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The Chris Townsend Podcast
Wednesday, October 11th

In the first hour of the Chris Townsend Show, Chris & URB talk some Niner & Raider football. In addition, Matt "Money" Smith on the Raiders upcoming matchup against the Chargers. 


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I yeah. Just like getting on the mound. And hit the first guy and are ready to start now. You throw one pitch. And you've got a guy around. As we got on a nice or anything else from here on out. Can only go up. They can only go out here on occur establish an added five point seven a game we have once again unless. Michael urban tonight showed appear tonight we got you. Matt money Smith who is the voice. On the Los Angeles chargers actually have gone back and watch the first half of the chargers and the giants. Well I'm just letting you know urban I don't know I America. I'd deep down a little bit on my NFL game pass from last night and today OK I have some things CNN to look more like yourself today. You got to be more of the Chris Townsend you like to be today I suspect. Or decent and I just watching more football. Now I just felt like yesterday life was now. I just gotta tell you know you get tired. Well I get to this report. Costing Gael will be here he's my he's my he he's my new guys from pro football focus I really did this guy covers the raiders he'll be at 830 Dan there's some board ski from ESPN NE SP and baseball analyst we'll have not won that too. Playoff baseball games talk about it 9301015. Chris Herring senior. Not junior. Senior. NBA writer for 538. ESPN will be here. At 1015 and then coach Brennan as San Jose state will be here around 10301040. For months party up against the Hawaii Ramos. But I do feel good today because my dad Intel and it does Wear on me after awhile. Just joy and now. Negativity from Andy is get to a point to where. You wanna switch things up you wanna change it out things got to be a little bit different kind of what we had last night but tonight. I am a different thing for you tonight 'cause I've been watching. Is this is Wednesday because tomorrow is on talked to Jack Del Rio for a silver black shows so. Usually when I get home as you know now doing these shows. It's not like you just. Roll home records are bad my my drives and our top and a house at midnight now all of sudden it's like oh chance go to bed now and these can take a soul. What I like to do on Tuesday and Wednesday is start neon the connotation that damn NFL game pass might use it yeah. And guess there's some things that I wanted to see you know one thing that I watched. Saw last night and into today. 'cause it's a Marty Cooper. And when you watch. V coach's film on and and I don't even know what NFL game pass cost anymore. 'cause ages stages during my card every year sell but if you really likes football and you have time. You can watch the actual broadcast. You can watch something they can dance game. And then Tuesday at midnight the coach's film comes out so can you explain me what the coach's film is how it's different from. Other firms amounts to learn I would imagine some variances. Pretty simple way when you're watching the game on television. They camera always follows the ball right my Guinea spore right so what happens is quarterback drops back to pass. Quarterback throws to the right. Camera goes to the right following the ball we have no idea what's happened on the last season. Coach's film shows every sang see you good to see what everybody's doing well defensively and offensively C get to see it now with this though you don't get the broadcasters. You can see if the weak side receivers doing the blocking you suppose we do so for example you'll notice a Marty Cooper really does not sell run very well as a wide receiver. Okay he is. And really generators. Why and and and I'm often asked Jack lie urgency in kind when seeing a time like oh they don't sell run very well the raiders wide receiver in other words there on a block then it's it's it's a run they'll give light to stats and they just kind of lolly gagged. It sounds very ring animosity and so it was the second drive after cook fumbled. The facts I saw twice Cooper was open he was open when they went all the way down it was second and twelve they're basically by the goal line. He does a slant. And EJ Manuel doesn't CM. And then two plays later is when he air mails them. And and then I watched pretty much throughout the first half and ended in that these are really open zoom series where crowd tricked in the end zone otherwise you're got it and Cooper was out that claimed hours later and again. So all this whole he's open he's open he's open I don't think he's that open and I'm not sure they're really sold. Our quarterback is you know the quarterback with confidence. Gonna be a situation where if I don't have confidence I may not be looking at him as much as I know that island. And any easy remembered before the draft. No he was hyped as this guy who may have been the most polished and NFL ready receiver to come out of college. In a long long time and one of the big components of that was how he was just a genius in terms of running around so I mean. He nutri left and right up and down and it was just money his footwork was great his shoulder fakes were great everything about his route running was outstanding and he saw something different it's fascinating to me. I will be taking on a 49ers rates and I. Am now down. Idols is going to be and I love him I think he is. His immediate career is phenomenal she is one of the best that we have ever seen. But I I gotta go down this guy's road. 