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Wednesday, October 11th

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We had a long last week he taught us all about. There raiders. And play action plays and they just don't do it. And then allowed you picked it up and it was a big part of our pregame show so Austin Gail from pro football focus. Is here once again Almonte letter if your raiders fan at Austin Gail underscored the aftermath. It's going to be a tough performance of saw last week after you broke so much knowledge were hoping you're gonna bring us another great nugget that we can not only used tonight all day but will be able to also be used for the pregame show on Sunday. Unhappy to be back on and I can tell you that now I got to not get. Loved it letter well. All right so for our parents and break down on the tomorrow Cooper situation right now and it kind of comes standard three tiger stat that I poll comparing this season collapse feature so right now you know deep recession ST perceptions being. Percent to about 21 area are closed didn't thirty receptions and three targets none of which have been deemed passable by analysts. Black people in Peru Wi five instead Indy targets for which are cast all IndyCar all pork or herds which is six yards and one touchdown they ought to be. A collective defense is when you can catch decaf and like that it is open think they're gonna right gate over interpret intermediate route if it's great overall. Now. Moving yet corny actual targets. Fifty cent overall total capital target seven which I've been dropped which a bit creaky page only unpaid first 64 text or target lock he's been. He can't hit 87 tactical targets and only got four that he struck seven a wanna conduct or 87 lackeys and good thinker a tale of two Cubans are far. Lock that for you here you only hear and only have a 158. Now in route cool quiet without being point 75. Dart around right it actual act yet sat. Lack he's been through week I had heard nine ER Ford back in round which combination of increased increase traps comic strip. Walk into place. More more packed. Packing crate and barrel in that particular topics being blonde black future what must greater help. And that and lucky been averaging 2.3 five dart around a lot which is bleak times. The amount of dark around run in the it during this season. Yeah I was watching meg back again this week and it's just shocking how he's just not involved really at all I mean you watch said. And you can only focus on him when you're watching the coach's film it's a site. He's not part of the game plan and people are saying he's open and. I won just watching him through a lot of the game you know gone back he's not as open as people are trying to say years. Well you look back in the paper there are couple plays in Jacko real spoken just here after being hacked I want to open market deep shock that he came manual there's been to get conceit. I think that the combination of you know you got big ripple impact that the low post in my street Emanuel and before the car injury a picture is not connected any help Oakland LG Todd downing not. Not feeding him the ball and you member of last year must they came to the podium and he sat. We have yet to revolve all we have targeted more and you thought I was gonna happen that you're coming up the watching week one. We see a lot of red on Parker said he had UT just an increasing part of all is very heavily involved topic again and beat. They just stayed at. Tokyo's does that require I'm not sure that's because our dining at kind of you know. Let the matter picture for whatever reason George I'm moving away firm to target other receivers. Oh well not really sure pretty each packet normal path that what are only twenty castle partners either quote move you know what we think it's one of the better receivers. It did not accept or he told me on pace for sixty call actionable targets they did that is increased. Austin just to be fair I mean a coordinator or coach can take the podium and say we've got to get this guy the ball more often only once but if the quarterback has lost a modicum of faith in his ability to catch the balls that are thrown his way. But again I don't care how much the coach talks at the podium. It's all on the quarterback and it's all on the wide receiver to earn and maintain that trust that faith the QB hasn't Germany's Boston than it looks like anyway. They're definitely act that would agree with you you you YouTube incompetent Paris you only dropped seven of the twenty task while you target play but the only way to get a guy have a backlog. I think you the freedom to speed of you got you got to keep that going and hopefully he can get out back the truck. Happy here then right now when you move away from now I just increased targets and park building that confidence slowly on Haiti and intermediate routes will be on the line scores up. Alli can avoid this topic you and leave the media how many people have moved or it kind of Peter period. It's not about deep shots just overall. Or where are the raiders wind throwing the ball down the field this year vs last year. That nowhere close to it in terms of all you know we're caught in terms of success lower cost picture. They're they're simply not throwing the ball deep as much as they want Lackey then inch. And that's a problem when you're not able to you know stretch the defense and you know open up played it won't want to open up the run game and to open a unique intermediate closed. And it just doesn't bode well such record opera took fire from those pitches in the quarters and are not arts pictures and slam action. You are behind once every screen it if it doesn't it doesn't help our. So in terms of the deep ball though last season when the raiders clearly as you just said they had more success in the deep ball. Is that because the receivers were picking up so many yards after contractor after the catch urged the ball. He's he's a ball actually traveling a long way in the air because I don't remember many passes before Derrick got hurt that traveled Tony 25 yards in the air. Oh well. What if he's and so far he's only attempted. Eight deep packet air cargo intent to eighteen after cleaning Deepak meaning twenty parts area our content Lockheed then. He attempted 66. So you do the math on that their politicking eight per week for he can claim we try meaning if you mean he took retaliatory yellow paper 32 key caps plaque even eutectic 56 competing point six per ER BC yards and eight cents you have to include an increase that number there aren't except that our lack you can over cleared her from the article outlining it I just wanted to create deep ball in the game and improved it significantly corporate America state. They're good rookie year and you're stuck in that creek imply. We've got our man costing Gail from pro football focus he covers the raiders farm on Twitter at Austin Gail underscore. They have scored through five games. 