Afternoon Delight Hour 2

Papa & Bonta talk more hoops with Mike Breen (BANG), Sam Amick, and discuss sad Jay Cutler ending his playing career to bore us all as an analyst in the booth.

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On fire from outside shooting over 52%. The playoffs. A three point play. Hillary on the drives Iguodala a tough injury to. But today when. You from downtown. Takes away from Joseph Johnson I think it's just but defense of the greens and trying to include. My first six. Brings one friend he did misses less to it's silly to hatred 33 is his mind boggling it ESPN had a note last night that a dream I'm drained Vontae leads the NBA in blocked shots and three point field goal. Percentage the voice of the NBA got ESP NO Delorean jazz game number three on Saturday night. Mike Breen joins us on the afternoon delight with the pop and Vontae here and 95 point seven a game. Michael what a show dream angering put on last night. They're kept quiet and Greg a fairly good start to the both beaten back to where I should. He's playing at that level well. Into. That's kind of accuracy from about grabbing defeat and we're so up and down. Should you don't stop Opel because the versatility right. Yeah you know in the in the NBA they only give out any any you know trophy award for the most valuable player in the NBA finals called the Bill Russell trophy obviously a couple of years ago Andre Iguodala wanted in the NHL Mike you mean hockey fan or ranger fan you know they give us something called the Conn smythe trophy. Which is the best player overall in the entire. NHL post season or only you know we're stupid midway through the second round it's certainly. But if you had to pick who has been the NBA's best post season performer so far yet Isiah Thomas he'll have a down game last night. But still what he's doing in fighting through all the tragedy. Just amazing collide lettered LeBron James but dream might be at the very top Mike. Heard already heat in the kind of restriction you broker ago. Well what should sort Robert. With numbers offensively. There're all restarts put up great numbers and then when you see how he controlled the game the principal. Not sure spike Lee's Goran what what you could see were they energy. It's such unique player on the court ordered obviously defensively. The over the ball and aren't changed numbers are probable. But he doesn't hurt to be in the conservation because I don't call and other order. In the league and set the tone defensively for entire chi battered masterful on the letter to. Where the special offensive order. Or we would greens emotion. And the wait also principle to get away all. Or potential always. It's just really unique ability and how he controlled the entire old Archie shortly and he started that game. And change the complexion of April the opening of the strip sport literature. Mike bringing the voice of the NBA and ESPN and ABC called last night's game number 211 game number three on ABC primetime. Along with the form or her head coach Mark Jackson in Najaf and going to be back for the broadcaster are here. This year Mike bunch and I we're talking here and ID five point seven a game. About drain on being one of the great dirty work players in the history of the NBA you've been voice of the knicks are brought up Anthony Mason and in the great Charles Oakley and you know Ben Wallace or Dennis Rodman is in the history of the league you you said that he special today. Is there anybody that when you watched dream on during you visualize he plays like this guy. Notably in analogy might be the best. On the call William Brockman and Wallace. Well great deterrent to order. But the versatility to guard anybody on the war. Problem and that includes a point guard or center. The ability to shop. And also you know the key to being strong concurrence that the traditional with the potential recount. The recent upward arc from recent Aaron Aaron. Robertson reports and password and just recently. But the two of them are Ers. Because there are also there there were undersized. Guard in the polls we won't decides to decode some of the Olympic arms because there are strengthened our court system. What Stewart would do and yet the great who might want the other thing true American. Again green make it can't duplicate that Turkey Rico he can lead parade. They're very. The press parrot the even a point guard who are troubled by at least it was short order was good to us and I think that's. It Ottawa separate struggle greens but the colluded to lead the break. All are occurred Horry in May the couple that in the middle or literature didn't really what we're trying to they'll look at it sure that versatility. Is so rare. Lyrical but look where he goes. Mike is during Mark Green the most important. Golden State warrior we know how dynamic staff curry Kevin Durant can be we know about the sharp shooting of Klay Thompson. But trademark green India feels like if they loose are Mark Green. They don't win the championship because he's not he talked about us versatility that he's like the heart and soul of this team the block shots the passing leading to break is he the most important Golden State warrior. Don't you yeah yeah it promote. They all can't say that they're