0416- Warriors Wrap Up

Warriors Wrap Up
Sunday, April 16th
In this edition of Warriors Wrap Up, Chris Townsend, Matt Steinmetz and John Dickinson break down the Warriors 121-109 victory against Portland in Game 1. 

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It's time for warriors wrap up on 95 point seven team and they married yeah regulated. Cheers Chris Townsend and mess and I guess. But he's not usually he'll. Like of the plot might not pay back. I kept up very different attitude Perry and I thought they gave me. Bartlett flags doubled it another Grant Hill. The I. I'll. Sit right on that call it a win for the Golden State Warriors of my god you look at this final box score. Ford ray monger mean. I think you can really say this is one of the great performances. In history the MBA and say that without people on the back Tonya. Annie Raymond green at nineteen points. Yeah eleven rebounds. Nine assists and hit 5 o'clock shocks and yes it you don't notice it you said this before. Now. Try to pick that game I can't quite remember my but he changed heart gave some but he had a triple double. It you figure out just because you have a triple double doesn't necessarily mean you have a great game. And you're absolutely right about that. Think about this game victory on green plate is its box scores not only incredible. If you watched the game. I had more impact of the box which is crazy because he was just a dominant player in the fourth quarter on the finance. Every skill he had was on display. I don't know how big east county 6667. We start thinking about hit the rim protector. Shots that he block at the rim. Two he had two unbelievable one don't want. Guys toward up but he blocked in my we want to hear it Tripoli I'm 5795 Seve gets Tripoli not five cent at 95 cent were going to be here for hours take your phone calls. As the warriors have won their first game of the plants that journey starts right now once when he won 2109 and I'll say this. And as I was trying to get to where you're marked as where we watched the game is separate from each other so in the game was over as trying to kid here. And I heard trying to get into the Crown Royal world. And I heard some of the fans coming up at an aquatic it was a lot closer that I thought it was going to be but you know what the Portland trailblazers. This is this team that comes in the post season they were red hot. And they're gonna do it yet we were joking at halftime lead this FaceBook live thing about it I am busts out the old Jim Harbaugh iron sharpens iron. But that's exactly what you're gonna see here it may be sweet meat it's not going to be easy this basketball team they're playing good who. Well their backcourt is incredibly explosive. And where anytime you have Willard. At column on the same team which they are obviously. And they have a go at they're going to be able to score. On other sites that there shoot the ball well like to shoot the ball. That they're problems all the defense event and that's what gets them every once in awhile but. Yeah you're absolutely right count me. I was talk that you are dead after this game. Column was spectacular the first half Willard was credible and for the most part they were good all game long but there's just. There's just something about watching big games like that. Where two guys are doing at all possession after possession. And you just know they he would do with ball game two guys are not going to be able to beat a team. Especially. A team like the Golden State Warriors that I have so many weapons. Wouldn't hey you're on number. Three are on number three out of move items. Look at sol look at the petrol or Portland they did absolutely. Nothing now they brought actually nothing it now. They're backcourt outplayed Nichols Hayward back toward you to 75 points as you mention that way they've played Lew was what was so impressive spots. They get it there's no one else to help them out. Right now you're right and without Dirk gates they lose a big part of what's made them very good the last month or so of the season. He's a big body public to look at the rebounds haven't really looked at the rebuilt but up at the warriors you know warriors out rebound them by seven. You like to think Gerke too is gonna help. If it when he plays in this series and you're right though about the bench their little short Ed Davis is hurt her ditches her. I don't think that Terry Stotts trust Meyers Leonard at all he played six minutes didn't really do much. Al Farouk a veto he helped the war he helped the Portland trailblazers last year he played pretty well against Portland. I'm sorry against the warriors last year that I could make a shot. Last year was make it 32 kept games close. I don't know what the I don't expect the Portland trailblazers to be demoralized. But I wonder as they had all their bus back to the team hotel. What they're thinking especially that backcourt because their back court knows that they can't play much better than that it's a word you go after game like this. It's just an amazing performance by the Golden State Warriors tonight I know it did look pretty early but the way they finished and really drain mongering media out there. The hard triple double it was the last time that they played right brought that up again after we did the shell I went home. And you just have to go to sleep so watch sports editor. And they show that the Golden State Warriors beat the rockets that result the art at the tripled Alec is not really a factor in this game now that they're but they're showing in their box score there about how great he wasn't like it was very yet. But there was a lot of good here today let me tell you Tripoli not 579578. We wanna hear from you whether you're here at the game or not. One talked about this one as the Golden State Warriors they're gonna. They're gonna have a few days to do hang out of hard to bully or not. Do this again until winds stay right they spread out the first round. And then it's a little bit tighter but yeah I knew this is softer than I guarantee bothers you. And he kept at you what you what we did it Tuesday obviously like you know I don't mean it's the rhythm of the series. You should have the rhythm meets Sunday OK out to be day out they have the rhythm of the series. I Tripoli not 57 ID 570 that's Tripoli not 57 body podsednik will get to all of your phone calls as the warriors. Take down the trailblazers game 11212109. Right here on I 57 game. Laughable that reminds him off the stuff that's not to like night dribbled it broke out they're great on the gulf would burglary it's not always short. It bounces up about. But I want to deviate. Now got it touting his dining on 95 point seven the game. A great win for the Golden State Warriors here a local I had oracle it's time to hear from you the fans brought to you by nation's giant Amber's keep her real. Make it nations let's go to a little lead in the game Colette how to feel about this around one game one win. You know you talk mature outlook. Well we just. It was kind of on the watch out as special. Kind of like prize fighter when you watch Miller and the caller is going off. And god. Willing it pacemaker departed that. Finished on the warriors were a little bit you know they kept coming back you know they scored one or more actually got burst out. They got themselves out of the warriors and then slowly but surely. Crap being you know should it be it. Get the budget more war. Retired at W but what corner they just started getting them and all the way. You know you're off base in the first and cardboard figure it out the championship caliber just rise up not a. Their defense of the fourth quarter was obviously very good trait my green was spectacular. There's no other way to put it. I was talkative Barnett art is there around the NBA for a long. And he said on the air once about the middle of the season that not sure that drape on greeted the best defender of all time. And two are at the gentleman who had the honor played with Bill Russell. So chip knows what's going on and after the game Steve Kerr talked about draped on the effect Davidson I don't know there's another player in the league can play games like this. He's just incredible the way he can guard one through five he can be real protector. You can go out on the perimeter and actually bother smaller type players. He's incredible team defender. Our great individual defenders. Are necessarily great team that matters because. They wanna hang on how to shut their mayor bill so they. Think about the team maybe a little less and of course if your terrible individual defenders like like I used to be back in the day that you really tightly knit team defense. Hit me all the time after a well. I I know how to play that can't put to me it. Does that all he can help you keep shut down guys just just remarkable game and remarkable game lecture. And it got to have that dogged yeah you gotta be that read ask you gotta be that tough guy and you know what I love. Is not only can train monger ain't bringing it and do exactly what you're saying but the way that when he does it. The crowd feeds off him and he feeds off the. Now you really does. And I'll tell you what you well that if you were. A fan of the Portland trailblazers. Are fans of another team play in the wars let's beyond. He'd. Be because I know. I'll pick a cycle atoms are. I still. You've you've got. I was here. I'd been exported or you know why. The trouble it. Two players. A point from the left the G and it white. Portland player that it would be if that little bit of you guys. They actually did happen and achieve those other guys can actually help out there are a lot of trouble. Well of course Sotheby's somewhat like between the two of them which is incredible. Which is incredible and Havoc in the backcourt warriors which actually what you wanted out front. You're in a while ago. Because you know you've. When he got the miserably on Google bid from office and you've got king who started in there. They don't have much to do the job against us I think debate. You know. Probably going to be week. Going to be fighting. You know it. Actually in my opinion put the cherry on top today that it could be a few blocks. Well yeah I thank you Colette appreciate unfortunately all the votes should be right now you have to vote. At the end of the regular season on that Wednesday up submitted by the playoffs but you're right if if he were. To win the award if you watch this game today. That you find out satellite he's won the award you'll say well I know why now the one they Portland does have a go for. Themselves is that. Terry Stotts was asked after the game about use of their pitch at whether he's gonna play in this series. And it stops answered definitively yes. So I don't know circuit is gonna play Wednesday game to where they're gonna wait until we get back to Portland. But there will be at the other. Facet to this series at some point. Yet you just don't know what he's gonna be like Iran point right I mean that's that was a great thing about Kevin Durant was the fact that you peak in demand for three games. Not the rust off and he was ready to go one more point on an odd dream Margarita where it gets all your phone calls its triple late night 5795. Saturday. We it's not about the points we talk about the blocked shots it's not about the says it's about the rebounds. He just three for three at one point from three point range yeah we play let's shoot it well. Rate was three for three and he kinda I mean it's it's it's truly one of the great. It's I'm glad I taped it because I want it and we'll have a couple days. I wanna I wanna have the box score in front of me go back and watch this game begins like it really just focus on trade mongering to really realize what it in. An extraordinary game he played. He really did it he's just all over the court offensively was a factor defensively was the best player on the and that the trustees thing too is. It doesn't really have a a great front court player for him to match up against. And so because of that he is able to. Keep his eye on its five Apollo. And Willard. A little more than maybe you normally would if he's guarding a big time power forward. But whether it's bond play or whether it's heartless or whether it's farouq Aminu. Basically drape my greed is gonna have a big time advantage if any of those players that they're not great confidence. Players AAA not 579570. Game one goes in the Golden State Warriors want to when he wants a 109 were going to be here for hours so you call. We're gonna get here right here on wars wrap up all. Of the Golden State Warriors that's not five point seven the game. 5660 globally just hurry up the street wide open three knocked it down. It broke that again and again because Bob labeled not please go away if they pick up very man people break. Now that it's Tony this dining on 95 point seven the game. Which picket carries nine solid other than the turnovers I thought he was pretty euthanize. I mean he didn't. He let the game come through here I thought I don't think he really forced the action. A lot but it was pretty solid this book. Both yet derail it you'll look at the box toward the end of the night they're it's got 32. Curry got 29. And to me that's just a sign of individual greatness. Went on a night we curry has 29 he's there to pick occurred at night. And I say OK pretty good when he you keep throwing twenty died in his sleep and Durant also. 32 points in his first playoff game with a warriors. Wasn't overly aggressive I don't think he was seeking his own shot he was just in the flow we took the good with he passed when he would have it from that. Perspective the warriors played a pretty Smart game. In terms of offensively they didn't. They work go for the home runs they were go for the spectacular plays there was a point early in the game when I thought maybe players talked a little too much on their own. Not out of selfishness but just about out of trying to get involved that get the team going. But I think all in all it was a great start to the oil it's let's go to Jean in Oakland welcome to warriors wrap up. Has Palestine to technical. So you know I'm not terribly surprised this game went and I hit but today. These guys you know. That does to guys probably the two best the end game named town Thomson and courage and their clutch and mean that the naturally in the last year. Studies. And that that maybe they'd be discouraged yet again the best and still falling short. I think the opposite might be true open. You know under which is coming back in fact I'd be surprised at these supplies and play the next game next game really critical for them. And if he does and he's effective. In how this thing could go six games. Wouldn't be surprised at all. So. That we weren't for a battle I think I don't think they're discouraged that they there's been a tough fight all the way through. As far as doing mine goes well now earlier on these and I called felt like he MVP of the team. And I still do. Albeit a close race. And I would the other at least with Katie. But you know the thing about that about Ted frame on. He does what he has to do for the in the when. If the other Prius scoring. He took you he probably won't score. The defense off the company will still guard everybody behest of an opinion that three point shot like besides shoot today that they because Cleveland. Has he just manages to do exactly what they need. In order to win the game and to me that's the very definition have an MVP. Not but he did put up triple double overtime. Yes I thought that's a good point that's the thing thanks a lot for the call genie is always really really good points there. I agree the other times with drape my agree last year dream I agreed every once in awhile took too many three pointers we know that. This year he's been a lot more judicious with the three. What there are times that he has to shoot the three. Because they're giving him the three point shot because they have to give up something if you're the defense team. And so I think he's