans have been drawn back to the NBA I think because of how this team plays and and the personalities it that this team. Offers and and it is now I'm sure same is true if you there's not a day that goes by that I don't have. He either guy come after me and say you know what I can never get my wife interest in watching NBA basketball. Until you wash your first warriors game or woman come obviously the same thing I was never interested in the NBA until I watched the gold sewers and now this game and I think. You know I really again it speaks to that takes those guys on the roster in the style of play and and obviously the success we've had. Well it's always a pleasure it is to chat with the job well done and continue to do that I'm so glad that you're here. Leading us through these waters thanks so much famine and keep those vocal chords that I don't gamble a few more months and it. As lawyers team president and chief operating officer Rick well outside Tim Roy we continue to hear beyond the arc the final. Regular season addition on 95 point seven a game crystal clear. FM. We're going back. Kids. Wave back to BR BR. Presented by bound by. Lawyers bad this week of the 2070. Playoffs presented by Kaiser Permanente will be returning to ORACLE Arena. Don't miss this exciting to come share these special memories with the lawyers. Verified official playoff tickets the first round went on sale earlier this week so get yours now. At lawyers dot job the lawyers in the Portland trailblazers it's going to be an exciting series high scoring series. And it gave me a village CJ McCollum square off against splash Brothers TD. And dream on green right now it's time for your questions on Twitter lawyers like lawyers VOX or send me email Tim Roy. TI MR OYE and lawyers dugout we try to get to as many. As we can't we'll start out with a big keys in question wants to know about the warriors getting rave the postseason what that they need to do. To be ready for the blazers this weekend while during my green was asked that question and here. He is his answer. It was just more so it's not about winning it's more soldiers stand shark. Roots are over the last month so soldier's release theirs are it's instantly tells me that we know we'll have group. These great you know column this week. Casey wants to know how come incurred as a ring step back in the game earlier in the fourth quarter that will be head coach steadier. Bring bring back stiffened Carrie earlier in the fourth quarter he needs to change in the playoffs will leave him more I'm sure he'll bring him back earlier this situation wards but don't forget. Curry plays all the entire third quarter so usually that accelerate patient goes plus I really love. That five man group that features Weston Livingston. And Andre give Dallas Stars in this active fourth quarter that group has a tremendous defense of ratings which means that their star in the fourth quarter with a defense of tone. And they're not giving the other team easy shots though. I think that's a great group. For Steve Kerr to start the second and fourth quarters after playing curry for the first and the third I think that's a luxury he had us. With the Jabber roster he has right now so I would read too much and that the warriors are down. In the fourth quarter of a playoff game and need curry earlier. Obviously they're gonna bring him back earlier because there's no more back to backs games are spaced out so there's a replay of time for players to recover. And in between games so I I understand your question but I don't think it's released. A huge concern. Right now. Next up and our mail bag our digital mail bag is Jill who set an email he would generally TI MR YE. And lawyers to account listed on how Kevin Durant feels to be back on the courts well it's got to be. An emotional return when you're gone for so long. I've said this before many times over the years the players out and there are rehabbing they really don't feel like they were part of that team thought was great warriors. Had Kevin Durant travel while he was coming back I think it allowed him to be around his teammates he felt like it is part of that team let's get the answer from Kevin Durant. How he feels be back with the warriors. Sigh we Slater is being able to play. You know it's definitely a lesson so I'll take your program after a martyr for the game. Oh my teammates. So cliff Lee's great fans here and look forward to these next few. It's always thank you for all year at tweets and all your emails we really appreciate the feedback. Here on it beyond the arc and a hero of this show yours truly generally as well as warriors senior radio producer RC Davis and take a lot of pride over the years that they show is not just getting ready for the Golden State Warriors but also. But the stories around the association. We have a great story yet a bittersweet story last night coming out of Auburn Hills, Michigan the pistons franchise said goodbye. To The Palace of Auburn Hills the pals what was open in the mid 1980s. Was the standard Natalie for MBA buildings but one of the great sports facilities. In the United States. It quickly became more than a facility. It became. A place of history the pistons will go on to win three NBA championships at the ballots. But next year they moved to downtown Detroit to play in the little Caesars arena it's a great building and who knows maybe you'll have some more history there. But a look