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The Chris Townsend Podcast
Wednesday, October 11th

In the second hour of the show, Towny & Urb give the fans the long anticipated buying or selling! Also how great was Steve Yong? Lastly, Austin Gayle joins the show to break down the Raiders season. 


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It's. You remember what Matt money Smith the voice of the chargers and they were doing a lot last week on do you remember. Trying to come up with vial text to. That's when your challenge no play action what's that. Well Austin Gail pro football focus taught us last week. And really he said he here and it went everywhere and then also and everybody knows. Three or whomever do it. Seven times I was accused in the NFL I actually got the notes here. Last week we learned. That the raiders and this is from Austin dale Morgan have on an 830 so I can't wait for the night he now uses this week. I am I do what you do is each week he's got to come up with a nugget and nuggets. Not not that kind of. It's nice there. The maturity across the glass. And I think give the tax code we know a nugget for the shell. They are supposed to be mature back there I think sports talk radio there's a certain I can't. Expectation that we bring a little in Italy cannot cannot NFL knows what Randy Moss doesn't with marijuana they know. I don't know all the NFL knows. We have a cat named nugget. Yet a cat name now again. I got an aim at a Shiite I got to suggest names in my daughter pick my suggestion of meg. Why would I originate or not it is a lie and gold scatter some time. Now can we play the borrowing sound again and you'll know why can't I can't. Raleigh now I wouldn't do that you don't seem like that. I like say not yet. Just when I worked in the newsroom that it's at ending what's now NBC. And make Comcast sports net Comcast sports net and you're there is Comcast sports and right and when somebody would come up with a nice little tidbits and not yet there's what there's this one guy who just stand up from his cubicle Longo not. Sword or asserted donor and it just became seared in my prayer likes and nugget mediocre at meg meg. Mediocre attempt so Austin gale. Gave us last week the nuggets. Only seven play action plays run by the raiders this year puts them on pace for 28. Last year in Iran 99. So the next cut this is this is before the ravens game so the next the next team with the fewest amount is eighteen. And and there were thirteen teams in the NFL would at least 28 or more play action plays Ron already this year. Cell counting him out last week they had they would encrypt the raiders like re easy. Like Kyle Shanahan will like play action the whole weight on the field. Which I love I I like Kyle Shanahan. I really really did so far so good for me I mean I like how she and and I I could and you know I. Anybody who's judging him on anything other than just his general being. Is jumping the gun because we've only seen him as a head coach for five games but so far. He's accountable he seems to be honest we've seen him have and we've at least seen a sign and that genius often to play caller. One time and I think if you're. Being honest with yourself as a matter fan you realize he doesn't have a lot to work with so hey he supported us in the right direction so far so good. That's all I've got our culture I love that I don't mean to be Ed do you word to the press that one day ciller's yet. Now humanize him. Yeah. This told Kirk cousins sang. Okay everybody eleven then some Kurt has and you know I had I'm still we're getting into buying or selling I am still. Oh look well let me. Let me put it sees this way. I'm not reemerge you can't sit area and that's part of the deal it's gonna laughed the whole taxes can't just sit here and read Zacks. Nice job 95 the one who just came in so next year canine Emmanuel. I really. And attack. They're very area pace down and marvel at your ability to broadcast an entire season a.'s top good Dave camels testicles in your mouth. CI can pretax. I can read that's that is funny that is a nicely done I'm not I'm not to judge them. That that will be Lucas annualized mean. Put this radio I take a shot at Lucas he is a total silver spoon. USC. Kid. I can read Michael book keys that kind of kid who grew up. Mommy did everything forum. I guarantee money filled out all the paperwork to get amend the school he knows exactly around tiger about. Money made sure he was so tainted dole arms decent money every two needs to. All is every August we was gonna photographic safari Tanzania so beyond taking on take a little run at Luke has been in the dues she USC gave you can do that tail while. Urged daughter looks a lot like sky Mets. The move. Move prelates cannot clear. If we like your texted doesn't mean we're endorsing. The contents of the text like just gives you liked. And we both laughed at the Dave Campbell's testicles and out. Tommy saying yeah I can I did do that that's not that it's not saying that was fun. Kirk hasn't yet be thirty next year would you rather have Kirk cousins. Going to be very expensive. And get on B. Or would you like. Josh Rosen being molded by eight Kyle Shanahan. Molding his quarterback for a long time I'd rather have the youngster especially because Kirk cousins if he continues to play as well as he's played thus far. Is probably gonna command a five year deal right. Mean you wanna be locked into a 35 Earl Kirk cousins note. Are we ready are we ready it's