Afternoon Delight Hour 2

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, June 28th
Papa & Bonta are joined by Jordan Bell, take a deep dive into the Raiders front 7, and an early kooky klay kaboose. 

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Do we like Jordan. I don't watch an important video posted on your long and kind of grew on us is competitiveness of its work ethic and desire. You know he just he helped them win and obviously this team had a great year and he was a big part of it. Great I texted me after I was driving home. And he said what and then expletive. Is your problem to me so I can fill in the blank. And then he says. I have to hear about this expletive. On the Internet beauty and expletive tell me about it. So I couldn't text and drive. So I called a benefit okay all right calm down. And I think it he said I need is number. I need to talk to them and so I gave it street market I don't know if it goes. Hi Terry and I get around if you're allowed allowed to drop volleys at Dobson is no repercussions we even made a commercial enemies you sportsmen here you know honestly about it. It like that. Really hurt Czechoslovakia. Yeah there go let it affect the cars Trajan like this. Nobody's offended by Adrian pop when you're two DP Hawaii in July but I think that there are certain that his favorite words for. George bell we're hoping well policy in China were decide for a couple of days that. He is out of town and you're surety policy or 1 o'clock but he's a young guy locked on. The interest in here buyers last Friday when Jordan was introduced. In order facility in Oakland Chevrolet host and he got number two which is interest as well. But he I was tell the story about journey not a lot of others phone number eventually got his phone number in majority comes novelist and the question apparently drained and facetime Jordan bell right after he got his number. And it was numbered and he was unknown number numbered at no hello was Miami YouTube interface you know no motive and I thought on the Alice at the thought of I know what it's unfair to teach our. Charged to help. It did surgery much face time. Requested a few things such that it sticks its April. If you date of its software that you've just got to get jade. You know he wanted to be a first rounder in a big party is how's that the first rounds you went out with her and his agent line of columns and that he picked year. It all worked out but can you imagine. Joining this group. Where you're thinking you know maybe in the first round pick and go to a bad team and it ago. You lined up in on that if he thought he was drafted by Chicago but he knew was the warriors by and pick at 38 for three and Nell but can you imagine. Mean draft later bought were Rovio wanna say it is going to this TE as a rookie. Pitcher. That I can't I can't not only that you get to live in the Bay Area which is you know two hour flight from her home in Long Beach and you play was that period to Randy get to travel with these guys are gonna be on national television throughout the season I can imagine I will be shipped to be honest with you pop argues that league. Having all these little silent but deadly is going on in my system butterflies every day guy I can imagine and what a what a dream come true for Jordan bill. And he fits in so perfectly and I have watched him just on video you watched and you watch the NCAA games and you watch the final four you're glancing at them obviously for coach holder and they. Made the final four Pulitzer burn its team and he's at later they fits the bill. Probably a little bit taller than drain on but not much at six dates of each is perfect in this switching world. In what they ought to ask him lately just about Oakley that Jordan bell the F tonight with the up and volunteer and at a five point seven a game we are gonna be joined by. Motley Fool amount of its high school. Now little after 2 o'clock and all lead to our coverage to thirty let me bring you drain on getting the defensive player of the year award winners surprise for. Us. And it's going to be spilled gallons out a lot of alcohol overdose which wetter now. One in light of George bell doesn't call. The next five minutes maybe it will. A committee that was greater than us the that I can and evidence and about gonna get the executive of the year award at a place for you coming up to thirty live on the Athens tonight with the pop it back today. But just stepped on the last you know Jordan is no one play that I you know I should sure he can guard and he's got great feet he was the pectoral defense of players a year. But the one thing when you look at this basketball team we have. And we'll see what happens with Andre Iguodala. And we're here in its seventeen to go after nominee Han I would they pay him and I'm not going to be here forever. In his mid thirties. Jordan that was that fit guy can obviously keep playing long term which staff. And you've got train and he's up and wanna each morning place up in 2019 injuring it. It's going to be here who's that fit warrior well I want him to be a guy like Jordan now. They can guard vague so drain not doesn't have to do all the time. And then can he handle the 15 pick and roll and be able to switch out onto a guard. It up but not give the Ortiz to rockets now Vontae have a couple guys that could run anecdotal what is. They've got to once you've got James are running it