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The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Tuesday, March 14th
Greg Papa & Bonta Hill joined by Jim Barnett, Paul Allen, & Randy Cross. 

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Let's take a look at the west's. San Antonio we'll also have just fourteen record you have your BP can't. But anyway. Let's have a look at this district of what Westbrook the hard about it deservedly so we'll go to bed. But I don't think anybody would have thought at this point of the season. Leonard is the NBA's most valuable player this year coli that I'd say he came back last and volumes score. Stock at 31 points and what the ball was just flowing last eyes whispers. Still waiting for Tony Parker to them that I'd like to paddy fields line definitely shooting the ball. Alive Mac yet David Lee doing net debt in the form Horry got to form orders for five different it's all. Off the bench and he is movement of all I think the ball moves a lot better without LaMarcus Aldridge. Who is out of spurred. So date date it would last night the San Antonio Spurs one. They have a thirteen to fourteen record but today the warrior record now it's 52. And four T it is exactly this thing. So it's my it's my annual fall out session at all and I did this last year. It was right around this time. I was watching whispers. And I have great respect for their system the way they play the way they prepare for games the way pop is reams them. They got out flat last night and yet after in the huddle. And obviously he's in game adjustments as the way they move the ball but I always felt. LaMarcus Aldridge is not a super in although I fear the silver and black in the NBA and I fear him. The old gray beard with a big main page right across the note he won't tell idealized got it and Ankiel skin cancer removed recently it looked like obviously. But. They're playing great right now and the warriors are not and I said this last year writer on this time they are waiting ever lost back to back they went 739. But there was a wall in the year last year they were grinding got wings they weren't flowing the ball was stopping more they got tired. And I just I members saying. We view it noon that. They're not ready ready for the playoffs and I'm worried about this staying a step got hurt and the ball stopping it was more problem. But. Obviously the kneecap injury and injury makes my worry. Ten times worse and the way they're playing right now. And the lack of scoring on the front line to play the 345 right now after playing the warriors to pass the ball not to shoot the ball. And it makes it harder for step and play again. Freedom yet Ayers Space Needle when they again that there rushing shots the whole deal we've been talking about it incessantly here since Kevin Durant went down. But with the spurs win last night. This is the first time an accounting opening night when they roll the warriors much point nine oratory the play you know physically emotionally mentally opening nine and rolled it. The first time whispers at the best record in the NBA and the warriors now. Now we can make the point like you make yesterday. They don't need to be the ones. They can beat the HE and still run the table in the playoffs I firmly believe they can do. I I do not doubt their ability but I'm just not sure. For a lot of reasons the Kevin Durant lingering injury in a windy bring him back. Is he going to be able to integrate back or keep your in the argument it's better than he's about the young guys get playing time. Now. It was more important they play with Kevin to rain and all they got off to the the glittering record quality 59. As they were lost five the last 759 after it beat Philadelphia night. Infinitely. That was a grind Brett brown did what we're talking about it took quite a splash Brothers made an organized freedom and you know play the perimeter. And it's just right right now so. There were all talking about you know we've made the point one game set and no matter where it is against the spurs would not actually get to Memorial Day weekend. And the Western Conference finals. So right now and has a long way to go warriors do have a lot of home games coming up and they do have a 1116 and closed the year oracle and this week I think is a get well week. Love the affected me I NC harmony and Jim Barnett joins coming up a couple of moments maybe. And up he went to practice after a long two week stretch like that but he does often go to practice. Just what they did I heard again after a little bit yesterday they need to tighten up their game they need to figure out how to apply who's gonna play away and it. What nominations are gonna play how to get at their best. Shooters and sports more freedom other gonna move the ball I think a lot of it is just simply. Getting office this wretched two week road trip getting their legs back its matches movement abroad and the ball's been moving OK it's been bodies. Have not been moving. But if they do dropped out of the Tuesday on today which is to much more difficult. I know you've got your bracket out and you love your March Madness March Madness is Durant got hurt. The last day of February. And I hope they get mad that they're not the warriors that I watched. During Steve pierce Ronnie or some more I'm more concerned about the Western Conference. Brackets body if it's a 27. Warrior Memphis series that's going to be grinding which are rein it back. The warriors will win but how we get it yet Iran back hole like not during it we gotta get back in and if you do drop in that 27. Bouncing it and your look at the next round 845 winner right now shoots on the clippers it would be the 36 water. Which is right now the rockets in the the islanders so your ticket to San Antonio on the Alamo. It's a lot more difficult if you drop down to two so. I do every year last year was different freak out this year I think I am legitimately freaking out there goes the spurs don't have all efforts to stop the ball. I I love Gasol males David league. David Lee had a dribble drive less money is that in the short order to Patty Mills and patty mills' stock jump shot at Eagles when he played at Saint Mary's for coach Bennett could make a shot. Now he's a deadly outside shooter completely different player than Tony Parker letters there. They get more debt that it mansion motto so I just I do every year at this time I think that gamut of freak out. A little bit more because on top of what I'm seeing from shot sexes. But today I just don't know what warriors are right now they don't know what they're. Let me be the voice or reason for. Com every T and down here in Iran is that. Public service guess if he's bad he's played the way played for the entry in Washington right they will win out when we're going that's guaranteed that's gonna happen that it comes back he will be the same Kevin Durant step Perry was never the same last year let's say I'd be crazy pot but I fear. Eight Denver you at all that the San Antonio well examples and arguments I estimate that are critical because of the altitude because they ought to be different outlets who that player play team ball from apple it all come along lately. Very good last advocates clippers coming back when on the three point barrage. They're deep they're long they slow the game down or almost the kind of likes and it's billed spurs rates slow the game down and bought it down and played in France. Oklahoma City we know Russell west was issued about the game on the outward about and they have no shooters outside of Taj Gibson's okay. He is cancer Kamal the biscuit is some on the outward about showcase their one man show in Houston is good as you're shooting the ball popped it seems as good as they are from the perimeter. They still play enough defense and the warriors locked in with the LP that's open to rule out that he has it will close. It'll be tomorrow sugar. If if Kevin Durant not taken respectively Kevin Durant are here and I actually which is saying it right you started a league you know what you're talking about I don't care about the pitching they will be a mall. It's they have they're not an object model of efficiency. And made it right now I know. At Philadelphia tonight Orlando Thursday Milwaukee at standard. Now in the old days the old days me two weeks ago. We would of thought and obviously they're gonna win all three in the probably place and lazy first dance law not the third quarter. Do what they do and still win all three games by a combined fifty points. And Pakistan they're not gonna win all three. But not to one while on the way they're playing right now is concerned they're just not the same basketball to handle a lot of it obviously it all predicated that. Kevin Durant. You know will the schedule. The fact that your off the road now back on the road next week to play Oklahoma City on Monday in Dallas short trip and you come right back then go back out the next week after that to you students and it's obviously the schedule. Once you get through this March Madness and April. The schedule will lessen. But it's just like keep going back to when they got during the off season wasn't a question. If they were gonna win the title it was how they were gonna do what we were comparing him to the other teams in the NBA today. We are comparing him to the greatest teams in history. The Andy Andy is still even winter rain it was here. They still did not quite GL. The way I thought they want there were times when they were just unbelievable the game that Thanksgiving eve game against the lakers when it. They scored 149 and at 47 assistant 53 baskets the fifteen point quarter there were moments where they just looked like no one can touch him and I think. That's all they need. Are those moments in playoff games to animal rights still think. With the rain it reasonably healthy. You know we can work out for you but if he's at 75%. 80%. Then I am a freak out a little bit which is the fact that their office this two week road trip. And they are back in the Bay Area and Jim Barnett is back in the Bay Area or weekly guest on that the afternoon delight with pop in boxing fanatic five points ahead of the game long time. Analyst Novo warriors basketball joins us all first question I had for a change after this long road trip. Did you guys fly home Saturday night right after the game. Or Sunday morning. No that was daylight savings time and they figured it was so. That's two like on the day after so we left 10 in the morning. And got home it has about three apple are close like and we got out somewhere around on Sunday. So much you feel when you got back it's Sunday and Monday logic if you travel in this league for a long long time and I I know you can tell stories from when you were player. Where you play you know 33 straight games attic even more five out of 6455. And seven. It was quite common but it did that they think for me was after that first five game road trip to send the team all the way back. To the West Coast I mean you wouldn't have a road trip where yet but we're yet travel from Atlanta all the way to LA to play the lakers then go back to the East Coast. So that's the element of the trip right they really got TJ ambit. Out of your body feel I think the players are feeling now that they have to push reset and command and again and act. Well would think if you wrestles players they'd better be ready to play. For a look at you know this is exposed to do. And optical personally I was very very tired I was tired for the first two days tired yes it cost will be little what was sinus condition. Have been trying to clean up without using antibiotics and so our weather that you have to go to a few days. You know. Not feeling very well and so Eric I'd I think that. Not listen to step thinker he was on The Dan Patrick Show earlier. Today and I listened to him and he's felt pretty good. Chipper and and ready to go and I think I was listening to use them a little bit before that. But the extremist yes it's it's hard. At times at center in the treading water waiting for the playoffs which they are chomping at the bit they want to get to where really count. And you know as much as that you like to downplay. All the team we can't turn on and off. The great teams do you take it to another level and they basically can't turn it on. And if it's a blow to the to the scene right now with Iran there's no question about psychologically. Emotionally supportive and also. With production on the floor in the way they played digging men and system that they have they do best and under read it coincides with. Shooting woes of both Stefan curry and quite confident because. You know the last seven games including a look at the game in which. Kalin directing a play. They'd combined four point two by 7%. From three point range 36 of 140. Collier shooting basically 28%. And step in shooting essentially 23 and a half percent from three point range to those seven. So. How do you explain that I think a bit tired legs. And that but again I'm afraid has. Yet there's a physical aspect of that but there's a psychological. This yet he's pushing so all time. But I think it teams waiting for the playoffs and Kevin Durant and backbiting and knock on wood in an all could help hopefully. Can take him a little while I hope it goes back the week before that a couple of anxious to. First like these dimension eight I don't know when he can start running on that need. And you got to be careful when he got. All season long been treading water and they just they want to play along on these. Jim you're talking about the Philadelphia can't keep referencing that game because Brett brownies are really good coach and how they David tank in for four straight years they used to these days guys move the ball they lead the league in passes. And if they they did that night. What a lot of teams have been doing but they're doing even more so minus Kevin Durant is they're taken the three ball away and in particular. Staff and like they combined net night in the win staff and flight. To go three for twenty. The three ball that was that I step to make a single waddle for eleven. In a game like an and other you don't have terrain and Patrick McCall. He still wouldn't great he's doing fabulous but I see a turning down. A lot of shots. So when you have your whole frontlines yen. Then I think the opponents are playing for the past they want the other look at for the past not the shot. Drink much the same way you know if he has opened that rhythm I'll take it but they fear him more. As a pastor's such as not make in the shot any week we often say just epic play need to make shots and missed a lot of open shots Jim that a I think it's that's the way they're being played now where because you have three non shooters on the floor with them to start the game it's a lot easier for the opponents to clamp done. That's exactly what they were doing. And you saw that particularly. In the Boston came back home where they're coming up. And pressuring. Step