Alex Pavlovic

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Tuesday, November 21st

SF Giants Insider for NBC Sports Bay Area joins Joe, Lo, and Dibs to discuss the likelihood that the Giants can acquire MVP Giancarlo Stanton this offseason. 


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Giants inside are for NBC sports Bay Area Alex Pavel between Jolo Indians. On 95 cent in the game and if Alex is joining us a couple days before Thanksgiving. Clearly something is cooking with the orange and black so Alex good morning and thank you for your time we hope you've been well let's jump right into the story. The giants really the front runners to land the services of one son Carlos Stanton. You know it it really has felt like today I think I've been kind of skeptical all along I think we've talked about this. During the keep an admirable what are we talked it seemed like it was the deal while truck or by. But one thing that kind of hanging over the stability knows about it pictures are beautiful note traded. To throw everything that's come out over the last. 23 weeks sir last month from from national reporters who not a lot about I think about his corporate is that is that the Fed seems to be that. You'd prefer to be back in California have the doctors don't really seem like they're gonna all they don't hardly get involved so. That we could certainly pretty good spot it if the this this situation worked stand ever. Decide where you want to go and I think the fact that. The two teams that group apart the whole time present in the car boat and hit it it's not like this is the giants' first PH he's military person. The red thought it does seem like it's been members since they hooked him. If you're ready grow and sort of helped organize your career playing American there's a huge difference between. Decided to go back help or you're deciding to. Except to trade with Saint Louis. Without a doubt and Saint Louis obviously get may be more scrutiny and you would in San Francisco you can imagine him being out here being beloved by the fan base. The names that are being thrown out as possible trade date. Joseph panic Tyler BD. Creation all is that package enough in your opinion do to lure stand there they have to also eat up a significant part of that contract. You know it it's so hard to tell I think Notre Dame serving pulled out kind of blew it guys who would be part of something I don't know if that. Actually a package that actually. I think it depends on the money but I but sensible that the giants witnessed the Serbs Figueroa best because. They took on the most money in and it's something that ownership is a vote all of the units will overtake. The majority over or just about all of that you're notified earlier book if they did that I actually don't know that they were you there. To make it still there. Concluded that because I think he get away with Oprah goes all. Panic one prospector or maybe two of the crop expected. The orbit with those out there yesterday were quickly prospects and panic of that the media have been better if they pick up most of the money it'll need to do. Well Alex you know those other suitors are here that's gonna have to stand or not the only ones but when the dust clears. And it's all said and done. How are the giants going to get it back when the much needed bed like a stand. So to come to this organization and what is going to be some of the what is going to be some of those. Who's in some of the things that the organization is gonna have to give ours is not his contract wise but just. Knowing that he can play with these guys what is going to be some more some of that. Pieces into some of the players that you think it stands gonna wanna talk to this point to make this thing happen and it's gonna happen in a way that the giants favor. But I think that's why it you know there's so. Good fit for private club and everybody contribute so all of unfair because we've seen over and over again in the past the mean they really have no shot. With some of the bigger critic freeagent go we want to come here have been hit here have been respect for all. You sort of maybe threw forget though they're put the power where it doesn't matter because they keep you are so I think. That wouldn't affect them but the other thing is that it's not a creation situation that I competed with every kid out there they're competing with maybe cure treat it and so I think it does put them. In a much different spot it and allowed to have. To be the spot where they're not gonna go to Judy Martinez third are gonna get those spectators we see that go over to vote go to what appeared. And the money just doesn't accept the agreement hours later date he'd be part of this is that the situation that's because concentrated against the wallop that made the very clear that they return Garrard on their terms of to shed salary they're not trying to get you know if you think he had any humility aired sort of thirty or 35 or whatever it's going to be terrible lie that BQ I have trade. Like six players together but because of money. They only have betrayed a couple guys that are played almost the body about that makes it. I think it's intriguing situation for I think that's why you see themselves. All work. Alex battles which would Jolo and dams on 95 cent in the game let's play and beat in the event stay and go elsewhere what do you think plan B is where the organization. Probably the greatest drop off from where they equate beauty. I plan to all of this say it's okay are you gotta go further down the Al and that act. Yeah it it's gonna be like slim athletic you know I I think. They're not connect Acadia park here that the guys who can give way it was when reform I don't think they're gonna get it if we expect to work. Got a proven bad to very bright and if were prepared you can expect all our golf course the judge don't want to give up those picks there ought to vote. International body they don't want to go in the detached from the outside they. Plan B it's probably had a very Vanilla. You know offseason where they go a trade first ever feel very good maybe. I've promoted a quick third base to return for better equip their very go up there. And fixable and a little bit so there really is a to do go on from Kabul blockbuster. One of the biggest movement Fredricka it straight. He's the director would would we ought to judge cleared. A little underwhelmed so I think that's quite what bothered us so are there. That would be playing use and plan underway would be the way our analysts are not a size seven again if they do go to play and you and they come out and lose ninety games. Again next year. Is that ultimately the death knell for him Sabine and then press Bobby Evans is well. I don't know the edited by Gannett I think. I've never ever have some ownership that they that they feel like the warm airway if they prison but I do think you know Bobby has put a lot of disorders and you look at. What capital of the coaching staff and have all the mood today there certainly get a bigger than all about it. In changing that so I think he has put a lot on his shoulders in terms of where those organizations guarded it the direction merited. It and what they've done the last two years will the roster are critical to Cogent thought booklet with the front office folks like. So yet if they would do well Lou I'd be notified get together again would be really tough I do think there's also sense that I've gotten that. This is the far about this and put this together of this is to group that insurgents shot it. To make a burger back so I don't know how long may get but I never got the third. Even during the I think that in a cute or trouble yet. Alex we haven't had a chance to talk to you since the need managerial shake up but. How many days do you think her left for Bruce mode she before he decides the ride off into a vineyard somewhere. You know that might have probably talked about to be getting here I think if you had their review at. Team that it would win now motive and certainly you've got it. The cute cute sodomy that if you cut the cord do you have right here have a picture of a female trait too much. To clear salary and they're gonna have a shot to get back into the post season they're about all of you watch so. If they do upgrade the puppies they took a third bettors should book or we'll expect to have. I talked about the fact our people close but then everybody expects to move the couple other contractor with just two warriors so I think. That would be yes occasionally they'll put. Look if he had better be there at some point you may decide they may decide that. This is the working and have a lot of kids around over the this the start of term I fear that might that might get four. You follow him on Twitter at pebble which NBC yes giant insider for NBC sports Bay Area I was battle between Jolo and dibs on 957 the game. Great stuff is always Alex thank you for your time have a great Thanksgiving and hopefully being catch up soon. Are there.