looking at what curry during and he wouldn't somewhere in he would. Be heard. It's the overshadow all part of the start Africa conference. It's how strong that could be defensively they're featured at times and so smuggling. And it's so typical even really strong teams like Utah while Portland look overwhelmed with the challenge that you can't keep that cycle. They helped and art into parts of our commitment you're which is it possible late stretches where. No that couldn't keep up. He had that ability again to raise the level. Where you corrupt quality opponents look all the while it's almost like there were times there were couple times last night and that's that's what a couple of years. We're almost like they exporters on the war against he'd be at auction block and so far. That's some good Brett Hull. How quick to what trait that our literature art and green gently toward so it's not only that it more or exceed market a couple. Our department. And so she's doubles court order. But the market org you remembered as a unit. The reports that the first quarter Ian Clark in late to come off the floor I think they tried to play for a little bit of last night. And actually stands for lakers out of shortly did get off the Florida August epic. Might bring a called the game last night will work with the Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy. As Saturday night for game three of the series that ABC primetime joining us and the at and let it pop and bunting here in 95 points and the game. Your partner Jeff Van Gundy before these playoffs start. Said he does not think the warriors will be seriously challenged. At all and I agree with them and when you had a one line and you said it's so beautifully. The warriors have played five and they've won five and how they played six and they won six Mike and they've not trailed in the last three. Can they. Go. Full full full full. You know Moses his team in 83 proclaimed it. They lost one they went twelve and one but the first round that year you know as a as the best at three out of five the only team the best record since we had you know best of sevens in each of the four rounds of the 2001. LA lakers went went fifteen. In one. Now you obviously got the next round with a issues that are San Antonio and then you know Cleveland or Boston tomorrow however Washington. Whoever gets out of the the east. Is it possible Mike for the warriors to go full full full full. In place sixteen playoff games in win all sixteen. No our our adult birds and bats on that. You know for triple work on green problem. That's our firm old knows that he won't be so extreme that occurred. Current article will that selection what happened when you get the entry so. Even with an extra helping yet it's going to be difficult to. And so what exit the record salaried jobs are there are excellent team that could that you natural arc. I would be surprised if gold. One Balkans and election it charter. Or bat with their concern packaging. And content true. We. All read. Two won't help with one loss especially you can and cheek all week it would be. Reached on Marco before. So much go to our records we. And it's just hard to do person wants it and even need that much is Cleveland has dominated swap or shark that does well today. Turn it over the next couple years so market it's going to be two or disperse it finals were so huge. Got two excellent and there are it should too difficult to do what they can but he's going to be here. Might give us a little feel of the environment in in Salt Lake City to me that building it. Is most likely a college arena just the way it is so Steve in its slopes so down and get the fans are right on top of the floor where you broadcast the fall of Albany and their. They're right on the visitors bench. Just talk about what what the warriors are going into an on top of that in a mad environs line about there's no nightlife and Salt Lake City that's gonna be. Charged up environments Saturday night for the warriors to deal with. We have to do what you serve first in the way the building and they'll. He just goes straight up and you feel like you can still pretty well open McCurdy you close word on top appears that you construction and building bricks and feel. What the noise should come down upon your efforts on the war on number two. Is that they're seeing that there are quarterly and quality in Salt Lake City and cherish your chair and structure when you're raised. Our achievement for children to an unbelievable action and who co written bowler Greg. Orbit nicest community report go to or should the people couldn't be nicer and just so as a friendly and welcoming wants the ball goes up. They are some of them you can't yeah yeah airport or at a Philadelphia proper little crowd. We didn't have a great number true may be it would the character suggestions are downright they're equal and start so. It's it's a real hostile atmosphere especially well on. We'd love that he took very likable keen you don't jump on people on the war on so it's going to be it's going to be a little hostile mr. What does it jazz need to do this deal would game because they're Evan led all series might bet a staggering to me in the two games played or whatever led once. And then without George Hill