Best of the Game: Thursday 9/13

Best of the Game
Thursday, September 13th
The Best of the Game Thursday, September 13, 2018 hosted by Gianna Franco:

-Joe, Lo, Dibs: Sean McVay memory v. Derek Papa the Super Bowl savant 

-Steiny & Guru: Guru's tipping habits 

-Damon Bruce joined by David Carr

-Papa & Bonta: "Don't believe the hype" on the Lions 

-Papa & Bonta: Jersey etiquette

-Fantasy tips with Brad Evans the fantasy football expert & Joe, Lo, and Dibs

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You know what time it is EST do you it is time for the best of the game how I I'm Gianfranco your host for the next sixty minutes thank you so much. For tuning in as I taking you all the best moments in highlight that happens here. And 957. The game. Lots of great moments to get to Jolie did introduce you two are all book also finds here at 957 game and he is checking in with David Carr at the brother of raiders QB Derek Karr. Are we start off with a Jolo and did so show today from the Ramsey had come to the rams. Has eighth photographic quote unquote football memory when it comes to this plays he basically remember calling every play and the outcome. Ever in his career he talked about it recently on The Sims left a pod cast some Bleacher Report. We twelve saints at rams. 429 in the second quarter second and seven on the same seven. What happens. Josh Reynolds touched down our schedule players a three man rush. You're obsolete or are you kidding me here unbelievable they now we're gonna go to. This is Sean McVeigh's time in Washington columnist Rodriguez back to explain fifteen weeks seven. Bucks at skinned sep second and seven on the Tampa Bay 24. 58 seconds left in the fourth quarter accusing Carter we were out on the right side. CBC Crowder reroute Telerate sidelined some the first out of an how to drive ends ordinary touched down enough where I want individual iso slant and what team. Respect game. You like that pat pat pat pat. I don't. Brilliant right I mean it's kind of amazing how he remembers all of that well. Joseph launches were inspired because here 957 game we have our own will also find our own football guru if he will. Derrick popped up makes sense right. As a senate and the great great pop well I'm sure football has been a big part of his life and dairy. Knows anything and everything about every Super Bowl ever play it. Recollection of every Super Bowl is remarkable you just brought suitable Adam and he will tell you who played the winners the loser. And the school war. And is there anything else you know the MVPs as well I do know the MVPs I don't have the MVPs in front of you have the Wikipedia page all Super Bowls welcome to show by the way is your first have on the show this it is gentlemen has it going. Yeah John. I don't that's. I don't think the agency it is largely though that is not Asian nation itself to your millions of people and those ultra aliens are forget how old do you by the way two point seven OK so 27 so the idea that you've only been around for barely half the Super Bowls to be able to know is liable he's found this to be fascinating. This is not a gimmick he does not have the adoration of credible we're not messing with you you can just throw out a Super Bowl. And he will give you the information for example would anyone here like to just throw a Super Bowl like young Erica port Augusta rumbled 47 an easy when you're alive and Alan. You got in the year though he agony the year in the year this season happen not the where the when when the game was played OK so we just had a 2018 Super Bowl that we give it to 2017. Sees in you would say yes souls I ever does even matter because the Eagles would choose or catcher. It's good enough. Did you try again and try to follow the rules this time I didn't know there are rule girls dips a cat fight another 2012 generic it was a great year you were probably about nine when he twelve was the ravens in 49ers Super Bowl the ravens won 34 to 31 the NDP issue Flacco. Impressive not. Could. That's okay now we're gonna go back in time just a little bit more give me 19720. 72 was the undefeated dolphins season and they won that Super Bowl fourteen to seven. I wanna see Jake Scott was the MVP. But they beat the Washington Redskins. Yeah a little sex tourists are super lazy low would you like to throw it out yes the year was 1977. I. Oh. Yeah that was the Dallas Cowboys and the Denver Broncos. Analysts say the cowboys won 27 to ten. And it was co NDP between Harvey Martin and who's the defensive lineman for the cal was back in the day. Is name escapes me there was a Ko and he well all of this before I believe. I can and let remembers Nana. Still okay. I would hardly party murdered and Cuban was named its iTunes could repeat after they have that yeah. I should do political refugees anyway. Team that Randy why so green light. It took a direct energy like to throw it out there yeah let's go at nine. Mean 9890. NEA was the Broncos. And vikings. Are us or vikings should have made it was the falcons well. The Arabic I have Broncos and falcons and Broncos wine. 34 to nineteen and Elway was NDP. Take me through this a little it how is it. You Havel on this did you study this for years or use that I part of the fans that like throughout your years of just paying attention all of this is just. Just through Osmond yeah this has belted into your brain now some kids grow up with Disney movies Greg wanna me to study for policy stuff meter room when Clinton menu watch NFL films on there not as a big fan and I and I'm just watch an awful films over the years and I'm terrible at math and all of history and stuff like that for a reason I remember football is ours donate it didn't matter history yeah history already happened don't worry about it we've got Google to make a lot of money at night