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Franco & Kags Podcast
Thursday, August 17th
Today's episode of Franco & Kags includeds the debut of Producer turned Host, Nick Brown! Gianna & Nick breakdown the Warriors, Raiders, and 49ers heading into the next season. We also premier and exclusive look on what you can expect out of the Sports Dish, FOOD & SPORTS! And we can not leave you guys without tweets of the week, and you can not miss our own baby boy FALCON! If you like rhymes, you can not miss this. 

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It's Gionta frank with frank good tags and 957. Game thanks for joining us today on our weekly podcast of course you don't hear and a because she's still on maternity leave but. She will be making eight cameo next week on the podcast. Yes a concept coming up today we've got a great addition in case you missed Iran talk a little bit about where your schedules also greater our stock based Vegas everyone sane the raiders got it this year for the Super Bowl. And of course a little niners talk and then we're gonna talk sports dish. We've got sent interest Steen information that came out in regards to house seat your ballpark food is. And this new chief has restaurant yet said she goes there's a pop abreast on about she goes. In new York and then we'll have some F funny tweets of the week with LeBron James and rapper Lil Nicky and I'll have my own son debuted his. Elicited Amber's show you've already heard but he didn't. You're lucky get to hear hear again from my three world and yep I know I'm a parent I'm a mom everything he does on and think it's cute so you're just stuck with the I was in Dubai. It's funny to you says is and is not here Nick Brown who is our producer AKA. I feel and how how. New and then we'll miss you though and we mr. so but I got it here we're gonna kick off here with a little lawyers tot. So the schedules are out naik and where is gonna open up the season and on October 17 Houston at home taking other rockets by the way that is my wedding anniversary. Yeah we go will be nine years I will be married on that day I. Maybe acting dean that for our kids to write and I'm digger had over the gate because it's going to be a good game but it's going to be an expensive game to go as well. Because that's the dithering ceremony of an offhand that's gonna really special though it will aid. That's gonna be really special it definitely will be of course we're having here on 957. The home lawyers a basketball but open up against a rockets of course Iraq is making a lot of move in the moves in the off season. They're did they eat a shift to their team just a bit. And a lot of people liked what they did. Oh man adding Chris Paul adding I'm PJ Tucker. At a few more players that have really just made them more personal and I think they have more depth of their team in the did last year we saw how they went out against the spurs James Hart and kind of just you know didn't have. The engine to really finished a series off now you have the point guard Chris Paul legitimately still topped five point guard in the league today for. It's gonna be a great series that all four games throughout the season. Oh yeah I mean it absolutely will be and I think. You know I see last year in game one at warriors taking on the spurs that did not go as planned it did it it did it was their first for a first regular season game with Kevin Durant. So I think this year I was at worst not about. I don't think so I think this is a way different mental that they're coming into this year they just won the championship confidence is at a different level to come off a championship run it really is I mean you can see how clay. Clay is all over the all right yeah of. It's a great season ever have a good timing plays in China clay bahama plague. Mail whatever way you need him to be able they. He's going to be there's so. Yeah I think they've all other all rested there are ready to go so October 17 will be the big day at home at oracle lawyer's opening up against the rockets of course. Just a couple days after that they hit the road back to back games right out of the gates here against the pelicans and then the grizzlies. What's I'm excited for because these are two teams that the warriors not disable. You know we're gonna have problems with but it's a different type of team that they're used to I mean they have. A big man oriented offense you go to New Orleans is looking at DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony data picture and you go to Memphis are going right back you know the man Marcus all. So I'm excited for the test. Boy you're still should win both games warriors are gonna be the best team this season we don't have much story about but it's good to get their challenge hurled. Absolutely and you know it could be a couple of challenges here it looks like at the end but November into his number. They got. Throughout the season they've got the lakers then off to Orlando Miami pelicans again. Charlotte Detroit so it looks like that's me one of their toughest. Road schedules of the season. And in including January they're gonna have 1414. Games in the month of January 09 games on the road. Dallas and Houston back to back and then they're going to allay I think that's gonna be a little tough game three game road trip. But ultimately John like I said even the six games on the road that they're going from November December I see them winning four to