Afternoon Delight Hour 3

Papa & Bonta are joined by Jon Morosi, discuss the Raiders running back position, and the caboose.

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I hope that there is some type of band soul searching I I think I shouldn't the core group should start calling people out. And now what you get new I call you up to responsibilities are mean to perform they've got to change in the way they approach the game where you're gonna get the same exact thing tomorrow. I think they need to pick up the pace I think. And what evil and Cory here comes that their team that might help him pets but you're deflating the guys playing behind it does now they've been on their feet they got to come in and hit. So it's like. And then there's just just something missing on that ball club and it. I'd it's hard to watch at times today was on this and Gaza very boring. Yeah car care and your lowered but he's got to be the slowest worker. One thing you get hit that age is to bring the whole pace of the game. Down and he's got his his you know treat pitch set up that he wants to turn given he's really got to move around along quicker. As Tim Flannery were talking to Richard earlier earlier in the red tent on. Plan man and tomorrow they are boring and their ratings are plummeting the sellout streak is in jeopardy. The hot this team go from 57 and 33 at the Ulster break. Last year 3042. To finish out the best record in baseball where they are now and they're gonna have to really push to get to 33 and 57. The inverted record in the first half this year. And Hackett hit the it can be like the way tickets by people have noted tickers and we're glad to you know it's one thing to lose just anything to lose boring and it may be the worst thing you know she's you call a guy saw often. The worst four letter words sportsman boring and O'Leary Baird is not like a boring and we mentioned earlier Ken Rosenthal from fox sports was out this weekend with a number one Foxit TV crew but one of the best obviously met this version for the Bay Area now. John Smoltz and he was here and has soaked it all in. And he's wrote today he's written big a check out on the day at The clubhouse once populated by outspoken veterans compelling eccentrics is quiet the point of being a boring some with the teams say and they also called are marked the lancet which we mentioned earlier. And I spring and a guy from fox sport as well joins us every week and yet tonight with the puppet Vontae. Here and then had a five point seven the game that would be at JP. ROC CJP welcomed back in net. And your red richer here your partners fox sports wrote to Ken Rosenthal that that's that's a hard word in sports to be called not only losing the way they have an. Twelve of the last thirteen they've lost JP that particularly called boring is that it is sit well giant management. Well and the other word about it but I was very important that column well quiet. Why would you have it they gave very quiet clubhouse. Would doubt that bigger than you urge land. Referring to the net and at peace and he has the Bay Area I think that that does become a concern and and candied pale now. They're used to be that cortina of the ball and taking full part in the team stretched a Blanton wanted to get away from Matt earlier in the year. And and boats you really acknowledging that beat the camera guys about out. Maybe you let things. Slip a little bit in terms of staying on top of Powell. Strictly the players weren't here to the rules in the custom the team that so I think you go down now. List of things. And now were started in May be the that context. As to why this team has struggled so much this year it's not just media but that is it diminishment in. Talent which comes what you got. Maybe aggression by age or or guys have a crop year. Course as Robert need to figure out the guilt so I think a lot of different things that are going in that is what you think about it quiet. Clubhouse. And and in need. To have that that energy and a commitment. That I that your plans speaking about that certainly was a big part of chippy chippy. And will when things go the wrong direction. And there's not that. That the commonality. And that body in the giants certainly add those into the game that reforms they were all let zone. Offbeat way hot it is well league at the twelve team was different. Of course they were down to innovate they came back against the red with and it lead to charges of anyways it fourteen that was eight. Our veteran team and again when you lose your eights and bought her certainly and you guys although not poll out this guy. That toughness he would be that you would obviously approach league in the man but he did last year. Rightly or wrongly but there was that sort of how does that all it was around them and I think sometimes. In the Berry at been stuck with me. Jim Whelan told me once there's a difference between. Be it in nice guy. And having good baseball make. It it's going to be denied and basal like it is a good night