we go to parties union buddies would use it just takes went through it just is a great question make a lot of money have you ever had you ever had you ever have you ever you know Condit and I -- ask if I was gonna ask this that's a great question and I actually should let you like arraignment thing industry to find a way to get me this to my advantage with us money let me it would all be in the sad it's the whole thing the graft is all about the act itself and all day shenanigans and and Tom Fuller that come around it you've got a bait and into coming to you for you see you. It's I'll know how any decent work I'm just if I want to create a cotton. This might be the pat that would follow we have to get someone to inevitably. Challenged you. Yes can't just feeling hey this guy you know arms thank you I got you selects the senate is like I don't know anything about sports and and I you know real man like. Like a pool shark you're gonna get a couple ten dollar games so that you can triple up at bat 200 bucks on the third game and and you can walkway up money you know forget it it's an Italian. Game with the you have someone play along with he had a Super Bowl party at someone's house there's you know 5060 people there let's. Watching games happen and they're playing well. Paulson and I think yup you start is people's that there are educated guess that someone's look like a genius you know your area he needs to get all. It's a great party trick is really need to provide a life coach Qaeda and other settings. I mean there's a hundred there's probably girls out there that would really be known Welker girls nine and this is an idea at least one. I'd have to imagine there's at least one guy. Anyone who's just like wow. It's not so much you know this is that it's that you would be the center of the part. It doesn't really matter the subject matter every was gathering around like who's this guy that's commanding everyone's attention true you are the now. The A Lister in the room so at that point I deep fault you're gonna happen. Have a shot that happens after that. God only know. It's Bobby Engram calls on the program all pains don't need to the ultimate grandma's you know that's not even I don't find that humorous at all but this man this man for erupted for durable us. This is our guest rainy day to get an. And that's cocktails together I mean this guy that we get squeezed out something about. I'd known he loves a little bit. I knew it and OK we have says that they aren't succeeded we that we are anathema for a couple. Yeah titled I gather yeah absolutely. And but our chairman of the First Amendment she was at the U gridiron gallant old and I want to ask you about the music city miracle. And you you refuse so I a and I diffuse I was little you know Mosul how elusive back at it today singles yes so I sought I go up to you this before I was working Argo Tiago. Low that was four pass right easily grand meego yet was what do you do about it. Yeah I'm seeing that had been guy as well as other people tell us. That's not for things like that a and Heidi thank you Monty is all amongst that plague greatly missed yet again greatly understated yet the white checked portion and the Dyson portion they did the two key elements yet if you're power ranking the three things that happened on that play at that we know to be playing the national title. And who would be on the outside looking there yet. A television until all our next week absolutely I don't think we're doing one any more goals in 1994. Or forty niners and chargers. 4926. And Ron Amadon was it continues you know the answer as to where these games were played I can't a little bit I know that was in Miami. What was it called the time. Pro Player Stadium and sorry we'll talk Ron and Harry Joe Robbie Stadium man who could it went out there. Pro war. 9084 that was played at Stanford stadium it was the niners. And dolphins and I was 38 to sixteen in Joseph Montana wizard get me this man is single. Yeah single he is ready to mingle you can catch him noon to 3 PM with Greg pop into my day is okay we do it and get every day I don't make they'd be they might be too bad were all out of hi so it's. Yeah. Back tomorrow six they have right here and ID 570 game. Catch jello I did the weekdays from six to ten right here on 957. Game and of course right after Jolo and did study and Jerry they have you covered from tension in here on 957 game. Attacked by the hottest topics in sports west trending and of course some crazy stuff like their pick up protocol and viewers gripes well. Today was all about to mean why you ask because as you know if you listen to the shuttle group. You're tipping is questionable. It doesn't happen and a lot of take issue Aguirre about that so he does tell a story recently about how ate pizza was delivered to his house. It was over thirty minutes so he thought the guarantee was you didn't have to pay for the pizza if it was thirty minutes late however he chose not to tip the driver either. So not tipping has been a running theme now with this tiny and giro so wanted to clear the air and make sure people know that he. He does spread the web kinda. I get a word out of the tech slide after the got to milk everything you have to tell me when the guy text in and says there you go assignments we're. Weekly shot of Nick Young tone that complies the politician become yet to drop out about I mean make him Brothers would bag and I don't tip. We know liked him I wouldn't I wouldn't it no but. But I would love Paul Brothers and we do but we know that my. Too much ticket agent people know until tip a lot of you wouldn't do not have a lot active what would I have when I worked with. Well I'm okay. And I still OK you on not having your potluck dish already what are security Julia would know what's I don't goaltender