back last night at the palace was voiced by one Isiah Thomas the leader of a bad boys who won back to back championships. In 1989. And 1990. Please enjoy this retrospective. I want the NBA's great buildings. And so well. Alan Ball work pale palace of Auburn he youth was more than just bricks and being it was a heart and soul of the great basketball community. It was the palace that kids like Chris Webber Jalen Rose and Steve Smith grew up loving and dreamed of playing in the game one day. The fans who feel deceived. In the players who ran the court made everlasting memories for generations to come. Yeah. This season Detroit Pistons are saying farewell to the palace of Auburn here. We first met the palace in the fall of 1988. When obviously eighteen is moved gain. We spent the previous decade playing before record breaking crafts. And the Pontiac Silverdome. But the palace was more intimate and do you believe. How close these folks are out of the floor and cutting age arena for the coming millennium. We opened up the palace with a win over the hornets in the pistons in the palace where immediately hot ticket. How are not the first 245. Games were a seller. We made history. Right out of the gate as our piston bad boys team grow to back to back NBA championships. In 1989. In ninety. He did Julie the pistons head to head. As they search for new identity in the nineties. They drastic Grant Hill trade it for Jerry Stackhouse and surrounded them with guys like Allan Houston. Theo Ratliff in Lindsey Hunter. Eventually the pistons return to championship form by finding an inspiration. From our path. With due Mars taken over as team president in 2000. The pistons a symbol a heart knows why. Anchored by being while it's flanked by Chauncey Billups and rip Hamilton's. With Rasheed Wallace and Tayshaun Prince dig in the end. Came alive in the pistons won their third title in 2004. Against the team we won our first title against the lakers but this time it happened at home in the path. Of course like any other arena that was hosted moments that a distant thing. Probably this soon forget. However the good outweighs everything else. Such as we've seen final spot in 1990. Overhaul. They were the better team. Mr. Big shots. Big shots. Game. In 2004. For the full hour. A champion Detroit Pistons retired jerseys for myself. Jack mister. Things may change up but championship basketball memories last forever. Next season the pistons will move back downtown to Detroit to play at the little seizes the arena. Detroit is where it begins. With don't forget that all those type of injury. They have been in the palace. Of Auburn you. I know we'll never make it. Always hope you enjoyed that look back at the palace in Auburn Hills had done a lot of great games there between the warriors the pistons who have been playing basketball against each other. So son 19481949. Cease lot of history. Between these two franchises. The Golden State Warriors continued to be active in the community. Whether be joining other pro sports teams in the east bay to begin to help the victims of the tragedy. That was the go ship fire or brain and make a wish kids to oracle so that they can meet their heroes the lawyers are try to contribute every day. Working would Bay Area nonprofits. Try to make the Bay Area. In a better place to. So many of our underserved youth and don't have the opportunity to succeed. Team aren't gonna have to go to minimum wage jobs and to really have the opportunities ahead there's a lot of other students do. Genesys works as a program that helps underserved high school kids get onto the path to success. What we do is we provide them win training. We provide them with meaningful internship over a thousand hours during the school year in we provide them with the college preparation help as well. During some Cheney you learn all these cities in ninety stills and now mussina and that means we're not just for myself but helping other people that have careers and for. Professionals and for someone my age to just help with something like that it's it's I want you. Genesis works the price can't eat. I learned a variety of professionals goes I teaspoons. I'm amazed him wet I've learned from imminent and pending Enders and find. They can just see things differently and I do and it's refreshing. Believe Genesis works an intern. We'll hold me better my wife in the future. The worst foundation has been extremely helpful when a variety of ways if you think about it the worse abroad such a positive teams the entire Bay Area. Enter our students know that we are working win. Warriors. That's totally cool and it means excitement for them. When I Genesis works I definitely would not have been right and then I would not have these opportunities. And I am extremely grateful. This clash. But Berlin's black. Has returned to. This is BR BR presented by the mountain MySpace. Fluffy can't shop for new warriors appeared during a game you're in London team stored ORACLE Arena is open every day from ten to apply. Now you can hear for the games any day you want. For more information for the warriors team store. I tip Roy did this weekend the NBA playoffs begin at the Golden State lawyers will take on the Portland trailblazers and a first round Western Conference playoff series. These two teams met last year with the lawyers winning this series handily but not before a bunch of competitive games led. The pride of Oakland Daniel Miller