49ers opener, Bonta Hill and Joe Shasky get you ready for Week 1 In Minnesota

Tuesday, September 11th
Bonta and Joe set the table for the opener vs the Vikings.

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You heading. Breaking down these. Is it goes without. Here are your hopes on whose real angels yesterday. I am fired up to be back here on overtime Jill Chatzky to butcher boy. John Kirby super producer here and and he buys and the game and yours truly bought. I'm fired up the season is finally here. Yet definitely week one against the playoff team on the road phenomenal stadium great. Front seven for the Minnesota Vikings lots of skill position weapons and the quarterback who you might. I have pursued hagee and not had Jimmy go problem in the full and Kirk cousins you gotta be fired up at your reporting higher than 2018. Is set to be a fun season. Audits is gonna be a far exceeded a lot of hype and of course it all starts with the golden boy the hotshot quarterback. Jimmy grove couple who signed a five year deal a 137 point five million dollars and we'll talk about the gear tees here 61 billion in the first two years and the 49ers do have an opt out but that's not why we're here we're here today to break down his game against the vikings gets a team that made in this Egypt Egypt a game away from missile control in their own miles they got blown out and they went out made a move for Kirk cousins 84 million dollars guaranteed and are stacked all around but we got to start with the vikings defense and how cubicle rob bloke and attacked his chief it's here without jerk McKenna and one fortunately torn ACL in just the last. The last play of practice on Saturday afternoon PD ready some are gonna roll and without remorse and Matt Rita at the running back position but core solo is back rookies go when there towards kills back separated shoulder. How do to 49ers are cubicle Rob Lowe attacked ST his butcher boy. Well first up picking up offered Morse was a shrewd move. By the front office I thought it was a great acquisition these guys familiar in the offense great patience great vision. And what impressed me the most about that game against the Indianapolis Colts with his peak he's still got great creature who and I like I. Right now no we really did it cut backs look awesome I really liked our offensive line dominated I thought that they were very cohesive his patience with how the author of why was setting up poll. The key for me in this game it's gotta be two guys its Jamie grapple low against their all pro safety Harrison smell I wanna see how Jimmy can move this safety week is I. I wanna see how they can exploit. That back 56. Guys that they got back here in that second here because clearly the front seven for Minnesota is in the leaked Dominic. Group we saw it on first preceding image into cowboys this offense so lined up pushed around we could not move cannot get outside zone blocking team. (%expletive) how Shanahan staple we could not get that going this front seven like butcher boy just said is going to be the keys they success for Minnesota Vikings the offensive line. It was not to show up for. The niners come Sunday. Yet you talk about Mike what went to his first game he's got to go look at speed rusher in the L. Under Dave Neal Connor everybody looks like Danielle but his game he'll honor he's a speed rusher off the ads will involve Joseph Sheila Richardson in the middle there in the interior blown up BA gas and of course you got any Ann Emerson Griffin who's more power Russia here but also about the wind doctor Anthony Barr Bob Mueller hammer he's gonna use. More so this season as a rusher here for Jimmy girl below due to ball up quick now you look at secondary your Britain Minnesota Vikings and talk about them. Being one and more well rounded teams in the NFL secondary despite Terence Newman and sect beat you when your soul. He just retired. But they still have great corners you're Xavier world's trade winds Roberta painful talk about them just second MacKenzie Alexander young man out of Clinton why loved it in my cubes rookie hero who Minnesota drafted high. On the secondary can't be beat they're intimidating. Police all three decrease is a last year in their bars and laugh at me when I say this but trade winds we've seen over and over since he's come since he's come out of Michigan State. He can be beat here I think that's a god afforded a little circle. And her breaking down your benefit declare looking okay tray wins number 26 how do we go out and that's a guy we can attack it try to score some points if I Minnesota's defense. You know you hate to make comparisons to the pre season the last few the 49ers played in week during the most important preachers who is right they play the vikings and I wonder licked a mop deeply intense you know Carlos Hyde lit them up and now that they pass catcher out of the backfield. I really looking to two things are looking Kyle Shanahan how can you exploit. The passing game with the running backs in the tight ends in this game. How can you play against these these linebackers that are very good can he get them over playing misdirection things like that I want to get Texas route Carlos Hyde does not have the hands of of a map reader -- had better ads can you get him out of spaced out in the flat against one on one with these linebackers the other guy and I'm looking for is your arsenal and I want to know if this team and Palestinian inching in here to do