guys are great pick up guys too but there. A little bit and getting to a to a great baseball player and I think that maybe the giants have lost there it. Heck why it's a rough words obviously and Boehringer I think is even worse word that you mentioned some of the names from the giants it went in 2010 and they were a couple guys that have rights they've been found off the script he Pat Burrell Cody Ross robbery up which there for the duration of the more recent years. Obviously potter paints it as preachers that are actors certainly Cincinnati after they lost the first two on Michael Morse the beast in problem. It's been there but you know a lot of these guys have won and a brain and belts one. Gradual panic is one Randy Crawford is one. But Buster Posey has won and where it's funny when they when they win. The light I would always used to describe buster JP was slow breather. He was again that was that was met is a good thing in baseball you're not too high you're you're not too low you're able to handle these highly pressurized situations. Because you're a slow breeder and act in overreact to situations that's now. You can go through regular season and be mediocre and then come October. You charted out and you take over so now we're not calling him slow breeders' Republican quiet. And their boring. And is part of that. You know make sending in a Buster Posey in the make up that he has is as a leader of this baseball team JP. Perhaps. But also stated that bluster woods. Very effective. Leader's viewpoint out with those teams that had personality. Those teams also had pitching. I think that's an important point near the giants right now in here today they have ones starting pitcher. Within the are able four point 53. Areas trying to quit four point twosome mark of four point seven Morse six point 04. I blocked or point 86 Cain five point five war. That does not good if you're not win no matter how good or bad bounces when those are the arteries that your lives certainly pitchers. And you mentioned here in. But the segment. In general. One and your rotation. Is not pitching well and when they're walking guys and Internet good pace. It's hard look at this team I think that that's one of the biggest things net Saturday. Big picture baseball conversation right now pace of play and just the rhythm of our sport. Has been transformed. By it all runs. Which are on. Pace for a record high strikeouts also on page or a record high. We got a record Arnold runs. Record nine strikeouts. Run scoring is not at a record I'd be cute. Oddities situation and maybe equated it used to be in the past. But the point is it ought to walk off home run but not a lot of remnick. Rallies in written makes inning even the pitching. When though are. That you got your rotation. And more very clearly is disappointment Cain the guy that used to be knows you intend. Effectively all stars Cy Young candidate lives ago one side there. Okay it's you had. You met at temple on our eyes as the bowl coming in Italy. And I think that we knew that competent. Well it was a player on their days thinking oh my gosh we've got a score to have a chance and Edwin when that have been in quite clicking. That workers. It is our look around the clubhouse at yourself. At the one what are what are and that he would only eagle or right now and I think. Didn't mean to point out Al and need your rebels in Uga locker room or. Board. No matter how great players are. If that bird it's hard for them to lead. We're not playing apartment to lead and I think that indicate depends. He was in many respects the heart soared he would point while but. Well what you missed part of the I think it's really about that it in effect on. The same. The point it's never had to be loud. That's OR PG's because of great thing that was that was ideal for the rest of the group but now without the energy around them. I think maybe people looked at and they all where's. Where's may be that bad figured that that that. Bigger view of the the statement about that's. I've not blustery style now. Frankly I'd probably never will. If you look at formula in the clubhouse today and take a bat just are breaking news outlets that it's not a buster is that's why that's why he's the player that he is but. So how sweeping should the changes be and we are joint is we are every weakening at eleven popping by to hear now to five point seven a game by JP grossly. Baseball insider Ferraro fox sports and and evolving network you're on top of this is more than anybody and you mentioned we talked about alliance and it was a point of a canned speech today I've actually heard his name out there. As for ours the giants looking to give him up now part of the reason they collapsed in the second half is that it ever closer. Of his stature so why would you trade that guy and you mentioned Matt Moore who just continues to disappoint. You know what he'd do we talked about built in quite go before on the show. You know Joseph panic is having a very mediocre year Crawford said personal