let's get the breakdown of these years playoff series warriors in blazers the television voice. All the Portland trailblazers that is Kevin collateral. Across record of bird flu. Don't mess ahead of the Philip W win this move the ball out of it. The mom's feet over the age covered by Ellis park itself but make up that drive before eligibility. Erica stopped there. I. Kevin collateral that television voice of the Portland trailblazers and Kevin our start with. The first of barked because when you woke on the first of march the blazers were 24. And 35. Right after the all star break eleven games under 500 but since that time. 175. What what turned it around for the trailblazers what collect. Late in the season that allowed them to get this position. Well I think affected in in order was not elected. Yeah all start. Actually help the cause. For two reasons in my opinion more on. And freely admit that he was able to just check out. This kind of in his mind off of basketball in his. His body right. Kind of leave you in a compelling video had a cup point. And he had an ankle and which it was bothering him since December actually it sit up by Richard December. And all that I think was was building up accumulating gold label just kind of free as much as well Michael. On epic. The fact he wasn't on the all star most of the Ulster Krewell. Publicly professed that you know I look. It's it's good sometimes as a team function we're not getting it done here all about I think if they get it. A lot of athletes we use credit and there's another ship. Pimping your aggravate a little better. More pro. Although. You're pin from novel through the course of this year but he just took it to a whole other all. After the all star break Troy and it was gave me a little or obviously the tip of the spear. Any addition of music markets remain at a guy it's seven feet. 380 pounds with his kind of skills you're. And I thought he. Many people and in her valuation America maybe sold short haired guy can obviously score the bought. Shoot the ball extremely well from the elbow he gave him an aspect offensively that usually employ a limited you know terrific. Play maker from that center position. We're not the score. And work immediately came on machine pretty curb your boot got to go to have a lot. He was a guy that could operate. At least to the basket. He curtain of oh and well gonna get a result of all as well into his political presence in the paint it. Effectively just all the other aspect. But I think what was surprising is how well you're degraded in the human quickly via occurred. And his impact known and then you're out of that CJ McCollum. One victory per night. Two outstanding guards and intriguing and Emmy award. After all star break nearly fifty points for ball game. Haven't been stirred come on as well and Annika all you Evan Turner finally came back or and judo to broker an advantage that occurred so. Well I mean. And all of all your partner all. All all well and there and and well and and they're all well it'll be very special trip up to you all are particularly without. Don't you call it in there about a pure came up. And in that moment. And an eagle or all of that current losing against Miami. Team a trip this record to back. All of federal all the all time cumulative. Wrote current structure wrote her Rico he's human or all of the altogether. Extremely well and all. Another mean well but all they can vote Erica well. You know that seeing that that you mentioned her cage and both you know I thought fell one of the things about their needs of people forgot about this and he's really young you know he's he's he's he's. He's he's got a lot of a growing to do both off the Florida thought okay that's a great gamble by for the because you get a young big who is talented. And now you know he gets out of a situation where he wasn't playing he wasn't happy and you know and and I thought wall yeah of course he's not have these 1920 years old he's not going to be happy point. And so fell was a really really Smart move by an opportunistic move by by Portland so what's the update on circuit weary we're AZ with that. That injury and and day is there a chance he'll play in the series. Yes but he had to not displaced fracture of the review it actually out. 40 it's gonna lightly. You're giving up on the you're leading speech joke truck so poor. And it reevaluated and it is easier to end the regular season which was Wednesday so they'll probably. Dispute Thursday. All told you he's ordered juniors and it's also has impact all. Future at least. I really yes. If I look at polls all nutrients such a close. Again and play and you know you've all seen him coming out of the career. Holes this couple all of its own reasons. It's it's it's obviously it's all you. And all of us all of us in. All fire in all. And roll quickly the very end and I missed an opponent. All sitting. It's not like an injury shoulders up a whole body. Payable to all part of high energy and we need to do it orders airport. Any and all of that by the gold and they won't show up there and I think they're all. You know at that seek to that Kevin I was looking at some numbers yesterday about the warriors in there and they're winning streak or which starter march 14. And that time they had. The opposition had shot the lowest effective field goal percentage against the 46 point four. And but the team that was third was was Portland 49%. And I