Afternoon Delight April 7, 2017 - Hour 1

Papa & Bonta discuss Kevin Durant’s triumphant return tomorrow, are joined by Sam Amick, and Greg says there should be less fighting in hockey.

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Interactive ride over from the warrior bench holding his knee at take your knees collided before it was tough for the sale of its power soon. Okay so it goes that is. Defense plans were thought that whenever she improved rail. On this fifth flatly the last one dribble every. Who ran for Brady last night I didn't know what we're grandeur Lance got a flight though at least let down by the white and it looked for a second ago. We'll think it will affect. Our play. Negatively at all it's it's obviously. The top few players and the soul it's gonna it's gonna approval. Because there for us that we miss those those in the view of warm welcome because that. I think it's that time to bring him back tomorrow night is KG. Day. They're around here Kevin Durant. This unity dropping bombs starting tomorrow night the warriors have cleared him to return to practice they had a 11 AM practice today. Which is wrapping up right about now we are gonna have drain on during the in the first hour of the afternoon delight with pop and bunting on 95 point seven game. He's coming back and change. He is back to join a team that has won thirteen in her road so let's just. Let's figure out how they get to do this initially and my number for the first game would be 24. Minutes tomorrow night. Against New Orleans and gone maybe thirty and then try to get him up in their mid thirties she averages 33 point eight minutes a game. So he has not played basketball at this level. In five weeks in four days it'll be from the collier heard Tim Royce call in DC. February 28 when he rates UN CL sprain in the bone tibia bruise on that left leg. So he's got his wind back and he's working out hard and but it's not the same as playing basketball. In my initial thought Vontae would be. Obviously start him. I thought they would play him maybe six minutes to open the game in the first quarter. And then take them out and bring him back in play in six minutes to open the second quarter. And there's your twelve and it may be it in ages that both have you got 24. If you merely you know go up an editor so. And do with seven. You can get him you know quickly into the twenties and then up to 32 RB do that but Steve Kerr used the word it. Short bursts. The other day when he was talking about how he's gonna use KT initially. And I don't know if I described six minutes is a short burst most guys play. Six minutes a lot of guys that sub out and omit first quarter play the first six and come out so now I'm think it may be. They'll goal 444. Where will play the first four minutes then rest maybe not as long as the in you know all the way to the end of the first quarter but later in the first quarter bring him back. For four minutes and do that three times of 0444 you still get to twelve. And in that way he could conceivably. Close the half and closed the game and I know winning is not a priority here. But again I'd like to win the game say it like to have to reign at the end of the game so I'm thinking you know maybe. Six and six but after hearing hearing Steve bunting am thinking maybe they go 444. Each have twice twelve I have thing gets 24 minutes tomorrow night. The F foot short burst four minutes four minutes here four minutes there. I don't see him going over 25 minutes myself. And you need in the next game Monday night I believe because she talks I don't see anyone over thirty minutes they I would even increase at that must see how we plays in those 2.4 to 26 minutes AB. And if he does look like. Kevin to read a bold the Katie that we saw all year long been played a suite five minutes you know that okay. He's good to go he's got to spur speck he's got is when armor in the last game of the season wanna play and about twenty public puts it. It's known I would plus the lakers don't thirty minutes guys are afraid of you afraid to step up outlet well he's got to get his law go on I I I do not agree with I think he should play. I think he should gated that the mid thirties east calm all week from either Saturday or Sunday attic it will be Sunday Lester the warriors got job. They had to play that first Saturday when they are the marquee team in the NBA in the national TV spotlight is that Sunday. At 330. Game in the East Coast 1230 years and look at them as well. Circuit that mine and after he plays Wednesday they're probably going to be off Thursday Friday Saturday and then come back and play on Sunday so. I say let them belt now in year here go beyond what minutes he plays. We are gonna watch him where they microscopic. Guy the way we watched it staff curry. Last year and there were times street though it's Depp is back in their time he has switched onto a big and he can't take them off the dribble in any shoot new national army can't finisher on the cup but he was never quite back so I think. You know what to reign at are you gotta get back in policy to deal with playing a little bit less than 100%. Well watching closely how does he move literally Odyssey shop on defense does he have explosion step by contagious did not have. The explosion. He should not jump off that knee. In finisher around the cup. I did watch a week to go to night. I didn't watch Katie warmup on Friday Unita against the rockets and I was really impressed I returned about allergies there's a playoff game you can play right now but he was not. A 100% he's playing a bowl but there's a difference that he's got to get up. He's got to get up by April 16 April 15 each category to play playing tough basketball these athletes have been going. He had a five