done a great job of taken those threes when he's had to take those theories. Is giving up the threes that are wide open I think he's been great at that all season. Yes that's we could do this all your long there's been a couple times where I've come out with a few statements and they weren't. Necessarily received so greatly. Look. One of them was earlier this year has many have Kevin Durant yet the two time MVP instead of Perry. And any of Klay Thompson is such a phenomenal player. But I remember I said you know when you really look at it could Jamaica case for dream monitoring actually being the MVP of the team. Now he has a game like this that statement that I've made earlier in the season does seem that ridiculous we get so into points right and at. Average how many points you average. And so we ties he looked like sixth man of the year whoever has the most points to earn that award. When you look at this game you look at the box courts one reason why I wanna go back to watch again with the box Dirk has everything he did was so special tonight it was so. Beyond. The numbers as they'd like this. Yeah. Just can't say enough about what he brings to the table and ask for or. They give it straight mine green is the warriors MVP of the league MVP. Your first reaction to that is as it got curry during. But the reality is what you give it more thought you have to acknowledge. That there's a legitimate thought process behind it. If you think that defense is half the game. If you really think that. Well that driver agreed have to be among the best players in the NBA because he very well may be the best defense supplier. And offensively I realize that's not his strength but he can't pants he does rebound he can score a little bit woody needs to. He really does at all. It should think about drain money you senator earlier just from a height standpoint it's not with a bigger players in the league. But he seems like she's a bigger guy right right it wasn't so this past football season he was on the field at the raider game. And because football players are so BA. And or talk again they act. It was a first military are Eric caddies not that big you know what he's standing around guys that weigh 250 to 300 pounds. And he's got he's got inches on them. But you look W caddies that's pretty skinny when he put up next the football players right so actually when you really think about his body. His body type his height his weight the fact that he is so great at being able to. You say go out on the perimeter bother guys but the fact that he can play download the big boys its is something that's always that's. They warriors talk about a lot is that when he came out of Michigan State. He was heavy a little bit overweight. And he worked on his body and he lost away. And somehow he managed to lose weight but keep the strength to the point where now he's got more quickness on the perimeter Eddie could still hold his position. All the interior truly one of behind defender. Let's go to rich at San Jose go ahead richer on 957 again. Hey sacred. They call. You know I'd say that in the other topic really where yet you equate to trademark green army has just kidding. AA in. Two players. You know that points. And used it in what it means. As that that to play in. It and I think it. You know there's no question and you know becoming a player here tool that is really doing. Really go to a destroyer to the week really. What toll dessert but I also thought that it. Com it also there it's a dusty drawer deputy to decrypt. Because registered two guys. They'll put up eight points extras you know that do you know the track because. If it's a job were able to go deep into that you got. Go away. I. Think this is where sometimes we get so used to seeing Hillary clay Thompson. There are things offensively. That we don't realize. Other team's guards can you say on occasion. And column was make it off shots I thought I mean you lose. They're incredibly explosive in the line kept. Portly big gains for three hours. It's. So hard but we. Don't have more offensive options like that. We are out there it is other columns you know it was you know. Well the warriors we seen it we we've we've enjoyed it. But I you know. It's good news seen in a different ball game and as much as I would like to award winning sweep. Dirt is the other side. In typical basketball don't want to be what else and so your Golden State did not watch themselves. Even though we want to pay. He's right this could go six at Portland adequately. Dirk it's gone back and all the sudden it hit it on your. You run an and I appreciate the call thank you very much that go to the fourth quarter and right now it's 8888. So. What what Portland's trying to do right now is straight out these games keep it tight seeking get at the six minutes maybe four minutes. And then you let your playmakers significant way to game of column a Willard because if you can cut down the last four minutes and it's a tight game. We don't want that development Willard that we negate single handedly with some big shots. And I think it was really important for the warriors to. Try to take control of the game early in the fourth quarter so that it never really got to a point where let's say with six minutes left. It was a tied game and now you have a crowd here ORACLE Arena by their fingernails. Worried about. Stub their toe in game one the warriors gave out outscored Portland fifteen to start the fourth quarter. They couldn't get any better it was Tuesday a great start to the fourth quarter. Problem for them and it's just human nature. Is you go out and you know it's like a boxing match you go out and you give it all you got. For 67. Rounds. And the champ ball fall and then he start to realize I can't knock this guy out. And and yes you start to look if Portland's going to be in this series they're gonna have to. I'm I say they have to win one here but usually an eight team on the wrote a team on the road past the winning game. Because it gets to a point to where you'd just start seeing yourself I threw everything out of that I had like gave him everything that I had and it just wasn't enough. Well if the Portland Trail Blazers lose game two here what. Which you hope that happens if you're Portland fan is that you go back to Portland Saturday. It is you like it firemen you feed off the crowd's emotion you somehow get game three if you're Portland and make it through Awad. That you play game four that's a really tough game because now you have the warriors attention. Because they're not gonna wanna go back to ORACLE Arena even. Cute too because that you don't know what's gonna happen. So game for me Larry Bird always say it gave war's most important game of the series because it's gonna dictate whether to be short series Earl Long series. And I always think that the warriors. Really have a sense of where they are so the series 21 they have to wait gate four in Portland. I think he'll wait gave for Portland just because I don't think they're gonna put themselves. It jeopardy. I think they're better than Portland and I don't think they're gonna mess around. And I think they look at tonight say you know what we played okay. And we still what we gave an hour at about Wednesday we're gonna play great and we're gonna win that went to a gonna put port loaded the poll the great. Lee jones' leaving happy easterly Tripoli not 5795. Saturday and you know I wanna see some good games right and the crowd was really into it tonight. Are just say today that they were into it mean that says. Playoff basketball as much as you wanna see the laureate. Warriors go outages beat the crap out of people it's nice to have a competitive game today and it is entertainment L ought to be entertained his went out. As role these guys off the floor. You know have this place would be empty for. Order it but I don't Steve Kerr actually said he thought this is a great way to start the playoffs. And I agree. You'd play your best game if you don't play your best game in the first game post season you didn't play terribly which is good. Played pretty well the game was close entering the fourth quarter that you played lockdown defense he shut it down now you're up 10. You can either saw everything. You saw the other team's guards. Keep you couple hay makers you saw that your team the fans in the fourth quarter like a champion beat the defense. So I just think Steve Kerr saw everything tonight and thought you know what let's listen to and actually let's listen with the curse. It's a great game news to me the perfect way to win game one you get real taste for which are up against. Take a really good punch them from on your opponent you see how good they are mature or able to overcome everything and still get the wind so. Like it I liked the way our guys responded in the second half our fourth quarter defense in particular. Change in that first group. That started the fourth the defense was great. Steve occur after the game and senate perfectly in hearing from co actor is brought to you by. Oaks card club played Smart played jokes we continue with your phone calls what do you were going to be here for hours want what they want to one on nine. Warriors went game one against the trailblazers we hear from you next right here on at a five point seven game. Ramp holding out Aminu sweeps the ball through low and it's not the way got back rocker step that would jumper. Good morning good enough though he felt comfortable with the position. You've got thirty point to them being too. Look that bad again pretty well yes it was nothing he can do about it. We've tried both during the course of the year and it's really you know. Just depending on which you which are looking for them down this game called for. For better defense and I felt like we finally had a little traction defensively and now. And also Katie was gone really well in the third quarter when you score so we were taken out. So it it made perfect sense to. Go to dream on to start the fourth and he and David West. Let's not anchored our defense who all claim to be good job Ian Clark made some big ones who is a good group. Now got it Sony is tiny on not five point seven the game. We get out of bounds at AAA I'm 5795. Cent each show in the city welcomed and I've I've said again. Yet to take called you don't come out of this it's actually. Office sells tickets as well as these ships now out to this. Yeah dignity man. On you get a guy like re ignite offense. Jeanne agency in oh. I object. Are incredible talent they can all explore the terrible play there heightened it didn't say. But when it comes out and gritty in that kind of level that petrol securing its local option in dire. There's desire and also look. You played a great. And I have a gene deep and trying to think you know just hard work that that's a pretty. Good. No doubt about it and I the warriors go. They can shut down the president when they have. And it's yourself that that's so great teams understand they can do. The orders understand they can do that. But they agree now we think about him as a player with a lot of desire. With the will with the buyer with the competitiveness. Incredible lastly. Yeah he's got impeccable time. You know we don't they re read a quote unquote sleeper but yet up. And so he is actually very aptly. It's not like he's one of these greedy and talented. Defenders like you development no this guy's got a lot of talent he's got so I get straight time. These two is built to be great defense lawyer get. Ali up account and our. I think that's the kind of play the warriors are talking about when they say it to play he would never been able to even attempt. It is rookie year just because body would allow to make that. And I there one more thing in their about it is just how Smart years. Now it's you'd you'd mentioned decorate he admits in the fire. In better shape in other so many different things you could talk about which ray mockery. Let. He is really you know whether. Whether it's just something that came natural to mom coach Izzo pounded Tillman Michigan State he's just so Smart on the floor. Where you mention how they don't have anybody on the front court that really scares you right now. Until market comes back so he is somebody who so Smart he can help defend. They're silly me assists he he's got vision when he's playing deep that mean he's just he's Smart and there's somebody. Sony attribute to silly things that you could say about him that are bears back. No doubt about it I think we are looking at the best defensive player in the NBA. I realized I see the warriors more than any other team. But I can't imagine anybody is involved or place. They draped Mike Reid that's the other thing I think he we talk a lot about Rudy go bear whether he's gonna get some votes that he's got to get some votes. Which rate is involved more definitive place because he has to get switched out on the perimeter against guards so he actually. Is put in a possession and in a position that they have to defend. Or that let's say a go bear who's primarily rim protector I think go bear. Can't go out of the perimeter occasionally but he can't do as much restraint my degree and he can't do it as efficiently straight victory. Let's go to shot stop in Daly City talk a little warriors here after game one win. They can find it and didn't is that true god every play like you 100. And then every kind of more important for the that that play traffic you know looked like yeah. Any shots out we're gonna put John whole week we can barely hear you I got back and actually not 57957. Hits everybody after this great win. For the Golden State Warriors like it was a great win you know that it played great early. It's just it it's at that this is a long journey. It's going to be a couple months is a good way to kick it up we'll talk about a right here at night by points again. I know about the large tonight. If the industry and turn it drives you like your risk goes up it's up led not a big gap up. He comes back with his left hand. It's simply unconscious. Right now. No one can stop him he split the defenders up enough to rent chased into the rim any fool can have a with a little left can't play. It's one of those things if you wanna double team them your opening. So to me threes from other guys and so you have to decide what you gonna do you mean thing is we just wanted to be more aggressive. We let them get some spots in the first half they still made some tough shots. What's they're gonna do when. That we did a better job in the second half of just being a little more physical nor our help side defense improved as well. Now got it's county this tiny on 95 point seven big game. We are gonna get to everybody after this 1212109. Win game one went for the warriors over the blazers let's give back to shocked not by here we have a better connection. In Daly City go ahead jacked up. Great every the end yet. All right it is undisputed leaders seem. I didn't unload part of you sent that he'd even that salute our about the book and Eric you guys say about spot on and I'd love I put Italian naked. On the chassis and not seemingly game and it's very don't ever do in our our prime but it. At least you out there instead you should. They have accepted his opponents are well like I wanted to watch. Man like in the great game that was written to the radio urban and yeah it was just different about by an update. Like it like that went to bat I don't know who booed like Jerry knows compare auditorium and you spent at credit happened. In the fourth quarter and like for awhile I was back before a vacuum Portland menaces that torrent gave back all but one this time it's sort court time. That clicks feature I might not grow up any other player in the lead step up like that it's kind of the you know. Adapt to make more than anybody that China being abused you and oh yeah I don't know but then when Utley beat back the speaking and driving. You know I mean there's a lot of that's going to be said about out of the trash talk denied he was get it do little boo will with a Willard. Little bit