'cause when I listen to all I normally I might dead on. His view of the 49ers in my view in the future is different. But I think he forgets is pat. I think it's selective memory how we talk about what might. People texting and on the Penske auto sales that contacts line and they'll text anyway I queried your only you know like half from what I said. I think he only remembers half of his career and this is nine or legends nine are legend when was is legend being built 80s90s. Thousands I'm not condone their online a bits into Indy too obvious but I would have so I'm not to go after not what. For niner fans and raider fans. And triple play 9579570. I've got two questions for you. Lucas your reporting and it and the way this thing started out tonight I. I'm all afraid I am a we hope this is like we meet on third and twelve. And I'm thinking OK I don't Crabtree. All right Bill Cooper. One I'm gonna go right now on prime gonna go. Crabtree. Create your same Cooper is open OK here we go. Out. That's a good start. By early tomorrow night will be all the bells and whistles tomorrow night we'll have made the call tomorrow night we allowed Townsend joined jokes. Ice tomorrow night we're gonna market. Right now excuse my ignorance is make the call normally on Fridays and now it's a floating thing. You know of all the play by play that we have here directors we have warriors we have eighties we have raiders. Chris Townsend surges kind of floats around her and it pops up on Tuesday meaning back on Thursday he's pro. At that ability we're just cannot only show up this when we show up in you don't have to do list Lucas is gonna do look this is doing by herself yes it's going to be very into let me know if you need some help Lukas I quite enjoyed my debut last week. So the first question tonight actually the questions kind of go hand in hand on the double shot tonight. We'll start negative because we're so positive last night extra work. I wanna know the worst thing about the start of the 2017. Campaign for EU as a 49 earned raider fan. What is man and I want you to mark this down Michael Irvin what is been the toughest what is just and the worst part about it. Because let's say Super Bowl that hasn't been good can't sugarcoat it. What is a thing for you you're getting ready to watch the raiders of the niners on Sunday and it's like all of gag. Five games and we got eleven of these bad boys laughed so triple 8957957. He's so far what has been the worst part about it. A dilemma switch it up and go positive. The second thing you're gonna have to answer to is are more answering not one but two questions. He got eleven games left. What's the number one thing you wanna see change. Triple 89579570. That's triple 895795. Set unique. So that is your double shot tonight worst thing. About to start the 2017. Campaign for both the 49ers and the raiders. And the second. Is eleven games laughter what's the number one thing that you wanna see change and we have Matt money Smith. Which I even having watched some of the chargers. We'll ask camp because this kind of what to chargers or don't even know their bad thing but ostensibly there's they're doing some things. I doubt why. Eight I think you get older and you know you're making it easy on the audience actually used double shot because whatever their answer is tip number one. What about the start of the season. Is the worst thing I would imagine a lot of them. When there asked what the number one thing you would change in the next eleven games it would be fixing whatever your answers to number one. For a lot of people and by the way last night the question we posed to the audience what was it. It was he'd. A surprise as a very sports fan dale is our greatest moment is on your back to back championship warrior shared that you had that's right and then the other one Ross shared the other almost what was now another question. The biggest disappointment yes. I never got a chance to chime in on that too late or money under the gun I. Triple 89579857. You know the worst thing for me and it's so simple. And it's just you know because you can sit here and watch film and you can look at all these different things. All I did was look at scores. From last year to this year. And I can tell you last year we had so much fun Tomb Raider football. Twelve and four hey crazy ass games fourth quarter comebacks it was wild the post game shows were full lines lit and everybody is going why can't believe I just watched that mean. Ever there was a buzz as there was a buzz. My biggest disappointment. There's a difference of 48 through five games there's a difference of 44. Points from last year to this year. The raiders scored. A lot of points. That is an extra supreme amount points so however you wanna say their problem is what their problem and it's. The fact that you scored four in five games are not title I guess sees me you're talking about just five games. A difference of 44. Points. This team it is not even close. To being as exact as exciting. As it was last year. So that for me from the raiders perspective. Has been the biggest disappointment and I Anna and I think for me for the niners yeah because I don't get to watch the games alive kind of like Billy Beane I learned this from Billy dean. Billy Beane really likes to know what the