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The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, April 26th
Papa & Bonta are joined by Joel Klatt & Bob Myers.

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Okay. Mom. This team in sacks last year. So what are you seeing out of miles you're. Little look at the tape can outrun the dude dude dude dude if you everybody social shame because they'll go to Qatar Dubai cannot register and it doesn't hear all legitimate Obama pulled up credible news and watch. I'm like OK if you didn't. In the first pick that would total about beating number one yeah I don't know. When I come up the number one defensive front Beckel do you have we about the number one guy. Not as Lawrence sat. Who once he starts talking and he just never stopped just no one thing about set and he did drop member this year Bernanke the tested positive for we'd. He dropped to number twelve Lauren great player obviously great three technique. Maybe the greatest of all time. Well he each as talks incessantly even when he was playing and practicing he would never stopped talking. But he often almost always said the truth. And he came out and talked about a mile scared and shot she round of the Cleveland Browns has been overtaken number one tomorrow night he's not a talent obviously but he wants to do think it's going to be quarterback. But most observers feel like miles scared is the number one pick. In the draft but studying him today I do see a little bored or it's that sense where. He'll come off the ball and he will be aggressive but after he gets initially blocked he will. They'll play a little high and shut it down a little bit but I also saw that with two Devi and cloudy. When Mike may act was crushing him before he was the number one pick a few years ago. So there's a similar skill set and they do rotate players in the NFL that. Getting deeper into the show lets you to join us now premier college football analyst with our friend Gus Johnson and fox sports and he's been studying the tractor it is marketing does have. Miles scared going number one tomorrow night social first of all thank you so much for your. Free time on the afternoon delight here with pop in 1995 point seven again jumping and what we're saying and what Warren Sapp. Has been saying about miles scared and what you see about the guy that will probably go number one tomorrow night. Yeah so it it Saturday for flopping. And well what Warren. It's totally failing to realize is that is that not. Selection. The best. Someone has to be selected first. Urge yardage. And and burn that optic. Based totally. On who your peers are in that draft so with that background. Is he right about while Garrett got there are some true that. But that doesn't mean that he hasn't earned the number one pick in the draft because of the players this year is the best prospect. And that's I think what you know a guy like Warren didn't get selected number one overall but obviously Beijing career eke out. Brussels he sees that as something you earn as a whole thing spot along those lines which it's not. Atomic curve which is your peers of that year and mild here. Quite simply is not only a unanimous number one across all the teams are thought to but. The players. The higher value at the draft I doubt you all the players available. In fact I've heard compare since two Khalil Mac which I don't see as much at all sir are tempted to Yvonne Miller. And Mickey at him he's more like clown he comes out of a four point stance and he's actually Il's power who who would you describe them. Two that's playing currently at the NFL level Jules. It's hard to compare him to vehicle have a lot the F secure probably. Right on the economy type of reference. He he's got a little Von Miller and as well. I think he can be a very good structure in the easiest one EU wants to reassert himself. I want an entry and what Texas hand it's dramatically. And in particular in the college game Burke is in a ball game. And urged players are neutralized by their coordinators. Morse L and college and they are in the pro game in the pro game. It's all about in the the quarterback and disrupting the quarterback in the college game with as much zone read that goes on and as much. You see what. The our appeal packet to go run pass option package in the opt in to gain. You can't be as all out. In getting quarterback if you are up well walks sequences because of the lack time that they app together eating and practice. Part of what. Elastic. And so up pat pressure it put into several that from positions in the word yet cut loosen it up court so all that to be said. A guy like mild air and it. Word really easy does take place not yet he can explain adopt. Any dominate when he wants to yet. Absolutely and the college game more suited to mortal workhorse type you know do everything by the letter of the law defensive caller yes absolutely. It's not made particularly bonuses. A mile gear so I think you might actually more production that year you know sellable you do at the college well for those treatments. You hear that voice or Joseph Clinton are a lot and her friend Gus Johnson premier analyst at college football on fox and FS one joining us sunny afternoon delight with the pop and bunting or 95 point seven gaming get your top fifty prospects so. Let's go from he you do have dials miles scared as your number one overall prospect. And use we assume is gonna go number one you have Jonathan Allen the