with my column but that's straight on administrative degree heat. He does that to keep himself on edge I. Hey how how many how many techie geek coded threat is that. That's you know what that's that's an important question I thought there was that ships might get one tonight. At play there. And what does let me pick your brain here Heidi and that that technical Jake and I love them of how he dipped entity any backbone to do it here. Good player he's he's got a chance levees already really really good player but he's still very young Butler to the game. Talk a little bit I don't we don't get it at Milwaukee but I think the box team that's all too well they're pretty good next week. Let's go to Lee in Santa Clara gone badly. And and that your and NBA historian. And out again today that they thought our. But once I can't call another power forward. With the leading maker on his team in NBA history. Match but the part of treatment in the industry get much much credit for how unique and rare bit. So well at any. What first got to stay there for what what is Malcolm Gladwell say the first thing that comes to your head as usual the first decade ahead was Chris Webber. Chris Webber offensively. Little. Bit it was in the next one captain but it actually be good enough I don't. Not really let me once in awhile but don't got like three months does it look Webber did most of them from the elbows from the low post so. Yeah. Well I think it was very good at it and it never gets credit for now yet. It was Dennis Rodman. Debt this rock it would get a rebound and you could bring the ball up. In a fast way to the fore court that he didn't try to make plays like rate my. To get the assist on a fast break atlas it was obvious but he can't get the ball up court very quickly and they get it to a guard the united. Gotta do what it's no outlet pass if you will but I drive out to a trailer different at both those guys you right. Yeah and I think they'll act actually rot that that we never coached in an incredible player choose you know. The statement that somebody sitting at being the only guy in the league they can do it many things and streamline is. Who brought. I'm not saying that you know trim on the second best player in the league just internal all the things he can do strength level and the other thing going back mr. NBA. I can't think anybody who could legitimately. Defend all five positions. On the court. Can you think anybody. Now legitimately. Now that's where that's actually were. Where idol though that I keep up with anybody it's just that talk about great defensive players Robin comes up well he can guard 345. You don't really. At that point guards. He played against troop pigment. Yeah absolutely huge edit guard up he can now he can guard bigger players like Wright can guard bigger players but. It Scottie Pippen was a great maybe I think Scotty Pippen. Was one of the greatest defensive players I've ever seen but he was different defender he would guard Sanders although he could guard. Point guards you can put more point guard he teaches. Smother those octopus arms how did today's. Animal have added today's game Scottie Pippen. You'd pick me be really good. Has he even though it was more physical back then. You could have adjusted there was style where you didn't have we were allowed which are hints on why any solid today he probably can it darted up to today's game dot 60. I think so. Because the big let down a little more limited. It off if it's got to tip found itself matched up against Kevin McHale back in the day we know what. Celtics were to go to Kevin McHale in this day and age if Pippen were to go hard. A bigger player (%expletive) on a bigger players now a beacon score in the low post they would be attacking him like they would maybe you know decades ago. Never Rodman back in the day. And how he would just he'd had as you'd have his elbow in a big man's back. And they'll let me can't do it now but just to get that leverage secure sites don't have its guys are way way more than he did indeed have that leverage again that although their backing to be Babylon those guys now. You got it feels personally. The cut accurate what you think is the content will start today accused of being the warriors overlooking. The lasers war to be concerned about. Yeah I don't think it's headed to be concerned about this is what the depth give credit to Portland the commitment gave one. It would make shots early. The warriors. Whether that's the part they never let. Or get a heads that if things got Dicey kept the game where they needed to law Portland's guards were going off I just thought it was a real good start for the warriors. And though it was so so start still up five at the end of the first quarter still leave it at halftime it's not like he dug themselves a hole. All at all the great great day for the gold they waters of the finance. Yeah I it it's like people forget. This is Sarah hotter basketball team others in the warriors heading into the post season or belief and god. The clippers it was seven. It in the lobby at bat last. I are gutless group a lot facilities clippers we'll see I didn't quite seriously. It gave malign you hood showed jobs in the city and let it hang it. The real long series. Not out yet and dock after game one dockers is it did do that the guy in the mean I had IV aids is. You know it is it's not a championship look at it that now they don't look like. That triple eight but 790 five's are they meet the full gaze he. Yeah I think about who gay they're fake tough guys they might be one of the ultimate fate that guys out there I Tripoli at 57 ID five setting the right your calls right here on 95 cent in the game. A lot of he recovered to Wednesday gave to curry dribbled down on a medium build artillery and lit the lamp hip. It will help for the part but you know he was inside dream about when it's feasible way. Now got it's county is tiny on 95 point seven big game. All right everybody welcome back to warriors wrap up our hour long are breaking out the game for God's. He's the best in the business crusader socket shop. Take it out of break your eyes your your B is on Ronald Ramon I sit here just break it down this game breakdown during mine green and we haven't broken down want to talk about JaVale key today brought a lot of energy of the building to. And that's stuff all a Twitter it's that excitement you'd think to bail Ricky was going to be that much of a contributor and my answer to that is. I don't think he was going to be this much of a contributor. And op still bucket if you get a play in crunch time nevertheless. He played the third quarter tonight and he was. The central figure on the court. And about a three or four minute stretch which the warriors got the lead up to eight points after being tied it halftime. And Portland may erupt at the end of the record even backup. But. JaVale Wiki. Was very productive. With the Golden State Warriors and I think that. I you know I know there are a lot of warrior fans out there that C JaVale Ricky play more. And what's the per plate JaVale McKee more than let's say when he played today he played only nine minutes 41 sentence. But it felt like he played longer but what cops say it is Steve Kerr. He just loves woody get out of JaVale Wiki right now and Vicki loves it so much that he got into. Push beyond below he socket asked Vicky to play fifteen or eighteen or twenty minutes. These little 45 minute bursts that McKee can give them. They're very very valuable it sometimes. Weigh you spit her role player. Who plays limited minutes but keep yourself in those limited minutes. Would you stretch out his bid it's that player often becomes less effective over that period of time and that's why they keep it keep McKee. Relatively short on the minutes but. Ideally. He gives the kind of effort he gave tonight. Let's go to to live in Sunnyvale welcome to warriors wrap up. Think at bat he hit the nail on I'm mad about the comic on development he would Hewitt super impact what the third. Ordered today Abbott but Mike at the time that they keep kids that unique element on the pants which reminds me a little bit about. That is the Internet world match play on the dotted. Strong hints that it's but provides such great weight. You know curry and Claire gave cotton Arctic enroll. He could just come from behind at that keep big blocks. Quite a lot of momentum going to the war on opposite event. And that secondly op walk off topic but one that in they see if there's any correlation to today's weather. And clay Thompson shooting performance are adequate but it not you right well from a B and the art. Now. That's the beauty of the warriors went yeah for superstars. Want guys a little off he still probably pretty good shape but yet another clouds when it's cloudy. Play struggled a little bit or at least he did tonight hate your icky little bit reminds me of but the defense of ended football. Where it's almost easier to run at it because you know weary years that run away from them because you can't tell where that players to build a key. We you're coming down your guard. And he's fraud review well you don't want you can make a Smart decision either take a floater. Put it high over his hand or you can pick out if he. Comes to try to stop you putting it. But he's off the court the two don't go wearing is your guards penetrating that's a worse situation because they don't know where areas you don't know where he's gonna come from. And what we've seen. At least it gave line. Is. Activity on both ends of the floor and don't for every rebound he's going to try to block shots. That's which beat the playoffs you need players to play for five minutes. To keep you'll burst of energy so that those 45 minutes maybe you outscored the other team by forts exports you know. The Oakland a.'s coaching staff. This rain out today it's almost as I'm locked in. I walked past the media room head to our seats there's old Curt Young great pitching in a hotel guest bill that would steal food out of the media room while I did not seem Melvin but I believe he was he years got it percent. It was here in the bullpen so media rumor afloat that. About Oakland a's coaches. Well off. I you know I did excellent or postpone a it was supposedly get a V is so horrible rain Saturday they banged it out since he later on sidewalk around like that. Eight scouts scalpel day off today select the basketball game let's get to be while all their wives are saying it's Easter Easter here but maybe it should this at dodger polite about seven to five said he felt more like its differences you'll go ahead your orders rap. And he and the sort of comment you guys are interesting conversation. A ball Romney. I believe I mean earlier in the rear. He would maybe you know early in his career would be tree court player like Orton. Occasions when you would Donald Morgan but I don't think that our group which that probably anybody that starts dipping. Could play. Beaten to it if it differently today. And he will probably will be easing. It will be amazing to see completed their with the rules as. But just to just wanted to say. I have a question for. Sparring. You always want to get changed if that guy. At Afro. You know their guy eighties. That's James James the tragedy here. That every game he's you know they're right. Here like a singer producer or younger. Yeah you know that. Oakland actually made a teacher with him on did you ever see that. Not a day that usually there's a score if there's a shot clock malfunction. It James Young he's an agent pierce last electrician. Smart guy nice guy if they have a malfunction with the shot clock the game clock he's the troubleshoot their hair that it today sayers via. All okay here that they're made an ABBA while. When a year and it is this week they were that now we. I don't at those they left the young but I knew I would Coco had at the front and on. Oscar gamble like it's. Do you imagine back in the day if Europe being. Analysts at union switched out of Michael Jordan. Oh yeah. Well that's tied up. Not what it's like we hit which sells that. Re the only difference is current drops it's real yet you're the local well is that playoff game against the Celtics but it 63 yeah Edberg got switched out on an aegis urges the very well went through his legs through flag yeah legs and Eddie he still hit a still took his fadeaway Burton had a hand in his face it was like. Was like a hurry when he makes it. Knuckle head out of some of these big man he just drives by am worried or shoots over that without them to test. I Tripoli not 57 I don't I don't IR IQ I heard it was got a great it's San Francisco Greg. They think as yeah I just got to continue Maria preacher reached mantras usual. I didn't get home to the second half because we're combat that's. I think your point too much matador defense first we can't be for sure but I just want to give props to quark and that is key to running I think yet part seven point. He can be ignition wires there. And I'm in the future comment it is corporate probably come in packages he has. You know all about two wars petition public their fundamental. Pretty tough talk about defense. Do the warriors Conan just kind of one teacher compound and enjoy your show and have a good day. Thanks Greg appreciate mr. Kono would go bare they haven't announced anything officially. It doesn't look great though I'd be surprised if you play game two. But they haven't ruled him out of the rest of the series nor are they said he's gonna play games use O. What happens this time a year is nobody tells anybody the exact status of a player's injury that it doesn't benefit. That team you saw today with Portland they announce that the latest possible partner it was a good play. Same with Kobe I ate it didn't look good. I'd be surprised if if well and not I don't like a plate accidentally that he may miss a few games but was. So. Triple it not 57 out of five Saturday we will continue with your phone calls with the rule about the warriors winning this game 121 tomorrow night. Joseph fourth basket join us from our morning show to break it down it's ready for what they're gonna have tomorrow morning on Jolo in dips that is all coming up. As the great RC Davis is leaving. I won't tell you might see stance orcas the prime would be appropriate. Triple it not 57 ID five said he could take you right here warriors wrap up and out of facts of the game. Right Bob with a rebound looks ahead. Might jury got to get the traffic dribbling down to the right side Brodeur looked up to ramp back to curry. It's very working outlook now shows the ball comes right from the baseline to the bucket got bumped into the loop is good like Perry. Colin get in the right hand if that it. Now that it Sony is tiny on 95 point seven big game. It outlook Taylor bring up about client. Is even though he didn't have economy now point the first quarter at. But he you know he Ali still plays hard no matter so so many people throughout the history of this game as offensive players. If they're not get it done on the offensive side. You concede affect their defense side and that happens that a lot of different sports you're right you see baseball guys not it. It can effective defensively doesn't affect play defense. He still sought and it's not colon fits that they shots not go on down it's not he's still brings on the defense side I love that about. He brings consistent effort gave it gave me now and so games. Because these are great players that Willard at a column are great offensive players. So there might play tops can defend pretty well. And these guys are still score some points off that I Gary TU. You can mark this with them out clay will play well in game two because. I guarantee you claims driving home thinking I didn't play well offensively. And obviously didn't play well the offensively as those guys got 75 in the back court. And plays the kind of person so understated but I guarantee you it side he's got CD. Because. I want to contribute more and played such a great shooter he's such a solid offense and defense