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Franco & Kags Podcast
Tuesday, August 15th

Today on the podcast we Introduce the "Sports Dish". While most of you might be familiar, we are now bringing this expericne to the podcast as well as introducing a new part of the show. You do not want to miss this! 


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It's out of frank thinks her hang out this today are right typically I open the show with how it's Franco and cash exams Rihanna I'm. And it is not here are still she's on maternity leave week. Miss her dearly but we're so excited. To welcome Andy brandy member the 957 game family Lucas. And everything going on tactic top and it today and she is just in baby note haven't get time being good mommy and recovery in rest dean. So hopefully should be back by early October and I got my partner in crime. Back at my side but until then we've got some stuff for doing here on Franco in tags and on this stitch. What's the sports tissue ask well it's a podcast and show the idea for 957. And if you love the food if you love sports that you gonna of the sports dish the goal is to find some of the fun and exciting food options at a local ballparks. Or maybe there's a restaurant that offers the best hot wings and town has hot wings are stable at any and it felt a pop party. Just you know anytime sports and to collide at this is what the sports to show about is about. In addition to that we will be featuring some of your favorite sports figures and celebrities. Where they have an opportunity to dish on anything everything from life there job is what they're doing and on and off the court and of course. Families and sued because again sued. Is kind of everything that brings together when you say nick food and music I can do anything or some food C go anywhere. That is Nick Brown everyone he is our producer for frank on tags and he also is helping to birds. I can't talk they help to produce this next cell I'm attract his email and brown had in common dot com so if you have any ideas or suggestions. Or maybe you aren't the best master driller in the Bay Area and you just throw it down at Taylor gates. And on Sundays for football than he contests. Aegis and nick an email because we would love to feature you on the sports day. Would love to have you on. Food is for everybody and we wanna enjoy it. We deal like for example the niners are actually holding and media event today. Nick an average rights feud were at deftly get out there to Levi stadium to feature all this great need food that. You know every year stadiums and ballparks and changed little but I do they're offering you food and it they are doing a media event featuring some of their new offerings this year. Apparently the organic to off the grid red reassert. Orient hum shop shall Lamar restaurant center played starving chicken and these are all new food features. That are going to be at Levi say this year for the niners season. And what you love about the day areas of variety I mean you have so many coaches out here I mean you just name. 0456 different food time I know right it's exciting. Spoilt Brosseau like a culinary met me you know I mean every they this place that beats Agassi ever Cisco in New York they own it when it comes to restaurants on every Cisco even a little bit more. When we when it comes like having the best culinary I'm not in New York a lot but I you have no complaints right I love it here I love everything about food it's so good at an everywhere you go there are some then tasty and different and created on the many and you know our stay here try to reflect that if you ever at a ballgame AT&T park you can have anything from Matt. Crab sandwich. Too hot doc. To the garlic Fries chili garlic Fries would start to die for this. Not this says Sanford just the Bay Area like garlic I look for those are very gets so yeah I mean again if you love sports you love food and you're absolutely gonna love this show and podcasts out. We're deftly and get down to leave eyes to check that out for sure the raiders apparently happy those epic tailgate we experienced that last year we definitely do that we'll certainly be visiting that throughout is an FLC's then and help we have it's really fun and exciting guests on now if you haven't had a chance to check out the show we do have some episodes ardea. Log on I 957 game dot com and check it out just scroll down on air click on the sports dish and you can sign. All the latest episode the blogs in fact Marquette keen. As are even against some sports dish he talks about lady enjoys eating the like on and off the season while check that out guys big animal foods chicken. App for you remained in fact when we did the interview he was sitting down getting ready to have breakfast adding pancakes eggs at some rest. Oh yeah so everybody loves it on needed and it's delicious. We are gonna definitely implement this as part of Franco and tags so and a dad is a blog called the film buff so any being that house to do with film and sports for example there's a new movie coming out with Nnamdi Asomugha as the director while now on the non B from being part of the readers. He's customary to carry Washington AJ Olivia Pope on AB scandal one of my favorite shows to Politico. He's terrific if you watch the show you know what a gladiator is and not in the gladiator. Anyway he stopped by ninety facet of the game and he was on what Fontaine and pop but talking about his upcoming movie. I believe it's called Crown Heights I believe this compromise who we're gonna knock analysts now he had done I think I'm pretty sure you can go online and look at but. For example when things like that pop up and it will be all over it she's got a film buff so if it's involve being your favorite sports athletes or favorites sports celebrities. And film and TV and that kind of stuff that's kind of her things so she will definitely include all that in the film subsidies or