big. Number two tell us about his skill set and do you think he would be a fit which John Lynch in the San Francisco 49ers. Yeah I I think it. What you're gonna see which are now on he. As a prospect is a ready made guys seeking comment that impact your key and positive action right away technically sound strong. In late secretive and he can also look at the court back in and push the pocket. From the three technique which is the interior that they eco line now what you're sort that he is that he's got a medical issues are certain pop up eighteen that I doctor in the last. 24 hours and said that the shoulder issues that each app. And what shoulder he get about art cartilage. They're scared about that. And so. When you look at that second pick San Francisco I think more Mort looking likely like bill takes Solomon Thomas who is younger. He is just as good with maybe two more raw ability and higher potential and he does an app. The injury concerns that job and Allen had so while I've put element number two I think that very easily you know what and Solomon Thomas. Is going to be the pick for the 49ers he the name. Names but laptop to a I call it well you'd. Right now pretty reliable sources within those buildings and there's there's literally seen five or six players that every single you lot. I love miles scared. It looks Solomon's comments they love Christian McCaffery letter format Islam rhetoric rhetoric. And they look Jamal I Adams goes to the port so amber Cisco is gonna take Solomon Thomas or Jamal Adams I'm convinced that. John Allen is not going to be the collection there going to be comets are Adams. You know jolt speaking of which Jamal Adams this world's gonna go here is really a lot of reports from 49ers practice today after practicing. On the defense have been with a lot of single high Jimmy wars plan a lot of single high safety Eric reads going to be in the box more that's where he's been practicing that can Jamal I don't. Played the single high safety be that sooner fielder for an NFL defense. I think it's important to note that Jamal Adams can do anything its eight. I think he's Swiss army night when it comes to that position. He can be near the line of scrimmage can become second level cover anti complacent or field he's got Corey and speaks member's father George Adams was the first round and well. Draft selection as well way to leave those New York Giants summary here this guy has been around great players on the L. And he's been essentially room. To be an instinctual. Explosive player on the football field he is an out of sight leader. I think he's a guy that a lot of the teams they can change their walk. On the particular on the beat let's decide right away and because of all those things in particular aggressiveness and tackling and the ability of people around. A lot of people of the guys in and that's why I think he's going to be in quite perceptive is going to be important Chicago. He can certainly be at center fielder for separatist thought that the direction they want to go wanna be more of a single IP Alla this PLC. At that point the plan is to use Jimmy board more and its single high and I hear what you're saying about Jamaal Evans and are joined Nigel clipped the number one analyst for fox and FS one with Gus Johnson joining us on the net handler with pop and until you're 95 point seven a game. And we had a Bucky Brooks Dunn last week and he says he's he's known Jamal items and she was a kid and he he spoke to everything you're saying that he can do everything but when I've seen. Mainly is him via a box safety so in if they are gonna be more of this Seattle defense and we're history on generalizing. That Jimmy ward normally more than Earl Thomas and then Jamal Adams shall would be more the camp chancellor NBA hammer inside the box. He's not going to be cameras that chancellor could be just does and how the ball so he's only six. I picked him stands at 663. I'm not mistaken. And I think camera around to wanting. Jamal to ten to fifteen he eat he just nodded physically imposing his cancer by that doesn't diminish the fact. He's got the instincts and the ability. And the aggressiveness to play in the box I think that's probably his best spot any play center field he can gut instincts you is that spot. Is when he it would be aggressive coming in the slot and he has more Sox player. And that in addition to that to the run box. He certainly can be one of those I just don't know he's going to be as physically imposing but I can't. And scheme fit is is a big deal even though they're starting their program these guys get six year catcher Chad mentioned head coach at. Kyle Shanahan so they're gonna have time to to draft players should bring in players that fit their scheme yet of the of the play their scheme which leads the running back in net. I know you've seen a lot of for net. From LA issue and I was watching them last night and this morning show. He's obviously a physically violent player and he's just so big and strong effort to XP even get to the next level. But I did not see a lot of outside zone running I saw a lot of powers and counters. And you know if he's Shanahan whose dad and he ran a lot of his own. Throughout his coaching career Kyle Shanahan any luster on the outside on the inside zone and not just power. Did you see a lot of letter for net running outside zones or him in the power again. Yeah he can run outside but when he was outside it was mostly on Fox's. Which was is more up the line