with a Maltese and place very nicely what I heard last night he'd make it but it gul. That big toe he's been doing with since December how to jazz actually beat this policy team plane when he did because last two games. These gains were basically played jazz is pace in the way of still come up on top it won by double digits. Or you can and number one thing you can't store will remember that story will league championship below. I'm in each of you when you play against can now go with larger or shall small. So you put yourself aren't in and point in the quarter which should. Energy expands it to try and back is going to be typical sort of suitable one. And yet it is much much you know or stop illegal state probably the Berkeley the gold they are great. And nurture your options on Patricia. The certificate Berkshire are eternal or local you have no chance you can grow state. A ceremonial. I recent gains. Well put a cynical and continued policy coach when you don't want what's. What the bubble when you look at Portland community. First and the rewards that the stringent defense. Every single culture never. And beat you on some great. Mark Golden State. Will do look at all out of that engine trouble or evil liar. Or she shot with a the first openly and on the track waksal. So do I make the accord in which started slowly because you know he's store clerk himself which he it'll sell portions gain. Because he's got that it would be between a critical of the that the moral law. And then. And keep you current arms and struck first he's got to pick where this I didn't score he to a truck and the local. And Utah's transition defense was really four in in game number one you know we're talking about the elements and in Salt Lake City the other one did that people do not talk enough about for me he's the altitude. In Europe over 4000 feet and you know from Jerry Sloan cheers. When when they played at home they really look to run. Which John Stockton and Karl Malone they would slow it down and play in the half court a little bit more on the road but. ID DC then they they do play it's such a slow pace by far the slowest pace in the NBA. But deep see them trying to run a little more against the warriors is that warriors acclimate to being an altitude on Saturday night. Yeah and art for that report Greg and it's not it was sort of a Socialist Party in that. No they're actually very good transition team they know what to run. Especially your own breaks well when they had their opportunities that got guys who ordered bird well you guys could excelled transition so. That might be some when especially early in the game. But they can't get caught up on the ground game that you care and it. Mean something might be an uncle Kirk purchased not Oprah and heard them there aren't you might see early in the game and rockets won their opportunities. It's not going to be here it's not going to be became part of your reporting minutes. It's great to have might bring called back to back warriors in your chargers playoff games in last night Laura Kohler is gonna catch a flight to Salt Lake City today and call. Game three on ABC and this is 530 tip off our time so it's an 830 game. Prime time I is this the first one you've done in prime time and and none finals game obviously. On Saturday night like you guys do in the regular season doing a post season game a Mike on a Saturday prime time. Noted what it in the last several years. The second round and second we couldn't second round and so we started by a wire schedule or. And I think actually. Of them except suburb that's one of the reasons why they're so sort of they are on solutions because they're during the collapse of yours so out. Com in the church you know. It's a fun night because there will be so fired up for a while Norton art out while the southern part in the England it's going to be a great mystery here. What you cures. To respond and look and feel great cheese goes into offline apartment no it's going to be much. The bar on comedy club and how they react debate about let's wasn't what. Erica any doubt on who can win the series and an actual. The first quarter of agreement with epic can all score. Like the this Saturday night prime time games you guys to this year we are right after the the Super Bowl as Hillary pick it up in May and mid February. And I'll bet is that the that the first time we've had prime time NBA going back every key checks in on Friday nights for the NBA and ABC. And I think CBS ever did that are NBC is this the first time a network is set up a prime time regular season Nikon back to the seventies. Every critic Blair she was the first year span which you're a prickly air that he won more games either eight or nine. Problem but I can't remember ever putting your beard are and that you know cute show the league it's common term popularity. Are in terms of you know trans wanna see the Qatar he it's in very successful peculiar couple. Really roughed names because a couple of the current uncool and spurred last quarter when Golden State rescue to lawyers and financial now. On both the league is on the rebound Kabul port wealthiest community BC to get to the previous match conduct he would still topic here. He got to get the best match ups are certain Arctic where