Afternoon Delight Hour 3

Papa & Bonta are joined by Tim Flannery, dive into the Raiders wide reciever position, & the krazy kaboobse where we take a closer look at the NBA Award Show. 

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Bad soul searching I I think I shouldn't the core groups assert calling people out. And now what you Pitt knew I call you up to responsibilities are mean to perform they've got to change in the way they approach the game where you're gonna get the same exact thing tomorrow. I think they need to pick up the pace I think. And what evil in court hearing comes that their team that might help him pets but you're deflating the guys playing behind because now they've been on their feet they got to come in and hit. So it's like. And then there's just just something missing on that ball club and it. I'd it's hard to watch at times today was on this and Gaza very boring. As Tim Flannery giants' post and I Sunday even flames can tempered back a little Billy picked it up a little bit later a look the part of you know we don't need players around here that recycle their clothing. Whatever that is your driver tree is over all afternoon delight has brought Cuba Prius. But it was not all paparazzi but that you don't use the word boring and Ken Rosenthal writes his speech yesterday. At fox sports dot the giant cloud some slack and a lot of the the edge that they had their three years gone back to pat -- and robbery off and Cody Ross and even more recent years and even problem but I think they missed a little flames. To be out his idea after he staff coaching whether that television and that's him flattery the great plain language on a sunny afternoon delight with that. Papa Dante is the great scout Gary Hughes. In his car wasn't as he drives around the Bay Area Gary from the Bay Area as well. Major League scout for years years so you are going to the ballpark tonight slain man and I and I say hey Tuesday. So when you on that giant clubhouse tonight they gonna give the opposite of the famous. Acts. And to all of the relaxed figure mare. Yeah. Victory. I like their political. And or gigabyte. Roche big game like coach at last night because. You know particular spot where they're gonna. Play with intensity and play but promote (%expletive) And and I had a little misunderstanding because there were a lot of other things came out after well. You know me pretty only. And I we're not talking about it. You're the club out as quiet I want but people that are screaming now. I'm talking about when they got on that Al. And beyond that field. What I was talking about when they put it there because you don't have the energy you can't you can't change it. Ultimately change things it would hurt a lot it was great couple of them come out and and and performing. All agree then out then they also a better coach I believe. Yet when you watch him play last night flame you see the team that is fully capable of playing that way more consistently let let's not forget that they were 57 and 33. A year ago at the all star break and they slid back to 3042 and now this year I don't know what they are. But I remember when you won your World Series fourteen you guys for the best team in baseball for two months the worst team in baseball for two months she played well enough the last six weeks to get in at. And it when he got in October magic. Took over so my question do you Bill Parcells leave the great football coach always says the expression you are what your record says you are. But I don't see a 2851. Team here plant who who are the 27 change San Francisco Giants. Well well collapse by the way and let it happen exactly. The way they want it you have in baseball. Consistently. But you can't approach it consistently. Which your attitude your energy. What they. You know they were movement runner collapsed when they needed it would rather score position and make it big game yeah it's not. I. I want fight in Iowa Iowa as the MI port. We're gonna go forward and who is the club that. Part of that club we're gonna find out what pieces are there what you need to be brought it. I don't care or our our energy I don't want this thing that should be. This is you know it's a factor guy you don't have all of the shedding light that people all the club that we won we had a really good. These characters to repay. Aren't restore. Pat Burrell popped Ripa. Let's say a role model we have a very collect. Diapers. Personality. And it. It doesn't always make it and I wish. Sometimes that makes you uncomfortable. But what piracy check you don't want uncomfortable it's it's not a lot of this Saturday bought nine appealed. This is what we want. When. They're out there. But you don't know that you approach the game correctly. Left. They. Actually. Quote form of art and the real well. What you jet is shot and say I'm tired. Now what we are now at. Sacred in life. I don't know I'll answer your question. I figure you look. At. Find out. And that has ordered is now. About new. We have other directors to a good that we lose in twelve games out of thirteen attached to be clear. Tim Flannery joining us got three World Series rings longtime player carcinoma is the one of the great third base coach you had in baseball. A real leader on the giants teams that wanted 101214. And you would use the word. Character. I go back to the first World Series parade into money after the 2010 World Series. And I think it was Bryant's savient who