Afternoon Delight Hour 3

Papa & Bonta are joined by Ron Boone, Monte Poole, Jamaal Charles signs with the Broncos, and the caboose pistol with Mr. Papa de Derek.

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Rebound. After the boot her off the lead one lap takes it inside reverse layup drops and how global relay today. Paul. Gets it to watch Joyce who's. Intercepted by the movement here as a steel tub thinking about Maloney knows about them on both the motorist stops and pops and it's reply hey. I love the ABA and around here we talk a lot of that the AFL the American Football League that the American basketball association so similar. And our next guest has been doing jazz games with hot rod Huntley for a long long time and our friend David Locke and also critical object NT. The voters simply in the state of Utah part of the Utah stars ABA championship team. In 1971 on any as the third all time leading store in the rate ABA's history behind only gain is so and Louis damp here. The great run boom and the incomparable Ron Barone is he's known as Salt Lake City, Utah joins us sunny afternoon delight with then about it here on. 95 points and again our rights are welcome back to the day. Hey outlawed right about that used in rocket arrived at 88 dollar. Were 22 of 53 so you wanna start there don't talk about the early days of the ABA. And at red white and blue ball in the three point line and you guys to shoot fifty times a game Rick mount an Indiana shot with a lot to appear. Hot hot shot threes would you take a gamer I'm what you were you starred for the Utah stars. Well first book shall we how many shots that kick in ABA report and probably most popular all pepper out all the way to and I'll fold out. That we all are yet we backyard and the red white mocha off. Now. I think about report shot at that rate doctor one. Here. I took a 135. I remember correctly. And dot org. A lot you know I looked more outrage dual type player now that you raise your bad as they say that that three point line yet. I let us say quake has ratcheted via the call. With the shares radio network and our friend David Lockwood join us tomorrow so. Just should just go through the the evolution of your franchise you know 25 wins a few years ago for Quin Snyder. Arrives and then every year better and better and better up to 51 that wins what what what what is bad about the development of this franchise. They hand you guys now you know in your first playoff series in five years of winning your first playoff series in seven years. I think you can deplorable. That seven years as an example made that make the playoff and I think Kaplan made gap started to. A bulwark between the start okay we have a first art here they're grouped near where he'll vote their vote the way and now are you bring it as. Gorton. And he starts to develop a mean you know Heyward were clear that you could to get a lot of potential. And you can build a chamber route yeah I think that when things started to. Look up at street portrait that had yet very good young players their papers are third in the draft in 2000 and be it the integrity of bear. And debt they carry it'll walled old guys the carpet or so ago. Aired during their time while trying to develop that this is quite by the third year. He was doing a lot of teaching with young players and I think they finally got two point that the young players were. Good. War. I can't work threat. When they were out on the floor depict brilliant stretch of players and Victor to get out. But up to that point where a bird a lot of teaching outdoor track their deadlock and I met that would be. Our most trek that it it and go to shootaround. And also their coaching. What we're about teaching. Angled ball screen that you know all that type of thing that you would think that young players know coming here locally but. They tell you know because they're so you know of late and they struggled they pep talk. Now we toward more coaching and yet that you Wear it on McCain beat who coached so they get the job. Talk about when Schneider obviously gone back to his duke days playing for coach came and went what three final fours before you gamblers there and University of Missouri as a head coach but then you know he. He was sound of the staff of Mike put holes are in Atlanta accorsi was with the spurs in the Austin toros in the championship there he is he always been that way as a coach or was at the San Antonio system around that. Brought out that at teaching aspect of hands of his game. What were artist and it's great to see a Great Britain rather try to coast we're seeing right now. But the key thing being a good fortunately about Islam that you guys. What is being heard guys that really jump right in there and and became a very well now. Shall adopt. He had shared a story that wears well. But it let them is now coaching. Complements you know what. Google it wars want to do what tiger has taken that route you know story under our calls and a lot harder than that I think that. Very very help. Wed coaches can do that when they can. Did assistant coach under debt it took them and