time for buying or selling. Okay let's. Five point seven days. You know and if management was listening to that's yeah. They would realizes how ridiculous the fact that. There's so much floating barge going on that we always have delighted and doctor to make that thing Arianna. You need to see intro just the engine all the cuts to yell out hey who's weak and we talents and I hey there. I had number one. Kansas City Chiefs are the best team in the NFL. I aimed at selling. Who cares when it's her asking questions. I am saying now. And so that's the Greek goddess right there and Lou. I'm being serious now what was the question. Kansas cities the best team in the NFL I'm Bonnie I'm volunteers everything I've seen from day one line and every day one they came out walloped. I still I saw an even done it for you that they came out financially we looked. The New England Patriots. Patriots got their range and air and a party Kansas City open but can't incense and they've done nothing that. They need their wont do you or they found a way to beat Chad and I and if you line. I've got a bunch of different stuff on Alex Smith that makes you just go. Houses punt we can do a segment all Alex Smith how is this possible and I agree. No it's hilarious ears and a bunch of them you do that later yeah you're right that in the script how well. Is this as possible. Alex Smith's version yeah I'll figure out one horrendous in the aftermath of that loss. In the chiefs by the patriots and all we heard about. So many articles that I read in the off season. We're about Tom Brady. He's put his stamp bombing greatest quarterback ever. And look at how well he's playing at this stage she's gonna play until he's 45. He's not slowing down at all. He's got this new modern science of training and down. He's gonna play forever and then they lose the chiefs in week one and it's like man Tom Brady got old quick maybe dream too much water. Number so the USA men's team will win a World Cup in your lifetime and buying and selling. Yes I'm buying his I believe in the programs. I believe you're finally here we are going to do. I think. USA soccer and this is not gonna be a setback this is gonna teach. Our young soccer players. What they have to do to get better to be able to compete at the highest level. I think it's gonna happen was us next years of quote I think it's gonna happen in the next two World Cup's and I I believe I you know I. What happened last night is turning me into soccer maybe my favorite sport now and it's gonna be all about American soccer going forward. I believe that you're dripping with sincerity but just to test you got a little bit are you sure the hearing Klinsmann is the guy is your take him to glory and he's not coaching more face you'd actually I was looking for Diaz I. Well I. I cannot assure you I know Pelé play for Brazil idols soccer you did a lot of research last night edition of watching that coach's film let. Hey there and blah I'm a big cooking oil right now Ian who's playing us on our on the Ecuador and Argentina on loan in Argentina. Who's on that Timmy and messy messy messy yeah. Big soccer yet and messier is always living in the shadow so. You got that one run on the NASCAR now the first none I'm talking about all the same time. Because hey I got married okay Israel Israel. The name of a soccer player you sit I. OK he had a little below. Merritt Island Diego Maradona yeah he's amassed by the way I'm selling. Hell no you're gonna go from not qualified for the world. And winning the World Cup during my lifetime I'm sick and I got seven more years tops are you better get it done and Kurds feel like Jerry Jones here against this country. Clearly ensor about totally. You know that would be. If a soccer. I've been known earthquakes game. And like not everybody's running and me because you got to kind of keep your ground right you went there because they have the longest outdoor bar and now this highway was bucks just stadium. Boo thanks so yeah not everybody's fall on the ball you gotta keep your position. That would be a bad sport to be armed below College Baseball like I don't understand how you'd be like an outfielder like he'd just done rails and clubhouse and also and you're like out there in left field wall by yourself and rock brain supposedly the reason he slid head first is because he kept his file and his battery what would you use an out of left field and uses. Right now your T. Ball you want to remember how Carney who answered the way he would sit in the box. You've looked like he was humble on the box talk talk the way out that pop pop pop it and pitch. Austin Gail from pro football focus will be joining us at the bottom of the hour supposedly. We'll have another nod for us number three to 76ers will regret signing Angel island need to this 147. Million dollar contract. Buying and selling it by the way I was talking to our great had this system program director. Danny rising air I did not hear that whatsoever he played very importantly just wanna hear roars again so funny sixers will regret signing Joel also not 147. Million bond. I contact. I have spying. Now you're buying on I'm sure very strong belief that he is never going to be able to stay on the court for an extended period of time. He's heard all the time what do they only let them what if we change the question is assuming he stays healthy. What do you qualifier that medicine. No brainer. Cell right they're gonna love it. Well if you're a young guy and can stay