supplier. That would get those kind of fundamentals and you have that kind of foundation you're gay you're gonna have a lot of big games and tomorrow and I don't expect him to either. Wow well that state of Portland Maine if if if he hit the as you said. Curry can fall out of bed and scored 29 points. To rant can fall out of bed scored thirty. Now all of a sudden if you get a big night from clay also go move. Right. I I think if you are poor what if you look at this game. I say it. Earlier I said. That the guards might be demoralized. And I mean like demoralized. Like they don't think they can win the series they know their big trouble. Or the course of the game. Win. You'll have a big game which you know your team is as good as the other team which your star player may be the second best player. The top two players and team you're just Harry in Harry and Harry your team for three quarters. Believe there even with those players are rolling. There is something going on there had its name. I get some help otherwise not be able to take it to the finish line. And I think that's what happened today but what I'm getting that is the reason Portland can't. Kicked the can't right now working at pocketed. Is because if you look at it there is of African for the that would negate there were eleven for thirty from three point range. If they go fourteen for thirty. Maybe two different ball game it's that while fourteen for thirty that's almost 50%. Yes that's what they're gonna have to do. They're gonna have to shoot the ball a little better for. Three point range they got the rebound better they might have hurt the warriors over a little more even though they heard of over sixty dot. If you just tighten up a little bit all over the board. Who knows maybe portly cute with a neighbor to see yours let's go to call. San Ramon your analog warriors wrap. Me and that could be negligent bet that word in the playoffs. And then I'll dial. And the record that they did years ago was so we react I'm in the go to a particular guy thank. I ate whom I think is the biggest challenge for the warriors. It remains Cleveland. And the reason I say Cleveland is because. As much as they're struggling I still think that they have. A way to get the NBA finals. More convincingly than any other team so. The reason I think the Cleveland Cavaliers to the biggest obstacles because you basically know they're going to be there at the very end they're going to be the final hurdle. The workers don't know if they're gonna end up planes expert they don't know if they're gonna go play in the rockets they don't hit it off we're gonna play Utah all over the clippers. So to me Cleveland the sure thing. Having said that. I don't know that anybody can beat the wars four games this season. They will be. Heavy favorites. No matter who they apply though to note that ain't even at that as the Cleveland Cavaliers I agree. I agree not my prediction is that the warriors win every series in five games. They're gonna to 64. They're gonna go 5555. That's the right thing. Yeah there's an interesting article before the playoffs started on ESP Edwards sad. There's a real difference on how people are looking at the Cleveland Cavaliers. There's the Vegas side gambling side. That's something we needed to fort bout with coming up here 515 and then there is the analytic side. The analytic side does not like the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Vegas gambling side they were still the second highest favorite behind the gold state wars but the warriors are still. Lawyer above them when it came to being in the favorite aunt there there is a huge gap there but still. If you take all sixteen teams it's the warriors. It's the cavaliers and think not everybody else. I saw. One of the Los Vegas. And yeah. I to get the numbers mixed up with the warriors at Portland series whose. Which 2000. So you have to pay 2000 dollars. To win a hard wandered up thicket. It's a lock but until the hundred dollar but it still 300 dollars. The warriors lose this Easter. I can't do it better now but I mean like real life it's not it's not a good guy yeah sure is. I remember the 49ers were there a Super Bowl. Against the San Diego Chargers are a diet over a million dollars and because he isn't accurate leap over a million dollars to will to. Really dealt with that much money can the niners are such I make it's. Yes yes it's really stupid that Brian grant to all I got a thousand all right yeah. Let. They are the favorites although no matter how you look at it it really is. I guess it Liggett who thinks. There the only team that can really beat the Golden State Warriors is the warriors themselves and that's we saw last year in the NBA finals. All our. We haven't seen that into the game match where there close. It's coming down to it out like which you saw last night with Utah and the clippers right. Where it's gonna come down to. They haven't figured. Maybe they haven't figured out we don't know we guys haven't seen yet this season that would be the only doubt if some can actually make. Teams close. All it does make for them close to seven games rights. That's right you're absolutely right and I see a scenario which the warriors maybe ever solve that problem this year and they still win a title because. Maybe they will get challenged. Or. Maybe they do play four close gave to the series but they went one of well that may be enough because the other three maybe they're gonna win it by a big margin. It would remind me that's. Film as around ski home crime that pirates against the Yankees I came Merrill shot heard round the world at whatever World Series that was the Yankees completely outscored the pirates in that World Series. But the pirates won. Four super close games and that's all that matters. You don't think about Draper agreed I wonder we see a performance like tonight and I realized he gives complete effort every single game. But I was watching tonight thinking. I wonder how much you hate seeing him about. Be responsible for the warriors losing last year's finals he doesn't talk about it a lot. When he does talk about it he acknowledges that. You hurt the team. But I think he's on a personal tight mission to put that. Behind him because I think it bothersome but I don't think he wants the let people know it bothers him. But it he's competitive at all it pass the ball it sure but yes you're right shoe. And the dosage and yes I I I agree but the only thing you can do about it now still out of the title right and that's why they can. You know he may be at four. For BA playoffs because I think he feels like in a way he owes it to his team. Mates yeah I was you know last year during that time. I was over there at the coliseum which Raymond green was one and I was watts in today's game that we are all sit over there a camera away game and they've escaped five here now and I can't Ireland the base I think I'd like camera upon atlas for the days but it. Bob byers drape my green where there are a luxury suite at the policy it was ridiculous. Flick about an hour rule we were talking about him at that point was so tripod gonna watch the game for the days. The a's game. If the warriors when it he's just walk across here celebrate with a skinny which I thought was god was kind of funny but the of course as we don't ever walked across to celebrate in he'd never walk to celebrate the 867. Solve the fact that it's in the back of his mind that the only way to out to have for our race that from your resume. But right people long if Trey mongering goes out and plays like he did today out of you can have the stat line. Like you may never have a stat Wyatt stat line like this. Ever getting your career and a playoff game but if he plays at this trial level. And let's say he get like the finals MVP. You know people can start to forget. That's a good point because. I wonder how much. No matter what happens they'll have to live with. Bad because okay when I think of blunders etiquette Chris Webber's timeout NCAA. Champ fat side yes. Webber calls time out that it having technical foul ball games. That was one of the biggest blunders it's still. Part Chris Webber's. Reza man obviously. Not right on though. It did happening gate by so what's it like it happening gates haven't. He came back for game six he hit seven he was best player on the floor monster he was credible why don't that doesn't make up for what he did. But I think it might. Be they gay. Powell's. Big of a mistake people think that was game five because the reality is. The wind is still had three days to win one and they couldn't do it at two of those games were with straight. You know the only problem it trained mind and our dues shooting games that it. Nobody cares. You're right about that I mean nice. Nobody cares who plays great in games in a marriage what sport it is if you get to a game seven. Hockey basketball baseball. Nobody cares who had a big game for the losers now. That's not what will be remembered so let but I was a great start for Graeme mongering there's there's no doubt about ethnic. And help people realize you watch one of the great performances. In NBA playoff history. What he did deny it was it was Hardwicke keeps saying tonight it weird at all areas start that if we were to site used to this yet it's still. But we've been in here all day it's like oh yeah that's outside that that it's. It was on this list that I agree with Steve Kerr I like the way this started out like the way that they came out they played you stop you had to work for everything. The warriors you know when you say well why you think these starts like users at the expectations. For this team is like every time the ball is touched the floor there's mrs. wipe everybody out you know bill rom announced he says it all the time organ and are raiders show. A survey the at the other guys get paid to and they get paid well built and Portland comes in a hot team a confident team. And it's good to have the warriors the be tested its scripting it's good to look. I would agree I would agree that you'll get tested too much too early. Because you don't wanna Wear down. With a long series. But again gave want. You're the number one seed you start the fourth quarter you're tied. With the number eight seed. Dicey is you'd like it to get into the warriors. Go fifteen to run now there patrol now they bring it home. And making it feel good about themselves for having responded. To a dark good effort by the Portland trailblazers. In that if you're Portland heading to your hotel in San Francisco. What's the mentality is at the mentality hey we are right in this thing or is it the mentality have. We'll have our two best players combined to go for 75. And the and it just wasn't good enough. But it's got to do the form you have to look your competitor. At you have to have your out on well. Looks like Gerke too is gonna come back maybe he can give him some problems on the interior. Maybe. Farouk help me do oh we don't make some shots. Like he did last year everybody's got to play a little better your poor one that's that they immediately get blown out. Seoul. I just that the role players. Are probably they can they must step up and let's see what happens circuit can play games to. Well throughout the NBA playoffs as long as the warriors coach so hopefully is all the way to an NBA title. Joseph Ford off from our morning show Jolo it did is going to join us every single post game show to help break down. This game and all the games and then tell you what they got all at tomorrow's a warrior fans. So where when you leave it on your way on tonight again how many giving your garage turn off your car. He would turn your car on the morning here had to work you're gonna know exactly what you get Joseph how nobody has like street yeah. And honor and a pleasure that's what it is boy it's an honor and a pleasure thank lap up on. Tiny bit about issues on the other I watched myself. It's all good just what what are. Yeah I always liked it just check it what where you're you're three takeaways from today's game. Yeah but one that had nothing to do with what took place on the court and it was the visual. He stand the fans in attendance this I don't. Maybe you guys can correct me on this but watching TV. Look at it game where. In the past two years ago and everybody wore the yellow shirt. Last year almost everybody wore it. And that this year is it five to 10% like a growing number of people that are not putting pressure on. I don't know about the book in particular about the enemy I think that and did mean it and make it to me. That speaks to the gentrification of this crap out which one it was affordable. And used to be kind of went normally you know you got that rabbit and they come out. And got people that have been priced out of the equation. So they don't. On one of the seizure or would be. I don't know that was not certain that these are the first thing I noticed that they call me crazy but big patches of and it independents. In the mobile not wearing a seizure. Well I I can tell you that they trying guilt you into it to him out so so what they'd do you do not have ushered on. And it puts on the big screen and say your shirt on. That was why so many people. I understand the people courtside. Like literally courtside on the court they're gonna be able to do it they want but they were too many people wearing shirt and it wasn't as much of a lot as it should have been bad. That would be against typically number one as for what happened on the court that it would you guide your over what are mine green did. I mean come on and that was that was at bat like he should win defensive player of the year and then you realize. In the first half witnesses a close game you follow social media you've got people react being you know the warriors they rusty. We get accustomed said that routinely blowing people out that we talked about this last week. And they played in fewer than thirty in the year that within five points. Any time during the final five minutes of the game but about that for a moment 82 game regular season fewer than thirty. Well within five points during the final five minutes then in the end it was. So. We get accustomed to this grandiose style of basketball where the opposition getting blown out at widgets it's a lot. Forty foot three pointers Alley oops they're going to collapse today. What do you expect in it. Reasonably regularly. I don't it was a great effort from the blazers how to keep the warriors on their code of funding overall. There really was picked it out loud maybe. The fact it debut Willard as a Coke with David there was some little or face of some Portland fans here they're. Portland fans soc. Blazers jerseys age I want you executed the gambling side has. I don't know if you saw the same article that I did it is on ESPN news right about the cavaliers. And is about is the cavaliers were overrated or underrated because when you look at the cavaliers. Eight is still sees them as one of the favorites while the analytics people don't like all but I just tells the audience at even though. Guys you have Cleveland still as one of the favorites it's amazing how big a favorite. The Golden State Warriors are going into the playoffs and how big favorite LB against any way they play in the Western Conference or in the finals Eastern Conference. I mean hanging fifteen points up there for today's game with a sir it would it would it was it was a certainty that number out there I get it. We look at how good they are we get affected packages and playing. But fifteen points and playoff games you gotta be kidding and it almost covered it at the end they almost found a way to cover that number. The equation and and what you have with Cleveland county it is an excellent point is beat tiger what the back from about five or six years ago when he was no. Winning majors but he was still help in the way. Blocks were routinely putting tiger out there that the one. 821 in the masters and I wouldn't say he was a Coke every year and it kept things. Why do you keep coming Alec yet no one way he's not thinking cut anymore not being guy. And I talked a couple of acres in the fight is about it is we put it trot out there true god being media at this point 35 to 141. We will get you know if you end up winning. So many people locked Tibet hiker bailout of that type in a matter what we can't praise for a lot otherwise if he wins we will go bankrupt I. In the same thing with the Cleveland Cavaliers and nine point favorite yesterday in Indiana. Anyone been paying attention to them down the stretch no you definitely need it and be but that one if you bought that and we want people out. Don't find ways to win and that most likely headed for another collision with the warriors in the finals. But not blow anybody out more and I am days in the points on these situations especially when they hit the road game theory. I think you're going to be in that spot for the most part. The rescue this Joanna I don't know if you're gonna have the answer. And it's gonna sound a little orbit because we we had a tragedy but Isiah Thomas insists there. Pass the way in a car accident yesterday. So there was. Doubt about whether he was gonna player not understand he has played but. This stuff like that affect the line did that affect the line. Yeah it's not like that I will definitely have an effect but the question is which way you now as we've seen it the variety of ways the natural reaction. What you see them like it is. It has not going to be in the game between not gonna play as well focus is elsewhere at the Celtics but and I and I know. But you remember the game Brett Favre again Ayers. Don't situation now mind you not think about football you realize there's more light in this game in this sport in this job. And you go out there and UN having one of the greatest game your career you know and Tiger Woods coming up the depth of it. We thought would with Brett Favre and using it and playing very good game and very crowd behind them but the real tight effort that's taking place right now but it would. In the back back yet. But it got out of the. Joseph fort rod joins us he's a host of Jolo in dibs every single morning here on 957 game from six to ten. We'll get back to your phone calls Tripoli not 57. 