what do we have a yes or what you have today you know what can we Jack and go it. He goes there that'll be club but it is the twelfth yeah all right here we go search for a twelve dollars. Do well. Now fox CNN out of the boat and you certainly would devote. What you're at the bar sitting at the ball here's your Jack and Coke or have a twelve dollars aren't sure if it's it's what. I did help me out of the way oh. Let's do this one more time as maybe you're not quite understand noticing now. Oh yeah I tell you what not take into it to a window but there let's put guys in the week and you Puerto let's do this let's do a different Barack. This is back yeah I'll live this well I'll later on really easy for you. You walk up to a ball. On the bartender in yo hey what's up man you do this or what would you like. I timid jacking co defendants are absolutely. Make the Drake who I put it down Friday at Augusta but here you go sir nine dollars. This is nine dollars Lagos are. You really want there to this us. I'm offended for a seat comes with a first rate someone giving you whatever is on the on the receipt. Well there's I don't see I'll just say it's nine dollars right now okay no identity could not Italian nine dollar sir do you agree if you paying cash. I'm open to damage. Done what you've been opened the that you not ask me that in. I'm Lisa exhibited dollar yeah yet know about Tim Moore and you know zone around to what I'm working with. Some invent an app that keeps track severest hit theme just to make sure it's actually happening on just think you were in. As a former bartender waitress. Tipping matters and it's important. Got to earn it I can't be speaking out Ernie and Derek are the raiders not earning a very good great after their week one season debut against the rams at the coliseum. Yeah it was a tough one deer car struggled the team struggled we thought it would go differently because right out of the gate they had a touchdown. But now things did not go as planned it was a rough start and a rough start for John prince first game. Back as the Oakland Raiders head coach and talk about that and much more his brother deep Picard joint Damon Bruce. David Carr here for the NFL network were gonna be thrilled to bring you David Carr each and every week he's gonna be joining us from the set of NFL network's total access which is at 4 o'clock. Out here in the Bay Area were thrilled to have Mon as a guest David thank you very much how are you sir. Doing very well a tie it was a a tough home loss for the raiders on Monday night your brother. He started out hot they marched right down the field Marshawn Lynch carried about. Fifteen football players into the end zone for a very dramatic opening drive to the gruden era. And then reality just sort of sunk in the rams are good. And it seemed like your brother wasn't looking downfield he might have been more concerned with the what was right in front of them when you look at that rams' front. I don't know if I blame them. Debbie knew that yep hot pepper by open shoot it at all. Probably led duke goes pretty much out there you go back a lot to build our diet doctor Eric. Lot of guys out there that I backed up our job. You obviously most are locked up there might have been one shot where are on the field but they're looking the other way on that. Yeah great game don't. Get what they want to do but. Yeah big big bet that more you know under the front gotten picnic boat you're that you don't cut it gave me. Donald. Dale brown. It is special players you got it figured out what he had been big old long but. I got a bit doesn't it. They are there they gave that Burt. And no reason I think it is. Probably more now that. And but the deep and well Rick Scott's boat but critical drive back. Up program. And don't open it up. David one of the things I like most about your brother is he reclaimed his career here in the NFL and hope please in the right position now with the right coach to get the best full ball out of him. What I like is your brother does not. Run away from adversity like he stood at the podium and he wore. Every single one of his mistakes in the shortcomings of that night like a man. You know it big bet. You know you don't. Want to. If you are more don't you go and that he'd be up next to your peers. God speed you up on late. Ers beat it make you that you yourself burst up the debt. It. Oh. Yeah art and expect. It but. And you better yet they get. To the region where the hot but it. You're at that. We can be better. If you were back. And eager. Though big big play. And because it could pick. It out. We don't. Get better at it in public tiger cub I think that. David what are your brother tell you about the sting of the co Leo Mac trade in that locker room. It's gotta be tough to sell wind right now when the best player was shipped out of town and it's sort of resets the reality I think for a lot of guys. Yeah it was a difficult thing speaker there because you know and we'll take you figure that they've pretty. Don't vote could print it knocked ought during the whole crop. That day. I beat you on them. Expect that and I think that portrait sports department to do it. You know but it really don't know. Why did this happen but. You know it didn't and will agree and I thought Garrick. And our what he does. It. Watching that guy. That's what he's been doing here at Utah or. Get a deal done it but there aren't because. They can do they look they played I think I'm going to be. Because they're gonna be better keep it they were last year even without built but I I think that you could have added. Mac he dealt with that all at the end. Its outlook and I think it got better back and secondary noted that night. But. Well I mean there's there's no doubt. We're talking would David Carr you can see David throughout