to run. Then a zone where you're trying to pick on or part on instrument and then on from short cut back. The most you're zone runner in the draft coach McCaffery I think just about your player in the draft permanent instincts standpoint. We're still league standpoint script McCaffrey are back AMBER Alert for that poses. A much more physically imposing. Let them come field he runs away at great authority. He's 240 pound piece apt for that side. He doesn't have a lot of missed an am. Uses its physical ability is one through and old people. Which I don't think it's quite afforded you that the NFL level like it is that the college 01 of the big reasons. Is that the margin between great players an average players. Case of one Euro Leonard format you can't run poll or room. 90%. Of the other players on the field. When you get around like minded. And and equipped athlete that's when it becomes hard to do networking and so all that margin between aberrant player in the NFL. And great ironies. Is it very tight. K because this is the cream of the crop. So I'm a bit nervous that that format is not going to be able to view or duplicate what he did in college at an all out war as McCaffery. Yes he made for every day and age running back. He can carry the ball well fifteen times and can be elusive ball inside outside power with Asian zone with vision. Get outside explosive he's got a whole lot miss in him in the open field to weaken. Certainly protect himself that regard you can and target them all out of the backfield and a wind but the the slot receiver. 58 I. Times during the game. What is it twenty. Six touches from person account for where a lot of format as great as she. Might be is not getting 26 carries a game as a rookie in the national football. I think bow your gonna get fifteen to eighteen carries out so that huge disparity in terms of the value and the yardage. That a player can bring new as a rookie national football that's been reason why I think McCaffery more dot. And format even if he's not physically imposing. Do you do is there any possibility. Is that Christian McCaffery goes ahead a letter for that tomorrow night. Oh yeah yeah absolutely. I think McCaffrey here is. Total opposite. He is. The the most. Sought after play here outside of here and Solomon Thomas. I would not be shocked at the bears selected and that read. And I think that he's very much important for Jacksonville. Four. I don't see any possible. Way that McCaffery goes. That is war. He's not getting past the eight pick with Carolina whereas I think for now actually had a little bit lower book war bats where you. Philadelphia and play Cornet not get past total. Jolie steps had a huge sack the launch at Stanford quarterback and you know from his work on the radio network. And I says a possible that the Stanford could have two in the top ten. So you're saying it's possible tomorrow night Solomon Thomas goes number two in Christian McCaffery goes number three. Yeah absolutely possible. Maybe not tightly likely. I would bet a lot of money that you've got to Stanford players in the top eight in fact I would vote mortgage. Most of what I have I think that's almost assured. Larry I agency says that's out there you're your talking about Jonathan Allen and the shoulder the torn labor in the head and that's news in January 2016. So is it possible that he starts to fall and now how far do you see him falling. He certainly is going to eat is and is going to fall. I think he could wind up. Outside of the top and I think that he. I think that. Inside the top eight at this structure now for Allen and and you're gonna see him collected between eight in the fifteenth pick in the draft. Joseph should talks are Rubin faults are obviously got kicked out of the come by an SE have ranked as the number ten prospect in this draft. Notre raiders may be looking for linebacker at 24. I don't pop doesn't really want Alabama linebacker but we'll do Foster where he seemed along with all the off field distractions here. It's so tough to play linebackers could be. You know that need for an inside linebacker just not what 101520. Years ago probably now. I'm not that concerned you ought suggesting he's got all these little issues right thrown out com by and got the deleted sample. And people are worried about it really in the conversation about that with and league circles. Bailout visibility and they all just think well you know might be a little ritual are blood. I think he's a first round player certainly. It shut up. The pinpoint where he's gonna go to real quick on the diluted sample that you can apply Foster as well bill broke a course. I get can't stand procedurally. Where throwing these kids in the drug program after a deluded test because I'll be very clear. Media outlet that. Present the news says this is a positive test. Positive and that triggers your entry into the drug program. You trigger a pot you triggered the -- it yet by having twenty milligrams. Per their leader or less. Of creatine and in New York sample now how would you get twenty milligrams per that the leader or or less in your sample I thought you'd have to chug. Copious amount water actually not the case Eric and scientific journals you'd need about 48 ounces of water over 33 and a half four hour I'm pretty bright for you to the test. Actually it bottled water tower which. I've I was shocked. So. You if you also read more to those scientific journal you'll see that most were respected people whipping drug