healthy why are you gonna be an older guy and stay healthy. Yeah I mean all we have is what we know what we know is that he can't stay on the court so based on what we know. Of course they're gonna regret my money million dollar. Because even next Greg Oden but if he somehow gets healthy and stays healthy and we've seen that in Stefan curry. If he has a step Currie health trajectory. Then that they're gonna love that deal because that jet. All my goodness. When he is right. She's these next wave NBA. He's crazy good time. Yet there's a big difference between a guy who's seven feet a guy who's 63. Big tall guys who get hurt always get hurt her. Bill Walton is on the phone coming other guys you want. I mean big guys insists insists it Greg Oden Sambo we eight and he's black robes and beads what they Taiwanese. For thirty some battle was like fifteen or any time when you look at them. It is too. Orleans. Three. So a lot they you know desk Hansel and there's his game series. That's sixers corps could just stay healthy man there would be they'd be. On a level of the warriors in terms of entertainment value not in terms of just. Being great because the lawyers have every single box she could possibly acts fast to be checked off but. That team would be so much fun to wash it if they were if they were healthy allowed to grow together and figure out each other's games and games he played last year. Make no fourteen. Top you're going you're going to eat eat eat eat in a gym credited played 31. And didn't they hold him back like after. You prove that he was healthy and then they shut it down before he got hurt again at the end of the year. Last you wonder how big guys are gonna challenge the warriors. The team that actually steps up and truly challenge the warriors where are they right now. I'd say any NBA. Are wet where the players right now are they in the NBA and I think college. Citing the warriors run is gonna be X many years. Where where are the players are high and high school I deal crazy where are the players now we're gonna step up as a group and take down more wanna. Homes in Mendenhall middle school in order. It's carried out on. Next to Shawn Watson is a lock to win the rookie of the year. I sound. And close out well there's a kid in Kansas City right now. Who's dominating I I I I think he's locked. As long as he doesn't get hurt me ism may easing. How about a route fostered its action not misses her nerves. Well determine running back is dominating. Putting at the stats legally in rushing to they have offensive and defensive rookies of the year. That's a good question I think they do in just a rookie of the year. Have offensive and defensive players of the year right. Oh just regular yeah yeah. Neo and MVP. But he had a rookie of the year he's ever give here look up Lukas actually. Tell me likes to pleasure himself well yelling yeah carbon energy marketer party and the offense and defense player of the year he had the NFL but. But there's just one rookie. Yeah I was there is an offense and defense a rookie hours and you're Iraq's thank you but Ruben Foster. Earlier this is a couple more games in comebacks and comes back and goes now to consider where. Next. I releasing the video the Miami Dolphins offensive line coach doing cocaine into office. Keon and now I. Buying or selling. And I a couple of qualities and its systems. I myself she said she is credited him. Okay is that how will Israel. I don't get. They you know she was doing muddying the message she was done. I mean. I I can't possibly be dumber than that yeah. I'm just gonna say this and this is truthful. I am never done cocaine in my life I had no idea I've never done it was just something that was not. I and other vices. That when I was younger cocaine was not but. I do enlist people in May have done it. I can imagine. This because I saw that video almost look like some pretty big rails right there. I you got the only go wow I mean I grew up in the eighties. And he's taken those actors down that he's Packers because some serious drag. And go to a meeting. Like I drink coffee and I'm wired I can't imagine. He took down two of those and went to a meeting or any different so casually any was so prepared clearly that's something of a regular deal for him. But still wanted to tell me. Won't you be like in a meeting where like everybody is because they're usually meeting in the morning. Some people think coffee some people near will blow off. And below what he'd be like in that meetings. So. This is he running it here is he part of the audience I think offensive line did tie these tiny better. Be like a big wet dog. Yeah I think you're stereotyping a little bit and I think the effects of cocaine affects different people in different ways some people actually withdraw and go into a shell there in my mind is racing. But they become so paranoid that they're just they're they're watching everybody's in these that's what I did your eyes would you. Course. Funny your eyes your eyes and B soul I mean I've seen the guys pupils huge huge huge. Do we have anymore. We have one marvelous got wrestle my good friends is easy to defend. Buying and selling. I. I've never played the NBA I only played high school basketball no yeah I I would just I would down. I would think he'd be no day at the beach. I'm gonna say he's. A pitch to guard gas and I ate I easily these offensively violence has anyone ever used violent. As an adjective hurt the basketball players offensive game she's got a