through and you've got Chris Paul running in a completely different covers right so you gotta get up dynamic. Where hard gonna give it a step back Gatti a little bit and try to drive it. You know Paul can shoot it and that is they want action that when the warriors are vulnerable defensively it's a knife that is not locked and loaded defensively when they are. That one action is the big covering that 15 pick and roll I think that's the key to Jordan building successful honestly. -- what do you have options here with Jordan bella patch because you wanna play germ on at the five Durant at 24. These are nice young pieces and have been apparent to McCaw Jordan dog we believe in the skewed toward bill because he can block shots he noted in anticipation Jerry Mark Green has at the rim Jordan Hill. Has some of the same anticipation he was an animal in this tournament a blossom the last two years like who's this kid who'd jump now's vertical and his miserables work that. Impressive if you look at it on paper but if you just watch him play pop. He can get to Iran he could dog Alley oops switching one point five you know couple years from now and I have since you that that core four line up. I could see Jordan build their plan at the five and he's a defense of guy he studies a game by the waist and breaking news coming out of Sacramento not a huge surprise here to Britain didn't back more the second penalties decline to extend a qualifying offer and then Matt Moore is now an undue schtick is. Freeagent. I have a draft pick which he is tough times I was. I've seen glimpses of him. Where I think he's you know. He lost his confidence a little bit they're I think somebody's gonna pick him up and you know obviously they will try to try to make him a player. And you know. And we'll wait for Jordan bella Jonas and the at the lab with pop in about two iron to five point seven. The game as far as Jordan Bell's office of skills. And I've heard he's a better shooter than people think he is and you will be surprised. I really I I don't consider that to be. Obviously if he can shoot. And you know he has an offensive game. That's fine and you look to have it back we really his impact is going to be on the defense of and and you know can he. I'd be a good screen setter offensively first of all do you like it does not sabotage it's a really good string center Andrew Bogut was an excellent excellent screen center. Some of the other guys don't set as well as good screens train on Hitler is setting it straight later in his career. It's a subtlety JaVale McGee got with a bit of a pin body were true or JaVale beaches he slips the screen a lot. And it goes on the role in his the vertical spacing so Jordan bail offensively. Can just do two things set a screen. You'd like him to be a passer also lowers got away from a lot of the Bogut stop. In record killer Phil Jackson on the triangle at the orange ring and a lot of the pinch post got sent to the triangle. When Bogut was here to give him the ball high post and David Lee they were David Lee is welcome here too great passing. Bigs they they can do that as much this year without Bogut and obviously rhetoric and activity that is much more play opened floored move the ball. But if Jordan docket pass a little bit would be great as a repeat it's hard for a big. But used to be able to set a good solid NBA screen. And then roll to the basket. Means any if he sets a street for staff Currie and then rolls he's going to be by himself. They're gonna double staff in right answers to that he has to be able to go up. And finish above the rim I've cnet's Gil says he's a great sleeper darker wearers not. Just would not make them pay comedy type that does not roll inside. And just not be able to finish. That they'll realize that he had a barrel or fumbled the ball and he had no ability to jump at all never seen a big man. Have a shot blocked the restricted circle for the Zaza but to us I gave you a lot of things offensively. As far as being able to set a strange so bells got to set a screen. And it rolled the basket off the street could ever be a pick and pop guy. Wearing tops out off that screen makes a jump shot now. Where you go without bird believed JaVale you're gonna roll right got to take the ripple way if you fail to give your block stepped and then back out of pocket. And shoot jumpers those are skills that you know the war if you would think with their three point shooting ability. Would love a stretch five they've really never had a stretch five on this roster guys that can shoot elected Channing Frye but striking darn well enough. The offensive skills I think rebel at least initially which are looking for. Is to just be able to us that a good screen and ruled the basket and take that vertical lobby of a finish like JaVale McGee. Now have you had time to check out the other kid from Morgan and Chris Boucher who probably now and a higher pick. Probably would have been hurt he got hurt towards ECL game in Berkley actually it is cattle. On this guy can get up you can use average in about a double double what excuse me twelve and seven bout we blocks game last December for wingspan here pop this guy he'll be on a summer league team. He can get up and down the court but his slender he's a slender guy seeks to end. Rusher how much you could pick and pop. I just wanted to get your thoughts on him but obviously. I have seen I haven't away when it of