six DM I do I don't I don't see a series. That the warriors are going to be in the negative column I mean they're just the justice a complete team. A complete team adding Nick Young the offseason moves they made I mean earned attention for probably the best offseason goals. That's in great shape before but it's nice that we've got you know logic and all of that because that was one of the biggest questions huge question you know heading into you know the offseason and was he going to return and be part of the waiters in of course Kevin Durant take a pay cut I mean this team just smashes. It's almost like. Your so excited for this year because you reedy feel. We've got this for the next three to five years but don't be too confident on Dorsey not anything can happen of course not and it's nice to see that the legal listens to the teams a listened to the players listen to coaches we've got an earlier start this year with the season about a week earlier than normal October 17 as opposed to. Usually you know starting the season around 2829 and less hollow pre season games and less pre season game. Is really important because lesson when you don't wanna play. And you're forced to play that's meet her show so it's it's it's it's really Smart on Adam silver. To to listen to leak because he's a complaints that have been you know it's not the first time we wanted to start the season early in less receiving. Exactly and I think this is good for the players is different teams obviously they're paying attention more to teams resting players and they're looking a lot of that this season so it should be interesting of course it should be a lot of fun. If you're wondering when they're gonna take on the cab as well Merry Christmas leave plan and the lawyers at oracle on Christmas and then they will be taking on Cleveland Cleveland. In January says that as one of there nine games on the road should be a look at it I'm really looking forward to cannot wait Larry if you are cut off many probably cannot wait for the raiders' regular season to kick off deer car signing this made a contract in the off season. Raiders are ready to go Jack real apparently. One of the top two picks for head coach of the year as far as. What they can sustain right now Bill Belichick of course always kind of he pretty much is that coach how hard I see him. I coach the patriots at night and happened Vegas saint Jack Del Rio might be a candidate for coach of the year and the greater. Our fever in Vegas to win the Super Bowl. I guess they opened up when the betting opened up there are 21 and now as the season gets closer as kick off its closer. To their first game they're now 621 favorites to win the suitable that's what people are Benin putting their money in on the raiders to win the Super Bowl this year is it. So far distracts. Your eye he's seen their defense I mean I think I I don't say it is it's but it. It really is I think they're drinking the juice over the there on the cool lay down there in Nevada. They're driving the car. I mean Derek Karr has everyone excited of Gary Conley gets everyone excited is on the plane right now. And like you said the defense. It's still a question so was so when you have that looming behind you it's really hard to say your Super Bowl contender because you have other teams in the league right now that are fortified on both ends of the floor are both ends of the field. I mean I I I think it's surprising Blake I think there is also a lot of excitement in Vegas particularly for the raiders because they're moving there as well as in years. So I think people like he's going to be or team that starts or in the now. Hi Colleen I mean it's Smart on the fans pardon Vegas is parts you embrace the team that's gonna be players coming up but if you're better. Your money where it's gonna matter Britney from what I understand and I am not a gambler practices so I. The lottery that's about it 510 million by the way for the power. 5109 and so I'm my ticket night but that's why won't buy my ticket. This guy keeps going up they keep ticket money. All too large for the powerball dollar for me to. Forget but. You could be. And that the some of the guys that I doubt it's going to be I'm just gonna be on this a lot of with more routes it's going to be the flat all the dollars sure I was sick days you have a better on the readers going to Super Bowl this year than winning the power also view your money there hey it's probably a matter. Wednesday I would I and we were talking at the readers deep into second ago let's just a little bit on the niners defense. In their first pre season game get away and against Kansas City but a solid top line out but again these winds. Losses decreases we don't mean much we'll talk more about that regular season starts the solid us. I was impressed I mean look good he's the real deal yes in any us speed which I was surprised about I mean I didn't know much. On him coming into the season but I mean. Quick burst right yes yeah he let's get a little. Bit of concern here with the latest news linebacker and Foster diagnosed with a mild AC joint sprain. And this isn't his surgically repaired shoulder so yeah we're just hoping for a speedy recovery from mr. Foster I mean he. I really like who he is as a person that listens a lot of his interviews really very wholesome. I don't know much about it let's be honest with the outside of what I've seen. You know recently Bryant picked out a bit and now and