violent offensive game this frightening it's punishing. Athletically. You know we talked about LeBron James. He is another one of those freakish athletes and bad because and his ability to job as Heidi. Annie is is sick he's just a little skinny guy from. How would you stop him on the goal line on the goal line if you put him out there like we're now Tom I count Terrelle Pryor to Terrelle Pryor was there. So he had enough free signing up for a player at ten. And then went on to play football at Ohio State but if you just see if you said okay we're gonna throw the ball do you jump out and get it there's no way in and NFL can stop to attract minority CN. Guys yet to weather's Antonio Gates whose product earlier. Or. What is named Tony Gonzales I mean those guys aren't stock they're unstoppable and I'm close to what to what he has slain Iranian mosque some people say that he had enough game to at least have played. Real high level college and potentially be NBA's never got to look at me jump balls he won unions. Are we do have one more. But yet the fact and say easy easy to guard you're you try Angeles. You're out of your motto leave anybody on the lawyers suggested that either their offense. The thunder offense in general. Might be easy to handle. Russ by himself now. You know old. The warriors to Maine for the most part it is. I think a pretty classy a lot of ways I I I wouldn't really funny and you hit on some net I don't think. It's all unnamed because. That doesn't say I don't see the sound like your stats not saying that this clay is not saying that. I drain money has a lot of respect for the game on dream on and say that. I found K he's I mean who would say that on the warriors who would you even say you know I didn't see him saying now Andre you dolls are insane acts. I keep it Graham on knows it's gonna stay anonymous I can't seem to adjust is he's a stalker. What years are a lot of respect for the game remember Nick Young is now a lawyer. Wouldn't put it past him but he has been around swagger he she should be popping up my name I agree it didn't stop him from pop and also. Cast speeds down speak a little waters by the way Italian team played a game for the warriors that you really get Guinea. My guess since your sign MEI you used for a you know you played an actual game before your out. I've given you credit yet for opening my eyes to what a home where I can be when it comes to the board member last week phone house talk. How could anybody see lawyers is villains cloth. Here's here's the one the way you call me out on that really rung true. When house member told either NBC sports Bay Area is replaying the NBA finals right now inning game one. You told me do you really think that curry doesn't come off as cocky as hell with a solid celebrating. I never considered that and so when I watched that replay of game one I tried to become a cab stand and I'm like I hate to. You're right I have been an ungodly young homer about. How swell the workers. There's nothing more all of that and I know that's how warrior fan I'm a lawyer fan and I this the only Basil generally liked and it's get that but I can release C. And I know all of overtime mats in a deal like why it is you have to pumped his chest and points in the air after he had a free throw. Why do you give it that's when you miss a free throw still drives me nuts every time. So I mean you watch certain things. With the warriors if you are not a warrior fan and you could see like I can't stand Kobe Bryant. There's there's there's a list of things that I can't stand about Kobe Bryant yeah. You mean your top three. And his whole facial expressions bother me. He's like a surging Jordan copycat this age it's almost especially early in his career. Oh yeah he beat him he pattern everything about himself that's lame. Don't owe really I mean every facial expression I have I'm sitting on the bench is going to be just like Jordan's it drove me nuts eyes are. You know I'm melodic okay. Give me one more. Eyes he scored a ton of points because he shot a lot. And ballet I got your boy do raw on this discotheque got Jeb goes great shooting percentages and those NBA finals only played him. You know like a you know why he's load top and three pointers. Not as a percentage. 'cause he took a lot of three pointers. And a mom though this game winning killer go check those percentages on game winning shots. Yeah all assume that all men checked and percentages and tell me if I'm wrong. Because sometimes. See you don't want except debt and no I checked the percentages. Did you guys act like you watch him play every game Georgia play every game. US should play every game. I'm I'm wrong. I mean numbers you can check the numbers. 