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The Morning Show
Tuesday, March 28th
The Guys react to the news that the Oakland Raiders will be moving to Las Vegas by 2020. They gaged the reaction of RaiderNation by asking if they would still want the Raiders playing in Oakland after the 2017 season. The Guys also presented RaiderNation with the opportunity for Fanmesty, which means the fans could trade in their fandom for the Raiders for any other team in the National Football League. They also spoke with the father of Lonzo Ball, LaVar Ball and with Raiders legend Lincoln Kennedy about the teams move to Las Vegas. 

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Welcome back it easy your show this morning AAA 9579. B 570 the topic. The raiders and relocation. Costs we handle a movement for market research Mark Davis was asking for yesterday so a little. Do you want them here for the next three years or not. Tripoli 9579570. How to piece of good news. It would sue O'Brien get elbowed in the head last night I did I did right it below the next. My old friend connect an old friend judge delivered a blow for the Golden State lawyer that at David Lee Oregon compact I plug it. Should David Lee be run out of the league troubling anti 79570 would all that. Rasheed Wallace type played Edison physical player the elbows point you almost dupers extent it lost its. Lost in the elbow to the dome. The cavs got rocked motor boat by San Antonio 1037. Before they're now five and eight over their last thirteen. And raider nation I'm sure you root for the warriors as well if you want something to smile at don't take a look at the NBA standings this morning. Notably the Eastern Conference you'll La. Noticed that the team on top is no longer the Cleveland Cavaliers is no longer the cast of Boston Celtics up half game now they played one more game but. Mental or herd the cats got win at the ties and once it is this a sign of things the commerce this LeBron just trolling all of us with you know early reports of his demise only remnant to rise up again in the post season programming note Houston tonight Golden State. Houston took time 5 PM right here on 95 point seven game just the second time this season. The warriors are listed as an underdog Houston a one and a half point favorite over under way. Meaty 233. Total points remember the under is hit in fifteen of the last sixty warriors games. Jack Cordelia thank you for calling the program. As a raider fan Harry feeling this morning Jacqui Cordelia got. Absolutely doubt it. You'll go all the horrible time of the agua. And important and all of a little bit awkward moment. Hours of talk about the state. Competitive. Predator. Won't do. Not because of course they played it could be dropped when I got you wanted to keep it well right now. Deeply or the heat and hypocritical that. An adequate route. To global. For both score pretty good it looks old order in where. People go with India and it apparently. Well that's Super Bowl can never have made that Egypt have in order cut. Read it certainly a well. The it. Wouldn't go. What you author on the Internet the proud political beautiful and that it is out there. You know. He backed Oakland you're at it that you could. Be a ballot at the time you heard them yet they still have a new stadium but it means he said. Doubt you'd mistake on his party admitted that he admitted that the raider oak on. Unique like you point diet you with open and greater Shea Stadium at least I would minors and that played dye into. Either political practice plan. Okay that's we need to avoid. The personal tax on the man he can. Judge what he did is an owner but let's not. I get into petty name calling and to the point about how nice it is an emotional day but you may it is no I mean he can say a lot of things about what he's done the as an owner and businessman without. Our Mundo in Fairfield the show he's yours are mine no go ahead. Morning I applies locally here right now I'm twenty vehicles on greater gains tracker dog river bank might you know electric generator game. Every change relegated keynote at the coliseum. Always there and Jason Campbell hurt out there on a credit card and our current return. You know all their a lot of memory and I always dreaming of taking mom's gone to a game Monday. Not enough and I didn't hurt that search works for me and hurt a lot of people. In the matter more in Oakland Raiders deal greater. And I'll I'll also be a much if hurt at all Soviet handler. Rock watching the ethnic vote. Should the phone call thank you for weighing in low what would be a good move for the raiders moving forward you came in this morning telling me about what the raiders should be doing. Starting right now. A business plan of attack would you haven't might actually. You know for that phone caller just called me and I appreciate you know you calling in expressing yourself we you know with the person. Open yourself to the fans out there because this is a tough emotional day. At first thing I'd give a Mark Davis. I use an hour Mark Davis him mark them and this mundane he's a sit down and go where a plan of action in one of the first things you need to do just hasn't already come on NC. Look I want the raiders fans in Oakland city Oakland in this community to know. That the raiders. Read my lips will never ever. Leave we will always spin our training camps in Napa Valley because we're going to always being rained in this community. We might have lost the battle we're gonna try to win the war were going to come back and show you for years to come. Our brand. The legacy. In in Napa Valley being and that facility is so beautiful there in their DN a part of this community we won't let that die even though. We built it on you guys even though that there are now appear that needs to be addressed to make sure the mark Davis and look. I understand with the Pena gone through but just know. Six weeks have long train can't you get to see your players and we're going to stay involved in this community. That should be one of the things that he should do get now in front before you jump to the next one do you see that happening. Cuba training camp I teams have gone a different locations before remember this is a team that. They moved to Los Angeles once still a big fan base there yeah big fan base's Southern California you're going to Las Vegas you still wanna maintain here from the Bay Area as well. I would Joseph because he. Yeah you're right. LA San Diego San Diego say hey they wanted to raiders and you suck money let him lease the place for free for the next couple years so you know they have a fan base there. But I would say committed to this place. This community the struggle leave in this town twice I think now you have to and I think the book I think kidnappers a great place for the for the raiders. I think if you look at what's been going on from the history. I really believe you stay involved and that's what Mark Davis that's to be one of the first things that