Arthur Renowitzky LIVE in studio

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Wednesday, October 11th
Founder of the Life Goes On Foundation, Arthur Renowitzky, joins the Damon Bruce Show live in studio to tell his inspiring story & explain how you can get involved in the Life Goes On Foundation, which has already caught the attention of Kevin Durant & Marshawn Lynch. 

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It's great to have you here thanks so much to stop the non by today and I want those certainly extend that to tune. Our next guest is name is our third runway its key key is a motivational speaker he has an unbelievable foundation that it's called life goes on he inspires. High school students college students and business people. He inspires an awful lot of these sports stars that you look for and towards for inspiration here in the Bay Area as well his story. Is part French and and when we originally met last week. It was great to on meet you as you were. Moving through the office basically getting a little bit of the tour I don't know who you were here to see but I'm glad we met and I've been waiting to talk to ever since we did Arthur thank you so much for coming in. Really appreciate it glad to bring your gorgeous girlfriend Gloria witty as well. I'm I'm very happy to be here thank you Denver some huge fan of the show. I've been watching you for years and morals huge sports fanatic you know. Raiders days warriors especially and does just. You know amazing India today thank you have. I'll look it's great to have view your story he is. Is an amazing story I just wanna read it on the pamphlet that you actually gave me that promotes life goes on to the charity that you have sounded in and run with Gloria to raise awareness for. Well really it's like. Gone awareness. Of it's it's. It didn't you'll go ahead and tell us what it's what is four Cy Young life goes on foundation is a nonprofit organization started after my injury. I.s for spinal cord injury awareness. You know violence prevention for youth. And just to promote a positive active healthy lifestyle. Until the next generation coming up we have. You know multiple programs like speaker series we actually just. God and today it finished out by doing a speaking engagement before we got here at my old high school and it's just they use. Ash waste from what's high school. I Castro Valley High School dish out I would rather than let the golden knights the any trends aren't. Add the trojans enter a Trojan as saying okay gout drug go trojans Castro Valley we see you. In 2007. You're exiting. A club here in San Francisco Bay random stranger walked up to you in an attempt to rob you. Shot you. The bullet is still in your spinal cord. Spent a long time in the hospital and when you woke up on Christmas Eve after a medically induced coma. You were given the news on Christmas CD were paralyzed from. The chest down. You just talk us through that emotion in that time and and what that was like three. Yeah like like I said we met last week Damon and around. The injury happening you know that you can happen actually right down the street from here. And it gave me chills to come here last week. The first time I met you but it also didn't shows the second time coming around here. I'm. You know. It's twenty years old I was walking on the street you know mind my own business and just like census gun violence happens. You know all the time it seems now you know. Was walking on the street net a stranger ran out shot me sit awhile which at twenty dollars and me and ran off. And you know that bully changed my life forever I grew up an athlete my entire life play sports. Thanks for while played basketball did track and field. And when I bullet hit my spine. Yeah I hit the ground instantly. And my first reaction is to get up and run away. Outlet had been doing you know my entire life you know doing suicides and springs was right. At this mommy and I couldn't I couldn't move and down. Yes thankfully a and paramedics came it put me on stretchers they put me NAND listening semi straight to USF school general hospital. If this happened December 2 a member around right before going into surgery. My mom coming out to me send small prayer for me Sinaloa Nissan and that's the last thing I remember I ended up in going into a coma and when I woke up doctors pretty much told me I would never walk and they also told me that I would never possibly never talk again. I trick in my neck into his you know I wasn't speaking at the time so the wrong written communiques the paper thin and my in out. First reaction was I wanna walk again I want to get out and I don't walk at his hospital bed but. You know no matter how hard I tried to you know my legs moving and it was. It was a tough. Tough thing to swallow at such a young age you know just turned twenty years old. Just starting off my life and since his gun violence happened. And that's the fork in the road more you can either. Pretty much spiral into a incredibly understandable. Personal depression and it keeps you an invalid the rest to your life or. You can do what you did. Get in that wheelchair get out and start effecting change and it's amazing that you've done that. Your foundation is now used to create awareness to bring people together and EU have been. Basically chosen by Bay Area athletes is someone that's inspiring them would you tell us and I I read the mark come the him Marc spears piece. The Marcus Spears piece that he did doubt you. Tell us about meeting Kevin Durant. I'll I guess there's some huge warriors fan the following the wars fan since I was in case I see yeah I keep concentration Zealand kings jerseys though. That's