issues off to feel which you address so. Is that he is a unique talent seriously talk about what they should do. How big of a chain actually giants make to their roster will they quote on quote begin to blow things up GP. Wasilla the sort of here recently about their approach and when I was told that effectively. When you're playing the way we are. Regarding pat would be on the table. And everything. Means truly everything now will be seriously. Think about trading. Well garter and he's come back of course right now with a minor league rehab outings. And I suspect they can't dismiss that possibility I don't see them. Trading on earth in the end but I but again that's something in the at least have to consider. Because it had. The date look at this same group. Greg for next year and and it you look at this quote right now check out their vision. Aren't I knew that we were next year I don't think so I don't think that diner back that we were next year Norway and Iraq they're going to be worse. So this to me. As part this is for them to do. I think you look at it and again eager readers say it is not by my Errol nor my job by I think it mutual giants fans let's. We won three World Series this decade. We're getting older. It's game that we have right now is not working we can also see this. We've got to make some changes everything on the table I I'm not sure Greg look at it. Edit it and wait oh what shape he's getting beat having had mediocre year at bats in the and it really in some respects so below average year. This season so let's say exception Eddie continued dollar contract and not opt out. Well. Is the it problems really. Going big dollars for error again. In the in adding to their payroll which is which is already at a level. That that's the tricky part what you what you expect players that you look back at eight. What how Paul's list maybe edit them quit on ovals which and it belt line and right now when you do that. You that cropped out the player residuals but they want to keep so it's a really interesting discussion them. Lance and I believe his name it is certainly. Out there and it Buick now that the mix is not working on that perhaps perhaps the nationals. Who are lowered its situation where they have gone shall desperately. That they had that it's time to ride the field today. Guide I think the that the National Guard that point. We look at for care about it would be huge disappointment in Detroit this year. I then may be in the national would consider. The possibility of bringing back all at the among many other options that are sort of but I think that possibility guys cannot be discounted noble and potentially again he had been a great. Atlanta potentially going back east DC. It's funny JP you mentioned how this clubhouse is quietly government will be in this clubhouse after the last few years it has quietly do whether or not problems producing a Boston. He was jovial and that club possibly kept things light wanna rebate. A car for a while until we started sitting by himself to disclose Abbas quiet and I mentioned that because started Quayle said that earlier years he was a royals and you looked across to sort of charged up around in Kansas City they have a lot of fight and now he's here in everybody's to themselves non no that wasn't received well in the clubhouse probably because they know that he's basically on the way out. What is the market for journey quite a not a these mention that he's opting out of his deal. Well remain. The first that would quit so you have to see how they handled it with disappointment held in the second half obviously if you all the side doesn't yet that terrible September. And it hurt he may rethink that brought about about opting out. Web attic for me you look at look around the possibilities. I would slotted them. A little behind Darvish you know Darvish that Tommy John. Area is coupling bit it and I got that the one reason why if you're Quaid that you would opt out. Is that there are very few available starters. With his pedigree. Available on the free agent mark. This winter. Jason Vargas did not have the depth of years that they quit in terms of excellence. And that the bigger names out there we're talking about right now. Are are more bowl the year controlled guys like archer. Gary Cole shutting grade. Led the bigger names are more on the multi year time horizon players that are going to be built on the trade market. There's not the free agent market but it is wintertime so. I think Burmese. It is still a twenty million dollar a year pitcher. I don't think so personally. Is that what we're doing right now. Also got the remember that that you look at the way the pitching market goes. That ball quit or are lucky. That could that it team that really needed them. Well one of the bigger market teams in the case giant that Eric and pushed them quite work I think that that they would certainly we if you a lot of teams in the pitching. You like or yankees if you like the reds cycles say. I like quail but Kenny pitched well