they should do. Who I think that right now. The rate should find out. The guys that are very good and charismatic on air the cars the Cleo Max mark Cooper's. Crabtree can you did absolutely market team all these guys should be on there every single rating throughout the country and say. It's about wanting I know were born things we are that we have blinders on we're not thinking about Vegas that's three years away. We don't know who will be here we don't know whose players are going to be here. Where that's three years away we can only take care of the now. And then now was when in a Super Bowl and bring in Oakland Raiders do is community a Super Bowl ever want to be on national radio shows. Mean our show in the PR department she had these guys out in front insane it's not been. About winning a Super Bowl for this community. As Oakland Raiders before that three years we're not worried about the three years I know you guys wanna talk about biggest. I wanna talk about Vegas I wanna talk about where we're at right now and that's an Oakland joked and that's what these players and that's what this organization to be do want. Right now get out friends. Terrific point because in the next segment we're going to be playing a clip from Bruce Matthews. Bruce Matthews is a hall of Famer. But more importantly as it pertains to Teddy Schell Bruce was on of those few months ago and he explained what it was like playing for the Houston Oilers. When the announcement came down that they were moving to Nashville. It was a terrible decision to remain in Houston attendance plummeted the fans were furious. To the point where they got out as quickly as they could and realize we are huge mistake which is get a Memphis. And hold on until the stadiums ready and national we're gonna play that for you next because you're right there needs to be some sort of damage control whether you're excited or not. As an organization to be going to Vegas. You are in Oakland next year and you are a legitimate Super Bowl contender. You would like to be hearing from the players right now Derrick wrote a great letter to raider fans but it was really one of those on the fence sort of things without. I'm sad. I'm from California I wanted to be here my whole life but I understand it's a business where you wanna hear is a guy like Khalil Mac come out and say look. That's not my decision. I can only focus on what's astronomy that's when the Super Bowl that you're exactly right you got rally raider nation right now anything in the players are the ones who can do that. I think the fans appeared in the nation are Smart enough to realize these are not the individuals to blame right they're not the ones who make this decision this is that if. As wanna hear from they wanna hear from the players because ultimately your fans of the team yes but more specifically the players are not so concerned about. Who's the president of marketing their who's deciding to move the Tino Las Vegas you're of the players and you wanna hear from them. No question. And in your right because so many people talk about all greed you guys who come on greed all morning. In a little blunted his says who wants to beating Greece in the kingdom says and let got a little chow you gotta be like a little challenge the players right now they're the children there the voice they're the purest went in the situation so I definitely would Libya from the. How back it show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. I'm speaking of the niners. In the wake of yesterday's vote 31 to one Miami abstaining. Stay in Miami's voting no I don't wanna talk about the the raiders are now permitted to move to Las Vegas forty niner general manager John Lynch. Had something to say take a listen part of me says I think it's good for us okay raider fans were opened for business you know coverage upon archer and now. I did radio this morning in the great country of Canada and they brought these comments. And the host. Immediately say gotcha so. So classless so tasteless to do something like that right in the wake of this news. And if you wanna look solely from a business perspective I disagree. I think the niners are missing a golden opportunity right here I understand no one wants to hear this but the niners should be paying attention right now if you have a forty niners. You should be offering every single human being with a raider Jersey the opportunity to come down your stadium. Turn in that Jersey. And pick out a brand new niner Jersey 50% off. Anyone who as season tickets of the raiders he should be saying show a lot. Show us a receipt or proof for the season tickets and we will go ahead what you picked any game you want on the schedule to gain streams whatever. 75% off. Now you would say that's insane why would you add your do that why would you give them such ridiculous deals. Do you know what converting at 22 year old 25 year old thirty year old raider fan the next thirty years. Of investments in your franchise would mean. Forget about the small picture of 50% off the Jersey. Or 75%. Off tickets which quite frankly it's not like you were selling out last year anyway right you should be jumping all over this this is the business we already here money. Money money money money regarding everything the niners should be all over this right now trying to claim all these raider fan. Just like that this that I laid out the with a rate should be doing to keep their fan base the racially doing that your right to manage Wi Lan that out one thing that probably. Would you say sure raider Jersey. I wouldn't turn it and I want that they want to keep the raider Jersey but I'd say look when he beat when he hit 30% off a new manager is a bit. Guys I want a collective it's still not be heartfelt Talbot. Absolutely the niners got it you know the niners need to capitalize on this and I think that they will and we had we had yesterday only he had. Come the niner insider he talked about they're gonna get into the east bay he talked about all the different things at that matters I want to start working out of the. Passes in the age thirty doing it Joey talked about this off they are these are due and I had exchange now you bring in giants had. You get an ace had that gave camel trying to convert some of these. Overflow giants fans maybe fans do art ably getting in paid a higher prices at giants games wanna come over and be Oakland a's fans so. There is precedent. This sort of a clothing swap. We're taking all your calls today Tripoli 95795. Sanity if you wanna weigh in on relocation. I think the message that was sent. Yesterday by the league speaks volumes about the direction this business is headed. The only thing that matters. Is money. Fans don't matter tradition doesn't matter. Money. As long as we can get that money out of your wallet out of your purse we're happy we don't care how you feel we just want your tax and we ask you something. You hear about it Dell's talking points all the time how we'd like to go international we'd like