actually had the line is that we have characters. With character maybe it was sportsmen and it was and it was Bryant. So EU did have a lot of characters on their team and you mentioned some of and there are more yet haven't and you haven't twelve. I guess my point is. Do the giants have adopted you were talking about energy and they're playing boring late. But they do have a lot of nice guys on this team to go around the whole infield and catcher they're all nice guys do they lacked a little edge. On the team currently planned so you don't ever get into a stretch as talented as they are where you lose twelve out of thirteen baseball games. It'll pop out. Down there and now they're being able to really make. (%expletive) I will check your oh let's go as far as the type of players. If that fact you don't hear all. You've got a whole lot of things correct got a pitch great. If you've got to. The writer's historic position and natural that you can't count on every night. Iran for Ottawa for a lot call number is now. Maybe other parts of the game. I talked late game that I can all the top you know I'm sure. There has been great starting pitching. That great defense. They they went. In the that it made it. Check out there. I want our. Oh yeah well I would be checking going forward who aren't the guys that are willing. By. Scratch and claw. To win. And pick I don't wait for awhile and I wouldn't all the equipment and I don't rademan. Right out yeah but not enough on agenda. Fly when you look at this team of makeup of the team and their leaders like Buster Posey whose rules he quiet and hunter chances use eBay and adding emotional guy. But there's not a lot of bills Turbo Garza seems like in that clubhouse so what are you point to to say hey. I need you to bring this team together as opposed to pro judicial fire doors of the net he's not accustomed to doing who would you point to when that club Austin may be. Brie an or frightened bring their passion out on a day in and day out basis. Well I don't think there there are they beat you can't. You can't have a guy. Last I heard there's a misunderstand. My point. Because Bob and all the other article coming out how quiet the club out that I don't want people scream and Holler in the I want people and they hit the field. The turn on its way to say it in China for that match three and half an hour. On oil and every pitch. We as are actually in the moment with them when. Umar optical out there and start. I felt if that guy there that should come out and shot. And then. Once every five days you know part of it got a guy in there have been able to do that then. It might have been on fire. Yeah. Well edit it right it was just a minute brought the together. Check out people who published yet stop them. Gary in my life right now and find people. And it goes out right now looking for people would want. Older perfectly. Guys like that and that it ballclub put Julia. You know all around that light up the it guy so. That's great quote that I. Yeah it's among the coaches I don't I don't know on the ultimate. And scary life there what are. At it and I and I know your your your scout in your fight against Gary uses where this been along time Major League scout grew up in the Bay Area. Work for a rule number number change including the giants are now working there Red Sox edged one H well. Just to throw it out there because we are talking about what happened that science and that to me a lot of it will we're talking about to meet the need a second hitter to really complement. Buster and Hunter Pence at times can do it but he's very streaky. To meet. The loss of Pablo signed evolve has been profound. Now the giants didn't only lose Bob assigned about publicize Devoe Los bubbles on the ball so when I think of the Rhett what the hell happened to Pablo son to call. And his ability that I thought he would get out of it this year but now he's back on the disabled list and it looks like. There's going to be a point here. Where where he just may get DF dated may be out right outright release by the the Red Sox what happen to Pablo guys. Well we're so what Eric breaks it. What happened to. The trip them where the sport and it's. L. Pop. Tactical matter. You're lecturer at her we lost the he came back it really future bet that most partners or our order it right by it yet. You know this spring at a rate sprayer ever look at you why I should it be apart though upon it or all well. There which was without. Adult who won a little after another narcotic yeah. And we look at them back about to edit. Our problem was we we probably gathered at the open what both trade and travel shall what the Milwaukee. At Brigham pit road that are on the vehicle or you'd never know if ever though. The opera actor that really your point about. And yet where you know. Where dwellers think you hit the people. Outside makes Sammy or something they're not. Because first pick up oh and everybody. About this all the shirt back took it. What are part of mature. We're annoyed at or right. No and not let her. Or are now they're related matters and guys. Tim Flannery integrates act Gary Hughes joining us Sani after an eleven profit volunteer and at a five point seven games so. You're gonna be at the yard and I gotta say hey Tuesday for giants pre and post game live and NBC sports Bay Area not Yemen now there are a lot lately. She tell me what you think and when you go there and talk to the staff and is try