9570. You know when you look at game two GO and the fact that Klay Thompson. Didn't really have a great game offensively. What do you think this will be like if he got Kevin Durant staff and clay all firing on all cylinders. I'm wondering organ in the position at any point where that's been happening it almost feels like eight public they gave for example I remember in the number I think it was. I rally at the first quarter. Littler and my column had accounted for like 24 Portland's 27 point. And the rock at the tip and it was talking about how would you and how well quite got to be focused on that note guys get Bentley played biggest. It adds that in this series isn't going to be his sport you're not gonna need one of those. Those nuclear site gains. That we remembered being sick person Oklahoma City that should be left Iran that's right he's here and actually let this step because in that time MVP he's been put it again. The last three weeks to a month to dispute in both of the guys that go to your scoring quite an ad here and there but I think. You better Serb on the defense and the floor marking up Obama column Willard wherever they wanna put on but they don't worry I mean like usual. Probably get to a point where three or four games in the playoffs wonder what's going. Publicly Compton alchemy and had a big game and it may be its gains to the second round. Don't put up one point in the quarter to score 38 it'll be adequately your game and the warriors away and that will be talking about in the next day. At Joseph what do you got coming up tomorrow Jolo periods. But in the forward talk and I would yet PM it into it it's 645. I want to know how much money is in court gonna make when he hit the open market he's here he's playing on the and veteran team senior political state warriors he has worked fantastic. The way you'd think that this op Ed and stepped up his game somewhat it. And I paid out you know Bruce think it's going to be. And then collect the book is going to be in studio from that in the aid an entire hour of warriors coverage will be joining at the entire time. I so he if he couple ought. Per hour after every game the day after. After each game collateral will be in from 78 to break it down for us yeah. And I cut. I wonder if he's gonna be used to those kind of hours. Well they haven't put it right through it bit soft landing circle that Adobe gonna come and it has not fired hot. I'd hate left and right. And I remember it's not sports gambling it's sports investing. I hate it but definitely you know you're gonna. All right will be tomorrow morning and I'll take my kids school. Bit. Joseph Ford Bob Joseph blow it did six to ten Monday through Friday right here on 95 cent of the game and show will be joining us. For most I think will be given on nights that. Joseph can't do it will be get that and get everybody did. Peace. This is a to be out here for a few games I know that you always fixes. At least one home game series so because they talked it about it. Looks as hoops that love is at boot hit. Tennis and golf. Yeah that's that's that's dips. Well what what a great time. In the Bay Area mean he got the sharks points at nights at the Golden State Warriors game one's starting their mission. Trying to get back to the NBA finals and at the sharks ain't things Stanley Cup final they're trying to get back to it. Very special right now on our our fall roller sports here in the Bay Area we continues to summertime is being good. We've used the football season the right now with the black. Happening with the colts Hayward San Jose Sharks they're pretty damn good right for the past couple years absolutely. No reason this warriors wrong. Should go on for a little while not just talk about this year. This is something that go on for army years just looked at the ages nine and you. And I can't do that though we let you we're not talking about them we're not tile like 333435. Rightly that getting in Atlanta we only looked at the Celtics scored the lakers caloric ate Pizza Hut area arts. I hear you the thing is totality. I go back to 1995. When it was all set up for the warriors to do damage for a long time. Chris Webber Don Nelson couldn't get it together. And they treated Chris Webber all changed that you just never know that's why you've got to savor. What's cool all right now because even though you think it may last for another. Five years. If I don't that's another five days she just never know well that is gonna do it from me. It's can it's the year gonna continue yeah right you're gonna continue up to 7 o'clock press two. Sharks hockey is the sharks will be game three against the Oilers down at the shark tank it's now time for me to go on and do little Easter Sunday with my kids. And my family so John Dickinson will be stepping in these guys still have. Tim bon Temps for the Washington Post got stopped by. We got a ton of stuff from the podium from Steve occurred to rate mongering a lot to talk about. Will still be talking hoops and take your phone calls of Tripoli not 5798578. Study rolls on. And I am Matta here have a happy Easter everybody I'll be back tomorrow get you ready hopefully for a little plays baseball. Hopefully we won't have the rain it's supposed to rain but hopefully it's only going to be early. Studies taking your phone calls is taking up to game three of sharks and Oilers next right here on 95 cent in the game. Everybody asked us for on the floors an impact on the game and units out there. That was others are the fourth quarter. You know do is dream on clay on injury in. Dana has indeed visit and chatted you know create momentum and they did Denton. Got the crowd into it and we are often erases the rest of the quarter so I do about committee Johnson and they they did that. Now back to the warriors wrap up on 95 point seven big game Kearse and that's dying next. Are welcome back everybody that's the Mets with you. Now joined by John tickets and that was stepped Perry talking about that second unit which really. Swore the Golden State Warriors to win tonight. They go the fourth quarter. 8888. They start the fourth quarter with a fifty to two run. They manage that fifty to two run without curry. Or Kevin Durant on the floor. I think you have to say that was the key stretch JD. Yet really was saying it was the defense in that stretch at that allowed the warriors to pull away you mention the fifteen to two run. And it was David West would dream on green Andre Iguodala Klay Thompson and Ian Clark. And they brought it night in a trade Mike Green after the game he credited DeFeo Mickey. For. Setting a tone in the third quarter Brady injured in later G it like he typically does he felt that the energy that were that JaVale McGee brought. Carried over into the fourth quarter the warriors built that eight point lead it in the blazers finished the quarter. On a run to tie the game at 88 hits crazy shots two or three of them in a row. To pull back even at the end of that quarter betrayed not green boxes it in almost started with JaVale and then carry through to that unit that we just mention. Well you know what we talk a lot about JaVale McGee and what he brings to this team. And a lot of times. Let's face it JaVale Wiki heads as not being considered a very serious basketball player but the one thing. You have to give him credit for and it's it's something that's hard to measure but when he comes go to the court. The crowd gets it do it. Yet and I think the team gets it do it I think that the warriors feed off of that and you you saw even in the first half he comes in the game. And instantly everybody's anticipating. A law and run Portland trailblazers were anticipating the obvious well you can only cruel coached. That the warriors like it you that what he gets in the game they were picked off the ball the rim. That was go to him for a lot worries that gave him a lot later but there's just different. There's a difference in the way that. The other players play the other good players play right with JaVale McGee on the floor they've seen that yet. A little bit of a pet that there's dep which can help then team to game he was really good Ted I'll real he really was he was really good and they it was a a couple of guys that I thought really contributed to the usual suspect Raymond green was just demand test and I that you guys. Price spent the last hour talk about that. But I really thought. Between JaVale McGee. Eddie and Clark those two in particular. Just tremendous help change the game and Kevin Durant obviously Ian mr. steady and easy thirty to 36. Yeah 8889579570. Is that not realistic and the warriors wrap up. On the ID five point seven negate the Golden State Warriors won 21 the Portland Trail Blazers 109. The warriors lead this best of seven series one game at nine gate you've set for Wednesday here ORACLE Arena. It JD one of the things that we always like to talk about after a game like this is if you're the Portland trailblazers. To use today. Well geez column at Willard combined for 75 points and we still can't beat the Golden State Warriors. Or do you look at the box score say you don't want it we gotta out rebound a bit. By seven we could've made a few more threes. There were a few plays here or there had high affinity thirty. Would you take out of this game if you were the Portland trail. Blazers will Terry Stotts he he didn't think any of it was demoralizing that the fact that. In a boat to his players were able to do it you love the way that his team competed for three quarters in and gave the warriors credit to what they're great team. You gotta be able to play four quarters to beat them they're good enough with one great quarter we see it all the time. To know. It tourney game around with a warriors are playing I actually thought back and forth. The first recorders. It was a terrific game I always via at a Portland went Portland's on. And yet it made a lot of shots that and I can't think of some tough shots maybe wall. Fall consistently is this series goes on. But but Portman plays the real game they're well coached they've got things they're trying to other had a game plan for their ages they look like they have a clue. They don't have the right players in every. Position tip at beat the warriors there's some things orders and to take advantage of and I think we saw that tonight but when when error point well. They can't hang with anybody you know week eight just couldn't do it. For the warriors. With the warriors over over the course of the 48 minutes I look at it a little differently that Terry Stotts. I think you're knock it again 75. From your starting back court. Again in this series and you're not in it yet. C plus 29 when compared to back courts and worked our our action I guess was plus 31 that is 75. At 75 to thirty to 44. So plus 31. You're not gonna get that again in this series in the blazers didn't win the game so. Look it's not. It's not catastrophic. But. It's just and I don't think it was a missed opportunity. Because the blazers point while the warriors just played better in the fourth quarter and on the game there the better team that's what they're supposed. The only unknown now in front of the goals they warriors is Turkey each. Awaited if he'll come back I guess Terry Stotts indicated that he expects him back at some point the series I don't know it's going to be wins there not to. The only thing I think he can hold onto right now if you're Portland is well. We've never faced the warriors with their pitch yet so maybe. He can somehow change the dynamic what is it paid out twelve of the they've won eleven. Out of twelve in the regular. Seem to tell at five this season correct that's you can make the case the blazers played their best game. This season had been that gets the orders had been hectic day and still had to lose well. Right now you're right but I I do think. That the recipe. Was there for a win now you right. I don't think. Willard in my column we're gonna combined for 75 points again but somebody else you'd like to think is gonna do a little so that. Like Al Farouk amino for example. Who had no points and as we talked about a lot JD he was a factor at last year's seniors you really help the Golden State war you really help the Portland trailblazers. So. You know put that aspect I think we're gonna see. They play out differently. But I think. We saw Portland us to do they stayed tight for three quarters. And they state tight. For three quarters in eight minutes so that the last four minutes it's a close game and now you're saying guess why. If column at Willard can make some plays now we're gonna win the game. Boy. You have to take it gave as long as you possibly in the in that direction. It will with time down to beta three that its orbit the trailblazers data for 36 minutes tonight. At 36 minutes the warriors went on the fifteenth to run it changed everything. So it's really hard and this is with their stats mean about player 48 minutes. You've got to play 48 commitment to. It's the warriors you know why even if you do that sometimes it might not be yet it might not be enough and it wasn't. Today and I think you look McCollum. I think it if Terry Stotts it's almost at a position he's gonna have to play that acts or that he did to answer your question by about. A candidate get themselves in a spot where they can became close with four minutes ago. Yet column out there I think to start the fourth quarter. And Willard was on the bed right in the game got away at eagle back that Willard and it was and it it was even essentially drive the rest of the way. But I am looking at the minutes distribution here. And yeah it's funny the warriors are right at exactly where they always are in the regular season that that upper limit. Right Durant enter Avon and clay it's that victory all right at 3536. Straight on was maybe 37 closer than that. And that it would