testing in the world. We'll tell you that eight diluted test rarely reflect quoting rarely lacks an accurate picture. Recent drug use all of that the kiddies. And I think that the NFL should adopt that scientific standards and just say we have an administrator there. We can see the sample that clears that can be so what you have that subject. That has the test again in four hours or five hours so rather than just automatically throwing your men won't we do. Not know whether it was out of that for drugs or not Dick Cook beat with Foster pepper and could not be what I would bet. Trigger a positive and and thrown into the drug program. Just test again in six hours as a procedural issues that need to be fixed with the National Football League and it because of that. And the fact that. In the drug program the amount of marijuana that it takes to actually trigger a second offense. Had been raised in the last few years that NFL teams are not worried about peppers and bought her and that diluted sample that they provided that the. Hallelujah brother Hank were you on that will set to recess to a question before we let you go about rude Foster. Because you know when he got to the cannot yet that it would be an intuitive medical workers there and I didn't get a forty time on and I'm reading how fast he is he's Patrick Willis fast. I don't see that I see straight line speed it. But I don't see changing direction speed to what is she get to the elder match up with a running backs and tight ends and run in the NFL job. That the concern. His speech goes up and chased down you know he's going sideline to sideline in the run game. And you can see the speed now when he's trying to react. That's not a reaction right I mean that's that's a quick reaction and then it just. Whereas when your coverage viewer and constant reaction vote in his reaction speed it is as you stated. Maybe a little bit slower beat slow that's absolutely a concern. The question then remains how much is a middle linebacker covered anti either. An NFL NFL teams will tell you that they're nickel defense is on the field seventy. 580%. Of the time and it in that situation. Got like pot or not benefit. Carefully going to be in coverage as much as he was five years ago when they did what could usher in nickel defense as much as they do now. Validate personal front to back on the field that they adjust accordingly and it keeps those middle linebackers inside linebackers. Out of coverage for the most or all they then have to do is cover checked out running back. A million. Well from a car then rather than having that the president actual route from a slot receiver. Or what kind of topic at the big difference in the NFL you can plate the advantage of urban pop or shall look a little bit with coverage from the inside linebacker position. And you were just terrific show thank you so much for your time a year inside telcos who say hi we litigation and again after the draft. Yeah you bet I appreciate it guys. That you dual there's a problem I have a rube Foster who teaches. There not an easy straight line I don't see Patrick rose change direction speak cover tight end like Patrick Willis no I don't see that I I don't I don't necessarily see him as an inning let a first down run stumper I don't know picking covered the NFL. He would be interest and see what TV go see how he plays how cool would fit what scheme but I agree with Joseph there agree with the angels their businesses away is Wednesday joined by the on new premier Kiet. Of new work online at premier Kia of new work. Dot com it was shipped to bask party or proper to do have a team in the playoffs are here in the Bay Area go to say words we'll get up with president of basketball operations and general manager Bob Myers here in the afternoon like problem bossy. And approximately. Now back to the afternoon delight with Greg Papa and Vontae hill on 95 point seven the game. A little nervous. At halftime because I was walking to the bag or the general manager. Jamie Obama loses today. Replacement halftime with Ron Adams. He's not defending. And while we continue defendant. So you know like in college. When they substitute quarterback actually got off its quarterback defense quarterback via a running quarterback and quarterback. He's genuine patent. And pleaded to the guys that I want to coach the second half and they responded. It sounds like the overbearing. Buyers that we now competitive fires the acting head coach of the crisis that's who I am is that via the in the warriors give us 67 in the first session 46 in this way after threats there. Pop what did. How long did it take Q where did with 12 we left immediately or did you actually think that was true. That's as. And even though overall I don't know I don't know what I. Was that I did say after the game. I joked around them after the game that's where he got after the game I went to incident. We were close it's close to push them put. It doesn't show that he spun and hit his delivery was so good who knows good he did did. Myers joins as he always does in a warrior Wednesday and yet like with pop and bowed to the warrior president. Basketball optional we like it entered Nancy's gone through and just take it all from the start that. Mike Rounds. College here's the final two games this year here. Given Forestar. In Portland give them some they had they had an up and down here with injuries so they even though it was a 40 deal I do respect him. Those those players and especially