outcome of the game is and then watch the game because it takes the emotion out of it. It's very necessary so once you know so I know auto niners a loss on now I know the niners are boss. I can just. Go watch the game and see. I've been disappointed and I don't want I didn't expect much from from Brian Moyer. I just then I I guess I expected more fireworks from the offense. From a cow shed Shanahan offense I guess I even though I can tell yeah I just because his his game planning I mean. He he knows what he's still chair you can see he knows what he's Dolan. I just such as you in the pre season Elizabeth the second or third pre season I. But it. There is I think this guy you know it is sometimes when you're such a good play caller. You can. Schemes stuff up. To make your study notes he even know what you got and that great right you may get a little bit better making chicken salad and is that what they did against the rams in the Thursday night and he's back and everybody's like. OK now we see the cal share him that we're promised now we see the offensive genius who can scheme and play call so well. You don't need premium talent to make it affected me at some apply and this is stupid because we've seen it when you just go crazy and answered really mess up your defense. The sun times when they just start is. Let it ride baby. And I there's a time socialite last week when they just let it ride. And actually look like they can do some things now be trying to do that all game you can upload your even seen a new worst position. That's for that chip Chip Kelly they would come and there's been times where they actually let loose a little video mile that's such a bad right. Oh you give me your two. I would say for the raiders. It's almost tied but I I gotta go with Cooperman that. I thought this was gonna be the year that he became what we were told he was coming out of college she had some drops issues. In his rookie season he seemed to get over that last year. This year also dropped her an issue again but even more than that when he came to training camp he had booked out. It seemed like he was a little bit more outgoing monkeys no tigers don't change their stripes he's never going to be. At this loquacious outgoing. You know human quote machine. But he seemed a little bit more open and a little bit more comfortable so I expected to bust out here from Cooper and that hasn't happened. The aligned to is obviously it's been a huge disappointment all the money they're supposed to be the best one. In the league the worst thing about the start the season. For the niners for me is Ruben foster's injury I'm so excited to watch this guy play. On a daily on a weekly basis I just think she is. He's gonna go down as one of the all time greats if he stays healthy and I was excited to watch that I feel robbed and I'm not an as is fine. So we want to know the worst thing the worst part of the start. And a 2007. Team campaign and we wanna know the last letting games what you wanna see change mines proven Foster I can't wait see imply yeah I mean this guy. He may he looks the part. He looks like. Damn in his uniform could Zach has a bad ass is a globe guy you can't take your eyes off so it's kind of IQL. Keep blues and you know my Montrae and he blues and that play well on find guys who can help you I can't wait to see that and for the raiders. Where's the bowl football team. There were should go forward on fourth and three players that way years that I've got big cajon race. Wears a greater full. Ball worst jacked a riverboat gambler Jack Del Rio football what the hell happened that. Punt on fourth and 38 held on tax the next eleven games balls to the wall everything balls to the wall. That's what we need to seek find your idea and eighty again as they have no identity there or just like who are these guys I don't. Ali eBay knows. I that I dignity of work coming to win football games and were gonna make the aggressive decisions. The aggressive play is thrilled you know the British government on the ball downfield all year when I haven't had. He had Derek Karr back stole the ball down the field let's get the false trip late night by seven ID five Sammy Chris and west Oakland. He got two questions to answer your knickers Townsend shall. OK first one you know I'm gonna go urban you've got a skull might under I'm very get to play at a march Rupert. We even more so like I did better on Monday night I called county if it defects if the fact that spurred us our air a little weaker. How are you leave yourself like dad telling me you SOB. Let's go to anti Hillary smalls and the year on 95 point seven a game. They get their they paid our debt week's three game very exciting night came out later at eight ticket blush it. I hey everybody over and everybody was calling them the speaker. I think it ala then they it came at a national hoopla. Saturday night late and eight. He. So much the I'm saying dad are combined to get open a hole promised our flood chart it that's ridiculous big save and open a hole. He had the offensive line I I heard a great one today thank you Anthony about how you eluded to teams are the two best offensive lines. I was great at the start of the year run of the cowboys of the raiders do have the best offensive line this year and played like the raiders don't you people would laugh at you if you suggested they're one of the best offensive lines in football the sooner. The highest paid yet they remember our own categories they also