to figure out. What what this club needs right now and give me your thoughts on what's going Allen Boccieri you know he had a hard issue. Earlier in the year he said at the let you know a few years now that's a hard year to be navigating through an illusion like their votes is not used to losing like this plan. Well it is already years earning. It Diego's there's signs reading at a club. That would. Well it was thirty million dollar payroll clubs that you know that the where the pressure that the ban is here. It's they'll all of the vote of 200 million dollar believe but the tables though. I think it worked out it looked like that demand winning three World Series it is that it patrol on some other news the players may be. Contact with the coaches because I think now it is a very. Yeah why opera World Series they're huge pressure but it. Help the pressure. The pressure. Very. You can actually give you should. So I checked the culture that. Quote. But I gotta keep an object on I don't know I haven't talked a lot with boats lately and I got to go on. There. And as for the Arctic on true yeah island. He went through it 01 day wonder why you are harder than ever work. He does not let up that shouldn't. But I like what we all our (%expletive) Demand and can't change. That you try to way ju. Clayton maybe even beyond his capability. He got to start looking and now we have experience going forward. Sooner or later our people who. And at all what you went real world championships in five years. The people at such and physically and I couldn't quite. I come back a lot could not physically go through it go for it yet. I don't know what his plans I don't know. I'm not at a meeting with Nadia. Engler there today to see what. Common. Aren't. Really important. Or who they are looking it and trying to. Chew up out outside the organization in the house so much. Information. I put out. I'm not out there no question that more dry that you know today. On Geithner argued billion arm opera pop on while because it's. Typical. Yeah you know it's and take a lesson is flanked Dockery got Tim Flannery and Gary Hughes longtime Major League scout. In the car together in the after the eleventh up and volunteer at a five point seven game what the Bryant savient has been really proud of go back years and it's it's gonna evolve back to the candlestick days certainly. Since the giants moved to China they said is they have always played meaningful games where. Maybe they'd win the west and it'd make the playoffs but they they got knocked out like the last Wednesday of the year. Held and we get to the point they got knocked out this year before summer. So I guess maybe it's a question for Gary Moore in the scouting world. How how sweeping changes do you think the giants are gonna be up to in the next month and in a Billy being at a team like this. He would try to flip whoever he could flip off the Major League roster to try to. Two re rebuild his every replenish is. Is minor league coverage which apparently are also a little bit Bayer so how how bold how out dared Gary do you think. Bobby Evans in Bryant saving will be the next month. Well. At 100. Back old art. Right now. Mike Mike but I. Change that or read or whatever it might not. And or. Treat her contract. Not at war. Picked up long term until Jack I'd like them. The situation. At. Oh. Right well. This is really a tree right now. And there are. So by that July 10 and open pit box out respect to help a future. You know clearly there's a lot of talk about Brandon bell and Quayle getting moved and Hunter Pence may be getting movement. Our process I can't remember I'm I'm 34 years older since Sabine has come to service Cisco. I don't remember his chides Phoenix Elmo at all even when you guys rebuilt early in two in a row boat she in the mid 2000 you guys pacer rebuilt the farm system. And then here comes to championships. Oh how would you fill OJ Phillip a guy like turning quite a for example. You know he comes in and before a season these talk about the clubhouse and hey Ryan Ryan Ryan I know I asked you earlier about the clubhouse but how was it teammate. Would you look at so Mike that when guys popping off to our way it is club buses quiet probably gonna opt out because of my peers not great. Well that got great. Art of men and this era it is. They're solving that Kim does. What they're winning and that was the great thing about what got you back here to keep everybody on the same page because. The sooner you. All the agents and you're here you're arbitration eligible earlier free. He is I've got his shot and Ike and I'll work on social media manager out to take care of Ochoa media. Ultimately. It really a kick out of when their time on the lead well. Yeah about elections over leaking. Out well. Guys got shortly. 