the reason the reason for that that play with the Sacramento Kings wheelchair basketball team and data values where fans that's kind of it's a weird situation where. I was on its efforts Cisco when he first. Cited come to the warriors as a free agent. And it was like his first week here I ended up bumping into own. Off places who might close antenna could go identical shot where were you worried party and miles down the street from here the night club is called temple. I'll get intraday yet dread that now hit so I ran into a mad at temple and down. Actually out. There was use at a separate table with security I went out to kind of velvet ropes a thorough spray everywhere you VIPs go behind overrode his idea how. We're multiple security and you know as I was going out so long and actually had to go out to a three stairs so I. Ask the people who live near the stairs you know those fears are gonna stop me from saying hello to you when most. Amazing basketball players there is out there Assad got up the stairs and insecurity Staten thousand other. Obstacle undergo another hurdle yet another hurdle at a breakthrough but. Told my wanted to meet Kevin Durant in a told me no. I'm Katie saw me talking to them and then he walked over and said no it's okay with that blessing led eleven Sarah let them throw. It's yeah I made it quick I just wanted to you know welcome to the Bay Area let them know you know. We're happy to have gone and done. You know one thing that I gave him as a life goes congress spent. Grounds not my own hands and done it's it's your version of the live strong wrist bands in wins no doping or. Steroids involved with a guy that continue. And that quick story behind that life goes on wrist band reason why we pass out some many it's a very youth you know all over the all of their country actually but the when I was in the hospital and I welcome back to the call mom and entertainment and talk to me says you know we're. You know life goes on keep pushing don't ever give up any enemy act a wrist and then he made a so life goes on so. I got the idea from doing that but I gave Katie the wrist band off off my wrist. And you tell me you know Lisa you know I'm not aware at this season and it's. You did he gave a war and all season yet offseason yeah lord and down. It's something that you know everytime I outlast the game and see him winning. You know I resist. Push even harder to it to get my moving out into spread awareness about spinal cord injuries and just to spread a positive message to everyone. You've inspired a lot of people a lot of people who inspired you on a talk about your speaking engagements I wanna talk about this wheelchair basketball game that you're going to be hosting and putting on and we'll talk about how people can get involved and learn more about you and then we'll come back to talk a little bit about the progress. In spinal cord research and where you really think this all goes now that the future seems to be here medically. And stick around we've got much more coming up with our guest right now is name is Arthur ran a whiskey an unbelievable story stay tuned here tonight five point seven again. Fact redeemed through shock on 95 point seven big game. Our guest here in studio we're very happy to have him and his girlfriend Gloria and studio's name is Arthur Renwick speak. The life goes on foundation is pays. He was shocked in 2007. Adults age. Devastating spinal cord injury which she is since. Moved on from in an inspirational way and is helping people get over there injuries by keeping them active in getting them involved in wheelchair basketball. You are a member you decide you just always on the got to know Arthur that every NBA team. Has a wheelchair basketball team as well. You've been playing for the kings team from the warriors have a team as well from every team in the NBA has won in Dallas is so what you said 117 in a row. At Dallas is the team to be their number one in nation at least they when something in Dallas. Diagonal right we don't sleep on the kings and we know we're number three in the nation and that you know got a great group of guys and you know. Let my team needs and looking forward to this season coming no better training camp coming up this week and definitely looking forward to share that you came in today is not the chair you play and is it known now so this is. What we call every day wheel chair and then we have our eye on basketball chair which is you know usually top of the line where strapped in completely the wheels there. You know I'm slanted. Cola Nike swoosh is over you have. Yeah. If there's sponsored and hey I saw the man wants a sponsor and I tell you what there's someone who's run a charity right there he knows how this works tell us about life goes on and the work to your foundation is doing and tell us a little bit about this tournament he's got planned coming up. I definitely so life goes on foundation we have a few programs. The number one program that we have business it's pushing for change speaker series will be the high schools and middle schools. Juvenile halls we talked to around. Basketball football teams and usually try to get our message out to the use and when listening that would love to you know have us come out molested you know partner with you. I second program is. Adaptive sports awareness. I would love you know open now wheelchair basketball awareness you know all as well as other wheelchair sports we have an event coming up it's on October 28 twentieth in this one to Saturday and Saturday October 28 from one to five at Laney college. The road warriors weren't your basketball team will be playing this arm you know my team the kings wheelchair