Best Of Joe, Lo, and Dibs - May 16th, 2018

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, May 16th

Joe, Lo, and Dibs preview Game 2 between the Warriors and Rockets. They also discuss how they would change the NBA Draft Lottery, and get to the bottom of this Yanni/Laurel debacle that has a struck a chord with the nation.


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You re go. Warrior Wednesday. Rusty by portion of Walnut Creek in 2017. Premier Porsche dealer. And cream in the clients that trusted name in the Bay Area since 19:22. Good morning it is great to have you with us. Game two warriors rockets tonight at times 6 PM right here on 957. In the game. Feels like a formality. That's how arrogant I am now out moving through this series like that. All right so the warriors again find themselves as two point underdogs one and a half point underdogs heading into tonight's game. Lot of people thinking there's a bounce back coming on behalf of Houston we've got money on the show today. About this series Elvin Hayes at 630. Tim Ryan at 830 Stu Jackson at 930. I mean look at this look at this it's a chair you sit in it and the show begins what is the issue over that right now if only it were that simple jealous of market cruise ship while it's not like real little heavy. It's hard to slight any and it just doesn't slightly young fellas you lighter guys seem to slight tear in moving it. Mean he's wheels they sink into the carpet joke it's just there to slot role of these somehow in the pool and brightened used ads etc. I. Okay appeared alert more elaborate than it needed to why you are back. And though they're doing a lot of work via jiggle the mission probably glad to have it locked and loaded the elemental all I got oh boy that's not a problem not takes three guys them Obama keep it. I'm settled down. I Jackson takes that are gonna bottle in your mind in a way writes about this let's begin with one of those people given all of them. Which of your techniques would you like to commence today show. Joseph I'm gonna go here in this was gonna hurt me the said you know guys know I had only to Guatemala while my statement. I'm gonna right now and you had a ball I don't I really don't so little money clip it's got some ones in their crime piece a little board here down the street nice Louis. I'm rob these aren't rampant across my dad got OK I like the relief from peace okay. I'm gonna Obama while in club 200 bucks and spend 200 dollars on the listeners of drinks who acts. Because that's how confident I know that the cavs are coming entities. Wow and hot. That is ice. Caught that is the way. Now it can mean I don't. The teams down 020 and you're telling me they're not gonna win the series OK okay what's the history in 02 teams coming back to when the series pitting 12%. Okay. We can stop the sound effects of living out here that I can't say that you get ready or perhaps an iceberg melting and listen to global can beat these guys ever want to exchange is not a tactic you guys are. Well the first one was not I ate so don't say another because that first one was was was trash almost up a little more about this when. The two teams every once said this is the NBA finals were seen in the west. How about bear so far from Wright is just absolutely absurd it's not the two best teams. Okay now some are now is that OK there we don't be Napa but as Joseph million. Boston is at number two team Boston is far better in whose would be right now if the Dublin here. They be when are your targets and so you're saying Boston is a better basketball team than Houston. Not only in my sand that I would of put another kind of to announce the total 300. Debt without a doubt without a shadow of a doubt mark to take. That Boston takes this team six or more upset and be careful how much you play direct in this. OK okay now another community and I don't. More women have you would tarnish no team all absolute garbage but you've got a lot better ship you got a lot better. You guys how does he says he said it would it around eight. I've always told me lol OK okay yes you feel mentally yeah you know I don't you don't start with an ICH and then turn the remit to Miami. Yet even see and you start quit quit you know Vermont in the fall and then work your way south. You came in polar ice cap and good to see him or anyone look at that accident hits her and her karma in just a second how bad you came out with a lot. And I'm impressed. But I mean good god son just started at the North Pole and that the sample teams that are up 20 in the conference finals in the NBA 67 and four historically so. Not only and I opens with I don't think Cleveland is coming back you know what I call an odd take. Even legal whistle justify any I don't want to hear like the sound of like fit cold. Bone chilling wind it was the rest of the program it was code would who would. Last night yeah you usually would lead. Well wolf what he'd on he had Boston in the motor voting he also had LeBron square in less than 27 yeah he got that the first six minutes into the first six minutes ago there's like half year old half lone wolf but I don't don't don't everyone's quick back there to try to put that the bad. He's he's a split he doesn't it does he get carried out it doesn't get married that you guys and yeah usually you survive you so I just you know you don't right its you duty of I double funeral coming because I had Cleveland and I also had. The grizzlies winning the lottery and shut out Phoenix won the lottery and then Alabama too now that's. I don't but it was jockey there's no small plot. C'mon you guys need to bring Kerr on and brutal take a good you guys went down occur okay this is its interest thing. I took that to Twitter last night and I said we are gonna funeral take Kurd today because that panic. And then big Joseph C waited and said he can't funeral take her on game day. And I agree we can't risk doing anything I think they'll curse survives. And may be able address that in the future understood he just sees right. KB funeral taking the head coach on game day got at this show has to have a boundary add some but that's what we have to establish. Boundary just want. You're right we only four boundaries we don't need borders we just need Cingular boundary and I think we're drawing it right there is is there. That's fair but have you ever seen legal 300 dollars deep on three different think that's a lot of money that it has been for the listeners because that's how hot my takes are. Act adds that does Bergen in a way I outlook from. The peace you know ward where we go to Alaska although it all eight. Even Alaska's embarrassed even Alaska's. I just I mean the mistake of looking down here at the tax lining you have got everyone all riled up very early there's so many things people need to address that. You can maybe we should meet with the fact that the Celtics won last night yeah for anyone who decides he would 107 at 94. Hell the second half punctuated by 836 to 22. Third quarter and I won't touch it to 511 ballgame in need you watch LeBron James in the first quarter and you think wow he he might score 85 tonight. And lose 112 the 91 because he's got. No help coach not there is this great I don't know if you call it mean but I tweeted yesterday where. Someone took a scene from narco news the Netflix smash the Pablo Escobar. And for it to the scene and it took publish had to replace that would LeBron so you know how to be like that cartoon head on the real movie body pure so the handled flap flap flap when they're talking so it's LeBron as problem I'll Kevin Love is like his number two and public I was walking out to address. In that show all these people is probably an excuse. But it turns out in the parity. It's all these Cleveland Cavaliers into the speech basically about how it's time to motivate these scrubs and just works his way Africa and probably I. At escobar's voice house talking to each guy about how JR Smith and no more pulling up from thirty feet in transition and that he can look egos as to the rest is so critical if I do