Ben Golliver with a national perspective on the NBA playoffs

The Damon Bruce Show
Thursday, May 18th

National NBA writer for Sports Illustrated, Ben Golliver, joins Roxy & Steiny to discuss the NBA playoffs!


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Now the national perspective of the Western Conference finals and also. What's going on in the Eastern Conference right now lawyers and Oliver from Sports Illustrated joins us column on two hitter that day and Oliver and then all this time off Matt advertised it about this between games two and three. It sucks the lord is to sit around all this time than had dated debt wrapped up play games wanna do that then this extended break to get it. You lose that rhythm and it feels for a series in some ways. Yet there's no question about it China countered on the same thing in the Easter Cochran a trillion being the dark it's still in the same thing too I mean I'll be short series with a bad team and it's not exactly what they're rooting for. I don't mind it does breeder and I didn't like that it seems trying to get picked up here to get a little bit weird happening I'd Golden State played you before Cleveland waited. The break at least say that up there a little bit in a more even in terms of the progress of their respective series but I yeah its been a little bit of a let down. Terms of the playoff Rogers kind of opened the final say that. There are fewer Golden State warrior fan would you have one shy on the Cleveland Cavaliers and think. Half they're looking pretty good may be. This thing is in his much of a lock as we might have thought. What are the warriors. Will buy it ought to quiet minor injury report it I mean that sort that out yet adhere to keep out there he's hobbled or you know whatever might become an up its weekend. You know that the most important item of business at this point what is it that you get editorial aren't we all expected to Jimmy Cleveland. Continue to take Europe you know boxes. You know I think it's a real it's a real threat I mean everywhere you look back at irregulars he did in terms that you know how quickly went their record wise. How to be there in terms of point differential obviously gold beaten about water on both categories. But what we got nickel black market equity which really creed they gonna be a lot of people expected that that certainly that'd been fully repealed and I beat. Never more so indeed want to get bought into completely dominant performance. Get Smart pretty it plenty hard working over achievers they've got a little bit star power. But ultimately they got it look like cute story in a sort of like Washington look at weekly look at quite a bit. That electronic gateway Cleveland. Swept them out pretty quickly in the second round so I mean it that hard to gauge. Exactly how good Quigley is just because we haven't you been at it by ADP he Easter Cochran's. We knew that he used as we this year even look at a large back to keep trying to be contenders I want to degrees opposite you once again. So basically a little bit better and actually are still being. Because any formidable challenge for gold. Well the warriors still have to win two more Ben to get to the NB a finals in that possible rematch heard the third season in a row get Cleveland. In the finals from game one to game two we clearly saw different warriors team now the coli Leonard effect probably get some to do with that as well but. There's a lot of criticism throw on the way of LaMarcus Aldridge for his performance in game two what did you see from him. And then you expected different LaMarcus Aldridge Saturday in game three. The guy kind of covered on the Betancourt a lot of huge career and you know eclipse a lot of criticism. But to be your own pitch or felt that game or I mean of course I mean never made the Western Conference final. I think this evening will be validated in the agents of Portland and Tony you know last year both teams were out. I pretty early in the playoff and there's a lot of bickering up in Portland about. The fact that the market do you did you get any heed the policy in particular app and its impact shot. I think also urgency global markets just because we don't know how many more shot at getting Antonio. I if you're desperate you're in right now that's all around quietly under. I that could mean keeping the markets for next even the back at all to beat exploring a possible trade opportunities trying to get a little piece comparable more flexible. And what we've seen from Aldridge is you are not a shooter. And you don't look quite center and you need to eat almost record player are important yet certain restrictions came out only to the three point line. You're not quite knowledgeable as you were few years ago so. I don't think you that this will be quite clothes shopping this year by. Yet he regretted it yet but we don't know he's going to be back next year on the same level. And we don't know and don't want him around for the long ball. As they look forward so I think he. He got degrees in the world kind of turned around in terms became too specifically. I mean everybody's gotten. The patent clay you know Gregg Popovich called kidney. That's been an issue for and kind of hitter throughout his career in terms of some ninety super locked in like what indeed one. Keep getting up to glad. Getting you into the hate each scored on that topic I. We get the idea that indeed Jews sort of the take away immediately good Britain actually eager to acting get to the strike mean all the I did things that you see are from guys weren't you know they take they're there well I think requirement. Injury. It did direct explanation of you know it's really easy elect. Actually what you that your best player in decline against the superior opponent. I just simply went out of jail and that's what you saw all the gamesmanship art in terms of going after dot after game one night. That's what you saw into routine a little bit after game two as