Best Of - Joe Dibs and Ray Ratto June 19th, 2018

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Tuesday, June 19th
Joe, Dibs, and Ratto share their thoughts on the SF Giants loss to the Marlins, the over/unders for the Raiders & 49ers, this year's Madden ratings, and we have our World Cupdate!

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Doc goes Tuesday and welcome to Jolo and did here on 957. In the game colonial still out until tomorrow on vacation and see Diego racking up. Parking tickets but. Taking pictures with the police officers and getting out of said tickets her his own personal it's a grim account. We will address that tomorrow from six to 10 AM. Not at six are at ten. From sixth attempt to do for our go all the won't be able to beat net ticket him being a 1% and it hit good read re rat out joining us he's along for the ride again today there's so much to get to we will begin with this. You are going to have four opportunities today. To win and. A visit with us here at the station to get your picture taken you and guest would Larry the Larry O'Brien championship trophy we're gonna play no to show. And at the bottom of every hours so right before seven right before eight right before nine. And then at the end of the show we are gonna fire off the trivia question based on what we discussed in the previous hour. So those who listen longer will be rewarded or have a better chance of war. It's a question correctly you and a friend will be coming into the studios to have your picture taken with Larry when Larry makes his appearance here sometime later this summer. Yesterday we began the program by talking about putting in 26. The San Francisco Giants were returning home from a lengthy road trip. For their most important stretch of the season one of the next 26 games to be played AT&T park where they had performed much. Much better than they had on the route. I think it's given its Marlins started like this. Feel and get. Feeling really good they jumped on number believe they're at home it's a Monday its revenge from what happened last week in men in the night. And the Marlins win our lives so 400 Strickland melts down in the ninth inning. Given a 42 lead to start the inning. Could hang on a surrenders three runs and the giants have now lost six of eight they are 35 and 38 on the season five and a half games back. Of the Arizona Diamondbacks in the NL west blew a four nothing lead. Last night shot at NBC sports Bay Area for the audio did. Yeah ice they were getting booed off the field last night you do not see that all that often an eighteen people are. Now you almost never CNN I guess the only good news is it wasn't a sellout crowd booing you off the field who was maybe half full at that juncture he likes thousand announced he had announce all you want but when you look around and you at the Siegel swirled in the fifth because lot of empty seats in which to land and pick it food. You know what's going on is just. Not the way he wanted the homestand to start both saves are inevitable and ultimately it's only one game but coming off that road trip. What happened in Florida the lead petered out and LA that's one you want it. Hunter Strickland blows his fourth. Save in seventeen opportunities this season Arabia think the organization is considering a move back to mark Lance in Atlanta and been healthy. He's been pitching. Well enough since he returned from the DL to start the season beating boats is considering MO. He always considers a lot of things but I don't think he's gonna pull the plug yet office. Mean there's monsoon. I I it's I still think he's gonna sort of buildup. Stamina again and in states. And it's not like his track record here has been so. Exemplary I mean you'd only be if you didn't now you'd only be doing it because you're expected to it because it's out. And I think that's the way coach and operates at yankees. I think he's married to Strickland at least in the short term I mean if this continues to aid people think I don't think this is that moment yet. They came out. Last night this is odd I'm looking at rated person and then there's also re on T isn't it great how much rain there is in the room right now I have an idea when it should change the station. And reduce your problem like fifty cent and I'll let that. And it do you think we don't like things got out of that you've done in the middle of direct messaging our producer so he could throw on anything other than don't rat out I don't. I anything for the record I wasn't complaint just this is it just hours I was explaining you can for the record I was panting over here I mean. I'm the only person actually never has to look at me so the when I do look at me I am more horrified and every thing. A I like mere episode perhaps a radio host seeing himself on TV. And then the TV host begins communicating with the radios you're really trying to hammer that when we all like to show about it's it's a common bond for the three of sleep a whole gunships and we have a common bond work in this room. Trapped like racks for four hours a they are next that's enough commonality for anybody. I would say that it works that would works I begged the giants so what do you think the likelihood is that bush continues to write with Strickland at least until. Let's say the all star break you think we'll see it change by then he started the season well enough and grid it. There have been some mistakes across the board for this organization this year but that last night is one you have to. To have that not one to get Djokovic say it happens baseball. Oh not at the start of the most important stretch of the seems especially. Way it happened where he throws inside than the guy beats him on a pitching it's a basic and then there's jawed back and forth it was strictly gets pulled out. He's John the runner on third base that's not a bad a fairly good luck crap that's a bad luck when you. You lose your composure I think this is the first of three. Blown save that would trigger a move he said Bruce broaching that there is no leash right now he's his guy. If he blows another one though before the all star break but that strike two and if you blow a third one a that he makes its way here's Bruce boats after the game we're. I think you look at the job recent unusual reason. At least you know he's really. Pitched well in the numbers showed him. You know he probably