5000. Followers that if you got to be a deal that October shortly. At a different direction. That's like core players been. A column about pulling. May be today on the back upon. Enough but if Al and navy. Maybe it will happen or topic nugget I doubt that. Territories are gonna let you go what it would it would great to daily double that Alex and flattery but one of the great Major League starts of all time here use joining us as well the for a much ago. Cary that John Elway to side of the play baseball and that's been a quarterback in the NFL. Ha ha ha I'm a bit of an outfielder what do you. Gonna any. Or whatever ultimately it'll work out. I goody insulted that he we've always had a good arm and hit the ball. Get it. Yet are two hitters. It extremely well. Or at the corner of my. What's the jar. Much longer career a well. To not know what it all. About it Shrek and it is college as well yeah. Oh. I won't sit well we picked up by. That are out there as in check bill. I was still well. We're very got career and it. You watched that. It. Speaking out ahead of the raider nation it was she would have played these off then you're the current problems what are you guys front yard together lightweight like guys saying that together. A lot. My life in the backyard too far I got a ticker in support you know you keep stake in this decade. I'd be back did not play about my wife of the first 100 in small doses. Yeah she's. Human and I. In the country and television chewed up. You should have used. Letter after Gary thank you so much rich Abbie appreciate it planned and we love via. I and Landry and here you know here use your anger at AMR here user smoothly so logic a lot of base or care use. LA LA and evidently after only would he deal look good in those clips on that Marino and Elway. Do you look at political enemies and Hannity show them. Conspired against our river dialogues brought that up pretty quick nap bring up it was never brought up he would trade how long men emerge and Elway in LA with the raiders a Hollywood right there and I see any you lauded if plot it was amazing he wanted to Super Bowls every here. Jim when the Super Bowl they'll try to get rid of them next year but it exchange raider Mark Wilson and but Elway was really we would. Agree. Speak generators top we dive into another raiders position group we take a look at who they're receiving group that drop a lot of passes. Last season and the tight ends because they welcome a new tiger and Jericho we'll discuss. There raiders receivers and tight ends here in the afternoon light it's pop and bots and then five point seven again. Fax. A now back to the afternoon delight with Greg Papa and Vontae hill on 95 point seven the game. And consent to. Rightly left there. The we need now is there for the football. The last two yards not need to ms. went to home we'll play at the all American a lot of but the good the good thing they. Yeah. And heard. It means to kids. Okay. The. Iron it cannot just get a hit about the glove and bounced the wind is that much of a factor. Almost got by coach Gerald Henderson it's about 48 tackle this guy thirty guy on the sideline. It's. Not I think that's not Burkhardt Darrell Anderson straight drop looking lapped up the left sideline want to put it. The. Wow Jared club. He's able he knows where he is he's able to keep his feet and. Badger truck made they catch last year after her actors is set up the big feel the only beat the Dallas Cowboys though. We're going through position groups yesterday it was running backs today. It is wide receivers and tight density which is set for. It's funny seventeen Oakland Raiders and yet tonight with top and about to hear and had five point seven a game the reason I wanted to follow up. The running backs. With the receivers and tight ends because that really is where pro football is that. You have five offensive lineman of the quarterback so you have six stationary positions every play. It's how you triple play the other five to five eligible to get two backs in one side and the standard 21 personnel. Eagle one back one side and eleven personnel three wide receivers. So really. This is we're not downing and Derek are getting huge contract to take ownership of this offense more of the temple that'd. How you spread out the weaponry. So let's just let's just start with the wide receiver room. And a Marc Cooper and Michael Crabtree was set Roberts being at their guys well but I I think Cordero Paterson could have more roll. This year he was used as four threw wide receiver with Norv Turner in Minnesota and north lost his job I think they could really use him. And use him a lot so Heidi divvy up playing time between court Darryl and set and a court Darrell may have more of the special stop. Which they used. In Minnesota and two rounds. I love the jet sweep motion that kicking registered users and Tyreke he'll get more guys on one way. But at Crabtree strip tree and you could say dropped passes and we cult of the law. Last year and a very yelling out during one game picked up floors of Lincoln Kennedy during a broadcaster and ID five point seven a game. Michael Crabtree may never dropped another ball the rest of his life and in an expansion drive traffic effect it seemed like he would catch the really hard ones the slice of blue catch. You heard San Diego. And anyway drop them but Michael Crabtree is Julius he is a Saudi and route runner he just as an ability. And a lot of it is off a role in starting goes into a big topic studied Mitch Richmond the former warrior. Where they can just separate way. In and it's a great scale that's what he showed in college at Texas Tech. Showed for the 49ers in shows here that's like Derek we'll turn to amid tight situations because trapped in separate. He is Julius I don't expect a huge jump in his game. He's an interesting guy is like to warm up before games you can do this wants to do his own thing don't don't bother me. Leave me alone when it's time to go like oh and and in and usually he does of our Cooper now. To me. I don't wanna say he's been disappointing I would use that word he said in a