in and play cops and trying to deny the ball first passed to the number one when they catch it getting to them. Propping him up when they get the ball up Batman and open spots grabbing holding doing all of those things. Because they don't have a bird. A score like he had went in would you grant was in the game and so when it on the court. That's exactly they're doing the pressuring the wars in essentially cake batter up. Bought into completely out of their offered that night. And natural that waited so. You know playing Philadelphia tonight will eat. What they do. Philadelphia. For summaries and I think you'd you'd get up on the shots. Step was old or eleven in the game against Philadelphia. But he got great looks and he was missing. It was missing wide open shot so I don't think. That to a you know a decent teaching. And so we'll see I'm trying to think. Their players TJ McConnell Robert Covington like camp. Talk agents out tonight the Japanese that it is and I don't I don't it's time. Yeah he's. Well like I like him as a player he gets better every year someone. That is came out of nowhere and gets better and better so I'm charging that Dario charges play resumed on my way. Now he has so. It is it's just interesting about this team great and I'm I'm Tanya when the playoffs come I think we're going to see something different if we don't see something different. That that will be a big surprise that there were seen and because I just. They're biding their time a little bit and I know retired as an all that kind of stuff in. I've. Can I can I just digress for Obama's church. You know what now one of these old guy right. About it absolutely we had to go no go to school. But. The bottom line it opposite to be accurate picture basketball reference. When I was at the San Diego rockets are sick or urged you cheap. And we played five nights in a row. Two different times at least we play sport sites literally a reduction of time but will we played eleven games in thirteen days and stretch. And what to East Coast twice. Back to San Diego we also during the fight game Novo. They were coast to coast one time going back east. After San Diego game and then another time coming back the other way. We gained three hours Cho. Fight night in wrote twice during that season sport like general another time. You can schedule and because we made nine separate trips to the East Coast from San Diego. Might. We're here insanity approach that in died networking site because all the teams are back irregular. You know Seattle it would routines Seattle and San Diego medical ward were here along with the lakers that. Most of teams are we and Saint Louis still so sometimes stop off and Louis are noticing it doesn't come back early but we went nine separate times to the East Coast. Yeah guys you know chartered airplanes and you'll wake it up the correct a domino like commercial. We salute commercial and all its first commercial. Artist got the middle seat Elvin Hayes was the stretch out the oh. We're. First started to. I would start sitting in first class and everybody else to be check class and I got away with it. Jack Layton Hewitt our coach and GM not mean I am out of eight used to get the biggest kick out of everybody in the back I'm sitting at spurs got to do. And partly act how to partly that and I don't you know I have I've taken first class seating when I was in coach and I pulled from temperature at the Paris. I've flown to stop all week and I applaud Rihanna should expect that because that's gonna be a bad reputation by. For. Light. You know he could tell us the story about how he stole away yen and airplanes. And no great. 01 shot. I completely this debate and eventually. Went. Out. I had to come out and caught. And when they when they were kicked me out agents at the end. Of 22 years ago. It's altered. I it was liquid goblet upfront or outback with the flight attendant in the back I was collapsed on him. And the guys came on news to clean the media back. You know kitchen area or whatever and so I thought Mike could go up there that front and have to deal all of that. All right you're just step out of it. Observers. Are things that they the machine which is buy kale at the launch from material to the tarmac but I think it is the and I like to protect you were nowhere and no matter which state budget matters to him and you know what I. And I know accurate with nice story that's very many economies licensees like you're talking about Jack McMahon at my desk and I still have a poster. I'm Jack McMahon as a player went to his memorial. After he passed as he was a brief time he was a GM of the warriors and he worked. The stamp for George Carlin legislate Tommy had a travel. In the NBA and essentially telling stories to tell the story on here of one Elvin Hayes chase yet the gym one day. We. Could disarm Saddam is going into our intelligence authorities. Well I just I've got to tell you one more story story time which you. An interesting story. We were playing Milwaukee and that was going to be and actually televised because okay court against well. Our. That era and Elvin come into the league in 68 and Kareem came in 69 so. I believe that might have been the first and there are going to be. And it's not as well you know first couple times so we were in Milwaukee. And B or Ella and I got into an art. You know I was. He chain reaction airport could catch course. And the next day next to the arena. And it was a 1 o'clock game and got to be 1230 in all over the corner fully dressed. And also stressed inject in Maine came in and he just noticed that element to even address the court can but it was. Meant working. This was actually like. And over the so just exactly I know. And check whoa woody and me are you are you know. And he said. That erases that. And views and suggestions start in the car out there and that man play in the okay check about what. Not to do. Give you any advice to what to do that spotlight our girls in bikinis and he's going to get re. Not going to be. And I know. I would apologize. And and which you know apology. And saw apology over the Oakland. You know I mean he got dressed up I can't remember who won again in Milwaukee. And here we are. And that was the rules. Apply and was not going to play it. Well that are older and they figure out why Jabbar on the next march back to Detroit opened. You're showed up at the box or DN team that registers CD TNT. I know play. A I can air ball we're gonna grab. What wants are recorded here we gotta give disputed stories you tell me start you colonies go tot he can and a lovely drive they looked or addressed the. Okay I'll. You know so. Advocate for the word I'm ready to back them to see what kind of urgently to what they're bringing to the court everything because. You know this is that we're all time you know we're uptight now. San Antonio particular fourteen and I do think. I didn't think getting the first it is important. To have a possibly new easier theories that in person should not worn out in seven games against okay senior public in seven games against members are used in the chat and game against San Antonio Micah the 28 more games. Ago if you go wallowing in the final and everyone goes seven games. Ever took. At two weeks from tomorrow night you're going to be back in San Antonio hopefully everybody a play that now Iowa the first real good look at the warriors and spurs they played opening night of the words weren't the warriors themselves but the Durant won't play that game at. Hopefully everybody else well story time with Barney thank you Jane dissolve as its trader Tuesday. Okay great thank you about taking care. Do you see you go back to him display with a quick picture perfect I know play below. Jim Barnett the OGU legendary I didn't know you are to jar fast he is he still does he still does that it's babies what did you Germany's targeted Sessler the end of. Now now he advantage. Mercedes for years and years and years like classic which model. Mercedes that he drove that car forget hangs on to parity he hangs around old record album is gonna art collection in the Solomon. Or end and little Karzai now when strata now and we kept that old Mercedes for. Things and here's what any event you watch any of TNT's players you know Monday nights I am a little lukewarm on it a little light like Greg after the US fabulously. Frigate to be Brent Barry Soledad my surely mr. Brent Barry in Edinburgh lakers game. First game under watching but I don't. Gail rip Hamilton I started out they could enact it'll like this at all but I and dragging him but he could easily do put product that you played nightly television play by plays. It's it's a totally different skill and radio it's democracy it's easy to catch Cutler to do it. There probably have like during antibody was fabulous edit but or more so all the players only pregame show and a Cisco she and the former player. When after. Terry Mark Green last night we'll talk about that here on the afternoon delight Papa Barton in parts of the game. I. It Healy sees signs with the Seahawks what does that mean for Adrian Peterson and the raiders could he be joining his former viking teammate insulin black. Happen Vontae discussed at 1245. Now back to Greg Papa and Vontae hill I 95 point seven the game. So very mine I'm on the QB 100 which is right. So I don't I'm looking at the schedule them fans. Now going to San Antonio to Dallas did to go to San Antonio and amassing why go for fifty games and cards visit here is that his back if I get a little round I got Baylor incident and no real. I ask so you know coming next you know match and you wideout forfeit the game yacht and wanna come on neighborhood in his son. I and number one of these scattered beneath you know so. I'll really know a little bit scared of another Davis. LeRoy Troy zawahri is. I mean and even if we worst where there were without LaMarcus they were without a lot. So you know up relatively. High book. You know it's very it's in that situation when overlooked is that all men they play Paulus is nowhere in the head now we don't rest like we say there were do I mean that we can give. No better scheduler. This you wanna look at the schedule says we're scared to go look at last is scheduled to see we've played doubles two back to back last year while they rest their way don't have. Edgar go look at issues because of the we've let alone to back to backs you. Even if we were scared. Did your I can't really say that that was a shocking at part for me in the back to back with today it's damaged the hall of Famer it was a players only Monday night and that TNT. I think shockingly impressed. Chris Webber the studio and I for whatever that's our job it is our job but he still and he's better and Anthony is that the game and game site he adds nothing to the games. At one time he ever told him about the game in at a party no but it is still he thought I thought it would be a disaster. A look at the camera last night they lost a member of the turner family production team and read a region that is going to present he's a little. It's hard I never ever Jalen Rose the airline security SP and a couple of years ago they had Jalen. You weren't in his life Lennar is it to you it's about citizens will clumsy about -- been pretty shot of the play by play guys have been really united. Greg entity you mentioned Bret Baier in bond court Brent Barry's dead. Rick Perry did play by play on the Bill Russell Waterman smile years ago that trouble it was a competent. Play by play got an idea that it and it's just over the plane was something new during. Other guys are way get ready for the NCAA turn Hampshire sure fan as is sufficiently has brackets right now on the plane game. Such I expect this to show Baird davis' their responses. Greg great voice that the game last night's game broadcast lineup move really well it Padilla play by play with Richard Hamilton rip or that was excellent they should at full time. And then obviously Kevin McHale was actually even better on back and forth it was kind of a free flow so by and large I thought. It was really go to a couple of years ago many years twenty years ago NBC. Maybe march wanting. There in the head during NFL football the announcer lists. Broadcast and it was that yet dolphin game on NBC New York born here I will there was awful from there was always like eating at the game and out of PA guy or anything it was just that hopefully this'll never catch out otherwise go back and have a living. Academic career. But. I thought it would be poor with the guys that would play by play that I surprised. So on aggregate but he's a keeper any event that as just wanted to make that one point. But now on the matter hit. Like Zeke. Isiah Thomas is one of the biggest frauds. In history of American sport animal he would Mary Lou Retton so CC rule Daniel's case of fraud. He's a guy who does not look issue completely. Does does it even acknowledge your existence a lot like Alex Rodriguez and the moment. They cameras out here interviewing a big perks up that gives the ice is spot L. If and then he's just a fraud Mary Read was like that as well he was disingenuous he was highly. I'm lights during his NBA career when he I start Michael Jordan or in the all star game. Erik Kopp was things I think pared their their bad boy error a basketball setback this league. For many many years there were a bunch of thugs he was a very gifted offensive player. He was he was a good shooter good driver great score you can go ahead at him defensively I think Joseph Dumars felt about the applaud this this dissertation that there was Isiah. As a player Tripoli or II what I want to Seoul Korea I think Thomas has brought. As a person he was a complete fraud very few people in the NBA like Tim I would liken him to Alex Rodriguez in baseball Coca he was just not. Well liked because he injured his magic gather today they were great friends. But the rest of the legally just to deal with Isaiah a lot of that was funny iced Michael Jordan its earliest river beyond that he was just jet disingenuous. As a person now that's now what I wanted to make the point that. It was more what dream on had to say but. They also was a broadcaster. He does a lot of stuff for for T effort to NB ATV Natchez turner. I think he's very very good on television he's well spoken he's eloquent he has something to say. He just challenged defense in the NBA the guard position. It's amazing to me away he. The united was going out of out of our Tyree Irving's handles much better than anybody in the league and I just beyond me how they don't appreciates victories amaze amazing wizardry. The ball carrier being as a bigger body where when he goes to finish at the goal. He finishes like the big man step Currie. It's just his ball handling is like nothing I've ever seen Arabic but it was different the way America which. And of the ball the wait staff is able to use his dribble negating side also kicked out of also dribble to create a shot. I've never seen anybody handle