Alex Pavlovic

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Tuesday, November 21st

Greg Papa and Bonta Hill are joined by Alex Pavlovic (Covers the Giants for NBC Sports Bay Area) to find out the chances of actually getting Stanton. We’ll talk about how high the Giants are willing to take their payroll, and if they get Giancarlo Stanton, does he become the Giants next Barry Bonds?


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In the spring and Alice battle that you cover the giants giants insider from NBC sports Bay Area that come back on the afternoon delight with five and Vontae here and ID 57. They game one publication. Said today that the giants looking like they are emerging as the favorites to land John Carlos chanted. That's just how would you categorize their their effort to get John Carlo. You know I I think at this point I kind of agree with that just because it does seem like there's a couple of things have become pretty firm over the last. Two or three weeks why it's become very clear from Miami are that they're cute at the third just get requirement. And Derek Jeter's loan to take that David is won't explain that to that candidate. And then what you do that I mean we haven't seen. Any real movement since the end of the season in terms of other achieve getting all are they would love to get the Dodgers ball and you'll maybe a conflict Angel ball. It BA hit the ball but it just seems like all long it's been they blew it and conservatives put the top and and no matter what the operas and at some point this is going to be. Could just stand there and get them to the California kid that's where we want to play him. I think it those are the future entity entity that give the jar at the very real chance that the democratic goes there or the bill. SS other question is from a baseball standpoint it's a no brainer I like shall pay to Jesus and you get a get a mega two minor leaguers and showed again John Carlos stand indeed corners are really good leadoff hitter with tremendous speed. So it's just the salary so all we would know for certain is 1819 inch one acreage and Carla can opt out after twenty. And Igor net you know if you pick up the option of fourteen million don't have to this investing numbers there. But really what you're taking out and then the next three baseball season's fans would be 36 and a half 1000039. Million. And then 39 and a half million dollars. How much of that could the giants absorbed they would go way past the Getty that tax threshold just bring India she told me this morning. A hot hot undoubtedly make this work as far as a fan of finances how high will giants take their payroll. Well technically it cited that they want I mean they can they can't afford everything it's a matter what there will be coming in I think. That play you know that the make sent to the final deal is because that the agreement tabloid away from the fact. Has this turned out so that they tweet picture that have been your attic stand clutch 50%. Come on top of that community which is really kick your payroll. And do a place they've never been such sort of ownership get it together haven't got together over the last couple weeks for the same. Look we go to the market that wants winner supermarket. Aisle don't want to be entertained and in this do we have to deal I think it's over except. To get both of those guys but it confirmed that then I mean it it has the team that's built to win now so it I think they're probably going to take some pain. Palm over the next couple years there and try to figure out. After that it would hero where you go long term with the salary and other people towers but. They are built to win ballot and even though thing weren't anywhere close the dirt at a store roster. My turn to get pocket a little bit before had the other forty games out but it is that you can put together the situation here at Rio we got stand. And mad bomber had all these majority equate it gets back to strengthen. And you can in your head make that up pretty quickly and get back to a well positioned so I think that you'll that they that it. Had my I don't know that they would you provoke such. Yeah Alex I think if you do bring in June Carlos and then it helpful to marking helps but bounced back in the seats we noted ties sellout allowed buddy we saw a lot of empty green seats here so my ask you this. If this trade does not go too because I think what the players veteran ball burnout that's highway robbery I cannot bring myself. To date that the Marlins would agree to this deal also say it does deal falls apart in Giancarlo Stanton doesn't become a giant. Well still fallback option for Larry Barrett company. It's not great I think it's you know plan B here is since. About it differ from planet you can possibly get and I don't know. That there's you know this is this special situation it's a chance. That a franchise player and it's a chance that a power hitter they can keep park where you can't do that create into these guys are gonna come here. I mean JD murky that it is not gonna compare the coaches did you really have to overpay at least here in the path to power hitters so that he jumping I think there's probably separate. Many other equipment they have put pretty yuppie they don't get here I think you probably. Go to a much safer and much more pitching and defense involved square headed and try to as they credit the end of the season. Think there's better field defense and then. Find somebody who's an upgrade at third victim and then you know I don't let you really burst of the first vote she could truck their seventh inning got. And that's just try to get back here routes between the two out of it without re not cute or not. Plan B it is probably far away from sanity yet. Help establish tremendous resource area deck on giant insider joining us and yet through life without advancing here and an inside point seven a game obviously from a baseball standpoint response they said it's highly rivalry that's that's what's