would take a couple of pitches and I am sure it. You know you have studio on these guys especially when they're doing a great job in. Toy gun shot there and and I think you can tell us who are you like to matchup. And the discarded on the right field line. Chad at NBC sports Bay Area for the audio arm he's actually going to be the fall guy anytime you take a fourteen lead to the ninth to get to team like Miami. The plane home yeah close that thing out. But let's not. Sugarcoat this the giants scored three in the second one of the third than they were done the offense got the four nothing lead and that was it. Every now and again you can go ahead just blow the barn doors off the opposition to a point where you don't even need to worry about the ninth and. Right especially when you look at the run they weren't gifted on the on the fly ball the senator fielded just gently full votes over the outfield as head and lands Buster Posey hits a double. That should not have been a base hit that should be a routine play so yeah I find a way to pull on more offense but you figure. A four not to leave you turn over to your bullpen. They should really get that done. Did you notice at the end of the game and this is somewhat natural auto anytime I spirited AT&T park. It just seems so much. So much darker because you don't. And that that this team all that much but they were last night. At the end of that game it wasn't boring in the night it was essentially when backing came to a close those who remain in the stands we're letting this organization now I think the fans as well as anybody realize what's at stake but this home stretch and to start that way. I don't know you don't hear rumbling the team all that often. I mean I don't think it's cataclysmic. But. When you've now lost four of your forger last five games against the Marlins and teams that a team that is aggressively trying to lose it. I mean I think that's gonna hurt you as a customer. Interest it's in the but that's that's the pitfall. Of trying to decide here in good shape based on the schedule. Because you know I mean if you run into a hot team even it even if your home. Mean and lecture today you know Iraqis than the mid nineties. And major running an Ohio team. And and Miami has not been horrible last couple weeks. You know and maybe maybe they just have. The giants' number which also costs. It's not good to have him know that Miami and number it's like fighting at the Baltimore pitcher. But no I mean I do I get why they vote. Mean and and I guess I wasn't as such which stunned by it or because we saw last year. They caught a lot of grief and deservedly so. You know don't ballgame and tonight and the other thing. To mention here is that for a certain number of fans in this ten. Her Strickland has never been forgiven. For his post season meltdown. Mean net debt hangs on him like a dog. And he's never going to be lit up for. Zinni can do. But how how well would he need to play before kind of moves on terms of the money they don't they don't move on from that there are people made up their mind. And they won't say anything when he's going well but when he bomb it's one up like he did last night. Yet they're there they're gonna remind him because you can't change history. You know you own what you've done. And that's one that he asked owned forever because. Fans who were going out see the Marlins on Monday night. Are people who pay attention to this team a lot you'd like getting any casual fans wandering in off the street for this tight. I live down I don't know you're talking about the deal gives dreadful fact. No Dem party announced here at the producers. I walk I walk let me let me just for anybody who's confused by blue alert yet there were no tales that we don't get aiding and none of it at a at a packed app. I'm from the pits got a sales dot Comtex like Chrissie you never wanna start today with a tax like as we have to acknowledge it quote. I was on the under said. Out Daschle loose that's what they called loose right there crystal. Stick wit them. It'll be back I had to need you to vote not yesterday that that World Cup locked about it. Com we'll have more World Cup blocks it but yes it really qualifies it peaked. What last night it up 42 in the ninth. Trap or put it in its not like something bizarre happened while sick. You got your three outs away with six runs and then you know you get it over under seven in the end of given up the race side and it feels like a bad beat it. Up a second bad because you catch it or not but it eat you didn't get beaten by something that wasn't baseball leagues get blown in the ninth inning all the time. Where you unlucky ever call and a bad peaked with a bad beat a bad beat is something that really bizarre happens like Mike got yours hawks replacement graphs. Yeah yeah they're right that that night it if you've got it got the under locked down. In a basketball game. All of a sudden it goes to overtime on added yeah that's a bad BIR right. I'm with that I'm with that now here's where this it's good instinct shore there's a game recap from last night sort it was a lost. But Susan saucer had an unbelievable. Report that came out last at the San Francisco chronicle Billy being. Could he be headed to the giants. That's coming up next Joseph blow. Did you re rat out no low here and if I suddenly get. Madden the video game which is set to come out a couple months. Has recently released some of the Madden player rankings now granted this doesn't mean a whole lot but I like the perception angle here because. Derek Karr. Is rated higher than Jimmy grapple pool and some people find it to be surprising and raider nation ahead it is come out on Twitter to let me know what they think about it it's obviously struck a nerve. That Derek Karr has a higher rating. Then Jimmy grapple at the moment crop hello. As some of you may now has never lost a football game before. And is the not this quality third richest quarterback in the National Football League. To see car ranked higher obviously it's a video game it's not something we're gonna necessarily dissect. But do you see car as the better quarterback ready to drop below. Paced arrest him and yeah he's done more things having to grapple is the classic. Great small sample size guy I have no projections on whether he can. Continue to be good. Man no idea because the one thing that you should never