basketball at Siemens. Lester everybody to come out it's going to be a great cause we invited some nice special celebrity guests to be there. Guys like Matt Barnes announced. Some of the warriors hopefully we'll be there they had a day off so hopefully we can get him not to come out. And you're actually gonna sit them down and make them play from the chair exactly mainland did you know. There we want them to come out and you know get get a taste of our world then and how we play and you know it's it's an amazing sport is something that is. Got me out of you know some tough times you know right after my injury. You know I did fills you depression jerk you know it was tough you know they getting back to my roots of of being active and playing sports. You know sports and wheelchair basketball or one of the things that really kept me you know can be moving and staying positive. By the way got someone here on the tax money says he's a former high school teammate of yours saying. Our there was are sorting our starting corner in high school undersized but balled out. That's it that's it got a good scouting report that's a good scouting report as far as from win. When you play against teams your teammates to yourself I'm guessing just to commonality in the U wall share as an awful lot to do with inspiring your selves and each other. God. How what what is that the proper 2017. Lexicon. For your situation. Handicapped wheelchair bound how would you describe yourself. I am I moved. Say we are you know. We are able you know K okay where where where we had abilities that you know we never thought we would ever have. You know once his first started I went once this happened to us let. I'm done things that. I could never imagine doing a wheelchair and it's and it's it's amazing the people that we need to team is that we have we all get together we practice. We really inspire each other because we've. You know into so much believe you know worked together to overcome obstacles and help each other out which is in I think. You know the meaning of a true team and done you know love I love you guys are playing with in the people that meet. On the data we met here in the studio you couldn't come and in due to show your single best excuse for why I had to leave I'd never heard you're going to meet Marshawn Lynch about getting him involved in your foundation tell us about that may. And meeting would be Simonyi was that was my first time a little out there is an. Have an M media days. It was really you know great meaning and done you don't have them on board to be as part of our is partying your anniversary gala like I said my Japanese and 2007 December 23. I walked out of a coma Sunday December 23 this year when have you stand your anniversary gala left free to be a part of me Bruce now. We would bloody gunshot wounds yes we'd love to try and of course out the other series to have blood to be there whenever we can do to help they did sounds great to meet. Where are we on spinal cord research I'm sure you are. Is up to date is humanly possible in the progress that's being made is stem cell research going to be an answer to a question it's never really had an answer what where where is the home. United are really don't know as far as you know stem cell research tift if that's. That's fully gonna break do I really we really hope it is you know I have friends that have flown outside of the country to Germany seagate is proceeding down the stem cell research. You know great Kobe went to get his knees fixed. So you know it found its its a big hole for us on. You know so my friends have gone out there seems little tune it to no return. Leg it's in the beginning stages and done you know I actually. I'm hoping for anything whether it's say and medical breakthrough you know AA has a brand new Iron Man suit that comes out. You know I actually do walk and I use an axle skeleton you know I am paralyzed from the chest down completely. On a walk in an actual skeleton suit we get huge campaign twice fifteen cause I walk again campaign. Where a buddy of mine. Castro actually height from. Mexico to Canada to raise tell me raise 80000 dollars to get this robotic and so skeleton suit wow. And down. It was just. You know to get in that suit for the first time. I'm I'm walking in here and I did so. You know that there is behind me to stop. And and dying tears come down off and that's out. How powerful it was seemed to be able to get back Murphy you know after eight years of being paralyzed so of course inmate must have been chosen just you know rising from just. Standing again. What do you. Hope is the future of your foundation whoa what would you like to see this become twenty years from now life goes on is. Blank. I want life goes on to be able to affect people worldwide. You know this. Injury in a desert happened to just people in the Bay Area happens all over all over the world. And you know there's so many people out there that need help and Neil brandished that need attention where you know they're just. You know a day away from them from you know given out and done. So it's it's it's something that I wanna be able to tell us. Not just thousands of people you know millions of people. On with our foundation we've been over the speed 250000. Over on 50000 youth in person's life. But I wanna grow that number it's a million not only keep working at their goal you know it's my motivation my inspiration every day if you dare wake up. This is always on my mind. Your best and most attentive audience juvenile delinquents good kids who get straight days of high school kids in middle school kids kindergartners. Professional athletes they talk with who who do you think