the week and NFL. Total access 4 o'clock Pacific time on NFL network across the bay well not really cross the bay but in Minnesota that other quarterback. Jimmy Rob Lowe he had three interceptions of his own net against a very good defense just like your brother was facing on Monday night. You know when you see early struggles is there ever cause for concern right out of the rip when your convinced that the quarterback the general manager. And the coach are all on the same page like sure it was a rough day in Minnesota but I see a lot of positives in that and again they should lost by double digits. There are quite like but low. Aren't you. Know reach in there they're important part in Detroit we. I'm new coach and a duck. Duck in that ball. One and that all but you know when you're there to go or. And Oakland I think it the head coach there did recruit them doc I think I'll add. Three coordinator in the league are. What do they do public and there and beat up. Out there. I know it. It and it got most but he would be. And any any dot beat out there and urgently. Now they're Jimmy it would be QD bet you bet you'd be good programs. You better about it tonight no doubt their good batter he started to go to. Lotta issues at peak it employed they can use to get a little. One. Does the what does that without perfect big. I think that lets her cub club and it happened there it was just. Give you all. And can't operate at that everybody should be. They're a great you need a little bit. At eight. You don't know which ones come on drop and he can help you know there are down guy god beat. The guys who else there's first what they do it ought bad luck you can bet but. You know you're a quarterback you know I don't you step out last year but every game how dare you to be your bullet them. It got a great minds that a good like an athletic ability he can't be a lot of thought I'd see him in the pocket. Billy's old boot up look at our big track. And I'll just buy another note. But never go out there and put all your. 49ers host in Detroit on on Sunday and looked it's way too early to drop the must win but it's a dots to have it because. There's not a lot of winnable games early in the season schedule for the 49ers. And especially when you look at the lions come in here with Matt Patricia after four quarters of football there's already stories about how we might be losing some vets in his locker room. And I guess if you overwork. And then under deliver on game day you you're asking Ford is a coach is that what Patricia might be facing. Your doctor could better you go up there at camp they'll let god god is Great. Depression era right now I mean either. I played duke it out. And bank on it. Eclectic company get ready at all. Occurred or sell it to demand that during. Well at the board they did the other night. Even try to power the treasury they all thought it meant that every night Matt pilgrim gay. I'll eat it but ballot look at the guys. That he's not at quarterback now I've been done. You know the numbers aren't you pretty. Much like and he could be really special. And you. Though they got their back of your wallet dot. So that. They're gonna be good I expect. It all back cover. You can do without him but your target and protect that he had. You know. It probably not. Yet. No debate will speak to get the ball up. And. NFL network's David Carr here on the Damon Bruce show so on that note on the did the note big guys don't even want pre season anymore. Isn't it weird David in a weird way the week one. Of the NFL regular season is almost now like it's like. It's kind of like weak zero if you will it's it's like it's like week five of the pre season not what I think in week two is now the new week one. And a lot of the teams especially the rams you know I'm in the I think the reason why they started slow like all due respect to the raiders. Was because they took the entire pre season and use it as a Mulligan first on these guys were playing like snaps together was first quarter in Oakland. Doubt got a great yeah and how are now you know really you look back at last year that injuries are vetted and treat people who are probably a few more. The big name guys bluster and he's done a little bit concerned that all the mob. And we haven't had had to turn outward we want that you don't get it out of control Gazprom but all all went out and you know and there bode well Derrick and people at great reception we got to port act that. And that they're not as perhaps the reason you can beat your gut and here are all adult and repeat itself. Yeah you get the ball keep it gonna feel that. Point but the game but I think. There are one thing I think it's important obviously in internal. Admit I thought things. It's important that we got a group go weaker due out so bad that our plan but. That's the norm now let's look at it you don't want to get their main guys are pretty middle pick out so authority. David Carr awesome stuff we are thrilled to have you on the team all football season long man you're going to be joining us here. On went what it was today today's Thursday tickets can beat me joining us on third days. Stockton. Full ball each and every week we're very excited that you in the mix David thank you so much for agreeing to be part of it. And we look forward already the next week talking with the. I got happy to be here but it. Tune in to David weekdays three to seven here on 957 game still come on the best of the game pop and Vontae hill talk a little Jersey rolls and don't believe the hi I'm Gianfranco this is the best of the game. Welcome back I'm Jian a frank I think he's so much for tuning in if you aren't just hop and I well this is the best of the game where we go through all the best moments in highlight that happens here on 957 game. With all your favorite