the ball like Perry and it's amazing to me. How they don't play. The point I'm trying to make sometimes. Here is it's like network. News television. Where turner to me what you say about Jamie because we're here with the warriors. They're just so hotly critical. Of the warriors constantly. Where I do not remember. Anybody. Ripping Michael Jordan's bulls are the showtime lakers. Or layering Celtics. Are they were critical of the bad boy pistons but the way they play and it was a different style. But it's it's almost like what we've evolved to on a network news television where. The right wing Christian coalition has fox who's in O'Reilly and Hannity. And CNN tries to give you a more balanced although analysts almost say they're more of a left wing bias it's almost. We've just the network television and I work in and local TV network to network TV as well mainly local TV network television is involved. Where their approach to it is more like the regional sports network where they're openly rooting no Isiah Thomas I think what was tongue in cheek. But the whole back and forth between Isaiah. And drain on last night just continues. This lack of respect lack of appreciation. The charter sports family asked for the warriors I I get it I I say I Nicky you're trying to make it joke. And it was amazing Anita wager an act that took it's seriously and then. When and if we were afraid of them at a rate of Africa that I can argue it was not the right thing to do I don't think it was the right thing to deal. Although I think getting to number one seed is important that's why you do this for six months but if there analytic show. It below these guys out and they're gonna get hurt and blow them out of a game like that the critical heart in San Antonio it's just not worth it now I would like to see him rest the more. In Minneapolis and on hard for the San Antonio game and I have no problem at the analytics and you don't pusher aptly here they could do it more at altitude but the the way they were forced to travel but it just it just another example whether it's Barkley. And Shaq. Or the players only on a Monday I just don't understand it. The way the the body is presentation. Of a network. That has that the rights and this is that the number one team they're on network TV all the tie and a half games this year. Journal put them on every week if they can the way they constantly take shots whether it's in in in joking form. Earnest serious vein by trade away their whole stable of not everybody. But a lot of guys that are the most prominent guys the most well on the on the former players constantly take shots at the warriors to us. There in India this with the Miami Heat LeBron James and I brought that Dwyane Wade decided to play each other. Even the lakers and Kobe and Shaq Malone Payton signed with the minister. They were the way I'd never so why is it this prize because it has teamed well I don't wanna say that they came out of nowhere pop. But nobody was picking them really don't win champion to say Republican that step in clay elect a little carts were caddie can shoot enough physical. It during my uncles in the brings a dog into this team and he's barker for whatever exists. Because the way it played it's easy game almost popped animals brought basketball laster but the way they passed away shoot the ball but the way to play deep it's a beat error annihilating teams when pair held the it's on I just don't get especially for guys like Barkley who didn't when rain. He's talking about dog can't what did you beach it this way that dealt championship and if it whenever pop those Phoenix on teams with KJ and morally worked like this lawyer Stephen early ninety's shooting threes are going up and down Richard do with they had this week for really big either so. I just I don't get a pop panel gave a little late now let me. I would've liked to seen. I'm surprised of what could have drama are gonna dream out on the show at some point right Ivan got through week he's been gone for awhile and we are gonna get him on his number one site. I was surprised that his response wasn't as being tactful. Was if we were afraid they're not afraid this and it's not the spurs. And I you know I would like to see just one time whether Aldridge plays or not in you know I'd rather have them play because of a dream on does bother him he is big. Aldridge is a big man a pop is insisting that he post deeper when he catches the ball. And get away from the pick and pop elbow started actually get to rein it back but I would like to see it one time. Before the playoffs is to get the field because they got so many moving pieces and there's start to come together but to say they're afraid of the warriors that was. And he made it sound like he was a member of the San Antonio Spurs don't wanna come and neighborhood to get some time. Asked how I also bear in Davis followed up that was some inane question and I you know let it game. Like your benchmark human Abbott electricity Dre about OPEC at Ford. A little bit and Isiah Thomas sort academic a big deal out of it but yes you are surprised that I used the word disingenuous enough fraud though this Jews who describe. Isiah Thomas. I've heard that government but the way he cults to mix and in the X in the calls to pacers got next room to see being. When I bring that average was up in the -- Thomas got a job at a did you EG spot blood. Put on Michael or nobody liked him so I have heard rumors about that year says at all. Total fraud Marilu recognize it's total for a while I was. What's your Oakland Raiders has suncor there'll. Sick and I'm like you know like it like you would agree to the silver black could be bringing a former teammate alongside with them. In the rule Christian high and move a moment ago that that is still in effect I'm quarter. Of flu bug David that if. Now back to that pop and Vontae hill on 95 point seven a game. The mood there are a bit more confident as a bit of a block at least ten days. Let's see if they border kick this again it cannot just gonna hit about the ground but it found the wind is that much of a factor. Almost got by coach Gerald Henderson it's about 48 tackle that's got thirty. On the sideline. Is yeah. That's what I think that's not record yeah okay. Off the ball in the air so we would not be able to come on your day the bulletin. It back once he got the sideline. He's done a nice yard kickoff returns the ball almost blocked by. There was pride he reached out picked it up. That's on top speed the guy took back one of his rookie year 12189. Yards for a touchdown here job and I did. Just left the momentum of the game again. Like he did. Yeah I should. Eckart Darrell Paterson is now Oakland Raiders we talked about it at length yesterday and afternoon delight with the pop in Vontae he was in Alameda as we said any did agreed. Whether or not really coming forward with the terms of the deal it really doesn't matter lot of these deals that are. Artificially inflated by the age to make them all look good but this one seems like it's obviously very itching for minutes at a two year deal and an economic could be a one year deal. The NFL owners Vontae at largely tried to eliminate the kickoff return. In the NFL and I think it early in the year when the weather is warm. I think it's possible just to have constant kickoffs but you heard that call it was a windy day and open a couple of years ago and the raiders did not like genachowski to kick it high and hear the wind would knock it down I tried a mortar ticket is about it on the ground. And Cornell Paterson came running up and still took it back. For a touchdown and I have been watching a lot of yesterday morning and again last night. Paula out the the radio voice of the Minnesota Vikings in the Bay Area guy one of our all time favorite short yardage is or who is a radio show in the Twin Cities as well and he's a fun guy. So get the Cordero Patterson what he means but the the bigger issue to talk Paterson with him but also gonna talk Peterson. With Paula Allen and a lot of moving parts here on the NFL. Eddie lacy has come to a deal agreed to a deal with the other Paul Allen not the radio voice of the vikings but the older. The Seattle Seahawks are issuing 267 pounds when he went to his freeagent visits he's a big guy. Mike McCarthy probably weighs about that himself feuded where that he when he was there to get into better shape. 240 pounds he does have quick feet for a guy that big. He doesn't really quick feet kind of like a Jerome Bettis quick feet for a big guy. I don't awful fit into their zone scheme and a lot of what they do with is on the outside stuff but a lot of overtime gave it was a double team block and the insides on softly secure do that. But did you hear that even though they signed Eddie lacy Vontae that they Els or or or talk and did you mulch. Type of bruising running back Marshawn Lynch powerful I don't get that. From Eddie lacy but. Logic are really don't think relations party's powerful but he doesn't run like put the force like that John Lynch did tackle breaking breaking tackles all that he does have a bit of issue with ankle injuries. It's goes back to Alabama little so. It is our right I'm not mad at the move put Ager Peterson pot. Given validly well give them the facility is well slow real one point six million dollars let the spin caps. It of cap space here so there is room to bring them aboard. And I don't I was watching Cordero Paterson. I also watch Adrian Peterson. And I watched that COLT game he came back and I watched that game because the colts play the raiders right after that look I was amazed at your side we're in and it Minnesota's offensive line a lot of lot of leakage. From the cold front that game that game was an in between cities in the new stadium there. And installation is hard to gauge Adrian because he really. Did jacket 00 well block fraud to get into the second level. But he just. I just question his lateral movement with a knee injury. Where he's at. What role would be exceptional look at and all that the other side of that is. They take trains his cup pulled into the Twin Cities the tape it's a very is visiting with the vikings today. So the point of our discussion before we bring in Paul Allen. We had to wait for this quarterback this not quarterback running back market to be established and I I think we wait for who's gonna sign. Well it's Eddie lacy Eddie lacy has gone to act on. From green made its Seattle. Sit up Green Bay would be lacking a big back when Adrian Peterson. Switch teams in the NFC north woody go to Green Bay. There's been a lot of rumors about him in New England Blanche what you're blot is also out there he's a power back Ana Marie put it in that same. Categories so I think it's four or five they've got to get to the running back roulette. Portion of free agency. And it happens every year. But it seems like it's been more this year where it was a hot to start. Hot to trot verse 36 hours that the guys get side constantly and usually lasts. A couple days 48 hours 72 I always talked about the first week of free agency in any at the second wave. Well we hit we hit the first 36 hours 48 hours and then not that. It just stopped and now maybe we're gonna pick it up a little bit Paterson obviously morbid. And that they'll have more of a role on special teams but I do wanna ask Paul about. How to use him as a wide receiver. He could give a man to around him bubble screens. He's powerful support gadget stuff I think he's good run after catch obviously bigger kick return exit rate. Daughter but now hot hot the running backs began to flush out does Adrian go back. To Ziggy and Rick speak ailment in Minneapolis does he find it to Paul did you go to Green Bay. Did the vikings bring in let's devious Murray. Where is Jamaal Charles bell who also missing blonde we got a lot of money go back there I'm on the organs yeah hello William he's still up to its I think that's a great buys well ID or anybody connected De'Angelo what you are going on there. Nobody I've seen anything. Often. Were taken. Its knife and really play Smart plan to Washington and the pocket rockets are so let's get the voice of Minnesota Vikings aren't here Paula an expert and all adults in Egypt on your child seat belts cuts. But you hate you talk about. Psyched. Up about. Its. He's walking up to the kick. The border battle. Was under way at mass they got all of it Cordero Paterson nine yards deep very comes he had civil after the five of the dead. The fifteen minute when he went public record with the collapse if you love equipment today did Google forty. What I do. Minnesota Vikings are literally played well. Well John Young man bites of Paul Allen caller's fabulous. Call one of the very best broadcasters in quality nations and that's radio and so play by play. Announcer the long time voices the Minnesota Vikings volatile also hosted daily talk show which appeared from time to time on occasion. Like that's that. I'm Paterson not to say but also. Peterson. And I would I would Adrian got into the second level yet the as. Oops I know we got it for Anderson Paula as well as beaters like that he is. Down. It's. Water. I just got a ending at just get the ending article. Public what's with the Adrian Peterson thing I mean I you know I met the vikings at headquarters yesterday. And out you know we're talking about the potential outlook JB is Murray the us and beat or greater shopping by the vikings' facility. And and you know you'd you'd start texting. Add me on your show today at 1 o'clock Pacific about Paterson Peters. I should read between the lying that you probably at scheme. What's outweigh what public. Now wait a minute he can do you said the teenage train its heaviest Murray is as soon to be former raider way it would in the bag right. Well I mean he just chopping out it's signed anywhere. Buying out well idea it's a radio shows from a the NFL com bind. I whenever that was a week or two ago and and doubt my indicators our operators have offered which radius Murray in the neighborhood of three million dollars a year. And he wants to test the market so. Beyond the locals scheme is that he's visiting the Minnesota bike into day. I think they're fond of them without with Peterson probably on. You know I think they might think they did use a running back so it be weird opinion that the unit Patterson Peterson trait for which it. I'm not go to the all of following I'll be better here I think is well. So and the let let me start with Cordero Paterson. Package the as a raider in the market Adrian Peterson and in the speculation on where he may go but the raiders did sign Cordero Paterson. I remember talkative Norv Turner. Ed Lang. Before pre season game was the watering at the lightning strike and the long delayed Blair Walsh was mr. knowledge Google's. It was a year running war and an court Daryl hall and Goodyear great years a kick return to her her great call. He would shoot that year 109 you're. Three since he's a great kick returner. But nor well