follow over thirty. And that's. And look at it I look at Portland in Portland was McCollum at Willard for each and they probably needed a couple more. From each of them ill over the course of the game especially in the second half so you know the warriors. They're gonna be fresh fresher I think as the series goes on negated in game three game four and others on off time earlier this series of late after extended. For the that to even become a factor but I just think. When column to load on the floor the blazers were really competitive you took one of off the warriors locked their defense and a little bit also in the game turned it down. Well looking at the Portland trailblazers benched Q and that was a killer for men and they're not an overly deep team. But if they wanna beat the Golden State Warriors Allen Crabbe. Gonna have to score had a fifty points. I he's gonna have to come off the bank to make two or three threes and make it impact he couldn't do that today one for five. Al farouq Aminu he was terrible today it was horrible. And I'm not a huge fan of his anyway. But when he makes shots. He can help you. But he was know for five tonight turned the ball over couple time it just looked totally out of sorts. And that's about as deep as they go Shabazz Napier play a lot obviously Connor did not gonna play a lot mayor's letter was there it looked like it looked like. That was his shot he's done for the plot for the playoffs because he looked completely lost that overmatched out there. But now look at them it gets sent out right. Right and fog lights one up like I got bombed laser I don't like violated you know what you have to and have tried to product that a little bit. A simply because he wasn't awful in his three or four minutes effect he looked. Pretty solid. It looked looked like he got lost out there JD when we come back there is wanton. Aspect of this that I thought was a little bit troubling. And that is the warriors win there's something that I thought was a little bit askew and it's something that we haven't seen lately. And I wanna get your feelings on it elicited a warriors wrap up on the outside that's a lot which got tickets that. On 95 point seven gave the Golden State Warriors take a 10 lead over the Portland trailblazers with a 1211. Count on it win. Here at oracle read. Play the game rats and so when you know you get to the playoffs so. You know definitely felt good out there and worry about Nina player and Tony names you know emergencies and try to go out there and beat me. Physically if so grade and so the flow of the game you know knock those shots. Now back to the warriors wrap up on 95 point seven big game here's Matt Stein nets. Welcome back everybody the Golden State Warriors have taken a 10 lead over the Portland trailblazers in the first round of the NBA playoffs. They did so they want 21109. Victory. Over the blazers. Kevin Durant. A quiet 32 if you will step Currie rolled out of bed. Threw it to 49. It was funny because county asked me. JD to pick her plate today and I sit caves pretty good not great certainly not terrible. But you're looking at 22. Political. That's a lot of points to be able to throw up there when it's like everything clicked it. I think the way I would categorize it is good bit but not spectacular and I was good. You know not have nineteen hits in three easy ends up with 29 point after the free throw line which I thought was important. It became more of the three point shooting wasn't excellent for the warriors they didn't at eleven a 27 those 40%. Although we see games were that's 1415. For for 2728. And it would have been a completely different looking game at that had been. The case today but I curry was good the. It is decision making wasn't great tonight through some questionable passes you give it up with five turnovers. Only forces but it. Yeah I thought he was. More good than bad certainly there is one player to talk to you about but it's a player that we've been talking up in a big way the last two or three months. Cotchery would ala. He had a game that we would consider not treatment dollar December tight game he played 33 minutes to eight he only took one shot. And where it used to him being a big time factor on this team and tonight. Is one of the few times in the last month or so we really didn't even notice that with doll out there on the floor. It was strange W look at the plus minus that he was still on the floor when good things were happening and he threw us a plus eight and he was a part of that unit. In the fourth quarter early. And it helped the warriors take control of the game went straight mockery aided and David lasted like topsy Ian Clark so. Yeah he didn't at one point what is it had taken a shot you took thirty minutes dew points didn't look like he wanted to shoot maybe Russia is one of those kind of games. But again plus eight on a night where. The warriors. Right more outstanding night. Now it now one of those nights where everybody's in the plus twenties it's that are guy here is pretty I'm here. I'll listen to what Klay Thompson had to say after this ball game played now one of his. Best offensive game to finish with fifteen points on six for sixteen. But let's take a listen to what Klay Thompson said after the game. Flee their two guards were kind of defense challenges they present today what was the difference between the for sad thing. Can hope you'll huge number of points. I think we loved him more on this thing happened coming from a three point line though I'm comfortable. You know we can duplicate what they do is not going to deflated because of putting words the first half to like ten turnovers. He made great just the second half not tenable as you saw it. They've both got to go for some of the united. Understood the wind. Doesn't do for us tonight good morning. Did everybody knows it's full team effort through super special with a book and blush just Paramus. Ability to collect phone because it's cute and why should be defense failures of president on the premiere thing and laying on the break. If we have a question how much what is it going up against. World of Portland and a challenge you've got businesses. So a lot of we got more than just two guys political team can't forget. No. The details. And I'm missing them as they men and none of the guys and you'll ruin the surprise for them to sit around those two guys are. I don't know that I mean you game plan on. So did. That is cool effect the game anyway. I mean. You know minute performance they have suffered. A curious thing momentum came to. Economy more. This game is as tight as it was too much in the past that set to officers. We want and don't care what 212. It was time in order and I missed the playoffs most remembered. Thank him and other members of this game of the you. And I'm happy. Excuse me emblem. We respect them and the other come out and fire and on Wednesday. Your hours of conflict and those hundred meters of the order moving published excitement is there a question is did in this story. Second through a lot of excitement and the big thing. So important you know and game one's not if you don't come. Homelessness. If you've created a personal when it alone and 'cause they want him. We'll pony here for a reason. Not afraid of us are competing. Omaha on out there there and in my event I was. I was folks on that you know I think. We can toggle more of it does mean nothing political influence on how to reach him went to win and we're not satisfied with you know obviously want China. Whenever him home here because. And trying to put a couple quick ones and onions. No because like I said. They can go for my C five points the amazing players vote here today it's a team game hands. You know rather win the game rather than trying to overcome an event court battle and that means nothing when you don't win. Yeah Klay Thompson finished Klay Thompson it's always bitty Klay Thompson. A lot elicited his interviews they're there they're really cute but I the Golden State Warriors. What what he won the Portland Trail Blazers 109. When we come back we're going to be joined by Tim bon Temps of the Washington Post. He was in the house that I gonna get his thoughts on the Golden State Warriors taking a 10 lead over the Portland trailblazers. You're elicited the math assignments that John Dickinson on the warriors wrap up 195 point seven the game. Well it's definitely not your little league of the plot but I'm. At the very different faces Perry had the opportunity. Now Bartlett flies rebels led to Grant Hill. Goal line. Now back to the warriors wrap up on 95 point seven big game cheers Matt Stein nets. Welcome back everybody that's that it's John Dickinson with you warriors wrap up. Gave orders in the books in the Golden State Warriors want 21109. Winners over the Portland trailblazers. Your rhetorical dedicate to Wednesday. Also that ORACLE Arena joins us right now. He's a guy we've spent a lot of time with the last few weeks tip box out of the Washington Post it was in the house tonight. And I'll just start out. Tim by say it yet take away or two from gave one. I thought that but the German agreement earlier this story of the game now when you look at if it was played out. You know. There's a lot of at all as a lot of focus on that flash and a pupil achievement orders and Italy German plated in this game you know you don't have a triple double 555. Pattern that you've watched him lead the team and assess it was kind of perking cancellation. Every convenience of war and they're just really was the singular reason why it was a lot tighter than a lot of people off because of playoff. Game a little under the engine column for Portland. The two wars usually able to come out on top of yet. Day and you look at it in the warriors win this game it in the column Willard they go for 75 combined. And straight months sensational. And curry had some turnovers at Klay Thompson wasn't hit shots that you looked up at the end of the game yes that was close. But the warriors in depth what this by twelve do you think that they took the blazers best shot today. And maybe I mean. I mean it obviously. You look at your gonna game where we're James Cusick my purse I think the goal but is that likely to shop and at same time. Google's answer to. They're not. You're right there with staffing coli has been there about scoring backcourt will lead Eric you know toward the wizards scout John Wall Bradley Biehl and it's huge day in. Mark Rosen I mean arms saying X and you know. I think. I'm not sure she quite that well again but if you told me that. Did you approach thirty cluster here it wouldn't be shocked. But the bigger thing is that the warriors need to do what they did. In this game which is they didn't let anybody else and change calling. You know crippled Capcom 5% five and everybody else dirty like that it tonight. You know I think the worst state senators forward the game I think until pretty competent and six a pretty regular basic. Yeah I agree wholeheartedly with you him I think a lot of I think it's easy to say. Column at 41 Willard at 34 so. It's not like you're gonna have fifty or forty next game but the reality is that score a lot. They're both gonna score a lot of points in this series and who's to say they won't combined for sixty plus and then. Maybe the next game off for me it makes shots rally crowd helps sought. I I do agree that this may not. Beat Portland's best punch. Have said that. How do you. How do you think Klay Thompson was defensively tonight. Because we're we used to see him her. Players and the volume type shooters it and these guys were just making shots. I think he was fine honestly I mean I think most for the most part the most passionate and really talk shop TJ it's a really top shot. And it is used guarding her stance is that on some time but. Don't told god or just purely purely. Mean you know a lot of the time you got it when you're too you know he got me all start at but he sort of about scores in the league and obviously terrific so in a lot of times in the game like that with the whales got a plan. You know like. Kevin Durant 32 and Stepan 29 and you know put the latest in to a terrible job and purchased at some point it is stick. And there are but it had articles or dunks the ball. You know guy 61 kind of you know there's there's only so much to do I think in I think from the reverse angle you know I think. They don't need you to take quick it don't matter spots I think mostly it was just you know warden column make some terrific shots from their trip reporters. Tim we officially ready to say that they Kevin Durant back now that we've seen a thirty point game in in game one of the playoffs. I thought he was fine already but I mean certainly when you look at. Certainly knew that the way you played this game you know put his head downtrodden to program. Not thrown out you option now in transition making shots on the perimeter he. Now make it to be defensive plays and probably blocks and he Q did you get a little bit every thing in you know it was if he looked fine the right away coming back there and is on child being a little rusty in that first game to be some sort of makes shots after. Opposite side you restrict so you know from the world it's hard clutter look at the games she a lot of negatives in errors that it was pretty pretty good performance and I think like I said one thing that got to be capital gains Egypt comic shops and they did it interest thing by. Again if you know even tired stops after the game they score eighty. You know they need there are other combine for forty or fifty and you know outside they had 75 other combined for 34 minutes. It's probably just not going to be enough when need to look at to report to articles state Republican digital content and they'll like us and they'll they'll take those guys going crazy nobody else is too much. Yeah I agree with that him by test for the Washington Post joins us here on warriors wrap up. I don't actors that he dealt him the warriors got a boost tonight at a JaVale McGee. And you know he only plays nine minutes but he was a factor he got the crowd seemed to get his teammates. I think he's. And roll is going to be. Going forward it's actually he was plate tonight like he was played at a regular season game he just played pretty well. Yeah he was on him and I puppet human destruction third course probably the best minutes of the seat and chat and frankly a lot of the miniature towers mean it's a lot of it's it's not. It's a lot of stopped it. You know in aggregate a lot of stuff that looks better it actually is and I think receipt and play against. Better opponents he's gonna play very well or not at all but that was a good. That was a good human at W commit atrocity at I think when you I think we knew what to believe David West play to start the fourth quarter they got the real pivotal moments of the game. I think that you know you're gonna see guys like him. Playing minutes over over over JaVale later in the Clausen as we talked about yesterday on. On the and the additional thousands studio I mean. Streamlined when they play real teams can play a lot more minutes of chatter and lead their plates on it and you know he is playing all the service you know the extra. Here ten minutes at the given that you Baylor quickly it'll. Yeah nuts. And real quick I thought. Big big in this game was you go to the fourth quarter. 