with this offense Tina wrote some no huddle and get these sub packages off the field. Get Minnesota gaffes you know they have any leak. Front seven but if they're out there for 5678. Straight plays without a chance to substitute do they get a little wind it can you gash them that way. You talked about last the pre season game last week three dress rehearsal everybody's gain playing in the first it's simulating game basically. And 49ers are the first two possessions in a game. Told a 106 is having art of bird strike and it was five place every nine yards bright lawyer it's more keys do we beat beat beat figure world here if you're Smith for some reason. Split it right passage murals and political garter Ty and was to drag. And we talked about the Texas wrote or Carlos and also appear or shall know when I get straight way today game. Recharge the sultry Angela your personal it resulted in the re PR counsel receptions here so you can move the ball gets the vikings deep if that's the fastest. The other pitcher they'll blow you want but we saw Charles Davies two in the afternoon delight he brought this up and I went back the wants to stop ours the last six quarters in the playoffs. The vikings beat it's got. Exploited. Warren saint came back and rally in Philadelphia Eagles what the polls. Would the vikings up all day long here at Torrey Smith the house are Jeffrey toward a recent. Not right so you can beat the vikings defense he put too. What yeah you know the other got a really looking for an you have to be healthy George kettle. Can't George Kilby and X-Factor if not that I relying. On Brent Celek and I think I would rather have as an inline blocker you saw it in the Indianapolis game. He set up a lot of plays for Al for more on that cup back he really sealed the defense event and when you have. Pass rushers you need to keep that extra tight end. In there to help out Robinson mark but the key is always going to be the same for this 49ers team it's not the tackles on the outside it's left guard center right guard can they protect up the middle Cassini is a little shorter he likes hold onto the ball right I can not get Jamie hit early in this game and often I need him standing upright. Throwing the ball downfield making plays. And just to see how Kyle Shanahan is gonna respond to this could whoop who has. Palestinian coach in the past Kirk cousins Kirk cousins knows this offense. He can't tell me not sprints and secrets to Mike Zimmer on what how late you look how does want to do is going to be interesting to see when it's can become a test match wouldn't. Zimmer knows what 'cause gonna do how how goes about going to differ went. Perfect Segway here you brought up a name John currently Kirk cousins the guy who a lot of people. Had to come to San Francisco last year and I know Kyle Shanahan. With that times a little disappointed that he didn't get his hands are Kyle Shanahan again he talked to the Bay Area meeting today. Talked about how he's rooting for Kirk cousins and he's glad he's out of Washington but talking about Kirk cousins a guy. Who can't accurately he does have good deep ball accuracy bookmobile at the mobility here fellas I think this forty niners Castro's American the deepest position. On the forty niners and it's a shocker here. Because deep at the line look at the deeper to line they have and they can get to this quarterback you're Kirk doesn't because Minnesota is weakness we talk about them being one of the best teams in the NFL but the one glaring weakness is the offensive line in if you watched football all week and we watched college football who wants to patrols to golf for the blind here as a trickle down effect. If they're not have to protect it they're winning the line of scrimmage winning at the point of attack. It can wreck and also it's lucky that's where does 49ers defense can really look this game. When you look at Booker who we date can be an all pro this year Solomon Thomas saw a lot of improvement here a little hot got Malcolm and in week one I wasn't so much culminates in a pre season butcher boy and a free one of gonna get the start here I believe the forty minutes from seven. Can control this game. And pull all the outset here are gonna pull off the upset that the wind up there out front at the line of scrimmage. What I would hear absolutely spot on when you draft three consecutive years defensive lineman in the first round. I need to start seeing dividends and I think this is the game we're gonna seed coming out party of not just to force Buckner. But Solomon Thomas there's a few bright spots from the Indianapolis Colts game I know the colts. Offensive line right porous I get that but there's a certain things wind solid tallest kept engaging with his linemen. Denny disengaged and spliced throw it may apply I said wow that's the second tier type of a play. That when you're when you're an elevated player in your second year you're making those plays before he just seemed get. Tackled to the ground I don't offensive linemen now RC they got spry enough to make that secondary play. Let's not forget. Kirk cousins does not move well to the left into the writer and Kirk cousins does not wanna throw the ball away he is not gonna try to take it deep shots and when you don't think. It deep shots what's the the point of having stepped on digs what's the point of having England if you're not gonna rip the ball deep I don't like Kirk cousins in this match up and I think the one way to