then more importantly on the floor he produces you know as yes he looked that he looked at I heels he's limited at practice today. They are doing a joint practice with the Broncos this week as they get ready to take on the Broncos aptly buys a pre season on Saturday so. Little concerning without of course but it is pre season hopefully everything can get worked out before. The seas actually kicks off in a few weeks or just on the corner just around the corner regular season yeah I'm ready for you ready for the food elite. I am ready for different speeds of how sports dished it's neat. Well done it's we keep its key to being. Our voters and pretty good people of the time. But yeah I coming up in the sports is we're gonna talk about some of the new delicious items Levi's will be serving act this AM this is frank and tanks and that seven game. Highest out of frank well and this is a sports dish on 95 a seven game are right if you love food and you love sports and this is the podcast and show for you. Do you like the ballpark next. I do like the ballpark do you like going to the teens hanging out to get a hot. I will not get a hot out at Levi would you buy when he goes to game eighteen here at the. I I I deal with without cheese with the doubt she's outs all of the article so all okay. I'm just an animal products guide post your vegetarian I try my best and put it like Cecil fun matter ball park. Which we will be talking about candies you know a little bit suspicious I will keep it to you know foods that come out of the ground sustainable food bread. The data. Right full well coming up on the sports is right now we talk about ballpark food safety Roth a but the new food items at leave eyes and chick filet at falcons do you stadium that there is a catch to that and she knows. Cheerios Serb opening creative way. Right so the Major League ballpark food safety rankings are out and I love going to the ballpark and being that we are in San Francisco we have. The giants played AT&T we Austin the Oakland a's who plea at the coliseum. And I were a Mecca for food here with this is the best place were spoiled we have one of the best culinary options here in the Bay Area B. On spoil the type of restaurant chefs. We talk about that all day. You can't go wrong here and it reflects in our ballpark I'll be honest as the at eighteen team ourselves in the coliseum. Recently the coliseum bust out those tracks this year that's a great idea. But X wrap up parking at eighteen tee you're gonna definitely. This might run in the back of your mind and I think don't eat the food but just think twice you never know your food is coming from. Apparently they rank indeed ballparks based on food safety and eight teen ranked in the middle. 1414. Not as bad and not that good but not horrible but not horrible not horrible the policy. Guess guess for the coliseum Kaman and beat the can 25 that's when leases second to last. How he came in second to last regards to safety. And the neverland ballpark in regards to safety when it comes to the food is Safeco Field where the spine. With the Mariners play yes so here's the observations the it's based down on like broken equipment evidence of the road in these are violations that they caught at some of these things of course there's critical violations citations of things like spread of food borne illnesses that may have spread. Maybe an inspector. It wasn't their correct violation but scenes risk factors and things like that so you got to keep all that in mind. That's what they went by when they tested this and this is data from Sports Illustrated of twenty in local health departments it was compiled and shared with that so Safeco Field only five total violations. That's pretty impressive for the whole year. Very impressive and one of it was critical. Mean. Somebody got in the on this earth like wrote in Brian you know that there is vermin. Problem man. Evidence of Burma and around so. Basically Seattle did set the league's standard and again it was clips that they are never won by a landslide and their only victory was for food health. Food held at an improper temperature. So you know you wanna deftly makes street pay attention to that spot in the world to minor violations recited for heat pencil stored improperly. And then. There's 2016 inspection was not too bad at last year's results for worse overall so it got a little bit better. On this year but you can enjoy all those grasshoppers they serve there with. Lasso a staggering. 100 in. Five critical violations into doubt that you GG ducked out of the it's another seventy. It's. 41 total violation a 105 critical Tropicana Field do you people Tampa Bay Rays people enjoying your game. Maybe. It hit. Ten year we were not eating not storing their food properly there's a lot of single anonymous there. Basically to food entities that catering kitchen and Beasley standout sections and three at three tallied over twenty violations each. Violations range from the observed presence of live insect Steve black mold accumulating inside a little while nice being in the up. That's really bad as old as terrible Tampa Bay as terrible Tropicana Field get it together but I guess it's not say much for the coliseum because. They came in at 27. Now most of the coliseum get this has gone on an expected for this season so far but a total 49 food intrigue and Indies have been investigating using data from 2016 on board. Nearly every stand had at least one violation so everywhere you got food nurturing at the coliseum at least one health code violation. 