start producing and its revenue producing they did not do now the second. It erred and with a dirty pushed in the back to the when it. That's what you know a team is gone unused skiing in the when the game is slipping away and you resort to dirty play dirty play we don't need to look at low played well don't biscuit discredit him he played OK can use of we don't like that it in and and and and I are normal LeBron fan. But I am telling at first. Joseph I'm tired right now if you placating a lot in this series and a warmup for next series and they're going to be in trouble these guys don't Boston. Yeah yeah. I don't Ahmet ticket I'm gonna make smarter but better. They are but this game is this is the better team and our guys think there's going to be a time so so much to. It's my entire show she's not ruined because I got. Three hours and 45 minutes left and I don't think it's enough time to get through all. This is a lot that needs to be done so long. How do we improve the NBA draft lottery on so long who should keep her start in the the first quarter tonight although it's obviously just out the window has got to dissect what's happening and welcome back you're feeling ill it's great to have you back today. Very. It's not feeling good and all what happened ended up getting the worst blue that I ever had in my life and I am not just aren't that. Yes called Carmen that female dog. So oh what a week ago we had that conversation about. What would you rather do. Ot your significant other is going to have flu for a year and the only way to prevent it is if you're willing to accept call me maybe yes playing on loop in the back of your mind for the rest of life that's all I threw it to you you said you never want to see your likes offer my precious gift jealous coming up on twenty years in June I'm getting at teary eyed just thinking about her suffering for that long. And low you also agree with did you know everybody dazzled the lovely day. No question absolutely did and we don't we all are together on this divide together we stand. And ended that even think about it she trashed her lovely husband Paul a front and honest. And essentially said she had no problem and having the flu for a year. And lo and behold who got the flu one week later. Yup by ended up getting the flu like art monk who I think very funny shoes and Apollo wars ball while public actually taking care of the kids. But he tells again. I'm right. He's helping out well I am sure that phone you have to Friday he was that schools though he was parties trying to help a family by going to school and when he as street time he's he's figured the kids internationally trying to help you and everything else knows well. It was a huge help it's amazing he really willing to us to do such a thing there. Such harsh cold thing was said about him in terms billions of people on now I know I'm a cruel person shot I all I did Donald W ball. This group called Tuesday's run around the corner brown we got you the most in this weekend at PI the Greek festival in no way. Yeah there are right. Our rights and I have no idea what the hell I'm gonna be doing now I'm sorry there's a lot to impact low apparently is pulling out 300 dollars firm dry idea of takes. We're gonna unpack and next and if you want to weigh in on this nonsense what the hell AAA 957 outings I seventy Joseph Cohen did not about seven game. Chill go into its continued. On ninety fives and the game. If you're driving around assume you hear old whistle right out about the place on the screw up the rest today then it's not in this kind of see what do you what do you think about this. You mean compared reared in this guy's back here about a move meant. Look at them I'm gonna say mug that I'm an adult that's. My other option you think is in coffee. I don't think he would blow off this segment off just as I stare at this Seton and I. I'm looking raise an analogy is if you know I had this guy who thought may have to way I suddenly got up zobel. Our economy and whistle and oh yeah we don't know how to work yeah well. Yes thank you Ernie yeah burrito less yeah. For example is yet older and you know there are certain things functionality. From a functional standpoint that aren't as bought doll as they want to work. When nature calls is no more senator voicemail that's all I'm not embarrassed by it if I go and PC. It's usually for good reasons not allowed their plane ounce got to go to the almost. Does he went got caught up like now. Now it's been pretty organized this is a problem there it meant when you almost ran me over on your way out of said rescue my colleague should got to hit it clear Michael. That comment. All right so we're gonna jump into the series and just as active and the starting lineup in the lottery and all that good stuff but we get this some we've got to address here. I don't know all the details at this I don't care to know all the details this'll be completely honest. Two years ago there were some picture of a dress that surfaced on the Internet and depending on something. You either solid as a blue dress or eight golds in Atlanta blue and black or white and gold. Put black or white angle and it felt like right down the middle people were split on this and I remember sitting next to my wife looking at the picture she salt one way I saw the other I could not understand. How some people would see it one way and other people could see definitely uses very bizarre. Science apparently broken down I didn't care read about it I moved all of my life. Now something new has surfaced and it I mean god forbid we ever start streaming anything in here. It was chaos in this backroom during the last break outside of did his prostate. The rest of us were gathered in this little studio listening to. Audio now. It's one word of being said four time it's the same word being said four times but depending on who you all are apparently you're either hearing at laurel. Or you know any yet OPEC it sounds bizarre. But we're gonna play it for you right now you can hear that did the same word for kinds of road the night sky fire like. Laurel. Laurels. And yeah world. Laurels. What is everyone hearing there I heard laurel all four times if I'm in the same the same thing it's so that I. Nice guys in the back claiming. He's hearing Johnny can you plug in so we can hear you are you able to turn that might go on and join this conversation you know he's gonna just scrambling draw the bugs are right welcome to the program by Stephen what are you hearing. I am hearing yeah. You're doing any yeah I really do know is that this is a joke he's lying note this thing with my head. A bet I would like hearing your laurel I am hearing any all four times the first time I went back into the studio the very first time I heard it I heard yet at the beginning and then Loral Loral Loral. And then I heard again and that it all switched all laurel after that I hardly anyone know that the intern was claiming laurel and then he walked out of the room heard played from a distance and now he's claiming he's hearing. Danny and you're gonna go on the line. Two Viennese two laurels and they're just pouring in right now so people are hearing. Yeah both our kid here I heard you are you heard it both ways based on the proximity when I was standing next a nice guy in America. I heard the nanny but now in their head said I'm hearing laurel site it has to do they frequency or I won here yet I went to mount. I think here I'm trying to concert here and that's I was like OK let me give you any ideas but I'm here in laurel. Laurel rule it's funny though you send it yeah I don't know if you're gonna be able to trick yourself in the hearing something different. I know that did some boos on the other side of the room and heard something different but nice guy cannot hear laurel Melvin searing both I haven't talked to Cody Cody here in laurel. He's just not just human Norton he's watching all of I don't like we are international yell or not or did have a six I should go and attack slightest slip down the that I played again. Laurel I. Laurels. Laurels. Yeah