forget when you pick up a guy who does really well at the end of the season particularly quarter. Is that that summer span. With 31 defensive coordinators looking endlessly tapered and figuring out how to beach. It's one of the things that I did Colin peppard. It's in your everybody's got. Looks on Jimmy grapple of they would never bothered. In the past. This is the year which we see how good grapple actually is. After all those defensive coordinators. Have gotten a chance to figure out what he doesn't do well. And what he does do well and take away the things he does well and make him do things he doesn't do well so that's that's would be mild statement. Which is that you've seen cork he has a greater body of work to meet five wins. Yeah I mean nets such enough. In in my what. It's not that it's not an accomplishment. It's not sufficient for me to say this guy's fast tracked to care. At all if he switched him. If you put Rob Lowe with the raiders and you put car with the niners. Would one excel more than the other for example could you get more wins out of the raiders with Rob Lowe and add offense than their car. And conversely Derek Karr working machine and hand over Jimmy problem that's. Super question I think we have to see what Jon Gruden does in his second stint with the raiders to see offensively. What that would look like with Jimmy drop below if he was in silver and black we know. That Derek Karr. If he was passing in the Shanahan offense would probably be better than what we saw last year under Del Rio but I would say that the the raiders of the drop low would be slightly better in the -- car. There are three players and issues version of Madden that have perfect 99 ratings can anyone guess who those three players are you are disqualified from the conversation if you Marty now. Talk about it obviously if you already know I don't want to take this is three NFL players had been given ratings of 99. Highest possible rating you can have in the video. I would guess errant Arnold would be one of you can work together on this that would be a dang. Why everybody agrees he's the best tennis player in football system just makes sense. What do more to love as you guys do all worked together a panel like seeing the wheels work here Aaron Rodgers. Presenting today. Are you quietly gamer yeah zone sports I'm not a guy did evidence and he says otherwise the evidence is pretty views lying. I yelled what more he's. Well I got one conference Wendy and socially just and now parts kicker in football. That's mail again jets did you know I don't think it's an existing gas line let order that would anyone like to take likely guessed like the guys working logic there. Is he not quarterback position readily that yes I was. Get it thrown out Antonio Brown as my guest in. In it. Donald 99 it's fascinating because he and Khalil Mac are locked arm in arm in needs contract negotiations that are taking place. Apparently neither one wants to sign first because the word is whichever of the two defensive player sight first the second one ends up getting the better deal because Donald will point to Max dealer Mac will point Donald's deal and say what he's done this I've done this I'm signing later I should get paid more. You might think that's convoluted but look at how the quarterback market works its car and that its staff heard that it's go rob below and and its cousins and whether or not you think one is better than the other doesn't matter. As time goes on the value goes up inflation so what you have here is situation we're both guys are waiting all that up from a a raider perspective how concerned are you over the Khalil Mac situation. Hasn't shown up for OTAs didn't show up for mini camp looks like his holdout could go for a while costing them money and eventually. You expect him to show up because he's not gonna wanna miss those game checks. But for Jon Gruden in this new era raider football you would like to believe that you can get your best overall player in the mix sooner rather than my. Yes your master motivate hearing your common and super hot in the organization's pumped and everybody's revenue go get your best player. Doesn't wanna comment I know it's voluntary. And it's OTAs and it's not even training camp yet but its main. It's a bad sign it shouldn't be an indicator if you're a player who sold out your organization. You show up and I understand you've got a contract negotiations or leverage you wanna keep. If your team mate in yearly interest in the team getting better and you run again. First impression on you new head coach you show up. Did your opinion on this change at all knowing that NFL guys don't have the guarantees that NBA or MLB guys do read I don't know if you are aware of disposition but. He gets quite. Irritated when players don't honor their contracts and there's a lot of truth and like the Donald Penn situation show up and you're the one that inked it show up and perform your duties now Lowe takes different position. I'm not sure where you at when it comes to guys like Donald Penn or the cult of Mac's situation do you side with the player the team. In football I always side with the player because of the deal they strike no matter how much money they make. Is a lousy deal in the end because. You're basically risking your brain for these people. And so if you feel like you need more money to continue to take that risk. I think it's always worth asking for I don't know if he'll get it in every situation but we should never not ask. Do you think the raiders are gonna find themselves in some salary cap trouble when they 25 plus million dollar quarterback and may soon to be. Nearly a dollar and 1819. Million dollar your defensive player that's a lot of money tied up in just two positions. They might but you know what can you afford to have neither of them. Can you afford to let one of them go. If you had a bunch of good players around them and maybe you could. But they don't. So I don't think they can. And if it means they stayed flirt with salary cap hell. Everybody fixes her salary cap every year. Mean you'd do you make a hard choice here there but nobody ever violate salary cap rules. Because everybody has to get down to the number by the date so. And when I'm troubled by. On the future when you start to have to make those hard choices it's going to be the guys who protect Derek Carr who are going to be