lead the league in getting out of the car and yelling and affair. That is such a bad luck never a bad luck Billy deet in SF go ahead Billy. Yes go to night. But are they got tired. Jim Norton. You know it can't it in particular can't date back on. That's important matter of execution that didn't pull it every time at that they are all of that and move the ball is gulp. Player. Out there. And they can do shoot yourself and put all I'm mad about bed about the game. There's saying yes shoot yourself in the foot never never a good deal of skill to LP enroll AO LP year on 9570 and. You had gone from man to come. Let me just say get it and people what's been touched on. There aren't be off they didn't come out they can't still waiting on eat. Opt. Export cater to cope with both this week. I'm having basic you don't we have our former coordinator who are now. And so we need to talk about we hate it turned out open where you count showing competed. There are we perfect. No op they think they are so yeah bat particularly at at at. Pretty good chalk it maybe the week. They could be on the field. Hope my PGA we image over aren't they were they earlier if you application. Over and over our. We defeated our. Put into high gear may be fair enough. Can an interest in because now a year now you're as someone taught Jennings taking some heat now you know he should I know I usually good. I'm Alice. Since we have Matt money Smith coming up dear Matt money Smith longtime radio personality in Los Angeles you seem on the NFL network. And then you know one named. Chargers and rams had to move. That serve find a new plan outplay guys so he's now the player I've played after the chargers but do you see them on the NFL network there I remembered. It was a Stamford house at Stamford cows covered a Stanford cal game. They was Stamford. And it was rainy and Jamie member Jamie sire yeah Jamie had she had Stanford I'd cal for Comcast. And it rain and they had him. He was like on top of the scoreboard. I'm not I was on top of the press box are talking to his. They weren't expecting this monsoon rain the comment right and got a we had rain right now my got a for you do that for everybody in the north paying everywhere please I can believe driving up today at 280 eminent domain from where I'm coming from San Jose start nets or Los out of she can even see. The Santa Cruz mountains it was like was who. My Capcom believe it ever seen like that they're busing that. Everywhere and I mean you can't drive around with your windows rolled down. 'cause they air quality so bad I mean can choke yourself up. Let me say and hurt real quick are you surprised that some people reporting. And Ken Norton junior as it relates to the defense I thought at the defense didn't improve. Yet Norton because he's still there that would it would reservist that why did you make that change in coordinator. But Modano was supposed to come in here and be a big part of helping. Jim Norton junior and through two games that look like that had happened and O'Donnell is getting all the credit Norton wasn't getting any. It didn't seem like Norton was getting any credit for what appear to be turn around now that looks like David. Maybe haven't turned things around it's do you faulting back to its all can Lawrenceville. Well it's it's it's. It's unfair it's a weird dynamic Weis personals are fair. Defense. Has not been the problem if you don't listen to what I had to say. They've scored 44 less points than they did last year at this time. If you look at last week there's so beat up I mean they're not the most talented defense and now they're super beat up on defense. In using defense is the problem this team was night. I don't remember anybody seen the raiders were gonna go to this season winning because of their defense they were winning because of number four in this op face was supposed to be dynamic. Now all of a sudden everybody's back on the defense. Our defense kept you in the game in Denver defense kept you in the game in Washington and won the first two games defense has not been the problem. And then you look at any team in any sport tyranny when vary in the midst of what's been a disappointing season so far. It's usually because. Something you're expected to be a great strength of yours. Turns out not to be it's not so much OK we knew we were you miss being here and boy do we stink and that's why were bad. Now it's usually. And I thought we can at least count on this and we can't like PH recently a couple of years ago they win this season. Thinking that their bullpen if nothing else we can count on this bullpen. There's we've got five closers in the back end if we can shorten a game. At the starters and five and dime and it's close we feel good about our chances the bullpen was awful that's why they had a bad season. If Simon leaves to criticize the warriors about rebounding. Yeah. Tonight is the warriors start out this year and they can not hit a three whatsoever and then one night they don't rebound run well on the LL say I told you can't really count yet. And I hit threes. That's why that that that that you know once that's not opposes strength is not a strength toast. So I watched a little bit of the chargers and the giants. And I watch and that offense and I land ha. Why aren't the raiders doing any of this let's talk to the voice of the chargers to see. If he agrees. I decided to Matt money Smith. Was Stanford cal big game at Stanford. And I remember he was doing play by