Afternoon Delight live from Oracle Arena Hour 2

Papa & Bonta are live from the Crown Royal Club at Oracle Arena prior to Warriors-Spurs Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals! They are joined by Bill Land, discuss whether Colin Kaepernick may be looked at for a job in the NFL by possibly….Seattle?, and then preview the NBA Draft Lottery tonight.

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It's Bob Kennedy the. Okay. The results up pictured on paddy was. You try to keep the truly off the glass looks like put to realty shed him who left it certainly. Was. Who's trying to prove. Daniel. Has bill and the TV voice the San Antonio Spurs are there French John Elliott now with the chicken wing and then there's history here right after this whole deal went down it. Tell the people he works with Jane last craft and the spurs TV crew Ireland it is has left for Chile has got a think with the spurs just they collide lettered in a different game from last year. And I came was in Dallas that game we just heard was a game at San Antonio hours us got to the Patty Mills and later David West got into its over and get the full history. The San Antonio Spurs and their love affair with Zaza. And what I opted yesterday as favoring of the TV voice of the spurs. Bill lane joins us Saturday afternoon delight with pop and bunting first of all you go to the that giant dodger game last night and our buddy ash craft. Yeah somebody had to keep him in check address and that's a without you knowing that you're up on that one game and you're. It seems like every time you guys come out once a year you get over AT&T park in their beverage Serbs accused the giants at Dodgers had a bill. Yeah we've been pretty fortunate. You know move like you guys I just love all sports but it accurately on that. We did you take you know a rivalry deal like that and we are certainly some good natured and were given back in or each other's there. There was no more there's cupped over. Played her file. The ballpark last night as a national bill had to make the called Lego during the year I hot dogs that garlic Fries with Ashton and you as there are. Anybody or Paula fop and have you know five start he'll see the drink 500 dollar bottle of lies in the able to sell. Just give me the history we played a little bit of it and I guess they're calling Zaza Pachulia right now the most hated man in Collison out Texas though. That gives the history. Whispers and what you saw from Sunday and pop the pill popping off yesterday. Oh and it pretty well documented. What he's and it's. Don't want with mills was but he can ride the one that occurred with coli Leonard where he just held on whose arm arm bar. He kind of broken his arm and a place that was. That was absolute nasty hit on a call uncle four so I mean I think the general opinion is that. If yeah if there was in the history. You might be willing to at least give. The benefit of the doubt in in May be stable it was just clumsy. Or that type of thing. Or reckless but when you know the history of Adam particularly with this she. Yeah its. To me it's very understandable that pop would be angry because. It is it's a series changer and he stick jumpers guys' overall. I think he's probably also look. Little concerned just about the emotional back. Coming off that game word they were up forty tree in the end up loose in the ball game that it it's more than just one loss and that now being very doubtful while play tonight. Trying to hopefully get his guys back in check and focused on game twos and exposing you do it by making those comments he's basically told his team. All taker of this. In time you're asked about it. He is considered a god that you don't need to be concerned with the dead and I think that's Smart and duke. To take the attention himself open and look guys we're about get ready to. Billy joining us the TV voice of the San Antonio Spurs who is here of course they're not broadcasting any marched onto ABC and ESPN at. That you're here yet to provide commentary after the games so how much of a talking point was this side on York. Show after the game when you were junior hits with a studio that. In us us in the history because it seemed like you know pop mentioned it after the game but he wasn't even really sure. If coli landed on somebody's foot or somebody landed on allies fought in an obvious to anyone who watched the video. He got angry about which there's a huge talking point before pop popped off or was it larger after pop popped off. Well we didn't we in parliament and our show I was in Oakland and mad bomber force for was an art studio along with Rick rhetoric studio host on fox sports out West End. Day yeah. Your everything but but they covered it it did more than veto we commented on it but it was more. Our coverage and a bit more what now. And what kind of spec wouldn't have on the team with the we thought at that time and why it probably would be available for game two and then in more portly it was a if you sell out could've held on the bag game. That it does it you know a lot of hope that Leonard would be ready to go victory and have an additional five days to