victimized as yet. Collection assembly make it a lot Rodney Hudson makes a lot so as that cap squeeze comes. You're gonna leave your number one asset. Threadbare not necessarily mean maybe you may be sure David Alexander I'm cy react to get back he's going to be the savior yet you're right no I mean. It it could be somebody on the on which could be a skill position. Could be another guy defense. I mean interviewed you are not ordered by the National Football League if you give your card 25 million dollars a year to gut his offensive line. You make tricked you make trims where you feel you can't make trips that's part of roster construction at the salary cap makes difficult. We convince grins gonna get this thing right near one gonna be right back in contention that was quick answer yet noted that there is too much to Phoenix. I mean exactly journals from a play off yet and three years removed from being awful I mean the playoff run happened. In a season in which most people who analyze that your thought that the raiders got every break possible. And expected significant regression. And they got significant regression. I think they're I think they are further away than people realize because that that the league there's the out liar was the season two years ago. So I don't think the turnaround right away if they did. Think they were that close maybe they don't fire Del Rio. You know but they're clearly not that close if you're gonna bring in Jon Gruden and then talent gruden you are in charge of everything. Because they clearly want this thing re guy you don't read do something that you think is in pretty beach. Season win total in Vegas for the Oakland Raiders hasn't moved yet there's been a small fluctuation with the Jews but it opened eight it's still eight. Prison met which weighed on I would go under I would go on and the president I think it's it's going to end up right at eight and I didn't wanna see you would say Clinton that's fine. It's fun it's got nothing to do with the bet. At at at at at app I'm not go to Q are there out there not win ten now. And now this is this early is is a premature prognostication Elijah do around here no one's locked in on this you would say under on the eight. Yeah and I usually think about baseball to avoid these sort of payment term for cash app and it seems to work grant. Over under on the eight. I'm inclined to say under his well I think it should be push you put it right on the number the draw. Which have Pegasus and offer the three went line now and unfortunately I Japan was alien signal in Columbia spoiling that draw. Another one bites the Duff the niners are one of seven teams that has seen since the open these numbers open in Vegas at the end of April. Right so it's been exactly fifty days as of yesterday when the updates came out. Fifteen days seven teams have seen a move so for example I think you had Detroit moving from seven and a half wins to set. Seven teams moved one of them was the niners and they only move based on money. Money's coming in either on or against. In this situation money is coming in. Against the San Francisco 49ers they opened with a win total of nine they find themselves today at eight path it doesn't seem like a big move. But generally what the books will do is just the juice for example the under may have been a dollar forty so you have to risk. A doll 140 dollars to 100. On the under at no fluctuate that they'll move it to once when he won sixty they really don't wanna move off their numbers seventeen have been adjusted the niners from nine. To that's some significant coin coming in against Jimmy grapple once gas and I think going back on siren on it I think they were the heaviest Joost favorite. If you wanted to bet the over at that point it was used to hide that side. I actually like the over no matter where that number is that either a ten win team I don't know. Think ranked I don't that your ten win team and inching its day they had to win their last five to get to six. And I think there will be a normal kind of regression. We've grapple for the reasons I stated earlier is it defense coordinators. Will break is gained over six months of tape study. And unless he is Joseph Montana. I think that's going to matter. And I don't think they are. Fully. Fully loaded all the other positions to be able to hide that Jay in San hose day. This week you've definitely got to keep during migraine in the without without stray not to go to ball bark when they would vote Brett stricter. What is and I wanted to go okay. The team what are the game disintegrate without without drama so deadly drag racers it. You can score a lot of points but if you don't have defense he can hit and reminded them all but it isn't there. By the way you ran out of joint ground Bill Lynch a lot or my balance. With the uptick at the end very dead yeah that was colors. About you Jack Lemmon and real on screen chemistry and it's cutting edge comedy into fuel under the tutelage prefer to be Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau. Susan's story and shut doubled our I believe it turns thirty this year I didn't think he's been about grossly overrated movie. Oh wow no I. Care to elaborate the floor is yours yet grossly overrated in what is fast at. Fast set in what asset to the love triangle with an complex real. Com the baseball seems too unrealistic for your four you for baseball. I'm Glen big giant tree in your own question do we don't have to participate at all that's what multiple deaths and I'm making my multiple guesses not just ask a question. Why did you find it to be so overrated. 