really good rookie year. But he followed up with a solid second here but there's more there there's more there. He could beat Derek Karr signing 125 million dollar deal receivers don't quite make that money. But I when you look at the skill set and Derek are. Helio Mac and a Mari Cooper. I can make the point of Mari Cooper was by far the most read. It apply in the NFL immediately he just looked like a pro. And Alabama plant for Lane Kiffin. If you watch him run routes. In practice there before games and there's just nobody more diesels moved his feet everything. So what what what why you see that lysine they're they're wary sort of the top five. Wide receivers. When injuries you blame injuries on this I think his body is broken dowdy at a foot injuries rookie year last year he got picked up and it's an frigid night editor of hitting gap planet. And he never quite bounce back. And he had a little bit of something in his rookie year the bottom line is etiquette coach has called about us as she is not as bandit as. Strong of a player later in the year and it's a hard year. If we don't talk a lot about runners for the wall as a rookie in the NFL as the other sports but yeah. You know you play 111213. Games tops you know with a bowl game and Alabama audio monthly between the last game. In the NFL you're playing for pre season games before you get a body. Your to twelve games in there he just hit the wall. In you know like it's you know say where's game was at different points he's got to learn to catch the sideline ball. Better I think he showed it at various times later last year with a toe tapped. But he it's different roles in he did he did not play well against the Houston Texans in the playoff game he just did not. There a couple of balls Dakota got up and fight more of our Cooper needs to play. With a little more edge to him he needs a little Crabtree bad ass in him. He's so much more skilled. He just needs to it to bring it out you know sometimes listen to plain talk about. The giants just have too many nice guys and our Cooper is to stop being nice guy he's got to be tougher. And I think bringing Calvin Johnson in attack downing and it was instrumental in that. Having a mega trap was a big bad ass now Barnes and have a body. But he can play with more ferocity more toughness. And we'll see record Errol Paterson can give you. But then the other part of the equation about today is you know how much you wanna use you may sell while later take it. If you're putting a fullback on the field goal with two backs. Then you're nacco one. You know you have one tight end of the field to get ahead of comedy wide receivers it's a numbers game you have to add up to five you've got five offensive lineman. And you've got a quarterback have to get used Lee Smith I would call him a six offensive lineman. In if you wanna go to that Jumbo package. Which they like to turn go there were Iraq no job bowl big heavy and you bring in extra lineman not you know die you don't have as many eligible so. They had to use that more because Lee Smith really this year. You're third tackle your six linemen. But now comedy snatched you wanna give can fly ball for played better. He hit a bad year last year Beckett went back to the ATV accident the year before. He could not give up that seem he did not have that kind of speed well if you're not gonna run it up up up the seam route to bring at a guy they can't. And it's chaired cook Jared Cook is a clever route runner in and out. And I haven't seen him on the practice field I can't get to elevate this time of the year of the warriors do their thing but we'll get kidnapped or we'll watch him. Each year were raved about his vertical speed that you got to get somewhat up there it seemed that. To stretch that defense of Paterson can stretch it over the top. You got Crabtree saw this as short to intermediate and atom Ari can run everything I'd like to see him Ari you're one call. Rice said he is one up and got the ball. Our our when he came to the NFL not just all the great route write it like any route short intermediate and deep. He also would give you a two foot plant in gull up in the air and high point the ball back quite like Randy Moss. Not quite like Julio Jones but. Very good he would go up and get the ball. I thank you are putting catch against Indianapolis won earlier in the year you cut that big third down. From a glowing which managed to take advice yes exact. Plato. Where he had to go up and get that ball they were sputtering he did not want a punt that ball back Andrew Luck it was not gonna go well. Yard Gloucester quarterback that's not lose the game exactly right he went out and swaddled that football so you know he's got he's going to be better his third Richmond great. The first two years of the Pro Bowl two years right. If we're seniors already there actions have gotten it. And I look at the stats or look at a production. The routes he runs the toughness he is got it yet they keep to leave off he's a sick if he's got to get Bradley Roby and attack Bradley Robby went to leave miss that Sunday night game. Now we know we can't tackle you gotta go at him and make him tackle the attic or series junior off your ads you gotta get markets Peters from playing so far off or you'll. And then run the route had a double move him more he's got to figure out how to uncover. And then how do you use Cordero Paterson. How do you use chaired cook you can at least Smith back plea