to do this we wanna help concussions blah blah blah they don't really care. But the one line you always hear from them I'd like to get 25 billion dollars in revenue by 20/20 five. You know his goal. You know what the owners want. I would be surprised if the owners possibly saw all the bubble bursting on this thing. At some point in the future which is why they're doing what they can now to pick up twenty million here at thirty millionaire on relocation fees remember. If your land you just cashed in on the rams' move chargers move and the raiders moved you're gonna get about 53 million dollars for those three moves without doing anything except voting yes. Right. The message that was sent yesterday was we don't care about anything but you paying for our stadiums. That's it. There's really no other logical reason. A vote moving eighteen. From a market like this to a market like that no disrespect to Las Vegas but you're not be smack you don't have the fan base build them. And in tough times hit here they can still support the team tough times down there saw what happened in 2008. I'm not gonna digress to far into that but I wanna bring something up. Carolina Panthers have a stadium that's 21 years old. Jacksonville Jaguars have a stadium that's 22 years old. The Redskins stadium's twenty years old. Cleveland's eighteen years Baltimore's at nineteen years the superdome in New Orleans 42 years old buffalo Ralph Wilson Stadium 43 years old. Tennessee eighteen years old. Tampa Bay nineteen years old. Make no mistake about it yesterday's vote was about sending a message to every fan base in the country. You will pay for the stadium or you'll lose your team. That precedent was set yesterday. To rip the heart and soul out of Oakland California. And to say. We like the fact he sellout we like the fact your raider nation but you're not gonna have a team because you didn't pony up. That's at. The league makes billions of dollars every year they can come in pay for the stadium. If you're gonna prop market Bank of America Bank of America's given that much they could've done here it could have gotten done. But this is the message that the NFL went to be very clear in a lot of owners that didn't love this move. What else were the other options you can't send a message that your week you can't send a message that you know what it is a new era people are done paying for stadiums. It's about sending a message it is about letting the country now. Carolina Jacksonville Washington Cleveland Baltimore New Orleans buffalo Tennessee Tampa Bay you're all on notice. When that new stadium comes up in your owner wants it better pony up we can luge team. And I think he had to do with the one that struck me most right there is New Orleans I mean that's the one that that hit the hardest because that's an economy that obviously has struggled. Throughout the years even pre hurricane Katrina and that building is in desperate need. Of a complete hair down and start over and that's a city you could seats struggling to come up with the money to pay foreign. That's amazing team that could be vulnerable to move in this new NFL love. Leveraged plays when you play. Cities against other cities knowledge single on a would be good that's superdome leading gold nowhere don't folks and olives. They led that including saints beat them tell you right now it's interesting that you talked about for three years that place in leaking all the different things. Which you don't hear any smidgen of them oh lead and you're getting you can hear about it here either fans never complain about the coliseum the owner complained the lead complain. The fans never complain they wanted a new stadium yet the team left for a new stadium he tell you into early you can love your team all you want. Breezing gonna be around forever neither Sean Payton and the losing is coming out they and then what happens when that new ownership group is combat sim. He's not doing well. He's not doing well look at itself look at the fight over his estate. He had. As children and bears climb in all over each other again after his money that is going to be an ugly death. And at some point someone's gonna want that city to pony up. That's a guy who before Katrina wanted to move to Houston you remember how I was there we won three games I was the only one when they were called us to eight I've been in that stadium and it was bad as you know and they haven't been winning they still win and they wanted to see what 78 years ago when you talk about. They got a great quarterback. They don't seem like a team that's into the playoffs to me anytime soon I think it's almost a reboot restart that whole organization. And as either to let me ask you something. What happened the last time the symbols there was it a good book for the city of New Orleans or did the power go out how like after the game I only so much fun that week that say. I added up. Mad book you write bad luck remember what happened Tagliabue shut down San Diego and said we are never coming back here when the raiders played and that's a verbal. New Orleans got the same heads up. So now you're out of the Super Bowl rotation until you make adjustments do you stadium you city does not have the money to pay for those adjustments and at some point. Owner who supported you was gonna die in his greedy kids are gonna take over. You're gonna lose your star quarterback you're gonna lose your head coach who won a Super Bowl you're gonna start losing a lot of football games at some point those kids are gonna step in we want a new stadium. The city's gonna go we don't have the money for then what happens the saints everyone can talk this Dow's all they want. Time heals all wounds but time also puts all those great memories in the past. All you need is a spoiled brat to take over the organization and you know what's gonna happen next and and I and a greedy city and other greedy hungry city a team a city like a first step up whether it's. Portland or Salt Lake or Oklahoma City here. Greedy CD the differences between New Orleans and here. And only got the techs and Lauren. It's a lot of money they're always able. Shrimp in it all kind industry easier assist to lead its with the money that is a very very very there's a lot of resource and a lot of money. All the awful whale all the rigs all the different things and they're. It's a lot of money is just it's an it's an end it's that I don't think they're gonna but I think you're right when you talk about liked everything about god battled the lights going out on the stadium. And what what would Roger Goodell wanted anal win a world that they'll get a Super Bowl if they're not fix that power right at the back out when and it's it's I understand that the legacy and history. That was right here in Oakland. Raider nation been around forever. Here at Oakland they've got history going back so far. The league had no problem ripping up the hearts of these people this is in Jacksonville. This isn't an expansion franchise that's trying