did. They can be I don't okay. I like the optic you know that I think the bench coach and beside our our. Game plan to put together our coaches to our. I don't know what he's the dude down. DB coach but what I understand in the great opera bit cheer rule. But. Poured into art Archie we played them. And the question called him. About which side he's adequate starter at great idea if that what he was here. Some of the idea pretty bad day use. It and you know that type thing you could go work out here to break up their request by the that there are probably ready to be their coach in India. And it certainly having a great run 51 warehouse and they don't win over the you to the G has been in the LA clippers in the previous try to Nellie got the Golden State Warriors run boo and joining us venom jazz broadcaster with a hot rod Huntley on back decades. Obviously John Stockton and Karl Malone he referenced and Darren Williams Carlos Boozer. Team and now it's a new generation even though Hayward was a rookie last time you guys made the playoffs five years ago. His development here a year every single year. Around he's increased his scoring average referring to. And Gordon Hayward now is your first time all star nearly 22 points a game and he had a hell of a playoff series the one game when he played yet just briefly with the food poisoning. Game three I think it was the you're just one basket take that away he he outplayed Chris ball in his last series that'll a lot of mystery or surrounding Hayward in the off season since he is eligible for her free agency can opt out of his sixteen point seven. Million dollar deal after beating the LA clippers I would think it would be hard for him right now around the lead the Utah Jazz but tell me about his game right now. And where he's going to be in three to five years Gordon Hayward. What were Uga Uga opt out there maybe thirty feet really. Put the team Arctic ordered and put them on the map this year especially. Made them too eager. It'll directly here if it. The guys were Herbert our energy rich need to increase there which every year and it certainly. By these increases during these very strong now. Out of your member cup years ago he was very saw. All meaning. Play. It border Contra and they just get go to the Sri. That much I never got that typical file though I mean that. Shall surely. Would year toward that level you know he did have. He started the round. What about the culture that target price war with them. Throughout his career and he's really helped ego. Gorgeous job bride to be clear about it it's Oakland and here but. Gorton now he's got in the way he's stronger. Aboard. Egypt and turn it turned interpret that there now. Last year. Match here. He looked in the GM Rick and maybe even earlier that a majority working on his game and had. And got to report right now where he would be very very live and how important that. You know you guys that she wears you to hear that that you count on. Being. I took that India will. Rob or joining us sunny afternoon delight with pop and Vontae here and 95 point seven. The game I wanna ask you about Rudy go bear they were to obviously gonna get a huge contract in the off season hopefully statement that you guys are hurting a very got that contract Bonior. Last summer this past summer a hundred million dollar deal. Talk about the evolution of his offensive game we know what a great shot blocker he has been his offensive game has really become a more well developed inside and worse yet physically. You know that knee injury. That's seventeen seconds into game one against the clippers and later. In game six it looks like he had a bit of a tender ankle did not move was well in game seven a wound up playing limited minutes with with the foul trouble. Talk about Rudy go Bayer's evolution and where he's at physically as the series starts to Niagara. You beat by what he practices more running jumping you know that I think that thing to be heavily bird trade great. That ankle. I know that he would. Here I mean that when when he went down. Or you know a year ago another injury. Injury all these law. They went to be one ballgame out there not tried to beat you know losing looking at your oil back. Board. You recovered very quickly. Treatment he was getting. It wasn't it matters what appeared. And getting re at war actually neither or promote their iPad note you do have a dog. This morning but I think you'll be out in pretty ago now evolution that it gave you really transform the Olympics special would it would constrain. But there's there's two bit and there that is the keys to. Helping clear. Terms say that because. Let them that it is using now is really coping art Rudy at court. Today. Delicate problem. You know what you watch and help them all our game there. Rudy is out perimeter player he he's he's very around that. Great screen and roll guy. He bird helped to create space on that Dick ago where he can. Church beside what you want to do bad. Last year years ago kept in traffic and just not being able traders about Graham's really are out to get to the right spot that is our rob program. I'd