'cause it was overpriced it was an okay movie that was way over rated. It's not close to being the best baseball overpriced right for a quarter for all ordinaries do you moron again gaining yardage on that coming she this is why. This is why you will dial. Right here this is it ever went guys alone no no no. Your your your wife we'll check in on you once a week. Spit on your pillowcase. And then head back to the Bahamas. Human will die literally well I'm more likely die during the Senegal game while she's watching the television I mobsters gasping for air. And let's keep the goods aren't they're a hot hot I'm really rattled while more on this subject. What what is your favorite baseball what's the best baseball Louisville time Ali now. Never heard of that you've never heard of John Q Santa Elena fielded dreams and why should she get that. What's the one with wonder boy. The natural the natural admirable though as you've never. A herd of eight men now I'm not I'm not trolling. I've never heard it and now therefore cannot be the greatest baseball movie of all I can see he's never heard he was born in 91997. Race that Emma became 1980. And shot of the eighties Disco I should just go out. It's good died because of you yeah I came in the play Disco went out sat out this loaded it is one thing on the it is one thing you can see for yourself if you killed that. The fact that you don't know at eight now it to stick he hasn't seen the Lion King so there's a there's a host of movies which he has yet acted to view of Sonny saw lying to me. Every single one everyone that's ever buys it all three times. I think orchid most movies. The correct answer is a bad news bears with Walter Matthau I think grades baseball movie all. Eight. Even without actually even a movie or just make that a it's a joke just let him on still I hate you Coca I hate you with a wide eyed intensity of thousands on I. Cusack movie yeah yes I recently stumbled into hot tub time machine to and judges. And so. The pack so what's got to do with Fannie thing. We're talking John Cusack I had an anecdote from this weekend where dumb and dumber is on and then somehow it rolled in the putt a time machine to. JetBlue the urgent and Google kids I picked my earlier remark about a huge ironic I teach us not to take. The Greg hopper report brought to you by July construction company celebrating over 100 years of teamwork solutions and excellence great pop joining us here on 95 cent in the game what's up top now are up. Rather low and hot dates go on well. And and they haven't gone well. How do you how do I. How do you think Senegal look so full. You and apple what timer and watch and factors at 330 I mean that's when I go to bed watched it when it started here at five. He is not to but Egypt poppy played the egyptians. But you guys you guys in the World Cup and that I don't watch I had no doubt about it and I didn't I didn't know what I could get ready sport I bet it and that it. Because this is one of the few sports and I paid very little attention to throughout the course of the year so I kind of feel like I get to be if any and everything else that's been so much time. Writing out talking about researching this stuff. I don't know much about the teams I don't know much about the players so for me I guess I'd just sit back enjoy it but I will put money on it because I'm yeah I don't know much about the players at the rate it just sits there for ninety minutes do enough. In 1930. The guy who wakes up basically it Tuesday morning X because Mac game action. Should be an action you held flat. Yesterday you would bond and warriors urgently could be in for an hour Tom conversation went fantastic we've been talking about it a lot this morning. What's it to you what were some of the highlights. I guess I'm too. Close to it so I mean almost everything I was aware of the sub and some form it was a great vote obviously we normally bring Jones studio annually in the middle of the year this year brought a minute after a tough home loss to Utah. And it's Sunday night but he was cool but that is the first time he's come in you know basking in the polo championship and actually brought Lawrence O'Brien trophies are a good mood. But the number one. I guess confirmation outlawed what I learned yesterday because I've heard it. That I really hadn't had to confirm anybody that higher up and I happen warriors office since we're not you know talking about weekly. Is that dead Nikki on the money that they we talked about last year the mid level exception at the warriors get an and their mid level low but lower because their taxpayer team most teams are on the eight million dollars to get nor'easter five point two. Because they were in the tax last year and there certainly get in the in the tax this year for for big for big money. At a gonna have to pay that figures it sounds times for. So five point two times or. Almost 21 million dollars to bring in you know this year version of Niki Han. So I don't I don't think they're gonna do that. They might you don't think Jamal Crawford's were 21 now. Well you know over maybe three years but that over one year and it's not he doesn't get all that money. He's only get them is salary and then you have to multiply it by four I like Jamal Crawford I'd actually like a morbid defense of presence off the bench. As opposed to Jamal Crawford is a report offender good offensive player so any event I mean it just sounds like you know bringing in veteran players. Any form is going to be you know financially really restrictive for this team that's why. This draft pick they have on Thursday it's big because I think they think that guy is gonna plugin and in place and quality minutes and looking for. Kind of history and he kind of player and it's just going to be really hard day at even a player like. Nick Young this year so pop a -- able to add a veteran on the minimum most of you is Vince Carter as an example today and pain that seems full yeah times escalating salary though apparently so why the Bay Area so fast that it it Vince Carter what it would Vince Carter I'm not a fascinated by -- is and it hasn't brought up a lot and I just don't get it yeah I I think it's shipments goes Gary Coleman. Let's just sit in green get it all that. He's way too short it. Sure he's just one. Folks out there. There's I mean I'm just curious more about the price and yeah I I think it's a sexy I think it's the saying about that that would be the the dead David West veteran minimum. Is what you're talking about I think it's the same I think watcher and attacks or bring any player in a that's why I thought that mid level exception was an exception. To that rule but weren't a church or an origin not that and the tax consecutive years and there are now at a mutually punitive. When you're in back to back years and from what the owner told me it's it's times for. How bad. Or I guess how much tax. Would would Jolie given Peter Guber being willing to pay. Next year or the year after. To keep this together. Or are they basically. In a position now where they have to make a choice on on Thompson green where they're just simply. Unable slash unwilling to consider. Having all