to find their way this is the Oakland freaking raiders and the league had no problem saying you know what. Pass delegate will go from market export market forty because they've got 950 million on the table. Take a look at the school special needs school they just shut down in Las Vegas because again of the funding take a look at the vote from last year in Las Vegas where they voted to expand. Class sizes in a state that ranks fiftieth in education. They don't have money for any. And the leaks said this is a good idea. Because the money at some point. You've got nine stadiums I just ran off that was the message that was sent yesterday you nine cities will pony up or you'll lose your team. Doesn't matter if it's a major team like New Orleans going to really small market like Portland or something else you have the money you can buy your way yet. Here's what we're doing next. Did so what are we tackling this we're gonna bump and up to amnesty. A fan amnesty you have a chance for a complete fantasy. You can go to any of the team you want including the red and gold just crossed the bag now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven the game. Good morning Dana one post relocation. Difficult time for many. But the show is here for you. In any way you need it AAA 9579571. Event. One question you wanna make statements we're here phone lines are packed here's what we're doing now. Thirteen minutes and now the five stages of grief now we're gonna get over this because I there's something right around the corner. Which is gonna serve is the perfect rebound to at least take our mind off this for a short while but right now it's called. See amnesty dibs to amnesty I'd take so it's a little awkward but fan amnesty got to combine everything like you know Brad and and Angelina are brand Alina etc. where everything can be date and eight. It could be amnesty game it could be amnesty gate if enough people are against it it becomes the gate if you are tired of what happened from yesterday if you are fed up. And some of you are two major opportunity to call him. Trade in the silver black and CUNY team no guilt no shame no ridicule. That's it triple 89579570. Bobby in San Jose but it's in those they are you switching teams. Aren't switching teams that are on green and their ownership never gone anywhere it is solid actor Robert. Bob you are welcome news flash I'm one of the owners of the Green Bay Packers. That's not basal watts a Joe's welcoming you Bob and Bob welcome to hit it and I on behalf of all packer owners I'd like to welcome you at what could she frame it hang it up it looks nice with like memorabilia. That's it doesn't give you like a direct line Aaron Rodgers and doesn't pick and compete and how Roger gonna run you out of here I wasn't calling plays in the falcon playoff game if that's what you're asking Leo in Santa Clara thank you for calling the show are you switching teams. Yeah definitely. Yesterday cut my rapidly trip there are you sure you wanna did not deny that you don't want an odd picture but sentiment might you know he turned it helped me lynch might come back in. That I think you know what man I'm bill yet but that. I would think in my family I have even taken together and land grant that we did you know that it planned to go visit on the if stop and I think I like blocked pebble until later article on the grandstand than and they are very nicely and lovable and I think that plummeted about two and it is not that we would show that. You have to just kind of it was so clear I don't wanna like a bandwagon and it just don't like the patriots when he came I want. The bottom and Ernie like it in with the raiders troop full of twenty years or so. Where they sucked in which that is why would start up bought programs shall build it's wrong. And hopefully you know they'll they'll you know if and on that one day and I won't let them. Leo don't hang up he's still there. Rare when you called yesterday to get a refund on your season ticket deposit the sales rep told you something about Marshawn Lynch. You've certainly heard it about eight tickets of on on quite a bit. That new pricing on the on the third deck in the in the 45 lights went out. And so I've got beat him you didn't do it. EUI official recently he mentioned within their stocks that would get down there won't be that you specifically that. There's talk about when it's coming it's going to be on next year but surely want to give them all up. Now and I think you know. I don't care which comes back that that's it's going to be you know I've watched and then opposite. You know this. Good ideas out like some of them in the have a good relationship I asked what to buy. With what you people qualities together ought to colony which is an emotion. And and I wish him the best but I have a mentally there's also people calling me nasty. If there's any tickets that they wanted by them so everybody out of the people that are calling it's going to be a different crowd. In the open that she can going to be different crack and you know I'm glad I'm up in orbit changed reputation in the stadium. With family friends and I think it's the proper. You know southern cal since style and kind of back in the eighties. And I kind of disturbing one here that now and so you guys have fun and I'll be definitely injured that legal guys that are nice and and and more currently. Enjoy the rams thank you for calling we appreciate phone call and the insight Shannon in Fremont thank you for calling the program are you switching teams. Yet at all at changing cheap joke are what die hard there and never order and rate in the area my key players stand. Writer aren't keen Jerry are about loyalty you love what it hate it at 31 I don't understand changing. That makes sense that he. It's understandable did which is the last time my Chicago move was that never or is that a couple of years ago. And it never. Watched him thinking except for. Still right right. Appreciate phone call there are a lot of people who feel that way as well. Gilroy Jiang thank you for calling the program that. Without government that take my call one to say. You could have more right about John Lynch comment Joseph I am tickled over. Levi. We are in the dark shops you know being only ticket in town. Com. You know has something that any nighter and giving up their ticket streak to go to been budget buster bar. They're probably they're probably got themselves I would I would definitely do not. Are you know what they want a sacred record. Bottom of the football team but I think battling member of bolt in an odd I believe. Red and gold you guys should lead built on black. It can make that in many ways like an idiot bat the bat boy a lot statement you know the don't they bite there's there's little things you got the board do. And about it. Players change coaches changed ownership change you know fortunately yeah city change. You know you got. He might be the last caller Matt Leo flat out called think he's going to wrap goat is. Is