these guys gonna make it seems everywhere they go to camp you figured out. If he's out the warrior roster will look at it is going to be part of the summer league you NB ATV does. Televise a lot of the summer league soul will roll it DV RX one DVR to future loss about changing. Rolling out of II this in this that this particular offseason because. Jordan bells Utica evident in. And we let Jordan bill I think his ears are burning mystery about it I'll get his thoughts on this summer league but Jordan bell. The warriors I guess technically effect of the Chicago Bulls at number 38 the warriors. Bottom. We were playing and the audio of train not drained a game now about buyers coming in at Kelly audience this story Jordan. And welcomed by the way to the Bay Area in the afternoon delight in 95 point seven gaming other worries flagship. Radio station W thank you for your time. But when we're drink Ahman Green set you facetime you're not sure it was straight actor. Totals curry about how you you communicated backed union team. Currently we call went out a couple of our. Sort of like your own versions that are not known. Each. Had I gotten no not at all who. Aren't. Incurred corporate power. Bob caught me by our those are Marty. All it is likely written or certain. Imply or call. Record under. You you know. Hello you put cubic they aren't you writing back. Up only. Probably a Richard Hoosier vote for it. Yeah merry. Nuclear umbrella of the ups and unpack it. Olympic matters. At this. Well I'll let you know a federal matter trying to you know like a little like our. So all of them if you're in that was sort of the local and at least. Or that certainly now. Used to look into it and I. The ones we've got to Ireland to work. Look we have a goal of which are gathering here so enjoy it would not external trauma room here. That's just a great story the NBA defensive player of the year Portland on Monday calling the pac twelve defensive player of the year award winner in a buck or union to the NBA. Are to take me connected to drag draft night where you thought you know maybe going to be a first round pick announced the second out of that you walked out your garage you counted down. There's a big party gone out of your house at some of the whole story about draft. So. Flow in my mind they gone wrong somewhere between. According. To move it like six. On that boat. On pretty moderate somewhere between nineteen year or so. On them. Technical word. Entry into partners. And so he's considered. A post more some more time in there. And there. I think it's pretty cute became. And the my agent called and certainly what. He's been on our currency cute. Also can look at later that are look at where you were not adequately cute twenty or what you'd. I'm like OK you know art and if you attract buyers. Crouched. So I constantly apart from. They're born expert Michael first round. I'm certain effort. Of 100. Or rather vote market who coached under armed. College as a coach and wrote just went and called electronic local. Ultimate decision. Thank you look like you know outlook on. What. Part of that you. On the target pick in the when you have probably the only affirmative. Close. So. Still pretty warm though there's Cuba critics in the military were the words and pictures like yo Taylor. Identity of my name like there when here. Teams are two workers. Four criticized thirds in each of their addiction. Where I call you you know our. At this when a partner kept it summed it he's a little sorry. You know or more which it looked. It was totally mentally it is you know I cannot understand it and yes we won't do that on. Center. You were talking development. He was like a typical Steelers. Went into the emergency. In recent that are distraught. Go to scream at you know there are excited relative term. And electronic turned down a veto products I don't sort of is so mean interim coach would want to obliterate Iran and those who are now. So all of a look at the party. And then. Harder. And so all I walked up and slice it or customer. Demand. Like China play or almost laughed and turned around but however our but it there. And in my estimate sat down and later. Great great. He did that would be enough money in your car or. That meeting between merely interpreted streaks are hopelessly you heard that Iran. Potential and are important or not. He actually I like part money and and yeah. Every color pictures who knows. You know it appeared on. It wouldn't know equipment like it was an especially but. So I talked covertly. One in the like children when the located at school and an ultimate collector's set on going struggle. Peso could could could go brewers and it would really. Grew excited. Ball are currently she's terminally in the. As a great story Jordan they'll put me three and a half million dollars to an it lot of you can pay that rule is three point six they went. I'll follow it limit our first conversation with Jordan Melanie at eleven pop and volunteered at five point 77 watch a lot of video of you and I know the the unity festival award. And what you can do a charger at lettuce does have a shot blocking but. Though the one action in the NBA today the warriors is greatest they are defensive and how much she watched him but it is sometimes when it's a 15. Pick and roll or big comes and sets a screen and the opponents point guard and whether it's us are gone back to Andrew Bogut or JaVale. That's