laurels. Yeah laurel. All of you can't come on guys you and you any I did hear earlier that's something that's crazy about the whole thing. But apparently it does have to do with the frequency in what year more into Indy hearing by higher return home. This is I'm I'm trying to figure out what to make of this because this is now a sensation it's all over the Internet people are talking about it's a stupid dress thing all over again everyone here is hyped up over this this morning so we're playing it it's like at a I don't know I don't know what to do it as I think you put it out to the people. Com. And you go to the text and it's a split. It's an even split roughly even split with the techsters. Surprisingly a clean sweep for old laurel and you've got your money's coming in from everywhere. I've I will say that I heard it yeah any on my a cell phone this morning when I first discovered it and I hurry your laurel and here I you may have also to do with how far away from the audio you are. I got gearing issues those sot who knows what's going on. The great yeah I needed musician has actually reached out and said that he hears our Eunice the only thing of course I still alive. Donate he's amazing though she. He's amazing I was in the Coachella anybody who says not a beyond started could sell what's your favorite what do you avionics on what is basically mean yeah it was a very unease on. I'll I just for Fiat has given some Google and usually it's pretty different I'm the and there is enough I guess she in my law always listened Yani we all get. This might be eighty again later when he realized needed to be I I I address it no one can explain any thing we move on eighth in the conversation can move to part two part three we keep not if it dies on par one. We move on to the next conversation and you say what's on you know what he sees would you cut the but the army medics we will what do you like I did so knowing why don't know any songs you re not and I you know would like to know the music and I've heard it's so automatic whenever they're awesome it's all instrumental but why not let me ask you aren't going our. I'm inquisitive by nature coach says someone says something I like asked follow ups the bizarre thing to me is when the follow up just like how Obama dress like a light from the Acropolis is. Meaning to that hole I don't even know what the individual songs or call I don't need that just digs right. More on Yani tunnel floor conference and S and Europe and aggressively I want to get into tonight's game to 6 PM right here in 957 again. Tip time is at six warriors warmup kicks off 430 what you covered here and at a high seven game. Do you see Steve Kirk trotting out the high and inside to start this game more. Or would you pivotal allegiance to the loony -- full well why didn't start Hampton five it's a good thing it's a good gig you can use it. It's something you did you use when you have to you deploy that when you have to you don't distillate green berets out there. You just unique user when you have to they're not in that situation they're gonna need it soon and madly the next series but right now when Loney. Loney Shawnee and play solid minutes he's earned that respect the guys from playing great defense he can guard Chris Paul he can guard James Harden any does a great job. Any stays out of foul trouble. I've played loony toon because he's earned it this guy is playing. At a high level why Hampton by all right here's the question now. If your Mike Antonin Houston. You Saul. Firsthand c'mon loony get 23 minutes on the court the other night and you switched him onto Chris Paul multiple times I don't know if Chris Paul saw that coming. Before game one but he knows it's coming in game two that's out there. It felt like despite the fact that Paul had a solid game that he wasn't able to exploit loonie the way he should hat. Considering it's a young bigger guy going against the crafty veteran now maybe loonie is just that good. Or maybe. She's is gonna try to take more advantage of that tonight do you see that being more of a problem if they try to focus specifically on loading knowing he's gonna get this many minutes. Is he can be up for the challenge. Until he will be here's. And yet what it's sort of like when you're playing quarterback and you saw that. You told you guys okay you attacker nominee knew that he's gone outside release music you would go to ball up because a technique. It because it and that's what Loney does looney understands word these guys are he and they want them to be close for they can take advantage jump off the dribble and penetrate to the hole. Or create the space what when he does he plays far enough off in his long. In keeps them in front he doesn't let those guys take advantage of his size inside because he doesn't jump they can get him up and air. He's got great feet this guy stays on the ground. Doesn't create a lot of fouls what are these guys great at. You look at James mark one wanted to best if not the best guy after flopping in creating felt against Tony Louie played him well didn't give have a lot of threes against him but he played he met a distance that he was still long and up the defendant. And not letting his dribble passing and not and also contested the three. I like what he does I like this technique a lack alone he's done. I don't think the Chris Paul can just necessarily exploit this guy because of his footwork and continued deep. I like what he does off the bench for that very reason because you've got a young player who's not that experienced and you bring him off the bench. We in James Harden is not at his precious what are we see. At the start of game one Harden came out on fire and you don't need looney on the floor to have an exposed to that sort of electric start let him come in. And the six minute mark of the four minute mark when the game is kind of settled down to where younger player can feel more comfortable that's why I started Nadal in the Hamptons five. Sure going to its continued. On 95 in the game. Game two tonight at 6 PM right here on 957. Big game coverage will begin at 4:30 PM. Here on 957 gave the rockets currently find themselves. As a one and a half point favorite. For game two against the warriors as they try to even the series before it shifts to the Bay Area Sunday for game three. Couple programming notes for you today be sure to check out pop and I on tape from. One to 2 PM it's the basketball our they'll be joined by Gary seemed gene and Kelenna Azubuike. In addition. For those who don't know about it we are giving away a pair of tickets to game three courtesy of boy he's Jolo and did of course here's how you can win them. Go to or instant Rampage at 957 the game. Send us a current picture of you and your beard. This is a James Harden spoof for doing here likes a picture viewing your beard with the hash tag and this is very important the hash tag buzzed the beer. Were randomly going to select someone Thursday morning. And invite them in on Friday to buzz their beards so don't do anything to the beard before Friday when your called it. You'll come men. Buzz it would give the tickets you'll enjoy game three Sunday night at oracle. Is. Great I think we should've gone back to New Orleans and done by as the brow note that a good one to have people come in in about take off an eyebrow or two of these artists are looking ahead to the finals yet this is against the Celtics look we do there. I'll have to brainstorm coach because there's there's a few different features maybe some with. With Brad Stevens but as the brand shave your head and now all I'll think about I'll put my people wanted was the Brad I outlook could just be horrible people. You know grit they go back and fears. You don't pull it out. Tattooed on and. All right so rockets head coach Mike and Tony he has got a major challenge awaiting him tonight and beyond. 