Best Wines at the Ballpark

Gianna Franco
Friday, March 24th
Monique Soltani from Wine Oh TV joins Gianna Franco to dish about all the great food and wine options available at our local ballparks and stadiums. 

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It's time to turn of the eight here's this sports movie. Which she on the phone call. Spring is in the air that means Xerox and of course they easy volleys just around the corner glove and his organization I'm Gianfranco. Today every talk a little bit about the wonderful things you can find at the ballpark that you know we're not gonna hurt him with beard there are winds and beautiful wonderful delicious wines offered at AT&T. Oakland coliseum and oracle as well so we're gonna talk a little bit about that. Ross welcome our guests Monique still tiny today and cheesy hosting crater of wine at TV it why expert. How fun to be here sports you know food and sports come together so often. So expertly gets sent to happy and today you are wine expert you have to show that not only airs. On Comcast hometown network but it also airs on Amazon and broke Q. So you can find Monique were every ago all the time and outline a dot TV you cannot get rain mean is so popular means any -- you can find all of our social media but the all that stuff and not EG on and tagging tagging tank and I have bitten the more. The more social media the more people out there and about the son showed the batter but a lot of people don't know that there's a lot of great options at the ballparks. That she'd get from Mike is most people think you're gonna go to the baseball game he wanted to. And I mean that's my husband immediately goes to economic. Seasonally but I don't know how delicious hot talk is with a glass of wine in Tunisia. Get hot dog in rose's actually pretty good pair is buried now yeah. You honesty that you antlers in my. Here in the Bay Area as you know we have like an embarrassment of riches when it comes to food in line and cell. We are not the norm like AT&T park is not the norm for food wind nearly now Fran Allen crammed crammed. Which is so amazing that we have some options specifically with UT ballpark they have a California carts that actually feature into Friday's local health why is your name is from mark. Lohse. At which is not from Hewlett expert and a lot of different local California wines. In advocate vintage eight. Wine bar where a bright. As well let me point at huge I don't really OK so is there a difference between the line on tap and from a bottle as their taste different well it depends on me. Okay yes the people make of mine on tap it Italians were at L I tapping here's the reason how well our ports and let's just assume. I wish I won't name names like sometimes what they do it it will leave for a couple east writes it's not exactly fresh. And for me if I'm paying fifteen dollars because we in the area that I'm paying fifteen. Line. I want and know that it's fractions sometimes in opening a brand new bottle for you wine glass that interest tap in its coming out of attacking its class. And you need the issues important. Mappings that I like an old school or wine and I think. And it's a great option for every age drinking wine fun and it's like baseball. Lots of options. And it means that. That's I had no idea on tap at the art each time I get a peek at beer and watch game I gotta I gotta they broaden my horizons a little bit hear what you game on unlikely lined up an advantage when Michael Hartley getting all the different wine and to some AT&T park and you can do. So let's talk about that is again sees as a match is really really well with a hot out so people who don't drink wine at ten. And this is all did an X is. OK if few things I've outlined here for just US one it's a okay the most popular rose at. Its prime. On time with. You leap at some means name names but some people. Certain brands. It sweeter. Wine world. However is pretty. Much. Accurate and is a Tuesday Anwar and its neighbors say grease on the rectory and and makes it great is it just easy it's refreshing. CD which. It till I get hot and I am getting virus say am I gonna go to master in my hot dogs and cats or to answer it guys Dion I hit it short and she put on there like more complicated the pairings because. People think giving. And Eric and Turkey. Gets. To where. It. Of lines she's from. Expert. Mean. I like it came in. And of course not if there's any salt on my age is there yet but there are acting like that option but ours and so another popular out of that I am at eighteen obvious is Tony's pizza yes Tony keep in beat is awesome. She's. She eats I it's JQ are there which. I'm picking. Up ice everything shares not everything hang on on channel that I how to line. Are there international. Art and it might. Get like twenty. Still. Are to. Which. She's. And AC boxer. There could be see there misty and it doesn't mean. It's. Beastie agree it's it's. In Italy. Also be which I would. My favorite hearing could keep. On its. And they. Because it's like ingredients. And flee. From it. Look at it and pepperoni. Yeah yeah