a hard action for a big. To guard has sometimes a warrior bit a little bit behind it. So tell me about your ability. Do you like to get up level with the screens being set tell me about your ability your foot speed you're you're linked to be able to guard a 15 pick in Jordan. The where they. And earned a bit. Of Gartner. And again this circular sport on. Order. And now the tour. It. Hello well. It. Reggie is here George here. Jordan Arnold and ask you. Steve imagery Mark Green and how do you want you to face on them and you know Jamal was thirty if they let you went yards later in that jury mock him recite all 34 players. Was jet before him had begun to that point where you can recite altered that players. How was drafted before you Jordan. Not talk about the on the Tesla upping. Market local repeated opposition activists. We don't definitely got the by the sword and a perpetuation. Now when we saw just Jackson chip directed at Phoenix. Look personnel loss at Oregon Kansas game and I was shocked that you guys want to cheat to orally outplayed him when he CD's players did drafted ahead again you're taken repeat yourself like man. How played a guy wanna like Martina played a mile and a slim rhetoric want to you're a mind. Yeah. I mean a graduate from being an older total Albanian. And when cricket and cricket are so. What do. They're patched by that spectacle at the moment ever played because. You're so. One that would better. I don't want to equate to your partner that it wanted to start at the earliest word. George bell joining us senate after an eleventh and not take iron to five point seven the game so what's the what's the itinerary for you I think you're out of town now. You are gonna play in the warriors summer league teams are just gimme gimme a feel for what's what's these the immediate future for you blow holes. Oh yeah about Arctic workers up there Aetna is. When Beckham descended Cuba to you later. They're not aircrew we're not to Lipton and players whom it. Home. Doesn't went on movies and replica of Tara and went on here Edwards. Do your rate of humor much. You know Southern California the property values that this is that you hear arguments from the era as he figured I would Acosta live here at a. Married yet seen a product. On the department executive arguably you'll hear there could. You should just move in with that train out of his family he can help that chaos and I would appreciate. It this. Talking congratulations CNN it's a great great story and yeah obviously fellow role that this team is looking forward dude you just joined the NBA champions of the blow your mind away. Bestseller and definitely. You know play. Couldn't pick a partner. Of that. Much spoke to him. Richard thank you so much for your tab welcome to the day aerial talked yet sure a lot this year. Thanks George Jordan Belo we're number two warriors. Second round pick is technically of the bulls but. You know they thought picture McCaw I'd say it was 2.3 million. They paid three people think I think really. Through this guy here and other team and the bulls Wanda selling them which you shell anybody we orange traffic I should go. Bob Wright somebody else or packet mine Bob Meyers on the other line who wait who's this is Bob Myers. All right I gotta I gotta go back connection that he said severe. I'm think about the follow do want nothing to do with Golden State lawyers right now so Chicago that a full rebuild mode and what the story and his pop what do story about Jordan to sit here draft room what his family and friends and you're sitting there you see the first round all by thinking. And I'm really not contracted here. In and out era tanks went radical honesty. And oppose the public but you know everybody always says how the lawyers are unfair and all they had to go again governor into an ancient Egypt. Just disrespect in the weight age wrapped in scout. Meet gigabyte during mongering second round patch and call center route we stood on nobody me Jones was a late first round pick and grab. A day and Jordan bell here who I think it's gonna help this team its season spot duty and actually made it did ten to fifteen minutes here and there with the team I mean. Got to give credit to discount and department of front office to go to state waters are. And they know what they need. And there are loaded and every aspect the one area and they tried it with right after they won the championship two years ago there for traffic they took out UCLA kebab Maloney. And he's just you know I had hip problem and or Steve offers any surgery we had offered out of he had a he had the surgery and a second surgery and it just doesn't look like he can click play at this level. And it damion Jones you know the each getting better and better on and it is working with a but they know what they need. They need they need a big they can switch got to guard the 15 pick and roll and I was impressed with with him throughout the entire conversation great personalities of fading and with the warriors awakened handled himself. But the question that I asked her about the 15 pick and roll you know exactly what I'm talking about it a lot of play it and he feels like that to strengthen and if you take. If the warriors have won weakness but hey that's it in if you can't pick cabinet and this guy can do it. And maybe that right as a rookie you'll have not drink you know he's got other guys we'll see what