8888. And halfway through you're up 810 points if you haven't put courier Kevin Durant on the floor yet I thought. Obviously Clark gave himself he's played well against Portland this year but I just think it's such a bonus when the warriors. Head. Gates of separation if you look at curry Iran or even on the court. Not right what was the difference there right it was it was dram integrated Dataquest the monsters defensively at that you know that's when. This movement that it's back when those two guys you know that would when they go to that lineup to start to second and fourth quarters or claim drama out there was staff and and I into the on the bench the whole point of that unit to get stops. And they wanted to fit into Iran and wanted to get the markets incorporated shot quite critical shots there. The bigger thing was that they got Thomas stops from from post got specifically from drama and then from David West and sighed and no really capped the waiting game going in much is that what they got that push the game was pretty much over at that point. Tim Mort you think Portland goes from here if Dirk pitch to play he would obviously become. The logical third guy it to help McCollum and Willard but let's say he doesn't play on Wednesday night. What's the best way for them to get something from somebody else but yet still have. Willard of McCollum had huge games because they're gonna need that it to be added as well. I mean I think you kind of I think port would probably take this kind of effort in this was deliberately essentially what. The blazers need right there needs to each day and play really well and they needed. That needs some of her not to make shots. So you know it's more a matter of an opera can mean it was open need to make shots when album art courses opening needs and shot Evan Turner need to make shots that they need. We need those guys step up and make some threes so it it'll got commission travel. You know things local different award to carve them a little more. You know becomes kind of snowball so. You know I think for the most part don't you look at enact similar to mean much like you said the matter was tied gain on fourth quarter so. There really is if you tell laser accurate title before court game this year resulted that in fact. Bomb is just a matter of they need some of these other guys step up and make shots on talks a day it's huge in Japan urged boast a late push them over the finish line at what is tips. Yeah I agree to meet with your what your Portland Peter Yates the you'd eat everything go right at what you warriors one seat you'd need a few things go right. And I do thicket you're Portland that you wanna take. So optimism out of this game. You do say yeah you know were even go to the fourth quarter and Al farouq Aminu didn't do much Alec crap at school off the bench at a murderer was you know he was. I scored twelve points but he wasn't really huge factor. I agree Mo heartless by for thirteen the only one of 63 point waiters and there's room for improvement here. With the blazers I think I disagree with people who were saying and let's get a that it places can't play any better. And their players to play a little better. Yeah for sure looked like it I mean that you know James shot 1220 executive due again keep it was a little is sixteen to 28 but it I'll cue them to 22 I Alter its. Build it and they can replicate what you said. Nor Democrat 21 minutes but entry points like that that's just not acceptable for that they need him especially in the in the dimensions score. But initially they need to Munich shop in our question watchable perception street that they need him to be like eight. We need Dole's guys this specifically stepped up and makes shots and it's no big deal was that you crap in the pork factories they get sparkle to the couple threes. Well this game target. And I think that's. I think that's the way you have to look at it from the Portland time I don't know why anybody would think disposal about what the plan simple task were good but that are productive topic and commuters or reason I think it'll actually keep scoring they do. You know you can get a couple of shots and so on especially people back home to Portland I mean I don't actors and reason we're so you know who the war's been played their greatest but I thought this was a lot more purchase about how Laporte and played most you've got to to score the ball. Then and any articles state deport. Yeah IE I agree with the attempt by taps thank you very much is always really appreciated and now. We'll see you suit down the road by a man. That's tipped by attempt to the Washington Post talk a little Golden State Warriors basketball. And the Golden State Warriors now JT. At fifty or to go fifty water bill fifteen ago. Yeah and they're not paid. Steve Kerr. One of the things that that stood out. For me it was that they think it was the first question. The press conference you know what you take it from a game like that yeah idea. Idea and this idea that what do you what do you make of it basically. And he he like he thought it was a good game one that they you know were challenged. You know the perfect way to win game one this witty said to get a taste for what you're up against the rest of the way. And in particular with Willard in my column in and those guys going off he said it took a really good punch right and they were able to. Not played their best as you mentioned and still get away with technique is key I mean the warriors are gonna have. But gave more there it is they want that from three to they're gonna have games were there. Hit more shots and I think there's going to be games where. Maybe the blazers struggled to hit shots we call them Willard may struggle in the game maybe somebody else. Except some of the slack in eighty Mitch adequate Ali he didn't do right offensively. Although he was still a plus player for them in this game today so. I think the warriors know they can play better. And you know he credited the fourth quarter defense for change in the game and it's a that we talked about that that unit with. With Klay Thompson a dream on Green Bay and with David Weston and the bench guys there Ian Clark of a part of that and an Iguodala. That. Sparked the run I mean it became really was all about that one run where the warrior right gains separation they get the starters back in the game. And it's just too much effort for Portland overcome. You know it really was interstate because we've seen. A little bit of a different scenario for a lot of the year where. The warriors appear close game and starters got to come back with six or seven minutes to go in the game would be tie. When they would get back into the game navigate separation of their second unit and they're just playing with house money I think when when that's the case. You're so funny Audrey would dollar we've been talking about him for awhile now lately in the what they think that you allow we talked about is. Man that with the warriors need him to make shots. He made shots it's just unbelievable. And so. He took what shot the united it was a three and it was actually it was barely close but he missed it definitely missed it. The first thing I thought was well you know what the worst record in new debt that now that means they're gonna win by ten points because. Aziz. If they're really would've needed it he would have made. There's another big and there's no doubt. And use that you look at the night they did and it's right. If you look at the guy that they needed it from a blistering mongering yeah three point range O'Dell hit three Big Three did one of them ill. Hit the rim bounced into the air settled any at a nice touch her and what occur the read what's that would make him. About spam or belts that made out. In my mind for Klay Thompson's one at six yeah so you look at that it's a dream on was three of four but the agreement was. Was one of four a couple of those to clay clay ones that three of six play at rallies and a little different but yeah you know if one guy's going to be down you have to yet more from some Morales. And they got the nineteenth for Andre Hungary and I think the twelfth from Ian Clark yet as well. And efficient 125 shots it's a couple of threes. Plus player in the first half. And obviously in the second half when he went to the defense of one at the start of the fourth course Clark was terrific. Like Thompson. Maybe it will out of sorts with the shot after the but it away often. They were able to make it. North bodies we are listened Klay Thompson pocket of the media afterwards it was it was beta it's clay it was stable stable clay. Which. Connected like anger but it was a what was it more right now like the way he play again the senate at the at practice. I just want for six from three point range. I guarantee you he's bothered by the fact that backcourt combined for 75 points and worse than that. They were both pretty efficient. A B twelve for 26 for debut Willard that's pretty good. And I realized a 50% 50% cut in the barker we always used but it's the age twelve for 26 that's good and obviously 68 for 28. Is exceptional which is which seated. Column that I didn't get the feeling of the warriors were terrible on the I didn't either I didn't either I felt tighter off the dirt that you know the warriors. They do tend to have trouble with small wish guards will this heat got too small which got her to explore. Hard and columns David Sosa that in the column is that half acre Willard it'll hit Alex Perry. Will Arctic it. You know he'll have the ball out thirty feet in you and before you can blanket. Indicated you wanna that that's incredible ship them column. With some of the drug bullying at the moves that he'll throw it on somebody your shoulder that pull up and in between that. He he's really skills you know what. Yes you're an immediate and eighties clapper yet people with his outside shot it around the basket some wall motor gained it in for a way out. I I think it's not a perfectly as the big I noticed tonight. And it evolved to him which right migraine. To agree it is. A foot a little defensive player. But you picked ray mine green. Asking him to try to defend CJ column off to a high screen and roll what he's got a little momentum. And then. What we've it's always finish at the rim with greed audit a few time. Who does that consistently get straight agree because he's he's so good but it was off like well. We use the rip the shield that they use this land. And the other week. Just polish your right EST. Yes I added. That he obviously is is the you still lose the opposition that he knows. The personnel record because I tell you right now. I've seen it even if there I know people victory Mike Green. I understand we know it's a great defender but they're just sometimes with guards. What it switched out of a guard. Pictures tell the guard is going to act that got the dark doesn't get it. I like the guards they get off okay now a bit ago score points or drape migrate they have no clue that they have no chance if they make a you can tell CJ McCollum close night right I agree the real deal I got to make them move here I edit views are. He's good enough to do I agree. Wholly impressed with seat table column. We really it's his legacy what they do down the line with those two players. Column Weller. I think they can make it work I really do I I had ice at the same thing last season I think if they get the right pieces around. Those two feet and make it work and I beat her to start at that. But they need a matter. Or form they get better form and it that are three they'd better front court means it dirt which is gonna help bubble. In front of that next year. I'm just looked at it and it just I like it mean to put there's too many games were unit. He teased at school are at eastern you'll get the ball and awkward position and not elected the that it needs of the terror over so that's a problem but it's. It's you know what it is here's what here's exactly what it is no fun play 43 minutes I need him to play ten minutes. Okay Maurice heartless ball heartless 35 minutes you know why you need to be twenty to 22 minute player. Evan Turner play 36 minutes he should be 25 minute player so their. No violation be eight they're indictment on the team. Partly should be coming off the bench murder obviously started tonight because circuit with her. But herders. A role players now they just need. Another good player so they can bump everybody down to what they should be like I just that player is and. It's for me that that's. Really what it's. It's one of those straight biker he did it's its immediate exit that it's a guy that can eighties may be a stretch for I think and if I picked a little too late I agree I've obviously drama greet the kind of guy today. Put on any team can feel they can't get this acted mini needle Austin pocket there's a you know somebody in it they can make it shot for you but does that make it right. Roy yet I think it's gotta be another guy that they can use some things and defense. End. But also make it right in eats at me because the book is what teams that use that it take the pollen in the cards right. They're gonna and so somebody else is gonna have to be yet and it's arc with its online earners that mean news there's just too much. He hits this is the in my offensively. Sought I don't know exactly who that guy used by the I think if they get the right pieces yeah it's it's Jae Crowder you know it's somebody like it's it's just somebody. Just a little it's something better than name it's it's just a good solid play yeah now. I agree we got the one thing. That may have happened with Portland and obviously don't know specifically but halfway through this year JT. I gotta believe they're figured we get big trouble we were one of the highest payroll team to leave it were not very good that we got back court it's ball. I think that. Had they made that Dirk each trade and they were going to sell. I think they were bloated up in the offseason. But then or try to do but now. Dirk pitch now you have three hits the first round. Now you can keep it together for other years he about Willard column they're gonna get it you'll they've got exactly what they're gonna yet. They're gonna get exactly what they're bitter it's straight game a do over because it was gonna be. A disaster in the last season was gonna look like it was the Ali you know the outline. Dell. Last season was it'll play that just wasn't re. That run at the end of the year and beat the clippers as the clippers head injuries and and playing at a top five games against the warriors he come back this year and it was all Marat well. Maybe it was run out if that's something different to give yourself phonetic you're gonna get it do you. The Chicago Bulls ended up beat the Boston Celtics tonight 161. Note too so they take a 10 lead. In that series the Washington Wizards beat the Atlanta Hawks 11417. Warriors went when he won one. I just I can't. I just can't feel. That and Fries I'll. Need I. It's they haven't. If you haven't her I mean I I just look out game and I think in an Internet I ain't it 33 point serious it did in those who may not know the story Isiah Thomas Boston's point guard. Sister passed yesterday. In a one car accident happened up in Washington State and it's just it's it's you can player not any obviously distraught. Of course you can play. But it just it. Awful just awful awful I can't even match I hear going out why it game and think gain you know whatever he score. And I'm not or be rushed to get out there you can play but I just can't even imagine where. He was that with that whole thing in the crowd but for the team mate the eight. Acknowledged her. It is our heart goes out for heart goes out. So awful I we come back. We are gonna hear from trademark green gave his thoughts on the escape. The goals they warriors take a 10 lead against the Portland trailblazers. In the first round of the NBA playoffs with a want when he died. One outright victory elicited about climate that John Dickinson. Well warriors wrap up 195 point seven negate. Now about the barge tonight get the industry and turn it drives you like your risk goes up it's I'll play not a big gap up. He comes back with his left hand. It's simply unconscious. Right now. No one can stop think he split two defenders up top to rip chased into the rim any fool can have a with a little left him left. Mean they're the sound of players and so and animations such they're. So are forced issue and you've got to just stay solid understand that it's a long game and shareware and down but it doesn't affect how we play another and we know. How we execute when our bread and butter is another room floor and Vieira allow on that not to you