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The Chris Townsend Podcast
Wednesday, August 23rd

Towny talks to Antonio Daniels TV analyst for the Oklahoma City Thunder


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Will now join us on the Chris downs and show he's an NBA champion a long time player. And now doing television. Around the Oklahoma City Thunder Antonio Daniels joins us tonight Antonio how we go ahead. Or are. Doing well in particular we're doing great you know we've been talking about. This trade. And it it's as if the basketball gods and couldn't get any better that the first NBA game of the season. Is going to be. At Cleveland Boston Cleveland. It would be like if if you're playing in this game what do you think it would be like. Man he used at the right way and be taken that anything. You know the moment that carry being have to be traded all these different. Reality TV here soap opera in the NBA. On and outlawed below. The Boston Celtics make a trade war. Every hour. Or you could radically Lecavalier golf maybe it's rape and it summit NJ crowded park on pay it. Committed an act partly being going to. Ready yet that's Craig gore back to put. MB dedicated sort out any better any better it be great ability great way to start he cannot. And Tony or when you first heard of the trade are you thinking. I refer Thomas More where you. The other parts I mean it's not insignificant. But everybody looked at this is just this is it to god trade this is two superstars this doesn't happen. Not good at it you got to I think one. A bit sorry in my opinion and we talked about the stolen on NB a to me. So now I'm saying I don't think I'd come back wanted to put it. I plummeted one and then likely they got. Gotten much that we. We can talk about Irving. Beyond the ability to score and finish on the 26 point game is why you usually on the bank. And that. Comment average. Ain't it don't like it electable again. Diving. Or any one. Individual standard. And caught multiple but it now. Eager on the hot. Ticket well Ike may opt to light. It didn't come out that it's like well one guy. Talking. About the ultimate banner at an event not likely my. It marketed properly. Arming and I tell it better the network and the in the. I don't think that's drop out of all drowning wow Antonio Daniels TV analyst for the Oklahoma City Thunder also serious X and MBA host and then I want to ask you this park is this is the part that bugs me. Is you have this success on a team you go to these finals you win a finals and also had you wanna leave that. Aren't we had a guy is that to use. Okay. Did it the wrong. Nationally. Now. That. Are currently being produced. Right now the bond game and the clinic. Would you look and next year which basically being. Particularly. I'm pumped out of the bubble jacket light you were every bit. You know I can't afford to defeat pot. Gut it. And then be cute to me now currently in its. They paint it one. Appreciate it government bonds and I'll be very. Print out and get mental they are may have thought Pete got the right to you at. 93 million contract and not probably broke. Him in the air. I don't join in and played together the financially strapped and we. Can't create. This agreement and that would retain. Full and you know giving out. The day. Antonio how many different stories have you heard it in terms of the Genesis of carries. Request to be traded because I've now heard three with a most recent being. That it wasn't on him at all while a little bit of a that was on him and I'm sure you've heard this one supposedly supposedly there was a deal. Nick Griffin had worked out the owner that had. What was suits. Ups are Gilbert not Griffin Griffin the GM bailed on Gilbert. It was his son Eric Bledsoe and Paul George we're gonna common three way deal. For Kyra Irving and Irving heard about that and knowing the deal. Was basically approved by LeBron now Gilbert wanted LeBron to say. Yes I will stay long term if you do this deal the bronze sit uncle with the deal but I'm not gonna stay long term somehow got back to high read that it was just. LeBron was okay with a deal and much like you know high school boyfriend girlfriend situation. He wanted to be the guy breaking up and so the emotional reaction to hearing he thought LeBron wanted to mount so he said well I'm gonna go up first. You don't get. Camp that would put them you know and you are a superstar. And MBA I'm like you don't make it to that level without having some sort eagle texting. To get snapped at currently serving on your 20/20 think you're now you go into the final bonding. It being stroke or whatever. You know we got a good angle here we got a great year and you know that you want accountable to the election. I'm sure that it. Well it. Irving and it could be you know Brett. It did more. Partly being his future. And today. You know we got an Ed. And Richard and may be ready to take a leadership role. We don't passionate way human. Quickly he way you know managed to get out commandment about not quick apple. Being a part of nationalism is it hurt the way. He went quite. Made the weight and thinking you could mean emotionally. And because he handled it and not give. You look at the future one or two years out of mind. Don't wanna be. The clinic named LeBron James put the other and now he announced that you're owed. I wanna put you in a time machine and bring you back as the as a Golden State warrior where the home of the Golden State Warriors. Whether it's what's happened when Oklahoma City whether what's happened with Houston and the trade between Cleveland or Boston if you're on the warriors right now would you be worried about any move that has been made. And you're not thinking that it now what you what state. What happened that really aren't immediate change the whole landscape of the year the because now you have 2019. Individuals in order you don't think closing at the paint it. You got came out more but you don't get caught on. Now maybe on now what do you see it. Ever try to add that many weapons as possible not advocate with the chemistry the complete. It's at. That's why compete with Golden State. Feel shoulder. Up in the NB Mac he's in great part to Oklahoma City. You. Are well if you did great move on. Late. Cleveland. Opted to cut my. Did not want to have it be you know he got put together. In Kevin that it would count and not green and all these we. Know they did get. How the web part to a court. We don't know responding part of what we don't know probably being. Playing want want the ball in play into the well it. And correctly that we don't you are so many question mark gold and one count the add it all got I got star power and manpower. Machinery and now they only get better. Antonio your fabulous violate you know that nebulous is trying to bring some energy next time I'm worried about she sounded down. A hey it'd crazy we've got all the senate now we've got all this NBA here we are world hockey basketball and August the best. Why it. Craig acted. Where Carmelo but about it. Carmelo. It'd be great game by Google and YouTube or any new York and I can't see. Them in New York you'd want to welcome they want to welcome. RB in the move on a bit at the beginning some not gone at fourteen to. Rates to apple to odd years and continued success. Are.