Aaron Miles

NBA This Week
Saturday, August 12th

John Dickinson and Matt Steinmetz are joined by Aaron Miles (Santa Cruz Warriors Coach) to talk about his coaching philosophy, the advice Steve Kerr gives him, and his 19 games in the NBA with the Golden State Warriors. 


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Your witness counts. Thank you your honor so we know you were at Arco on the night of July 3 but why what is your secret. I don't remember I have witnesses testified he was there to fill up but why Arco because I needed a quality tops your. And why did you need Archos quality tops your dad because he can help keep your engine clean and you like gasoline engine to. The secret is out uncle has quality top tear gas benefits and contingencies and in first critical into parts is an arc and our company just one more touch aghast dot com. Here's next time we slingshot to. The questionnaire has such great. Are welcome back John tickets and that's dime that's NBA this week you're an ID five point seven a game. Let's get to our first guest right out of the shoot you hear the highlights there. Of the star point guard from Kansas in the one and only Aaron Miles who is the new head coach. Of the Santa Cruz warriors Aaron thanks for joining us on the program power you. A little merit there's no accurate yeah. Here are perhaps you know BO. So Aaron just. The head coach of the Santa Cruz warriors who what what your connections it to the warriors organization. And and what did you what did you think that coaching was going to be something that that was going to be. Before you and your career. Well you know our boy girl. All the so called you will be so that was. In the future are there would reject what level in. Where you got the key you know you don't working parent should date of that nature. Always felt that balanced it was me I enjoy doing door and I enjoyed. Basketball obviously graduate of it what you talked to a will be part two club. Professional college high school. Page view or people. I did not look. And so. Not a retreat from the last couple years ago. Coach self probably Australia and in case you were in that he went a little bit but it disputed Kashmir. Joseph beleaguered political coach bronco board outlook majority. It is good opportunity presented itself which has got let the couple years ago operator immediately. With a little bit just develop that relationship with people wouldn't be genuine and respectful all people. If you'd. To Google relationship it will put it all it appeared in. Here we thought it. That's Mets great stuff Caron really. It really the way you gotta do what I guess but Mike my question do you his do you have let's say. Up coaching philosophy. Or what you believe in Aaron Miles. Or did you come to Santa Cruz say in what I've got to implement whatever the warriors want me to implement whether I like it or not. No well see up. He's going to topple the Florida coast car you know previously indicated the well whole idea that we gave expansion of the war years. You know what you're doing but you know fluffy little dated to try to cajole or able to fill the featured. It up on the report you know. True it took place for that'll look great cultures in the past. In learning from my experiences learned a lot at bat or mop a lot seated in our. On the opposite record. You know take what the word cute he's trying to incorporate. Labor. Yeah air now and Aaron Miles joining us here on 957 and gain new head coach it is the Santa Cruz warriors NBA this week John Dick it's a Mets Timex who are some of the the coaches that have influenced you in terms of your personality as a coach you mean they're guys you played four. Or guys you admire in the NBA and and obviously how do you balance that with. What the warriors like to do which which obviously taken in the NBA by Stu warm these last few years. Cook their legal. Or call it normal father you know are ultimately is a more moral Portland Oregon quick fiscal year there is. Noodles but. That at bat and it is true. Hearing the pursuit copper. You know obviously he had last year. You know Buick you know got it there. Well operated. So what word you don't probably leaders know that sort of you that are put in there that epic epic four. My decision it will democracy. Well been going on heightened watch what happens if I'd screw commuted. It will I reject an art school you know develop a good idea who we do. You know apparently prepare. As far we can prepared is each other it is it is. Either via the pitchers so in the home. In his own Carly you know you have. What would you recruit he would do so who who call Cuba latter part of college career and eight page I'd brought there could be good luck did you learn that they're mortal waited in cash comparable Juan opened coaches. The big debate it. You go without good results. You know our corporate but did it is so. I think from them for of those little courtroom. Alone. In the Iraq War are probably going to be. You don't take the picture quality and it is you know federal property on the creed and color. In our experiences. You know we're prepared at all between David -- also. Overseas. That you played or what Herbert. Overseas who dated a lot of other coaches. Control the I think it is a combination. Of property. Ultra. Have you forgotten Mike Montgomery in your nineteen games in the Golden State Warriors kimono they're. I. I could be true but there are reported a lot of great coach he's going to I would go through it well obviously. Arnold. Only get a clear you know a little bit of the field with you it was still prevalent these. You know they rocketed past you do work would do the right there be true it to learn about intensity. The war you know it is I don't know. That our dedication on the floor brick assured that it co Q really. It created date on the floor is doing development so it is upward of a lot of great coaches. And it is either from a guy that I never coached. They're fairly coached. Coke bottle or coach we're not a great great relations with enough respect you know mother got a little. Sure error a look at your your career stats you played in nineteen NBA game so so clearly you. I mean you'd rather have a ten year career by the same token you played in the NBA which not many people can say. What what are you remember about your nineteen games. With the Golden State Warriors in 0506. Look at them. I don't say you know. There are. Exactly. It and it would Hurt Locker did you know pick. You know we're gonna let him about it to go. To Internet well it aptly. Play professionally so I really remembered that it hit some great guy they'll play we beard dated. In the country needed it would that meet. Coward Cheney. Beard they're stupid they rejected an Internet. Shall know what you're not new but guys who rookies want to tailored to our Yahoo! actually spoke that day. And Chris Andrew about it. A lot of great. People who aren't Jordan relationships in over elections are decided to build relationships. Ability did you go to coaches staff. You know Ronald. Coach turner wrote turtles that are contractually. Q&A coach mark you know move. You know call a whole lot different body. It is it is that I enjoyed the people vote this year and even the people out. Well. You know like like Eric out. It's been I guess this. Reservoir you know a lot of heat without the people. And I enjoyed. Capital report you know become a peck. A part of the organization. That the people. The people. Well Aaron we we certainly appreciate the time man and invest a lot did she get this thing that tipped off here ring in the coming months. Well operation would report to properly art Art Bell can be up that way it. I'm definitely excited about this new journey that opportunity. Alright Garrett takes a lot Matt appreciate our news. I Aaron Miles a new head coach of the Santa Cruz Warner's.