in Boston gate bridge old York in the activated right now I don't like the American League went. I don't know guys is if of those clubs are gonna you have an aggregate it to go to very hitter friendly ballparks so if we're being advising. I I might that it was the as a phenomenal second half quite old best play may well be. Name enacted more than four he's got 84 middle the next four years Solis is seen a lot of a lot of money on anybody yet that before he starts opting out. He's one thing shark is actually pitched well but Matt Moore. JP he got shelled yesterday. And he's the irony is now over six. He is the highest the irony in the nationally in his stuff I'd when they traded for him last year they had to give up Matt the not to Avery getting America partner. Would really make him a really good pitcher now he's got thrown his cutter. He seems like he just lacks the it factor and balancing each. He reminds me a lot of Jonathan Sanchez. Where you look at this stuff and you think why you see that dominated if you ask me a month ago what if they would trade Matt Morris sale now. Why would you trade him he's got great stuff these young is contracts not that out of line. And yet he continues to just regrets and that make the advancement he would make we thought in a year's time so. It is met morbidity and in play for the giants is a trait that that it'd be peace between now and the deadline JP. Could be but that viewpoint Greg about how much he's struggled. It would the Buick club. That I've seen a lot of over the years maybe it was some others that that goes well. On because to me he has now been quite the same guy since having not answered that you look at his overall. Track record he had that did that happen basically 24 G sin city area old rates scenic and what did you deport last year. He finished the toward our race indeed had that surgery. It is really a route five in May be. You'll last year so. You have not been consistently himself. Since that surgery over bull extended. Law so. To me he's got a lot of questions about consistency. And that these are totally trust his own mechanics how. That that really into what is more you guys a little concerned about. Lack of consistency that you point that out he's given up high totals he's given them most earned runs or out any. Player any pitcher in the Major League this year a lot of walks as well also. For me that that strike outward should be either out 00010. For me right now that the indicator not good yet the way they use you more than those big moment. Might be changes in or perhaps it could mean the gender struggle and so. On a guy and they give a pretty good count talent to acquire just last July. SO tennis summarize our conversation they reject humorous you fox sports and MLB network and of the deck. Even though they may want to blow it up there their their their their of their top players are performing so poorly. JP in May that be the time to blow it up because that acted again it's not enough back for any of these guys. Right usually the old adage. You know a new. The stock portfolio in the day. All right that means that at that now I've got to say this thing count that greater advocate that they all. And that's why the top one now that's why don't want positive Beers from Bobby Evans involved here is that you much soul. Much information out there now in the baseball world other scouting information analytic in Beijing where if they'll take the positive turn it more take the positive turn. You'll see the scouting opinion in the industry then you know employers change more rapidly. Because they have been metrics by which to measure when a pitcher or player at that adjust. So they can find a way to make in just a light. Were and so levels that where the impotence and attribute rose OJ in the that commitment there it. The adjustment that you can make whether it's it betrayed these organs. You rhetorical. Metrics and evaluation on players can really have a huge impact in order out of that you can still show people in the organization and outside. Later on going forward as it ignited. Bigger thing is that correct that they Africa that help you buy it at a lot of questions to be answered. They can that benefit package is adequate at a time even they can't take. I think it was a very importantly it's the giant. Did the at least guys rebuilt and trade value may find some changes in retreat out there with the other clubs but make at least 28. I'd better in their for the giant AT&T park. Hard to believe 5733. At the break a year ago now 2751. The second worst record in all of baseball I can't believe wherever this conversation guys can believe it and they're gonna leave you maybe haven't awhile longer thank you for your time I've traveled talking. Above my thing. The flag why. She right. Erica had. It it but it could. Go to. There and I 101214. And could have been in sixteen because they wanted a closer aren't Lanston and another all. Matt Matt Moore though and we usually about a chapel morose he Matt Morris numbers