they do with the existing three bigs they have data US JaVale and does but in time you want him to be able to handle that whether it's two years down the rotor three helmet next year and now. But it takes time it's hard especially for big it takes usually three years or so. For bigger players he's not a real big big but it's 690s kind of ignited Asian B stands a play five if he can take that want action away from the opponents. And his team really is on the. Apple pops into your run your big mouth here and living up to reputation as a blab about Raymond Ritter just called us. It says to first said the first younger people to show up. Before 230 them on the that's a high school will get a seat in the stands for the oppressor. I'll burst 100 to get out there it weren't there let people and let the first 100 people 100 before 230. Why not get their first 100 we'll get a seat. At the Bob Myers in German green presser so thanks to your web about Popeye when I would look at it because I mean there doesn't appear slightly at a press for that it has to be ready to Bob about the locations. Well wish at a press release such Edwards was steel running ads and nationality they put a gag order army for reasons of rhetoric is kolbe delivered and news. Tell rain that'll work for the warriors. Are the future five Sergei what is your view Ed afraid to witness history go to the cut this page in many parts of the game dot com. For a chance to win at air tickets. To game one between 1718. Season the cedar ring ceremony live at ORACLE Arena offering your pals and 95 point seven a game of course your home of the 2017 NBA champion. Golden State Warriors of pop was dive and to some football here we look at to another raiders possess or group. One that could be could be big factor this season our front seven people to line and linebackers signs Mac and urban. There's a lot of questions within their front seven will tackle that early afternoon light as pop up bunt a 95 point seven game. Now back to the afternoon delight with Greg Papa and Vontae hill on 95 points that in the game. Yeah. Give it up for. They'll do enough. They've done most famous line drive. Are you glad we're. So please be strong and good man fits the Israelis role plays on third down. Way and let's look right I've got the ball. That's a good look wolf. They've got a problem right. Writers well. The evidence for links field for. Operators at all so. We are breaking down position groups as surrogate you're ready for raider training camp under the gone at the end of this week coming back on July 24 at that will be the weekly. Rookies report to the end it would nineties obviously it takes a football. Before I go on holiday I'm going topped with these well immediately you get back on July 24. We love the warriors we love baseball teams are playing a little better oh. You may actually at a baseball season on to a collective of a couple of early in Iraqi leaders mr. nothing. But we're gonna get heavily in the football on both sides of the day I come back so we talked raider offense we talked in the running backs we talked receivers and tight ends. Today detailed in the area of concern and it is that the reasons. Now before we get into the front seven. Anything new money aged 99 cent thought alters that at all. Derek and I were talking about this earlier today we said I don't think. Don't know if we count on bag guys I've heard nothing quick hits and nothing for him up. I'm like sketch was it two months ago I Aureus distracted us reset comedy back in the league I can't now say that park avenue all right so I I pretty much. Moved done. Since its first discretion of the off season so let's just assume that all dismissed not gonna play for the raiders now he can walk in an appetite yet. Change your whole fraud and everything is different but for the say this sick of this conversation. He's not going to be here right so because all the Smith allows you to really vary your front from a 34. To a 43 and enter orbit 34 chamber Alden and Kelly oh. And then let you know urban B the Joker walk around but that's not gonna be the case so let's just say. They got to line up at thirty for the gonna give your look is more 52. Front where British service is up on the line now Bruce's technically strong side linebacker. But you really don't want him matching appetite and so he try to get into the open side the opposites like a Leo. And and the other linebackers. A lot of Jenkins and they brought it I think it's a got to match up in the base. With with a speech with action tightest let's just look at the raider. Based defense right where you've got. And you heard that the bite and Reggie talking about Mario Edwards junior I think is the key. To the whole defense of fraud because he's not only at your base he also moves inside and rushes over guard. In your nickel so they've got to get Mario Edwards junior healthy. You know he sent there's problems with his with his neck a pretty existing condition they were worried about. At the end of his rookie of the clash of the hip injury could come back last year in all reports on today's that Mario Edwards juniors and the role here and he's a huge part. Of your defense affront to right now he plays one defense event to Leo plays the other and then Irvin is Sam linebacker but he. It lines up to give you can have a fifty to look in front. So what else do you have in your base run defense Stan Williams