get ready for that so. That was kind of where we focus most of our attention and in just dumb things that might be able to do. With a without why did we give a shot to win game two. They'll wait where US the team hotel the Saint Regis where the spurs are staying where you would admit in the actually Rohm and pop popped off and you've got to give us. Kind of summation a play by play of it seemed like the question caddick out of it got to know exactly how they asked not you know how does this impact your team up. I just lost polite letter actually went off but did do you think you know head headed his mind that that was going to be a talking point. Where he was that are rips us off actually at some point they'll. You I'm net debt will tell but I was an app that that news conference today held. Is it caught me by surprise it was actionable early but about a lot you know hour or so later wrote in the workout room populate it better and I had already read. Twittered and I had. Her curtsy to the visual and everything else could do about it comment to and a analysts two with. The while you unload. I think he. Must've seen. Enough of the replay in the aftermath of the game and emotions aren't quite so high. And then just decided that I am gonna make the statement about it and the people Melba. How I feel in and stick up for my guy and and maybe civil signal to the league that. That you should be allowing this kind of stuff and then let it go from there and then I'd be surprised like tonight. With the pregame news conferences I would think. It'll Albie page. That's water under the bridge now get questions about tonight's game fire away but I'd be here to see if you make much more comment about street. I live I look I obviously love up at great admiration or respect for bodies he's a feisty competitor but. At this particular point the the hypocrisy. I'm challenging the slide under rule when Bruce Bowen bill made this an art form. In the NBA and what you guys three NBA championships and all three of five and all seven the media's just afraid of pop. And I imagine there's going to be a follow up questions some point. I can get Al oversize what Bruce Bowen at but he is the one who brought this rule. To life where they made the slide under rule it an actual. Common file so just give me your thoughts for the spurs perspective and I can bless us so vociferously. And then defender Bruce Bowen throughout the decade of the 2000 spills. Well I can't speak for him Greg that. I think yeah I'm like you bill was surprised that. That no one asked a question and and that's. Those reporters. That. Mean it was a big problem it was like it just a couple of guys and I have such a public guys later in the desert independent has expressed like. Well he's easily angered you know and that is about to maybe they will tonight. I think it's a matter of him that. He's gonna depend in his team Lou regardless of the situation and stick up for his players. And in this case it's like. Whatever you wanna say about Bruce go and people would say but. I guess he's thinking that has no effect on what happened years that this was wrong and he could defend his guy. And and I I think you particularly with. The fact it was Pachulia and they have that history. And it's been an arresting now the warriors. And you wouldn't expect them to do is. But they all pretty well danced around when people grilled them yesterday about dirty player all of this does is that the government and situation for them to. Home is here to. Going at a press conference that's Gregg Popovich and now I'm thinking about ask Bob ball and bill that a good idea for years about this. We should write this down. Opted to do what he did you have boats iPods don't last night at dinner. And putted it I think I thought it slid under everybody's for it did it and. Well below your requested that. I'm not anywhere near one shot does get a both. Upload a video but the humidity 68 years ago our work ready pop pick nobody here. Pop it till the puppets will start in place quietly murder right siege on the descent and we go old man Manu Ginobili 39 year old and probably go to rookie and Johnson and Marie. I would think you go with jobs and Simmons. It is Jonathan. Nobody really replaces. Collide at Johnson is a good defender and there's certainly. And being neither matters and I would I would think that they are approached and I would be. Hey let's not talk about. The fourth quarter let's talk about the first quarter and because warriors Robby is the low scores agreed deeper into the first task. That you wanna make sure that you just hang in there in the game like this has to open you have to change at the port quarter Abbott. I would think have a job and have them there. Provide that and then in in body it was such a Bible says trouble off the bench and in the rally in that group and his leadership. Is is really needed that so I. I'd be I'd be surprised if money about it and the Japanese possibly but. I would I would think he'd be more likely to go with Johnson. That's what he did in game six when you had to play they came in Houston on Thursday hottest I don't know I Letterman also Tony