four. Well he's I wasn't asked and answered a question I asked that way he did. Willingly bring up I think the figure he said in payroll this past year they paid over 170. Million dollars owed do the math and we're talk and you know fifty million dollars into the taxi. The payroll lately the overall. Salary cap last year was 99 million it's 101. Million this year and then you have to pay tax once you get to 123. The warriors right now we're 105. Exploding deranged. So once they signed their rants are going to be well into the tax. So for. This past year what he said was they paid out in players' salaries. A 170 million I think was the range set. So your question is how far. Are they willing to go you know beyond 200 million. He did confirm there was a sports business journal story last week that said the warriors have are gonna surpass the 49ers. It's far is guaranteed. Revenue. Income in the new building in that approach adding to billion past two billion dollars in niners were one point seven billion moods and their. In their new stadium that's that obviously annually or talk in some of these contractors. Are many many years and some even stretch twentieth 25 years depending on the the nature of the agreement. But they're they're gonna have a lot more income generated. So. I think it's going to be tough but I think I think they will find a way to keep those four players together. I think they were element anything yet defector and as the playoff games it it'll have to pay these players and he salary to play in the post season. How much money to the warriors make every single. Playoff games played. And that was on my list of questions for Joseph and get to it yesterday probably would have answered that I would venture to guess 1015 million dollars on game. So there there's a lot of other ways to generate money that's where attempt to keep this core four. Together for islamists are physically able it's going to be financially punitive there's no doubt. But I think they realize if they if they keep this group together and then just you know change the pieces around those four. All star players that year you're going to be certainly contending for a championship for the next five to seven. Airs every year Greg topic joining us here on 957 the game pop. So much focus being paid to whether or not the warriors can keep Dray mind and clay and if they have to make a decision which one would they go with. If that's reality. Why is there all this speculation regarding Anthony Davis and whether or not he would fit with the team would they ever even be able to financially make that workers that just a pipe dream. For all of us who love speculating about things as wild as Judy Davis during the warriors. Well I eight that would be kind of a eighty. A plan to implement if you don't keep winning and one of the things we Astro you know he was squirming in his seat during game seven in the western finals in Houston where brought up you know. Now that what would you of done. But what were you thinking at that time when you were down double digit halftime and they were down fifteen points and said he did he was thinking a lot of different thoughts. So what would he have done had they not want. Now Anthony davis' on the radar for the here and now. But if they don't win next year they don't win the year after it and and placed contract is up and drain not contract is up with this owner. And the people around him. May be a altering decision a franchise altering decision that one of those go. I would not do it and I think you have to look at the nature of an injury comes into play and I think he can noticed react to how a guy place. In the short term. Just because Anthony Davis scores more points pulls more rebounds blocks more shots. Does not make him a better fit. This basketball team that rather play or drain out of I would argue he is not a better fit. I think it's defense it's it's it's. It's deceptive because he let the league in blocks this year and accused out of three times in history or he's not a great post defender. So I wouldn't do I think it all fits together. But it keeps being brought up because you know will Anthony Davis plays entire career for the New Orleans pelicans Willie move on. To the next chapter in his life. And how will ownership here locally reacts whenever there is a misstep which is not getting them. The Larry every year I think is the recently bring it up periodic. Greg popping here on 957. The game so looking in the short term next season how out of eight compose a bench to be even remotely as good as it was this year assuming. David West won't be back Zaza is going to be gone and c'mon looney plotting to sign elsewhere. Where they find is bodies Greg. I'm not sure Loney gonna move on. You know yet to see I think the point Asia may want a matched each that offers. More so that bring in another a player in question would be is the times for. You know going to be out there for even matching a contracts which is interesting. They're going to be younger I think that's the major concern and the coaching staff didn't like the composition of the bench this year is first character. Even more so them playing ability so now you're really gonna have to do it with a young players. Jordan bell obviously damion Jones my cough you can bring him back Loney if you can bring him back when cork. Is already under contract for a couple of years but they are going to be ya I think the one thing they're gonna do is they're at a throttle back on the veterans' minutes a little bit this year here and there even rest guys and there's going to be injuries and stuff missed 31 games this year during it was out. Not play it was out the four all stars only played half of the season 41 games so. That they're gonna have to get internal growth. From the youngsters on this team in part because it's cheap labor. And that to keep those four guys together. For an hour for ever. You're gonna have to have cheap labor and in each drafted players maybe they're talking about buying a draft pick again I don't know who the hell at the it would sell that. As second round pick in light of how well Jordan bell played this year McCall. His rookie year but there's always people out there that you can maybe dangle you know fighting and I think they have up to five million dollars to spend on and buying a second round draft like it's gone up. Every year or so