week in four day respite so. He's got a goal so I don't wanna baby this guy the trainers we'll tell you what he's still want the key thing is going to be Sunday morning. When he wakes up every place is 24 whatever it is. Tomorrow night does he feel any swelling and that means it's different vein. Your lower let they're not the pain or swelling. As he's gonna push its body Hampshire is pushing it in practice today you know the last couple weeks and she's gotten clearance to be on the floor. Since that trip to Dallas got a push him a little bit. But he's got to be ready to go and play world class basketball it's playoff time this is what we even talked this 82 games is there it's not now a week from this weekend. It's not. And now the other part of the equation. While he's playing these minutes. You know I would think they would they would also have. Guys on the floor they want him on the floor away so staff may wind up playing these XX eight minutes. I don't want step shutting it down I wanted to play a hole tomorrow night Monday night Wednesday night. I heard you know -- a huge story today or later restaurant restraint on in staff and play in two of the last three games they're not gonna play away. How would you do to the playoffs you could have probably three days off after that last Laker game on Wednesday that's enough rest right there. I don't think they wanna be rusty there are great rhythm but just an off two games they play Tuesday Wednesday. An accurate that it play yesterday Saturday the practicing these guys wanna play there they're trained. To play. You know obviously there's a tremendous risk of injury and the Bill Belichick and Wes Welker. Play an atlas meaningless game against Baltimore detours lacy Ellen. Little things up in flames they there's a as a race there. But there's a risk parking your car and walking into the green and there's a risk taking a shower there's a risk going down a flight of stairs as the number one and all world. Found out there. You know Internet streaming have you and that it used to global summit now in. Crystal ball on the flights Ayers a world class athlete. There following dot point minor details we thought any of that I licenses yet I think you're a little bit. Garrity so yeah. Wait to have children to be one of those kids that looks at the kettle is asleep at the mob ministry read. For a person. Of the year which all I'd hate anyone of those guys let go home. He's got to Hawaii Connecticut has failed he's got to feel the burn and I'm worried about it on that last week's hottest ticket out additional. He's that he needs to sharpen his speech that plays gonna be rusty got a knee injury they're not gonna overdo what he's not he's not gonna play when they have say amen at allocation per day. At the training staff gives speaker Mike Brown can handles this more. They're not gonna play him a second over that so you know at the end of the game he made at the on the floor. But I think as far as the combination of players Vontae I think they made. You know try to get staff on the floor. With him and you know whoever you wanna have them play and mainly Delaware David so evident in us is to be also much to see how they sobbed as steel. You know early on the big beginning the year they had Katie paired with clay and that. Our part made it was decade he paired with play in a step paired with right now and they flipped it around new years day and ports staff. With KG and play which Raymer. And then since March rolled around acumen during got hurt they even play and drain on a lot which step. So you know you'll hear are obviously a large chunks of the game all four on the floor simultaneously. But when they do so about in pairs do you think he puts Kevin to rein it back in it was staff again. Ortiz he let KT. You know play those versed in and play with play more early second quarter and leave staff which rain amounts and survive and so while saw a lot of things to hash out here. I would shoot these last three games at the pre season game participant toll for 24 minutes for everybody let's staff and trade mine in clay get into the remote rhythm again with Katie into your point public key to rotations the same as when Katie was here before he got injured. Where he was playing with clay and any switch it off where he played with staff in injury in my clay play with a three wise men. I would keep it as it right there. I would change anything else does treat it like Katie and never left but when it comes to the minutes would all these guys in terms arresting him every day. Treat it like pre season games you got the once he locked up home court advantage is locked up you don't want any freak injuries played a mall box we port 25 minutes they'll still be able to roll and win some ball games that you played 24 point five key to rotations the same prop. I agree exactly how to products at a at a prepare for this is like a pre season game where I think it off which if he had a chance to win the game at the end. He try to whenever you don't you know in a really hard for it but I you know it would be really cooled and hear the sixteen yeah I know a lot of the times of don't ask for and I love that number sixteen. Because. It would be you know you need sixteen more to you it's to win championships and Libyan nice symmetry there. To get to. To sixteen but what we'll see at the warrior practices going long. Here which is good I only started at eleven so they went on for about 72 minutes that they started promptly on time. And it's Kevin Durant knees they need to know they need to know what they have they need to watch everything we're trying to figure out what their eyes are mind's eyes were not seen him. I some warm up eventually a lot of video some live last Friday that really