88 OK he's in my personal life he's a great athlete he's got to go down as one of the greats. If you actually Delmon of the numbers a little more see you ask me about why don't like LDC is I think I think he is terrific. But I don't think he's bulletproof and too many of you think he's bulletproof as you don't check the numbers. You believe the hype your sports on our kids you believe in all the big shots that are shown on sport center and in missile I. How they don't Larry King he is given them a virtual. Punching him by pointing in tapping him in the chest can we move also we can read somebody's pretax synergy our you know why. Because I need a nugget for the pregame that we've that raiders we've got chargers. And Austin jail he's the key to a segment. It's time for little nudge the united. Chris pounds a gallon. I'm not five point seven game. He's money in the bank. We had a long last week he taught us all about. The raiders. And play action plays and they just don't do it. And then allowed people picked it up and it was a big part of our pregame show so Austin Gail from pro football focus. Is here once again Almonte footer if curators stand at Austin Gail underscored the aftermath. It's going to be a tough performance of saw last week after you broke so much knowledge were hoping you're gonna bring us another great nugget that we can not only used tonight off but will be able to also be used for the pregame show on Sunday. I'm happy to be back on and I can tell you now I got to not get. Lovely letter well. All right so for power at a time right now on this tomorrow Cooper situation right now and it kind of comes down to three tie or stat that I poll comparing this season collapse feature so right now you know deep recession do you perceptions being. Percent to about twenty cluster area are closed didn't though keep receptions and three targets none of which have been deemed passable by analysts. Lack even per week five instead Indy targets for which are cast all they can't all pork or herds which is six yards and one touchdown they ought to be. At the record because they're when you can catch the cap of like back and it is open I think they're gonna right gate over interpret intermediate route it's great overall. Now moving yet corny actual targets. They keep an overall twenty capital target seven which had been dropped which a bit creaky page only out its first sixty cortex or arts. Lockheed didn't he pitch at 87 tactical targets and only got four that he struck seven a wanna conduct or 87 lackeys and do think I killed two Cubans are far. Laps back forty years you only and only have a hundred. 75. Dart around right. It actual act yet fat black he's been through week I had heard nine ER Ford back in route which combination increased increase traps commissioner. Walk into place. More more power. Packing crate and barrel on that particular topics being blonde black future what must they got help. And that and lucky dude averaging 2.3 five yards around a lot which is three times. The amount of yards around run. They need it during this season. Yeah I was watching meg back in game this week and it's just shocking how he's just not involved really at all I mean you watch Sid. And you can only focus on him when you're watching the coach's film it's a site. He's not part of the game plan and people are saying he's open and. I won just watching him through a lot of the game you know gone back he's not as open as people are trying to say years. Well you look back at the tape and our couple plays in Jacko real openness due after being hacked and what the open market deep shock that he came manual there's been to get conceit. I think that the commissioner. You know nothing rectal impact that the low post in my street Emanuel on the foreign car injury a picture there hasn't not connected and also come out guitar down and not. Not feeding him the ball in your member of last year must they came to the podium and he sat. We have yet to revolve while we have targeted more and you thought I was gonna happen that you're coming up the watching week one. We see a lot of red zone target that he had UT just an increasing part of all is very heavily involved topic again and beat. They just stayed at. Place you know there's that required I'm not sure that's because our dining at kind of you know. Let them out of the picture for whatever reason Norris I'm moving away firm to target better receivers. Oh well not really sure but he he just have to get more multi path that worked hard. Only twenty castle partners either quote Lou you know what we think it's one of the better receivers. If you're not accept all of it only on pace for sixty call actionable targets they did that eat increased. But Austin just to be fair and in a coordinator or coach can take the podium and say we've got to get this guy the ball more often all he wants but if the quarterback has lost a modicum of faith in his ability to catch the balls that are thrown his way. But again I don't care how much the coach talks at the podium. It's all on the quarterback and it's all on the wide receiver to earn and maintain that trust that faith to QB hasn't Germany's Boston it looks like anyway. They're definitely act that would agree with you YouTube YouTube incompetent Paris you don't process and a torn capsule while you target play but the only way to get a guy have a backlog. I think you the freedom to speed and you got you got to keep that going and hopefully he can get out back to trot. Happy he had been right now when you move away from map I just increased targets in our building that confidence slowly on an enemy routes behind the line starts up. Alli can avoid this topic you and leave the media how many of them look forward kind of Peter period. It's not about deep shots just overall. Or where are the raiders wind throwing the ball down the field this year vs last year. Nowhere close to it in terms of all you know work both in terms of success lower cost fiction. There they're simply not throwing the ball deep as much as they want black he's an inch. And that's a problem when you're not able to you know stretch the defense and you know open up later what one opened up the run game and to open up those unique intermediate closed. And it just doesn't