like that out of the way that he's got. Do some damage. Iran's program in other words sees. You put the ball and and covered in score for you. That receive. They they're using it very well a route that they create opportunities for a two week entrenched. The year ago secretly get back on track it was. But after all between two guys would get. Now he's he's right on the money you and I want to be great. Hands up to fourteen points a game and he may when they defensive player of the year. Toward rim make an argument around that your guy Rudy go there should win that award over the orange trim under. The two different type would be two players. Both. Do very very well shots. We have had a surgery about that he gets beat them also with the top guys in the league in order to. You know. Basically go to wars were what they are toward decrypt it concern you the very odd future under. He blocked shot you know I'm just looking at them it's that year. And outstripped report today's game at it and he let dentistry. It should march out here and in important change. What if the chart buckshot in the in the game in the slot. It's all it's. And and so he. The dangers of united on the where. I think between the two. Probably come out and enjoy. Even though my record talk about. Quiet quiet manner I really like it my revealed their reviews at a protector changes shots. I can't you wanna do their app that now calls last year year does that. He recovered quickly he recovers a lot quicker than he used to you get beat north or someone get around him that he's got Gado advocates he'll get there and it cabin and blocked shot. He had wanted to read that you have all week. What about you know doing the course of years want to run the court well. Because of Rudy because the round and round about other do their guys because you know of the again this all back quench side. You know it amnesty that this game he liked to keep it close at bat and bat you know up. Not a depicting different. So bill bill developed a game Arctic air tonight in order Chucky movies somewhere. An area where we protect that. Vertigo bear led the NBA in blocks during the regular season first time he's won that honor 2.3 game a drink about is over for a game and a four game sweep of the Portland trailblazers are at seventeen blocks and a four game front bone. Joining essay was at the jazz practiced a shootaround this morning should give us the update medically on Rudy go bear. What did you see from Derrick Favors in this low back injuries to get a played at night in game one era. What it looked like it he want to get a great morning. And it looked like years going to click on I understand looked like Matt Barnes and later as well that Derek. He did the parking lot by this practice yesterday. You know today it was below my. Not sure how many bad guys that you know you know that a maybe you don't. Or go to low back injuries. After I got Ernie a disk in my back I know are. You gonna but it sneakers are children had to have the surgeries on things like that and we ask you about the one guy good handle on all your players obviously from seeing and I know Joseph Engles is game. But the development and his game I kind of thought around he would be like you know a stretch for. It's 68 in hell now he's played to guard. In I've seen and guard Chris Paul he's on the ball a lot he's guarding. JJ Redick and block a shot the first shot of the Ceres and shut him down. Exactly who was Chul Ingles. And who how do you think they match up might might showing Goolsbee guarding Kevin Durant in this series round. So legal matter know where that. And it would cut by. See clippers are leopards can now. A couple of years ago when your life that you. Game thing now. There when he arrived in Utah look like he was quite like you the freedom make the mistake you would seem China may cherry got the basketball shoes. Gordon guys that all the good shooters and try to do little more weight maker and but duke it out yet that's great crowd out war. They looked old and probably played on a board game of the guys that you play with because it'll play all the years of Australia. But. We did we come on May argue odd. Then I think the object at Walter editor at beginning of this year without the injury then and boy Egypt let them you can play in Egypt moves right now OK. I'm here. Played my game that's the kind of took of the play under. And they get him the bird which they did some good opened shop now if you look at. Yeah why. Don't itemize your. Own one. Why don't get their shop particular would it at all but he really all of them. And and port workers and 44%. This year. We're going on the game then yeah Ali and the. Pro he would. You can come out of nowhere and then surprisingly. Because. Not a bad on. I think when they first start noticing that would you know the jazz. Well not to get mostly what you are wore a lot more now. You know I am. He's got to what we get what's on Croat all. He curled into a victory you know one like that. And yeah it does stand on challenge. Oh. They become the starter now. If the or not you know by about that