thought well that's that's an indication that that their defense which may not have been as good early in the season had taken a step forward at least. In the last month or so. America's emblem throughout he's a terrific or protect that you know the Allman was not. Editing to her in the defense and offense certainly go hand in hand as well. There distributor. Offensive. Rodman and that ability. Note to all want him to guards are doubled when they're trapped and so forth. So it epic you totally and you and you walk and you need done in the defense and more likely to work more likely it. Put in the extra effort on happen at auction. He's an iTunes to halt it organ pulpit to. Who's kind of a lack. Oh. Oh yeah that's all I mean. Saul Eddie's lenders that post defender that question I units ignited with a slight build. And just post. And all of the addition. I teach in all those golf's. All as a leading teams and it certainly all. Standard defense and to let the courts. Old faults and could were effort from the dark as well up there. Rick. And commercial at all at a party and threatening hole or. Defensively all all all eligible alternate. Integrated at all and so on March. Yet it's again as we talk the series were talking with Kevin Calabria the TV voice the blazers lawyers and blazers of this week and we don't know which state yet. Saturday or Sunday which this that they at the series will start. So as we look at the series at last year Portland had you know that again where he's won the series to control the series but the games were very competitive. How to they see the warriors and and what do you think. You know their chances are what what what has to happen received Portland to extend this series make it a long series and give themselves a puncher chance. Well I thought they had they had helping your package coming into this serious you know the period late last few recruit. And have increasingly gotten and a better period. And into it and all of those tread line you know he's governing should look points eight rebounds at most group block after. Our pictures we thought that was a matchup that employers would have a difficult. Conjuring. An answer to. Without Dirk which the blazers obviously are there deploying small. There are many admired wanted to pick and POP3 point shooter. They will at times played news at 56 that probably their their finishing group community sixth man. And are also won't sure I would know wobbly scripting at six point 240 I planned or also play on all. All about our image in his series what is obviously it's all. If you church and school. Ultimately the ball to nick base occurred at all the only. The only true or picnic. And well and again all being in the Lola to a chance to shock the world. All the people. All. Was just by the way called material and now I am and you know it and Stephen Jackson and baron Dave through headliners. Yes all smaller and uncertainty about CEQ. You don't want to see when I was in Seattle and it supersonic throughout your emblem and all all. Remember that. He. Is bigger. Try to do to try to help guru or visit his pupil scored about well are you only. Beat the tempo. Score the ball as ignorance. It's that the only truck at the warriors. And surgical or. Yet to be inching I think it's going to be high scoring at type series and I think it's it's I think or that we could do it. There's a chance could set some records for three point shooting two with a both of these school. A daily Lilly the other night 59 how much thought was that. It was a great deal on and it only six in the first quarter our security guy turned to says. It is great he could get under and I'll walk and a little but you know I was on 888. Apparently you know you Kirkland six without circuits in auto answer helping Rudy go there. Errors Aldridge all saluted employment all through degree. Although having news or anybody's Alltel and not a problem at. All and then he doesn't score all expense all of its two attempts and certain order. Everything all told us it was great record. August orders club record and it comes back in the third quarter of all the bank's commitment is a great finish is obvious that vote. All of a club record of opera Mozilla scoring. Individuals going and so forth and so on. Or verbally and read through it is the only game you're due out. You don't always pick humidity up on mentally yes I just heated Robert Brown. He's all. Like we'll be eaten at all I'm. All and in all the multiple. There was some of all I ever ever for. It is all that Israel was orders all the other animal. He had to see that it was two to watch and it's kind of take that game over and you know no matter if he does yield good defensive team. But no matter what they did he found an answer to lead it reminded me a little bit of of Klay Thompson. And and there's so don't waste heat and hot like that you know or all of a sudden you just can't do anything about it he's got takes shots at ridiculous shots and they're gonna go win. What's what's your impression that if before we let's go with your appreciative of the game meaning that chance to travel when and now for years. And I think he's a remarkable guy because he's got that he's come old soul in the millennial body. Well isn't it airport and they'll come up or ball game and sit on the bench. Six shots come over warm up a little bit coaches and more talk. You don't presence out there. Affordable. Ought to casualties