people can achieve the they're adequate job. It might got to tell me about what you're seeing in. Around the NBA with -- all the injuries and now I wanna get your thoughts are joined by Mike Breen of course covered the warriors last night and Saturday but today he covers the whole league Eagles from series to series for ESPN and ABC joining us on the afternoon delight with pop and bunting or 95 point seven a game. The Tony Parker injury and he was playing so well in game number two in the spurs played really well after he left and they do have. Patty Mills there of this a tough injury for repair for Tony personally in the spurs as a group. Can they overcome this quadriceps tear the rupture. Tony Parker and still beat the rockets to go to the Western Conference finals might. I would argue a picnic and still win the series I don't know contest. Yeah local story featured charm and so that looks like it's a strong possibility I don't know it could be. Goldstein without being struck in the current series for certain Parker actually did not have a good year yet stretch and playing really poorly. You seem to greet reenergize. Obviously popular or inaudible that's coaching legacy. But he had a really opened down year record China reached them up about a year. And you know awkward. Preteen can noble com because we just have to cut the uncanny ability to. To explore what orders in the system does or command and the machine gets control and so are open and so on and stretched. And you guys you guys have a Western Conference finals this year TNT and instead of the last little bit and negotiate ESPN's got the western finals this year correct. Yeah yeah in which their pursuit and then her. When virtues that are Santonio are a wrinkle they gonna beat. In all of the group action council are able predictable over the border they're clearly the trigger goes forward it's an open. And the kicker it's unbelievable former church he beat imports aren't watchers. Aaron Michael which ago Mike brain voice of the NBA and ESPN and ABC and you float in the Salt Lake City so many times you know the landing there is all of a sudden here. Like it to I thought you got an obvious that di data but lost edged out in a rut where it's incredible ideally and there are a. It's of course yolk are you obviously unproductive used to sell them to and I liked the sound. Burnett and a facet Betsy Ellsbury making a couple of cocktails. And have a brick on Saturday. Greg you. Sam Schmidt necks and yet the delights pop in bots in the 57 game. Now back to the afternoon delight with Greg Papa and Vontae hill on 95 point seven the game. And she. 35 released 34 will turn 35. On May seventeenth is the golden that need Tony Clark he's not moving here for the planet. Foot female a little bit weird new. On the right need you look on the landing. Yeah when he was hired Kevin Harlan there Reggie Miller on a called. Wednesday night when Tony Parker went down and originally we saw you as a classic chairs the ACL I remember Danny Manning doing nothing and just don't have for a layup when he collapsed and chores venture crucial ligament or you're watching. Tony Parker was rubbing the area above his knee in those like you to break his lay there at the elderly do. In LA get the news yesterday after they have the MRI the spurs have announced that it Tony Parker ruptured it. He is left quadriceps tendon squat. Thigh muscle area and then as a bad injury for anybody especially someone who's 34 certain degree yeah. 35 so what does it mean for the career left of the career the hall of Famer and great four time NBA champion what does it mean the San Antonio Spurs now as they resume. They're series in Houston Texas and or Sammy America is back on I ten on a lot of Gregory about that as he's gone it's San Antonio to Houston. Hour and a half drive or whatever it is three hour drive. I joins us on the afternoon delight with the top and Vontae so you were there at the AT&T center on Wednesday night just how Erie was that to see Tony Parker. Sammy just crumble to the floor like that. Yeah guidance. You know like you said pop no contact. Does hit the deck. And the cold oddities is not you know it's one of those things but when you know that an injury as opposed to a tweet you know a guy weak open. They'll go move or. Try to get up and Tony just laid there. Old again and obviously tried and walk off the court can do that the guys that carry it off though the other thing it. I don't think came through and he'd be good you know don't going to be part of my memories. Peter old white boat spurs owner Juliana hole sit in the corner on the war and on press row. We heard like this audible tree that was really year where she used them as she reacted really emotionally in on down. And that she even got so frustrated. Even an officiating component and a play. She got up and had a you know senate keeping to the rapid and obviously it upset bundled deals though it's too bad you know at shootaround today on Oprah talked a lot about. Tony and into Canada the obvious possibilities maybe this is the occur and we don't know that just yet but there but the critical situation. So what this first do do latest throw Patty Mills and in the starting lineup some coaches like to theorized to keep yours your