what boatloads effort was something to watch them and deal local guy and column and we weren't that many years away from being in that team trying to climb the mountain so there. They were worthy I thought they're not not not too far away but Mike Mike was great I mean. Mike Mike seen a lot of the NBA as a coach he's seen. Coach in the finals he's taken new jobs he's had different in different players he's been Lego. Now he's insisting he's business system before. So the best thing about Mike is is his demeanor he would push in this position. That we thrust him into. He's doing is he's comfortable a lot of people just doing the media pop that about it it's just justifies it your head coach the media. Requirements might buckle some people if you haven't been through three times a day. Cameras in your face it that's a brand new. Experience. You can get run over by that I'm not that any media chatter anybody but there's and right now what there's there's you know practice today is point 2.5 people. That can overwhelms some when that's not used to it even it's been an assistant so. There's a lot that he is comfortable with. And the nice thing is. He's been with the team the whole year so he he understands the teams' personalities that was Steve the whole year he's been with his staff so that. Gives him an advantage as to what he's seen what he knows it and he brings. They said and you said in his own expertise and and acumen that he's developed over his long coaching careers so. And finally to guys too I'm not that gets lost sometimes but. And we interviewed him we're Eileen I did harmony years ago politically just outside new condense on around but quality human being which which is. Rate surgery interview him and four yard Mark Jackson Africa and the heat before we made a decision. He took the lakers now but we hadn't we knew we were going to interview process. Obviously on its that a group very big chunk of our conversation there at the head coaches health and you know Mike Stone a great job we launched a curve back. Now if we can we just start and I know I've put in a tough position here on the show once he's not so. Can we just start from where it started I remember reading when he handed the first surgery in July 2015. That he actually hurt his back initially. Coaching game five of the finals that year which would have in June the fourteenth that you when you beat Cleveland at home. Before you went to Cleveland close about a couple of days later on the Tuesday night in game six is is that accurate duty or themselves. And jumping up off the battering during game five. Yeah so so before we all are here's permanent trying to walk the study group of of being as transparent as they can. While also respecting. His wishes of privacy but I will and I know there's things he would become put me Sanders publish some things that I'll. Edge on to say no but I understand your asking but yes that's true. He. That was the last time he felt like himself physically and mentally was. Prior to that and B he can some physical pain that was what prompted the initial surgery I think it was an out mr. Which alive fifteen. That was the beginning. Was that game and he actually coach the next game and then. They realized like we all do sometimes with backs that it was gonna require some more. Or it was at the view he was in pain he was it physical pain to standing up and things like that as far as the the pain you get down here Reagan. In your back for those of people listening which is by a majority of people have had back issues. He had that and that was back. Uses it almost two years ago. So where where we at now because. Man it's just it's so hard is him in this kind of condition and I know we spoke to body pulled from NBC's sports players decked and from rise to any name in the over Stanford medical center today. At a chart feasible is it was it was a practice today I was in practice so little is what it stands for today. Well I think he he's he's he's plans are to go to Stanford I don't want. Get in too much of the data de but he will be the that is is thought to go to Stanford and and gets an additional imaging and testing to try to determine that. The larger picture which I think is what people want to know what you mean wanna know is. Suffering right now clearly if you watched desert view and we had to wait until the end it's the close to that time has attacked first of all I was gonna speak on his behalf and he kind of drummed up the courage then and you know abilities it would mean to him just do this myself so he was that was kind of touch and go to QB well to do that which was. And you can see it I mean if fury if you're anybody has any empathy at all or and the ability to read body language and and voice expressions you can see it. I mean his words stated that he was suffering but also is fit physically you guys. I mean you pop you watched him all year you watched last here's closely you interviewed him and talk to open. It's there I mean it was what it was under the surface but he is actually got to the point where it was now on the surface. Where it was to the point of you know for people that weren't even close whom they could see is suffering so. We made the decision was able to coach but here's here's the bigger picture. He's got he's dealing with something that. We haven't been able to decipher. And so we're we are now as the knicks let's explore again what. Is causing this they've been couldn't uses. This is sort