really bother him. Is to get pressure right up the middle and I expect a fourth Buckner Julian Taylor I. I expect Eric Armstead to actually have a big game this week I really am I am looking at this defensive front and the other guy that I'm looking at. I think he's gonna come out at these guys have a great game. Fred Warner pool hot I'd look for Fred war I watched him again in the Indianapolis game this guy I was in the actually making plays left and right. Basketball court I love the app. Athleticism. I love the instinct and love the way he ports. Down the ball carrier and obviously John Curley to foreign arms why the play the first two games without linebacker route to Foster who blows people up and remember last year and a pre season game week three that was his coming out party. First play from scrimmage on and off the desire for Minnesota they Dorado will drop of Duffy cook he gets blown up by former Foster. But Fred Warner is gonna get the start to see a lot of brought corneal. That this morning actually still. It's pornography and still believe I have enough to stop the vikings run now debacle. He's explosive combo are material coming off an injury here in the secondary but to a boy I'm glad I got to figure two plus ski star. Ager Colbert I like these guys is hitters but in pass pro pass coverage is me how to get a hold up your views about this you know he's not. Bombs that the vikings were brought out here now the fun digs nerves Adam the win as John Curley mr. Kyle Rudolph who applied for wells element happier Fella is the big guys who complain it's slot. The vikings in it Richard Sherman I would like from my favorite. What German embassy here and what you saw in the Indianapolis game into luck is afraid to go his what I want to pass and interment broken up and if if anything if Sherman out there on an aisle and your refusing to throw in his direction that makes the field smaller makes it easier to defend. I don't mean Sherman to be the all pro elite player from the jump I need him to I had. Out the fear of god that the curtain content to where he doesn't want to rip the ball in his direction. And I think that that makes things easier for that young secondary right those young safeties that are around a big key is fifth wrap up. I mean it's out okay for the metal part of the game but I need aging Colbert told wrap up I need to coffee cart to wrap up and guys we haven't brought this up yet. I think we've got the most dynamic special teams. You know how big you know I'll here's why 49ers and that's an element everybody's gonna talk while the offense the defense and the quarterbacks and rightfully so I think this game is going to be won and lost early in this game. By a kick return you see it every year and we want you special teams unit doesn't get a lot of opportunity to the podium got taped and it is about the big splash finally now I do and I know Minnesota historically have a good special teams. This is the most dynamic. Trio of kick returner the niners are patting ears trick Taylor Ricci James Andy. NCAA. Broken record that there returner in Dante past the second round pick that you're gonna try to squeeze that limit what I expect it's forty niner team to have excellent special teams don't sleep on all I usually. All I'm back kick return coverage as well. DJ agreed don't forget about him really like him he may be back there returners and kick also as well. To our program back to the 49ers defense here are the butcher boy makes great points or Richard Sherman. Just having that presence out there the pulpit to make these remic hello Weatherspoon make it easier on tart. And Colbert here and he made a great point about tackling because what sticks out to me when you talked about and it's Apple's what happened at a Houston Texans game. Selling tickets is a slat Colbert misses a tackle the play goals and forty yards he did not wanna miss tackles he gets his vikings team darker. And look at the last big memory that we have us upon dates was a miracle Minnesota missed a tackle this tackles I think that exactly paint I'm not gonna like guys. I'm really curious and there's only week it's a sound like a pretty we can't tell if this season ago. Because you have the F Colbert in your avatar people who tackling their missiles for their star Lauren heads is that Costa diners at some point in this game. OK Juan Williams this is the guy you're relying on in the slot and a half and played a whole lot in the pre season he's been battling injury but when this guy plays he's going to be lined up against out of England and that is their number one receiver when it comes to. You see agent targets in rates have been forgotten. Has an injury himself because I've got given panacea I'm looking at him and I'm monitoring you know how they gonna utilized this guy. I'm very interested to see the matchup between K Juan Williams and Adam even in the slot. This is overtime podcast. Just jet ski to butcher boy John currently sponsoring hill here in 957 game we're breaking down vikings' forty now irons 49ers in week one. Kick off at 10 AM is gonna be fun Kevin Burkhardt on the call what Charles Davis on this day it's it's good to have football back here and the 49ers coming off of spy game winning streak at the end it's way seventeen. A lot of momentum to fan base is going bonkers right now the bandwagon it's full here and they get it tests right out of the gate he gets the vikings where Super Bowl aspirations and did believe that