Null. The practice will simulated a little bit. It'll push it won't be quite like game level but they can crank it up at times and get after each other and have his teammates like Adonal Foyle was saint Vontae. He also needs to get banged a little bit yeah to be he needs to know that needs strong and if somebody hits a missed acted this fall. And this is a different injury for an athlete be at the Johns fracture a couple of years ago really bad problem at three different surgeries. Missed 55 games that year but a knee injury is it different deals solely on his teammates have got to lean on him a little bit of practice today. Now like you said and the injury with all the lateral movement you have to do open down court to jumping to stop starting crawl so everything. You wanna see him get banged around a little bit and then you can breathe deeply like how awesome warm up the other day. A before they played. The Minnesota the other night. Any elves Watson on these taken this rest between shots or whatnot he's jumping off their leaky stretching off then the you know. Will seal gave banged up in. Who'd better not to do it gets in and boogie cousins and giving Davis New Orleans could be physical so does appear out of trouble today didn't you are right after that they're physical as well also he's gonna get banged around pretty what is the result is only each. Second hour of its hemorrhoids you to join us later on Sammy makes from USA today we may get Sammy and right now and he's a practice the media was the told to get they're really up 1145. But I think they're being held outside the walls practices going a little bit longer so. We're talking about KG day and the asked eagerly Evan dude given during its return tomorrow night. At a pop and bunting and ID five point seven a game. You're talking about him banging with cousins. And the number now go bear I wonder how much how much for he will play. Right away and I I think derailed when you look at his admitted application I think he's played more for. This year than three he starts at three but once they start to shove it you know he often slides up and plays a lot of four. So there may be times tomorrow night you're exactly right where he has to guard a much bigger man. Either the bogey downer you know brown tomorrow night cousins or Davis. They're cousins are Davis because when I go today Hamptons five lineup what is the dollar and drain money slot into an app for drama plays a five he'll probably have to guard because current Indy Davis and men and their bills who guys right now even a New Orleans are enough corn to the playoffs. There on a roll right now bush feud a dear put up some numbers and are gonna are gonna test you on that defense of any Katie right away and then you talk to forget about that probably more to got to play gold bearing Gordon Hayward they got some guys to Joseph Johnson. He these next two games will be let us know how strong that he is going into the class because like you mentioned. Earlier to show staff curry we got back last year. He couldn't even blow by big and our member in his catch a garden wanna pick corals which haven't alms Teradata lobster is it's on the kickoff didn't have that bursting of that about semi semi part puts it. He did have a personal I hope. That Katie is ahead of work step curry was the last journal playoffs. He's had longer staff came back in fifteen days that his was a great wall on it less severe hades is agreed to more severe and Katie was not a lot longer five weeks and four days self and also you know you're talking about you jaw. I you know the utes on the clippers are probably get a play in this first round saw I hope for the clippers. Actually. Find a way to two win that series they read my interest of the warriors not have to deal with the Wasatch Mountains and the deal was the Eiffel Tower the French objection. They they just own the clippers are going to be juicy. Second round match at some open for that but in the first round it's start it crystallized. By chance to watch in the Portland game. Last night against the timberwolves in Minnesota jumped on him early but then king crab that was making sense correct. Threes. The issue that they have and champagne makers who joins by the way 1230. From USA today sports the NBA writers and follow the kings for years now carbon entire NBA I was joins us tonight. Friday here in the afterglow profit takes a Samuel Jones coming up at 1230 drama a little bit later and later Tim Roye. But. The one thing that's interesting to me is the injury to use at their kitchen on as Sam. Is he gonna come back at all and I don't really know the exact nature Pollack read as he has a broken leg. What does it hairline fracture they're talking about. Looking at him at the end the guys who come back with a broken leg so is there any chance he would come back. Without him. They are lost my ears letter yesterday. He's a completely different big than either in America each or Mason wobbly the guy they try to get meritage. Partly that chattering in the offense through him a lot like the warriors do which rain not not a great score but he moved the ball he's effective offensively and our pictures of the east. He gives them a low post presence and he's out now. Meyers Leonard if he thinks he's a 63 guard it. It's seven lauding suspected in pop and chuck it up three C he made back to back three straight tried. Back to back threes off pick and rolls would dame last night. The second one missed so badly that crowd. She is booed off a little over so I I do like it if if I Yousef Americans on Tate is active Bakken play. Portland does not have a night fact I think their best lineup is live there to Mac column. Evan Turner and Allen Crabbe those of their four best players now do you