66 win regular season always looking good may be. Just maybe this was the team poised to take down the warriors then game one started then game one ended in court rockets were left with nothing. But a thirteen point defeat and a lot of questions one of the questions well. Is Dan Tony gonna do anything differently. Tonight. Against the warriors take Ellis. Doors that everybody obviously is published the mayors like you know. Former Augusta I saw so we don't know what then that's what we do best retort Max exodus of the thumb on the flight. No really we don't play golf absolutely that's a basic root. He wasn't ready to it and that's what we don't we are we often we're pretty good about it and we can't get all from New York. On an embrace it just be better off we are. And don't worry about somebody else to solve those those calls for the from what I heard that that's how they saw we saw our cause that's what we got a player that our strengths. And we know what should into the discussion about. Is that even possible. I appreciate the fortitude hey look this is how we do things we do a great. But if it's not good enough to get past the warriors are you a bit foolish refusing to even consider the notion. I'm changing your strategy maybe it's too late in the game to do it may need of the personnel to do it. But if you're gonna try to do the same thing over and over and over again expected her results did well we all know what that leads it's the death. Edition of insanity is what is coach but I think the EU can do things better and you have the ability to do what you do. And beat the Golden State Warriors for example. Missed layups how many missed layups that they have three or four easy contested. But relatively make able shots of the cup they didn't hit. From the corner threes that they rely on whether it's in Bob moute are PJ Tucker they were knocking those down and Trevor Ariza. Was a non factor so you look at. Your personality figure we make a couple more layups or make a couple more threes we do we do James got he is as much as. Low is right saying that c'mon loonie didn't foul any contain him pretty well. Pardon went off he was an on guard force and Chris Paul if he plays that well and you get support from your second tier guy is. You're right in that basketball game into his point. I think he's right. Is already dead exhausted playing the way he plays he can't run him all around the court and ask for the way they play anyway. What do you think is a fool there in doing the same thing over and over again does Houston need to need to make an adjustment or. Could they legitimately have a shot at winning this series of they just keep doing what they've not all wall small little change you can do what you can overhauled car. You can't necessarily put a dump truck and think you know put it in you know I think you'll go to a speedway and things gone get different results. They are who they are. What they can do they can defend a little better you know what they can you know run more pick and roll just do the little things a little bit better this try to report different result. But I did diluted two superstars got players on the team Chris Paul played pretty well James Harden went over forty. They just don't have enough. You have the numbers just don't make sense you got clay staff entering reminding you that Katie they got three or four guys that can put the ball to the hope. In the rockets don't sold the superstars and I can play high but the role players are going to have to step up and play better the site this shot selection was there. Guy's gonna have to get him to go to the hole. You see what happened last night LeBron James was LeBron James scored over forty did what he needed to do. But the other guys the others have to step up and that's the same way that's the same situation that the rockets are. Taylor that you sit and listen and Antonin did you sounds foolish if you're not gonna try anything different you are gonna get blown out of this series but that's not the big problem for. The big problem is what you're gonna be next year and beyond. Because right now you look like a team that's gonna sit back and hope for a Golden State injury or hope that one of the Golden State stars leaves so that that. Event can give you an advantage not buy anything you do on your own but by something the opposition does case in point. They wanna play iso ball they don't wanna pass OK let's take a look at what category your in as a team that doesn't like the past when it comes to assess. Just a six. Houston during the regular season was tied for fourth fewest per game. They don't like the pass the ball now that's absurd when you scored as many points as Houston does and you ranked fourth. Worst in assess you know they're down there with. Worst in the NBA it was Portland. What's the narrative on Portland right now you've got swept by the pelicans in the opening round as a three seed. And people are talking about whether or not you should trade. One of the members of your dynamic backcourt in Daimler and CJ McCollum not a good situation who was second worst and add to the Phoenix Suns. You probably heard about them recently they just won the lottery last night because they were the worst team in the NBA who was third worst in terms of the sense. What do you hole. Oklahoma City a team that's going nowhere. With Russell Westbrook as its star. As mentioned the rockets were fourth worst you know it's the worst Memphis. They the second worst record in the MBA and then as you work your way up the list you find yourself with Charlotte and Sacramento. Two teams that did nothing is patsy case in point that is not. The company you want to be. Ask the rock. Working around get everyone involved and stop. Running hard in into the ground it will not work. Iso ball can only take you so far there's a ceiling. Look at OK see you look at Houston Houston in terms of assists think about how many points they score. And in the assist category they're down there with Portland. Phoenix Memphis. OKC Sacramento you don't want that is your company. Now the flip side you know who led the league in assists this past year surprise surprise the goals they warriors you know who finished second. The Philadelphia 76ers. Did a lot of people look at the sixers as one of the next big up and coming teams in the Indiana you don't finish third at. The New Orleans pelicans. What people say about them just a couple weeks ago. That is one of the up and coming teams in the NBA courtesy of Alvin Gentry and Anthony Davis point being. You've got to be able to work the ball around. There is too much required of these stars in these match ups too much required. To expect them to dominate on both ends parting is being asked to be the primary. Score. In games that's going to pat put 250 points of war. So you've got to spend all that energy plus forty minutes then you got to come at the other end of the floor we gotta chase Klay Thompson around he got a taste of Korean K beer around. By the end of the series whether goes for whether it goes seven Harden will be close to a non factor. You'll be at a Puerto Rican let him get his it's not gonna matter he's going to be completely out aghast that style only will take you so far in today's net. The blueprint for a Golden State is to let him get his 4045. And contain everyone else but. To Dan Tony's point. If you look at the way they play. And they don't have many turnovers I think there in the top eight or top seven or eight in turnovers because they don't pass the ball also as much as. You'll get a lot of assists you don't give the ball. A wage is nine turnovers in game. In the playoffs the key for them is to make the easy shots that they had him Bob moute missed three labs and hit the three quarters that are going to be open. When James Harden penetrating kit. X yet EU just can you gotta look at the way the rockets are built. They don't have a step or clay. Akamai that you have two of the best three point shooters in the game probably number one and maybe number three. And probably with KB and Ed you got three guys that are top in the top 53 guys when you're teen in the top five in three point student. That just doesn't happen so. I understand yes they can move the ball around and to