our quarterback away from doing big piece here health club all of coordinator John. Was or. He was great with the Philadelphia Eagles last year and a little concerned about because I do believe butcher boy. Tests for two storm and some say okay. A couple tossed weaves his way let's see how it plays are run here didn't. Bull bull bull we're gonna test and debug duking Kirk cousins take some shots deep repurchase Sherman early and if he does say get a PB you'll pass breakup. If he does get to pick off an interception earlier and I game. We may see Kirk got to say you know what. Are critical to the left side of the formation I cannot tell which of Sherman's way and then makes things easier for its forty niners front that they do believe can't control does Dave Bush to boycott the. That's the key when you look at takeaways from last year and the 49ers defense actually had one more take away the Minnesota. Point in nineteen which is kind of fascinating is right look at that forty niner defense and all they're very porous and they weren't very good but it's advantageous group and I actually think that Dave. Gotten better this offseason clearly Richard Sherman added him to the mix is a big deal. But again guys I'm gonna go back to the front. It is really rests on this guy while looking at to be defensive player of the year candidate to fourth blocker you seem. The impact errant olive hat for the with the Los Angeles rams over the last few years. Kia G force Buckner get to Kirk cousins up the middle. Forced him left force him right into making bad decisions or just take a sack I think that the Minnesota Vikings are going to be extremely conservative in this game. And I think by nature Kirk cousins of conservative I'm sorry guys if this is just Jimmy burst Kirk cousins. Giving you all do old. I'm with you here what is your expect the first week one game I think we alluded to a few things here are some big time you know. 49ers defense of Monica's Minnesota Vikings offensive line Jimmy garrote blow China at the chess match between him Harrison Smith what is your X-Factor I'll start with you butcher boy. Yeah it's going to be establishing the run not so that you have good yardage and a hundred yard rusher Al remorse. Enough so you could set up the play action I really wanna see this teen set up the play action does that create that double and third move for mark he's good win for guys like gore sought over the middle. I Eagles intermediate routes and I think that if you have pressure on in the early you can't establish the run you won't be able to get the play action and you're just. Have this defensive front from Minnesota dominating your offensive line early and often. I need to seek Kahne you run it effectively enough to set up other aspects of your offense. I'm of the exact opposite side of you and the reason thinking it has to be the 49ers offensive line the reason we insight CU's checks so much last jurist has had to be inside he had help blocking. Now with his improve offense line what we hope. Now you're gonna have an extra target for Jimmy G on the outside. You know my X-Factor here is exporting our secondary. Because they won't give up kept to see will give up receptions and yards but how well will they tackle what they do about the big play because of him make Minnesota. Go ten to twelve plays a drive. They are home to make a turn over. They wanna be quick start they wanna be a bit more explosive that score within six place they're little five play 75 yards six plays eighty yards and look at the big plays and got big play makers here still bondage endowment cook so they didn't have that week four of last year so. This secondary. Is the big X-Factor hottest rookies Sherman holed up with these young guys to clothe teach art. Ager Colbert Eric hello Weatherspoon not to forget K Wally is what do like the run game he's a fiscal sucker here put him against the human butcher boy that's a big X-Factor as well but the secondary gifts or receiving corps I think that's foul. That's how I'm gonna see this game how many big plays do they allow they. Allow maybe three big plays for and has to win this game has not stopped far fetched that they can pull up the upset in Minnesota. I look for this to BA low scoring game and while those claiming in the twenties I think the first team to 21 win that thing and that all offseason robotic. This game specifically Kirk cousins by nature is conservative he's going to be conservative they're not gonna push the ball down the field unless. Absolutely wide open. I kissed it kills me that there's no Rubin Foster in this game because I think if he was there. I'd be much more willing to go into the niners are gonna really thicket to Minnesota on the road this is a huge test the test for Jimmy. For Kyle is a test for Kirk cousins for Minnesota there's so many storyline heading into this game. I wanna see who's gonna budge. To our curry who is the other channels flagged a thorough. Porgy -- a challenge flag on were challenging and we won vikings are at hand that has been Eric arms that this is finally it's time were gonna find out if he has anything to eighteen to contribute to this football team. We das all off season we've done. 567. Podcast on who is air Armstead and finally they're gonna need him a chance to step up against this Minnesota offense. It's giving each camp or my challenged by Aric Armstead I'm much out flag as Jimmy grapple I gave this guy 12030. Million dollars all