to me about changes to its just amazing that sixty earned runs he's allowed in 89 and author JP just an average of six so don't bring me out here popped over me back down here. T he has to go flat out the flags are way about GTT park three batters market to go about it but no you're adding more and attitude with that they have more that yesterday Ireland at that particular thing this does Alito had nothing nothing these guys on this team of one he got Bob Gardner. Policy. Belt Eric Crawford pants. But soon and it. That is that anybody in the bullpen nanny under Strickland you wanna give him credit for what again it's a huge vacuum is there console sells cars Santos was there. Derek Lowe wasn't quite up a lead. Matt or if it's so disappointing part because we have that. That memory of him in the NL wild card game it's a Chicago club over. Basically discussing whether or not told you should Charlie DeMar from an identity. And who is out of 120 pitches but he was dealing had to ballots had to have what I almost threw the no hitter he had done and I think the perfect game will work. Go back. Oh great he's in there you just wanna grab them and shake the jets had Sanchez out of him. Bush I deficits as they have the you know my heart and drugs ratchet up its. He's got used to work with that I love so much art dealers. He always had to turn some guys are bus drivers. And some guys are passengers. Right. I think sometimes I wonder if they had any buster. That decides buster if they don't they don't have that a player Annie bell. Craig we really when I look at it and you look at the lineup before the year started. All of a sudden the brand means became your third and fifth hitter they were the guys that hit around Posey. That well having his name maybe 85 and 89 million in name they've had their moments but are they are they bus drivers. Or are they guys that are merely on the bus and contribute you know is about you know after. You know stop often get to hit the injury you know re refuel and pick up some essentials and did their part of that. But they're not drive and it and there are guys that drive it. And their guys their it is they have anybody that can drive this bus before drives are right up that. There was sure has a nudge her involvement administered a few on there they're there but he got more than half a year ago speaker at what points not to withdraw today and speaking of mr. high did Roth he's argument applaud team that's Hedo. Baseball team has ever trust that I better off if we averaged I did business of them that I have a chance at. Or popular leader would be for three weeks. After this week he gonna be Gado vacations we're going to talk you we ought to just to stay at home and Vienna based in breaking down film but when you return. It'd be time to talk training council has died it's at a later groups. For the last days are with his day one we'll talk running backs the group that includes a guy you love. Slow we'll talk about it here via satellite stop about it or depart points of the game. Now back to the afternoon delight with Greg Papa and Vontae hill on 95 point seven they game. And that today they are talking to a certain irony. Oh hole off to hold this song called hold it. Hold this cup holders for a little things go though no known known known that any of the people you're thinking. Oh really surprised season's surprise surprise you there are Asian and right now let's go to Asia ET uniting to play in the NFL. Oh really who know leave it there. Big smoke what is it like taking the ball off the Marshawn Lynch what do you see from your new things. I mean if you tune us in Greenwich. I'm watched the first guy to tackle just for the second order first previous seasons. Durable settlement costs have gone argument that's when schools like we've got to remember. Doctor James Rashard straight ahead then I don't know. The. 300. Good goaltending. Held by the way down inside the Tennessee forty yard line goes beyond re want. What a great run that was. Don't forget about they greatly blocking Jamaica hello Ali when you look at the raiders. We're running back room and shared that are. The sixteenth and we drafted. These phone maker matter retirement skills may become a dual plan. L.'s all you top that was the game you that was the day let's say the customary that cage trained signed with the vikings so we're wondering what's gonna happen here here. Dean avoids other ways that silent shock he's still out there is still out there. Did exactly what I was actually talking about my jealously it was a Buffalo Bill the time wound up and doing what everybody else this year. Evidently get the word about. Marshawn Lynch so this this is my last week we're gonna take a break starting and July 1 to Saturdays or the rest of the week in order to take three weeks all to take three weeks off I think I need I need three years off there today that I got to come back July 24 when I come back and it Monday. And Derek of the rookies ago on the Nampa. And later that week on a 28 to will