60% had at least one critical violation. That's more than half. Of the food stands there things were for the most part pretty bad there were signs of vermin AK erode and food captain unsafe temperatures. Hand washing facilities in ill repair and it caught my least apparently was four facilities. Not equipped with sanitation measurement testing equipment so. And Connie does not specify inspector observation but we do know that the policy needs to step it up on a lot of things apparently. Safety is one ounce of 63 critical violations. And a 131. Well we've got to do better we got to do about it. As we love food out here in the game people support their team so we. You have people that really go to every game. And they went and he gets older and he you know he wanna be able you're eating his hot dog safely. So it's part came right in the middle number fourteen. A little higher than the middle to be exact but. A league high. A hundred intent individual food entry establishes it establishments were inspected at eighteen tee in April of 2017 so. And it all the ballparks. In that they tested at all Tony ballparks AT&T has the knows the options. Under intend individual food entry establishments which is not surprising about when the best. Varieties when you little ballpark it's really fun. On to try to culinary options there are so the city published published this general violations rather than individual observations so this limit. The specificity of imports the one of the most common was an adequate and inaccessible hand washing facilities. That people handing you feud with dirty hands. On eight instances of vermin infestation and one high risk six moderated. The most recent actions show a sharp uptick in total stance with at least one critical violation. And in 2014. Act over par from ESPN found that only 4% of the Kennedys at AT&T had a critical violation. That numbers now over 9% so they've gotten worse and gotten worse I wonder why I don't know 56 critical violations 88 in time and you know they have. Have added a few more restaurants because I I when I first came to AT&T park I was a freshman in college in 2013. And they did have the writing they do now now they down and would more food does come more problems yes. Your picture but you know if you if you restaurants. You expect that restaurant to be cleaned up not cute I mean you're eating their food you expect that to wash his hands you expect. They're to be no rodents running around where you eat these things it's it's outdoor it's hard to control stuff like that night. Some house seat clintons could jobless. Weekends oh coliseum. I am not gonna hunter in a look at it yeah. If that's not gonna go to the ball games and enjoy the culinary options but I am definitely going to I think twice move with caution you at proceed with caution will announce that you guys absolutely well. Stadiums were not part of the ballpark food safety rating that was strictly for baseball state or baseball ballparks I. There is just eating clothes I'd ask Lee Brice stadium which that the coliseum is part of the readers opening them back. That Lee Brice stadium is. They just hosted all aid in the event that featured Alton new food items of times at nine fans can expect to see this sentence though. New additions to concession stands this year include star Burt chicken. Red rooster tacos and the or panic. Of course tracks from off the grid will be Indy faithful mile where fans Philippines before the gains. One thing that sticks out that I'm very excited about current pattern elect I it's neck. Okay I'm not a huge thing I can handle some for him liken him a Sampras yet less dairy. I feel nailed it after like consistency of yogurt is too like he gets too thick. I have to agree bright and we mean up ice cream ice free apps right IKEA I Gore's thinking. But yogurt frozen yogurt is much lighter to me lighter tasting it looks like it's just they. Don't feel that in your stomach words if it's a little bit better for you in general my notes I mean as I think it's a Michael work that things like that. So they now have a for robot. It is a robot edition of frozen. Yogurt. OK I'm kind of X I've never seen before that's cool and only on the levels for the premium tickets. All there they go class is that it's a big asked me out to nick I area but. Maybe we can sneak in lending do little feature on the sports dished we go check it out by the app frozen yogurt robot called a fro by. And state officials say some of the new ideas Kane street firms surveyed thousands of fans asking what they liked. What they did what they wanna see and that's what they. That's the best way to go about it as the should be fine we'll definitely get out to Levi's and check some of that out now the falcons have a new stadium. This year and one of the great things idea I think they're doing is that. They are offering a lot of their food options entry options at very reasonable prices so this looks amazing. I haven't seen it but I've heard some spectacular stores it's unreal it's associate of the art it just looks. Amazing it's got this retractable group but it kinda opens like a lens of the camera. It's pretty it's pretty critical need deftly to go online looking up it's really really interesting how they did this and looks like a lot of fun. But they're trying to price up their hands and we know so like a Beers gonna be at