Parker. In that game bail obviously propp played through the polls but that was the ultimate you know big man vs small man match up the entire series. And when she lost letter he really hit a Leonardo Aldridge and and assault. Now the warriors are better post defenders earnings outside and like it that he can guard the post pretty well. Obviously drain on undersized to rein get a little top heavy against LaMarcus Aldridge do you expect. Pop to play through the post plate in and out the way did Thursday night it's collided night. Yeah I I think that subways. They're gonna have to match. The way they beat Houston even though the warriors are a whole different animal that at a much a proponent of open them. And by that I mean they're gonna need I think that Houston game games 66. Guys and they urged. But LaMarcus is gonna have to be big impact Al Saud and certainly won't play sixty minutes of the night the people have to be more productive because I think if you look at anyplace that they feel that at least compete evenly or have a bit of an edge. It's it's on the on the inside. And the perhaps Kamal was scoring there and then I think the other that leads also to. A particular kind of almost burst your point about. There's some anything you can't control what can you control that they'll appeal the getting outrebounded by the warriors by seven the other day or six footer was that can't happen again. And that that you're capable about rebounding this team that you eager gonna happen to the other thing is this. They have to protect the basketball heaven nineteen turnovers and the warriors scored 31 point opera that. That that. Again it won't be at two point loss would be a twenty point so. And that's not going to be easy but that's certainly something that just has to be primary that. We've got amicable because GPU that transition game. You're you're going to be in huge trouble right from the year ago. Bill and joining us on the afternoon delight with pop in but take another five point seven again in the TV voice of the San Antonio Spurs and obviously. Without Tony Parker and without coli Leonard the guy's gonna have to really I think take a lion's share of the offensive load denied as a LaMarcus Aldridge. To give me a little bit we've asked you about him before. Just is that a thumbnail on its two years with the spurs you started slowly last year did find its way out of the All Star Games seem to play better. Later last year and the first two games against Oklahoma City where my interest any kind of faded this year and usually guys had a hard time with the San Antonio system built the first year. They get better the second year he did not his numbers were. We're down he still let's dominant moments and after a slow start to his playoff cronies played. Better over the Aldridge alone no coli letter to turn the ball over a lot. And also and I saw him standing in and rubbing his media one of the medical stance that will set inning but somebody else on the staff is working Annika has left knee. So it's gimme a thumbnail of Aldridge words game's at and wears his health they had before tonight's game two bill. Well I need you describe your ones currently in and you know great round organization. Guys come in and because there are equal acre people. Disperse them and want to be themselves they leaned over backwards. Stadium and sometimes it is for too much and and that's what LaMarcus. Last year. That you mention. Credible and so city in the first couple games of that series. And then faded quickly in this year. His numbers were awful that sense that we go Q was better and I think he could much better than. Reputation in the proceeded more people thought it would be if our second shot to. And playing down low blood defensively. I think some of them may be his numbers being quite as well we expected. Is that why development and describe. Added and a lot of the off Nintendo become of the night tonight depending how things going more isolation would Kuwata Leonard I mean he was just also. And so it kind of made LaMarcus I think a little bit hasn't it begins sometimes end and that's like in the Houston game. Without collide there I think the market sometimes has a tendency to just over sank in one bad night rides it's like. Way I gotta be that guy Cortland or not around. Will global these loose he's relaxed he's taken shopped when he should be taken shot much more aggressive consistently. You're at at 34 point nine or whatever was. So hopefully he takes that same kind of attitude denied in an int he admitted after the game yet the fourth quarter certainly was not good for him the other night when I think he had. Like or just turnovers were that court order the warriors double teams stuff was great really work well. And he's gonna have to adjust to that make better decisions. Or going to be along and again. I saw Tim Duncan as first practice and be in in between games of the Houston series. And I was just like I could hear obviously with they were Sam a part of me don't dog so well. And how good he was out of the double Chaney was trying to help LaMarcus with how to handle double teams are sometimes for the