I thought his numbers were decent as a as a wide receiver and he had a lot of explosions his game nor was really critical. When I talked to him on the field his son Scott was right next to a Abacha is is inability to run a NFL discipline routes either body was sloppy out couldn't count on but he wound up not getting. Phased out of the offense the next couple years one year or even played it. Receiver last year we did not expect it at a Goodyear but what kind of a wide receivers Kordell Anderson Paul. What are beautifully that that pretty much encapsulate Cordero with the vikings won it thirteen in Chile let yesterday you know that dot. At the end 2013 when he was a rookie bill musgrave would be opposite coordinator and down you know he'd put court Maryland a spot was sunscreen and stuff like that. Where or Darryl really was flourish and in the turner dimmer regimes starts and won fourteen. Date Foley have been tensions abusing Cordero. At Astor court is and and the whole time receiver you know and and com Barry bond Cordero went when he was here a bigger really get alike is happy go lucky. Work the key he's always happy kind of guy at a very much enjoyed court Errol so. You know I mean but to tell like it is just didn't click it as a lot RC. Now no more old school nor would two rings orb up more with them so therefore now it gets buried on the depth chart. And that was the case and fourteen and fifteen in the off season up to sixteen. For whatever reason whether turner was told. By make it work with them give him another chance spoke more time into it whatever lies it was better last year. But never rally and 1415 or sixteen at any time. Would Bradford Bridgewater man ever get I think that he was a legitimate big time receiver on whom you could count. Pursuit of Henry targets again now I mean we can get super technical here. Would gaps a row so you know and and the quarterback throws an eight yards and you break it up at six. Then that can be a pick six the other way is that there was a lot of trouble with that during each sub like that during Orioles ran out running air. But on the other side of it you would have people behind the scenes. Who would complain. That he was not properly being used an impact PG and carry the ball more on the back. Have wind where they may be changed with nor any wound up leaving them uninsured week as well you got it up to a great start than norv lined up quitting and pitcher armored took over the offensive coordinator to nature changed. They changed the way they use court barrel after they made the OC change ball. I'm not gonna say much because it you know seven weeks and do it it was really difficult mental strain. When you got receivers like step on Digg and Adam mile and tied in in Kyle Rudolph really really quite well. I'll be offensive line was terrible. And the running game was nonexistent so. That also limited some of the deep south you could do Cordero batters in. You know where there could be deep game wept on the table but the vikings with Paterson and they've been able project quarterback. So. The answer is no because they just didn't have enough time in the middle of the screen and then we started reeling after restarting by the no. And went server game and Patterson played some more Wakil Quan tried weld jumped in a little bit but by need or it now. On out player by player game by game basis for Brad Kirk lead account and so and they all kind of a lost again. Paul Allen radio voice of the Minnesota Vikings beat the play by play one of the very best in our in our business such watch a lot of Paterson video. Monday night and Melanie signing became official again last night and it looked like yet deal and you had to aged Charles Johnson as well. We see the third or fourth wide receiver. And what's the best way to utilize his skill he's just a big body didn't help he was that they when he first came to the NFL Paula it's. His thighs and legs urges thick. Do you use him as an outside receiver more than inside receiver you talked about his running ability he could want a lot of a lot of column gadget plays but special place for him bubble screens. And around what's the best way to utilize Cordero Paterson. It it would be unfair for me I mean I can offer my opinion but I mean. You know we add a two times to oral when he opted coordinator Norv Turner wrote capture armor. Who know a million times more purple ball and Oliver now and it didn't click or resonate with them so I'm not just be like and and chat room. Offering opinions I mean union Debian twenty or gene wait much great work. You know on that with a lot with screens. And a lot shortstop and let him. Use yet delete athletic ability argues that create these vast. And when he gets an open space he's gone now he's not gonna run over you is yards after catch I think the bees are super good. I went win when you compartmentalize. When he dies and that includes running him out of the backfield. He had his most success so you know in looking ahead the way Green Bay used time Montgomery. The final three quarters of the season before I talk Cordero would not be resigning year I was wondering if the vikings would potentially use him. In that role. Given oral short running backs right now but I can tell you what remain a raider fans employ. There's opt in to coordinator you have to cut down. I've known Todd sent you this twenty years old he's from temporary Minnesota. He's started with the biking in 02 as a quality control guy in my first year play by play. And he is absolutely one brightest young offensive minds in the national football. And not only for Mari. For Crabtree. Garrett when he comes back whatever your running backs Cabell looks like that nights opposite wind. If there's anybody who will maximize. What Paterson can do. It is offensive coordinator Todd is eight and apps to pop into mind. There are anxiously and on a show right after it became the the coordinator limited stranger than a guy you know well bill musgrave going it's not downing we're anxious to see any creative guy an uncle used as people. In a variety of ways that you were talking about. How big Paterson is after my comment about thought that he is is he gained weight good weight since he came to the NFL let him ever being this ticket strong. And only say help these fast. How fast we talk and remember what it's forty time was coming in the NFL. He's 44 issues for five or should you wanted to straight line eat out eat built is he built his upper body and his arms up rappers. In the last he'd been. Now Cordero is the best kick returner in the history of Minnesota like what it'll it'll finishes writing here with spot kick return touchdowns. And he has that neutralizing course where the special teams coordinator as headaches up every single day. Ron's book the special teams coordinator for Green Bay did a spectacular job against him in the penultimate game last season. And I would expect to see a lot of that. But the thing is when you try to neutralize Cordero by popping it up or kicking it away from him if you don't do the right way. In your gonna give up field position so to pick your poison situation. Why is it returning is on. Bull lead global when he gets the opportunity. But I do think it's fair to say in on that and that's why I don't know you know those specific to deal. But you know I've learned and you know more about it than me grant. The win when somebody gets signed and there the money in their dealers are released immediately or agent that's because they don't want to wait. So I firmly believe. This is a short term relatively low money deal for the raiders where there are some prove it to its record Gerald Paterson. Now Gupta Cordero to pay attention rob Moore pay attention to dot downing and do what mr. Del Rio wants him to do the court the quarterback to unbelievable. I mean scarcely if you can't get opened the back I would outline that you might never be opened the rest your career. Yeah when the deal first came down bounty now we are getting more details from pro football talk and a very Mike Florio he is saying the court Darryl does get five million dollars guaranteed in this steal two and a half million dollars in signing bonus. And it's don't have million base. For this year also gonna get a 250000. Dollar workout bonus and 117 so a little over five million but it sounds like it's guarantee for. That's an act that that accurate and if you look at the land of the free agent deal. Specifically with somebody like Terrelle Pryor could burger quarterback that's not much. I mean you got you got on March from the Detroit Lions like Larry war are going to New Orleans were seventeen million guaranteed which I couldn't believe. You know you got former vikings tight in right now is in his run blocking tight end got wet rat he got eight million guarantee. You might catch by just seven passes a year. So the way I look at it is this is a group that situation pork pork barrel. He had seen mets' ability vikings waited for quite some time did not edit where they were not able to find it. And this is a battle we needed second chance or barrel. Yep all your talking earlier Paul LA radio voice of the Minnesota Vikings joins us on the afternoon a lot of pop about it here another five point seven a game of the way the Packers and Iran's it took him away and I was watching back that that last game of the year. And Phelan was also back with court Darrell. Hot they utilized. Cordero was he is single return manner were gathered teams pushing him. 21 sided mortar kicking hitters guy kicking it to they have to have a second returner back there along with him sometimes. Leo we really didn't get into the second returners out and to on the Iranian dispute that. You know given we played our regular season game West Bank stadium endorse. It was quite easy neutralizing their. Cat and sorrow for Arizona made a mistake against him to start the third quarter and and he made a Wikipedia from like 10 or out but you know waited for the all games it was easy to neutralize image is go out and don't. Public road games they would order a lot of them they would directional. Directional kick every so allotment and down. And you know eat eat just wave that's the situation. That takes away any major major part of something which he's good I mean he's the best kick returner in the national football. And I don't think he can be disputed. But if you get to him your radeon. And it'll look at it so just be ready for that. Dad and it in his sect contribution and changes not only kick returning. I also noticed that I am I always watch. Guys when you do raiders signed him you're thinking about getting a guy against teams within their own division. And what Green Bay getting also is a very good garner. And the raiders I think they're looking at him to replace Andre home site you know he's going to be a third or fourth receiver like Andre more reports. Receivers get a return kickoffs Andre did not Andre harms one of the best daughters in pro football and the Packers. Routine. He double team Cordero Paterson as it got my daughter's a guy and the outside along with Taiwan Jones on race that for years that goes down to cover. Market gains plot so how good of a Gunner on punt coverages toward Gerald Paul. Brilliant day because he was not a done for the team really until early last season. You know the thing with Cordero is he wants to catch passes he wants to run the ball or touchdown but that's. And those types specifically purse tropics don't necessarily embrace the special teams all he'd yet. Com EE was dumb believable I think it was. We green maybe at Charlotte last year where each down at least one inside the pod yet. Did double him on the other side we used tiny market share who is one of the and a belt that's got Ers pot that's going to be. He's going to be sorely missed out for the biking from my daughter spot east they. He changes the game in the field position which is special teams work. And out that that can only take because that is an extremely underrated bats and others yet. Aren't enough funds Patterson I'd say let's get him to leadership that we're we're very in the headlines every year. So very simply fall in your opinion how much left as the rate Adrian Peterson. The well you know actually it's he ordered not returned by Greg. I think the raiders' situation is probably best I mean when you control ball back Ike and and you have receiving options like Cooper and Crabtree. And now pork barrel maybe. But without offensive line I mean it's it's like when we Porter would anyways keeper about two minutes before he signed with Seattle. I didn't like that he'll be a profitable line. He's just it's rebuilding and not the kind of line. That is going to make it so they're only or six or seven in the box in dispatching. That's slightly he was so good in Green Bay because eat so frequently faced by six and seven. In the box you know that that can be a similar situation with the raiders. Where it truly would be the pick your poison deal with the passing game it was Peterson so. You know I've learned all broadly green's career never count him out. Went when he ripped up that ACL Christmas even want eleven. Didn't do anything in training camp not being in the receipt and then went for more than 2000 became the NFL's MVP and well. That was unbelievably eye opening. Now I'm not gonna say you know he has odd years did you ever archer a year lapse but Adrian still as. He still has something in the tank to give the team that can block to the right way and correlate the right way and honestly the raiders look like that team. He's obviously. A very skilled first and stand runner although I watched the COLT game back when he came back after being out several weeks with a knee and I enjoy it to your point I couldn't tell because there was so much. Penetration from the cold Friday had nowhere to go. But or Abbott iffy if it's well block we know this guy is he knows how to run this jump cutting style. Kenny young is a much in in the second and third downs is blocking. It's pass catching the raiders have a couple of good young backs Rashard in Washington. It really proved skilled in those areas where would you use aging would strictly be an out of first and ten situation ball. How many green guide is all they're running back at that idiot all. Too. When he it to the operators with Walter Payton Emmitt Smith Marshall Faulk got like that. They did it all you know they'd they picked up the they've got they they protected apps they caught the ball. And Adrian is not comfortable doing it you know besides the raiders and watch them practice. It passes he just he just does not comparable. Catching passes. Up from Casper detection standpoint it would problematic all of this career so. From a pass protecting standpoint the only way to put it is is these average out. And likewise Ramona from ask catching standpoint. From a running employees Rachel lap. All right so in your opinion and you're you're closer this deal and me being in the in their