four box. You get hot dogs for around two dollars I mean they're really doing a good job so one food items that they will be offering is. Customer service that took place excellent aid that's I've now excellent I've actually twice because there's not one near me. OK oh and in no way out in the day. They're not a commodity like that now there's not a lot of them I think there's one or two an east bay prize mean if that. I think I think the one I wish she was actually in Southern California near Palm Springs. So. It's very good apparently as far as like fast food chains go it's one of the better when it's like right up there with and now am the user or an oil oil to cook their fry a lot healthier right good options. They are a day I believe a Christian based company so they do not open on Sundays. They believe have not they want their placed her on some days. I had mixed emotions about this on the falcons. Here's a stick to that at the stadium so when you kind of hit on a Sunday. At about in the stadium chicklet will be there it's like counties you don't get an because you have closed on Sundays they're gonna stick to their. You know this stick to their guns and not change the days at the open and close their gonna keep at the same for every franchise and now that. The falcons. Know that coming in that I mean in pat have been part of the contract negotiations. Everyone knows chick filet is closed on Sunday. I guess I mean if you if your regular visitor you know it would not everyone you're right if you're not familiar with the chain but. I don't wanna go to the game to be disappointed. I don't wanna go see chick filet and no I can't. You can't have it I mean and with the falcons have a Thursday night game against the saints on December 7 chick flick fans if you're going to be out there. It does not out is there could relate it's going to be a bag on Thursday night you're like. You get to rather delicious chicken sandwiches and their franchise. Picked and canola oil. But here's the thing to you there are gonna be each events. And stuff happen mean other days on a Friday or Saturday at the steamy true so Agassi at the receding Mercedes-Benz. Stadium that's what it's called so I DN sorry. I'd say options it's not the end of the world but you'll definitely won't seat at a football game very often. Atlantic united home games and there are two college football games ever Labor Day weekend. I am sure some concert are X while on October 12. I'm searches. I'm sure it's an eclectic that and a you know there's more of them. Oh definitely down there yet down south down south man west where the lot of people who like country music everywhere you go yeah exactly self. To explain okay you got your name out there funny. Is. Some news or locked they do they do they can't of the rookies named by founders and beer Ricky you mr. act. His name's mark helpful Q and he would not picnic he would not go to Boston if they did have that there was he's very specific he was very specific and heat let's to play yeah. Deer car. Big fat chick filet it fail I let it all because one of the first questions they asked him. When he signed his new contracts he could do the money so good to hope I get a. It's the fifth. If you go back in the day when you step basketball camps chick filet it was always a go to Neill for us from really I think because they did like a group thing when you had keys on that camps you know and they give us a chicken sandwich a little thing of Fries and rule. Good to go the rest of the day. I'm accents are right well out of this makes sense to a lot of you buy it kind of makes cents to make and die. Tito's pop up restaurants in New York City this just happened and apparently it's sold out with reservations with a six hours of offering them. Eight it was any art fashion and there was a thousand people on the wait list just in case anyone decided not to show up but and Burrell who is a very popular chef on the Food Network. She's got also a couple of restaurants in new York and she's a slippery shaft her and Chester cheated teamed up with a pop up. Restaurants focused on she knows. Be everything on the menu had some sort of cheat oh element so for example there was plate she Mac and cheese. She dozed Swede knows which is salt of Carmel that. Apparently that was a big big big hit I'm reading Hillary right now yeah in. So one of the guy weighs at SI eats actually went and tested out the food and said it did not disappoint there's these cookies that are dipped in that she goes smears assault at Carmel and and it's that delicious Osce said he cheat as sweet as apple crates were amazing. I did not expect that now I'm not achieve those fan but this is cool this is this just creative is creative. We talked about this on the dame every show I am actually had to go by baggage he is currently there are good. They're good now hired a favor style of like a regular puffy cheat as. Kids who Blackmon yeah I liked what he once in two I don't like little skinny ones of now I don't let my French either I like her and she like the puffy but the hot Fries yeah. Undefeated for a undefeated it's just it's just touted C. Read fingers yeah I now that's by about the hot one spoke up fired cheated and am just like the whole bag and get two handfuls. And right is in its in UT the union the it's not it's at spicy and talkies are spicier all its. Which I gave me talkies and school iso I was mad I was like yeah this is a mouth is on phone