44. Less points then they had all last year. What would you say is a number one reason why. Care but if you just sit just to stop being the same drum and move away from the key targets something like that I think it's our run game. Run game has been significantly worse this season. If they're hopeful whatever read it and and I think it's because you eat you have one quote acting gained a lot but no plan to. Circuit only one now I'm a lucky last week we sent seven include got to eleven with EJ Manuel under center I. In week five but I still not enough spoke to predict oil and also put my card game tracks you've been doing what are they going very obviously. Mitt last week allowing John Cook Luciano to go and where in dealing with that ankle injury he has grated. We have not created over forty point oh and run blocking that he'd been in any single day ensemble PR when you go and he greeted. Add and 86 point nine which he it is the fourth higher on what a great by any greater profit of one and had done in a single game received that. Just having that. Pat back guy in there and being able applaud him and make sure you allows you to run also write more accurately and all elected electrical could do for. We keep Jack and struggling raiders were predominantly running the football to collapse which of course dictated the critical peak. Austin can you give us some sort of a nugget that sheds some light on. Individual struggles along the raiders offensive line we had a somebody on the Tex lines saying it it's it seems to me like Donald panic is the weakness. But the whole offensive line is being thrown under the bus any any such nuggets for me. How I I think you know you wanna point out. Point the finger McDonnell and I just don't think that they're expecting it at that they are allowing significantly less pressure than any other team in the league right now. Shall be only allowed 24 total pressures which is six less than any team in the NFL but. When you look at those 24 total pressures ten of those twenty portal pressures had been sacks. That that comes down to allowing sacked or the pressure that's when like the power of wind breaks down in the quarterback I'm able to step up he's not able to avoid pressure vote 08 anyway or anything along those lines and it comes down to the two quarterback holding onto the ball more hurting those I should that should be QB hit that should be a pro way. Into exact because they're not able to wonder how are aware it could throw the ball away or avoid pressure apparently enable complete. How do you Philly defense and has done so far first the first five games. Originally they were very impressed with how they're able to kind of that they may be the expectation because going to repeat then you know everyone thought. Raiders perhaps or 35% because there's no opera and I think they played well two weeks for the there was no conflict down recently with the cornerbacks play. You have to look point the finger that. No you know David Emerson had internal Linder each ons that. That both corners right now right outside the pop on heard in yards allowed per coverage now they also rain. Number number 112. Number one earned fourteen at quarterback after reading aloud among the only hundred picking quarterback COLT go with the people covered shocker heater. I mean they're allowing. One of the highest quarterback ratings went on the field and when target wish this which makes it easy for quarterbacks to pick apart. A guy like transmit or David Emerson even on the field and and then avoid some of the better public course like TJ Kerry who's been by far away. They will wait healthy the better quarter put greater. Austin are we gonna see an expanded role for Marshawn Lynch moving forward or do you think they're using in the way they expected to use them. It's just about handing out a way to expect to. I don't think I can predict its expanded role for mark how much I think they are using and exactly what they want to be who they want to extend all or jailing Rashard. Every time the efforts of the ball good pink packet later can hurt you game. Or running out of the backfield they needed to find more played and allow him to get the football. So where if he's the only guy that actually now may be your calendar watcher who became the chancellor. The only kind of recollect into the explosive plays to those speaking of sharp run those breakaway runs. I could spark tribes and really open up the pack in open up the play action and I beat Chile restarted the I wanna look to just general. You know I think about play action obviously you can run play action has shot down but it's more effectively do it from under center it's easier run the football power football running. When you're under center would you recommend for Todd downing. More under senator for Derek Karr that hopefully could help this team run the football more powerful ball. And then also help out the play action and run more play action. Definitely I think getting under center or is it an easy way to run more play action and another another way to kind of more traditional lunch not power. Smash mouth football post at the raiders are people love. Capable of because of how counted up the line as. But I also want to see the raiders run beat the played all of our coalition they ran a lot last season as Larry brings it up at the climate. But Lackey in the red matter a representatives earlier this week's 20%. Or they're total operative played a significant portion and when considering it almost a trick play given that. We'll look up the alligator clips picked up at 21 minute and other integrators putting expect big time on meet certain times it is it create significant. How when they did so they were able averaged four point five yards per play which is in no way you'll see. Creepy greed or anything like that what. They kind of kept those eager to on the and that. They're able to lump reaction out of me and also push those linebackers that you had to prepare for clutch assembly all around it's gonna blow you up and they're like when you Peter Denver game in week ten of last year. They read a lot of that formation were able to just. Quiet it down the middle runs with you know that they BC guard and that's over the cracks and actually open some of the act it's going to be easily win it. Ozzie gray stuff as always follow Austin Gail onto order at Austin Gail underscored PF apple docked in its way thanks Justin.