happened. And he's playing off the bench narrative but he can dribble drive and he's also good three point shooter like singles a lefty. Lastly before let's ago theaters some of the warriors mainly was meant burns talked in this election is nowhere to go. You let the states to nearly seven weeks your guy hot rod Hundley used to scrutiny and a lot of those exclusive clubs. They're there are some places to go but we don't want Tories to go out of the playoffs fanatic where exit that line about there's no warnings solid said he. You know I totally lab and add and they're not really not well. You know because you look at. That if you knew myself pop rock yeah. And I did you do you know we we close the place not an Angel. Nadal was a governor of the state Utah and I'll. You know. Regret. At all and I don't regret that I as the drugstore results late at night when I think it's you know yeah. It's nothing that you it is it is. You guys don't Ingles by the way about eats our he says he'll flatly. Paid for rent a car for the lawyers go to Las Vegas and it's against. We're going. In. Joey yeah. Well Michael Jordan's ability to lay out like debate Wednesday on an app on your bank about it it. Everybody Mike York. But because there are right it's just got to take over the release stated that there are a lot of people would. It there's. A lot to do that before America. An army they're not the club you can build to that. Or you know that type thing. I mean you know point. But it is nice plate to India in their ever. And I'm not looking to corner where should automated. But unit got a funny when I start here thing that we will advocate as a win so big that it happened kind of by the way. The that would mean you're you're you're you're trying to. And BA championship and you word about. Where you born to grow it in party. After again you know the treatment that on the hard and you talk about what a Muppet man or match. You know. That that was just met our chief who are here to hungry angry I'm sure they straighten him into my wells said he's not about that stuff. And I and I thought that he Durant comments were 80 maybe it looked like he would sob. Really complaining about it it is what it is you know it's that it is an NBA city and you can live there. Will be some some guy could be that you have special attitude tactic and after some people their that. And they have a rich richer and shared history of great basketball on back to Adrian deadly in Franklin and of course John Stockton and Karl Malone before that it was the Utah stars with the incomparable. Owner rod thank you can tell generally we we appreciate we'll see if your into the net are there particular. Thanks Ron Ron blume books on this show the Denver Broncos. Culture. You saw that mr. Ed is doing work out then Denver what does Jamaal Charles have left in the tank so when your deal but he passes this corn the deal is official. But we're still talking host get the Broncos were about them the September pop lawyers are prepared for actually they're prepared for playing the rest of the playoffs without. Head coach Steve Kerr and it makes me wonder whether or not Steve Corel ever coach again NBA how much could this become a factor Monty pool. It's been on this all season long core. Texans he's been government lawyers money poured join us here on the afternoon lightly discussed Steve Kurz availability here in the afternoon delight pop on bonds and impressive again. Now back to the afternoon delight with Greg Papa and Vontae hill on 95 point seven the game. But people open up just as neutral overall whether small or cokes and what is not a active but the active commit OK but it it. Their critics and the next paying either bankers have not gone away completely and Coke. He critic Pete you know appear people put a hundred it would knock because no load it with. Awfully low to look at is this plan I don't know not a couple of Augusta where we're close this thing my bronze are quotes rest of our staff and that's what we're rolled away a lot of hope and pray that speed is better. Can get back but I think that today if help is more important. As strain angering yesterday hit a warrior practice. Saying basically negative prepares Steve is knack for the comeback inevitably Mike Brownstein Los Steve could return. You have not people's voice that was an interview we did it before. The Portland game three weekend when Steve did not coach games three and four that was the day that cruise boat she had a heart procedure we've learned about that and rumors speculating about. Steve future or not he's been on top of this better than anybody and rightful warrior insider from NBC sports they Rebecca Georgia's Sonny after the light. Here now to five point seven a game with pop and Dante so. Where we had right now here your latest on line at NBC sports players the warriors prepare to be without occur. It's a little different body than the first 43 games of the regular season like last year. It's a little bit different right in the middle. Other playoff series like the Portland series because they already had the prep in a four Portland. How do you