play and I remember they had I got. Matt then like a hard blow every unit was like pouring rain. That was a few years ago right. This salad days then yeah I heard heard much about love. Stanford football and doing games there when they agree model Leland Stanford stadium they. Didn't think about national radio for their boot short so the national broadcast goes up on the roof put all the fancy folks in there are cardigan sweaters and it was a bit of inclement weather that night. Updated accredited let my worst effort. Stanford. Organ played there in nineteen. In the forget and they wore all white uniforms which Silber number. Oh he could not keep from that I and that was not fun. Now while you you've been knocking it out in Southern California from radio on the NFL network and now Dylan the oh Los Angeles charged furlong times it's great to have you on the program once again and you know I just watched a little bit of the chargers. And the giants and the coach's film came out last night and I'm seen Philip Rivers. Under center they're run and power the first touchdown. Play action. There alone it's it's a Gordon I might I might you know what that's an offense that you know they're in rhythm. I I was very impressed the record's not very good but Philip Rivers and a talent for that offense is would even see what the chargers. Different this week was different just because a run blocking and I mean it was easily the bad thing for Joseph Barksdale and I think he's really struggled on that right side especially in run blocking that's why the numbers had been so anemic now. I'm not quite sure exactly what they did you know approach was pretty that would say you know like by actually coaches just kind of shortened leash huge cliche riddled. They and he just said they simplified things you know we challenged some guy like we were owed for everybody can get challenged and I think there was also some challenge the Melvin Gordon. There was a lot of talk about often tackle all of that 35 yard run on his first carry in his career. You know where you recognize that that didn't look Elaine gap that it was slated to go through what an opening cutting back to the middle. You know shoot the linebacker probably indicate that I try to don't look a little bit but notice the Melvin Gordon. If you read harder than I've seen them run not about to do it didn't go all the way back to last year when he nearly got a thousand yards and it was the hardest most violent that I can Melvin Gordon run I think that's set up what you're talking about. A lot of play action that was a very effective and you know what these pass catchers. Keenan Allen in honoring Henry Melvin Gordon is great pass catching back you know Tyrone Williams and if they get Mike Williams this week. Object can be very deadly. That they can really get that thing go on. How do you assess thus far told through Philip Rivers played because it seems like from the outside. I mean I get to see him more than an average casual fan because the raiders during their division always love Phillip rivers game but from a lot of casual fans kind of look at him as. I don't know inconsistent flighty. A hot head not a winner I disagree with that give it. Jimmy did 2017. Season thus far and not so for him. Yeah like I think it. And I needed it there are those moments you know he's he's been really good you know he's got a couple three touchdown game. He'd let them back you know it Denver very hostile environment had a monster fourth quarter. Against the Broncos set him up for game tying field goal obviously against the dolphins. You know chips are down note the run game is just not going at all the dolphins vendors came back they're coming after him he's escaped in the Russian making things happen but then at the same time. You kind of see that that that all bull in the game against the Eagles on the first possession you see them constantly trying to find themselves and holed that he's got to dig out of so I think verb and the only thing I would say about Philip Rivers this year vs yours past that and I called these games can seem like it's taken of a minute but it warmed up. And that the only thing I've noticed that means second half late in games he had been absolutely. Lights out. And it still looks like he's got it and I think. That the offensive line perk for the challenges that they've had. He's at least not right he's not taken a lot of hit you know and it did at his age that's probably important he's he's being rushed a little bit. He's taken one here there but I think for the most part he's pretty close to the Pro Bowl you know borderline and I think probably likely hall of Famer. You know that he's been purpose did the great majority of his career. Let's face as we all get older turns hazel pull longer to warm opera has really don't. Yeah. Exactly chargers rookie wide receiver Mike Williams so dynamic. The number seven overall choice and I clumps and I has not been around looks like he's practicing it isn't possible he will play in this gamers is so did say some time. I think it's hard to tell what I've talked to Tom to let go he said look Matt honestly I have no idea where that Adam Schechter report came from I just don't know. And then which I tried. Yeah I think he says that regardless. If this same time you know chapters not really a reckless. What order. You usually got that from somewhere and and Williams had been practicing with the team they limited capacity up about two and a half