accountable. This is something he will overcome. Finding the solution has proven difficult fight in the issue. It is proven difficult clearly passed because were were going on along in my time here. But. I think we will actually no well this is not a diagnosis that some unfortunate people get that that there is no cure for. This is not that there is secure there's there's a way to fix this. What has made and so kind of it was made just so tragic and away is that that we we see. You know it himself. People that are friends with him beyond that warriors of professional responsibility as. It's hard to see some. Like anybody that has something. Eat you struggled to figure out we. If you know any I'm sure you guys know people that have had something like that they just can't. You know it's not clear it's not clear what it is not clear how to how to fix it. That's where we are. The phase we're in right now but he's seeing the best people. And maybe with the elevated symptoms it now is maybe that they optimistic view would be. What is causing his his symptoms has elevated exacerbated points more visible. They'll be hope and from there. You find solutions. But he's been I mean. The strength the courage. That he shown. I'm not sure many people would have had that level for food that he's displayed. Externally for the media do our team. But mrs. He doesn't want anybody simply feels that he's had a blessed rug here and and and life but it. You know you eat is don't wanna see anybody. Let alone your friend there somebody of this nature and character go through some like this it's just. It's hard hard. And I know when you spoke about it he got emotional when you're an executive years when the coach of the year now this is this is tired. For US's friend to see your friend that alone alone your coworker. And the coach of the team he put together after go through this Bob byers the president of basketball operations of the warriors joining us senate. The afternoon eleven cup and Dante and had a five point seven in order Wednesday. You're you're you're talking about the press conference on Sunday when he met the media at the hotel you were gonna do that originally. Has he gotten better since then about you know we solve at the shootaround on Monday before game four to go to the arena with the team to fly home with the team at. Where where's he at physically is he able to take part in game planning for games and talking to players about strategy than just can't be gay in the arena and a coach to games that resets now. Yeah I mean he's able to which he did do in Portland. He meets with but with the staff what's film. They and he was at the arena. And I was in the room so you know clearly he was meeting with my aide in the rest of the staff talking about substitution patterns talked about game planning talk about they've asked him what would plead you wanna run. At the outset so he's. You know it's not ideal for any for Hillary habit but his influence is still there his presence is still there. Instincts such a humble guy he's such. He's so humble that he doesn't. You know he he lets my enemies as you know your he doesn't try to. Just try to insert himself. In moments where he's not trying to do everything right now he's he's still. Has his presence but he also understands it's like oh well my ex in the interim role in not in heat on his. Jobs so much that that compromise and Steve is brilliant. At that and which sounds I don't know if people can acknowledge how hard that is does that skill. Understanding what to take a step forward and take a step back. Is he is the in the same police probably in the similar places as as he was on Sunday right now meet. And that's the key. That why he's. Took took a step back guys is that he needs to now let's figure out what's going on it it it reached a level worries that I gotta I gotta look at this. It focused on and that's what he's doing now. But. Yeah he was he was it. He was at the gain said he was at. The they met and talked about the film. He was that I think he was at shoot around two on Monday half a percent symptoms that for it which we didn't do that. Yeah I mean. It's. It's hard to talk and it's not hard because you're absent insists. It's I'm not it's not hard to do this interview are more it's just hard because when I speak of it. I think and it's hard thing to. Because this isn't her for this might have gotten to the public conscious. You know when he missed a game everybody then borrow. If that that elevates the the narrative to to where it is now because. Before he was pushing through. People public or TV and other Steve Perry's coach that the this is something that. For him to live the life he wants to live we need to do we need figured out bikers I think we will but that doesn't mean it's not a hard journey. For him and his family and everybody does the Golan. To figure out. And the hard part it's not to be. Getting in the earlier in the middle of the playoffs this is here so there one thing you were talking about how gracious Davis and you know it's time to step back and he said it. In I'm not going to coaching game mr. gain coaching game missing gain. I reader in Paramount you know so hot how are you that a proceed now with the with what's real bright funny and act that played there early as Sunday. Touche are they are you gonna have an announcement that he's back to coach the entire series the entire playoffs or will you take it. Game by game what what what's your a game plan for how to