think it changes things going into a playoff series without the head coach. Well I think they non patent no he's not gonna be beer in the court series. They went in game re not going to leave until we gave they beat gay. And now they have a couple games by. And in the common no one only had a week it took to do with Mike and practiced until where they keep remind that might they be the port of the eight year. But Steven micro talking to wimp re import time today talking or texting so. There's constant communication it's still speaks met that he is coming out of Mike now now the warriors. I think their cup will be a good team. Termed the Gartner leaders guys that are. That understand what the coach trying to do and so. I don't expect he'd come back a couple of reasons and I beat that this post one. If it's the they're able defy Britain locate. What's called ring via that the misery. Figured it was actually at that popped let you get what you cut. And that means that a procedure and that means that in their beat now for a while at least. A few weeks one thing. Now. Is so obviously adept at that means that. In the words of it and say yeah we prepared repeat not going to be bad because. At this point we don't think he will but I think equipment have. Honestly I think that in watching extreme left cup and an even par and post practice session. It appears to me that the leadership of the team stepping out. And really kind of blue when the pain that we put up in the do. Well doctors Crittenton made the putt about that they've addressed that I agree that yes you know. It's our corporate leaders to make sure finger YouTube might step multiple for a and so. In a weird way I think the warriors could possibly benefit. Currencies after the in the sense that. All the pink it's even though we've talked about are things that are now at what went in mind is that rhetorical which. Every internal and getting three and four told. People up until that. They get thirty read the first two in port. Though. These are bitter I expected to be a lot more careful the ball. Be having fun but I expect it would be a lot more purposeful and mindful. The big picture indeed more focused. Had one game they only had seven turnovers in Portland which is a warrior playoff logo on back to the the late sixty's Michael joining us from NBC sports period act on the warrior insider there. It was a week ago that you had a really interesting. Column and I think you you were locked out of the Mota senator was Steve and you were alone and Steve is confided in you about itself than. He tipped us off about the as you know him go to the Stanford medical center. So is she was saying body if he does have a no other procedure. Are we to assume. That when they went back in September Tony fifteen dated that sufficiently. Close the puncture of the Durham membrane that allowed the spinal fluid is seep out is that an happening at a slow rate there was it. When he at the end of the year in the Portland series began began does seep out. More aggressively and do they have to go back in and and I guess your reaction to phrase it re re patched. Whatever is causing the spinal fluid to seep out of that were at right now my. They're basically in my left comforts and XP that's kind of where it's it is a kind of what you think that. He's doing these from the nineteen month and and he's. Noah I am convicted it's it stiff that it is still but the leak is the issue. And once there it will locate exactly. We're that it. That that's what he can then you begin to. Deal would it have the procedure. And ended spark the UN process so. In his mind yet that's what happened Munich you can bet that the guys you spoke with a number of people. That had. Some situations. Nobody port longer yet I'm getting my eighteen mutt too long time to be. Chronic pain in our means you know like headaches that these can be debilitating and so. In this situation though. Yes you can beat down for a little while the number of outlaw and and but it did they can't find it. And he forced the lip like it's indefinitely. I wouldn't be surprised that the coaching. You know and so but he was he was optimistic believing that they actually will be able quite to the crowd. And and that's what you are pinning its hopes on him game and I haven't spoken to him the last few days so. I don't know exactly where it is right now I'm counting on getting it straight likely give our. And and yet there on the change you talk about the coaching staff. Completely but other Matt you know what you deal with and I would be surprised if we beat beat comeback reflects old. Couple 23 weeks but right. Yeah from what I've read he's only been around the team sent last Friday I guess for just a brief amount of time release your team so he's he's not been around the team at all in preparing for this Utah series. For the most part you know you've you've been on the coaching. But then in the coat and beverage relate spoke to the players but. Based on what I've been told that you haven't been. Around the players in the practiced and anything like that in the you know but that perhaps I ought