shows and hosts and right now. We're talking afternoon delight with pop and Vontae. This segment they do weekly is don't believe the hi be out there's always a lot of hype surrounding sports what's the hot take out the week well. What is squash if he's being as they wanna. Make sure you slow your roll just a little bit especially when it comes to the niners taking on an alliance. For week two at home at Levi's on Sundays everyone pretty much says it's a slam dunk went for the niners considering how the lines came out for week one. However. Alliance turning on their new head coach Mack trichet all the turmoil there are losing so badly in week one. They have something to prove as well. The delay in the place. Yeah I. All right let's now believe the hype pure Alamo if you wanna believe the hype of the procession this week for the 49ers lions game is that it should be a slam dunk. For the niners considering what happened to the lines on Monday four ball are you buying this property by Ana winds coming in on a short week to the West Coast getting blown out by forty. By the forty niners. I think the 49ers a win that game that I I think he can't base it on what the lions did in their opener and they even you know it was a lot like the raiders game with the LA rams where. There was a tie game at one point the third quarter. And then it was just an avalanche a pick six a punt return for a score that third quarter and gave up 31 points of the third quarter. And and it was just assert sold now I think the Detroit Lions are solid team. I'm not buying all this typing coming out of Detroit that they don't like Matt Patricia Matt Patricia. Is a no nonsense hard nosed football coach I am hearing that he's having a little bit issue with the scheduling there. For instance she's happy to meet the visiting media on the teleconference until tomorrow morning. Which is highly unusual to do it so late in the week usually do it on Wednesday. When the workweek starts but they just came off a Monday night game they were even on the practice field. Yesterday but I don't care what he talks the visiting media visiting media does their snipe and Adam. But I'm hearing from people close to the lines and Allan park. That it's happening a lot and it's not just in the meetings with the media. That he's changing the times of meetings. As a football culture after being incredibly. Punctual. Now they expect the players are Tom Coughlin if you're five minutes if you're on tiger lady out of their five minutes early. So I don't understand. This this could be a big jump up these are Smart guy obviously. But it's a big difference make it a jump up from beta coordinator. Degree and a head coach of the total football team and it sounds like some things are not coming to him as quickly but they gave him a five year contract. They're back at her automatic sound. And they are good team they did win nine games last year they missed the playoffs of the very you know they lost the Bengals they did make the playoffs the year before with nine wins. So their rosters not you know it's not that much inferior to the 49ers in fact I could say it's a varies it's better. Then the 49ers so I think the tigers will win a short week for them Monday night game going out to the West Coast to be a huge advantage. But I don't think it matters in a blown off the field. You to cover six. We're still forty or are you worried about this I don't care about experts who was not a bad tablets. I don't bad at all that. Dialogue and had this game are worried about Detroit. The tigers lose this game on Sunday. Your mod sphere Monday if you could affect president and me and community lose your mind you will amount to an hour to start with the two what the next two on the road at arrowhead at the chargers. We know a little bit early in the year or not that's a must Wear this coach got off to a on nine start he kept his composure kinda. But pay its its say as soon. It's a game the tigers need to be locked in an end in sight nor. You know what else thinking about this this chargers game we keep talking about not know you are sweet one what's on the gains back. Chiefs who was basically a home game for Kansas City basically the chargers played six to grow games a season ago. We a lot of forty niners are forty and our fans Carson California down in LA. Arabia 49ers home games are made describes itself as say the niners have nine home games in seven road games I know you gotta get on plane to go to a hotel. And traveled all tablet really do it's does that bill. Home for the I wouldn't I wouldn't get that carried away. I think the key to their game is whether joy both supply topple top scared to secure our head coach that is going to be out a couple of more weeks in couple what is cup on the two or three or that. You need to missed three and missed the whole month of September you know he could you could double Melvin Ingram. If you got Joey Barroso over the rookie right tackle McCue and chief. And what do start for him. Now he's gonna get you get he had Danielle hi there. He's gonna get Ezekiel us. He's gonna get Justin Houston and they usually votes. They did we are going to doesn't play you know they're gonna move Melvin anger. Well don't forget about week five when they play Arizona chairman Joseph also just weeks or Sylvia L week six would be in Green Bay they don't have really Clay Matthews coming up there and age. I really have a pastor of drivers continue fondling the high profile after Jeff Martina. Thought he'd get inside linebacker like Marty Glickman to call a quarterback lets you from the jets safety Jamal why don't we loved him before draft here's Lisa had to say about barely knew. Knowing what was coming and that money and I game gets into tree lines. Definitely that he picked off. It's funny that we awarded throughout