bode well such record opera took fire from those pitches in the quarters and are not arts pictures and slam action. You'll behind once every screen it it it it doesn't it doesn't help our. So in terms of the deep ball though last season when the raiders clearly as you just said they had more success in the deep ball. Is that because the receivers were picking up so many yards after contractor after the catch urged the ball. Scares me is the ball actually traveling a long way in the air because I don't remember many passes before Derrick got hurt that traveled Tony 25 yards in the air. Oh well what if he's and so far he's only attend to it. Eight Deepak says air cargo interpret eighteen actually cleaning Deepak meaning twenty part area art and Lockheed then. He attempted 66. So yeah you do the math on that their politicking eight per week for you can claim we try meaning if meaning if you can't territory beyond paper 32 key caps plaque even eutectic 56 competing quite six per ER BC yards and eight cents. You have to include increased that number. There aren't except that our lack you can over query part from the article outlining it I just wanted to create deep ball in the game they've improved it significantly corporate America state. And good rookie year and you're stuck in that creek imply. We've got our man costing Gail from pro football focus he covers the raiders farm on Twitter at Austin Gail underscore. They have scored through five games. 44. Less points then they had all last year. What would you say is a number one reason why. Where but if you just sit just to stop being the same drum and move away from the key targets something like that I think it's a run game. My game has been significantly worse this season. If they're hopeful whatever read it and and I think it's because you eat you have one quote acting gained a lot but no practice. Circuit only one now I'm a lucky last week we sent seven. In crew got to eleven with each game and you'll understand or I. In week five but that's still not enough spoke to predict all and also put my card game tracks you've been doing what are they going very obviously. Maybe last week allowing John Cook totally out of the Atlantic where in dealing with that ankle injury he has grated. Yet not grated over forty point oh and run blocking that he'd been in any single day ensemble PR when you go and he greeted. And 86 point nine which it is the fourth high at one what a great at any rate or operative Wyman had done in a single game this effect. Just having back back back guy in there and being able applaud him and make sure you allows you to run also write more accurately and all elected be let the optical or. We keep Jack and struggling raiders were predominantly running the football to the last which of course dictated the critical peak. Austin can you give us some sort of a nugget that sheds some light on. Individual struggles along the raiders offensive line we had a somebody on the touch signs saying it it's it seems to me like Donald panic is the weakness. But the whole offensive line is being thrown under the bus any any such nuggets for me. How I I think you know you you wanna point out. Point the finger to Donald and I just don't think that's they're expecting it and that they are allowing significantly less pressure than any other team in the league right now. Sure it only allowed 24 total pressures were just six less than any team in the NFL but. When you look at those 24 total pressures ten of those twenty porcelain pressures had been sacks. That that comes down to allowing sacked forty pressure that's when Rick your power of wind breaks down in the quarterback I'm able to step up he's not able to avoid pressure vote 08 anyway or anything along those lines and the come down to the two quarterback holding onto the ball more hurting those I should that should be QB hit that should be a pro way. Into exact because they're not able to wonder how are aware it could throw the ball away or avoid pressure apparently enable complete. How do you Philly defense and has done so far first the first five games. Originally written very impressed with how they're able to kind of an immediate expectation because going to repeat then you know everyone thought. Raiders perhaps or 35 to critique that is now hopper and I think they played well two weeks for those. No conflict down recently with the cornerbacks play you have to look point the finger that. Note you know David Emerson had internal injury charms that. That both corners right now wait outside the pop on heard in yards allowed per cockroach out. They also rain. Number number 112. Number one earned fourteen at quarterback after reading aloud among the only higher drinking quarterback COLT go with the people covered shocker future. I mean they're allowing. One of the highest quarterback ratings went on the field and when target wish this which makes it easy for quarterbacks to pick apart. A guy like transmit or David Emerson even on the field and and then avoid some of the better public course like TJ Carrie who's been by far away. They will wait healthy the better quarter put a greater. Austin are we gonna see an expanded role for Marshawn Lynch moving forward or do you think they're using in the way they expected to use them. It's just not paying out a way to expect. I don't think I can predict its expanded role for mark how much I think they are using and exactly what they want to like who they want to extend all or jailing or