Warriors Wrap Up
Thursday, April 13th
In this edition of Warriors Wrap Up, Chris Townsend and Matt Steinmetz break down the Warriors 109-94 victory over Los Angeles. 

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Every team play. It's going to be excited for the opportunity to come in here and can knock us off and we got a target on our backs and be ready pros. Were very group who had supported about foot traffic except for my. Good job. My mind that. Ahead five seconds to go carry that forward currently believe that every. God it's tying him for the war years. You're you're hoaxes and Chris Townsend at best guy next week. Buzzer will sound the Golden State boy. History to win at least 67 gave it three consecutive years. And they've beat the Los Angeles Lakers 109 that two night before. One of the great runs in the history of basketball. Three straight years 65. Plus wins. They finished this year 67. And fifteen. With they want around 994. Game where obviously lakers committed this thing. They want absolutely nothing to do with winning basketball games and the number one thing I think we're gonna talk about tonight other than. I think related question is what was your favorite game this year. In the regular season Tripoli not 579570. That's Tripoli 95790. Five's anything about this year think about the 67 wins. Which way and and I know there's going to be one I think a lot of people I'm gonna go different than that. I will too that that there's this one game might be because I remember what we did. Warriors wrap up from pick six sports lounge in Pleasanton where real like this was an amazing game. This was an amazing comeback win will leave that for a lot of people but what was your favorite game this year triple 89579570. I have one Loria. That's got to be what happened here on Monday night and then what happened on Sunday. At the coliseum. It was a magical two days on this property but we wanna hear from the Tripoli not by 795 cent. Most important thing that happened tonight. Here is simple the one thing that we didn't see in the first two games of his return at least not tonight. You'd talked about it so much Kevin Durant. The last thing that the last part of the rustic come up the game was the three point shot he was 5%. Yeah basically they've seen everything we need to see now heading into the playoffs. Sunday's today and I think a lot of warrior fans have really been Weytman simply for the playoffs to start out we we've talked a lot about the crowds here at ORACLE Arena this year. And I just think that after last year's disappointment in game seven that you get Kevin Durant. You get out of the blocks fast it it becomes clear that you gonna have a really good season. I think at some point this year maybe it was in January you're so. Everybody was just biding their time until the post season came and now it's here. And so this is what everybody's been wait for this is what the fans have been waiting for to try to avenge that. Championship loss last year. To the Cleveland Cavaliers I think it's what the players. Have looked forward to I think it's with the organization in front office is look forward to. And they're gonna spend the next two and a half months essentially tried to a race. A bitter game seven loss last year the Cleveland Cavaliers. That's what it all comes down to the warriors have to win their last game of the season. For this year to be successful. And those kind of expectations. There are only a few organizations. There's only a few teams in the history of sports. That allegedly could say that. You know there there's been times where you can look at the New York Yankees felt that way. Obviously there's been a lakers squads at a felt that way Boston Red Sox Boston Celtics. It in out Dallas Cowboys San Francisco 49ers we move through that here in the Bay Area. Where the expectations every year on from Montana the young earth was to win the Super Bowl under Eddy. But really the majority of teams. In the history of sports. Have never really gone into well hey this is this a championship or bust year. It's not something that happens a lot of organizations that's so great you have to be. It to to really be able to say that that she. And I think that the warriors are looking at that for the foreseeable future. Assuming derailed his back next year doesn't opt out assuming they keep their big four to gather which I don't see any reason why they would. I think if you're gonna start every season with green tops and curry and Eurasia. Chances are you probably get away sixty plus games. Next year to see if archery with dollars on the team or Shaun Livingston's on the team. And if the warriors were to lose those two players I bet it would hurt a little bit. But the bottom line is that core is what makes this team special. And great teams. Believe that if they keep their core to gather. They can fill it with the right role players so even if it's not a quick dollar even if it's not Livingston next year. I guarantee you the warriors feel like they can come up with two players. Who could fit the bill to help them off the bench and as long as they have the big boys they're going to be fine. Triple late. 57957. Is the number here for warriors wrap up after