and let go he ate himself out of the Bay Area very simply see anybody signed it Williams. He got signs that Washington. They freelancing and authority assigned the Washington here. On anybody's gone there's gambling in just yet humongous last year but there a couple of young guys just an Ellis who was competing with gain an. The no sighting take that spot going into camp. But Darius late them really played well. Last year we saw him in training camp this rookie free agent from Indiana never 75 with a hell is this guy. He's got a little three technique he can shoot the gap so that your base brought right now would be late them and jelly when Edwards and and Kelly oh advantage of mixing and Demeco watcher. Had a tremendous season last year Munich can break the big club Odyssey and for a lot of the year which could help a defensive lineman. I thought he was somewhat. Either when he got it off he still was productive and you know it's hard to return to play with a kind of RAMP but at some respects as far as using your hands and strength but. You can also use it as a weapon I think did he go watch rate can be a tremendous player. This season losing Stacey McGee will hurt and then a couple of young guys. Have got to play better in the one I would sing a lot first because he was that the higher of the two draft picks is. She John hot Ward Bond today he was the second round bad traffic out of Illinois. And he just didn't quite let it go enough as a rookie. It was a little bit too concerned. But Beckett yelled at doing the right thing in plain as GAAP. And I think they want him to be a little more of a of a play maker when they when they drafted him so I think war is got to elevate and then nationally Calhoun. But we visited with that went low and I were in training camp last year in Nampa I was so impressed with his body. First of law and I saw immediate role for him. Database run player but a guy could come at any at the quarterback which equates to you know from your your base. To your nickel package who was a guy and I think Chile telephone. The third round pick last year at a Michigan State is got to give you a little edge rushing so then when you're when you're you know urban and and the Leo could be rich structures and and Kent Kent Ervin we had to learn who we was last year I was overly impressed with him in Seattle when he gained more weight. But he's a very good edge setter in the run game the guy really is powerful that's the first thing he does. Exceedingly well he concede at the end of his time in Seattle. And he really does force the ball back inside very few guys get. Outside him now I should some areas of his game are not great but what you're traveling to Leo. And he's getting a lot of single teams. He can be effective any it's a big moment she really did play well but I thought he would be. But the hot you get that inside. Pass rush. So you know in the vehicle. Jelly comes off the field Edwards junior slides inside. In your two on the outsider Mac and Irvin who will be that other inside. Rusher would it be to Nikko archery. Would it be ward and Campbell is more of a standup guy. Could count don't ever get refined enough where he takes an edge spot opposite a collegial and you move urban inside over guard could you imagine at. And that's where they Chile Calhoun he's got to take the next step now and his second year law which with the award but changed is giving you more. And we award he could give Ritchie in the bay semi sega's starters late of an undrafted rookie from a year ago would have beat him out in an injured Jihad ward was a second round draft. That is definitely one of the best training camp that houses will go forward in Napa and by the way Dan Williams is still out there are made a mistake he's still a free agent so no team has touched and Williams at the clinic anyways here her home anyway drug supply you don't like well two years ago period you do you take if you lost weight and reached out to Reggie or however worked you can Jersey new way to rate you know what I know now told we move on from. I don't know what UH became the camp last year and he was 360. He was like one the second keepers that I saw but what it would feel it was to him. He just got heavy stuff like well. You know he's got to take a step up by the Johnnie would take that jab at Dan Williams played a lot of snaps last year because he's still. At their tremendous size and he's an analyst at the one of the big. But that they had they are so then. The question becomes when you get it yourself packages that you're. You're only in your base in the NFL about 30% of the time 35% somewhere in the air two thirds of the time. You are in your nickel so now and we talked about what the front's gonna look like so who are the linebackers and it fit behind the front. Perry Riley junior was really good last year he shocked me I thought he was strictly run player he actually graded out as strong run player. In Internet coverage I I I was shocked I think if you had to play him a lot in teams did begin to target him a little bit but you've lost Malcolm Smith. You know the one guy that I looked at last year. Right away and training camp and Matt Millen confirmed it will we spoke them we talked a lot about him in August that he I was better than that he. Is that core games. The Corey James. Had I thought he could run around better he's a good run player. As a Mike linebacker. But I I