a lot of these different things continue like it sits get the easy layups but they're not built. To be and they don't have the talent they don't have three all stars in that regard that can do with the doves can do bars moved the ball at guys touch it passable good shot four great shot. They don't have that type of talent but they do need to do small adjustments you can't just overhaul this offense. You've got to play better defense you gotta penetrate you gotta get me these easy layups in the guys opened for the wide open three they gotta sink it the warriors are gonna. Ask them up so bad in this series that you're gonna need a big sweeping change in Houston this offseason. You cannot let this much time this much research this this money this much energy into a plant only to watch it blow up this badly in your face and then say. We'll get him next year not gonna happen not gonna happen you're experiment was to out Golden State at Golden State. And it ain't gonna work see the problem is that you miscalculated. Your math equation you looked at Golden State shooting at three you said this is what we need to do. They're changing the game with three pointer we need to shoot threes. Right church wrong pew it's not about volume it's about accuracy the warriors shoot a lot of threes. Make a lot of theories the probably Houston is that they're jacking threes from all over the place and if they go just the slightest bit cold. They don't have a second checkup there's right look at the best comedians in the business one that have been around forever later. They can hit you on a variety of different topics. Look at Carrot Top league Gallagher after he comes out he smashes the watermelon what's next. To get tickets. Joseph to your point you're right and but here's what you guys have to realize and I think we'll all agree. Look at the teens got to compete and look at the teams were they don't when you look at this dog teams step clay straight month all draft. They brought in one X a superstar of course Katie unbelievable you look at your two teams that are now we're seeing is a new they're going to be the New Kids On The Block. Your 76ers. In Boston. What do they have in common they drafted. Its home its home grown kids. They gel and together. They're put together their symbol and now go get an LeBron. Put on LeBron OK go edit Kyra you boss now because you built your infrastructure right the way that you talk among Golden State is done. That isn't marry them to be able to compete and compete at a high level. Now you have two teams and ease that everyone sand because the way they drafted in because they're so young it gives them flexibility. To be honored at cap into still compete because that's the only way. Houston is not built that way and we talk about the retooling for next year into a normal human beings. You still aren't want to be right there because it effect there not been in jail. You didn't have a home grown they don't grow with the system and that's why you're not gonna necessarily be able to compete and beat this dubbed team is going to be those teams in east that you've talked about. Houston just like Toronto they're built for the regular season but they're not built for a seven game series against a really good really layered really. Diverse team. That's what Golden State brings to the table they've got diversity beginning aged bunch of different ways it was beach office with a beach defensively and granite they're more the exception in the role because. What they have is so very rare but let's look through history did this. I think this is adjusting. Do you think homegrown means anything. Now building through the draft in the NFL prove it to matter prove it you can't just go out assemble an NFL team in free agency I think you're gonna. In a win it's very rare that you can pick up 101238 straight salary cap prevents many NBA does it matter at all if your home grow. If you if you got the right guys that are scouting and you put the right coaches with those guys. Eight using merit it we'll win. I think when you look at teams to mean the team right now that reminds me of the Philadelphia eagle in my in my in my opinion right now. It's Boston. If you look at Boston and Philadelphia two teens and everyone said no chance. No way it's them against the world they don't have the talent they don't have their two young they're too green don't have anything. Here's a team that's in east that has a head coach that has infused life in told them not to back down and they had the young team so. I do believe that if you can deal right in the draft. And not hit just only one but two with 340 from players like the warriors did and then go out and be able to bring that as a bona fide superstar into the mix. In because financially able to do that. Yes I think it does to. Hands on how many draft picks in Boston had an unbelievable amount of draft takes the name made great maneuver is giving filled out said the LT yelled to get. To get Tatum last year 76ers. Also that a lot of draft picks and they've had some misses which is why maybe they're a step behind. Where Boston is in their development and I agree below it if you have. Homegrown guys and Klay Thompson was speaking about this. About how much pride he takes and having been there from before this thing even got started him in staff and dream on your core all guys today draft. You talk. In some guys younger guys getting some guys in the it's been around how do you explain what happened in Miami with LeBron. That was all about dudes coming together Ed nothing new at home ground. Now think that's the freakish talent of the best player in modern basketball but that's what you can do you can take great players and assemble them elsewhere in you can go out and win I mean let's face it. The warriors had just lost. I just lost. In the NBA finals to a team that had drafted carrier ring but had to go choir LeBron James I wasn't homegrown it was the first time. Not the second time. So you brought James to Miami with Chris boss they won. Cleveland went out and brought in Kevin Love brought in LeBron James drafted carrier being brought brought in Kyle Kirk Korver. They want a title and at the very next year the warriors brought in Kevin Durant they wanna title. Free agency plays a huge role I think in football yeah homegrown matters and you hear about it in baseball too and hostages service and all that. I get it yeah but by and large I don't I don't think the home run thing means all that I should does as far as just. Any success and maybe that's what Ludlow and Harry get into you look at the spurs and how they had all those pieces that they are able to draft and keep forever whether it's Ginobili Parker. Duncan and the admiral David Robinson made they were a team that had to sit sustained success. By having guys drafted paying them and having them stay in the fold that certainly. What LeBron James is done with his ability to move from franchise to franchise has changed pro basketball. Forever without question that is great legacy is different than what any guy what Jordan did it for endorsements. James did for branding. James taught the entire NBA that you are in the business the NBA is not the business that team is not the business. Your the business Jordan showed you how to make a ton of money outside of basketball James is showing you how to go from being an individual to a corporation. That's his legacy that's why you can put him right up there would Jordan on the map whether it be the best player of all time the second best let's talk most important players of all time. You know every time it took about the greatest baseball player it's one conversation most important baseball player Jackie Robinson now comes in the play for darn good reason. In basketball you wanna talk importance Jordan and James. James can be more important in Jordan. I think that's a discussion that you can. Yeah bird magic Greg dared to do for what they did going from college to the pros and having that rivalry carry forward. As television was growing right alongside a man and they