building yesterday in Minneapolis on how do you think this place out as Peterson goes back to the vikings as you move does he go to the raiders were where do you think the Saul saenz. Well into free agency you know given the the biking needed equipment in and one side to agents. There there were two things. That being new and ended up being accurate one you're gonna get a budget good but not great offensive lineman. Who were gonna get eight like broke all hours and it happened secondly. For those running backs who were free agents and that includes a Korean it's going to be incredibly eye opening. How limited the market is an out little money will be so. You know Adrian Adrian knows being beauty of anything close and at eighteen. Carat in ear before he became a free agent so. You know I don't I don't know Ian as camper looking for. I think really honestly comes down money for Adrian. And you know heeded the you're gonna get guys going in court maximum odd million dollar. And that Adrian may have to bite the proverbial ball and ticket deal like that. If he doesn't. Band mate state for you longer that he bought and just wait till training camp pre season or somebody get hurt and many don't leverage. IRA if he does sign with generators you have to indulge me lawn handoff to Peterson editing. You have to give reliable and I applaud and. Right now out grit my daughter for you and Chris Myers. My friend Chris Meyers on boxes used at about three times not kind of bug me. You work a blur and he's loose on the touchdown call the that would be one of the most flattering things I've ever heard in my life. You know that you would be it would be when I used to be a racetrack announcer in that race course in golden gate deal. It would be akin to when I listen to your rival station and you called warriors game. With Chris Webber and the girls were well how much fun we atlas media. The big bad wolf whoever comes up with a profit down the record I'll give you. Touched out. That actually outplayed well one of its water and it's for example quarterback situation. Now I don't think there's not a bigger can be an iconic our situation rapper was gripped the clash here again buying what the only way to put it is the as a by incompetence that other AJ AJ stepped girl's family. They got beat by the raiders on assembly. They went to Alex Boone Boone was good not great wit a million injuries on the line and Roald app wrapper played all the games. He's set the NFL record for completion percentage. And his touchdown to interception ratio was store so if you were to act now and and and due to be up into wide better. Sam's has the potential to be really really good opportunity. August of last year when he dislocated kneecap. I was at that practice it's about that grosses thing that's seen since Lawrence Taylor and joke eyes and I mean he did it was awful. Now Eddie this is the grind it out parred his rehab. And he's putting in four part six hours every day I would not be surprised at Bridgewater at some point next year. Was Sam Bradford backup getting absolutely will play next year. Its second wealthiest Paul Allen the national football that they're that thank you Paul. Accurate from this particular flowers we know the babies were Paul Allen the acupressure and. And now my my favorite NFL play by play guy would collapse. And. You're an. Actor. Kept at Ted rabbit. Take care pop. 40. Oh. The stories sowell we got Cordero. In Oakland Patterson Patterson. Paterson and meteors are not a lot of chatter should Pedersen very Batavia Patterson Peterson from where that takes on via catering truck casualties are yet not let me give them the debuts but signed me up for AP. But what are whenever gonna dress the defense pop was going on him because tonight on now. We'll talk about that they will we got some options here for two raiders on defense aside and bought the afternoon delight pop about body parts of the. Now back to Greg Papa and Vontae hill on I 95 point seven a game. The backfield what he goes out to the left this is a good day she later 43 it was set up his departure. Touchdown. Yeah. Ash shot Smith could not get off a block kind of stuck there in space and that was the New Year's Day massacre in Denver. You have to plan wildcard weekend and obviously you know what happened in Houston at their current jury sent off a series of bad dominoes but. The raiders went healthy have a state of the art NFL offense they have a great offensive line they'll plug in a running back whether it's Adrian Peterson and her imitating its Murray back or whomever with a two young guys in. I like Cordero Paterson as a fourth wide receiver with a get a slot guy would they get into a tight and a lot of answers questions on offense and then it largely having answers there. As we've been saying balancing human touch screen here who didn't give up the difference in what it'd do about the defense and the reality is. There a couple of areas you've got to upgrade and I think I do believe based on everything both Reggie McKenzie and Jack Del Rio stated that they do ought to improve their interior pass rush and I Dan Williams just got yet fat last year he was the same player jelly. Was softy inflates dramas I thought he would you want up losing. Stacy McGee got some other bodies to mix in there. Lincoln Kennedy brought up on Terry Pau yesterday. That's going to be a numbers game I think he would fit. Whether. You know I'm not holding out any hope at all I'm not gonna talk about it at all Smith never comes back. He's got just a monumental issues off the field before you consider resuming history opened the legalism play for a long long time and lighter than you what's going recently and within the last month. So invite largely est Mort of 43 front but I think poll. You know a lot of times they played and Williamson. They don't call it a three for the way they used Irvin it's more of an over under defense but. It looks a lot like a five to their times they have a true nose tackle. Plays here or technique or cock those are shade and they line them up over the head of the senator Terry poke through data and also I think. Lineup over the dark shoulder and penetrate the backfield more meat what they called a three technique award sapped. Just trying to disrupt so I think he's a take on guy it's big and strong. So this guy had a conversation about it also would hurt Kansas City Chiefs. Without question. It's a question how much money you wanna play a more where you think he's at physically was back senator muted as he's had a back issue in Kansas City. Signed Eric Berry did not have to check and I doubt that an attack Paul. Well they didn't tag well they're helpful when anybody. And they they may be worried about him physically but that's just to name their butt. By and large where I think the raiders evolution news is they've got to find a way to match up better. With all teams in the NFL but in particular. And usually try to build your team to win your division that was the Al Davis is not true for years are gonna win the AFC west the most powerful teams are built that way. And there are a couple of guys you got to deal with in Kansas City obviously Travis Kelsey and and Tyreke hill. Maclin was hurt last year never quite got back to where he was. He will next year so you gotta match up with those guys a tight end at a slot receiver. And adapt route router no matter what the the route is and Jeremy Maclin to great shallow cross guy. But and then what's more than even them. It is what is going on in New England. And what the New England Patriots and were able to do it free agency blew me away to go lot of get a guy like Brandon Cox is not just a straight line fast guy. He can run a variety of routes shivering and Dwayne Allen. Even though you lost Martellus Bennett and even addresses what they've done defensively with Gilmore Tony Lee so. They have upgraded and it got I gave the list of players you got to be worried about. It went down with them in space take a lot out of those two running backs can catch the ball what could have a Super Bowl beat you should've been last year as well as he play with the other Brady. But he got white yet Dion Lewis. That he got all their wide receivers Julian Andelman. Chris Hogan Malcolm Mitchell Danny Amendola on top of bringing him Brandon Cox and they're only good at five eligible for Jesus. They've got fifteen guys Dwayne Allen and Rob Gronkowski so. I think now here in the evolution where you're strong team you've got a big bad ass offensive line no matter who the rights activist allows for somebody else. Yes you have to pick a little bit more of a powerful pass rushing front which you've got MacKey got Irvin. They'll get more young guys got a couple of guys to nickel are treading played well last year curiously though. Jihad award will be coached better there are other guys you can look at as well. They can take that next step with good offseason. Coaching. And then. You know the question is how we match up now. Probably match up with the skill guys. It's a match up leak I think that that's what the Atlanta Falcons in debt Thomas to me trough it's got the only all their GM they've got there for a Rich McKay. Where they evolved as a defense and they've made rapid strides. They had athletes to match up with aptly Saudi cover bank Saudi cover tight ends so. All these running backs and tight ends and slot receivers New England has in Kansas City has body covered. So that the position you're looking at to do that our linebackers. And nickle corners safeties and corners. So. I don't know I think TJ Kerry is a good player. About this coaching staff loves them. I think that cannot tolerate him at times. Whether it's tougher now for not an A-Rod Woodson has been a coach the quarterbacks. I think which is technique. And cleaning up the technique is having consisted technique. They can help show on Smith and David Emerson but those guys could not go on the slot in Akron cover all these slot guys that I'm talking about TJ Carrey can do what some. I think you're gonna have to go ought I don't see anybody out there in the free agency that can cover relief equality slaughtered after a scoured more I thought Logan Ryan but that he wanted to go to Tennessee. So and then the other issue is. Elect Carol Joseph. But I remember doing a draft show it was Joseph and John Lott last year. And the question was is it lack of size the safety position body when I ate at the time I didn't think so. Because I thought they would play a more eye he saw the West Virginia he came from Japanese games three and out of that I elements blow people up. So it was via free safety as he is strong safety without your side Reggie Nelson. Right she's a free safety it really caterpillar more reporters combination where neither guy sitting in the middle. Like general Thomas. But Reggie is more in space than you gotta use Carl Moore. Inside. Any in the box he gets lead out of the run game but more than that I think he covers fine. But the lack of size. When you match him up with a Travis Carroll CE. Eric Gradkowski. Just can't do that and that's why I think that New England moved away. From. To the guy intercepts the ball in the this approval among Al color Malcolm Butler though. He's an actor he's got great feet and he moves his feet well but you know certain matchups Antonio Brown it. You can put about it. But you get in the Super Bowl against Julio Jones McCain as he's just ease ease ease back great he moves well I think he's a now if they wanted to make a trade attic is that it lined up on the New Orleans they almost through the minute deal. I'd love it if she if he can play in the slot more quick feet change of direction lateral movement he can do that. But as far is outside so that the point is Carl Joseph I think his lack of size. I don't know how you teach that automatic he's gonna learn to tackle better in the hard hitter. But I just as far as matching up with sides of the tight end position. They really don't have anybody that can do which leads me of one name. And I are I am bitter researcher more. The raiders did play the Buffalo Bills late in the year last year they had a couple of brown linebacker sure Paul Preston brown. And and it's background yeah that's this time around the spirit and now we're at he's intriguing to me. Because it again it would wreck C system their sexy rescued by authorities that he's not it was 34. He that shall brown staple. Playing ball the inside of a 34 I think Zach brown. Could play in have to get a mortgage history and it was in Tennessee before you play a whole lot before last year I think he courted. And about these big enough age to 44. I think he can play a Mike linebacker middle linebacker in a 43. And then his responsibilities or maybe make him a whale and that's sure but you lost Malcolm Smith. And not have tried and you know he was there a lot but a lot like Carl Joseph features to make the play on the ball. Where he could not convert the elite tight ends so you need to match up linebacker or a match ups safety now. But yet closer the draft in April will look at all the guys that maybe about a match up. But it's I think they're the evolution of this football team about today is unique matchup guys on defense. Potter we cover the slot. How to recover backs out of the middle linebacker Perry rather you didn't have a job last year I was shocked I thought he was more debates guy. But he covered backs way better than I ever thought he wouldn't rate is that a hard time. Finding a Mike linebacker that can run. You want him a middle linebacker that's big enough and strong enough to straighten. In hockey player for three to bring in Paul politic he complains to make all the tackles kind of a Ray Lewis type. But then in the modern NFL you've got to be more help not just right though she got to be brighter packet. He's going to be able to drop. You gotta be able to cover the middle and you gotta have one linebacker. That could match up with all the New England running backs. That lady on bell whoever you have to be about you know what TG got to beat it's Kansas City. It's Pittsburg it's knowingly. And nobody others and can be a fight your way again but those of the teams that clearly hearing your way. To get a disapproval 52 which are good enough to get to now if you can find match up players so. As Zach brown is a name that I am and I looked at. I got to study more I remember watching him getting ready for the bills game in that game I was impressed. He's a three down linebacker he you know play as a Mike in the base by Tate on this album out so I don't know huddle. And they don't quick that he can't sob and get trapped on the field okay jacket cover up cover tied up cover back who are being dates are not sure exactly who they are looking for. But they've got to find a couple of guys whether it's a slot corner maybe three guys slot corner safety. Combination. And also a linebacker at least one more that can cover. And have failed state of the art check down pass route running running