be training camp sort of the and I get back it is going to be full blown football. Around here tells that the baseball team stick around your salient to the deadline to get orders always be there that we're gonna go full blown football of course niners are they gonna have a much better team this year liquidated without Shanahan gently but. Now we are gonna take this last week there were together starting today through Friday. Look at a raider position group. And kind of wrap our arms around him a good start with a running back room which I think is the a huge area for improvement with this football team they did not run the football. The way they wanted to. When they brought in collection assembling collection had a great beginning of the year he did not plan to throw the offensive line in there as well. The whole group and they sent three guys to the Pro Bowl now was like the the days of Upshaw. And shall not know where it was dialed and collect GO solidly in too much assembly Rodney Hudson. And gave Jackson has made a nice transformation to nurture right from left guard to right guard. Attic Marshall Newhouse can be a starter and being upgrade for the raiders are right tackle so wanted to lump the whole group into. They need to run the football better they need to run it and eight and nine man boxes in fronts. When the opponent loads up when it's cold like in Kansas City they get away from the run. They need erotic but I think the offensive line will be better Colette she was really good. Not as good late in the year heated because even as he struggled about the Kansas City and as she missed the game. And he was sick that day could make could make the game that he did not finish is well. So it's really on everybody but in any event but just talk about the guys that they're good or they're gonna hand the ball off to and starting with Marshawn Lynch. Verses. Mary. Which maybe is last year carried the ball about fourteen times again. 195 at champs played fourteen games missed to an injury so it's fourteen again. That that's kinda where I expect lynch to be maybe lower. Because I think they too younger guys Dion Andre Washington in June Rashard that touched on collier heard from the pocket rocket. NFL. Was opening day against the Orangemen pop that 75 year run. He was the better of the two backs most of the year but he Andre those two touchdown runs against the colts and they went. You know got run so both these young guys Rashard in Washington. Are ready. For more popular Cuba Zaire Saturday complex awful he was resisting what basis on your looks it's Hughes raced around that well he's gonna they gave it to him last year 83 times. I think he can easily get it a 120. 250 times so you know you're talking almost ten carries a game and I think likewise for DeAndre Washington last year Washington 87 Carrey's. In jail and a three. They targeted Jalen more and it caught more but I think between the two of them. I think ten carries each and five out of the backfield touched the ball. Each and I think I think the way you'd divvied up innovative you know depending on whether or what if you're ahead or behind. But I think in theory. Which we the running back Rohm and you may just got to get some care Easter makes that little. You can play a horrendous start the fourth quarter in Mexico City flip that game Iraq is dated out of a linebacker on him. That you got Rashard. Or Washington the back field with that remains. The slog linebackers gonna pick up you may see you get that kind of match up like the raiders did when Marcel Reece was up. So I like the Roman also Taiwan Jones will make this team is one of the best gunners and pro football we'll see if they keep six but I think it five. Where it's gonna be march on Washington Rashard remains in Taiwan so now it comes to. Beast well. How much they want to use this guy now in theory. He's your bank hair and Rashard and Washington a year Bill Parcells little make its satellite guy. But it doesn't always work their way idea great Washington Joseph Borchard that are on the ball better. From scrimmage they got really good they're good gun runners but they can run with Erica Enders senator and the beauty of Marshawn Lynch as he can do anything. So really what I think it comes down do about it's far so they divvy up playing time. How good it is Marshawn Lynch going to be at third out meaning. Kenny picked up a bullets now I know we can and I had to have a brick trauma from pro football focus. Having all kinds of stuff by the raider running back room and just how well Marchand blocks are shocked to block it out only it's tough. Running the ball and making you miss in space in illusionist but half a body quick feet but he can block. The question is how much does he want a blocked at this stage of his career and the really key thing here. As we know Rashard Washington are really good in space. And that only catching the ball in space but running routes there. They are those little choice routes or jerk routes they run I'd linebackers they