want to downsize then go Hart lists of mania or somebody else and just not play. Meyers Leonard I think that would be their best chance against the warriors but. I think it's going to be Portland MO find out from Sam at 1230 anarchist is not to back. The warriors will sweep that series. No no doubt about it even with the circus that the two lawyers when a series in five Americans did shootaround before game yesterday. He said that he was pain free as a few below fracture here so he has the has been shooting a pregame warmup she shops for about ten minutes yesterday. But he's going to be under proceedings are can be able to run up and down these what is a what what went on duty break today is says a few Mueller fracture here. Eight mile he Beulah fractures head sizes and bonnet there her grow beards are actually much not a broken in front of their lives her life and I stress fracture and a fabulous some might end this somewhere that Sony I don't they're gonna re evaluated next week before the playoffs but. I do not mean that he's going to be. Playing and that's here's this awards are OK be lucky to get ready to play what. Said Charles Woodson had a similar injury Tory James as well. And it's football in they want to putting the played in there and they play play off games terrible rock the super bully played with a with a broken bone. In his foot Torre changed that as well football's different. Those guys are insane and they take they take shots to kill pain and basketball either take a chat before every game a playoff series Kobe Bryant today at. Several years ago he had a wrist injury kept taking a pain killing each picture of what. It's elites who are making it than that though it's available I I I do agree highly. As skeptical of the welcome back in this series so you have to like that matchup we're getting back to the Kevin Durant and just how it all works this is this is going to be. I also think about tea pressurized situation for him he's got great teammates speakers to downplay it. And say. That you know he. NBA when he got hurt. He was that goody was the worries best player. He did so much for the team in any just goes away for five weeks in four days and they really struggle. For a long stretch a couple of weeks ages were lost. Two in five and three in a row losses and then detonate they figured it out. And now they've won thirteen in a row so he asked to come back here and without you know without a lot of rhythm it was game. And just get three games three games may be enough to get it you know hopefully we'll see him to shoot it up at a move like terrain explode like to rant. Explode on the jump shot shoot like during a block shots like to rain. But you really don't know and so it goes out does it but if he doesn't do it annie's compromised and he's a little bit off him. And he's missed shots and the team just kind of spotters. A little bit. The media is get a chuckle. Ranked always. You'll hear that fat ass or bad as soon fifth just rip it during it. This crisis growth she failed do you have pastries for the whole thing happy should help it will then they don't that talking point will be there so. You know that times they've given us the impression they're good enough at least to get to the Western Conference finals and hope they could beat San Antonio without him. In a series because he guards Leonard lark letter has to guard him in decades Leonard offered frame not off the step off a play sort opens it up for everything else about David. Do you agree. That there's going to be a lot of pressure. On him. To not screw this thing up in light of how well their play. Not only depressed or not screw it all up but it's just a pressure to help bring the lawyers in check beaches. His dad's been a knock on this girl are you can't help the team when the judge Egypt he couldn't do it as an alpha dogs we had to go join the lawyers or what not stepped curry injury money clay be in there. At the equal help alleviate some adapt press Roth of media is gonna do with the media does you know an app pop they're gonna build the story lines are gonna talk about it but the good thing about the warriors they seem to have a way of not letting that affect them. I don't care about that simply don't care about Teddy talking but all good news is pro circuit under except courier two time MVP they won a ring before. So all that media noise some surf fat ass and she kill on the hill and on at that stuff doesn't matter Donald because matters. Out there in Oakland was Steve Curtis marshes to. If in the way they cover the warriors is the way NFL team is covered and weight to the playoffs start over last year playoffs. But he and the it was like eight it was eight pages in the sports section all the warriors. So they will they will send columnist and people just to dissect arranged game. So he's going to be in the microscope you know Oklahoma City. It's a little differently it's great teams there went to the finals in 2012 almost at the warriors beat but he's gonna have a lot of heat on him. Again because they're playing so well you know had a Eddie not gotten hurt you could easily say. Well you know there at the same team as last year they don't editors and buyers and on and Andrew Bogut the donut fest is is the only. Are also vote on the list vote pockets they're completely different team a well they just should focus her. A thirteen game theory that they're pretty damn good and I at times I wonder. Here's one for you could this year's warriors my ministering and beat last year's warriors from hole. We'll pick. All. ID. I thinks cool man that's tough that's tough I don't ask don't try but I like this times I do better at times like does Vince better like beat the west better demo buckets because I play better you