weeks. The it's an interesting week to bring him back because they pretty much sat October when this first being when this thing first came up. Sold this kind of falls right in line with what we were told you know about 56 weeks ago. I'm sort it apparently bought all lined up for him to come back to date. Rivers was asked about him how do you look and and not that you would expect and say I've looked terrible I don't know what the hell we were they can witness number seven did let. You know keep he was very detailed. About catch radiance about how quick you can have a break in and how he was she being defenders and how important and it's again. You know in those third down that they had trouble converting all season long you know the chargers one of the worst teams say converting third downs. And that was something you specifically brought up if you wanted to retain the bottom if you just some of the nobody uses body to shield the defender so I got a crowd nothing in there. You know quickly he's really good at that and and I thought that was just. That purple whatever region that kind of stood out to mean that that it was more peaking plant staying in and Phillips mind. I go yeah I don't I don't Highlander and using this week because this is what we struggled wit. Matt let's go to the defensive side of the ball a win 67 dates round pick. Who's the quarterback into being successful he's lauded and everybody knows his name like Tom Brady. When it's a safety who's passed on by every team through seven rounds and ends up being instead you don't hear a whole lot about them but this guy just signed a 422 million dollar deal. Joseph Leal is it today or die die die at mile yeah why why is the general public not clued in on what started this guy's. Yeah I'd you know I think part of it is probably because the numbers are great for the chargers defense as a whole wanted to I think it's also because Chile boasts and Melvin Ingram had been so good. And certainly draw the attention but. You know they called minutemen. He is dead in the box safety that will solve he's also got them decent skills. And coverage. I know you almost cliched nose for the ball. He's been great the one challenge has been just either didn't trade off and get really comparable in this covered three scheme or. You know what about trades. Kind of got those skills you know the dispute and look who had this still have no problems right that just single white BP. And I think that's been the challenge back there are so I think because. The secondary hasn't been you know what we had hoped it would be I should say what most had hoped it would be both in the preceded when they are projecting a guy capable and on one side TP Hayward who led the league in interceptions on the other. This big hitting safety man that tree blocking can just be. The average. That's going to be a special unit. I just got blown to attack you know liberal rep went down and he was never right. Back there and with trade struggling a little bit and now roll I think that may be overshadowed. You know how good guy has been. So far this season you know it worked out last week to trade got the interceptions so maybe that that you know. You to get a little bit more shot this week at the week before TD Hayward was really good she covered and get five patent defense. Robin was pretty much glue laden and Al charge Jeffrey double game. And so I think you know if they went a couple more games. Chances are he'll he'll start to get a little more shut because you're you're absolutely right that he's been making plays out there and enjoy what the charges the really good at that it just. Under thirteen these undrafted college free agents. You know from the oldest one on the team. In audobin out in Austin in and Antonio Gates to the youngest one this this you know back it's got to spell Melvin Gordon off the network. But it died it into that that that category do just that they've been very good at scouting department finding those particular players. Matt money Smith join us here on the Chris downs and show 95 point seven game and Matt when you get ready for the raiders. When you start looking at all the numbers and you see two and three you see the lack of offense how surprised are you. Very. I've been abducted you know that that has got a plate and it might you know the other jobs that benefit football show what an NFL network. It's crazy to me that this offense has struggled and you know it I do not expect it to look like it did in Washington I wasn't ready for that just because this. This was arguably the best offensive line that we saw update that Dallas Cowboys right in the league last year. It was you know when when you're when they decided civilly and in Hudson Mary did you know couple years then I gave Jackson was great. It is just deal that's what you look for when that O line can coalesce and I'm a big fan of Derek hearts. I assumed that it was you know I think what I did that on that then you know one on the shows. You know undrafted raiders I want Crabtree I want Cooper does. You know what that defense in the struggle but I think they're gonna happen at secondary they're gonna be winning games 31 point EAL 3431. That's what I thought I would see. And to see him struggle to feed it dropped come back and haunt Kubel again after they went away last year. I thought checked and I think cook's been pretty good. On the in his role just been kind of up and down I think the biggest surprises has been that