rotations the same to judge Amory the young guy. Be ready for this in a prime time role maybe. You start Andy Murray just it's a couple of French minutes Hewitt what inning pop does it at point guard mine as Tony Parker San. I mean that the handicap in this morning's shoot around in the pocket that he guys lose. But probably just a lot more patty a lot more money to run the offense has playmaker. But I did kind of wonder I mean good god take me. Probably not gonna happen because it's you know he got just put in the playoff fire albeit a challenge but he had the night games in the pregnancy and and if you were trying to make a move that. Debian work would. In terms of the surprise factor. Certainly do not think the rocket anticipate adding that. Straight a lot of that on paper topic at neutral spot on the all can be attractive but the other blog round. Within the spurs organization. Entered his future what you can be is it even people would draw a parallel to. One popular Italian fire when he was nineteen years old now a little bit different can Tony. I've been a pro overseas before being in the India it you know that should about Arnold popped lose document shows and see what they do. But you know Tony would play really well so the outlook. And her right after you went down to John Terry Murray enjoying dead men carried Tony off the floor which was really ironic and they put her right in the wheelchair. Going off the court that there was no Paul Pierce moment rate cut out of the wheelchair and came back to play just. He's neck and come back Sammy and joining us from USA today sports NBA writer he's in Houston for. Game number three you and I instant bounty were talking this year about Patty Mills who we've watch obviously going back to Saint Mary's days an avid fan his innings in a restricted free agent. And I I really don't believe they're gonna miss a lot and Al Tony start toning and he has a way of organizing and running everything any is such a clutch main. In his body just enough from all the championship games he's played in the international basketball but. Part of me thinks that emails can do this and he's a little different stylistically and then Tony Parker and we'll shoot the three ball better than Tony and so is there any efforts all settled down they got over the shock of the Parker injuries or some optimism around the spurs camp that. They they can play as well with Eddie mills taken over the Tony Parker role. Yeah me I think if you look at the regulars and I mean Tony Parker was. I'm a public punching bag. This year with folks saying that you watched up again about the LAPD and yet night after night after night where he would neither scored double digit. And then you know is worst year. They musical career and so in that regard to what they did in the standings today. You know which it beat you cannot try to reconcile. That the star power and name that comes to losing somebody like Tony Parker but then. The reality of what he gave Schenscher you know you concede of the engines on it they specifically. Want any concern interest Antonio. Would be added Tony's gonna give you more penetration. Drug cakes that are in the senate shooters. And then when you're already trying to overmatched in the shoe department like the spurs aren't particularly here. You know that's a concern they need to. And I can't keep shoot twos while rocketry intrigued. So that's a factor. And that caddie defense outlook out attic compete. And he had a few good moments in game two defensively but. I don't picky here and William atom or not the Tony was either. But the I think yeah I think that's the weakness with patty out there so. Woolsey I think the ball going to be one chance more to could even though he doesn't. Run the team like James card that the rocket treatment. You know what broker very much doubt that you're not a not a one outlook on field play makers three but I think he has that. And it will probably more. He Samuel we're talking earlier about caddie being a unrestricted free agent this summer. And I didn't think the spurs could pain and I that is still believe Parker creek if ironic is two more years on his contract. But in light of this park here injuring this is a bad injury reader rupture a quadriceps tendon in his thigh muscle that's a bad one. I didn't do you think the spurs are more inclined now to bring Patty Mills Beck because they they may not get Tony Parker back Sam. Our I don't remember their cap situation which obviously back there but I mean. You don't want bottle and have it it's a pretty decent point guard class entry agency and so you know while watching attached and calorie Crist law the other some of the names out there and participate. Georgia lead you toggle back Antonio but Georgia's freeagent. You know it there's some other guys that think they're gonna have to obviously addressed the long term plan. It is entirely that they can patty's game. For the long Paula I don't know that that's in the mean that you would vest and a whole lot more money patty. Now because of the Parker contact that you would have sworn into the sport or not I don't think going to be out of contender. And on the same level of you know patty hello league match and you know I think they're probably go shop in the