backs now that don't just run circle routes they run routes. And you could get on track to issue that the DO Reshard Washington. But you've got to get a safety a slot corner and I think a linebacker that can match up with a all the match up problems you have in the AFC right now. Yeah I was gonna ask you whether or not she wanted to sign Rolando McClain back but I oh my leadership I cannot joke he got jugular sight and out of jail eligible without parole out of what you forget I'll be here what 45 go talk about the lawyers are back at oracle. In the Albert music may help them get back on track. Room. Now back to guide pop and Vontae hill on 95 point seven a game. Berth with a win 10785. A weed out of the race the number one seed. In the last. The sand. Well they are more of lakers pains. The but he chili peppers if you actually a knee or Hillary. Actually it was it was a maddening and Sunday at 4 o'clock. At march 12 circles there on the opera house vote for Lyle they you know. Like a lot of things in my room lately it boost and that we didn't go in now. We regard it catchers in short clock. Here although it. Originally due ring that is Smart care expense of their may chime in here Derek and I did go oh she's the rate prints. And early march right around this time a year and early. And it was it was weird. Because she is he does like is purple. In an island at oracle that now I sat for about the color or rain no color. Purple drank now he actually election there. So he an oracle felt like they fabulous forum when magic played that was all purple. Which was kind of weird. But he was at ORACLE Arena sat right next usually typically George Jones studio about a month ago we talked about it. His French Nancy indexed and that's it and Kerry McCain. Only lost friends he died about six weeks after it. But for Derek sought the opinion. That the chili peppers playing a concert rather than a lot catcher to ORACLE Arena with a orders are playing. And chili peppers her obviously big and other matters that are blatantly Laker fans. And members fleet taking nice shirts always optical about the lakers and they were it was years ago. When they played at oracle and so that and it's kind of a Laker revive it may be along the lines of France. It is Laker Natalie your things our timberwolves fan he's as it courts that were Jimmy Jam. Hears ago Kevin Garnett was twenty year old and an event so can can there be any kind of a positive vibe we're searching here. I guess Kevin Durant I ignoring the worst populist Steve her regular season there is there an account of a guy that. The chili peppers can bring the warriors now and a little. A little harmony. Other means Oz output to either Steve her I don't necessarily. Immediately like yeah peppers stepped curry Jerry Mark Green Kevin directly Thompson. Bumpy terrain hot chili peppers and whenever they drive whatever car they drive that now. I don't know it doesn't matter though bond take is a member last year except Mario and friends. Is not a big believe it if I guess prior to the Conte was to be lawyers and he turned into one during the concert. Okay. Aniston Kyrie is so can I do remember and yet he can't argue with the fact is last year when prince performed in March 4. Yeah Warners went on a six game home winning streak like that they what they are well at all. Let's get that little light on the first. Chance to consider all perfect sort of trust with me here okay. So relationship and I got up in the hours and that it went the chili peppers came to oracle on the boards coming back to oracle. So maybe this little thing I've no idea they're in LA again. Oh yeah they are I just have no I do remember though prince recently passed out so he did you guys shoots. Yes do you remember elector. I don't i.'s number I do remember win but you know at the chili peppers did say that they did a number that number that cost we went a couple of years ago. Yeah at oracle did say they do they did let the teams see what I'd TU run teensy warriors. Are all over the lakers yeah they are not that it is an athlete in. He threw the whole the whole reason to Eric this is that night sponsored it mrs. dearest obstacle is the producer Michelle. This is at Boston this is way getting at me for that knack coach says it's leading to the cats are millions and man yeah as a pretty much in a message. That we we went what he realizes. I took all my kids there and and five kids it was his knee in decades. And the chili peppers though one man that we are penalized. It was a quote a warrior goddess of box or electric box it was just us nobody else has the pop is. And we had a cool it's time president did Eric's. Brothers and sisters younger than him but they are we just a cool time we were all in this and music it was. One of the great moments I've had as a father the one mistake I did today so the box which free. And I in Europe luxury boxes and Nolan the people at the concessions on the food there so late. What you mr. that's why I'm more food there for awhile I'll show when some reporter might have every right. I mean everything of this whole box was fail and I expected to be top they like. 670. To top leaders for the likes of turkeys which yanks that. It was ridiculous. But it's very top god. That's usually a family night out dinner. At. And it will make you feel under the peppers can territories around Mormon to a Mormon. College otherwise I actually it was at 4 o'clock or so little for a moment I thought we maybe get this together if it clutch all. I tried Craig's list and but it didn't come through at the end why today I did it onstage at 4 o'clock. They did we know what they're better than Pritzker is a member last year he was may he rest in peace but I went to the concert with you yeah after Jon Lundin match time it's declined. And everybody expects. And then I show up to the concerts. But doubling us outside saying. That's the part of the purchase was still on 9 o'clock I got there like 855. And a couple of security guards he goes yep prince isn't the only coup sticks this may not happen. So they I I found out later generic fertility being held up when he was doing a sound check. Yeah he would allies on stage. You know at the reality is and he blew us away that that that was is prints in the in the piano too. He had no accompaniment no instruments to play the guitar. It it almost all of the stuff just for the microphone and a piano. And it was amazing. But he was so freaked out by the sound that now he kept everybody outside the arena for 45 minutes to hours he couldn't even questioning getting into the arena and the gate. But with everything the outer gate way outside the coliseum. They went lectured for a long time I found out actually went when I get a chance to interview the great Carlos Santana. And super warrior playoff game a lot of those people around that so that the truth was that night. He was not gonna go off he refused to play and everything they played there was not lie. It was all. Report now. Can you believe that he did -- did not know that because they're so close to having we were like a step Perry reporter away from the director BS bicycle you grow and Schwinn bicycles you've got a much with the females -- and I spoke to him by the way architects like someone who's dedicated to the concert went on -- 9 o'clock did not start 4 o'clock wired all our audience started for the then opening act started for public that the depth to it peppers and realized average did not rock out with there sell us out into doing. I McLaughlin on the welcome back into the back of the system it's the warriors who were. That's starting to you think are sort of maybe it's the karma the Buffalo Sabres commits now are. I can't even see their and that's why today you DV RD VR and Iowa I was once a year Derek like what you're doing go to last year's same route to winning this game. His thing you know nothing about not from last year when that moment when last you Joseph for tomorrow should have been used trying to get tips on the game needs it he says savers when this game. Ask. Him naked totally rule the sabres went in samples all look discussed though you know the Red Cross talk hockey game you an idea that he. Added. Well they broadly well in April and deservedly. We'll talk to another race killer it already crops for. Flow like that order for a week ago a lot of power sweep right actually we blocked off on that last year and his steals are here today there was also with the Red Cross but the 49ers who's next here via tablet problem but it's. While the numbers are big and we're really happy about that we felt like we found guys that we were excited about being here not just getting guys because we needed yes. That is javelin share right after free agency started he jumped in into the deep end a couple of feet Kyle Shanahan and typically you don't see teams that are kind of were the niners etiquette so aggressive with. In free agency the free agency is a way to make amends for report draft us elections though. They were really. Really aggressive panic he had more sightings in about five minutes Cintron bulky and in five years in free agency a completely different change in a couple of quarterbacks. Three different wide receivers. Couple linebackers on defense and retired and a new league blocking fullback and values check in Houston kicker Robbie gold so. It goes out and it's from a guy who knows the Ford had a franchise extremely well one of the great players of all time at free time. Super Bowl champion covers the NFL for a long long time now working in Atlanta where it's been for many many years so he's washed out Shanahan. Design offense and call offense for the Atlanta Falcons welcome Randy cross the uniter rate to the afternoon delight with pop in about an hour period. I'm going to very thank you. So tell me just we'll start with free agency humans hurt from from John Lynch and your reaction all the new. Since the year ended the firing of Chip Kelly Trent bulky. Fired bring it and Gallic avalanche that just on what you've been doing since you. Retired doing a TV and radio worked in the media to being GM to bringing Kyle Shanahan just a lot of new guys around at Santa Clair these days. And that a lot of what they've done and 80 there. Between the crow. Is is kind of I guess standard practice. In a lot of ways. You regret your problem if you look at her. You know they are pretty public with the areas is keen that they they're at a pretty cute analogue. Stick pretty. They've addressed some positions I mean you know Al and had good sentences with a Matt Ryan yeah at a rate not the only. Julio Jones the other race. You know they didn't find any where near the caliber player. You know I think what they did at the bottom line improved your I think. You know when you're drafted number two year draft number two years. A recovery haven't recognize her well have. Much free agency. And new leader haven't haven't you sign your own guys to the new. That is greedy you'd shoot. Or. Sort of actually Ottoman times or you get to the point where you know could you more. You've got a BA is say look at that early feel like they're there for a period. Before the draft start the better team and got to be as saying in the draft them and address it on the air and after the draft so. You know another free latency period he'll have some guys float around it might be. I'd be available. So the important thing John that look at John Lynch and and Kyle is you know in new environments for bulk of the new vision for ball. They have a new stadium and the player and so they act on that play elegantly in that building article in that period. I look at all the line as a little. Regrets and that is it better team and trigger on a way and that tendency. And they had to upgrade their tail and face they they just did not have a lot of talent on this football team and how to get your thoughts specifically about John Lynch your your great former. Head coach Bill Walsh Adam at Stanford convert them from quarterback says. Safety took to debt reasonably well they came out. About borderline hall of fame player and a and a Super Bowl champion and now he's gonna make another career. Change going from what you've endured for many many years to being a general manager so what's your reaction. To the 49ers hiring John Lynch as a general manager Randy Wayne never worked in an NFL front office at any capacity before. Let the gamble that big gamble but you know it is he's the guy that has the pedigree. Got a lot of respect for John I think he's one of those people is gonna happen and it chances. Anybody else out there and make that kind of a joke. I think countered. I did do it he appeared in racquet for a long time our common untapped resource for a lot of greens. It does not mean you know everything about. Our organization runs but I would. I would argue pretty vehemently people about not know and football and John knows football extremely. Well. It would young mind like Kyle Shanahan and some of the other equally well and building. I think John surround themselves the kind of people will allow him to be successful. I'm not you know in one by Matt Millen when he hired. Matt Harding knew everything. Now be the first character in taken to a real well. And obviously is especially it would seem that envelope. But you know easy struggled. In Detroit acting. What are the strengths. You know John Lynch by nature. Is he gonna take into easier. He's going to be open to open to review if you will. Both from inside and outside. And having John Sharp guys going to be successful air decree signed as far as I'm concerned for the orders under. The the 49ers faithful there. A lot better football. And you know that better than anybody for attack Super Bowl champion of the great offensive lineman of the history the 49ers franchise Randy cross also host a talk show daily. In Atlanta joining us on the after the July with pop and Vontae here in 95 point seven games and you are in the eight TL. Even watching Kyle Shanahan let's face it John Lynch got this job. Rated because it is association. Through his dad and also working in TV with guys like Kyle was the guy and they want it first after. The New England offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels said no. So was Kyle that brought Roger avalanche and it. You've watched him throughout his life to diagram design and a call. Offensive football you watch a real closely at Atlanta the last few years take a team all the way to the Super Bowl so what what what are your thoughts about Kyle Shanahan making the and evolution from offensive coordinator to head coach. Why pick one thing if you learn to do it and coach what he did as coordinator as an individual coach. He he manages to take advantage of the individual skill. Players extremely well. And it's not so let's start. And I think of when I think of what he's done that it goes to right back. In Atlanta. And and you know what the difference in the style offense. I think they were able to showcase what people could do could. Be different running backs it up so much Julio Jones I mean you couldn't. You can knock that guy powerful or anymore in the west in get a guy that can take advantage of Julio Jones. You know. My comments and new with a guy that wasn't necessarily. A household name and in this and proudly use what he did well. Along with a guy like Gabriel young receiver and I think getting Robinson errors receiver will will bear some fruit because he also. What that young guys nothing mattered and saw that just one day. They saw the controllers this year Robinson. Pretty cute. Six 4 April. I think how you bet there's some law he knows what is aligned. He he saw a lot of the slings and arrows in the packs stab him in the business. In a few places with him. And then he's been by himself and other places. I think having that resource. People talked about it enough about happening guy like Mike shenanigans and resource. You can run things by I don't know just ostensibly. As an organization. All kinds that having him around her having him available. In any capacity. I believe not only for Kyle and also for John. Will be held a resource. Of the guide had great success and has also agreed success. And establishing. Long lasting this is as successful organization. Back to back Super Bowl titles from Mike Shanahan in 97 Ani Jun oh it was via. The quarterback you talked about you know the ups and downs and Kyle's career this year one of one of the great offenses we've seen a pro football etiquette do everything they could do it out of a fast tempo or slow down under center and there was an and the Atlanta Falcons could do. But ultimately the 2016 falcons Randy will be remembered. As the team that coughed up a 28 to three lead it on Super Bowl. So. I guess enough time has passed that you you live it in agree that every day. When people talk about Kyle Shanahan today in the HEL what's the reaction. What we just what is the reaction overall. 