conjure crowds does that make those guys looked like your sister. They are just they and they could run routes where you line them up. In a slot position outside the numbers. And if you get the right match out they will cease to play. So they are really good that way. I'm I don't know hundred marsh on his time are we at Steve rave a lot when Marchand a not yet signed officially about it that we thought he was coming. He was going about it not talk about marsh on the way I'm talking about Jim Rashard Andrea Andrea Washington as. Pass catching and route running running backs being at a high level. So I think is they divvy this up a lot Washington Borchard to do more. And last year because their second year guys. Do you you know cry they have Cordero Paterson and now do you need these guys to return kicks and punts maybe not kick offs may be just punched and they can do more. But how much will Marshawn Lynch to. And second in mainly on third down I think is the huge equation. The had litigious Murray Vasher pub a hundred maybe five carries two yarder lawsuits in the jailer shark combined 470 carries. And 958. ER so we think maybe charter Washington may be combined for two mortar Carrey's. East know about more normal or want more so yeah why is that he just handed I want him to have to Iowa if you carried your run the ball thirty times a game. And get us back to work that way it's like trying to get you know Stefan played Katie shots. It just organically works but in football you can scripting engine you have a personal grew open. How it's all I would I would say that the games were lynch which you have the lead you're trying to run it out. And you want links to be you know that the bus Jerome Bettis on the clock out. But these other backs to run. So that the point is. We're kind of looking is lynch is a first down back in these guys is third down backs let Reshard in Washington about taken beat first downs and and our Sean can be a third down back that's right. Just have to see our Sean had at all piece together how it all works. Ken marsh on a still beyond the field you do it by a series the way they did it was our shot in Seattle. With this other vexed they had Christian. Christian Michael and turbine. They would kind of give marsh on two series and he rest one that you wanted to backs one of the Vietnam two that read Steve Hewitt that way courteous sub domain played a play. Where lead sticks first down Washington takes second down shark takes third or they go series Adam well we'll have to see but I I think that is the area. Is that all explode with passed the ball Derek Celtic green that in this list like can can pass blocked but can they really. Run blocking it now. And again in behind KL and just give it to beast mode and around it right at them they wanna be a tough but the physical football team. Murti was good he was way better than I saw Emerson and again because of our charter flight down it was great scored three on the goal line. But our shot in theory should be suffered a physical finisher better so hot is it all mixed together between the running backs and I think that's the big edge. Where they can make a real job they were a good running team. I think when Derek got hurt they were six in the run and six in the past they were perfectly balanced but there were some games where they just got could not move the opponents front. And I think you've got to get more from the offensive line is good as they work. Still in the run game sometimes more and then a little bit more from the two young guys and embassy would march on it. As we get into the season pop and break this down this is that we wanted to strongest positions. Position groups generators and sugary running backs and some that but I question without question Marchand jailer Sharpton on the stairs. We don't forget about it may sell my answer has in the past fullback in Taiwan Jones they won't give it to a lot from scrimmage can't trust him. But he's a tremendous Gunner one of the best and special teams so he will make this team they will be here five the question is will somebody else come out of nowhere to be as six. Why haven't other position group were still break down tomorrow about these Oakland Raiders for pop goes on vacation but hey ready by seven game loss to seeing you in a friend a witness warriors history. Go to the contest page 957 game dot com three chance of winning the parasite are tickets to game one of the 201718. Season to see the ring ceremony live at ORACLE Arena won't put my name in this this sounds like a good day off from her home from of the two I was seventeen MPH deputy Golden State Warriors and the five point seven game. Next up the caboose pistol here on a Monday on the afternoon delight its problem Vontae 95 points and again. And now it's time wound for the could boost system with great polka in bone retain him. On only five point seven the game. This whole. Which has few stories that almost slipped through the. Yeah. The game you were sweep clean family from the caboose