sharks. Every time the efforts of the ball good pink packet later can hurt you game. Already got it back. They'll be needed to find more played and allow him to get the football so aware that he's the only guy that actual turnout may be your calendar watcher who became the chancellor. The only guy in the back to the into the explosive plays to those speaking of sharp run those breakaway runs. I kind of spark drives. And it really opened up the pack in open up the play action and I beat Chile restarted without I wanna look to just general. You know I think about play action obviously you can run play action has shot down but it's more effectively do it from under center it's easier run the football power football running. When you're under center would you recommend for Todd downing. More under senator for Derek Karr that hopefully could help this team run the football more powerful ball. And then also help out the play action and run more play action. Definitely I think getting understand Eric is it an easy way to run more play action war another another way to kind of more traditionally run knocked power. Smash mouth football post at the raiders are people love. Capable of because you can't count there are delighted. But I also want to see the raiders run beat the played O coalition they ran a lot last season is Great Britain is picked up at the climate. But Lackey in the red matter are and the percentages earlier this week 20%. Of their total operative played a significant portion and when considering that almost a trick play given back. We'll look up or go to recruit to our deployment and other and the raiders putting expect big 20% of our time is it is it create significant. How would make it so you're able averaged four point five yards per play which is in no way Yossi. Creepy grain or anything like that what. They kind of kept those eager to on the and that. They are able to lump reactionary and also push those linebackers that you had to. Prepare for clutch assembly all around it's gonna blow you up and they're like when you Peter Denver game in week ten of last year. They read a lot of that formation were able to just. Quiet it down the middle rounds with you that they easy guard and the tackle on the play action actually open some of the act it's going to be easily win that it. Ozzie gray stuff as always follow Austin Gail onto order at Austin Gail underscored PF apple docked in its way thanks Justin. Austin Gail in thousands irons starred taken on some other great names in the history of sports why stop now. Sure go after now on. Please do. This once close to home. Yeah Chris Kelsey shall end on 95 point seven yeah. Yeah I watch a lot of MLB network. And I remember a couple days ago there's debating whether Joseph Girardi would keep his job. With the Yankees as the skipper got hammered after game two. So the Yankees have just defeated the Cleveland Indians the favorite coming out of the American League. And the Yankees in Rwanda the AL CSI think Joseph Girardi job's going to be OK pretty sure he says it. How devastated her Indians fans are all friend Dave felt house hi there razor blades. Can we. Lucas yes Newsweek can sell their house I want his fellow house. Was common down my road and he was and I was and I was rude you know can is. The Indians. I wanna say they have the longest winless streak. And anybody now for World Series. 'cause there last win was 1948. And running under is why now that my grandfather was no World Series for the Boston Braves. 1940 it's a long time because though the White Sox. They generated there's a sinker wasn't long this one because they were making that point last year during World Series. Repeated the giants would be not it does giants Warner 54. The White Sox have been a real long time but they got rid of that Ozzie the Red Sox not seen the cubs from. So I'd probably say the Indians have the longest drought 1948. Be easy enough to find and I'm I'm having a hard time navigating away from the text line because people are still taking Europe on your challenge in its attacks it's there Charlie Strong is the town AT and Lucas are you monitoring this the number one. Yeah it's it's all about. Taxed. I want the nasty is. Evil. Taxed. But I have to be able to read it on the air. Now we've already gotten one waves Dave testicle until your statistical data travels to schools in your mouth during a pregame show that's pretty vial. But I can read that right we've got a couple more along those same lines would you mind if I read them. 'cause I like to put a little dramatic you know theatrical spin on it. There are readable you have to trust me. Okay go ahead you shirt well and are you and he got a funny felled house I I I want the misery of Cleveland and I'll save my go on down the road in the 49ers great. I've come and appear from the top of the hour county won't sniff cocaine because he's too busy. Sniffing rate policies by. I doubt that's Iguodala. Sonny thinks that if he were taller. Just let it be different and he's right. If carrier sixth grade you'd actually have to bend over to undo Billie Jean's head to cut a path. Out of let's. Get and I like that that's Ronnie has never. Deal dominant somebody's gonna Leonard good prize we don't know Ole. Look the prizes yet. Let somebody is gonna win or get prize tonight we want evil it's that he will tax line tonight. Once again the winner you're gonna win and I have to be or Michael has to be able to read it on the air. Jana says Vick cheap she says she just can't do it chief tried to be mean to a speech you just can't be mean to who she likes this too much. Not all that's an ammonia tank now. Think she's trying to back door. Maybe. I'm gonna find in good prize. At least he Wednesday. It is a whiskey Wednesday is that. Way and it's also weigh twenty year Wednesday yes that is. This is a very on guard they had to replace Pete Rose on the fox sat. 