21 of the great sports collapses of all time these guys were sold so close to getting that elusive for Super Bowl championship this year. Yeah yeah Vick you know others. And you were born Gary iiroc the same Broadway where it turned into a movie I had a great line and bad. The verdict that copies for clothes shoes. And you know soaring. If you're not a close. If you can't finish and you can't initially gained. And you can't finish a drive when you really have to. You don't get that night ball and that. Was really when it came down to. Program. And yeah part of it is is clock control and management and and doing things a certain way. Com. You know they they were all wide open to some serious. Second guessing captured at game and just downright. You know limitations. Around here for awhile but I it was it was a salacious team. That just couldn't close the deal. In that just put them. Analogue lists I tell people all the time look on the bright side he could be a bill. Ago. I am a bills they have it was a little blown. It. Wide right and I. How how survived under an island and now that they have lost Super Bowl. You know who would is a viable to fan base out there because they roll soul calls there ready to pop shed paid. And then that happened to it and how Hosea disrupt air and are ready. No it hit I get okay. You know yeah I think that you look at and Quinn. You know you ask about planning and yes iron anybody associate to that law. If there are there are over you'd never get over that thing unless you have an opportunity to expunge it just two races. And it wasn't quite the same. You know we are an NFC championship and me three. The Washington Redskins who went on to get recurring beating the raiders. To cripple. And you know that wonders. Our worst loss I was ever associated with the police and a big game. Protect set the table for the next year. And and that that feeling really hurt us for a long time and Atlanta doesn't lie. It should react the same way the problem is. You know you you read these articles or comments. And you know hope we're going to be. Second Volvo apply. You know we'll be back in the play oh lead actors and my excellent instinct is you know like the raiders were gonna be right back and coaches. And the QB Carolina Panthers and the Denver bronco football can be two years ago. And there's a laundry on the also law mrs. Super Bowl almost 51 examples that you can give the team of people like pat. Gambling you know in the dolphin. And never seen this. So you know I think he's got a pair that mine you've got to keep a little piece of that. That galling to get burning experience you went through it that's going to be part of what drives that that doesn't drive you. I don't personally know what possibly occur to her to get back and make sure you get that raised earlier about. In history as the ultimate hang over and sports for the Super Bowl loser loses so many examples. It. For that reason. Randy is it. Is which is great timing that Kyle Shanahan already had a 49ers Japanese as a whole new adventure now. To jumping into heavy heady guard back at the niners thing that worked out a judgment and listen I'll take the job it. How hard would it be for Kyle to go back and be the offensive coordinator of the falcons in Atlanta this year after way super wolf if you wanted to. I think preempt a great deal expert the exact same reason you do mention. He's eager perhaps keep NAFTA and of course you don't have to be around. And he can just sort of go out and start result. And it won't be law. You know once football really get going again acting. Niner fan to be very grateful they did not. Tired. And that it was college it. And they wouldn't let Whitley and what does John Lynch an empire and answered kennel manager and rest on opposite actually brought in. Because this league kind of adjustment this was the kind. You know organizational. Plan. And about debt Beirut he needed. They needed some change in news something completely different. And we're gonna get I think which it and immediately give them as equal word aggressive defense of philosophy things from dean. You know around Dan Quinn and be around instead. But he also all it's always been very aggressive offensively. And that can be so open niner fans will be grateful for him. Build build look back and say that the kind of football we're glad it's back. Randy cross one of the great niners all time three types of rule champion joining us from Atlanta has a great to feel. For Kyle Shanahan and the way he runs offensive for policies and articulating this on the eleventh and Montana five points and the game itself. He brings in a couple of quarterbacks and whether or not they're gonna start this year not Brian Hoyer Matt Barkley threw one into. Trotting out great the more twos and threes a lot of rumors out there regarding Kirk cousins and he's trying to kiss and make up with the Washington people and a fruit salad and Daniel Snyder. How do you think this plays out who will be the niners' starting quarterback. And 2017. Will ultimately. Will it be Kirk cousins for the following year that is something in the draft Randy what do what do you think since you know Kyle so well he watched and so close everybody that he does with that. Most important position. Or are you gonna need some structure that number two critic. If you see you guys you. Or you manage to move yourself open net second. Would that second pick in the bottom of the first man you could maybe get somebody you really really want. And wanna start screen got the guys that can. Afford that I had a chance to watch more of your op. But you know. The guy's got Arctic. If if they were the guys he'd be because some video and and they beat. Maybe make him go billions of dollars and it would have been able. You know the quarterback is going to be the kind of position especially in San Francisco. You guys and now as low as a niner fan and always be always root for the team. Right now. Yeah you got to look at that you know let's start these. Somebody that won't kill them because. They don't all have to be. You know mine and name yum. And people forget how good Jeff Garcia it was for truckers are. You know they don't have to be. You know order lasted you know captain Nicklaus in a but you have to have somebody quarterback. Beckoned always give you a chance. To win sometimes that I'm not beat. But you know I think that something they will do it now they're short of hope and about what content won't be there and seventeen but he'll be back in eighteen. Do you really want it didn't know how long a year passes. I mean a year and a half in the upon happened career crumbles people. So in that old will give next year that's kinda creepy talk what do you do between now and then he would get out there. Yeah well. And I you know I I think it is. You're gonna have to draft in the and the line something that they are already strengthened going to be Smart and and strengthening concept and you can actually put them. And Morgan you're going to play that way that it council handle wants to play in the short. Wanna be aggressive I wanna play it would pay on defense and attacking them good and strong in the middle. And make people go to the origins and what you're you'd dribble run them down whoever I mean you're fruit bat. Recorders so again. During the patriots in Atlanta Falcons or not a bad there it is you gotta be able to close and finish that. But you know I. I'm European honestly I doping short term in the great answer just sit out there that going to be unbelievable for the niners come quarter. That you mentioned can't predict just one more question before I let you go over and across joining us from Atlanta. How do you think this plays out for Colin Capp projectors anybody bring him and to start is negatively strictly a back Apple's somebody structured deal where he can compete for starting job where'd he go next year. I don't know candidate. That's the pop. Up a renewal. Truth mark mark mark stretch of ads out there again in each session. Them last year. That would be different is. That what then it went in the opening set the same numbers that same. He did when he reached back in that pocket wouldn't dare attempt. So you know it's. Pretty recaptured. The period and at all it happened. I get is a chance that can happen if he didn't sign he's going to be signed as well vote after the draw. Pick it and also towards. You know the final camps and in Britain in the training camp time. And he's gonna have to just try to make a team. And then hopefully get another shot. No I'm not sure I think the smartest thing that the Bachmann and that they really Smart. Was aligning with Leigh Steinberg. To sort of try to remake his brain and meet the remake his career. Because it definitely in in need some pretty drastic you know make. I didn't hear in the league was my longtime agent I I I heard he hired. New agents a couple of guys north from the UA ES Leigh Steinberg or conformed irony. And importantly Steinberg a flat on my hospitalized as far as. Adult thing I don't I don't believe follow column real close real close it. That out from under the impression that he was working with what Lisa Steinberg. And assembly text and find out oh candidates get a hefty can kneel down and and garrido candidate got he does go there. Yeah I got some information here barely any Rappaport of NFL NFL network recourse at his age to Jeff finale and Shannon. Kirk Kiernan. Kieran and yes that you guys have some other guys and San Diego some Aimee always dominant as summer here I don't think it was. Not Smart enough buyers. I. The head effect at any rate that is gonna say a who's gonna Saudi Arabia and with due to 8083 in the C championship wells one years old. And I still haven't got over that pass an appearance. That job you guys. I know. I like I've gotten on the idea that the age or chime comment. If there. And here's all you yell it from the bad cement bills not select. And rated thanks your time and we appreciate. It. Is. Elected and that the first one to drop them. At after it. A we oh shape that's been a special election again at Emma but it. Confirms that the lawyers in the month. Well you sort of talk about the heartbreak and Atlanta and enough buffalo went to four straight a lot of times is don't get back there. At that and our warriors and now. At all only one they were the first title we were basking in the Golden State. In last year's 73 and nine and a lot of problems the playoffs and now eyes and I'm a freak out again by. Today please you know it's freak out day flesh you the truth. Truck for three. Prudently put the lawyers lobster row it okay eighties come back to buy or moral or next week. That's like Basel Walker's date hope and pray plane every night at bedside fit that elective is the worst moment it lawyers is Bob what's. Broadcaster for Golden State Warriors. He it is not as well. Maybe but probably not column will discuss that. Hernia to pop about an impressive game. Now back to guide pop in 9195. Points and the game can at least see now. But with the belly seed though recent little luster about it and Oregon iron onto say that for tomorrow. The origins lately and the or Wednesday at a hoop or ambulance and bring in three. National single it's the youngest. Publishing enunciated mr. Byrne. Little bit so this is the point of the show or exposed to get your perspective. House stop freaking out because they've lost three in a row. And ever since the calendar turns from February and her anchor her last February Washington. And on two in five. So I'm supposed to do that at my heart's not release it so yes is this franchise has been tormented we know. There was a nineteen year stretch for they made the playoffs exactly. One time in a league worst sixteen teams out of thirty annually make the playoffs the warriors went almost tired two decade period. A score. And made the playoffs is one time admission eighteen and nineteen years is amazing. I saw some bad warrior change and I was doing the game that's not a very good exciting warrior teams really where it got ugly. Is when you know spree well and TJ it right after I left from the 9798. Year went to whispers. It began a streak at nineteen claims twenty on lands in nineteen lands seventeen arranged slightly odd way and in Oregon idea. And so those I I I understand. But that's not the now. Relating. And I've been carrying around in my bag on today all year and at one point had TDMA breaking out of Orange pre game line I'm in right now. By the San Francisco chronicle did a great. Nice thick book pre season. Breakdown of the warriors at the fact they even did this for the warriors. This is the NFL tight coverage that we were getting were still getting throughout the year. From the Bay Area papers and online it's just it's been on press that in my time. Basketball team is covered like a football team but in any event I say this cover. Because a lot of good articles and sometimes I go back freedom for pointer reference also personal team capsules or to play in a team that night now. Grab a note