practice game he was he was didn't jump on a ball when he wasn't good news. Enough so here comes from the snack to snatch sandwich and rock to set right inside and he played perfect. It's about fit in with the stakes are very proud of him for that many available. So jets players are saying that film study and a good week of practice will be led them to knowing what the beach where lines were doing on the golf to decide at a full ball. And they have very stacked beef is where Williams are fraud. Does guarantee guy linebacker can move around and and and say secondary. A mutual main Johnson and Jamal battles and busta screen is still there and Elvis. Morris Claiborne. Every very solid defense gonna 49ers will they know all what is coming here or he's gonna study here is what matters is Richard Sherman leading the film spinach from an overreaction here a little. It so noble leader like they had the initial. Thought was that they knew. The lions plays. By a their communication and their audible system that they had stolen. Which later in games is it happens Greg speaker one day against Peyton Manning years ago. Figured out his audible the line of scrimmage the raiders were doubting was 21 to three of one point came back and won the game. So it does happen even the best that's so but that's not what. Even we heard Jamal adams' hell of a good player necktie I debated whether niners should even take him. At number three. Now and Richard back from two to three he's that good of a player he's a you know his dad played the unifies a great player but the reality is the play they're talking about. The motion. With that receiver coming in. The Detroit Lions almost always run Theo Riddick got an angle route out of the backfield. And that's that's just from study. And all teams do that. The eight day when they have certain formations. And certain movements you can. You can predict. I do it all the time I can tell. What the play's going to be but the good teams. Will build varied formations they'll make it look different that's what Kyle Shanahan. Sean McVeigh Jon Gruden the great play callers are Andy Reid Sean Payton. They will show you something you'd think you're seeing it won't be that or they'll give you what year is coming but do would have different formations so. I think it did this story started out as though. They were they new their signals they knew the play vets that now you're her Jamal Adams say. That differently do it by film study that's that's very different that's very different. As so you when they run that motion there it's usually an angle route to Theo Riddick and there was apparently jumped dead now they countered that. Is a show on that formation. Enact given the angle route go to the seven around the corner route which is they're talking about your shoulders. It's football and you're overreacting because somebody spoke out after a game and they jets felt good date they can bank their chance but that happens all the time in the NFL. No I agree there we could call plays at home all the time dear Bubba called a Super Bowl play with a with a video camera shoveled the falcons. Did. Sticking with the afternoon delight bond hill wearing an X as L Jersey. Yeah act. We Pollack it worked today here at 957 game of all of our radio stations in our intercom clustered so Lotta people more jerseys from their favorite teams but the ex FL Vontae that's what she met with. Of course it led to conversation all about Jersey rolls. Jersey rolls Georgia rules where Iran would have filed with this. Could always hear you rattle walk around me like Jerry she's always Jersey boy known not to Georgie boy people were injured Anke can tell that and not about revenue grew up talking about when you wanna Wear basketball Jersey. Or football Jersey your favorite player when he ran all he says he gets to a certain age. Where you can't Wear jerseys and she shouldn't Wear red arrow ran hockey sweaters all the time nobody is not a Jersey it's a difference already rattled Ireland but I location aware and he ate me because a lot of I'd Smart bright they're they're all looking at me crazy like rarely Wear the Jersey why are you weren't ex FL Jersey. Why are you worried that well it's Jersey day here dining 57 game round and potluck I got a lot of food of course the potluck as a Democrat winning majors and Walton not everybody there weren't like Jersey shirts some people are wearing jerseys have Jersey dresses. On the court first of all why they have an apartment during our show and they haven't liked. After our show we're controlled the loft not your decision to hold the meat balls minorities and my balls. What's your Jersey lol David do you have a Jersey rolled out did you Wear jerseys grown up. Now we do you know what we didn't if I was if I was at of this generation I remember. Years ago. And haven't dad went to New York City. And I said can you give me a Walt Frazier number ten. And date dating to have them there were there was nothing there's no stores wreaking even by. Something like that so my mom is such a kind heart. She wanted it had some cockamamie like QT shirt made it was announced that its text like Fraser's Jersey. So if I was a kid today. It be a different story now I ate I have debated. At times and other divide OJ Simpson 32. Which I never did but I was close to buying that one time out over the Abbott actually where but I watered it there was one time I was about Joseph name at number twelve. I never actually to the one thing I wanted to charge. I have a lot of artifacts in my home really a lot of it's in the garage stored away. Was that the L Mickey mantle's place on Central Park question New York. They had a LeRoy Neiman and out of the family are in agreement at all it is highly overrated but anyway he did a obtaining a job name it was cool about it. Was