rockets he thought a second defender was coming. Any was seen it just never was he that was just kind of dreaming it. It's produced has Tim Duncan helped LaMarcus Aldridge in in throwing out a double teams and being more quick. With the ball out of a double team because you're exactly right in the origin doubled him aggressively in May be that way to the second half to do it tonight you'll maybe go get him right away. Yeah. I don't know specifically what Tim has done but I know. He has spent time talking during a helping him eased some time with Argus talks throughout the season. It pompous the and the players who have said that. When Tim shows up at a practice it's just like brought to pressure like hey we're glad you're back you know you're not playing. It is that this whole oral with a franchise in his present. It is is mr. And just like coming their cattle let guys know that what you can share and help them win but. Still comes down the going to be able to do it in and I think what. In its not like LaMarcus didn't get doubled import them but it's a different deal here. And also I think when you get into the playoffs. They each round becomes increasingly more difficult east teams scout you ridiculously know everything about you. And they change up their coverage and keep your balance and that's the thing to me that he he's gonna have to adjust to a I would think that you're spot on I mean on the warriors I don't wanna have to come from behind again and I want to come out and kind of strangle these guys early. And I'd I would think that obviously the focus should be LaMarcus Aldridge and say hey. Well let's not let this guy go off on not like he did you choose them would make somebody else that certainly doesn't have the reputation for being the main guy. And the warriors and I doubled them Mother's Day it was with Klay Thompson came aggressively with size and in theory then you're you're leaving Patti mail's I wanna ask you about Teddy because. He made one little runner. Early in the game that oh for six on the three evolved bill and I thought Patty Mills could capable they take over for Parker with the injury. At caddy said some big games that he struggled. On Mother's Day in this is a big year for him with that Parker rupturing the left quad at. That he's in the final year of his deal unrestricted free agent to the spurs pay him to take over as the point guard they give it to the young got a shot to Marie what is Tony. Come back so just what are you seeing from Patty Mills game throughout the playoffs and specifically Sunday in game one bill. Well you bring a boot the questions that is what we have an off season. Paddy. I think he's he's been terrific for the most part of little inconsistent I don't think there's any question that. I'm quite content just their guards in general the wind bothered paddy. And and you also any can be streaky like a lot of shooters are. That heavy ideally. Is it. Better to guard position we you can run him off the screen to not have to worry about on the offense was much. And so you people are at a responsibility on the shoulders but but one thing about this. It is. It that matters he's had a bad game or bad week. His mentality never changes and I'd be very surprised that he doesn't bounce back this evening regardless of how the defendant because. He he just got the ultimate cop and until there's a lot of guys shooters that. And that they don't in a couple of early they're done for the night or it's back in the globe it has to the next one. Patty just keeps on trucking. And is. Is ruled going to be big tonight they. I think he's just in general is just brutal urgent career. Against the warriors any time particularly without. All right my friend you guys flying home the value on the charter with the team they go on tomorrow morning. No stick around. And extracted crew left hanging out one more. Morning because I letter. That's. I think it and it and look at account did you hear or clock it Michelle Beagle from years and years ago you posted in the countdown to. She loves your speakers hooked her up aren't out yet to receive Abbott the Crown Royal club and not take spine. A lot's gonna rockets bill to the rockets it's extolled the almost anybody would face with my game Tony to make it up. I don't credibility right there that is last poppy poppy I'll Celtics now thank you my friend simulator. Argot. Of the land the place is it to its users that a lot of let down their self taxes themselves audience size. If near truth and eagle used it was me and ask crafted Michaud gobbling everything. She's on Nash uses TV star skis here and via chat he's now socialization of the building now. And they don't just thing to do they're going to be hosting the she is now over the Indy draft lottery tonight again I don't count on for thirty to 530 and I think you're doing that Beckett that. Secaucus we'll talk to challenge she the one thing about a shot shirtless at 2 o'clock. She loves whispers and she'd love I wanted to work at ascendancy Brian Anderson there as there's ever Bob Schiller actually worked on here and there. She's been naturally TV she so. But she's the one national