Smith can apply that he can block he's an in line tied and blocker. It is Gabe Holmes even make the team out like a few of these other targets Cooper help that can play. Raiders got it late in the year when they get him in Napa packet take more than three. Maybe Four Tops if you could say what fullback and Allah while way. You take for tight ends its five Connie in that room tight ends fullbacks are kind of the same. But this is the area the football team the running game. Was good last year baht today you know it could be really good that Sunday night game against Denver the line is got to plow block more. You gotta give it to be swallowed got Reshard in Washington these guys are like pseudo. Running back wide receivers themselves actually look at the whole thing. What do you do with the five eligible running backs fullbacks tight ends wide receivers. Audio what deploy them I think it's going to be a next year and it it's going to be a lot of different things with the packages moving in and out. But this is out this offense really begins to detonate at the Mari Cooper can take his game. To the next level and be a bad day it's and you get more production from its site in which was not there whether it's cook whether it's wall firstly in line blocking. And then can this team. Can they score and look at a 28 points a game. Can they get to 34 points a game who. Who do they give me looked more touchdown raiders are we in a couple of field goals. Are giving five touchdown raiders that you get 35. We'll get to the defense and who are aware slightly in Thursday. Analysts see what they can do ID for Anderson great offenses in the AFC in dealing with even better. They I think they're 28 game not taken they get to 323334. Points again. You have to think so because that a lot of slow starts last season and they got cooking at the go to buffalo game where it fell behind twenty Ford and I we can go to Carolina game but he started fascinates spotted a middle game and our estimates and they gave back over. They want not as consistent on offense you know the 28 points game that's great stat but they were not as consistent to run a whole game Indianapolis we talked about this pop. May have been no one game where they played from beginning to Edwards has dominated on offense home see that more this year master progressing with the Mari Cooper with Brad Henry. This is a lot of variety actor got off to slow start last year we do a lot of games we just got off to the key was over hyped. He would throw the ball really quickly. Before the receiver came out of his break and you see the receiver could even turn the ball was already whip it by we would often talk about the cap down. You know maybe that's you know working with Todd downing having more input. The first 1518 whatever remedy to wants to script. But you know there's going to be a microscope under now that he's the highest paid player in the league. To not have those kind of spotters but you're right but like the great offenses. Like New Orleans like New England like Indianapolis where there was Manning they're locked. Once they start. That you can't stop stuff and that's the thing with the raiders once they used to me it's like boldly. Once you start throwing a couple of strikes in mixing the spare you kick a field goal here there he just don't want open frames. But once these elite offenses start rolling. You don't strike spare strikes air touchdown field goal field goal touchdown and boom that's I get to 35. Who came before an illustrious authors who will bring down more position groups. Tomorrow here army after him like a way for football totals here but we have caboose just before we sign up before being the Bruce in days Astros. From Houston here and at a five point seven game is here to delightful problem project to five point seven game. And now it's time wound for the could boost its two week break Paul pulled in bone retain him. On only five point seven the game. And it's cool. We'll have a few stories that almost slipped through the do you five point seven of the game the. Towards. So I want my nose eyes. Have a main pumping. Isn't it said they would now Marv Albert has resorted to being true man for her character perfect oracle though Jimmy Brooks. Drexel Drake what does he referred to as Jimmy Brooks the rest this segment because that's what his name was on the grassy. And that's what I know on as if he's not Drake he's Jimmy Brooks what are they EJ Brooks last night hosting the and the awards. Architecture this is she going to Yellowstone and we that's going out with it's it's an elaborate about. For Shanahan is she quite close with Jimmy. He had if if if he will apparently are Bart has become job. Thank god Fargo she was or ever have hit the welfare of goodwill don't like a lot of over the Charlotte Will Ferrell hold on there are a lot of well knowledge of the caboose Smart looking so. Marv is when your idols. And ever since he's did that we're cameo in train wreck remember that usually do high do's and their Internet Mark Martin Martin had hired mark has made some weird choices besides the obvious. But softball complex and it's all just. There aren't they're they're eager to play allegedly lying that allegedly allegedly if he is do anything illegal it's got a big payoff of ours are well. He should put a market for Marvin now is Brazil is now the interim guy for Jimmy Brooks is ridiculous I understand it is about it you just as the water