as one of the snack. I got like psyche of worried about them but they're pretty easy. Hey you know you never know. What you gonna get when you hear her restaurant beg to being a pop restaurant and it's all you know surrounded and inspired by cheetah yeah I would be concerned I would really like. Try it but I don't know if I'm gonna like it but apparently the guy give it to be plus so think you from SIE it's for testing this out. Will be like that is just worst dish that was fun. That was really fun that it worked and Vanessa yes I love talking about all the fun things with sports and food is there still much of it but. Tweets of the week on Franklin tanks and if I point seven again. Welcome back to break up I 957. Game I'm Gionta Franken along with the nick brown and it is on maternity leave hopefully you enjoyed our sports dish. I'm speaking nick Reid to tweets of the week right now we're gonna keep up with this on right here. Guys he Eddie who is a big star on the Food Network I'm huge fan I'm a huge chance you got about at least spot shields he has to do so many shows he's got me diners drives all treasury games Netflix yet he's got a solution that just he just like I Stanley road trip. Always has oldest son and let my luck I liked it's Q it's really really que les from center as a bodies huge warriors fan and he's a huge re fan apparently. I feared he'd takes Marshawn Lynch to flavors generators practice raiders treated this out actually pose a set on 957 game dot com seeking check it out as well. But he hung out at raiders' practice is having a lot of fun. The raiders tweeted that's flavored town all they act I he Eddie and am money lynch. Top chicken in Napa as a pointed out when others can't tree camps up in Napa so and it's unclear how hospitals go with fear is chicken at this moment but Hampshire. If you can do cheater is an arrest on EPD Skittles on chicken. Owing you know football players they'll eat anything in front of them they will in any and it looked like him in Marshall homers I haven't muscle converse I city's huge fan raiders or is number one team I think that was awesome maybe marsh and getting some tips from guy who is a restaurant owner because Marshall that is on restaurant now be sedated so maybe he's got some more talk to right off the field as well. All right let's suck a little bit about Kevin her rants tweaks. This is pretty funny so. Ke hunt came to the defense of LeBron James Eddie warriors forward exchange tweets with the rapper little picky. On Wednesday scene that the cavs can't treat a legend of course this was in response the rappers ain't Cleveland should trade LeBron. Many breakdown of the tweets opener so little Vicky first. If I'm Cleveland I'm 1000% tree brought. Kevin direct replies you can't treat a legend he is Cleveland he gets to hold the cards d'etat. Little Dickey. He did it they won if I can't. I despise Gilbert for a variety of reasons if I'm Gilbert I'm getting something back this time he'd gone. Can Brad says Ifill would you say most owners think that way but then you realize it's lunch with. A point. And then it absolutely he says I know it's IDC is left for Cleveland got them one but he is warranted disdain for ownership is gonna cost them another championships I'd blow it up. For heat as in Kim Brandt says last time he left they got like three number one picks so either way they are on it it's very true. And a yes so just her back story can dram little Nicky are friends very close low Dickey Bay Area. Bay Area guy get you. Is I've seen his videos and it's like pretty funny he's like a rapper slash comedian because he's funny to whom I know I know he's prefect started out as. He. Advertising for a little bit but he was a comedian in any kind of did this rapper TUN says it has its were not released enough for himself. Funny little exchange on Twitter between LeBron and little Dickey. Since we are talking about rappers who closed the show with us so the other gaining my son was point superheroes and he decided to opt in yes as a falcon. He decided make daddy the villain and so he kicked daddy. In an acts is no better way to say it kick daddy in the nether regions still Phil and you still filming and so natural reaction and not a guy gonna guess matter. Jian. There is not a single worst pain that I've felt in this world and getting kicked. In the Netherlands and in the region. In the nether regions so my husband's reaction was literally quote. My three year old heard that on eleven music but he ran back to the badger and he thought it was in trouble. And he tells his older brother you know hey Getty we record me as he let he's like he's he's into being videotaped. Now he's the policy to Jenner he's a star -- he does he love singing he lets lets up but never heard of Davis to be decided to buster. He wrapped he literally wrapped and beat box. About the and the incident that happened he says. On the kick. On the kicker I kick my head hit the net. Acts are just estimated that 30 (%expletive) talk about which is like baseball and keep it in the body. I'm a little bit horrified at the fact that he repeatedly Pete said. But kids do their own well anybody has no idea what he's seeing none kind of proud and impressed I've listening about and it's. I I don't as a mom but it's really funny I thought it was funny and we're gonna he would you guys stink is well we're gonna drop that right now here. Yeah. OK. Hey. Okay. I. I. I. I. I can go. And taking it. I.