Joseph had that old face mask that went down below his chin here and it was in three dimensions so the the face mask came off the surface of the pin and it was just a loss. I go there Don Nelson who the owner we always go there hang out out of by the outlandish I went back and and Mickey Mouse place on Central Park west closed. Not even open there's actually one of Oklahoma City cosmic Dickens from Oklahoma but they didn't have that there's so no I don't I do have a job fair for roe. Jersey the great buffalo sabre the sentiment of the French connection. There and repair and once hard sided late Richard Barton. And the other because I was in buffalo and the raiders played the bills last year. I went to see the sharks. Played the sabres. And an account and about getting a shall bear Perot Jersey I'd actually buy it so my sister sent it to me. For. Christmas. And I've I only wanted to once. And I wore it. To say for a one day with a stocking cap on. The tobacco overwhelm pop what do stock so I look at all the play selfless a lot of a quarter that this. And a he's a patient six I'm not sure I was doing there but I a war they shall bear Perot Jersey only once in it and go you know what. Everybody recognized speaker I thought that's about it I think I went out actually I like New Year's Eve before I was gonna watch. The outdoor game they play you have what the pro Jersey. And I thought no one's gonna recognize me I got this cap on I got that over Perot Jersey like five people stop me I'm like how. Do I looked like. I put you. Over to speak French. So I thought actually the answer your question is are around about way now her her record to a lot of people are not. Execute we didn't have those jets seem deterred other everywhere you had to jerseys really blossomed her Meyer middle school are number they don't know what if you get there award Grant Hill Jersey had a black Michael Driscoll is yours and get hurt right in my last angles building's good yet to read distance off they go look good song weren't hill are pedals Grant Hill on the basketball court. And so jerseys at a teal Jersey and open and got a war last Sunday of sort of 49ers season opener authentic I had I'm a machine to say this. But at a key Shaun Johnson Tampa Bay buccaneer mr. And meet Sean basement nineteenth where gruden kicked him out of data to start Elena jagr hit a big ball. You're like reality Justin Bieber for freedom that America. What else I've Iverson Jersey. The light I don't know have a light blue sixers Jersey but basically what. This is the sensible safe you say if you soften and weren't a rigorous review monsters. To acceptable. Randy Moss Randy marsh and later on yeah. Nobody else can you pick and you pick Timmy brown or Warren wells of travel the focus of what about a college side ICH he's all the time and McAllister in a restraining Marshall about Aaron Brooks and Kerry Collins saw. Or for support guy does this ought to just package Russia. There's no why would Els wants him to say until that money not bode well they've if you can be a GO GO car body Jersey right now or can be JT O'Sullivan would anywhere number I don't know OJ Simpson and 4900. I know I see a lot of OJ Simpson forty niner jerseys. I see them always I'm here nobody can say what he played two years Galileo cultural. The argument here now you are not hurt he was already heard. Which imply it. Would it be okay to where Elvis or the actors. Oh. There's Jersey rolls here or Warner gave like ICC a lot of Tim Carter wager did you see a lot of Chris Mullin jerseys. Just a point here is people sometimes say argue that you owed to Wear Jersey Olympic does an age limit on Jersey. Now got to bring the story rattled because he hates Rembrandt or worst hockey sweaters all the time he wears hockey sweaters in hockey pat split. Not popular lately seahawk hokey pokey. Are talking pockets are talking about a happy are for the first thirty management. Hockey the shark straight all of us have this title at the Carlson I didn't realize you it's it's I just tried they never knew why. The Norris until Brent Burns one on. Now I got three in the hello hello Doug Doug Wilson likes his rushing defenseman will the sharks beat torching the Stanley Cup how much like it here. I'm going crazy is this whole would you liken this to get Kevin Durant type transaction for the church. Five knew little about the a lot of draft picks intensity did when I mean I don't know how does were tired. Big draft hello hi sellers and then why not this is this your citing got no Carlson is why not bring them here with a vendor came. Brent Burns. Is Joseph Torre storm squash such Orton still there are still there are sold out. On what their Evander Kane the have they are in a nine. And he was terrific. Terrific and he came from buffalo with a better reputation was really outs going in to degrade each we brought his girlfriend Heidi New Hampshire to New York Yankee. In addition. That if he was go to the raider game I told that already at Iraq and Africa TrueCrypt for Delaware that are I don't not right now about this and molested on Jersey's. Is it cool to Wear like a high school Jersey of a player so for example well you get that. You can get that a Nike stores Mitchell when they ask you can order a mom line my argument like moss and high school yeah mosque high school is usually a great a deep a dew point high school from just last Thursday. I recently you really get the date they sell so I guess I had players in the NFL or their NBA their high school your body obviously LeBron James Wright of LeBron James I had a a mortgage and our jury from Charlotte Christian I have not seen Knowles. At all there about buying today let's make sure he popped. Let's or somebody to step curry school Jersey board member owner Carlson where there is very brick that when