hosted makes it obvious that she much this year the 2008 it will. Boxing too on HBO's used some features on box after the fight game so she avoid vertigo or go spurs go up the middle of the road issues actually count and the halftime and Europe actually. Course I think 6240 years with the Joseph Jonas at 2 o'clock. As all of the talk about basketball I don't. We're talk about the gridiron next and what we get Connolly cap property may have a couple shooters here prop. He may have a landing spot will discuss here on the afternoon delight live from ORACLE Arena for game two of the Western Conference finals pop a bunch at 57 game. Now back to the afternoon delight live from ORACLE Arena for game two of the Western Conference finals here's Greg pop and Vontae hill would you be in the market for veteran back up there. We're always looking you know or little whatever whatever is available room rose and you know it can be competitive there to. And in true London nice job force Lester but we're we're still looking and is known to. A couple of guys who fit that mold you're out there stills free agents and Catherine back RG three goals both come to mind those being names you can work it we're looking and everybody who we are really are reluctant we've been tracking everything that's going on and in. Now we have been we've got captain roster issues and stuff like that there was there was still trying to make sure that we managed properly. But. There's quite frankly yes we are those who almost got. That is Pete Carroll my head coach of the Seattle Seahawks who was on our friend. Brock Huard show up in Seattle. Friday and then yesterday it was a report from the NFL network. John Schneider has reached out to Cali camper next agent actually it was on Friday. That they returning 50% yesterday right in but so Pete was got a reiterating word Chad are even doing. But. And a lot of national people think that this really is not real. That the NFL watch cap for next name out there to feel as though it's not being ostracized for black balled. And the teams are seriously looking at him but. We've talked about we're camper and it would next land and it has to be team. It has a a football scheme. Fit. It has to be team for the owner. Is going to allow them to be on the football team and light his kneel down last year. And it's gonna have to be a community that is going to be in light enough to allow so India. Look at scheme fit owner community. The only one I really came up with would be New York. But their their turn on the net gonna go that direction. Or Seattle and their of the teams where you could. Safe from a scheme fit maybe Carolina backing up cam but he's not going to be able to do that just off the Billy Graham parkway in the Bible Belt. There just not gonna happen so Seattle has the owner Paul Allen they have the the citizens very enlightened. And the Bay Area north of Seattle. And they have this game. Now Russell Westbrook but Tate has evolved and related pocket quarterback and he became Russell what I say Russell Westbrook the apostle and I don't think they're gonna start Arthur Russell. Classic road West Coast Wilson Pickett basketball Russell Wilson and ironically it was during the time that Marshawn Lynch. Got hurt in and Russell had taken over more in the pocket which he can but. They they did embrace and I'm everything game vividly. Russell Wilson is always been that tremendous scramblers sometimes too much return your shoulders a wrong way like frank targeted. But he has the amazing ability is being completely flat footed and a linebacker running right at him full speed and looks like he hardly moves his body. And it just goes away from each or even southern dodge ball he's amazing. But so he was naturally gifted as a writer from you know a flat footed position. But there was a game in Toronto. A few years ago when they were playing buffalo on race and all of a sudden chop cable embraces the poll option read. And they had never used it in buffalo had no clue and he trotted down the sidelines of the silent Rogers Saturday nobody laid a fingernail on out and Tom used more and more him decide who runs for the Russell Wilson a poll option read it. You know some call his own read and it's a poll option to pull at the quarterback keep it but it's based office on scheme Tom Cable loves. The CBS the zone blocking scheme and fight and Al Davis a lot is elevated at a like power. So what works. You have even have quarterback generated runs. That we can't predict there or RG three is also in the mix I think RG three's body. That would put him down a little bit special. Behind that offensive line Russell Wilson got really beat up last year yet that the injury where he was playing he wasn't running as much for stretch there. A Seattle on and off its line has been weak spot for it seems that you need more for scrambling guy who could take the punishment cap predict. He could take the punishment he's taken punishments are to scope so it's a year it went eight Nate but we're gonna talk about is bigger than ever get his body you know in Italy up and begin to it is a longer much but that Els wanted to express that