well I mean it'll meet. All line up pickle line I went and got ill big being attacked. And got it technical and fun pairing your interest in hearing at which mountain. Eighteen park. Creek crap. I was gonna ask you about this is incredibly popular I am right I have ventured over towards the crazy crap sandwich it delicious morsels all year. With all the fresh crab and fish we get mean in San Francisco and so for that which means effort crap. From the ballpark which options. Sparkling wine. Which would be so apart from these sparkling wine from France does not champagne cynic champagne. Region and the region there's the matter. Which team it's. Also something great at. Eighteen park is on. Your special spark in. The giant leap year keep. An in its sparkling wine and it's casting call snow here. There. Spark. And a Sampras. On the as a likely moment. Yet to get it. With expert is different today this looks at it seems very fresh well. It's an audience. Now it's easier it champagne Ers are. Sparked. It's. Missile which great. As well. I. Yes I think ATI. I agree models you know I mean crunchy salty. Mom sparkling wine definitely good choice for the crazy crap sandwich. Popcorn or peanuts which you find the ballpark and then also available for you at her home right Austin is again season is underway early April so I'll tell me to play ball in the summer are back it is available places like it used in the Bay Area and what it really is it it's very refreshing it's very light I can see why that he's very very let's look at it. That note I mean I mean where it doing official things is always that on the radio but you know that's it may as. Well it's my show. It's called the sports issue right now we are seen on. Off things a wonderful wine and sports related confine our local bar parts with Monique so Connie the hosting crater of wine and TV. Yes this is good. But that's just her on to talk and that's okay yeah I mean if it's something out. And spark lines. Really are great when my favorite. The Oscars. Champagne was asked us please leave out of eleven with your Oscar are clear. My pajamas that my. Program your drinking myself. On champagne and like a straw. Like. People screaming I mean is. It. Easy that's us okay it highlights for eighteenth tee before given the coliseum oh my gosh we'll be I want it just quickly was on the cubbies 44 Q arc. Are you really hurt. For Barbie Q is else always is and and and so California in our heritage greet them and I think it's. Cute age isn't an air mail lists its. Season seasons change. There's an ankle pigs. And that's because. Here's. Mark. And so there's at work and Coppola. And. You are wind kind of sewer in deeper for that over a period a lot of options at eighteen diesel let's see what the eighth have to offer. I know this year Abby present day cattle actually did a face the light post and talked about lowering the prices of year. It's when he ounce or twenty Lance. Glass of Beers so ten dollar shipping in eight dollars fort domestic. And they're gonna offer still many more food options because that's I think. Into Paris and eighteen you know the policy is just it's a completely different ballpark it's a lot older but. Still have more variety. And they didn't east and I think mr. they're really gonna step that I have. You items on and you aren't dropping price of the year just stick. And also had two of their why they're doing on they have to find an east. Shark name and an eighties cabernet said the name is the swinging a shirt and Hank Anders and Billy King holy Toledo reserve cap. Don't I don't know those alarm. I think only eat with Johnny you know yes yes this is perfect this is very aces 100%. Oakland a's to 100%. Or specific un commission for the a's ballpark let's be clear writes we get an insult spam and try to find out who makes these wines like it in some irony I don't know if they did not respond to me I'm not you're gonna apps and it's an option I would well I don't know that makes them they're made eight I'm sure there fantastic and it's really great. How blind there and the eighties and your you know it's it's got the baseball field to and I did pick out some. Some fun paring back that would go with something. Sarah please do and that was really cool with it a chicken and still access that's awesome yeah which sounds really eat Thai. Chicken. Usually goes really well shark name. But another great and it capped an act of sparkling wine is there's like an entire rest New York devoted to chicken and she campaign because pride chicken in other so like sparkling wine would you go really well chicken balls or swinging me Schoen and and that could at least it would chicken and waffles I need another chicken and waffles at some of my favorite combinations for that sweet from the bathrooms are up. To the chicken and the spicy unison delicious. Another great pairing is that California burger which it's and you I didn't scalp. Caught and and regular beef burger was really great and easy drinking and I'm asking is keen to reserve app is probably really easy entry can make for sparing. Trickle they're