we should particular. Eyes at sideshow on the afternoon delight and you can tune in a weekdays from noon to three right here on 957 game what all on T where next. A and really quick before I go for all of these fantasy freaks out there I Syria I'm once you. Yeah sports fantasy expert Brad Evans joined jailed on did this morning giving you volley inside an information you might meets in elf for your fantasy football team this week. What's cooking with David C football is brought to you by Freeman's appliance a trusted name in the Bay Area since 1922. Ladies and gentlemen we go to the phones to welcome in one of our favorites the great Brad Evans fantasy expert Yahoo! fantasy sports with us here on 95 cent in the game. Happy tequila Thursday how are you my friend asked. I. At pac. Go to Dan give a year owner of lethal inflection good morning I'm back Cam Newton against Atlanta or Jimmy G against Detroit which way to Lago. Wow that's a tough line I. It's still err on the side of Cam Newton I understand that you do your rob Lowe's got as sensational match up in the pencil behind the here. A map which are you getting shorter and that's why stressed behind the ear. A but I. I think you know you look at Cam Newton his his floor is always still hot because the scoring duality is ability to make plays at his legs he scored rushing touchdown last week. Ice had a tremendous about a success against Atlanta the other key here is that latest missing Deion Jones eking out O'Neal and that linebacker corps they are emaciated. In that area the field he asked your thought it now for order a pretty darn good secondary. But I could see Campbell really picking apart this defense of the mill the field with who the pride at Stamford Christian McCaffery still slighted entered Cam Newton but both these guys are top ten options. Brad Evans Yahoo! fantasy sports joining us our 95 cent in the game if you wanna get down the number is triple eight. 957. 9570 Tripoli 957 knighted by sending we will put you through the goat but the one that we asked. Keep it concise and buttoned up one question when animal data here about your whole scoring structures before we go to the phones and it's got a question as well for you go out. I guess I'm the owner of go off with his head now I certainly beyond bell again. I have that lady on the house on the travel with the running backs right now I kicked about from Morris on waivers how does he compare this week compared to last again and I have Chris Carson and Jordan Wilkins which do what do it do I go with the running back. AC rule number one was what will liberal I want to question immediate violation. Whistle please you know you have to see. Ever attend which do it like go join look at Albert Moore Urquhart cart. I would actually go without remorse beleaguered I think Chris Karstens gonna see its role ratchet up you know Pete Carroll at said that at this week but he always lies through his teeth you were shot penny last week. Had one more touch but certainly still think Carson against the Denver Broncos. Difficult matchup on the road against that much a gaggle Beers in Khalil back. We're still reeling from that gut wrenching loss to air Rogers the comeback for the ages still offer goers and it did. It's that Patricia. This is the defense couldn't stop the jets have a sort of people who Rodham. So I think horse got to get primarily on both the work inside the reds are getting it back on track after that costly fumble. I near the goal line last week in Minnesota I think he scores and accumulates around sixty combined yards in this. Bart to San Jose you are on with the goat Bart in San Jose fire away. Hey guys how are big fans out Brad and make you a few years ago it Levi's stadium and Yahoo! us and are there enough to move not a I got a question for now I have a Melvin Gordon starting at made wide receiver and still Lindy. Is it worth picking up Bakalar all my waiver wire and starting him as RB two and have you RB cues starting. In the same week. I would still go accord at wide receiver Josh Gordon of course you Jackson just came out and said that yet we need to get him more target to a sell three last week of course the wind. Of those targets was has only catch and it was a man sketch for a touchdown this and that game in overtime and go to gets Marshall allowed or silicon is booths are getting. Torched like a crimp brew lay against Mike Evans there all the by you I think Josh Gordon's and for a monster we could be his first hundred your game of the season. And if he had to make a choice between either Alston heckler bodily tacklers public coffee table for my Kia or Phil Wednesday at the I actually go with Lindsay here I think both these scripts are going to be very positive for either running back. But I think when he's gonna see probably a little bit more workload maybe 1415. Touches of when he had last week in and Royce Freeman working and that time shared a chance for seventy combined yards and a score for the rookie. Cholera. Catch him on Twitter at Yahoo! noisy is the best in the business fantasy expert extraordinaire for Yahoo! fantasy sports Brad Evans with us on 957 game. Thank you very much don't enjoy your tequila Thursday. Well good luck here fancy team good let's hear favorite NFL team as a weak tea was officially under way thanks a lot opportunity didn't think he's the only man circus for helping me produce the show you could buy all these segments and more including this as a podcast on 957 game dot com and remember to stream as everywhere you go using the radio dot com app and don't forget to check out my weekly interview with six Kennedy from the sidelines you can also find that at our website 957 game dot com slash. Sidelines remember are playing hard have fun and always enjoyed the game I'm out of break out Alcee soon.