summer. San manic USA today sports NBA writer joining us so that he always says every Friday. And the afternoon delight with step up and Vontae here and I five point seven games of busting Harrigan has this here is pretty heavily. And game on the other Iraqis she is destroy them and they were up where they have 39 of one point one of one in. I 29 MH 42 threes and it was a tight game game three was very competitive. And in this first has taken apart in the fourth quarter outscored 33 to thirteen in the spurs really played well after Parker went out of the injuries and had a series ships. To Houston how high do you see tonight how do you see the rest of the series San. I series and I have the rockets wouldn't seven still accused him. All of this thing out but tonight you know it is going to be huge and they were pretty upset the rockets were with their defense and effort. In game two you use that cliche but I do you honestly think that they believe that the most of what. Hurt them in game two as they're doing and not spurred doing legal defense and it has to be the focus and you know just execution stuff. Wonder you know James Harden is kind of under the radar he's been sick for a couple weeks going back to what he sent out that game Phoenix. And that they're bought these guys has not. Let it I keep noticing. You know he's often even on the game you know on the floor during the game and then you know attract it is that. And he seems pretty right now joke you know kind of wondered this term is stand alone in being able to get things. Just kind of keys were monitoring so they the military get spot and I do think that matchup wise. Whispers. This is tough matchup that LaMarcus Aldridge building off. In into that double treatment and control and all that comfortable any deal age and physical up at all. With me you know why would it passing game too but it's a lot ask for him to do that every night and the greatest years. You know there's more consistency with him the owners some of these other clap he restarted like LeBron. But the best of the best he's still trying to find a way to do it every night so I think he's still a pretty good spot. Sam how debate shake free heart no the last three games let three the last four games last week it's Oklahoma City shot 32%. At 31% in last game. What quite winner shadowing him he could trust ninety freeing we're gonna see a lot of work why wandered around them how does Dan Tony lock unlock hardened because he's like you said. This bug must be really a factor because he struck when the bigger these last two weeks and. Yeah he's he's obviously you know allies as recent back to back it had to play a year and eat chocolate stamina. That's a tough contrasts with that is why it Davidson built up to go to a joke but out in the world. Being out of solutions let robot play in the NBA. At all funny at all on one but it you know it looks like it's true like the man does not get tired. Is still a huge game and you're trying to catch a blow your ears there. About a cup matchup so I think part of that shooting then they're gonna have keep her honest and guys like Ryan Anderson and you know Trevor. You want to go out at arm's experience like you didn't give an option the rocket to take that tonight. Read war and all out Antonio. To you know voted as much on games they did for but. Why did that's why he's known as the best two player in the game and entry in the blog dropped 34 or whatever he had administration often tonight. Play and I want that'd do what he did James. That's the tough thing because. But the rockets are good to win when that game being great but obviously he can get back to that level at the bloody. Now thirteen of sixteen from the floor of Haitian I would say cheeses 34 points in such as senator Eva. So are you spending the whole weekend in Houston you'd go to Salt Lake City in between tonight Sunday's temperature which are tanner. Yeah I'm gonna stick around. You can at least through game four on Sunday it was obviously monitoring lawyers jazz. You know at Utah won game two you're really there any drama that was Ghana. And telling me that to make sure had to be either that would have put it just. You know we'll see you never know pitino call you got you got gig entry but right now it looks like pretty one sided series you know you got that. During months scare last night that maybe that would be. A problem for Golden State good but he obviously five you know and and the current situation that. It everybody's kind of lottery don't expect to see him back it up so it goes turbulent. And that series you know that seemed like the you know the people. But what's the update on Steve back to you had to see he's guarded duke medical center. There are now he's not there yet. PH should be flying into medical center but how's this gonna say here with Leno five cents when the Salt Lake City. The curfew men and the Snow White light trucks and large that Texans like nightlife men do you know why Douglass a weeks. I like that you guys I told somebody the other day. Popular everywhere and that we knew what to tell actually the second day in and if you wanted to get a post game beer yet it by one of the. Special man in had to have been out there whose own. It's not like that anymore so Alex