the warriors. They take down the Los Angeles Lakers won ninety and 94 and it is. It is watch lakers and knowing obviously where they where they are where they're trying to go and that top for Luke Walton this year. I just think about someone who grew up not liking the lakers. There and too many times in my lifetime. Now there's this recent run. I think back like when magic was the cloture. Bat incident. Centric some balls and had to sue on the way and are right. Its eyes in my lifetime. With lakers have been just trash. Anita watch it's I mean the lakers have always been a symbol of of greatness at the lakers it don't elect captain and nightly cat. Well honestly let's look at their history want to this is their fourth straight year with 27 or fewer. Victories. And before that was 2345678. Eight straight years of waiting. You know the year that the warriors went to the playoffs. And we believe they were only a 500 team with 4240. I think the year you're referring to is. 20042005. When they were 34. It's 48. And before that. They want a lot of games as a road 1993 before they were very cute but the point is well taken. This is one of the best franchises in the NBA. It's a signature. Rich guys and Americans sport yeah I would love to see the lakers get through the next year to. I can't give it to develop some kind of rivalry with vehicles that rewards that you could ever the techniques I want us the improved so that they gets up and go with a warriors. Like him. Which the lakers gave the lakers. Rick. That they have they're wrong with Rick cattlemen when king's eight straight years where in the post season. Lot of people believe. They get screwed in that playoff series against the lakers and I elected. Free throw differential EU EU and it's hard not to agree to meet the kings had their shot at a rabbit that's the only time McCain there Banca. Was Rick Alleman once he got rid Adam. Got rhetoric atom was all downhill from there let's get out the fans Tripoli not 57 out of 570. And the phone calls are brought to you by. Nation's giant hamburgers keep it real make it nations. We're talking about the season. We're talking about 67 wins. We're talking about trailblazers don't into the post season round one will start on Sunday Easter Sunday here at 1230. And also what is your favorite moment. Of this season let's go to Mike in San Francisco leaves out tonight here. On warriors wrap up. A man at the good man. Does elementary a couple of days. The partner unit. Only take up called me let you build all their old port you'd do you won't hear taking that to take my call. Most don't want a statement. An 888 might ate my. I take phone calls and anybody and radio I hope you know that was all that reimpose game shows nightly news or use it. But. Anyway. It will and don't know how to actually you know analyst. Outlook you've been covered awards are here. Used to yeah. That we don't. Yeah hockey era. The last. I would think you'll. Go your very thankful and I. It. You read all of this yeah. I had my Greg and that's not a calls go. Patrick saw. What do you think about it. I would like this temperament. Well liked it. Try it. What do you think about here next year but here here or using it oh port. I. Opt in light. You open it up. That. May play. This shot. Oh. Sure. Toward. The local clear. Courthouse by. I like Q a likeable lot I think the question right now is. Willie via a role player. A rotation type player or will only be good enough to be a starter. In the NBA and if he isn't starter in the NBA QB starter are really good team. There's a lot alike about call. One of the things I like about it is that. He hangs his hat at least right now on the defense event of the floor and when a young player does that. When he comes into the league and he's best attribute is defense he got a much better chance of playing in early in his career. Then someone who comes out colleges and offensive player I Keyes got an ability. To be. I'd OK offensive player I don't think he's ever going to be great shooter but he could be kind of a slasher type in May be. It's in the Reese here there. I like these. Low maintenance on the offensive end that you don't have that. Get in the top tell you young players who would they come college. Their offensive minded or their profits of warriors it's all about their profits. What might cause a player who especially as a second round pick up or second round draft pick. He realized that in order to make the warriors he was gonna have to play defense first and foremost that's what he's done. It's O as well he's got that as a foundation. Now it's up to him to build up his offensive game year after year. Question for me is if you starter or rotation player I don't know that anybody knows the answer that just yet. He's goal like that. Wanna Noelle what is your favorite moment of the regular season's 67 wins which one was your favorite Tripoli not 579578. Wars at the went over the lakers 109 to 94 warriors wrap up continues right here on 95 points out again. Kerry pulled out of steam backward pass to Duran Duran have to control it take to build chess master Perry. Up faith that his feet let it fly play. The water and get Golden State and eleven point lead. But at the far hash