able to duck. To like that it. But government. Agent Peter do you prepare. They got it up a winning a Super Bowl here and we hear so well keep your head up don't jump ship you'd see people. That. Should talk a lot of people feel that way text like very hot that we would impose the topic it's a realistic topic. Not forcing you not three teams. Your team just left you you did have the opportunity. To tell your mayor you wanted to spend money on taxes to build a new stadium. You chose not to do that. That's completely understandable. And as a result the team decided they're gonna take the money in Vegas and leaf now some of the you're gonna ride with the raiders forever I commend. Through thick and thin the loyalty is admirable but they're all our raider fans that have had enough. They can only deal with so much heartbreak remember sports is supposed to be skate. Sports is supposed to be that Ford five hour window where you can say. Forget about how lousy my job was today forget about the fact the mrs. and I are fighting forget about the fact that McCain hasn't called me back whatever it may be. It's an opportunity for you to watch your team. Any NFL just ripped your team out from under you. And allowed them to go to Las Vegas simply because of the almighty dollar there are people who are frustrated who won event on that. So this shows open to all the view today triple 89579570. Joey and San Francisco what are you gonna do with your phantom. Good morning you know. Release are and greed that. A professional fees like in. Order at their height right now. So Khaleda of by Ambac man you know a disposal in the community. It's all sorts image or. For what. An. You know probably not possible ties to this fire. Possible maybe. Even you can't switched. Out the possibility. In the largest market on. Arms and their big expansion Jeanne. Social fans and they are so well. Money they have. That's. All just like Green Bay is. Most probably one. Keep. It that way. CN thanks for the phone call it's it's a nice idea I think it's a quaint idea but the idea that the days of having. Stand alone teams are long the long in the past it but a new franchise cost you know in the NFL if you an expansion team a billion. Well all the owners are probably gonna want their cut dispute to be welcomed and so I don't know 25 million to every individual the and you gonna need the infrastructure look if you wanna keep your Oakland you can get eighteen year. It's not going to be that complicated you are a huge market with a huge fan base are right. Huge market huge fan base you have everything NFL wants except one thing. And it happens to be the most important thing in this equation money. You won a team spend the money you don't wanna team don't spend the money it's as simple as that. There's so many different ways you can peel this back regarding the politics and the owner and conversations. And Vegas and state income tax you you're gonna hear so much. Honey that's it. Carolina Jacksonville Washington Cleveland Baltimore New Orleans buffalo Tennessee Tampa bank next few years. A handful of those teams have aging stadiums where owners in the leaguer gonna want new infrastructure. The vote yesterday was about sending a message to those fan bases and beyond. You will pay for the stadium or you will lose your team plain and simple. More of your calls next Jolo Indians 95 point seven again now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Fay amnesty and is calling it amnesty. You can call and indeed you've had enough for the raiders you've had enough of the NFL you can switch teams right here and now no guilt. No ridicule it's your opportunity Tara in Castro Valley which direction do you wanna go would your phantom. I. An. Carol and act. Chow at. And each. It. JD. It. Completely understandable how difficult was it to make that decision. You know. I. And. That's an interesting point thank you Tarrant Castro Valley now on one hand the equation you're gonna have a lot of fans that take exception of that rules support the team no matter what on the other hand you're gonna have a lot of people who side with that call sank. No more money should be given the team last night you could just see watching social media. When the news came out. Lot of people right off the bat. You've got to leave leave now you nominee columns were written here locally and trillion destroyed. Mark Davis destroyed it said get out now. Lot of people feel like it's tough to figure out what the percentages did but I mean it's all over the place well I mean you've been you've been talking to people nonstop about this thing. Yeah it's tough man it really is tough and understand what the fans are going through you know and indium. Planning and planning to from places and understanding just after removal place and same deal we practice and in Carson in the choir we hear and owners won a moving. The players get everyone's everyone that's just kind of take that deep breath and say. The players get loss in this whole thing even you know we were in Carson didn't wanna be there. But we knew that saying it may be early but we just were we have our marching orders. And the fans have they understand the fans are loyal to the brain again. Who represented the brain and the fans in the players. I think this is a time for the of the fans to let you know. These three years this is still the Oakland Raiders they're not in Vegas. And I plan in Vegas they got Cleo MacKey got cars he got he read his letter he you know he what he mixed emotion but he has march artist. These are raider these guys are raiders so it's not immediately know it's hard use wanna cut often disconnect. But think about these players that need your support. Probably more than ever and they are gonna be there for these failed to understand fans are upset. Think about the product that's actually bought on the feel they have little kids there and bread in this community that are that mean better and you know the point he's local schools. The wives their families. There in this community. All of a sudden now. Fans are saying we don't want you get out. I wanna be loved to. Yeah it's a tough for low because you want to pull your heroes in your players at the same time when you shell out the money. At the gate and at the concession stand your feelings that money's going to the ownership and if you're mad at ownership the only way to fight back. In some people's minds as to boycott to not go to not spend that money in indirectly that hurts the players because the players obviously it paid by ownership. You can't lash out of the players what do you do you go optical real Mac and yell at him for the team move. That makes no sense night in Indian you understand if you saw what I'm sorry well from 9003. Point five million as many came back to the town after a lace and the dornin has said. In the city sit you know what they just told Janelle. I'm gonna take you from 900000. 