and admin their line I'm not a patriot normal. It you know the only distinction is that learned that recently went on that there's. It's funny and I think it aired their Revere that's not have. Legally has to be like three and a half percent. And so you know if you get I think if you get bottled it normal Beers you get it on tap its it's about you know it's it's. It's a laid down a water and check. Out. But it's Cinco De Mayo I get a let's Akeelah and you're in the right spot you're in your Houston of the community here with a she travel you must be trailer which Jimmy Goldstein annual budget Eagles yeah wherever you go until. Yes suddenly the other day in fact. Yeah he's he's still. Feel like the bird or the things that Jimmy's prediction. But he's he's about men and that is age you know one girl watching games like commercial. Get up early going ambient temperature is not fair to Oakland are hunkered it was their last. Yeah yeah we yeah. Unless there Jimmy was there and those things always get that 20 year old eastern European woman matters are mentioning their first. You know believe it was there. All right Sammy say travels of socket actually. Oh I. Actually this duke thing is interest and what I heard involving Steve. If they find this about rumors leaking. And they attach it properly and maybe they get it done at duke. He could come back pretty quickly content while once they get attached and they get the spinal. Fluid from stops seeping out. I don't think they repairs to properly but it it's it diamonds sold to Kiki come back in a few days right after that if they can get it closed and get it sealed. Yeah and we haven't seen. I can't really critique my brown now right now I mean they're playing well they're playing OK the last game we knew we mentioned that. I gained two men who didn't see in game one B minus and it. They'll put each head coach here you don't wanna do about it right against our. That are part is doing great he's always got to do what we get to Cleveland get to San Antonio you get to Houston and Mike doesn't have. Good thing is Mike Brown has a ton of experience so I don't worry about that exists I wonder what's their what's so different about. His coach you stop Steve Curtis system wizard meets weeks to play calling late game execution. They kicked the Israelis he was quick to go small last night and day he she did make some change in the end of the Portland series to get that rubbed out in game three they fell behind. I think I like the way he's coach in the game I eight I think he's run in the game. They they just have you like dealing into the game last night in a quarter he brings James Michael Mack adieu and for speed. He have one of the bigs off the floor he wanted to moral a speed lineup Regis debate they are so locked in there's nothing this coaching staff. Mrs. and I think a lot of it starts from the head coach for these delegated well Mike has been quick to react too quick to call time out hello the cause I'm out. 44 seconds into the third quarter last thirty went small two and a half minutes and had a yankees coach in the game beautiful. Well we have some football on the news pop and another quarterback would rather are going to the Booth. And play the game for ball will discuss after the light pop on bunting and parts and again. Now back to the afternoon delight with Greg Papa and Vontae hill on 95 point seven the game. But they're throwing up right spot playing royal touch there. I'm looking live the life but. Yeah that was. Cutler royalist Chicago bear a couple of years ago there was a 2015 season early in the year when Nevin went to Soldier Field that are in our league. Sunday in the mayor's beat the raiders in Iran Eagles Google 2220. Jay Cutler. Announced today and fox sports that he does have a clause in his contract that he can come out of teething and go back in a football. And this is a nobody offered him a starting job and a maybe the jets would do it. But he's got the television taken Tony Romo route will be different though is not going to be and the number one team at fox. They have Troy Aikman is going to be on the second team at Kevin Burkhardt basically they're used in two guys replace John Lynch. We've Kevin Burkhardt her friend Charles Davis will also be in the Booth so. We're not sure about Jay Cutler. He was the mixture of this T his time when. Mike Shanahan traded up to get him. And you know basically. Dated cheat to get rid of Jake plumber earned. Before there was Brian Griese couldn't sign anybody replaced John Elway and Jay Cutler skill set. Well it's just amazing. Remember. Having a heated discussion with Al Davis about Jay Cutler needed that like Jay Cutler. And I thought Jacob there's one of the most skilled players of that position when you encompass everything quarterback has to do as far as movement. And that gets party loyalty of likened his fishing handing out and obviously and you know we Shanahan need to running quarterback in Ron Amadon an age no way. So they got company there and Cutler just. Is throwing arm. One of the very best elect Jeff George type of arm where he really needed to do nothing. Just flick his wrist and the ball adjust you could just hear it Howell. Through the wind and he had great feet. He just didn't win and he