thought about it we first letter went out of love Seattle. Mystery about what can especially when he's got to rest got whatever you did why I saw I thought well. He cannot play you know geography can be kind to him. But there's I senate last year if they ever laws Russell also there are screwed on now the irony is the raiders lost her car. An amendment line cutter cook weren't good and I was thinking that's got to be the worst. Good team back up quarterback situation in the Lee. Tarvaris Jackson was released capable I thought he could Robert Russell rim but he ran their serious problems off the field domestic violence they'd move on. They went to Boykin who like the pre season he's running around like a mad man against the chiefs for dear lord. If the estate is back foot make a throw it and I think it'll work cap protects got issues but. I think it does fit and I would even see Darrel bevel using can't predict the way the 49ers used him before. He took the job from Alex Smith what you do is make give him a designed run it and could leave Russell on the field. Flight was it a little bit and give them a package of camp. Generated run triple option to bottom just. Got a relatively Russell out there let's record a baby you make creative offensive courted like Darrel bevel you could do a lot of things so. It does do you strip all these term check all the boxes right there are now got to pay day yeah it you know backup quarterbacks weren't winning again. Three million dollars. 45 million that the capital would take five years yup it's got to get paid via social activist a suspect he Baath. It's slow it's worth it. It's far from decided he does have the court does have up their let me make let them. What do you make closer to fourteen well thirteen you expect me to go from fourteen to three I'll stay home who played for five. Hope we find out how to get five Rebecca do you get five I get a Gator history of it they don't want it in game two and then if he has to play incentives and then you know Russell does get hurt and I had I don't know so many games where he starts. He would get necks about more but I I think it does fit now the guy that you had the talent camper and wheeze to compare camper next to Wilson. All the time he did the matte color whereas time and that there are times I thought camper neck was better. And that Russell really can't see the field but Russell got better Russell Wilson's as Smart guy. He's dissent here. And everything he does see the Mother's Day thing of it is not. In each ST he learned in he played a lot of different offences that Wisconsin North Carolina State played a mall right. Yet a real system that was announcing he could read what I analyst lack of size always bothered me. And for a while they propped him up be you have to get out of pocket but he let it when Marchand got her Russell Wilson became a better pocket quarterback and I've ever do it shows we can paired together who would be the first African American quarterback after. Without Williams to win a Super Bowl and the and then you know camp just to get to the five yard line fell apart. In Seattle at that rock solid defense and had these small to go along with a so but the wouldn't be beyond ironic. Forest camp. To walk into the building there in Seattle who woods idiocy yards but what's crazier popped in the is that they're all welcome and Michael Bennett Richard Sherman cliff favor or. A double ball when they are all supported cap predict it's the equivalent to say that he on. Yet that's fit that's. You look at all my shoulder at a quarter aggravate after August doughnuts or just what I would do you know that he imagine Russell Wilson giving her right. Cap comes in their currency just lights it up for the four week stretch now they're actually backed loans and it. I go back to Wilson whether we're talking about your effort make it any of that law involved it's just a anybody dial lol take. Yup like I've pop they keep usually I feel much right now he's not a ploy it's official. Is this gonna happen Fred art Laver fight last night and I. I was gonna say it could I don't know I think that the final hurdles the contract. So the report was he's talking issue judge Schneider now today were hearing. Through Q3 two Chevrolet RJR. Change arcs that callable considers two or three teams that trust admit it or read what else are you and your editor at black mr. Israel Denver area which junior Justin. Now. Netflix soccer. I we want to go to Jeff Manley shot key organizations. Episode alone you other Tutsis this can substitute image here all of society at Schneider thinking about it well Richardson is not there but in the other two with a Toronto argued that he Hamilton tiger cats. Doesn't get adjusted. A lot of Canada and for our whole NATO alliance as it so it's sought the edit or read all right I'll I can say it was. Can't predict might be SE ought if I hit it there because I don't know awful it's it's a contract deal it's got to spend that Boykins. So I would do that view that have been a lot of expenses of the end of the story this offseason black ball saga. Both can't predict. What could you imagine him telling