23 point five million. The straw that broke the camel's back you when you're that audio please this is Mark Davis yesterday at the owners meanings when. It was pretty much over few and Oakland. We lost the vote he came back to Oakland we negotiated a one year lease with the two years of options and talked about getting together talking about a long term future together. A week later I got a call from the county board of supervisors tell me Marcum sorry but the least that we just negotiated. That three years of leases. Are not gonna be valid that we're gonna raise the rent three times on it at that point. We ended up signing at least anyway but then decided we had to start looking elsewhere to see if we can find long term solution. So do you blame him. Him to jail they do indeed months at him yep okay you got no place to go on him yeah. And unfortunately I'm telling you people say oh you don't want to talk about your crazy here's another crazy aptly. And watch what happens with the I think that every morning watch what happens with the eighties. They know thumb and a rabbit got to done an amateur right now on the eighties have the they have control you don't watcher a easily they're going to be in control and they will. Words they will get city they will get by and make a bit till it's something it's amazing to me because the warriors are scorching hot hottest properties in pro sports daily. The raiders are legitimate Super Bowl contender they're leaving and oh by the way here comes the day is coming off two of the worst seasons in franchise history they're gonna get the city money. They're gonna get the support they're gonna get the stadium. That's going to be out ends up work as I'm sure 81 games different was that. Money and if you you ask Oakland residents if they had a choice on which team to save they had won the same overwhelmingly the vote. And the support would be for the openings the mayor knows that. Libby shafts obviously aware of it. You talk for the lease payment low and it it was quite a big jump but it's nowhere near the most paid. In the NFL the niners paid twenty million is she the vikings page and a half million. Actually so you've got a garbage number oh you got the sword back it up you can't even though you go you'll also it's coach is backing them so I'm gonna paper so. I mean in Utah but it puts the brand new stadium I kidded yeah dissing you understand it's not the high and you know the city loses money. On game day for all the extra police they have to hire all the other people that they bring in the city doesn't make money on the game did they lose money well. If you're in Bergen all the parking I don't instead he did you think of you do the math and see what it is how much it costs you do at the stadium in the beer and they don't get the concessions the raiders night. I'd like to see how they're losing money I'd like to see these numbers last night predictably and wouldn't necessarily sound like it because you got to try to put a positive spin on everything. When you get older that's at least one thing I've realized that you can't just. Wallow in. Things that don't necessarily. Affect your life to a certain extent this is he tough to beat that this is not. A loved one being stricken with a disease right. There are other ways to look at this now that's not to try to minimal lies or trivialize the problems later nations going through today. Last night on amicable cocktails and I'm just trying to figure out. Best way to go about this move afford a look at the five stages of grief tips if you're figuring this is exactly what. People are gonna be going this is a break this is a serious break of this is an emotional. Gut wrenching experience that a lot of these people are gonna be going for five stages of break up denial we're already through that. Denial was in the process leading up to yesterday yet not get a happy and he's not gonna get the votes shall metal civil stepped in Northbrook deny. So we've got fort ago we are in stage number two which is anger yet and that's okay. That's completely okay you call up triple A 95795. Send you get that anger out. Because we what a move on the number three which is bargaining number four depression. And then finally number five except it's that's a scientific way of looking at. A problem. Then there's another one. What's that one piece of advice everyone's heard of heard this too they just don't speak about it as much guys when you're with someone for 45 years. Say you're in college so your post college even get it out walk can you break up. What's the advice you get now before anyone says remember Ron air in the mornings here what's the advice you get from all your buddies. Get back on the horse back on the horse go out there and get that rebound. Go out there. And get wasted those and to think not not necessarily advocating anyone go nuts like that here's our saint. That always helps for at least a moment not gonna solve your problems but go up their get that rebound go out there have some drinks and forget about it. Do you know what's on the horizon for us where we can have that moment at least for a few hours at least for ten hours of the state has thing that's a raider nation. You know we can go get that rebound. Sixties from Monday's opening day. Why don't we go ahead. Finish the radio show. Oh lord of the coliseum in tailgate and blow the roof off that place all three can that. All forget that and for twelve to fifteen hours right there. You can at least forget about your woes as it pertains the raiders you can be sad about the raiders leading in the Monday you can be sad about the raiders starting Tuesday morning but on Monday. We know get that rebound at sounds great and the more I thought about that the more was when they showed rats at 10 AM. Cool your boy is on his way over there I'm gonna be tailgating all that. Forget about the raiders for a moment just for a moment it's not gonna solve anyone's problems but there's your rebound opening day is right around the corner I refuse to believe it's coincidence that blind. One of the things it's my favorite part about opening days that traditionally. It's also the Monday night of the national into games so I remember many days as a young adult. Watching the first half of the national championship game jumping in my car and going onto the coliseum for the jays game first pitch usually happens right about the time. Or that basketball game is wrapping up Monday's going to be incredible sports that and I like the approach you take Ngo. Brian in Napa. Ryan in Napa your phantom which direction he's going following yesterday's vote. I'm done toward the dolphins and I don't see why not at least there. Can exceed its that bad idea right now great release on twenty years old we're going. He was oil and at the balls to say you know I'm not going to die and go to get stole. Nobody Milosevic. I'm good. He should talk O'Brien an app switching to the dolphins Stephen Ross the only owner who voted no. Why did he vote no well it's gonna sell you on the concept that he doesn't like the business