were partly. You'll benefactors of the coincidence that TV was blown up at that time but. Those who had a huge impact in taking the NBA from its drug addled early eighties to. What we have today is needed each other. They needed each other neither one could have done about it and sell it for you television they needed television to no longer have games on tape delay the NBA finals weren't Shaun lives. In 1982 you you watched on tape delay so. I don't think that there's a lot of guys I think he's just a handful that can really go out. In transcend the league in from instantly one player come to a team. I eighteen in shifting make domain favored or make them able to compete. In the NBA start with the rockets were the two best players on the rockets and what do they begin their careers pardon OKC met Paul Los Angeles right. If free agency. But how's that working apple. I got the best record during the regular season but you dumb a rigorous but I know. I'm talking about it the home road thing matters to an extent Iraq hitting on draft picks can be a big help you see it Boston. The balance of the two I think means less in the NBA that it doesn't NFL the NF l.'s T. Whipped hitting in the draft is because the salary cap right you need to be able to grab these guys. At four years and in the first round five years you can keep them cost control the reason Seattle had as much success as they did was because their defense was because the Russell Wilson. Never deny your crazy Russell isn't that great doesn't matter if he was great he was effective and cost less than a million dollars in the year. That gave them all the money to go out spent on the defensive side of the ball now what is happened since Russell Wilson signed his big contract. All Seattle's fallen off. How was Baltimore playing before Joseph Flacco is contract how they performed after. Oh the Oakland Raiders how did they look prior car getting the money twelve wins vs after getting the money. Falling back into the toilet not able to do a whole lot in the off season because they tied so much money to the quarterback position. That's what you do that's why the NFL so difficult you have to hit in the draft in the NBA the options out there but you've got to be marketable. You've got to be a city in which these guys wanna go to that's the problem for Milwaukee. And Detroit. Char lit in Orlando and countless other teams that will never contend in this league. Because no one wants to go play there when the broad leaves Cleveland who's gonna sign Salt Lake. Minnesota. Toronto. These are all hot bed like who's gonna who's gonna go sign in Toronto this offseason who are they gonna get the put them over the top nobody but that's that that those that's the point that you have it in a guy. That no one else can do put Chris okay Chris Paul's not there and he goes or Cleveland. He'd gotten on a move the meter like LeBron James. Quiet manner tonight in San Antonio Eagles depleted. He's sorry he's not gonna move the meter like LeBron and you're talking about like you talk about the Michael Jordan they're transistor this player he's transcended this thing when you think about a dialect LeBron James. You can give me any free agent and put them in Cleveland. Maybe maybe our KB would move the meat meat meat meat move the meter. But it's not a lot of guys that can demand and do you get any player and say OK they're gonna move the meter like LeBron arcade it's just doesn't happen until these are rare guys. Bet you just don't see. Chills going did continue. On ninety fives ever and the game. Former NBA head coach and general manager intention now as he terrific analyst on NB ATV great Stu Jackson. Joining us here on 957 game still thank you for your time how are you today. Well I'm doing really well I mean we're in the middle of also why wouldn't I beat. Absolutely I love the optimism heading into the segment let's begin with game two warriors rockets are there any. Strategic adjustments that might Dan Tony can make tonight to give his team the edge or does it really just come down to. The same guys doing the same thing but on a much higher level. The rockets. The media have a really tall task ahead of them because it they're truly going to. You know having any effect on the game they need to change when they play offensively in my mind. You don't want I'd look at his rockets team offensively compared. Against the Golden State decent I'd be a little bit concerned about the rockets in the region is is that. You know great pain could be and it's been much written about much talked about. But I do think it's true they're used in. Relied very heavily on and Chris Paul and James Harden its ability to create. Shots from 101 for everyone else they do not. Could we haven't auto club of ball movement. Unless they get penetration they don't have a lot of player movement. Proceeding. Any sort of ability to get a good shot all while. You know you look at the numbers are in and of itself what mean Golden State Warriors are first among playoff teams. He and assist percentage it's sixty points for Houston its fourteenth out of sixteen playoff teams. You know in the playoffs that just tells me the ball at the movement. Moving they're playing 11 best ball. And they really need to change Riddick where offense that they expect that we chipped in two wars. They were the winningest team in the regular season by playing iso ball and now to switch at this point in the playoffs how difficult is that for a team to try to change. Its entire offensive philosophy. I think it's really difficult didn't you know because what you're basically implying it is. The way that they play is really either offensive DNA and to try to change that midstream here is going to be very difficult. Like I've seen teams do it from the series to series I mean Greg our expected 2014. Basically change the way that they played offense Tibet ball with more to dribble and off. Type of offense a lot of player movement in that series put it it's. Really talks and you know but if they don't do it I think they'll rocket could control. You know what let's play him all the National Football League limit coaches would tell me you know what if all things being equal players make plays the coach is coming decisions that help determine output in the game. Is all things equal when it comes of players to be able to make those change. Well yeah yes yes and no I mean the players themselves to really ask too. It would I would say it's sacrifice they're being. And that's really what it's going to take a year. And in the case of like a Chris Paul or James Harden they've they've got to make the decision to get off the ball. And you know and to move the basketball north and south and east and west. Because there's this whole philosophy in the game of basketball football always finds the best place. Anyone doubt he would put Paul and hardened but to just pound the basketball the way they are now. To make that decision to do otherwise it's a difficult one. Stu Jackson joining us here on 95 cent in the game we've had a of quite a few discussions over the last few weeks about c'mon looney. And the way he's elevated his game and taken advantage of his opportunities this post season averaging about 23 minutes a game. Now he's set to hit the open market. It's a small sample size based on what he's done so other teams could be a bit cautious Bo what do you see him commanding out there could he be headed for a a nice payday. Well it's interesting it's it really depends all and you only have a role player likable long movie it really took pains all and what they needed to other teams. And how important that need to quarry they're meeting between the schemer structure of the roster. Agreed to meet. You know while looney had a great deal of offensive upside they didn't you know he's gotten better. But since he's come into the league if you are looking for someone that can run the floor. Make kitsch rebound and it's Satan on the perimeter. You know to put a longer defender on him. Teams haven't needed it just comes down to how willing they are