pencil and gentlemen I'm very disappointed in the view you know why. Because John Rosie count was zero today. No great questions from either review ridiculous. No one drinks a jump a row seat as an angry questions and answer. Some Monday it's better off. That there that day off. There. The Canadian sag request wants to appease Clinton was there heavy hitters he was it was a what does that calmer cool collected. John has any questions he made statements like the giants. Outright. It's. Great statement there Greg. Serena. Given that nothing so that some on here called a miracle. Cure call here great article blogger called me trading one type of doctor. Tuesday about a request of the bunker calling me getting out of that. Body issue. ESPN body issue was coming out. Anything and Brent burns and Judith Warner actually going to be in this one outlook and of them right now all naked in. Beardsley in yeah fair that's a lot of hair and oil in its allotted here Marsha which is also going to be in he is the second time it was an second time should go to softball game after it was over. Victoria is on tennis on death at a scan to check up on Ambrose by the way actually dream home wins defensive player of the year tonight we will have three eBay area. Athletes that have won their war that award their respective sports whenever collegial that Brent Burns in dream on and he's good enough as decent defense runs at bay defense. Fits completely went a little injured that is what the raiders defense this year terrible could respect that but so but. Few of the Cortez Kennedy won defensive player of the year way one time in the relate to a foreclosure since the yeah it's delicate. But I digest I digest. So score close so I agree I agree with you on and Jerry I I do of the show signs filled in its machine that Cody villagers never heard of the show wars Gerri one year ago yeah I look at how young was I watching them grandpa Harris stand alone. Mr. Stewart the so let me what that side felt it was terrible Russia I don't know I agree that sign Phil has won the most and don't can only text line. Is the most overrated comedian of all time. On your side here and that's can staff stay last year quick always fall know down and out and and I don't know what they know he's not on the yellow side. Well enough and I'll sign it felt great show maybe the phony show of all time I don't you know is there so. Parent currently it's obvious lack tribute yes this hotly sports science totally different signs of success is attributed Larry David announcing that speaker is. Another geniuses Will Ferrell and hasn't had a good movie and along about this and I noticed that good either program in the very well that book calcium. In order to promote it will probably have a pop at the movies review this and Greg comes back and ordered to realize to promote the house just coming out this weekend. Will Ferrell went on coney show in a weird fashion. I'm a little confused. Okay about. Your face this face paint you were facing much else though with a significant says I don't know what's happening right now I I was at a kid's birthday party. If I didn't have time to wipe it off my face. Because I was running late and are you guys like to start on time and yeah a great kid kid by name adjust and eight years eight years old today GAAP and it was a it was a great time yeah. And at Justin's Justin if you're watching I love it felt yeah. Now this is Justin. You have kids is just different what are your kids know I don't know just. I'm sorry you don't know him and Izzy Izzy had neighborhood kids. I mean sort of like a mile away yeah. Yeah OK okay well why are we why I want you very well bond driving home. And I see this house with a bunch of party balloons in them you know bouncy house in the back. And like that looks like a kid's birthday party. Walked in turns out I know his old is is only. But you know as much out his mom is yeah I used to hang out for one. Chris promised just tonight I knew is going to be watching and I don't sing the song he's a huge carpenters fan. Just how all this this kid easy years old he's eight he loves the carpet is very sophisticated tastes I. Specifically the song superstars are just an. It was a really fun birthday. I'm actually really good friends with your mom for. Well that's cool and I don't say that I'm your dad. But I'm your dad. Yeah I did should find out whose father is expensive and then that's not the way to do it kind. That's completely wrong. Okay. Yeah. How we don't have time. And and hardly where he needs. Do you live Q and yeah. Funny moment let's go to dish got out Willis go funny moments but those two excellent terrible records at a time this and that's the caboose the movies that are basket Oslo on that was probably as head coach Mike Ribeiro got. Yes. Are your face pay equity stake in every tiger base paid out Angeles schools. All right we'll check out our web movie review a couple of kids back July 24 when did you ready for David Brewster here and price points in the game.