move from. The Bay Area to market forty in Las Vegas in reality. The dolphins just made upgrades last stadium last year to their stadium why. They want to get back in the Super Bowl rotation they needed to have a covered roof and Jason ranked. They want back considerable rotation what happens with the raiders in the new stadium. In Vegas. Another team and another venue is entering the Super Bowl rotation Ross wanted to block that so we'd have more opportunities to bring the biggest game on the planet. To his back you now back to show low dips on 95 point seven game. Lincoln Kennedy would Jolo Indians on 95 point seven the game lake it's great to talk with you will jump right into it. Tom the ready was kind of on the wall for this vote for a while although we still held out hope. As you found out the news yesterday afternoon that the team that 3121. In favor of relocation what are the emotions that are going through you. Wolf our focus could be what you. Speak of the emotions it's mixed. I'm I'm fondness and apparently affirms what a lot of the raider nation a lot of the fateful. Especially at Bay Area in the Bay Area is very special to me but I I do know this on the other side of the coin. I do know something that you know that this is that something that has been in the call the raiders organization. So I don't even 1996. Also think forgetting the raiders accelerate from Hoch coming back so from LA. Was that there was supposed to be a new stadium province. And I played eight season 89 years with the raiders and then Stillman has stated so after all that time has passed. They still shared was the only team left in the in the well. Mr. stadium with a baseball team and it just did not get done in and it's sad because I would love scene between remain in Oakland but it doesn't look like it's gonna happen. To that point links for the next three years would you like to seeded teams stay in Oakland or our view are you of the mind that once you decide to relocate. You should take a franchise and move them as soon as possible. I don't tell me. The thing is is going to be awfully weird to be the Las Vegas raiders play and no. And it's going to be just weird from you know problem we do that as as a lot of ways of life talk about the team. Home it's at its tremendous fan base it's a fan base that's problem one of the most well lit well recognized emblems are images. Art and sports and it's traveled all over the place. You know last year. We went to play the first game of the warlords out. The raiders you know does this over electrical for the dull as small like a whole game that it was certain norms so it was a local there never seen it happen went over to. London a few years ago played Miami. I called Leo around fifteen to 200 to 2000 fans were there at the resignation has always been. Well traveled it's going to be interest in the see how fickle about the next couple years because. Look I know too much social media you've got diverted other than an opera fans some of them says that there may not support. The team they're given up and they're determined and later emblem raider Jersey whatever. I'll but there are some people who say you know what it's just something that's gonna happen what they're lucky to like so there's a lot of mixed emotions that. Link beckoning you to Maury I know it's hard here for the beer you can just sit or text find the callers and you know kind of is cutting grieving but we think about you talked about the raider nation itself in the native Nate the raiders ran. San Diego Bay left and now amid LE a charters we had Nick Hardwick and on and those guys down and send you this morning cross talk and he said. It was a bad move sit at that was only place at their love they only had a few good fan base a small. Now you look at the raiders numbered. Leaving you think about let these couple weeks you'll couple months ago when you went into San Diego or 5060000. Raider fans were there. So with that being said we know that there's a huge sphere of influence at the raiders had in Southern California and as a whole soaking you see a lot of these raider fans even though the dis Chan and towards an open but the ones coming in Southern California in San Diego area. Make debt travel over the to Vegas in do you think it's gonna have a huge bearing on the market itself for those two of the teams. Yes and yes I mean well the problem that about the loss and those aren't my concerns about talking about as the raiders in various. The that the best thing that it is a point for them which is even stronger than it was say 34 years ago is that they've got to see. The pilots went. That's all you can think about disappear raider fan. He won't be won a Jamal jump off the red wagon and if you went to championship. You'll look like a fool want in the later and who were also that you're teams in the Super Bowl figured out Apple's part because in a longer and you're mad at them because of the things. We're not talking about them moving issues you know China is something like that. We're talking about a movement stayed away and yes I understand the partisan ripped a lot of antelope and trust have you know which means. But I also yup on understand this is the business and the times were ownership has to do what they think is best for the business. I'm not one of those owners and I can't speak to that but I don't even felt tired of hearing about the latest situation. I know the NFL's looking forward to having any stadium I knew I tell you that you do area. To try to manipulate in Concord and that's one of the reasons why they want the persisting through that's one of the reasons why the big weeks. Jerry Jones Robert Kraft and hubble's other guys were able pushed his bulk through among the courts because they says that look this is a new opportunity for us. We hit the only situation taking care will start at address. And premier that you premiere events whether it's college ball games. All these other vets may be Cold War to bear in Moscow and Los Angeles the same thing as a piece about mostly what Cindy gets built. I imagine there's going to be a probable there and a few years I imagine they're gonna have their draft and a few years yes since that he once was known. As you know just Park City but now talked about being one of the biggest entertainment capitals. All is that you as the Portland and entertainment and that's what you know so what's mark capitalize on. Lincoln Kennedy would Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven game. Hewitt said earlier it's gonna be very. Unique situation at the coliseum next year the raiders stopped playing there. The players obviously had nothing to do with this it's just business for them but with the team leaving in the stand still showing up for support it do you foresee any potential may be security issues over there any time alcohol gets involved to be Dicey you bring in fans from Denver Kansas City they start throwing around Las Vegas greater chance he could get people little riled up