handle this step by step. Lowell went through this before. With Luke. You have some template and our thought was. And I think it's fair to say to Steve and everyone else team. The idea would be if he's healthy you have to coach coaches. But but this is not going to be feel good it would require I think it's possible. That there's a string of days. Where it's not just the first day you feel good he through so back into the fires it's it's a at a at a good greeted as triggered by days. And you don't see that change because there's a conception out there that that the playoffs causes that's that's not accurate Steve Kurt. Has been through much in his life his coach two finals eat the stress of the first round. Of the playoffs didn't cause. This. That's not. Although the clips are more stressful that didn't trigger. What we're going through it was something else so. There's this idea that. The playoffs to be stressful to be honest I think it's very therapeutic. If he feels good coach. It's very hard for people that have Coastr anybody it's been a supports actively step away especially this time. Hard and many other ways mentally but. If he feels good. Like I said it's not feel good for one hour wrote to coach the team that's at that time period where we did before with with Luke. He didn't just jump back in in the middle of the season. Because he felt good for one day we waited. And we talked about it and we said you know it's what's given owed a little period here where you feel good and yourself up to sort of be similar. We yes Steve Steve would not do that to where it's coaching. Butler coach game one but I'm not into the duke game three of that is not something he wants to do that that's something I think that serves our staff or players best. Com put it was interest when he spoke to the team. Again it goes back to the guy's abilities as you know I don't. You guys can do this in I wanna be here wanna be with you but you're fully capable. It's your team. You have all the tools. To complete your goals and Sony which I which is a great message and then he's I don't want this to be. This isn't win one for the gipper so that's now with this is an out of course after they gave curry. Curry since sighted if there is a well one good for the gipper actuality guys took her Korea and Kurt tells me he goes. Steffi and listening to me and I said what he talked about pieces. That would for the tip right told not to do that as a coach Hewitt screw it doesn't pick up because he was. He goes to pick step in and listen to what I was say as it now and heard everything is that he was just weird jokes though. Stepped grab the game ball after game three and realized it hasn't those for the gipper. But Nokia. Like I said I mean that's the beauty of Steve. And why our team has become what has become. Is that he never it's not Steve Kurz. He he he doesn't walk around like he invented all everything he in and he's the one out there playing he's very. Conscious of his place and and maybe because he won five championships as a player maybe it's just Julius maybe it's because what he experienced life grown up and earning a very early perspective with the with the things he went through personally as to what's important. In life he. There's no doubt that the players respect him that they feel for him. But it's also like when Winnick it leaves home to see your on your you can handle this raised you and you can you can do it. And then. You know you still have Mike Brown in the rule so. Isn't easy pop by now this is not easy this is not what you want is there's all motions that are here personally professionally. Tom this is not. Notices adversity again I mean sometimes that view of our organization and team is that it's all blissful and pretty easy this is as hard as it gets. Having this happen here coach. As a human being as a coach of the team the respects and admires so. Will it will get hopefully we will persevere. Because we have no choice and he will get better I have full confidence he's getting better. But but I do not put. I don't think that anybody can do at this point but. You know he's got the best people. And now we support of Joe's been great in an ownership in and anything he needs will will be four. I'm tired signals there Aureus president of basketball operations general managers earning as he always does on the after the Lotto warrior Wednesday or 95 point seven a game. When you were on last Wednesday I meant to ask you this and we got talking of JaVale McGee and Patrick McCall on that time just flew way that I was thinking about this for a while I. It also prompted me with a Bruce vote she heart situation. And it is seen Steve today and you know that last game he coached game too much into this jacket off and I was on what you do and therefore I could see the pain you know. He was experiencing. There's been no discussion. Not a contract extension for Steve and were were look at that matches the most successful three year run in the NBA. The most successful three year run in the history of American sport in Utah won lost percentage. And so my question I guess to it to you is this a human saying throughout your very confident you will get through this and he will get better again. Has any talk of a contract extension was Steve put on hold and then put on hold. In Chile it's tradition and where is that as day standing Steve being outdoors you just looking at. Getting through the here and now via a little on the next two years before we