Beth Mowins

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Tuesday, September 12th

Greg Papa and Bonta Hill are joined by Beth Mowins (first female play by play announcer for the NFL in 30 years) to discuss her broadcast career.


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At last night brought down some barriers as far as Monday Night Football on the first time in thirty years second time ever that I think the part of making it should happen more often I think their ears are burning. But he's listening to our lavish praise that it doesn't matter what you think you're I think you're even ESPN executives. It matters what bad that things so that balances on the afternoon delight with pop and not to hear an ID five point seven a game. I thought you nailed it last night you were great in the open you look great the red dress was great did you go right back after the game. And fired up on the laptop and watch your broadcast last thing to actress. Actually I I didn't have a chance to do that yet and why it went by. DirecTV DVR works. The front of the game had been trapped fox show like I didn't see the open. But I was able to watch watch at honey at a network is the fourth quarter on the way home show. I I felt really good about it and and you know you know a lot of time a lot of prep goes into those things and you hope what. When the lights come on you can be at your Baston. And our crew right ago and it was everything I hoped it would be and then. Better than a fantastic finish to really round it all out. It was a lot of fun. And you get a great jabbing you watch the game back in its entirety getting to be happy whenever you're yourself critical more than the rest of us was it. And Uga and obviously ESPN a lot in you've done a lot of football games but that's it's Monday Night Football when you hear that music in the heart master race. We're where US excited or nervous as you've ever been before broadcasters last night. I'd I would excited and we were anxious because. It was a similar feeling guys to what. We were hearing from the chargers and Broncos are no longer wait you know even now it's only. A day where it felt like there are a couple of extra days since we were the late on Monday night. But you're waiting all weekend up for Q Scott you wait all day option. And certainly knowing that a lap on that it was common. I think it was an anxious energy and I've always butterflies are good indication that your excited. You're passionate about itself. Instead. Just for the open and you hear that secure so trots to the cobbler and and it's Iraq Iran and its tip off. News yes you know gay vote clicks in and year your comfort zone at. That's knowledge last night first female to call an NFL game in thirty years in the second all time and then Monday Night Football news and CBS broadcasting in on the raider broadcaster Ernie is set. On the after the tonight with pop and not take. And 95 point seven game you're not the one I was worried about it was your partner rexrodt. And analysts you look at a push him back at his spot in the open I don't who's gonna come further than they did take like John Madden back in the seventies it was wrecks like last night. Ally iPad called opt out he would get fired Abbott reported here or should have been. So. And located in. The open. You know what I think I think we anticipated that we want that they're law qualities but you guys have a rookie out there and we we wanted. Or use. Storytelling in the coming out of sports is gregarious nature I think he's come true conscience and hopefully that did. He could not sure guys are at war where it keep lists eager to I'll learn how we did that it was really comfortable our our whole crew had a wonderful time with him. You know it was on its. And linger in the one that. For the last eight years as an assistant so. Actually it's yeah Anthony. Get a get a first on gay and programs to get burst on. Rex back it is early day head coach. Have been fossil money in their four ball a lot of talk backlash are knotted in back that's what a lot of the top the topic of conversation was Sergio did and you know he was nervous. And he got in a lot of people were just so what are ripple Allman. Talk bad about long did you talk to Sergio did afterwards because obviously he was nervous and we'll get better order to see him get another shot did you have a conversational Sergio after the game. We talked afterward. And you know he wanted to nervous. Are these actions that you grew up on border town. Just opposite. As it. And that's all excellent partner to do that is significant moment and it. Work on Monday Night Football which was something special op I won't say they're not sure you know lies. Crowd in relation. That was able to help us gather and collect off camera the rest of the game and you guys now. It really good reporters down there on the field. Volleys and be on camera when they're passing up a long and he was really helpful in that regard. I know he just absolutely I'd get another chance to do more stuff and hopefully the outcome is way. That's because joining us any ethical dilemma for up and Daunte here and and 95 point seven a game just catching her after a great football game last night with. The Broncos holding out of the mystery of go to to beat the chargers are now I know you go back and do some college football that you are gonna have. And a handful of games with CBS first time they're retired at 58 year history that a call up of females gonna call. NFL games with Jay Feely so how many games you could get in there any chance we could hear you do a raiders' regular season game then. You know it out once it's one on the schedule later this. The the browns at the Kohl. So that could be interesting. That we don't know the rat that yeah but it could two or three more games. You know just based on what we saw from SC when that first weekend. That would certainly be are thrilled to be able to collar regular seat. Heaters. That we do. You know some of these offenses in the debate we're going to be really. Rarely showed themselves. Are in the first week in and around their cynics. About you know the way the reader be held out. Are you to come back to town I've ever seen yet draft by the black Colfer regular season game last year even though you're not technically work in greater broadcast from receive Oakland this year we. Well you know my brother would have been no other way. You don't want that traders say it's an entire like Tokyo quote the actress so. On the world actually make it does that stop by and say hello when we. Eric that's congratulations you watched that game back in its entirety from the open all the way to the final missed field all the blocked kick their specialty here's the former raiders think it'll have a did a great job last night. Congratulations. You get to college game on Monday Night Football amazing. Thank you yank it was a thrill. And I think event here. At a curious as one particular game from an attitude that music and headsets are we grew up with.