in that venture is going to be young it's got to be raw I don't know you know outside of maybe bringing JaVale. Back if you even watt Webster's. Back and also look at the composition and your bench outside of two of the three remaining wise man Andre and and Shaun Livingston you're going to be really young next year. Mean when you referred to character. Among some guys in the bench is now I think and I heard that constantly read thing today. Now days Ian Clark was brought up we miss Ian Clark after her week. Constantly they missed James Michael Mack adieu which was interesting to me is James Michael Mack didn't play a whole lot but he played here in theirs or speak for. And Matt Barnes I heard how much they miss the character Matt Barnes who is her brought up that way as far as you know of positive character was assassinated his character. Most of his career but with a warriors got a last year was a different time in his life that I. You know I think some of the guys that they they brought in you know had to be put in place periodically and there was a little disconnect with the with that mention what you can get from that. So but I don't know if that's good to be addressed in the offseason are to be honest with you because you're just act to be able to file about by. Character players. Veteran players that fit that mold because of the times for. We're talking about and you're gonna have to do what younger guys don't pummeled the let me ask you some underway when you sit character are you talking about. You know devotion and practice how well they played during games where they were attentive and what is. What are all these secure our you know just good good veteran guys that you. Could turn to Jeff help younger players and overall when things get a little choppy guys that have. Have earned their stripes in the NBA locker rooms and I think one guy you go to mrs. Gaza even though I think they have to move on from him is still such as does not fit. Anymore which is sol would order a strong character presence that guy was even when he wasn't playing. In the NBA playoffs he was constantly up encouraging younger players he was constantly up in the years Steve current when he saw something from a coaching standpoint. You didn't miss shots up Pachulia and I that's not comet that I'm making break that matter around the team enough to to know. But it's been a cap a constant. Criticism of the roster. That I heard from various people in the organization that week we just lacked a little character positive you know influence in the locker room. That they lacked from last year's team to this past years. Pop before we let ego I wanted to get your thoughts on Susan's clusters column yesterday in the San Francisco chronicle. About the whispers around baseball that may be after next season. Billy bean Bob Melvin David force could all be gone from Oakland. And if there was a changing of the guard with San Francisco that perhaps may be summer all would come over to the giants. Precedent and Ricardo but are sure with a today at noon entry gets talking about a lot this morning Reynosa much about the alien workings while its people and their contracts I. In I Billy's getting older and there's no doubt I was not aware that that Billy contractually he you know he's been under huge you know a contract lengths most of his. Recent years you know big chunks of years plus the ownership stake I was unaware just kind of slipped past me that he received just one year extension. For this year so he's under contract for this year and next year. And I don't know what the next chapter is it I don't know why you know John Fisher would be disenchanted for her with him. Are good increased the payroll of the team you know who could do it for as for the slow payroll as well as Billy and David forced to Don it. That Billy does that interest rate notes that well outside of Major League Baseball soccer and other interest so I I don't know. The intriguing. Why that she did draw she mentioned. What the giants ever bring Billy the heat across the data replace Bryant say the which would be really interesting and then you know vote sheet steel is up and it's also always been an interesting. Aspect of it it's a fascinating. Column because it does strike on both sides of the day let's face it in O'Bryant savient that in his spot. And Billy being at his spot longer than any other. However you want to characterize if they're they're the main you know baseball decision makers on both sides of the bag whether or not they're called the Gianna. There are guys that run it you know whether Bobby and David rotted under as far as that dated in a phone calling and all that. They're the guys they they edit those spots is longer than anybody in all of Major League Baseball which is interest and so are both franchises kind of been on the treadmill for a little bit and what they look to shake it up dramatically. And at the other aspect Whitney Billy going across the bay or or David across the better Bob Melvin across the beta replace. Vote should soft fascinating so we're working examining it. Quite early starting at noon today for a good that the couple hours our show for sure. Noon to 3 PM with on a hill John Rosie will join him at 1218 Jon Miller at 230 it's Greg Papa Joseph did and re rattle and added I've sat in the game thanks as always up we appreciate it. Or watching a full of hot takes live at five on TV rattle. A lot of doubt you'll be lucky if I'm not hospitalized and that's that's usually. Greg thank you your head Scott McClellan is on Twitter can dance this browns team don't sleep on him. And every few days he's got some tweet out there trying to get people fired up I'm not saying that he's suggesting playoff bound rally a laughing stock in the NFL. You get the sense that he would put. Flag in the ground and say I'm not anymore we're not gonna be the worse than this isn't their season win total I don't know if you haven't up right now but I thought it was that. Five and a half is that about where it opened in the Cleveland Browns expected to be. Maybe six win team this year five and a half believe it or not if it was the case and I don't have it in front of me right now but that would be quite impressive to gas it. Due due due due to mining input on the spot and I don't find it will find it somewhat but I remember seeing it thinking this is. Extraordinarily high. And