valley's player complete player good dollar this year and play at a higher level of Livingston is the he's about as saying about the same name. Patrick we'll call. I'm like don't have that scoring two guard you don't you can count on you know obviously as chuck it out the right here you can drive and shoot it and give it. In Clark may get a tight Specter here in a couple of weeks from this weekend is bottle may get a little tight. That worry about him but you know some of the year Egypt auditors Claude Clark. Let Michael Mack if I got and arch JaVale McGee bill McGee. He's athletic. Required now is off the bench. Though it. So sometimes don't use one's green and I often dupers that one out there reports. If we ever see the big man shot blocked one pound man can product. Out he's he's got an aborted issued side just for. Yeah he's gonna play more its duty as a as a role even answer my question. These warrior I'm right. It won't that is last year 73 went along with this team. What world the president and on the public with the the president I think it's also there was never a point last year we thought the worries could not win the title. When they were down 31 OKC accountable hot. But I never thought that they weren't the best team I I don't know what they can beat San Antonio where doctor Raines. But you're saying if if if the warriors played this year worries late last year's warriors your warriors win mine is given area. I'm along with that because the addition of Matt Barnes will soon I don't want our pressure under his views are right now I look. Always gonna come back who and it's not like well we'll that he was a play this year poirier an illegal maybe we should play this year as lawyers can slash U warriors on NBA two K with you and say we don't quite likely that. We can do that aren't aren't too arch trip over there which are did it. Apparently it let's let's ask this question saying mimic on the other side USA today examiner on the afternoon light problem bunting and parts of again. Now back to Greg Papa and Vontae hill on 95 point seven a game. Padre with five seconds middle floor holding waiting now try to make the little ball goes to town to. That's not very let's actually apple has. I think it is Andre Iguodala bend down the stretch here very simply he's playing his best basketball. In the regular season as a warrior dating back to his first month than any injured hamstring and LA. Against the lakers and he just was not the same player the rest of that year that is month of march just incredible hear the call from the wizards game on Sunday and early April and as stinker has been advocating them about it when the sixth man of the year award now ordinarily. This award is chosen by writers just look at who's the highest over again it's only coming off the edge. Now pick that guy so Andre would out of would not pass that test is scoring a career low. Five. Or seven point five. Points a game more than 100 reserves. Average more points than Andre without a seven points a game but he does have the best plus minus. But any guy coming off the bench and he has the best assist turnover ratio in the NBA on starters and guys coming off the bench so. Is it even possible that Andre Iguodala would win the sixth man of the year award it's bring its anemic from the USA today sports currently NBA. For the national publication record in the league for. A long long time Sammy how I look into the afterlife with pop and Vontae here at 95 point seven a game which awards are you are you voting for this year. I gobbled up. Are young and hopefully allow lot of work to do I. Sixth man of the year we get it going to give it to. Here's the irony in this ego. This is one school and clearly you know you can't teach an old dog new trick here crash course wait till the end though. This week and I'll start dive and not. Filled out my ballot that tension in my email in box for trouble Bateman. District that they need matches and got my attention today what I notice a guy who I respect Campo that he is in haven't always been. China on the cutting it comes to being in numbers and NG published. He is oh and he's got boundary number one should expand and then right there with. Eric Gordon on the rockets and Lou Williams and and the one during that. Would go beyond being. Finding an interest in New York Roger. Would probably have rockets you have to wonder if those two guys belt kinda split some votes because Eric Wedge and pat. In the first two thirds of the year. But dilute that really good for him since he programs in the town in addition to his lakers numbers. There were really did come off the bench so. And the new notes via injury slips and there actually was just saying. If he does Sam would he be by far and they got to win this award with the lowest. Average points per game. I would bet on the list that you already created a minute ago there's a war by margins and you know the place where the Jamal Crawford. And they want to know is in the world. They went and should a ball in particular tree later and he's like the prototype ward conventional thinking the I scoring. You know just go get bucket come off the bench by Andre needs. In has been a couple of years guys become kind of a poster child. Or can it analytic in the idea that we're trying to look at will be grew trying to. And not have the whole game just be about point. And then guys intact to a leaping out there that the team consistently. Goes in the neck level because of his plane making because. You know defense and then all the different things. Then you get on the way it kind of warned that the other factor they get my attention. And not by its interest that you would be on six man and his lawyers have been so good this year than I think in the border