'cause besides an issues lately. A lot of people have issues they. So big pot be who doesn't really say anything amaze you go wow he's great companies Big Papi. Alex Rodriguez has since died right now he's showing his Yankee World Series ring. Keith Hernandez. At a nowhere to join the big hurt so is the big hurt Keith Hernandez. Big poppy. And Alex Rodriguez. It. It's hard to believe that Alex Rodriguez. For everything he did in the game of baseball in so many ways bad. Is somehow turning into a television darling windy you've seen that you don't hear very out. And but I'd got to give them credit look I I want attempt to socket this. Because nobody was gonna suck it does and he's made progress he is and he's great dad and I'd got to give a storm I mean. As much as I detested him. Professionally because covering Alex was just a pain in the ass. You're such a phony I get told him my story about Lou the shortstop story that tribute to cal. It's a fairly long story let me know when we have time for me tell you the story but he's just everyone knows you know a fraud he's these huge phony. But damn he's good on TV I got to hit it took. Now I don't let them one time. And he was a wonderful. But I knew better little player's life sag inside in my real quick sell in our god Zola. Comes here from the Yankees right. And I went Allison tied because everybody loved Hideki not so he has the most professional guy I've ever songs in our sport. And thinking. A-Rod would be a ride he wasn't you know he lit up about his teammate and he was grades and it was just like. I was really appreciated because it was gore it was a great interview about an all the Yankees in northern Jeter they all. Into this stuff to get those guys back in that time there was Taft oh that's what my story is all about. Yeah I know I've heard your story before now you tell me declare. The other guys started well lets you get into a little bit later mine was a square insist was it on TV it was a or recorded interview it was a it was a radio there and okay. So he was EU I thought he put his hand underneath. To show that you sincerely care. No we're standing here I would be awkward if you were standing and put examine your knee it would have been a little. But O'Donnell Karen I liked it so it's a race is a beautiful man he's a big well you know it. I remember covering hand as the mariner clean as a mariner. And he was Ozzie was good thing he was a little he was scanning for so athletic. You lose a big dude with the Yankees. He was in even when he was a kid in nineteen with the Mariners his shoulders like you can tell he's gonna felonies that I Carl's Koran does now at the Astra absurd. Good when you do this huge huge he was a ranger right when he. Yes we you do the same for account is this is this is one good Cal's last game in Oakland Jack I remember being attacked with his. Last season and I was preparing for his last trip through Oakland. By talking to all the elite member that was that one of the more recent so called golden ages. Of short stops especially in the American League because he had what Omar Nomar may heat. Jeter a rod right these are five guys who. Basically were being the thought was that cal Ripken revolutionized the shortstop position made it more power supply more offense a spot in hears these guys who benefited now Omar skilled and quite fit and but he was one or older guys use like that. The vet among that group which is why I included him and everybody gave me. Very willingly of their time. A-Rod ducked me ducked me ducked me ducked me and finally the last time I want out there and just said sir you do it or not how. And I don't have time. Like all right well everybody else did he's like who's everybody's gonna sit well Nomar. Omar Miguel obviously do. Than Jeter there and register but whatever and start walking or anything. Air did it. Turn Erica yeah Dirk did and he's like our commissioner. You just. You couldn't let Jeter doing in him not doing it and then once the red light we did this on video too. There's going to be a text peace with a video compliments. Any never made eye contact we meet during the 34 days I tried that. Didn't touch them pass you blew me off like you wouldn't believe but the second the red light got on. I contacted. Hand on my knee he was my best friend just so phony I wanted to shower after that interview I did see you too just just just to phonies right there and intensity show that I didn't see that Mac clone doesn't the coliseum. You can see me and here are short cut in match out there and young tickets in my ear and says in this hour. It's just herbs. Just stay here I'd touching each other I think we can all see it you're so Karine I know is an urge creepy. But you wanna call him a beautiful man amuse me if Manning areas and says sign. We're gonna go four or gonna go down a 49ers rates road. I don't know if you're gonna agree with me I don't know if anybody else out there is an agreement make but I heard the silent you know I had this is not the total story. It's not the total truth. We'll talk about it we'll see if you agree.