obviously have that for your refrigerator covered better times so when you're in your sub package Jenkins is going to be on the field to a lot of Jenkins now is he. AC three down guy is in your base and certainly you're giving yourself package with a speed. Now so who's that other. Linebacker this is we're gonna bring the secondary. In do it tomorrow or actually were off tomorrow these are plain atom are yet Friday the last position group and I kind of wanted to that is known to the front seven the backstabbing you and Mary the whole front together. But just in theory. You know how how was your your your like we should play when you go to the nickel either rush for and it could have you know nickel coverage behind it. And 22 essential linebackers having to body Jenkins will be the guy. Now Zach war. Is not there too cynical war Baltimore even he can play in the bureau Washington vitally Clinton seizes ostracized out of the league and if he had a proctor Washington and yet it's late you're going to camp a month you're prodding act agitated than a month ago electoral Washington three down guy. You can run it. But snack gore. Retired right after the year began in serious neck injury now he's on retiring. And the lines are looking at them and I saw today were. Seven or eight teams or contacted him and opened the raiders as I saw this week we played Baltimore early in the year I saw a snack or. I saw a great run players are really good run play in it and watch it drop and coverage intercepting balls one handed it. And he's going up the scene what with tight ends highlight what the hell happened is that gore c.'s order around like Bobby Yorker the list this Jessica team all pro and now he's out there I don't I I mean alliance makes item. But I think the raiders by tiger can change with Corey Gaines and Dan heaney in the rookie Lee. As part of Mike linebacker maybe could bring it very rarely junior late I'm surprised they haven't done it to this point. But as we know Friday will bring in the the IDB's in the categorization. You know or Avago is that second line Becker next July Jenkins race. Obi wan to know him a look stunned look. Especially on the spot over eat the raiders linebacker like DA on Buchanan when you go to the nickel. He plays around a lot essentially matching up with a tight right he's that man. If it's a tight game your playing man he's got the tight and outlets into playing doubles site to get to figure out something like tripled to right so is it's a and that when you're obviously just playing zone he can also drop back and Inky tackles enough. So that's the big concern. Is target figure front seven to Mary and your secondary and LB could be. A hybrid you know linebackers slash safety dislike Beckett Jon Gruden calls that's kind of what I look at it for the raider front seven right now unless all the Smith walks and it happens. And it changes everything he can't allow Smith to help itself bad orbit or motives you can add that asterisk because scheduled public that the schedule here's some tees coming in here that's an area now to talk about the patriots in Mexico city Kansas City. Dallas has coveted to the black alert around for audit letter or Dallas or rotted Dallas ran into the New York Giants would back home in. Brandon Marshall or stock which expert who. Albeit Bob's away and course of Los Angeles chargers it's weird to say Los Angeles charges. Philip Rivers and torn Iraq around a field as well also. We'll bring down a dvds on Friday probably one of the most important for me the most important position group on this team the Oakland Raiders but we have early with this we're part because at a press conference cabinet and money invested 230 will assist we'd be out and done so we're get to that. Early early edition of the could boost has a right here via satellite is part of Bosnia and five point seven. And now it's time wound for the could boost its tune with correct polka in bone today in the minority five point seven the game. It's cool. You know when there's a few stories that almost slipped through. Bring no Monday afternoon delight and honey five point seven big game. Not good stuff. Yeah yeah thanks. Yeah. And now. Obama. Deduction for Tyson Foods in domestic. We'll watch it seems he is good. And then you see him. June 28 1997. Twenty years ago. A young Gary Papa six years old was sitting at the dinner table eating spaghetti spaghetti o.'s or something but it's a good girls pretty good and correct Koppel had the Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson fight on and I said Dan what's going on here he said that man just did another man. Nvidia. It for. It's funny years ago today you know about today there X six's sister Alexander's ours does mr. Daniels to. And we have barbecue in the air at least at that and spaghetti and is now as America now vividly that period supplies if the you're over Randi Rhodes and then here on eighteen and table. With the and as I could catch hockey guys and actually fight because it's the earth there. If that happens there is. I don't we don't need to catch about it and I know it was a barbecue it because there's ketchup on its naval. You know it's on the blog the looked like catcher coming you know few of the year. The last forty years now is twenty years ago Kevin and as the boxing world recovered ever since that yes and it has side and that that's heavyweight and not the heavyweight division