and how much they're willing to pay for somebody. I just fueled. Stay Jackson here on 957 game this buttons did we still as much as the NBA's become a league of outside shooting and three point specialist. Teams that are remaining like Boston markets Smart and the war is a dream on green they have. A tough guy a glue guy is this the one position that won't ever be eradicated in this new era of three point shooting. It is it will not and you need. Players on your roster that make quote unquote we being tight place. And that's what a guy like dream on goes. And a marker Smart they have to effectuate the deed in the way he can get to tell him where he's been many players cannot. I mean you need only to look last night. Some of these pure urgent effort. And hustle plays instead markets Smart made too many was a real key in the game I mean what he does it is just. It's so it's phenomenal his ability to read on the Beth well his ability to defend. Reflections on the Basque all the lead to yes break. Don't ever want to walk guilt hit a long range shot like a dream on green although neither of them is a prolific shooter. Guys like that just makes supplemental plays they're gluing your team's ability together to be able to win games. What is going to be Houston's counter. To slow down Kevin Durant. Well. Yeah I don't know that it cannot seem more the slowdown Kevin Durant. I mean you've heard speak cursed the other night. Kevin Durant can basically kit. Shot any time that he wants he's the only player maybe only perimeter player maybe in the dispute between mid everytime he catches the ball. He's open. Because of his life. Because of his release point on his jump shot and the ability to elevate so it's hard to slow him down. I think if you rockets what you need to do or try. You need some help from the officials is to try to be as physical as you can with him. They try to knock him off an inch or two off balance bill on his shot. Make it difficult for him to get across will later come off the pick and roll. In hopes that you rattle him into missing ship some shots that ordinarily you would make. That's your only chance clip again in your banking on Kevin Durant basically having a big night which at this time of the year. Ordered these red side you that I have heard many good night so it's a tough tall order. Still I know this idea is gonna sound a bit outrageous but watching the NBA lottery last night show on all the percentage is. And chances everyone has of getting everything palm ball and then something happens and now all of a sudden Sacramento can't get this or Philadelphia can't have that. It's all over the place now I get the idea for monetizing it. But what it took the fourteen lottery teams. And held 8212. Tournament every year. Between those teams to determine draft order so the teams with the two worst record Phoenix in Memphis in this case get abide to the next round. That leaves you with twelve they play each other and at 212 torn and it make you take it twos and threes up the 21. And then once the first round is complete. You've got six teams plus the two buys that gives you eight remaining in you played eighteen tournament the rest of the way out. Obviously none of players are gonna wanna get injured you build something into the contracts but. Is that that outrageous I think the people would enjoy something like that. Yeah I think from a fan perspective it may be enjoyable blessed given the stakes on the lying. I'm not so sure how competitive the players were being. I mean it's akin to. You know Major League Baseball actually putting some weight into the all star game in Miami I am not sure that the players really connect with that are really understand. The sort of importance. All of you know. Getting an advantage in MLB playoffs or amateur they'd understand the importance of actually the lottery pick who would have them vested interest in its so. It you know for something that important I'm just not to assure the players would be that engaged. You know playing for something that. They can't relate to books for and yes sure it'd be fun. Former NBA head coach and general manager checked him out now as a terrific analyst on NB ATV. Still Jackson joining us here on 957 game still thank you so much for your time enjoy the rest of the playoffs look for to do it against him. Yeah I hope so thanks a lot and good luck to Warner's. Thanks you we appreciate that. Put a million dollars on the line for the for each player each player move. There's a way to do with the structure you know why not. You know what you do Joseph back is that I'd like did you make them compete but what I would do is say okay. I wouldn't get. Your worst free throw shooter to the Indian I'm gonna make them shoot the best the best get the best pitch that way it's not a game in not edited so you. The fans can watch it and now it's pressure on you to the players are saying a free throw contest yeah. That way it's simpler you don't have to about that injury he had not planned for a it's not a team you don't announce is okay. Skits and guys in the line you get all these teams that are trying to buy for that. Put a lot of OK with that I. The idea of just sitting around with ping pong balls and that opening envelopes. They do a nice job of building up the suspense like it's it's interesting for what it is. But can it be improved upon are just gonna do ping pong balls well why not a free throw contest why not to want to kind of soak. You draw for ping pong balls in those four numbers magic combination in the Phoenix Suns had the most combinations on the board. There's a thousand possible combinations and he said 270 for a moment. It's I should start to go through this it doesn't make any sense in the app brings up the fourteen on gloves and he goes through painstakingly. It's a joke Joseph you're right I don't know if it's free throws is the answer or 212 tournament. Maybe somewhere in between for me like you have an actual five on five NBA single elimination basketball turn it to determine the top. You could. You could this I had back up options as well you can get Ji leaders involved. Right so now you got guys who are hungry you look at it makes an extra money who are looking to get the facetime they're not necessarily going to be like. And I don't want this. I don't wrist injury. We talk about the big clubs and I mean did you I know every big club isn't tied to a minor league club in the G leak much like you have in Major League Baseball but. There's got to be something that has got to be a way to prove they showed all the combinations. How they're all on big boards laid out. It was the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen the beautiful I would John. Totally all the different combinations of ping pong ball or consent to do it for the number one pick in and put them all and they do for the number two pick began. And whoever. Didn't get it could be the number three there as well. I would like to see ideally. It would be something like English soccer is relegation so. You couldn't tank if you're one of the two worst teams in the NBA. Guess what you're now a geely team and he did that you are being off in the G league and you become NBA team that's really the only way to do away with tanking. In it with a contest would you also though wouldn't have to dominant that team that loses that gets up front and you went. Yeah nuggets that's why the two worst teams get a box. Yeah that's the one thing you get Phoenix in Memphis to not have to play in the opening round and noble also create a a balanced portrait. CF fourteen teams right. So those two advance the next round now you've got twelfth so for example I don't know who the third worst is say it was Atlanta. Atlanta would end up taking on Denver or so in the first round now Denver since three got X. Two players for their trilogy team and then a substitute as you can substitute or change lineups or someone gets hurt that's it yet three guys. They play 221 twos and threes make it take it. The winner advances to the next whoever wins the whole whole thing. You