superstar status are considered abuse who are. You're total cricket team and PH Utah mall earning just as if you're only you're gonna ten guys over in Thousand Oaks. Out it was five years. In the NBA and end all it does all. Of them all all problems. And a couple of an Oscar Robertson. Larry Bird all appointment. Went super. Very accessible or all of them is older and older news all good and suitable for a guy who really thinks a all of you know what he's sold his message is going to be extra probability all the after all through after Lindsay. I do. All forms leagues. They're doing some form of very much team captain he got all those written. Our oil and look at the oh lead all of all this talk about the boot off an auction. Although all of all of bigger platform at all stereotypes let it. You're so. It's important element in it all in all do that laws don't know what's gonna recognize. A little less dramatic he knows you know the germs that. Also out of the mainstream on. There are two media attention and so forth but I think you'll all academic. All Internet and it and all of and also ignored sanctions and it. Also very low point it. Together as we wrap this up give me your quick synopsis on the type of series. The UOC said the Portland won it would it would have outscored the warriors who you would expect sort of maybe go wild west to shoot out if you will. Yeah attic you know for the whole for the blazers are just got to minimize turnovers into her that's certainly they've they've got to maximize there are small loan. Central. And Merck which is an X-Factor but I wouldn't seek markets being a packer tokens green or they'll be employing. Up until then if he plays at all. Three point Tunisia point I was going to be absolutely a must blazers. Air. Pablo and I have ever known worldly types here you see him all shooting numbers up oh. Really got off the ball well all ended at all. And act on X-Factor on me about it oh. Or. All of our own small step through good news blocked well all it in order for them I think. Until April. Machine or there are a. Well Kevin I think it's having a lot of fun I think it's going to be great to called it's going to be great for the fans and yet David lowered telling home get the lawyers going back of the Portland for the second Niro and I think it's it's great that the team so close. You know in geographic. Vicinity in the west it's very rare for western series to have teams very close to each other going head to head I think there's going to be a lot of fun. Yeah like I hope so looking forward to it. That's Kevin collateral I tip Roy we had our trivia question earlier of this hour we already have our winners the trivia question was our two guests tonight boy Eckstein president Rick Welts and TV voice of the Portland trailblazers Kevin collapse or. Both began. There NBA careers in the same spot. Well if you answered they both started their NBA careers as employees of the Seattle SuperSonics. While you were winner. We've had our winners tonight they will get some lawyers geared thanks for playing here are beyond the arc and our final regular season addition we come back a look ahead to tip the schedule. The final game of the year and the playoffs. Right here on 95 point seven a game crystal clear. FM. It normally takes you back to three point win yeah. It's beyond the arc continues. Presented to find out Mike's pizza. On the cool things these war years radio network. Sadly a killing brought jazz spot to by cache creek casino resort. Play here play the best. The cache creek dot com for upcoming concerts and events. The final regular season game to be here tomorrow night the lawyers to gobble Los Angeles Lakers who were coming off an emotional win. Over the Minnesota Timberwolves were the end we'll Russell learned of his grandmother's death earlier in the day dedicated the game they're hurt and it ended up. Like this Clarkson got to the. And bill went through. It's. Okay did you ever seen. The lakers. All fans attending the game tomorrow I get a warriors fans ninety share brought to buy Adobe still time to get verified official way to get to lawyers got down. Called Tripoli GSW. Avarice option number one of course the upcoming broadcast that I know you're looking forward to is this weekend. When the lawyers take out of Portland trailblazers if you listen to Florida. At the end of two more reds game we will have the playoff schedule for you. And tell you went illicit right here in 95 point seven a game first round series action from ORACLE Arena of this weekend. Warriors and Portland. And the playoffs are already here this season just flew by. And another historic season in this golden age. A Golden State Warriors basketball. I tip Roy thanks for listening beyond the arc or thank our guest warriors team president Rick Welts have a TV voice on the Portland trailblazers that is Kevin. Collateral. And as always anything lawyers radio produced by the lawyers senior radio producer that is RC games tonight deceit stands for cautionary. We will talk to you tomorrow the final regular season game. Of the season the lawyers in the Los Angeles Lakers 7 o'clock tomorrow night right here in 95 point seven a game crystal clear. FM. This is didn't beyond the arc as that point I won't go beyond. Tim's voice weekly rundown of all things golden city presented by Bob likes pizza took great. For tickets call 1888. GSW. Who are very proud and very successful broadcast.