giddy reference not much to bilking because it was such just a staple of the areas radio plays and you know holy Toledo oh it is now for the aides doing. The place a place that's great that is doing. I just catch and I don't. Even know yeah it is one of the saint gaffe and an an super excited act about their life watch what they have this new colossal size dog and I saw that now looks delicious and their super site. Become. Using frozen funds and they're really clear testing for a from an. Acre. Is an area for forty years and rose eight and earlier would agree. To do seem to DC it's. Okay it's not a lot of these types of lines you can find your local grocery stores. All of OK so your grilling it counting on making it the ballpark you can do something similar for guerrilla hot dogs that rose would you really well. With that is well ultimately I mean like if I'm happy party this weekend. And watch mark and whatever and watches sports or anything that would cap day because and and there's zebras ale in the past because people forget all day and all the time all kinds of different reasons. It's refreshing and it's right we're thinking like. He's outside. And sparkling wine electorate beavis fun among giants might spark she cleaned its options. If you're doing our Q as you can say is really great option on our taxpayers seeking. Riesling is also the recent. Past ties to the sweet meats and try. Reasoning riesling really great minds and caregivers. Everything's at your meal does not mean to sweet rides ice to be reserved for dessert right now in in cracked I do a whole pairing from start to finish. Shut it could take several years ago for Thanksgiving feast. And we shared a table to harvest are witches and sweet answer. Okay well we are out at the tail end of the lawyer season in the meantime if you do have an opportunity to go to one of the playoff games coming up he will probably wanna sample whiners you so that's a little bit about ORACLE Arena let still I will tell you that appear at or renege your kidding tenders are you asking delicious I've had a recently. Again we extend throughout segment that California and I'll be. Pretty like is rich which meets Greek and now. All night here in two acre. And the fine round firms some of them for a hundred years and so that's great caring for our Q. And Ang Isa we do beer but if you go telling sausages apple oracle which onto a month and a really good pairing for. First hostage would be beer. Right at beard. And or you can try it which. OK so the reasoning with the sausages or brutal fashion there. Good ol' fashioned. Agreed upon fact and I'm optics incorporated districting again nice he looked well excuse. You can do sparkling line or an alarm. But when you're thinking about like Mexican. Spiced yeah really it's high. Because it's now I alcohol and spicy food. Like it's like that night. Right there's such thing that Perry and rightly would be he would par in the spicy would be CU. Can. It's U verse I would this suite. That. Are awesome that's that's what he'll allspice. To edit it out. Our tree and it got that's available milk at oracle when you're there. Tonight you know at the ballpark whether AT&T the Oakland coliseum or ORACLE Arena there have options you don't just always have to get to beer you know Whitney our producer and I were talking and her act and this. One pain at the ballpark or game not always an alliance a right exactly. On my friends always meets in early and and see in Paris summit in one of the things that you have as options now that is wonderful look at me tell us about your show over the quick. It airs weekly on CH and it airs every Wednesday line. At 830 Comcast where. I mean it's knees element two part series and how he and it's. If finding and it's just been so great add in working on the show for about five years now has been to such a really great opportunity to partner with Comcast and time network and they're based you know California untrue interest it's been really great I'm super excited to be able to share my blog if you wind traveled. You have the best job on the planet. I mean really rain like I. They like like it a ballpark watching sports and I played I played in days like today. Went I have guess like you on the sports this makes it even more fun to get a little wind a little popcorn and a little you know baseball not quite able about it which is that we're up there we act no complaints double Monique so Connie thank you so much for join us on the sports dish you can find all of this information and more at 957 became dot com and tell us what you think. Please follow us on social media eat in time at Gianna underscore Franco on Twitter Gianna frank hill on face but it Monique what's your. What's your social media handled. Eighties that though with H I'll I didn't know that. Online meetings and USA despite a dot TV and I know and again you can probably an all this stuff is well on most excellent thank you so much coming in today. And I come back every week gee I guess when items that you are my wine go to you now from this point learning. Sports vision and an end game.