offseason. The story line is banned you gotta do for a whole season he's got to do it went all these teams have something to play for. This is big game this is the first game of the year if that's when he agencies and he just got paid big bucks you got a Jordan contract he got a new Eric contract. You've taken part starts out on day I thought I could see Jamie win a game on the road. Against a playoff caliber defense with no injuries I wanna see his stick it to this team a wanna see him leave this forty niner team to a victory and set. The tone for the toll eighteen seasons he is our guy he's our leader and this is why we pay him. You know my challenge flag are a dude. I wanted to go a different direction article Armstead. Great challenge there because I do think this is a game if you're not gonna dominate this vikings offensive line according to the dominating out war you hear of butcher boy making great port number change and a drop blow. If feet. You know throws accurately in his game and you know doesn't hold on to the ball too long putting is gonna have success but in order for grumbled has assessed the soft that's why it's gonna have to block. My challenge flag is on the softens applied create enough rushing lanes look. If you averaged three point arc to carry a call that Yang who are now live and this could keep the balance their key example off balance you know and that's what they did that week pre pre season game I don't wanna put too much stock into that but that's why you beat him Mike Zimmer defense so my challenge flag is assault with a blunt. Joseph Staley. My purse and what's an it expert. What I got a brief struggle to pay you here because our patriot to bring the stuff that's and the bloc in MI McClatchy one there's been a first round pick and yet top ten pick. He's a challenge here with Joseph it's got to challenge you would ever seen Griffin he's got a challenge to these big studs and a purple. But to soften the line I'm challenging mamet they can give QB tee time in open up enough poles were met Rita and opera more stuff 49ers can't pull off the upset. What you and you have your first round draft pick that you took in Mike McGraw NG a rookie starting on the and all by himself what better test than baptism by fire. I'm really excited see it and the name we haven't brought up is the longest tenured forty niner and that's your daily and I'm looking for him to really set the tone and I just really think that this is a great opportunity. Brothel play against the aggressiveness of this defense and run a ton of misdirection. Kyle Shanahan has already proven he can ski and look place Brian Hoyer threw for huge chunk yards early in the season last year. She did that there had Kirk cousins down to the wire yellow washing tips and I know it's a different team but it's not like car outplayed him in that in CJ is awful and Kirk cousins looked terrible that game. This 4013 can stifle Kirk cousins. I'm so excited to see this game and I tell you right now I am telling you this is the statement game if you wanna be a playoff team US the steal some games on the road against playoff caliber teams. This is big game have to wait for all year to approve caught out for real Jimmy's for real and not 2018. It came down a roster cut down day and I want to see Mike Zimmer has that old school coach takes someone who your play week one right and bring into your team and they took your guys is boy co he could he call it that he's on the practice squad. I'm not saying that he's not he's not their fur resent. But you can see if your Mike Zimmer you're gonna try to squeeze up Madeleine to see what is Kyle Shanahan and. It better not be like that Brett Favre game went are with the viking Greg does that all the Greg looked over my boy Keith Lewis who is the organ safety with what thirty seconds to go Glen Coffee I'll quick connect Frank Gore I don't. My ankle sprain that's the last time I think we played. And Shaun Hill. Played phenomenal falsetto yeah. Frank Gore got her early that is my goal my ankle. Bernard Davis probably two to get out we set the scene all day drop curtains is talking about Greg just told him when you were outside I re watched one of the gains as YouTube the both apple I don't want to watch it why would you look really well great against the left and wanted to leave one of the greatest throughout our career. I might dollars and he's probably deport members would have moved to improved at 310 yeah you know three and one singletary had that he won arise that lost depleted team they don't get blown out by Atlanta the next week scandals that rumble Roddy White with that big long clubs down singletary called time out okay brought the entire email and rip them and on the very next play Roddy White went for like a hundred yards I don't know joke and it was literally the very next play what like 85 yard Nate Clements had an interception and a Roddy White came back for a second year yes and she wrote down. And that when I got the ball very black. Jury blockbusters and yeah exactly yeah I like you're before Nate Clements well meant if I got to bring up this again. You broke it act and a little bro look at. Yeah I don't have a different. It's a different vikings team of Fargo. Gained a Smart she's been through. Vikings nine is US big stadium in Indianapolis Minnesota it's going to be a lot of fun both missiles a lot of fun. Recording that we ought to block at work about your hard. Every single week this will Baltic.