but I mainly saved it. Because of the it was a beautiful. Cover photo of staff Yuri and Kevin Durant back to back mr. looks on the faces. Andy in the bottom the headline news warriors at the top and the bottom it is great expectations. Can't scolded state assembled. The greatest team in NBA history question mark that we can't wait to find out. So that is that now. We're living and that's what this season was to be about we were so excited last year was the greatest. The greatest regular season performance of any team I've ever watched in history the Americans it's for an up close I've seen. Some great spurs teams. I've seen in the Oakley days in 1990. Systematically take the American League apart. Bob Welch won 27 and 108 games that year. Total Russa was never better get Ricky back he won the MVP with the bash Brothers and Carney and do every day it was just jug met or an. Stool and welts the halting hack it and Nelson Honeycutt and team did not win. They had they had swept in the World Series by the rich and Chris Sabo who they sold with the so held this year at all in the offseason when the warriors signed Kevin during it was hard last year the way it'd. To win 73 games in fight for it. You know start 24 Knoll. I wanted to go undefeated on the entire yearly ticket April Fool's Day in Boston came in the Boston's wranglers are back court strangled. The warriors to wind up losing you lost the ensuing Tuesday that several she's still got. He had to go to Memphis on the road they still do that they reach San Antonio on it Sunday night and the curse they still got to 73. And they'd been staff got hurt. At all rattled. And it was just what went through your fingertips but this year was not about that. We weren't comparing him that this team. To the spurs. Even to the cavaliers. To Oklahoma City to Memphis to the clippers. Took Boston. To Atlanta whoever you want to name Tehran now. They were not being compared to other teams currently living in the NBA they were being compared. To wilt 76ers. To Jerry lakers. Check flights mix to Michael's bulls to layering Celtics to magic lakers that's so we were comparing him deal. It would be great expectation was. Well coarsely gonna win that title work comparing them they assembled the greatest team in NBA history that was the yardstick. So if you're asking me now. On March the fourteenth I day. I act eat humble pie that I'm doing that the Soviet say oh yeah they socked it goes into regular roles no big deal this franchise has horrible. That's not the Oregon team I'm looking at now. I'm looking at people lost their way Brothers or not they re find it. And an I I love Jim Barnett but just just bringing Kevin Durant back out of this team. Whether it's late march early April may and April late April I don't know. What he's gonna rank nobody really knows he's never had a knee injury before he had the Jones fracture at three surgeries that year. He could come back he shouted. Appreciate it not make the playoffs that you got the HC. So I know they're in the playoffs. I don't know really who they are minus terrain that you get. You had to move a lot of guys off the roster yet to take Bogut often immediately. In Atlanta Harrison Barnes walk I have to wonder terrain that set them on back to Oklahoma City. Where the warriors have three signed players that aren't maybe that that number Harrison Barnes. And bill Duffy took the deal they offered at the beginning it was last year. And east and I'll sign it I'll take it would ever elect vehemently 64 dollar allies. You know you would have to now. The different team so they had seen no longer exist you gave up a lot of your debt. To make this move in now he is returns a great uncertainty. So if you're asking me to get your perspective I'm Natalie over the net right now I'm pissed off that he got hurt. And I don't know I'm mad at court top you know maybe it is what it is what it is used ballot checks line you are what you are and that's what we're living in a but that this was about great expectations this year and we thought they are it would no matter how many games they won the regular season. They were going for the title they were gonna get it back but won the league took away from a last year. Suspending drama and stepped getting hurt at the glory of the best team in basketball has thought that the best team ever play basketball but not to give it to last year. Never did overcome that but this year but today this was rate expectations. They were not playing the mere mortals that play in the NBA today. They were playing history. So it's it's deflating and you could say you know African that she allowed him let's see it let's see them. I had a chance. I I listed steps to make shots. That it's not just that simple. Well now you have a way to beat this team when they when they had Durant. You really did have a way to be it was really hard if your opponent coached getting on the white board but I have the that a deal. They're gonna move the ball and find an open shooter and you act great shooters now just take your injured I mean just taking its Kevin Durant. That's a four time NBA scoring champion it's a scoring machine. Where this body. The weary can get to spots you just can't replace him. So I don't know works good and but right now I am freaking out and I'm not in the mood to reminiscing about hops or terrible they were. For two decades that's not the point now they are they're the it seemed they were the team that just in this league that Italy. And now we just don't know who they're so. Oil Greg are you. More mad about a day in this three game losing streak and I have ignorant or you Matt about we've broadcast a game when you have laryngitis. And Chris Webber came back you're back now. George won that game Chris Webber went up for a jump shot. And forget to shoot the ball. That's so lost his body is doing a good job so that like when your best on this as a warrior broadcast on that he would. Derek was a child at the time was right front for Christmas like December 22 Dirk was admire Jim Weber of however came back. After the orchestrated an item to that game there and I started the game probably should know it was a mistake but it was such a big game I was gonna turn to have any event. Now I I don't give a damn electric for Erica and that twenty years ago. I'm living in the battle right now NA that now that I am living now isn't that night that today. I don't know what I think will be Philadelphia national yeah I hope I only heard about is Milwaukee nobody's about a guy walked agreements already yes when you are furious that yes I acquired thought you know a years past Philadelphia used at any point since he's been head coach Philadelphia Orlando Milwaukee 30. Lockett now maybe they have a game they got to sweat a little bit guys have to play the fourth quarter of one. Now I believe me the Boston game last week is the first time since Steve there's been a head coach going middle on the road. I always think they're gonna wane and other than that we ended some may have been guys get hot the lakers got hot the issue at the nets off. But I always think they're gonna have to upset them to beat going into the Boston game last Wednesday. I did not expect him to home and I've never felt. So that's that now we're living there now they they can they can figure out a way change the lineup nugget of but Clark and it. Maybe go to JaVale try to get more scores and threats to take the pressure off the splash Brothers that their capital well. Stafford played at a splash. They're going to be all over eventually got to find a new witness Steve Kurt is the first time as a coach at the end piece finding out how everybody else does. Like bread route delivered us another tank in Philadelphia but it's he's got to figure out away. To get through this in how Long Will that beat up KG comes back two weeks three weeks four weeks. Two months ever not welcome back but I you know maybe maybe not saying that was never the same and integrate one. This is a great to unseal spring plus a tibia bone bruise so which is so. Illnesses hope you're it will Boston and that brought him Avery Bradley and Steve Corel announced line that would Mac you're doing the clerk in the fourth quarter drug lately easier or her kid without Tommy drain and drain not enclave typically rest at that point if we happen watching you pretty much being sobbed out the way to rant was early in the year we can drive. He he she's getting three different blasts a half so there is a point. Where he does come back in late in the third quarter becomes not made their quarter. And then exit date they do subtle nod again to start early in the fourth quarter of nickel back to a moment in a may fourth quarter so there was a point there where though it was a little bit of a different group but. Drain not and play. Typically start the second and fourth quarters but because they ended it. The first quarters well and start the second quarter they do come off the floor. Early in the second fourth quarter that's a point when you bring him back in the game that night when they do get back into the game and the guys that were out there played so poorly lost again. Analyst African. That lets you know I know what to brighten your radio right now I do like this you know you'd like this on but he's human right now and him in the officer Terry Wright your stewardship. It's a time Barbara for Miami fetuses to edit bucks. Let's go a lot of that a lot of Red Cross animate your phone and have a lot of them might hide it by day by day it was time. Yeah both to capitalize on tomorrow it's wrong. That if that. Statement by. In now it's time wound from the caboose is too with great Paul pulled in bone retain him. Minority five point seven the games. This old. Hopefully we'll have a few stories that almost slipped through the cracks I know someone who's an item you've got. And on the afternoon. That game not trying to find their laryngitis game for a long time the first he gives listening help me out and senate to man. RC out there weather front that hit the fact that. Our season if we listening to an empty accorsi is our rights. So what national pied de gentlemen if you're thinking and he math equation that ends in ply three point 14 wins and when it is. Oh it's i.'s actual hit it but now it is national pride and national fighting so what's your favorite kind of pie Aden. And it. Air am I leaving Hewitt that's. That that was the softball. Throw out hot type of food. Well food. Hear yours there are a lot of others. That are some. Apple pocket of the piece pie and ice cream. Up there. It's a prize. Where American pie. Well as outstanding a Canadian sex toy manufacturer weak side. Has been ordered to pay out about three million customers who bought a Smart vibrator. A Smart for birdies and then lower while tracks down owners usage without there are no age. So each customer who used. He's Smart. Vibrator will be paid 7000 dollars customers who by the vibrator. But never used pat can clean up 247. Dollars so I have always said they track you when your phones and track you when your driver's. Killers are kind of like tea fit it it's a fit it's fit it survivor is as it did arrive Friday night greater. So whenever you're fit it tells you to move this when those YouTube. You know you'd use the you use the yields. Jay Leno aren't pocket rockets is there. Are you aware that -- shares name's Elsie for a vibrator. Parker. Where. It does like his name has vetoes. That's to me that's in the pocket recommitment to ignore that and island at the bag that's also vibrator. On our original and I have a list of the top ten. Best sporting events to attend while drunk of course that's why we always good for Nancy reason Dirk like ten top stand and getting played actually tragic day in and an oil exports themselves. So we have to be drawn to fully enjoy. No so that sell so so which sporting events so which one which is the best to attend one. The Rose Bowl and out so if that that's the sport that's I'll catch it until I show up on air if they baseball. Classic this anywhere it boggles resilient guy that. Serves to answer. So to justice that just the sport itself baseball football all I futures and hockey. Hockey's number one well they drink the most Iraqi based baseball hockey has never before. He's never fun to bottle which uses number one pick in baseball baseball baseball's number two OK so the number one sport to watch art rock me like you're drunk is horse racing. Like to hear me yet and that meant you M and number two it was baseball threes golf. Came up with this this this this is on bar stool. For a hockey fives soccer's six rustling. Seven college football eight basketball. Nine NASCAR in two and is the NFL's the worst and then yeah. That's that's that's in rats in active leader. Guess more people wouldn't liquor up hockey and football. Yes hockey football baseball. And all of them sodas and that the actual product lightly but if he wants cricket or you Alnylam treated drug. All right last one real quick Greg I gesture I have some news that you be very distant and the one the only. OJ Simpson. Is up for parole this October. I know that's a long and he's eighty could be released. And life. In the Charles made it is Charles Manson cabinet yeah yeah leaders to. Can you imagine that we count that in after idolize them murder our Chelsea Branson tells us about the exodus far ahead. So T and that you says if I did it I would do it. It is apparently ABC's of its sponsor essence yes on Madison. Are union army treat. Skin. So it's a TV executives are her chomping at the bit that this is gonna happen and I've. There's reported that TV some networks of party played in thousands of dollars in millions actually. For an interview as soon as he's released so he you know industry adding it (%expletive) on dot com Wednesday Friday audio baby. I. I did watch I. I loved OJ made in America house out of surprise in the Oscar. And it's an eight forged document set your watch that we saw the beginning I love because of the old US east and you know leaves a kid again Leo it. The unstoppable and I did not watch the very end to the united election at all. And when he or breaking and he did and policies that is yes hi I go to the office that he thought he was gonna get a stop that he got the wrong theater it's a whole other. Just offered on the said the guy back who's had roots pop go figure I'm now from you know it is tough -- ago. Actually people are just and getting him on a reality shows Susie Israelis that aren't sure. So Ortiz did fight did killed alioto is a oh it's it's. Awful marriage on and that's the good news pistol offense carried newest venue whose artery Indian village usually your pie. The border our cabin docked. At a right here about 57 we gave. For the murder our slashed to boost pistol. Here in the open no pun intended there is no pun intended to date members live in ORACLE Arena we'll see you. The Bob Myers all that good stuff right here in the afternoon lights and present again.