happening here desist salary dump. And that's why they they want your safety Gordon's money is well that's why the look at that anyone should take both players for that package of deep gorge not involved. And the package would change so that the mare Miami is clearly doing what they're history has shown. They're trying to dump salary so it's just a question again I think of how much the giants will absorb a the existing deals just from a timeframe. And speakers is Dante said what's that what's that what's play and be united to get to play and B and C had some resolution. Where John Carlo. What how what is the timeframe we'll we wait till December and the GM meetings in Orlando will happen before around Thanksgiving. When do you think we'll have some resolution on where he goes. All the sport first royal send a team that can do whatever it is it is the worst. Hurt her and threw him this but are gonna. Thanks candidate shortly after yeah. We've all had our number two years ago I think are almost up beside. The day after Thanksgiving servers are laughing all the real the work that you know it does seem like it's cheating up the last couple they've they've just. Part of people out of Miami at some local guys there from be writers very instate seemed to indicate. More on December 1 in the MA director for the wouldn't be so. I. Wish so they have hobbies that those two things are holding up a market that you haven't seen anything happen with any group which is a little bit than usual this time here there's been no movement. Com it's free agency so I do think that there are probably. A couple guys holding that up and and that there's probably compressor on the mileage other huge from. Maybe the cardinal from the red carpet acute they're looking JD marquis that's certain area and maybe make a decision here and don't let them know what they did. So what's your gut to have so we always talk to are on the filing Kevin in the newsroom and NBC sports area while ago I was strong bond garner America's values it's all the question how much money will it take back in the giants must be receptive to. To taking a large portion of a back. And it this morning he says he's on May be up from 5% to 40% after doing more research since we spoke a couple of hours ago or checks said. What do you think does John Carlos Stanton become the giants next Barry Bonds. My gut is that it's about who coin flip that all you know. Say that I over the last week I've come from about 5% accord which so for me it hit the big move in terms of where they are. And part of that is put it earlier but I don't put think that if you've got that part of the process but it clearly has got. This sort of brought the process for the clarity of actually having them off first and having a prospect. I'll that they might be interest and I think ownership it's probably determined where they're at sour divisive and what they can follow through that could be a big part of that those old computer part of what they're gonna do here but you've got to the point where ownership feels like. They can take on maybe not all the contract of most of the contract or not for the culture. To get this done that would have been pretty good position and and really that again put you in a position where you're maybe just go to Mexico are also made eagle to get to vote. And the red box so that I do think that they probably are certain. Just try to court put situation which is a long way from where we were a month ago and they're talking about. I think without British that a good defense and them saying they're probably not that much power the he's better. It's a very long way from where we were two months ago where people tell me they weren't that much Gerald poppy. Had the other side there's just before I let you go real quickly. You know John Carlo has a full no trade clause so he's gonna decide where he goes. And he's if he would come here I would think he'd want to pitching staffs intact. But if they do make this trade and take on substantial payroll do you think they would then. What would stand to allow it for them to maybe trade. But yet some are Asia or Johnny played go to move some salary and if if they do take on a large chunk of the eastern contracts Gordon standards deal. As they're gonna blow past him well enough to try to get at a higher payroll in the LA Dodgers closer. You know that saves record it for me and I'm sure they're put away port somewhere they can keep our put all the back but they have to do that. You can't do that I'm sure they would love to insure about de Peron the better. If you could make a lot easier on going forward but if you're gonna make this move you to get our. And you bring bring the minute that we continue to do when downloaded or return all that money have a country crutch away. That powered the to make it's better for 2018. I don't know how you could go away from about it and decide portrait Garrett who have been a big part of the success we edited out sixteen then and also that we think we're gonna help us. Com and you know making because again and there are a lot of hold them and you know you can control world let it that would stand and help the American bombarded you are the way back toward. The Dodgers were done back from Iraqis but you'll have to be realistic and realize that you lock our big games secured you're. He OPEC public veritable walk off away from maybe government number one pick show. If you're gonna go up there have been gets them and then turn around and trade a Brandon belt church traders just barge. I don't know that that put your well positioned and Connecticut you've got to where maybe they were what are the arms wherever they think it. People come of the park and watched batting practice in and buy their son Carlos are these but it but it doesn't put on the loose blood. All right fans happy Thanksgiving is to really interest or not shows it is not not just Thanksgiving it says standard puzzle let's go to a baseball thanks faster times lurid secret.