either that you distribute element got a better if Jones an orderly now it's time for urgent need burrows is this maybe have roster good. Man well so so black sports alliance reporting they're just friends you've seen he's just a friend Macvicar Britain's with a bit of that all right let's let's let's play the handshake sketch what I like about the work you're gonna work other radio things shake it it will what I like about this is it reminded me of the old and team in TV movie awards and we do sketches. That you were pretty good but this this is one of the good ones with a platoon as. Starting today infused score but your handshake Sox. We need straighten out some. That's very excuse me why this was talking to mark miles of Smart enough fortunate tomorrow. To mark okay tomorrow tomorrow I'd say the last I like it. Basketball player this is why we're here yeah I think we're I think we've just got to Amsterdam is one of our more sophisticated ones the drop. Shake hands. Maintain a nice firm grip on the hips and this is nice feeling between you and your team. My wanting to fixes a memory that lasts a lifetime. But you know should we begin mental defense. A puppet like god just defenses they are cousin tomorrow stuff. This next one here a little on the controversial side but this one's called black dad and shed. Okay have you. Right at the Brentwood mail also brother okay. Don't just gave their lives and they hope to have the event it is yeah I'll maybe alcohol may have some of the government it's always vote doesn't right all right so something like that that's his. Pretty much making aero you whatever you wanna do with the some suggestions. Of Gannett. To mark. Denial. That occurred in the heart -- -- an hour of sleep -- that was also Will -- joining drink but I just I -- the bodies and street -- union when he and two but still while it's good to. Keep on you but if you haven't watched this it is. Odd -- this. That is -- do you realize it's time to figure -- humor should -- Americans in -- original -- band together in San Diego which they play like audio cholera. A cut and congress understand yeah we saw dodge votes in regulation it's if that's what it was about what again I am he would it's I like anchorman Wheeler varsity team to that watched the book was originally thought it was going to be about like the business of like being on T now we have a there was going to be funny manages to all right you know watch certainly you know welfare is having a moving coming up this weekend again when it must people everywhere among the velocity agree one. Yet you know it's fair watch the show for a all right so this sketch. I am I'm not sure if I like it or not but this is this is Drake and staff. And the appeared in the movie yet it is. Great move subway. Lippman post that the free adult I have a blazing hot gone and I'm watching the early in his pocket to try to get my what happens if if he's. You know what you are broke we just wanted to shift is Mon world you know it's an article bond of god. A mother dropped over they had gotten very straight month and 100 whether or 84. Heat content but it's you angelic in the morning. I would access the mother of my children I love my life how hard. Time attacking Tim presenting a month. You know the rules no phone calls after ten endless it's Carter's if let me guess. I need it looks like it's session neighbors coworkers. She needs to be seen taking place to be there that's a chaperone. Makes me. Let's go from the sleep from Tom it's not a party and it's just in America maybe he just won a championship. We anticipated. Numbers we've done since its usefulness. Somebody into the into some complaints. Only. I'm glad we stated. It. So they think he put his staff there right huge return home yeah oh yeah Wednesday. Yeah that was not funny guy that was that was great it was great in it it was it was pretty clever and Lakeland and with the audience can't see here he sees that he's wearing the GM is with racist is. The illustrate lot of other Soledad it was saturated. Specter OK okay where is having an argument is largely calling card that was the guy that played the desperate and the gang get out soon actually kind of neat cause there were Sakai. Steps brother Seth than not that glance at the way so not at all. I get the joke you've got to see the movie get out on your real cricket team in extreme ones reaction to the sketch. Night. Warmth. Who grew up. They're okay. I got involved now we're here together for as well congratulations. How does it feel to be a two time champion. Some days. To get kicked off rootkit in the last year. To win it this year. It's spurred the coat systems. Are. Did you like the statute you these things when it was fun of what could loosen I don't wanna talk about hope that's right now literally. I had Gucci man what his jacket outside of the beach you went on and so forth but we hear his. Yes well a lot of things that you work on but I would look forward to the second annual NBA awards when Kenyon Martin hosted next year that's. All the LA on the way to breaking news we're excited about our drinking of the bonus rewards as making a late night talk show. It's gonna be a variety show also evening class on jury will be coming to its EV. More channel I don't witness who Knowles who knows we'll discuss more they will ignite their cohost can she could I don't know. Yeah she still leaves you up days as rules here are Betty five point seven game.