like we are. You know you're human right like you like the warriors need to get child somewhere in order means like to knock it would it be key in Iowa coach of the year. And so that that goes on every year mine where you know it's not a case of being equitable and and having any sort of you know kind of parity necessarily but when he YouTube like lawyers not getting accolades. You know it's let's say somebody you know both the opener critique that the player of the year they've maybe and expand because you know they wanna giggled states' help. You can't do it separately separate categories but I hear what you're saying it Sammy Amy joins us from the USA today covers the NBA has for many many years. And yet in light with pop and Daunte here in 95 point seven again you led to my next question. Who would you vote for defense of player of the year and I guess it's down to three E. Coli who's won it two years in a row. Re about it was finished second two years in a row or the stifle towers the French rejection go banner. Well Rudy wins best nickname saint a lot of us got our first or second I think he's got the best to. If this election 2000 trajectory like that. Yeah I love that shall. I drank it I mean what street money we have agreement that there are saying. Ottawa the column and date. Oh deficit have a nickname. Second asking. Yeah heart and soul the younger as a part of the column heartbeat mainframe on green it. There that's it yeah I just beyond that. I ever heard of it. Never really pivotal. Why did he I've had during my and out fraud and Pickens still lean that way but chains like your guys. Assembled on the dish just about half an hour ago he Merrill Lynn. I talked dream on debated defense played a year track trim and on both ends up scrutiny yet on the show weakness started. Vividly Sam yeah our own government did Sam Moore never forget. And it clearly an hour. Sure yet. So jet in in the art and Asia among India Japan ledger c'mon. Politicking campaign what do you doctor Rudy tried doctorate in that. End and we had a little on that and rocket ride it until I think Monday. Leading into the jet lawyers game. I loved the conversation boat guy's Rudy is you know you'd you'd get that projection into it comes off. Very differently than during. His delivery by Rudy got and release stated and you know he's a couple of dude he certainly think he should be deep at the player of the year. And he didn't throw any shape during my way although great Monday and bright capture or I take it as assumption but you know yeah. Flat out I should be the guy any point to say. I opened the award should be about what they guy has done over the course of a couple of years he didn't say very much by name and clear. It was that he knows its. Arguments sake or because he's that calls for a couple years. And Rudy trying to make the point that that you can actually been the best guy and he's band special they've both been really special. Whether you breakdown of the numbers. Probably does in the eyeball test of that at the Balkan tremendous about it. All right that's that they were talking last spring. At last segment before he got ya I wanna get to the conversations and it makes from the USA today joining us pop and budget yet like. At a five point seven game I personally feel. As though there's going to be a lot of pressure on Kevin Durant to come back and play well. In light of how well they played sandal last month to rip off these thirteen straight wins and that was possible but their play that well. And he's yadda you know he's very static comebacks by the there's going to be a lot of pressure if they if they start to go sideways for whatever reason. And he's going to be all over arrangements all speak to that but here's what we were talking about. I don't know if the warriors could win the title this year because of the San Antonio a seven game series doctor ranch. Would be difficult. Maybe in light of how they they took them apart if you Wednesdays ago but he hit here's here's the question. This year's warriors team without Kevin Durant vs last year's warriors team. Who would win in a seven game series. Thought they last year yet. I like they've done this in the great stretch. But you know I'm not forget about lose in 57 after Ken got hurt in all that matters. And I'm. I mean the other the debate Gephardt has and it like. All right who did are you given me Andrew Bogut a year older or you give me. Now last year the way they played last year verses this the way they're playing this year. I'm not they can last year you had all the momentum. Where it's couple years. In very much talked about that this is bad for them a year experimentation. Having a learn about the new rotations new players to cut off the bench. Last year was that the well oiled machine and a group it. You know it it's like in football. QB knows what wipe out these guys they knew how each other. We're wired in what may pick. All I mean how it exactly I'm impressed with. What these guys do in but I think it you know I guarantee it to a man internally. They're ecstatic about again and get them back and they feel like. You know they need Kevin when the championship because. Yeah but that was a small sample that that stretch with a lot by gains. What was the ultimate nail in the room is stepping. I shot shipping clay ardently shops at different times during the play out to end this would be read. That they got which is that he album plan B or plan today at different times. And what he can do isolation wise I think you put a lot of pressure. On the terror and not I think you certainly can handle it but like it to new challenge for him coach. To walk that fine line between who they kind of they were last year. What they've recaptured. Without Kevin