Alex Hall

Rick Tittle
Sunday, August 6th

Editor-in-chief of Athletics Nation joins Rick Tittle to talk about the A's dealing Yonder Alonso to the Mariners.


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We want it you bring our good friend Alex Hall partially editor of the great side athletics nation dot com and SP nation. And Alex I don't know if you heard I had little interview a boom Powell back in the day in July 2012 Donna Bob ago. But he's got on how weird half a couple different organizations and 88 game suspension. And a guy who hit 300 in the in the minors I know that in the Midwest League he was the the all the MVP of the all star game their back and in blow away what what do you think about him for Alonso. Wouldn't win retreated how away in the what the result restraint is what kind of sleeper prospects you who you might parting with over over a big gut also that you elect to regret losing him down the road and that. So cool you regret that anymore you know to return for a two month rental. It'll be free agent at the end of the year either way and so we've got out of them. Oh clearing up a spot for adults and good return. So you think straight. Platoon now live with a wholly and Healy at first then. Sure I mean the a lot of ways that it could be a range but doesn't long battle isn't getting those mostly every day at bats and really getting that first in the majors that's the thing I'd like this week. Well if you think about now. Chapman's at third obviously if he's healthy you got that platoon at first of one of those gets worked out he got Barreto its second. If they signed semi India extension or not it's shortstop errors. McHale of their plan short now double lay so pander complaining aware but I think you know I just I love his clock I love his bat. I can he be the day every day right field thirty think he's still gonna be involved in the infield. I do it. Seeing him in the outfield last few days and a couple of times or is he the idol out there. I think you look better in the outfield and unsealed and like you say there's so many names already. Threat that is human more on the way. That you know what is it looking good is in the center part of the decent lineup broke out there so I like to see him out outfield right now and I'd like to see that continue. Now no one knows what Billy did if you but the whole team through waivers or not and Rosenthal said that there was a claim put in. For Yonder do you think anybody gonna claimed her. Heard she added am I you know that gee that is a very versatile guy is a switcher can play around but I think a lot of teams are kind of like. And I think a live without a jet we might have a guy like that and our roster as well I would think especially as the weeks go on somebody is gonna want his bat DeLeon. Oh yeah I don't know who you know it's entering directly. By that at after the fact but yet it didn't win it'll certainly get through at some point. And I would not. I would vote more surprised he cleared the disease so McClain and you know he's been playing well all year he's finally healthy. Does he eat in the middle positions were so all we had need. We're productive player into the at some stacked team that is on an excellent pack up you know. Eagle at the plate somewhere. And on top of that memory Soka options for next year too would ever seen it on whether staying here we're going elsewhere they keep around for one more early in the an expense that year and so he's not just torrential. Yeah I think it's six and a half a team option for lauer next year total without salt from athletics nation got more questions for Alex. On you know in Britain when they called abroad and I kind of thought well you know I a guy who wasn't a high pick and I planned well and just really did. To fill a spot instead of a dagger you know like and I girl last year I can Smolinski. But this guy's really growing on me is that my 270. And Iliad and aired today on kind of a tough Wiener. But he putts and really good at bats I think this guy could be a fourth outfielder on our roster and you learn. Actual demand this is the guy pocket about her for a good couple years Torre came up like you say you know. Meat to a report out the other you're not going to be the star of the team. You know draft pick in not you know didn't get any attention come up to the minors but he area you know you're right he got he's got completely has been put in the combat. It you draw from walked along decent average. Up a couple of homers is not a great center fielder absolutely hang out there and and it's summer I'll take that over and he has. Excellent on the corners you know just a really ideal for the elderly can do everything. Alex Hall hold it Jacob Brockman. I don't want him. Fair enough. I'm finally. Blake trying to end that we know how much the naps of course former a's farm and we know how much the not so liked him and set up roles when they made them a closer it was a disaster. Not right now he's the closer for the is I think two out of three right now but I mean he's the best that the a's how about this point your thoughts about Blake trying and being the closer next year. Lecturer. In the closer role and got a couple of weeks maybe in Washington that the big problem with him in the closer role is that he's he is not. Shouldn't be reliable getting out lefthanded hitters which. You couldn't you couldn't get through that in some earlier innings but. If you're struggling at the whole for the play. And that back that can come back and get chill in the ninth inning but that doesn't mean he can't develop a way you know keep developing. In the umi giving you gonna keep getting better if you can work on that but that would be the step to take to really become a serious closer would be. Get better at reliably retiring lefty. In the meantime I think you're right he's probably the best option right now. Which means that an area of the roster that they should be looking to improve because that you can keep him in the separate and that we are all looking real good. Yes or no does can see him make you nervous. It. It's just like it is against flagrant I really need to answer that. You know what's funny about him is that when the ball comes out of his hand. It's a ball like you know it's not like the ball's coming towards home plate and that's gonna slide away I mean it's O coming out of his hand at the bog of credit today any loaded Lamotte. But he got bellboy and is slowing him as less and Alex are there is a crazy day we pushed everybody back I appreciate you coming on its Alex Hall he is the editor of SB nation's. Athletics nation dot com fall on Twitter at Alex Hall a and and let's say catch up we have more time our body. I reserve bank to a regular game.