over their do you think there's anything to be worried about. Have you not been in the coliseum before. Now let let let let let's face facts I've answered this question many forms over the last couple days we talked about getting in trouble. Tell me what chemicals city does that have its fair share of trouble. It it doesn't matter where we're talking about the fact is that it's going to be a game situation. The raider nation that I know was tried and true they're one of weapons that they're so black. Until all days and so they are on hold while we consider a home field advantage the best of their ability rather going to be some people that follow we are you know that that's going to be given. It might be some new people wanna jump point. Like low talking about a moment ago from charters than about maybe now they become the raider fans. You don't want wanna summarizes my talks on the call between the writers and company called the renovation renovation it is that the couple put it on hold down. Variant of the bargain as much as possible you'll still have the Broncos at chiefs fans you'll get riled up. If Ramos are also warning the public game in Oakland coliseum world I wanna become a way to game no matter where it is whether the Oakland or loyalty as. Cannot figure it out later hasn't responded that. Do you think did did the raider nation viva the ethos that you have in the black hole is that going to be able to translate. Over to Las Vegas there's going to be a case where they're gonna have to just start over with new traditions. New fan base and really a holder identity in the desert. I doubt very serious I don't know what sort of evidence has talked some but I doubt very seriously guys like the violator. Or other people want or are not going to want to be a part of the latest scenario look. You know Vegas is often promoted as a party city and stuff like that. What better way to say that you get ten or twelve events in the fall. Where you can go party of values and and capitalize at the end that it the weekend with football. What better way look at a party planners that it demands and Matt. So you best believe that raider fans not only so well traveled not only from. You know the northwest northeast south and everything else everybody on try to carollo that is closest thing it's going to have picked. Link as it pertains to the team down the road when they're in Vegas and it comes to free agent decisions draft decisions. How much does Reggie and the rest of the organization need to take into account guys who might have all the field issues the thing about Vegas a lot of cities offer distractions but Vegas it never turns off that never closes there's a lot their to distract the young guy especially who just came in the money do you think that the personnel approach might have to change a little bit. I don't think so I think what where you take that decision consideration as well he decided that the facility. Home looks at you if you if you think about it. Every city has its casinos. And I know we don't play in the Troy and Cleveland in New Orleans and everything else. Both that might account for finding those casinos. You know whether it's just this moment your whatever I know hopefully you guys can't look back ample happily so I was on those guys atomic casinos so I don't necessarily think that's. Something considerate sort of worried about I think it's just more importantly. You know the NFL as more concerned about money in the exit they aren't necessarily about the players so you know players just have to leave it be responsible on the wrong. Yes the players we know that have gone through their money quickly after that initial fort. Well that's not yet Apple's fault because the business and they try to put things in motion to help those guys from seminars in less and stuff like that. He's got about an investing how to protect your money. But still these double chocolate that do the same thing it looked all the money in one point the finger at somebody also point the finger at you have felt and I thought enough. And I felt about that they're part of business generating making money just like any other business that it illicitly unanimously character guys. Can Kennedy would Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven the game like it's been allowed that you are in mid season form my tractor for joining us today we appreciate it we look for to catch up against soon. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Very happy however to go to the phones. Our next guest the filed her. Of the great Alonso ball who is headed for the NBA Lavar ball joining Jolo in bids on 95 point seven the game Lavar good morning thank you for your time how are you up. Oh well it's great to have you on the show your son has been an absolute thrill to watch I know they went down against that Kentucky over the weekend in a thrilling game how tough was it for him to make the decision about you know what time to go pro was there ever any thought about standing UCLA for another year. The whole. From which it was what did you. So one and done now are you gonna be representing him as he makes that transition to professional basketball. And is there any concern about like the level of experience or expertise needed for something like that. Well now. It's as simple. It has been followers to lead over contract related to pollution but presumably marketing and. So what are the next few months been like for your son as he starts to prepare himself for the NBA draft in you start to get the message out they're just who this young man is. Partners that sort of Google. Can Arctic has produced a little stronger. Competitive move stronger move separate from personal. Now if you are you know you've been applauding having your son you know the way you promoting the things your doing. Is there any opportunity would you think about writing a book how to get your son's pain and how to make yourself a bummer have you thought about that. A total at a popular market. What are we. Joseph blowing ribs on 95 point seven game and what's this whirlwind been like for you I mean we we we got TVs on in the studio we're seeing you on different shows every day. Love affair with book wars throughout the world would. Yeah whoever but also it's also floods didn't just endorse. Yeah and then when you when you think about what you may wanna do. Is this something down that you don't have a job as a sub two you don't full time is a sub. Could you get a mean you look at yourself and I'm with people watching very colorful very tick click is this something you think man maybe I can get a radio gig or maybe a TV gig. As the forward looking at that I'll probably I don't regret. Optical duke won't shut up a little bit almost personal training. After a trait you most popular segment that. Lamar ball just went dead on 95 point seven again mr. ball we thank you for your time this morning thank you swing you buy we appreciated and a good luck to you and your sons moved forward.