recently and that spirit and a ball. And that style you know merging that with this. Fantastic weapon they have Kevin Durant arguably the best title player of planet silk. You know loser it to get chose to have a town against that some of the title. I don't mean to your question I last year under the tree this year. It even better. It was last year that captured attention and so it's probably close debate between the two but I've taken last year. Well the the net rating on the way higher in children got hurt but over the last thirteen games and their blown me away and I can make the point of west has been of the states in the but they have. Table that for later. The more pressing matter is Katie date tomorrow night and warriors are still practicing dream I'd make Joan as a 1 o'clock to go on through lengthy. Practice to really test him out so what do you expect. From him the first game the second gave Heidi that Steve. Does this with him it out of how much she watched him warming up to forego that you were there when I was rolling your your Smartphone on it. Descended out he's what you've seen lately our neighbors is used on Friday that Atticus lay there what what. What do these scenes from the rain and what do you expect from him physically. Coming back Sam from his first knee injury of his career. I mean he looked good. In this is old Intel would control at that point but it's still worth sharing you know back when they played at Houston. Keller Charley but he whatever that what mark. 48 march funny tonight before this girl. You know you got to get sometime between then and now he had told me then that the pain was gone and and that the tide was and still occasionally issue Woburn partners but he he would seemed to indicate that big deal and that can generally felt really good. What I saw was the guy who looked pretty close and gotten in the back and saw that in Oakland you know later on well. What's funny about the luxury about oh other clay. And what they are here in terms of bringing him back into the fold I think is. It and then I'll end. You don't you outfitted yoga and I dropped it by thirty. I'll walk wonder that sounds very counter intuitive but its Kevin Durant one of the best scores ever. But he's so good these. We have been this year have on him make this big focus on being the beginning can take your shot Politico. And then maybe he called couple plays where you work your way back in offensively could that would be concerned about cam. I would pay attention to. There's like I mentioned a second ago this the lawyers recaptured about him. I think that matters that they hold on to that plan out a little bit you know you're not ever gonna again. Staffed fully charge like you let last year 402 reporters step. But you know you you've got a taste and bad recently and you don't wanna lose so keep that. Where Kevin and you know progressively offered the band. But Gandhi and on the other and just go to gear you know try to be ripped out protector again. I'd be the guys it was a major part of what you can to Libya. Parents Sammy you'll be at the arena tomorrow night for cagey game ranking going to be there. And he will be short at cards and we'll talk to an exploration and naymick from the USA today sports section covers MBA so well for them enhance term many many years. And in a lot of nicknames for joining Marguerite recount money green injury wrong. Lottery wrong Marjorie Cohn. On arrangement taken my degrees I guess has been taken in a couple for clay cool quickly. It Currie. It has its active at the splash as the greatest spy Brothers Brothers tool that's Brian -- body brain is all in any green is all we got the second all saw. We got that that's an excellent job with Israel apparently you out. There are deep. Heart because he's apartments are obviously weirder Ollie says he's there are either all notably pops lastly Europe the sharks game Mars got this economy days ago. He sees what he's special he's now at its fastest Sidney Crosby had. It's allow thinking it's going to its weekly news per meal the really the smooth that the whole environment last night and felt a little down on him and Jumbo and Juicy Couture. I think it bottomed out a little bit and we may see you know Edmonton coming up in the playoffs on the it was time of the year. The Bay Area ignores hockey until right now right April rolls around the playoff times that I had to get a check it out and get ready for would probably be. I sharks Oilers playoff series coming up and weeks and it's in San Jose but there's got to know would you yesterday that got us here Eric dirt it's neither I I I do not like fighting. I wish UH just so unnecessary a member of indicated. When. Opsound. Then we'll talk carbon black talk about sharks aren't sort of let them know what's gonna let them and little talks sharks area to delight fighting starts habits and all that good stuff here problem boxing and parts of again. Now back to guide they inviting hill on 95 point seven in the game. You look at hockey clock. But probably get for a shot they'll say they've got off the court off the defense is not fit. It's a won't forget that that feeds them disbelief that strikes not to get the red light flashing up on the Edmonds audience take a 32 lead with twelve months we have. The third period. Edmund tolkien's. They didn't dance announce who need that at no change. And it natural hatchery out of every human those efforts to restore three consecutive goals such a natural. Patrick W go to the shark tank. Two last night guys saw that there are a lot of Edmonton oiler fans there last look at for 99 inaccurate Steve and I saw 1190 seven's. And that economy David hey here's. The real deal Howell executive early twenties and early when these uncertainties. In