to. What does Longley also. And and and they're OK with that right there in my bank saying you know that you'll summit what's critical review so. It's a bit at the direction. And and they understand that so they're not concerned about it the republic they expect from the U going to be a debate about who's on the team a lot more XP when loop. Well coach the team. We you have to go out so. In this instance oh he you to pop out of sight out of mind could record that match is still being still resonating. But it coming from Mike in in the and Bryan Adams and Jarron Collins. In Q. You know and so bulls got to bear trying to Acropolis. Michael from NBC sports they redact Ivorian Saturday as his warriors game day preview up for this game one and a lot of great matchups obviously off the invention of both commandment first quarter Andre Iguodala to match up iso Joseph Joseph Johnson's going to be compelling. Let and what are your matchups to watch you have Kevin Durant. Vs Gordon Hayward but you're doing now allege that you don't think that it necessarily gonna guard each other this is where it gets interesting for me because this chilling Eagles got money. Six saying he's the same size as Gordon who blurted I I think admit I think terrain may checking bills and angles may check terrain have all teams will switch. Everything but how do you think the teams match up that she'll win three with a warriors Klay Thompson Kevin Durant persecute judge Joseph Ingles and Gordon Hayward. No I mean you're right I I would be surprised if Durant is not guarding guarding angles and and any other way round too early to begin at Reno and they even met these present an issue because I mean honestly I would bet UConn roster while they do have some. Temporary or long wing defender Ingles and in Hayward and Rodney DiPietro the patent so. In a pretty good wing span autumn I don't see any of those three guys. Being able to check Kevin Durant. And to me that mixed up in a while part because I mean honestly you'd a kept metric for irretrievably. But they don't really have a guy who has looked at a group can sort of comparable comparable link. And also couple more mobility that it would they don't have that and and so. Whether it's angled or they were there that direction for the most part. I think he's in position to read it to get better committee those now clay generally take Gordon Hayward wouldn't think that Belichick opted to. Members of the staff and so for that kind of what what I've been hearing it that clear that our government on on board the local mayor. It is inhibiting it if you can guard you you put reverend. On Hayward. They're the brits were. October and you little boy bet so. I think play better suited cookie been more you've been to an immoral guard Hayward was probably years. So that can be your main guy now -- on the whereabouts of the moment replace chuck deplete what sugar and but but it direct from on angles. Directly I guess it's gonna happen Bob Orr spoke. Are you due to the shooters and we got him a wink they've got over there too which you take the warriors going in that situation. And you're right Vontae Rodney who voted 68 and Brian title I don't I think angles it's only bigger they're outing her always skinny ass while riding hood over him a scratch you can escape the real quick remarks on go back to occur quickly. If he cannot coach. Have you heard any whispers about him possibly joining a front office. Insert in the consultant decision in their opener at GM or whatnot. You mean in terms of this year. And next year going forward can't continue to coach. And I don't think speed if they could that lead right now he's focused on coaching. And if it would turn out that he's not able to coax them rentals and mobile mobile met there put. There have been no mark on what I know. There's been no. Discussion about what what if he can't coach anymore. Yeah topic Steve you want to consider that so. Maybe in the back of my idea maybe thought about it got a ruptured front about it. But yet to acknowledge the possibility that he won't coach again he's not there yet even as it bears Q spelt. He's been convinced that there's a way to deal with this thing and and and Bob I talk about Meyer a great it would bop up and you'll pretty top with a built figured that out. We hope that zone of reverently. Aaron man we will see your early in the second block of the show so we'll see on TV around 640 herself. You have a couple of hours. Yeah. Thanks and we we are doing Aureus pregame lives and post game logical or your playoff central was saying link Salina and the whole I think the whole legally teams to attack the third. Alabama won Iowa what Monta Ellis president is going to be really interesting so. Will be and it's 630 tonight on the plus EDB has come from lobbyists. He's not come. Moon. I I don't think they have enough grey goose if you get in northern California and Gregory slips and he's coming back and a long list of every big jail. The guy will be in time hail we've got Zach Jackson had Baron Davis. Who also collision Rangers. Jason missed on Colette is going to be on TV with me