Jim Harbaugh stories that like real hard all captured Pete Carroll. Doug ball when the two Germans there gathered the ball with its efforts are all and they are all about a college. Hall seals by actually predicts there they speak truth. A it this way I think it's I think property. Now how would that be how that makes a lot is with a lot when I thought about it important gotten troubled pop I thought would work Capra ago. Little wonder two things yeah jets -- Mets they don't need to deal with this mess in New York which operate in the and flat out of that every they would bring business courses starter right and he's now ready she's another starting quarterback Jack accounts and trust account and still they're Gina Smith has now been a New York giant. Looked at that Japanese draft a quarterback. Out their best aerial. So I mean Seattle makes sense to me Seattle makes the most answer so what happened. NC yes and marketers say go with peak here Augusta today in a lie like that if you let it makes sense it makes sense could you imagine Jed York on the sidelines of the traditional battle there. Would would kind of run over to attend. We're we're camera over a secure your they have never 7-Eleven percent and it no they don't that it was born and where they she's Michigan's analysts and ha ha if there. What tools number two. What was that it's our Zacks number seventy cup there so maybe you'll any errors what is the end of the story is Canada's captain is is she chicken these two seat off off. Catalytic back it up Russell Wilson and without bad traversal for a few years ago as a quarterback that let you bought one I'd wanna try to tackle on that you have funeral but did author poll. Could be scary. But a pop back basketball here we got some excitement here in BA draft lottery tonight when my favorite things it's always fun season what what what are the warrior chads of winning a lottery in their tickets though when he year old girl born out of a lottery not only do it alone lakers that they don't legalize illegal. All the Celtics or any extracurricular. But some say that I teenagers are out there that sums it in 1985 in the NBA draft speaks at the two was I was there mixed I was there oh boy I think there's a few others that were fixed. Could that be the case tonight pop we'll discuss it like lie from ORACLE Arena pop about it and president. Now back to the afternoon delight live from ORACLE Arena for game two of the Western Conference finals here's Greg Papa and Vontae hill. But we know this is David Stern. What was good enough. Haven't paid 240 pounds you see is statistics. First team all American but John Johnson statistics and all the stories that. Palace the voice of Bob Neal from a TNT for him worth it to thirty years. And ago in Israel ahead of maybe the biggest NBA draft lottery. Conducted since the very first one the LBJ won obviously was vague. The Tim Duncan go to the spurs was being in the business Celtic if that was Eric routine of so. That that that Hauser Cleveland San Antonio they're not the marquee team in San Antonio's got there obviously went five titles that. We're talking they the lakers Celtics sixers had. That's what tonight is all about. And you wanted to back the 85 lottery if Patrick Ewing what was the first ever. NBA draft lottery he didn't quite know. I was gonna work it was a byproduct of Leslie Alexander in the Houston Rockets intentionally losing. To get a key relies a lot after the guarding him Ralph Sampson. And reform the Twin Towers but I was working at my first years Syracuse now mr. in the Indiana Pacers games. And so I was in the room that day appeal felt form inside medicines regard whether they conducted. And I remember the warriors had the worst record in the league that year. United Noel oils that. L urged rich the selector for hours they lottery which is seven teams overall. The warriors had the worst record. They finished seventh. So. They didn't get annually but they did get pretty small actress beloved statue is a hall of Famer effect Molly it was gonna make it here tonight. But he couldn't quite make it is obviously Arnold is drafted Joseph Klein the head pro life. And my team the Indiana Pacers they thought they won the lottery because they finish second inning at Wayne and Tuesday. And I remember the owners the pacers to a decided Brothers Mallard Simon. A lot of the take a sell out to dinner and we were in New York City in a name to restaurant from the east never heard that it was a New Orleans. They wanted to fly everybody on their private plane into a permit to have dinner if they are so excited. And I got to Wayman Tisdale I want detonating by dog Sicily and that's Tisdale. No problem is that Wayman played more like a dog both Obama and I love life and got restless all these simplistic yes yeah America on the Norman Oklahoma for pre season game. For the pacers gonna go to you know blame at school and had signed a contract yet the quietly Norman Oklahoma Tisdale that in here. But the knicks did get Patrick Ewing and that was one. Weary yet you know a lot of conjecture about it being rigged and and I was in the room it. From what I was led to believe