offensive line and how leaky. It's been it's almost like the film on Washington came out and everyone's just followed suit. And it's supposed to got to be a real dominant pass rush so it'll be interest in the that's going to be the key. I think that's going to be the key battle in this game it's how good Melvin Ingram. And Jolie both have been vs an offensive line unit that was so good last year and he'd leave last year and has struggled thus far. Always great to have you on the program we will see you Sunday at the coliseum for some raiders and chargers. Love the Chris steak today but appreciate got. Money mad money Samantha once again men and Los Angeles for many years doing radio. Odyssey of the NFL network and now the voice of the still hard to believe Los Angeles charge any idea why they nickname money where came from. Just disease money. Don't your money your money right. Boarded salad days come from you dropped to salad days most fascinated by when he got longer hair the salad got a salary. Is that what it's firm that. Yeah I remember he these guys were up on top of the roof at Stanford and pouring rain here I think it's if it was or last place you'd expect to be doing yeah it was because I remember after the game was over and we need to go down to the television ads and do all that stuff it was liking announce one thing like. You out there real quick can you talk to somebody coach Sean and and and another dime then you're out. And then now it does mean sit there for. Three and a half. Hours or more and use have like this. Libel hefty bag ten overreact. Not fun not fun whatsoever. Not file don't matter Yankee Stadium for playoff games in the auxiliary box we're training also in at AT&T during the World Series members that. It rained or one of those games. Which taxes smell. For right now Anaheim in 2002 vote 2002 the range. Alex box was in the left field bleachers and AT&T is that a Troy Glaus game miserable. I don't know is seemed fine. If I think was Troy gloss and a big games at the one where there was really high scoring game. So longtime car not a lot of beer since you've tried to forget some of its drug for now I actually after that. Check tell a story of course she showed any time Sony's got a story you tell. I am a story where I was anchoring. The giants' World Series coverage in 2002. And my boss was so angry at me. And who won in the end. Chris Townsend Bell on. I have a broad potential challenge. I just don't know bring it. It would have to be you have to be really good like we got to come up with a prize. That. Because. You know I I told you before about the tax line I mean there's only a couple got Al ball read from women who are tax I think are from women. Funny. From gamblers. OK but I've thought about. Because a Penske auto sales dive contacts line every you know everybody's the we'd like to call the key keyboard gangster keyboard warriors. I'd like to throw out a challenge. Of just the harshest. Nasty is supposed to vial. Taxed. What I have to be able to read it on the air. Which means means that scattered the approved FF CC approved so he couldn't curse. Which means let's clarify Ing you can't get around that by typing your photos S a star star now. That doesn't count you're gonna have to be creative so curse words or how certain phrases are out stuff they eat you know the FCC would allow. Now Lou case you have to start I've been thinking about we've talked about this at the break made this kid -- we do tonight on only start this. I think he could be fun because a lot of deal. Throw out these nasty taxed but they're not creative there aren't good they're like. Don't you have a life why are you wasting your time and not getting better to do a lot of fight challenged deal. To actually come up with the actual goods Stockton someone can win a price. You have to do it. Within the parameters of it's got to be only read on there yeah so instead of just pure visceral raw to negativity. You have to add creativity into that yet he had become a writer and a very short span. And I all those words like eight tax and morale you gotta do it's got to be short guys got all one and a man who will do that tonight. Ought to figure out what the prizes. Do you think you're good. Let's see tough guy how creative can you be tough guy how tough guy keyboard tough guy. Mean well see you doing at 750 on Wednesday night. I chat somebody on the texts are so Italian urge them to open stoked that radio over smokes now I want negative. I want mean I want to crawl rule I want nasty but I noticed don't. I gotta be able to read it on the air so back to 2002. Am I different radio station. I'm anchoring the pregame show game one we had two people down Anaheim. Me in my body hands are in studio. It's giants it's angels its World Series it's go time giants have not been in the World Series since 89. Had never won a World Series in San Francisco had won a World Series since 1954. So after it was hours it was like a three hour show all right. Our I eerie though. We're gonna go around. Roundtable. Who wins and how many games. While these guys are a bunch giant hot mixture. They know nothing about now my body goes the other two they had net. I words dad dad time with a bunch of people and I'm sure it's probably the same line. And I've I'm pretty sure like in its not a giants are NL last they had no idea. Why they don't even know the angels they cry had been seen an Angel game like understand some call those and you notice you were to