well you don't. The mental battle right now you've been recalled pitcher inquiry. Then I. I like LaMarcus Aldridge I don't love him but obviously there's a perception out there that that some believe he should be better. And you know he's very unemotional player almost seems a little bit distant when he's when he's on the court. I guess what I'm gonna ask you since I know you're familiar with and does he love the game like you want a player to love the game. Yeah and that bother you people questioned out of out of that he's a player who. Put it he minds back from multiple years in Portland he's gotten quite get the credit don't happen be it you know. The critics were so loud that that route you're accused him but he turned back to back strong gains by the incident about what Leonard. You essential reason why it was that series you know right along it was genes are kind of call Eaton. And yet certainly get credit that yet and I shall gain what expecting one quite gotten that. Balancing got them off at eight that had to get locked additional light. Part immediate that you got to got the credit you're not gonna go out there yet or not these are I'll let the chips fall until. I think guys. Lack of comprehension and his side. A lot at bat prudent for the critics sort of overwhelmed him. I think he's competitive it is no way he's certainly you know carry huge burden to Portland. Admirably as good solid throughout you know multiple bullet efforts there after they locked. You know them their guys to injury writers granite quarry. Or great noted Judy got a little bit and we're sure in terms it is important how much you want to win and I think if you look at it. Asian joint Antonio. That would all about all of you guys but are about either create speed that can come out in. Know what that opportunity for them away to win a title. I think that without any kind of put his money now what now so. Can be yeah it's more about. You can do you factor in making sure all the way to lock I think you would actually you can keep troops here. Indonesian foreign in terms of the mental focus I think that's like it's not a lot of question. Recycle and the light in we get that in any sort of the touchy subject. Like Egypt about bout that bottom line and it is not and it's here you can app to beat big gains in court if they want me intentions. From Sports Illustrated bent Oliver joining us here on 95 point seven a game. What else needs to change standing in your eyes in game three from San Antonio's perspective now certainly at a boost their chances if they can get collide back. And we still don't know if that's gonna happen but what can't San Antonio do differently in game three what do you need to seep in disperse. What are your role aren't gonna play better I'll just like anybody out there than you were a little warriors bench I was going to be dot right now. They're what their current humid you know. Players like being green monitored notably. Again these are guys to bite is complete security unique at all they. Report reporters that it could be completely different game to other people want to supporting Pakistan are sure that. I think even if you got strong any trouble likes and greeted John incident in an added they'll be. He's got to emerge yet you wrote against using what quietly out. It's not gonna matter did score stayed in his entire year equal out you can't why did that help meet it'd be expected. Any BB it player who. The first game one was the best out of court and I'll say it out like I got should be respectable at curry kept entering entering my agreed to lobby all the guys that at moments during this all the heat where they were as clear who the warriors. And that in any respect moments that. Quietly option among all the current patent game one so you can get back on the court played at that level and it got a shot here. It knocked it involved are they're much to argue about I think we're all looking forward to getting Cleveland gold skate. One of the things we saw in game one it was a smaller player defending Kevin Durant whether it was a Patty Mills or even a Danny Green got at least out on the perimeter and the plan seemed to be encouraged. KE DD either shoot the shot or drive and then they would converge on him a little bit and and it seemed to me forced him to make a play either pass or shot. Is that something that. Can be countered and if so how and did you notice that and is it something that could work further into the series. Yeah I think it's hectic jumpers you know especially leader drew it will order as you shoot jumpers but there are energy but Yelp and sort of equal to speak well. Or because. Airport and it is when the ball and I queen books they get what danger are illegal and that it's just too much. That you actually got it beat England and Antonio. I think what it means we sought out the church in game one would the court is that Wendell white ball. Gold Daytona you know they're set up accordingly to train and at the center ending what did you grant at power forward. When gold goes small they're hackable walker more athletic. And you know more personal then get on the ball without warrant and book know that. One way where there's ethnic and the Regan eighty treatment at it a shot at it. In actuality they got he got off to redone chip out there and if you jump Robert guy to box market indeed he is like. I index small ball line so. I can be guided nature particularly. Not always quite so Portuguese kind of keep in the game but yeah on this stretch lately gotten. Like it particularly. And scoring ability wanna acceptable date. I get like that we want ala. Because otherwise he'd rather I'd rather deal to Marie. Or bodies. News or whoever else in my yard burger is giving up too much too much like it that small ball line agent at that each bucket. Dan great stuff states joining us appreciate it. Are there meg Oliver from Sports Illustrated joining us here on the David Bristow an Audi five point seven negate.