get the number one pick. You get that Iran pixel the winner's work it back horse but I just do something do something other than this. I don't watch sports necessarily for the math now the offseason stuff I like apply them. But I'm not watching an NBA game and thinking strictly in terms of comp combinations and permutations and you talk about this thank you know lottery they've got a nice job of taking. Whatever this isn't turning it into something else could have because of brilliant taking garbage turning it into something but why not take the garbage and make it. So a little bit more appealing. Yeah and make it something that would be settled on the court of sorts whether it's free throws or two on two or three on three something to where you can actually. Get some more entertainment out of how these draft picks are resolved and it would do away. To an extent with the tanking we see instead of relegation because that's gonna be so hard to implement it's impossible in the current structure right. That's the two teams flashy that finish worst. Get picks thirteen and fourteen in the lottery sorry. You got to be competitive down the stretch he got to find a way to win games if you're the worst team in the NBA. Yeah get the number one heck yeah and you're not get an opportunity gets an a one pick you as the worst team get number fourteen that's where Europe. We used to do that with our rob rotisserie baseball league where we you know we had keepers if he finished in last place you didn't get the most keepers I think it was if you finished. In the seventh place that the money was the top for so if you are just out and money there's 1212 or so if you heard the eighth place team. Which was dead in the middle you got the most keepers and then seven the ninth would get one if you were keepers and it would spiral out like that so that. If you were the worst team in relief you couldn't just tanked the fantasy baseball league and racked up the twelfth keeper is and then finish in last if he finished in last you only got. Five keepers the NBA can do some very similar. I like it like it's amazing I think if you took a bunch of really diehard fantasy players who have been doing it forever and brought them into a conversation on how to avoid tanking. Kind of remedy that problem they'd probably be the best suited because right there you throughout a great suggestion that's just won a sugar bunch of leagues all over the place and have ideas like that. Story of the day. Here's the headline. Feet break dances his way out of California office building after swiping laptop that courtesy of the New York Daily News. And it just send it over to me a little while under read the story. He busted in. Busted a move and got busted a compliment so clever. A California man was behind bars Tuesday after he broke into way. Yeah Fresno office building last week. Did some celebratory break dancing and made off with a stolen laptop police said. Surveillance video shows the suspect popping. Locking and striding. In the lobby of the law firm on May sixth after he's keys to get to block door while the office is close to the weekend. Fresno police shared the video online as they announced the arrest of David steel 430. Dave. Get it organized down there what do you Dylan. Great dancing Dijjer from the rhetoric at Fresno that's why this story is now part of the program. This news Gortat or what he's going. The dude but amassed somebody that for wind. Why are you so he must mark there to guide as key I just this is crazy I know that I your first piece of devices. Don't steal such that it's Wear a mask. Beat these guys Braden did that mean he wanted to be seen he wanted to get our attention he wanted to tensions I imagine and I had some issues he wanted to be caught so. This is there's I can't believe this is in Fresno all the talk to the guy may be any debris with. My favorite from the start lieutenant his quote was looking at his mug photo it would appear he would have does dance moves and then he went on to say. Instead of Dancing With The Stars seals saying he is now dancing behind bars gaffe it's. His stuff he's a white guy so they took out a swipe at white people there with the look he has mug shot you would think he can break dance. So I don't know how many your daily news Atlanta address that in this culture and stay right right but shut up Fresno what's getting making news for all. The wrong. No copy it into this thing's happened Joseph things happen are we get somehow street. So yesterday this is a bet it's on hash tag freely Arctic. And every board up in this building is doing everything they can just dump optics when they happen one of other shows because as you know. You get bonus points for the based our power right so if you get up tick in infiltrate other programs. Apparently however the uptake has just been freed. It's catching on. Pop that bond today the caboose pistol yesterday take a listen as you look at Houston for game two as we start to click forward pop do you see this as a must win. Hala question. So I got got the other and I don't know let's talk do you flinch when the other issue it won't I don't know why I might show like I got to ask you what did you get what they were due and now. Shaq and I want to I don't know where I'll go oh well I get a such kind of like the Catholic. They're letting their identity management the bar girls listened to your views of those. Deep deep deep pockets with their duel it out like on the team does hold bill did inflict Bob. The political debate in the show clever the questions are so good yeah. I'm worried about how to Amanda the last word of the question of the questions are a little bit whatever yeah that's their big stay. Get crushed your child. Oh yeah this morning guys at their hygiene when you. She. Joseph Gibbs without ticks every not every morning six to 106 to ten. 66 in ten or are you predicted you spray something on your body deliberately the that trip about a big. That's not bad the senate Netflix special or is that the app new program here I can't tell my. To my side hurts so much yeah it was a real indignant that as that yeah. Oh yeah you had a bond due to the uptick. Pop got in there we'll have to it sounded like tenure as a parent club and I can't keep working on a good idea to get a bill. Here's how it works we come on in the morning via and we had sole. Much content so much R&D like to call we don't get through it now but the stuff we get there was so good. The other shows can't help. But rabbit for themselves. Completely restructure their own programs and run with it. Why people and because billions business programs programs kill people love it. I can't even drive on the streets of this town anymore forget about walk the mobs I gave a drive well BC car. The comport in the streets. Mostly black jobs this what is this. Still. People listener exponentially on your body when you write down market Dara young pedal faster to get away from China to buy the delays this week it right once talked at. Shouted out you didn't win Boston and half marathon runner on the corner we get to kind of habit. Run a single mile this calendar year I believe and yet I'm signed up for that half marathon what are these I went to London spaces are. I might not much you shall. Imagine demonstrate. Fortitude. And set an example there's the commute what day of the week is it. Is the actor have merit but if Sunday is an attitude if he had killed Wednesday. Birdie and a wrap in the middle of rush hour Idec and so we can gain. Okay just say that I I'm never coming yeah Monday's flight. I. Sorry everybody we tracked all we have I didn't it's actually New Year's on the Vegas strip its New Year's on the Vegas strip. And so so we and that's the candidates I think. Guy come back to stymie in the room up next the phone numbers triple 89579570. You'd like to uptick come they're gonna look for calls early so bottom up. And just start up taking everybody may be we now we low and did an and a wit towns and are back tomorrow. I'm out I'll see you Monday go warriors here on 957. The game.