the same place they don't. Daily know certain things sure they don't cover all only care about certain gas so I remembered is going and these kids have nineteen the angels are. So it's giants and Addison giants and Mac and then I come on I was the last one I know I don't take the angels and salmon. And I couldn't have gone over too well on Hawthorne. My boss calls me immediately after there's shell out. You take against the giants Ahmed giants pregame show over the World Series. God all the years I should take you probably didn't take me out by Asian take you off the air god god god god god. I had a series work out. But leave the angels won that in separate panel off. I think I had do loud code go to his office and go hey you may not unlike did. But I was right did you get promoted now. They didn't care they didn't care about being right they just cared about root root root for the home team has understands about business. I totally understands about business but once I was right now on to be mad anymore right. And that's all you needed you didn't need a promotion you just have now self satisfaction and did you see how the Penske auto sales dart contest funnier challenge. The first response to your challenge. I'm curious to see year your mom says hi. From the 51 out while my mother's dead so it's not possible offers say hi now how do you feel five morneau. But bring I'm ready to go I am ready to go now. I want nasty I want vial. I will come up with a good price it's because that's the cool thing about all the the radio stations that are around us. Whether it's coal later K five X and Q wore KB a lax we've got more. Shots he's around here. Direct we've got. T shirts videos. Blight this blank that there are gone or else. Can we do what we should probably well we came hero all give some advice to the textures. You family members out of that. You can do that. This guy just swung and missed and huge way by bringing out your. You let mother are you can do that now now now now now I do it. Any any things in play you tell me I'm not saw tiger and I are saying Iceland to sort out you know makes people uncomfortable. On. Now. I have to really read our I can read it on the counter I counts okay if I can read it on the air it's imply. I want nasty. It. I have to do is sport Turkey may just be a personal attack you rarely want everything most recent one. You can do what ever eat I just have to be and Lucas you have to moderate this because they're starting gun and so fast. And 95795. The Penske auto sales dot com tax line. Lucas you're gonna pick the winner in the end because I can't follies it's it's too but yeah I mean. I like being called deterred burglar I have no problem with that but as I can read that. While your mother was pregnant with you she lived up a diet of urinal cakes and southern comfort. Pretty vile there you go. I want dirty one nasty I want vile and I had. I can only ask for I have fielder reed and on the air right if you if you produce some hurting burglar. The qualifiers you're you're matches deterred burglar earmark gestured burger. Herbert went. Mark yeah I have some history right this problem remarks seen business money. I call malaria is based ended Townsend joins Barry really mind at all wow. Pilot that the once again I'm not taken it. I'm not taking it. Brand new buyers Saab I can we have a lot you know and tonight. We have a lot to get into. And there's a 49 there great I'm going down his road. There's a raider great that very sad news about a raider great. This is one of those shows where you know but I knew go on and Wheaton turn on the mice and let's go girl and then I've come up with this challenge in this challenges going to be. Beautiful. It's the Penske auto sales dad Khan tax line challenge. How good can you be. One of these came NC Maurice came in from nick in San Francisco normal looking on the other side of the glass and sing their came roaring San Francisco. Employers are not eligible young men you know a niche. I don't think you're creative enough to get into it who. Moved. There I can see your picture up in the phrase mark gas hey bottom line is just went very very. It's asked eight just when that baby. I have no idea what the buying or selling collections are tonight I can tell you right now. Earl is Chapman is in the game the Yankees lead the tribe three until. That is in the eighth inning and nobody is out. Isn't it amazing how a guy that can throw the ball a 104 miles an hour. All the sudden this season became very vulnerable. That shocking what he's suggesting carrying. I'd just say how can you throw a ball 104 miles an hour now are reside I can't wait to dig in against this guy. Might that be because. He blues okay Roger Davis goes deep on them. In dramatic moment and maybe all the sudden hey this guy is not invincible Roger Davis is a huge World Series homer off from maybe it's a mental thing that he doesn't have that aura. Tiger used to have won the tournament. When he stepped on the first tee gaffe. Then he lost it that aura of invincibility was gone. And now all of a sudden. That may be the biggest weapon in his arsenal was that aura of invincibility was gone I think world as Chapman now look they just showed network. Right there right it is ironic I was in Tahoe wants I'll never forget you can bet. On whether tiger oral and 123. Or four majors in one year. Never have we ever seen that zero majors wasn't even an option on the debt buying or selling on the Chris Townsend show.