did not win in college. One of the only two number one draft picks in college have a losing record. Went to Denver. And I remember it Monday night game and he royal in his first ever game in the NFL they curbed DeAngelo hall and generators on Monday Night Football. And then obviously. Josh McDaniels comes to Denver takes the job with Cutler's the quarterback threw him I don't know what he's told that ball and get the jab his right after he got there he wanna Cutler out of town. I think Cutler basically to work hard enough. But its first year in Chicago you'll notice by take it a night again on Thursday night. He would its ships where. Well he just he just looked like. And their their three quarterbacks that Justin get jobs here and others on the TV account can't predict I don't know if he's getting hired anybody. And this is a time when OOT agers starting in your you're starting a new year with your football team right now. So other positions you can add later quarterback he's gonna be in the building he's got to be in the room now your start in goal. As ought to look at predictor RG three will ever get jobs. Those two guys I just didn't think could see it. They had a great skill set to throw the ball. But they just could not see the field that you had to really limit your offense have field reads Cutler ages I don't think he studied. Hard enough and at that game when they were they were in the red zone against the niners the whole night long and get thrown the ball the guys in red. It's like what is he doing and then when marked freshman got to Chicago. I thought he's gonna turn this guy around and he's gonna get him to play disciplined football this is going to be the moment of his career. And an air and from her who was with mark on the staff just rips Cutler to have medium amber. He changed his study he just did not study had tremendous skills that. But it really looked like he was playing in his backyard with ten guys he just meant that more teenagers really. He just Gigi just try to get by with his arm but to watch him warm up before game. Jay Cutler just could throw them for. All he had a great arm wonder I saw our reports popped that Houston with tents won't and I thought you know bill O'Brien. The weapons they had their Houston Lamar Miller do you answer Hopkins Braxton Miller Jalen strong willed Fuller the tide is they have down there. And that is good and iron just you know be a place in public bill O'Brien a lot of off from enough to play and I don't think he could sure he'd be the starter on. While I'm shocked detail they are suitable to be introducing the see. How he announces. He's kind of a no nonsense guy. Can't get a Kevin Burkhardt safe Candace anarchy. Is a word I would use with Cutler just like those commercials he does. Reached by bear paraphernalia offers friends. Yeah the women are with the women there and his wife's finger as well there but he through with the Sharkey is Canada I think his says sarcasm park actually know the audition so. But I just wife is cal can't predict gonna get a jab here. I'm half of my allies say I'm having my Dallas Sotomayor. I'm relieved me Derrick dare pop and I were talking about this earlier today pop. Reviled Boykin in Seattle. What happens up there baby he's a bit and be back up to Russell Wilson because that system who still do little to spread zone read stuff that he was doing down here so maybe Seattle. But I don't know I. He's not in the building right now I don't know if you don't you know hopefully he get aloft you could run that stuff that Seattle runs have they gotten away from a little bit. There you know Russell moral pocket quarterback play that thing about Cutler is. The unity you're hardly trusted and to study to be the starter. Do you trust to discuss it in the back of the view that as fact if you if you guys like an Oakland Berkeley if if you don't study to start. How the hell can I trust you to start giving that back up you are not study that you think you may not play if your got starting you know you are gonna apply. I even started thinking that I and they got like I probably won't like you that you can study so now now but the guy wasted as to Alan that's olive sadly detriment as in jail. Great feat at me he would go number one. Are all fascinated about Mitchell Robiskie each day Cutler's kill you when nobody knows that your twelve mile. We went top ten he went talked to him right after that liner are believed. Like yours outs and liner went ten to Vince Young went third Cutler went like ninth inning liner tenth. I'm on the right behind Iowa I remember being traded out he'd be number one. Come on liner and Vince Young. If you're letting you know there's competition thrown before you fluids that plane and don't miss John Dickerson and that's time it's every Saturday mornings from nine to noon for. NBA this week brought to buy body armor sports drink a great tasting potassium packed sports drink when natural flavors natural colors. And 10% coconut water Jian a Klay Thompson recommends head in the Safeway right now in making the switch to body armor sports drink when pregame pre go out to born goal you talk to catch up with Tim Roy the bush or go to stay way of straight year. The afternoon light problem bunting and parred seven again.