points. East Point. She was born in earnings arsenal. Exactly it's only one out of the of piggybacking territory one birthday was January 13 1990 studies cart's twenty years ago. On yeah he's he's so skilled the way they move the puck around and they're going to be difficult to deal with the from the via the shark perspective. I've not been to a game all year you know as the warriors and sharks are playing on the same night. A lot which is really. Interest. But last night Torre's were often you'll see game before the regular season and that's what went down last night I thought it was. Flat. That's probably the lightest I've seen the shark tank not a regular season game a crank up in the playoffs start and it was just. Not a lot of energy effective broad generic in Madison Nicholas and we. If two tickets so you know it kind of slide around a lot recruitment tutor conceivably set. Right next to Frankel fade by the West Coast thing right next to me served its molecular processes. That he asked the government says. Now he was he was going to be years in the town anyway. We had great seats right between the Blue Line in this center ice. And Iraq twenty gross we would not wearing her seat stuff like. You know it's just a little down a little flat. And the sharks performance they they shot total and what they lined up with in the teens. For a lot of the game they they hand you know single figures shots which I think was a little. Deceiving because they they they just did not put a lot of shots on goal they would rather shoot and missed the net a lot or they amateur dollars are expertly blocked a lot of shots. But they're you know not having Joseph the court and not having Logan Couture and his injury that he sought. That he had blasted for a urged thickness slap shot and they deflected the puck went right into his mild. So he can hardly even to haul. Juicy Couture Odyssey strategy QC stated that he must the loss of weight. And he is don't rail it's not just that she tacky players don't have T Bobby Clarke never teed. Hadi. Just around the guys and that's a hell of an injury and those are two art arguably. Your two most talented players are Jumbo Joseph and Logan. And I got Tomas turtle it's Federline. At little jolt that you move and paddy Marleau up honors that are line they're just that they just don't have the firepower. And it's assets should the whole game bowl game and he charts this team that was in the change it if you lost that game it was lower Atlantic was deceiving. But they got a hit Orton back in it got to get couture back. And it won more regular season games ago on Saturday against Calgary it's very unlikely. That I Edmonton could still play at catching Anaheim it's unlikely. And it's also not likely the sharks to catch Edmonton got to lose twice they get to overtime and won game of the shark going to be Calgary so. What we saw last night is probably a preview. Of the first round. And he don't have enough if you don't have jumble and juicy to lose so they they've got and it it's it's hockey we'll play. But they they may be compromised Orton looks like it's a knee injury Jeremy Roenick this spring and CL which the same injury that. Dec Kevin Durant hands of tickets to agree to their hockey players they're there ought play. But. You know towards steals up I think they'll bring him back patty Marleau Steele is there's an expansion draft out of your herd but David did this and hockey team order thing. You this year and they're called nights right or some like it's one dollar and author wants walking through it to Augusta breaking news coming out yet. Common out of Oakland person rosty cursed Kevin Durant would not have been in the restriction for tomorrow's game said he'll pull out of all fatigue not at all no gnome and restriction refused to let them go OK. KK KV day however know any game we must look grade him pretty muscular you look put a shot to restore international role ma not a I would be certain that they are mistaken 24. Maybe the mr. Tony there. I was glad as long inspectors at two autopsies are condition and they run and opened on record he's ready to go away and step curry would not be part of Katie day he's doubtful. We'll collect the contusion that the justice rest but they're saying he's doubtful with a let me conclude like then. And all when he went down the edit now right in the first quarter against Phoenix and L. Landon that was his meek is Alex land Bullock has cited him twice higher gear either of his right hand. But I had a back and watch it I assume it was Atlanta knocked him down hard twice. So each week Disney. He tweaked his knee so he is doubtful with a left knee contusion what some media reporters out there are soft and receiving and tweeting pinks is just wrestle. There's sand and it's a left knee contusion but could just be right likened to play with Durant here. I would too. They're not gonna make up and if it's a left knee contusion then that I could apply them because they got the number one seed and you know audio remember this whole thing unraveled because Stanford's EE. In the first playoff series against the rockets last year so. It's not a es that they don't want argued art if it was there if there was a meaningful game or a playoff game he could go what you would do that so. It's that red state they they are there protecting him. So I go back and look and see it land did. At what he did on that injury but I wanted to on Kevin and can step to play together a little doesn't play tomorrow night that you got a two games to do that and they can simulate and I guess from practice fuel. We'll have to wait to Monday may be will gauge or mongering on the other side here but we'll keep our role in early afternoon delight couple Bonser and impress some and again.