start talking about it. He would probably start laugh at it we wouldn't do that in this point of time anyway but I think Steve has proven like he sent them back and discusses. Contract publically and plans but I think that a general level. He's proven his coaching acumen and his is humanity. How he represents our organization is Barton on. One of the best coaches I've ever seen. Obviously since I've been doing this but just as good as it has some watching sports. He ticks every box so you know that's something that we hope to government. I think he's plenty happy so I would hope that your are coached her for a long long time and that is that it's not. Shouldn't be yours shattering news to anybody but as far as details things like that it's not something we would. Raised in the middle of this time of year and the focus right now is at stake like I said. This is an guys sitting around wondering about job security I mean it. He does not built that way but it's some oil well when the timing is appropriate certainly speak about because. We recognize who he is. Like I said as a coach and as a person and these are people that you. Do you do everything possible to retain and but but again I think he's a few feeling is mutual but right now the focuses. On every day. It's not about the next 34 Friday it's about what's harder. A way to make a better now and hopefully get back for the playoffs and those are those that advocate we see those are fun conversations that. Those circuit what's that lets get him healthy in the mobile with those things later. In a lesson before let's ago. And we talk so much about San Antonio on their system playing. And you guys have modeled yourself after them and Sony were easily play on the floor but is it the way Steve is empowered the assistance and everybody. As it's a amnesty you almost have a system. Not the floor but with years when your coaches and your entire staff and I don't want to lose the head caught I can't think of two but it seems at all sport they could lose the head guy. And function as well as you guys do I mean it would just collapse or are you guys to average almost have a system in place where. If he doesn't come back in coach anymore this post season about you guys can press on it's still get to where you wanna go. I feel that that's what I said at the FBI believe I believe that. I mean I believe that are clearly we want him back and that's that's who we want but I do believe in our ability and coaching staff and the players and I think he's done a great job of it's a horizontal leadership here it's it's not it's not as vertical as it is in some places. There's a healthy respect for for everyone there's healthy respect for each coach each person's job each player and then step Kerr is the same way he's not. He has a walk around. As if this thing is all he has many people do that and and we accept because people like him can do that if issues but he doesn't do. He shares. Shares all of that and sort of steep so. Yeah I mean it's like I said it's it's a template that I think Steve set up. It if I don't I don't think it was purposeful in the event of something like this I think it's just who he is empowering its players challenging them. I'm letting them notes of Ayers and he's always said this is your pursuits. I played our radio I'm done playing I'm just trying to help you guys could win at the highest level so. Sometimes some things are set up that way but but fortunately for us in a moment like this that nobody wants. It does give you a better chance it does give you Adam. It does allow you to persevere in these moments and again that's that's because of who he is. And now him how he shares existed. They said I mean he's not his coach's meetings and its practices. And he doesn't it's not his voice 84% of the time. Many many places are that way in and then maybe that works for some some organizations are sure it does but that's not how we operate sort of moment like this. When people need to step. They've been speaking in practice we've been speaking meetings they've been speaking in the locker room. Players have been leading players have been talking so it's not all of a sudden a huge shift. In the way things operate obviously it's it's it's an absence to avoid. But it's not when that we can't overcome so we want but. Again we've been this this group of players have been tested. Just by the last two years have gone to the playoffs together so. But to be honest we we hope he's back I mean that would be I mean as I just I can't wait guys till he feels good I cannot wait LB it. Great day great and so. This was our foreign at a hearing your voice talent and a means to you more than just GM coach relationships are thanks for your honesty captured candor Boettcher has been all right. Tucked in next week's tech configured as parts the next week. Warrior Wednesday very. Doesn't doesn't prejudice you're in medically anytime soon even if it gets you know help at Stanford does that happen overnight. Are you you think about all the noise and the music and lights and stuff at NBA Arenas is going to be tough so our prayers go out to Steve Kerr Gayle Wilson Steve Wilson get out there. Hopefully before the season is up this is aware Wednesday brought to you by Friedman supplied to trusted name in the Bay Area since 1922. Up next pop the basketball our good to talk to Adonal Foyle and scary. Saint Jean the same one here Ariel. Hello slightly in early afternoon like pub about an impressive again.