can bring their right or no brainer right was drafted that RC's excuse me at the holistic isn't on it means. We get Jason Richardson Baron Davis Stephen Jackson. Al Harrington Monta Ellis Kelenna. O'Donnell. Patrick O'Bryant checks are coming and I know we'll start go our goal on. While in Dubai we blue shirts. At your dot com and he wants them by and we believe teachers and wars I and my teacher right now for the second round which is worrying. You served. Shoot the law are you end that day is gone did they steal land from grew. And there that and new movie war years back in the mid eighties remembered a movie war asked warriors. Come out and play. That maybe who knows who knows where to return to administrators made me change your regulars here caboose just coming up in the afternoon light pop about an impressive again. And now it's tone for the caboose pistol with correct Paul pulled in bone retain him. On only five point seven the game. This whole. We have a few stories that almost slipped through the cracks I know someone who cannot imagine got. Afternoon delight oh honey five point seven in big games that. Setting up a sprained left Jamaal Charles but not quite as senator putts in Davos on line. That's that's a. I've heard take touchdown. On the first play from scrimmage. They run a straight to Jamaal Charles there's a bright spot Jenkins. Hi there. I don't know expand the pie and touchdown. He does. And a strain didn't realize how to play action out of touch up that. On another touchdown for the on a screen pass to Jamaal Charles thank god that's three times today. That is incredible. And four or opposite fateful day that for a I hear you annoyed with Mac call last. That was of culture wholesale as Andy Reid it is deceptive best for. Touchdowns on screen passes oh hold this truth in that game and they also had a fit that was there when Jamaal Charles. Was standing here at the height of his powers. Was 2013 it was also great to only twelve. When he first came in Italy in the injuring 2011. He was for failure in that Iran every. Down latest album not a lot but just the way Andy Reid used in space is his dream catcher. And a deceptively powerful runner for a guy his eyes that. The last couple years not to ages ravaged by. Injury Tony mr. won four games the last two years play five games at fifteen point three games last year with the ACL injuries and he is back. In the AFC west as it has so AFC west of John Elway he says this Jamaal Charles after. City chiefs let it go that's and Agassi. West and mr. Ed is up to those old tricks. Well he's a spirit joint CJ and when it lost CJ Anderson last year their running game really went down Dovonte Booker the big back for the raiders could attack the screenplay. And New Year's Day and NC shot Smith and stuck on its strength as. So they're gonna have a nice room icicle running back grow up. Jamal Charles is a gifted gifted players again for a guy his size he wants tougher than you think. But in space he's just so good and about a 199 pounds he did sign a deal to date with the the Denver Broncos Jamaal Charles is a bronco. I do wanna get your thoughts later as we get into football season about Chad Kelly at quarterback Trent several Broncos draft of the last pick up the yes tremendous upside there but Derrick taking away. All right well I was over Jamaal Charles and the jets because that eighty some help spelling it out. And I didn't look at Duval seventy. The deal today each. GE. Yeah that was the grill you can put the that was the greatest fullback of all time will tell irrelevance. Scoring the how to spell out who did that affect you GA. Need to know any more ever. Sixty G-8. And I thought it. At. Who threw hard but even lord Neil. Hi Betty after property. A very well we're gonna have to living below a golf week off I know lowly goatee. A I don't win we're. A huge. I can't wait for its policy speech we it ducks felt seductively Daley Thompson today and unfortunately they don't do those live anymore I'd rather automatic prerecorded all of this would circle and years and years ago I thought for years and then best. Our wrap the short in the caboose pistol to date will be back Thursday with caboose pistol but it's time for your for Keating cash contest. Text the code words do. In itself. You know Simon and Garfunkel Texaco we're seeing 27 due anyone for a chance to win a thousand screw RA guys. That thousands of guerrilla yep should say. When guys are drawn to oracle and I were all going why no ongoing roar Cordoba GDP and I found there are no hold down effect effect that. You base the shutdown lost the low low. You gotta have languished accidentally killed counselors here he's going to be the you know on the Stella club I gotta fill in DP you love that Stella club over there should I shoot a fair argument. I'm not really. We need you here we need to hear pop policy and an hour assault. Live from ORACLE Arena Chris Johnson that says he -- up to a's baseball ace went to integrate making his debut. Between seventy season and of course warriors jazz later on tonight right here on your home for his basketball 957 again.