Hume you know when whenever you go in and present. What you have. -- the biggest reaction for. I am today was great you know I've spoken more high school and these are in the entire senior class of 2018. And you can hear a pin drop and I was you know all the tension and eyes drawn us to you know while Sam storing and sharing what our mission is. I'm but also spoke at juvenile halls to where you know the big mission that is cased allows kids in the groups you know they are. Quiet and near ten saving their listening. Because they might have been you know one of the guys on the other side of the gun. So it's it's something that come in have been a little effect in entice people but. It might even have a conversation with Cady and guys like Steffi and sharing with what commissioners are bound you know what has happened to me and result two month starting this foundation named. They're you know just onboard it as as fit as the youth or as well. He topic of guns Arthur is is obviously a third rail for so many people you know if you touch it you're bound to get shocked to move on. I I you know I believe in. Protection so I believe in regulations. We see what happens in Las Vegas would happen to you I think you have earned the right to say what everyone on the topic. Where are you on this topic what would you like to see done because obviously changes something you're trying to affect. Who. Definitely out. My main thing right now is just speaking out as much as we can to the younger generation coming up you know guns are gonna get into the wrong hands on you know we can. Try to pass stricter laws which I would like to see as well but you know guns they are still gonna get in the wrong hands and and. I think a great. Quote I once heard his laws only apply the law abiding citizens. Their craft. An and that's how it is they speak into the youth I feel like it is very important because in the next leaders out. You know they are the ones I can make change into this world. On coming up and down. In ice is something that you know speaking out to guys like you know public figures like Cady and you know aunt. I'm sure you guys my another reason why he wears number 35. Inherited a friend who was killed and his it is mentor and coach high school coach. Similar my situation was leaving Adam Keno game I think it was and you know was shot and robbed and Q and making unfortunately at that data data 35 says when. Katie is Kerry didn't and number out to out insult career OK see you and the warriors of course. Yes something that we need to put more awareness out there and don't speak to youth and and let the you know to know your surroundings and really didn't know that does gun violence stuff is not cool and it is affecting people's lives every single day it didn't only affect mine you know affected my mom. I'm my Brothers it was a domino effect and it's something that you know is it is is needs to be addressed. I think you've affected a lot of lives just over the last two segments radio you are someone who is. Incredibly gifted to share your own story India relatable kinds face that people can take a touchy subject in embrace around you've got a lot of things go on for you man glory your fantastic thank you so much for coming in as well a real pleasure to meet you. It's the last chance to plug away. Plug away plug away your website your foundation anything you want where can people learn more how can people get involved how can people get tickets. To your end of the year gala. Yes thank you so you can log onto our website it's www. LG OF dot org. You can also just does it's Google search life goes on foundation and the website will pop up ever ten year anniversary gala coming out. Would love for you guys to be a part of the we're currently looking for volunteers. You know auction items as well far silent auction. And you know left to be a part of it also the celebrity who's for awareness wheelchair basketball game at the end of this month October 20 days. I'm more information can be on our web site you can find out he'd liked and counsels who media as well. I'm used to burn this out they are my initials and then they are done inspiration and also our life goes on his life goes on project stuff. So the school wants to have you committed to each other students that's how they find you as well there's a teacher listening go to the website and this would be amazed scene I wish mine my son my nieces nephews everyone is our list leaner which sit down and toxic is. You're such an inspiration. Thank you yes I really precise area you seen him. Yeah you can lettuce or log onto the website and I am there's a booking info we just typing you name me and your phone and we'll contact you don't. To set that up to make it happen partner outside. We can really do is just bring glory when you're out on stage okay life goes on second look what I did I mean to mock you for your spirit just look like officially goes on. This man got it I don't know OK but he has it hey I thank you so much for coming in today are do we do a ton of disposable. Nonsensical all sports really don't matter in the grand scheme of thing interviews it's not often that we do something. That really I think speaks. To the times that we're living in and hit my heart Jian is hard the audience's heart you were very cool guy with an awesome foundation. And this is the first of several meetings that we are going to have thank you so much for coming in tonight looking forward to it thank you so much really appreciated get involved. LG OS dot org and anyone who wants to see his name is are the ran whiskey just the coolest guy you're going to meet doing good work thank you so much for coming in our third.