deputy Joshua desire great fighting disclose go we're not the moment no no right to be exactly like division is it's it's the heavyweight of one's name was going to send me Joshua. Moore wants how many jobs are all great fighter and that took effect that just builds way and that's the river from a fight -- about national. That they can have a general today to life audio tight. Should really have ever been at the Tyson's banks fight when he dropped of in 912. Atlantic City and actually you know down trumpet. Cole hall and funny enough hopefully the next was at the next fight I stuck in his party. So it was at the next fight was Buster Douglas really fighting between them neatly backed out of a student listening. I was up bows out Japan. Nobody else that would win your next fight. One in between yet the hills is next fight may be the largest aluminum fighters in Tokyo at Tyson's. He was in Tokyo Japan feels weird sort comes or restricted interest there. Speaking of Donald Trump the cubs came by the White House that saw that. So I guess they don't care so Hume and that's wasting away and I thought they will see what the wars aside to do but never finishing who showed up at the ceremony to. You'll gain deal he really notoriety and the leader could Brandon that word around the loser anyway. Because these are quicker if you remember the good old running back and importers. Yeah yeah. What is the story we're OK I'm about to get to a Clinton supporters are you might know him as coach Jake he spanking should she got to gonna get a check that out about zero dollar bill appropriate language big. Bros Wii it's true prime minister Yamauchi thought fox coconut Jones he cuckoo Chu who couldn't shoot out to let me get. Think it's the story wholesale list follows aliases there yes but let's do this plot let's remember the good old days of Oakland importers when he wasn't crossover when he was all these other people. How do you come up with the characters that you portray in your press conferences in Washington DC. Is this plan around the room and you know I think. Italian food and today in Rome I never went to a with a constant big and then he is this. Right before I go you know we think sounds too good to make their bus for a good student in the locker room and so let's take a look at some of the characters clintons' taxes or like that sort of structure of mass. Dole Mike Jenkins who suggested there's such a doctor I don't know stuff these hero video was just the list. Sheriff can get your kids broad sweeps reverend. Don't change. Inspector Tutu will eat you wanna also want whichever one gets you to find southeastern Oaxaca. Little memories of southeastern room but so pleased to Rome was about it cap of four back in the day it took effect that could remember Cortes says and as they come out and said that he was. Contemplating killing his financial advisors for blowing had to lose NFL fortune now a but imports has not played in quite some time since 2011. And yet he went on to say that he filed for bankruptcy Beckett who does a fifteen and he was contemplating whether or not to kill. He is financial advice. It still it Georgian bay it's good cook the peace. He still did it that's what you started loved football loved Clinton reports there's pressed. Down on post before that. Value of the counties alerted it's true veteran who is funny because after exactly press coverage as he would just go only becomes a character that was gonna bodies cluttered electorate that like dress up again the cut I remember once Summers rich Eisen had him on and it fell to relax is that rich guys and actually hosted that. Inkling importers like was gonna grow greeted the character during the season the whole season and the Redskins had a terrible season and that just fell through. But yes so good luck to concludes our religious berg yamane you can think now I katyushas. That I don't really know Joseph real quick here it'll start right contemplating. Real quick analyzed it guys the video and it's hard to say over the radio but it quite Thompson the dance news hall on love terrible sign on and charred and it was I wasn't as bad. He I would try to see my civilian dead I would say I would practice my white men over by birth certificate Tashard itself again at least seeded Schnyder 360 Duncan's it and. Yes that's or redeem himself they showed a video a couple of days later of him doing a pre sixty in the extreme completed the dunk but that's been moved pop impressive and I thought it was good I'll go check or anything like that. Our Jim and that's your caboose pistol in and sit. Another I got a British Allison judge I have modeled on this yet we have since the guys in the deal we still that didn't do which the press conference with Bob Meyers a dream on greens coming up at 230 NN's Greg. Reveal to everyone it's gonna be at Eric his money Vista high school trip. So burst when people first 100 Raymond Ridder has called me first 100 people to show up to the press conference before 230 pretty get there by 220. For 100 people that arrived when will have seats available in the auditorium. For the bomb Mars Fremont press conference are gentlemen that's a caboose pistol and a reporter Brooke here's a spot is so bad at it yourself. Jack. Acquired today. The could have all this been changed as speaker decided to go to the next. Don't know John honest to god today it's the hot. Fill out the move a muscle.