two segments. That we will be offering as part of our Franco and tags podcast. It's cool clinic is gonna take it up announcement not only offering the pod cast the will be to videos as well. Yes our new Franklin Carrey's YouTube channel we're gonna debut the first episode of the sports this today. So you guys come check it out check it out please try to get some more subscribers to the page. But if you guys wanna I wanna peek ahead in and watch all the episodes like John said earlier you can just had right to not a five point seven game dot com or to your YouTube page. Yes that we have a sports issue to page also so just you have lots of ways to finance so please finest check it out you'll have a good time. Some things we featured so far we have we went out for a's opening day and featured all of us some of the new. That attracts a long night and up Mikey says it's fun having it checked out there. There you how I haven't been now I now know you have to get out they're just experience kind of the differences they've made Ian having to trick you more food options does. Let's be honest this is an errant talk about next week. Gaussian. It is it like bill what anybody over what becomes of the adoption there really not a word and it's a sign actually just Thursday yet there apparently is a recent article that came out that. Breaks the baseball. Parks across the nation by clintons like eat up to clean up our technical in this report and they would at all year down and the days did not fare so now say that she kind of scored in the middle they did I think they were they were actually I think it the second from the middle of the teams we're gonna have the complete list and there's yet and we'll find out who scored the top. Baseball clean delicious guys might surprise that the regardless really yeah. All right Alison separate dine out onto an eye you know eat insects has become a craze well Lance and eats. Crickets for snacks because it's filled with lots of routine and apparently Safeco Field offers grasshoppers. Called up penis as a snack like heat at people probably Pete at snake. So I invited on data gonna try to happiness with me grasshopper caucus. And we did at a local restaurant here at San Francisco so you can see all about that what we thought of it. On the sports station house event eighteen team we featured the guardian we had a great interview with the Lexus and she's married to. Hunter Pence and she's also part of let's get Maxi. User on YouTube channel she's kind of YouTube sensation she's really fine he's very outgoing and and should a lot to say also became the current stance and it'll blow. Gas so hot sign it check it out the sports issue of finance and bison in dot com and on YouTube and FaceBook Twitter on fine kind of fun stuff anything. And Cassidy with food and sports we will cover so we're excited and all these new things are offering here. Stay attached or Twitter pages to our we're going to be dropping a lot of stuff today. But just trying to give people what they want sought to do rose this is this is a great time to be a sportsman great toll food. It is and so of course we're not and it you know step away from some are staples your frequent tags we'll still have in case you missed it we will. Talk niners and raiders you know coming up talk about gearing up for the season. Of course we'll have the analysis of the raider of the lawyers there season schedule is out taken on the rockets for the first game of the season October 17. And in what they're not talking about is the back to back right after that would New Orleans and Memphis I'm excited for that. It should be on the road. Well steer they have the spurs their first game and that did not go as planned that was of any kind of spoiled what we I was going to be. It turned out to be but it just kind of you know it tarnished the beginning of the Kevin Durant year right where they made up for. It did but it was it was a blessing in disguise because I think as soon as they lost that game. In their in their in their mentors like focus on the work where it's almost like OK so we can move says it can't be too easy yeah it never seen. Now he got to work a little bit for and they did and brought some championship and we an amazing prayed here we had at all we covered it from all the law here and and if I seven. Became so that was a lot of fun but of course continue to talk about the lawyers the niners. The readers the giants the aids all the sports at you know and love and all the crazy stories we find that happened behind the scenes. Off the field of the antics all of these and a sports figures and celebrities do when they're out about sell everything you love about Franklin tags with just a little bit more. Including some more coverage when it comes to food. And. I'm excited states in for Thursday were dropping our. First episode in a while right two weeks two weeks and hopefully. Talks and it today and I ink in a couple weeks she's gonna make Cammie blow a little welcome back firm minute. Now you know when she gets she had a baby so I can expect to do much Nazis superhero but we can't expect too much that's right. All right so sinus online again and ID 57 game at dot com he could I'm edgy on the underscore Franco and Twitter. On if if I'm Jennifer on its Graham and face that. And nick and brown @entercom.com. Equity Twitter and beyond just meet please any suggestions for the sell anything you guys might wanna see or hear from. Just let us know what we're we're here for Uga S they are and we that you enjoy the show and have fun and again send your suggestions in. And especially I really really wanna know who is the like most bad ass curler there you know wow he's quite the eighties is a smoker town and act he's he can handle some meat. I've heard some stories about it on me yes he can pretty. He's an eleven yard goes to get a grilling secrets on this course is first her okay it's a extradited as we talk to guys there and.