know one on one ballot off. You still gotta stay aggressive and strategists made plays and of course a series I don't know Russia. Now back to the warriors wrap up on 95 point seven big game. Here's Matt Stein nets. All right everybody welcome back to warriors wrap up the last half hour coming up take it to 7 o'clock in that we are going. The sharks hockey. The sharks against the Edmonton Oilers in game three Jake yet so want it's I believe that's a pivotal game three in 11 series. Pivotal game threes back to the Arctic for 34. Larry Bird always his game forms that he added it as it is yet get at least three water it's going to be sued to it's going to be long series adding this in here two. Thank you let's make it clear you're talking about San Jose at. Not go. No I don't I still think the warriors traction in this week answers but I think it's gonna beat. Like I think it's going to be like not like it right it's gonna become like it was today and not and that's exactly. Where the blazers guards are gonna score 75 and all that but I just I think the blazers are competitive. Is the difference between. They gains being competitive. And at the eventual outcome is a lot of baseball like you'll see it at a short series it would be you know best three out of five series and lots and you see it you'll see three terrific games at B 322143. These great games drama everywhere but sane people went off three I had ever totally get nominated. Really it that was 30 but every game could've gone either way. Down the stretch or iced the Il in the late innings in these basketball in the fourth quarter so I wouldn't be surprised if every game in this series. The blazers were witted and let's say in the fourth quarter within six in the fourth quarter game probably turned a blowout. Because it's just with the warriors do. But it wouldn't surprise me if they give up the Portland did. You know made it out well right the fourth quarter have to fight back or something like that. I just think there's a difference between whenever you say a 40 or 41. Everybody thinks. Well it's gonna be total domination not necessarily. Let's go to Lurie in Oakland hi Hugh Laurie. Hi guys my diet and then on them because. I started calling your name on it happened when I'd left the game we got home and I'd been. Walk the dog wash all of the pollution cleanup kitchen. And my commitment to bush. Are now trying to tap into it can't happen and I never went about it a lot. I. That the right now we did we end we had lots of calls that David thank you pearl. I'm happy to chat with you guys. Com in an alignment. Your credit. John and now it does it match. Outsell I don't JB here. And he had it been a time. Anyway that it. I don't think I'm. Mean and and not in the arena I mean. That was at home and watch them. At home that. I'm not eating and segment. Gentrification. I don't know about what happened. I'm bad on. People not in the Asia. I actually did not this year because I was wearing. Them in Cotton Bowl and championship. I'm sure things. Outlook and I brought mine in Russia and Japan. Dramatic. When. And I've been mentioned to. Them. Do in that she's. An area that's very outspoken. I wanted to do. We you know I've been to an imminent that I would have each other that much. What I think is talking about. I'm during Monday. That. Having. In pageant and apartment and I are kind and other independent and part. Maybe it came from culture. In Albanian and then it can not bad. And I'm not originally going. Com and driving them to weren't that she could probably. June July and content practiced some. And hours in the snow and special campaign there and training them. College and I think. That we can there's intelligence and their inspiration. The court can transform. Transform the warriors. And you've got that one equipment to come out of pocket and then watched around them and didn't. Probably listen Gloria real quick if what what you're having. Lunch tomorrow with marry that marry neighbors green right. Saturday Mary gave Mercury bad. Right. What you teller that Mets the Mets. Really really once she came out I wrote once on Twitter because night. I saved rate which have a little trouble guarding Boris yell about three years ago. And actually came out I wrote some fears I. Thank you. Now that she has another grandchild tabs in the menagerie. As he. Amber at. I think I'm down a little bad down there. And say what you feel bad and without. And I'll have. We didn't intend to add. I haven't mentioned. And well and you. But between them and attack. That's up for all Laura they've called before the path that. And you're the real deal lake view you know what's going on it's we appreciated. All right that was Lorie thanks Laurie yes I was just an periodically. And skin that was my first Lori experience. She's she's. She's I. I don't know the specifics I just know that she's obviously friends with treatment greens definitely. In. Dream factory Terkel who grew up in Michigan and capture. Like me was was one of those kids who shoveled snow out of the driveway just to get shots up. You know you don't have to you. Never editing your I doubted the Sacramento thinking about the things I ever did and I didn't shovels snow and let's we witness now that we might Mike on the snow on history mr. Adams now right now. On that now it was a special make you see at. Before we break here what I know you're always check the scores what do we got with the last game of the week can't what's going on where. Houston. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma you know that Obama's. The 29 when he five legally scores that game tipped off right around the top of the hour and you call me crazy but I I thought that the thunder contained in this arteries. And I don't you agree yeah. If there's something about it and it's no slight against Houston. I just think it. The thunder while coached team I really gone with them nice job with them and it's not last year and they played the Warners conference finals he couldn't. Or we finish off. And just so it was a little bit off with the rockets as the season went on injuries they want YE this team. As they were her. It and they were locked in the three seed it felt like. All year and didn't want the flight four seat dole. How much of of the factors that was Ryan Anderson this time Ike Ike he's critical ID 22 what they can't win without him he's critical and it's in in court. It's it was the combination of the two made them. So much better so but. Ice vehicle while the city plays hard. And it Russell Westbrook play caller and that'll keep in playoff. Well you know what treated and we've talked about this affair now. Is the year that Russell Westbrook has been truly amazing and I feel like he's received. Backlash that is completely. On fair. People say pat it's that people say selfish people say he's a Gunner. People say he drove the rain out of Oklahoma City and that's all. A bunch of crap I think Russell Westbrook has had an incredible season. Notice I didn't say he needs to be the MVP if you say hearty and VP. I'll give you that put Russell Westbrook has had a remarkable. Year and here's the thing JD. What are they knock off the Houston Rockets. You're gonna tell me then that Kevin Durant left Oklahoma City. Russell Westbrook led to the playoffs and that led to a first round win over the Houston Rockets who want 55 gave me. Why why how do you criticize that. I had to criticize that they're thirty. I think it was 37. Is 38 double doubles a triple triple doubles at. OK so he takes ill advised shots big deal. And he's on his way to night already 91 quarter points. For whom he path puts through insists. He has had three turnovers these 2% the so it's been a ragged you know what I ragged right they are ahead. But the other thing I don't like what people criticize Westbrook is. They talk about Westbrook like he's never gonna get any better or he's never got to. Tweaked his game where ever gonna understand. Some new lots about the game. I mean that's completely. A joke to be that would a bit like saying you know stuff curry. You're three years into the league is gonna be able to. At the turn overs under control can't find that balance between point guard shooting guard me. Why why do people believe that Russell Westbrook. Can make some adjustments. If he gets different personality their little helpers eight. I just that's my pet peeves because. Before the season started. That was so that that people believed would never be touched. Oscar Robertson averaging a triple double. And that's Russell Westbrook are what we come back we're gonna hear from draped on green. Who. Had a monster game tonight nineteen points twelve rebounds eyewitnesses five blocks three. Steals. And only one lonely her over the Golden State Warriors want what they want. The Portland Trail Blazers 10 god elicited the warriors wrap up 957 victory. Now back to the warriors wrap up on 95 point seven big game tears Matt Stein Mets then screwed. Trim on what what changed in the the fourth quarter for you guys and what does it say that you guys were able to overcome the game ended that their backcourt and still get home. But things started with our crowd and tired and campus and you know those jobs and size. It used huge ratings life. The bill and then. Our crow broader from the beginning today and so we were able to feed off that until we were to secure our ground and then. Start with an Egyptian. There in that third quarter and although it may run in the close are urged for a password over and then David came in and he were huge huge huge. On those Boston's to have me committed democracies they couldn't get and more it was a regular grouping that we went on it's it's a rough. Phil barbers and Rosa press Democrat grim indeed you mentioned the fans and their support. It seemed like their luck tense tonight when. They got more excited by a block of yours or that play when guys were diving on the floor than Eagles hit the three pointer do you notice and appreciate that as a player. Absolutely deadly in those who appreciation for sure you know. Yes that is best there's just love you got to play like you know retire crowd goes nuts or one of the worst moments when you do this you know once as we're in order to town for us and no is it gives us energy as well in north continued doing. Do more and all of a sudden we have this or crazier and then we come back down given the stop and lollar and you know that helps us on the line. What does it feel like either emotionally or physically when you get the block by putting your hand. Directly on the ball when you blocked it right at the rim as opposed to when swat it out of the year. When you Alter the room is this is a little different because. That's one of those plays where. You're with them have as too soon meter indoor outdoor. And so when you actually promote the blah you know if there's a bit more excited you know when you come across and you get a slot as you do weeks. You come across town from Jerusalem. But you know that the room is this mono a mono you know man against man who's gonna win about it and to win about those incidents most. The one on one game in particular you hear anything. No I didn't I didn't hear it does not your hand on the ball is reactionary thing. I don't know my third cardinal. The ball well and. Heard. Everything else. Pretty much it. When it's you know terrain very commodity service secretary of the fourth in your neck and of that lineup and do you know that has to be a defense of line. 100% now with the whole thought what you know for close Curry's attitude he says. Go to defense and excessive Islam and to bring you consent is informed. And so we weren't sure earlier in the year which it used to do you start work force and that was on businessman. Didn't actually you know at this point in the season we know. The office there was it is points in the third quarter. But the problem viewpoint so we knew we had to come on get stops who ever pull away in it and no starter recorder off their group did it and then we were able to knock down some shots but it is our run defense. Fremont. More column pollute the game like this is this. You know. With the teams is saying hey look like the clinic at theaters we just have to sit everyone else down because it's a resident Portland's real please select 1230 toppled before. This whales came. To lift the role and make sure everybody else. No you don't let the rural because they can be Judy you have to give him a lot of court that they they've got to go on. When they get it going like that you know there. Most of ours who's nobody. At some point we knew that we had to make you do for us there and we'll get some stops and started there and we have a fourth quarter. All of a sudden it warned in the policies and stuff then. I mean. Quite frankly that we're in some tough shots and affirms without Damon hit a bunch of motors needs tough there's two ways in those tough three is over concerns. But you know we knew that at some point you just you have to make it you can do all you want the sale of that I got a great contest here it's a shot. But at some point on about the make it is and we also know that we continue to play tough defense like that. Or them make them take those sports are reported matters invention is working on a little bit in the scope. Among parlance are now severed Cisco chronicle. Steve talked last week a year guy who really needs steaks and the last few regular season games or really any stakes. How anxious were you getting for the at the start of the playoffs and this moment. Variances. You know. That is Yahoo! and author plant last few games. There's no disrespect anyone raises a lot of pre season games like the united play different days as a perch on the due to. As tough gig offers you know but he starts his playoffs I was very excited that we know. We out of touch saying no comment here the team acquired right we probably shouldn't be HC but they have some bumps in a row early on the season. Not a Smart and Howard and are so we know that a statutes of who won eight and where you. Don't have to play your best to winning game and in all those things we don't approve put great effort out there to win easy and so those various I eco news this game justice. Did that play on grass while back is a completely different season completely different fill out their personal. Good looking forward to a for a couple weeks ago. You're very much and got coming Mercury news. Was there any extra yapping oil that. Maybe you and McCollum and Willard and may be another couple guys were looking into it and in the columns this to say something to you after you missed that you missed the dunk attempt look like he was gesturing to you know. There he told an you do more campers ha ha ha. Owen or you know we were talking about for the entire game does you know. That's just a party and news. Mutual respect both ways you know we've played those it's my passion series. Bill quite a bit over disqualify you Wear. You kinda know them you know you what we don't know it's deplores woes if anyone out there. And disrespectful towards knows it knows what is the symbol fun and you talk his saudis talking if Noah had a sound talking them on this the darkest of them need to do calf raises. Was as good back for the Mexican Angela on our special. A lot more fun. I illustrate my greens. Talking about tonight's 12119. Victory over the Portland trailblazers. He was the player of the game no doubt about it nineteen points twelve read out iasis. Five blocks three steals. Or personal fouls and partridge in a pear tree. For drape my green that's gonna do it for warriors wrap up. Remember tomorrow Joseph low dips are gonna have let as a blue key studio for one hour you gonna wanna take a listen. It can open up. Next we have the San Jose Sharks. Vs the Edmonton Oilers in game three of the Stanley Cup Playoffs that is coming up right after this. Like to thank everybody realistic for John Dickinson for him but tips Christina Matt's site at you to listen to warriors wrap up. On 95 point seven the game.