that in the big glass cylinder like your plan game show and they had all the teams logos now they go to ping pong balls. But the word was. That the league froze. The knicks' envelope everywhere else every other envelope was at room temperature they took the knicks' envelope and they put it in a freezer. To the commissioner would know which one depict to be number one. And if picket laugh so called life stayed away from to the end to get Patrick Ewing to the New York Knick about yourself. Which leads us to two that the Boston Celtics what a week there had they won game seven. Last night right now they have a 25% chance. The highest because they get the Brooklyn pick on back to the ill fated. Hulk is Jean Paul Pierce is still there so. But then you've got so many marquee franchises you got the Celtics are already goaded that a host game 1 of the eastern finals tomorrow night. Do you want there what the draft lottery tonight. And in doing this like the lakers would they pick James Worthy of the defending champions is dead stepping into. Gave them the number one pick in the reigning champions decade's worth eight. They added magic in curing which is just ridiculous so I if they are going to freeze of ping pong ball is different the way it's done. Measures related news. Think it gave mr. guidelines on how to regulate everything ordered both. What about reckless do you watch the lakers. To get lots of ball that his name and even take ball at the lakers don't get it to one of the top three picks. They'd lose that begs the 76ers. So you have mark yet but next year. And second unit of Phil Jackson. So. If you are gonna read it tonight familiar ring in at four. The Greek produced experts again given now but I hate it for four days. Of drafting Josh Jackson there Lotto ball or Fultz or whatever. I mean is that about the Celtics go pop. They make it number one pick. Gortat he's accomplished finals and got thirty million dollars accounts they suspend the public that another marquee player in straight for Jimmy brought misery to Jimmy buckets. Now if they do get that victory they could take that take into every enemy whoever you want hopefuls kid or Alonso but really it's the lakers that are most intriguing to me. Because the lakers. They've got to finish in the top three right now what are the odds 53%. They don't finish in the top earth so if they don't gap of 12 or three that's the way it's done now they only do the 123 to rest of the team Girardi slot and after that. They don't get to pick it all full so I can it be vigilant LA lakers and start to play cylinders yet they're finishing in the top Toledo this year the way the lakers will be the knicks have 85. I sheiks and in seeing that he will be the next of 85. Crossing my fingers open at lakers get screwed at a lot of the top three academic and I'd have them here mark roommate pop. Talk about six it's always got to top four picks I'm tigers hang out for four. Everybody on its fellow. The Toronto Ottawa to hear or else it'll never gonna play. And beat are gonna come back and play at a 100% in play more regularly and. They get other guys helped it stay healthy for you know what the great thing is tonight in 85. When I was at their draft lottery with the Indiana Pacers and came to worries a couple of years later. And every year the NBA draft lottery was the David Stern. Crisco hand invitational fifth it was like the rest Italy is played playoff games they're start later. And their skull and warriors or clippers that you sawed back and every year in the as the lakers were playing a playoff game. The Celtics go back to 85 and doing things started they were going in the finals every year knicks are always so I'll ask how cool is this. That the lakers or go to a lot of guys. It GD buses played ping fall events to. You know warriors are hosting game two of the western captions line on what the time he'll live to whatever book or alerts like down. That says that history on in any event that is that tonight. Actually going to be before our game but he has the end of NBA countdown from fort third at 530 and in fact there even the NBA draft lottery we're gonna have big hill. Michelle beatle my girl from San Antonio. Loves the spurs are founding his courtside seats now. State steel left this year and Michelle started and ESPN broadcast she's been elevated the receiver Ike issues in the building tonight. Our activity of the hamburger libelous to chief Emeka. Coaches. Make scale initiatives it all off all call her when she retired on it now so beats a huge spurs Fayette and look at her thoughts on what Jalen Rose said. And also what what the boat type roster state. All we got some mumbled to iPod it's not perceived hypocrisy. Here is that somebody crossed the line he's got a lot of mr. Brooks well it's across let's go to the you're joking around here I hope he's joking aim and the way that she says go spurs go. At the dump button ready. So here we'll go and tell your next here on the after delight that's where life you know agony when I got to go fishing we've fanatic about it that it buys that game. This and then yeah and a summer it will be Ackerman president.