five and a half for them would be high considering what you've seen did you send it four and a half. For a team I mean any team have to be that bad that many years in a row. It's remarkable you figure that at some point in a locked their way into a couple of wins so. I didn't think they would set win totals that I'll ever hear is the latest update from the west Las Vegas super book. The day. Starr at the moment five and a half and they opened five and a half could call a so no move on a little bit of movement to Jews to be over the over was minus 120s which means risk 120 dollars 12100 on the over now it's minus 140 missed a 140 dollars 200 on the over. So they have it. Ray which direction would you go there over under on Cleveland's front. I don't trust Cleveland to do anything well. I'd go under a match because just because. You have to prove to me that you no longer suck FT sucked long day. Nobody goes. No wins one win two wins one win nine means that that happened. More importantly. If Cleveland serves winning games who's the new joke of the NFL. Who becomes the laughingstock this is a great question that just came in on the Penske auto sales dot Comtex like shut up for a late who would be in the new laughingstock of the NFL. Good question I mean you look at an organization like Miami team that hasn't really done much in a stretch but this is Marino president and how long. I mean how much futility. Ten years. Upload this and it street and the jets the jets are garbage not bad ball Christian Achtenberg thing how about that is that he becomes the first. Draft pick I believe in the first two rounds in NFL history to not play this single snapped his first two seasons in the league. While the first time that's ever happened where you've had a draft pick in the first two rounds. Not flee a single snap in the first Tucson even follow snapped not even us Cingular seven in the raiders signed him get rid of them after four minutes that's great what was that about. Yeah that's not enough for whatever laws. I'm all right it's time for World Cup they do women in music and we do this. All right dismal start would you give us the rundown on where you had. Give us the rundown on picks happening for the rest of today's games into early tomorrow morning we'll Poland has scored much to the chagrin of one Raymond PU Brad Owen subpoenas not stand for Poland so. The draw very much in play despite re saying that. I expect pollen can ask your. And you they have they scored so yes sir first goal in the sixth open. Yes as I predicted they would score. You can have a job than a goalmouth that a team also doesn't snore but I digest as we like to say we're gonna head each nobody likes. Actually everyone on this program I think that we know you obviously don't earn enough and energy spent on the ground. That's part heads park that should have been putting out chewing tobacco. As an aunt and I think cheese dip and over the Iran pageant Egypt and Russia below and Clyde game at. Everything points to where you'd figure Egypt as you know we would most a lot coming back but the games in Russia. And people love to fix things. Go to the root skis one nil and the Russian uptake in Russia are right let's work our way to the back room nice guy Steve and congratulations. On the England victory yesterday and bring. Erase doubts Tunisia squad. How do you see it Egypt divorces mother Russia I know betting ma'am I'm gonna head the over under much and take Russia to one. You think Russian Su one. All you mean did both have Russia. Cody the producer. Could the British how do you see it Egypt vs Russia. Well most solid back today but he's close cousin Robert Donna Santa Clara to help ease his defense mother Russia rolls through an open. And it's a no Russia rolls threat. Now. Melvin intern. A big opportunity to get on the air he's not back their opening Andre is back there now and how do you see any teacher vs Russia I got Salo scored one goal 10. Lewis a lot the best friends are very nicely Diana had easy I. I'm siding with the baron Cohen with the king of the jets here most alive going three to Egypt OK so that's now to predict zipped rang. Big game coming up what do you think him. What kinda. I don't know talent for the FF I'm hotel if you you know we'll Condit come kinda are able kinda. Of the Larry and they can't be stopped. Just thought moving me. It's like hey I'm gonna feel I'm gonna put this on emotion. I do you feel like an idiot if you went against Russia and Russia ends up winning because like you said it's can we believe any thing here is going to be played above board. Give me a reason why should assume that this that you don't have any sort of outside influence weigh in Russia's learning kit sponsored by at Cambridge analytic I. Take Russia very yet thank I think Russia plus the pressure wins and you know the World Cup respects she could stop betting. And let you figure all present and handle I was already getting your audience at this point because if I. What do you like yet you like Egypt right ranked I don't you know it's out now as well kinda is a comes on the right there was a kinda. Yes and while we're at it let's hook up some listeners it is an opportunity we are giving our listeners any guest. The opportunity to come in to 957 to game our studios to take a picture with the Larry O'Brien championship trophy. Beginning today at the conclusion of every hour on the show were going to play. No they show where we're gonna. Ask a question based on what we've talked about the previous hour. The first person to call the contest line. At 4154026865. Ends up winning. 4154026865. The question for the 9 o'clock hour is his final. Is as follows that. What is Rabach does favorite baseball movie. 415402686. What is ray Raddatz David baseball movie ready. I was pleasant working with the last two days I know I did bumpers should we come and then had a good time and now imagine that thrilled and its own. Yeah your pretty jest about that ID go and drink in one way or another certain times but thank you for coming and we appreciate the tortoise against him. Without too much without too much early this college infant that was way too. Horror began studying the bureau are coming up next they'll be on from ten to noon for did Sarah and up for re I'm Joseph thanks rang and I would listen to everybody we're back tomorrow morning at 6 AM right here on 957 the game.