mark dribbles doniger goes normally indeed. Locates very he's open for three days. It's got Kerry get so wide open there. Eighty wind at the 64 Perry hit by castle Marines. Now got it Sony has dining on 95 point seven big game. Let's give out to the falls Tripoli not 57 ID 570 Colette leaving the game welcomed and 95 cents it. It. Is very merry and you know you're up. Fifteen game away. From another. We of course. Right starts with a win tonight. Sure by the like Glenn collects banged up and I can tell you tell by using the bank got to like let. I've not that's actually I actually have been sick this week. But I don't like today. Decided to go under the my voice and the result oriented but let me tell you something pop industries. The place of buckle you know in a day and age where. All the starters are resting. Colette doesn't ran off each game to game 82 under the whether you think he's soft like going down to San Bradley though let's hit every rally not let you know what now let's jobs apply in how you feel at worst that he did coveted than any showed up he's always. He's got a sore throat. Get ready by so I got three get it back. If it brings in on the Gurney coming in order. Yeah I haven't forgot. Forgotten you know. It would take. Literally. From the from me not to be there in our actually. You know the discussion with someone there. It's not like there's not the light she's here to see. How to accept it especially when your down time. In the past time. And you you know I don't know how many years I kept saying that she'll be the year. I understand that your happier now because we've got to do organization. We've got a good program would got a good nucleus of players. That next year is a likelihood right now but it's never promised we don't know not gonna stop. We don't know what the neck injury in the column we don't know what happened so you've got to be there and enjoy it as much as possible while going to be there. During the year it will apparently went 120. Games. I'm rocket and missile moment. This time because. You know it could be. He like the spurs but it could be short duration. At least second of this because. Good today. You know what did it go on now I know you know it kind of symbolic. That we're going to be going on Easter because it's affordable. In this. Last year at two options. Be come in. You know a resurrection and shouldn't be actually now. It. You know what does branch out bring back. What we couldn't do last year you know one way we've seen last year we want sixteen now whether it takes. Whether it takes seven game in Egypt these. Guys are up on YouTube you can feel it. How it's something happening. That injury. That got the world. You can do with this incredible. Story. Two years ago 2015. When they finally pulled it off the Guam outlook for the area. You have seen what it would indeed. This year. If so then that the advocate and that came out of their last sixteen. And a lot of that was outdoor air and haven't gotten looking great watcher. Watch out and I will be. About 170. Of the 100%. You guys know. Thank you are glad I let talking about these third talk about the resurrection. He's talking about rebirth. Knowing I keep things Jesus. You can edit yeah I. 170 around the he's going to be. Don't know man he 407 out he's the real deal the stand and let the real good you know what. Here's the other thing if you're a warrior fans who goes back. 1015. Years. Then I believe you'll be here with a 107 temperature because you know. And now that lasts for a triple might not 5795. San Antonio and Oakland while short favor part. 20162017. Regular season. Com probably win and the warriors will upon the chance. To lower current plot points currently on the go or. You know women on clay which were 62 recorders that they can. So I watered them where they call Arlen on the sincere. Curry pretty typical either. You know the blessing you know he's made in the query and not as one of the words and actually play out starting. You know word Damian Miller Marty you know predicting. Van Exel in your book quote board material operations or our period. If it weren't trying to win it five. In. The lobby there our auto industry law you know like at backward ball in hand yeah. Added you know or Antonio out here and it's not Dirk pitch. He's gonna try to play in the first round but it looks like. It looks like he may not make any of the first few games that's just I was watching some of the Portland telecast. He may not play the first two games here at Oakland. I think even it played at all as a credit to him I mean he's a big boy. The injured you try to come back I don't necessarily ethical matter. But I think he does make Portland a more formidable opponent for sure. Art AAA at 57 out of five setter against continue with your phone calls John Dickinson will be up from the locker room at Telus. Well I was like in there I mean obviously this is an easy game for the warriors one on nine to 94. And now we get ready for Easter Sunday game one against the trailblazers. But we're taking your phone calls your favorite regular season game of the year. Talk about a right here on the hull the Golden State Warriors that's 95 point seven again. Starters you'll like 4548 minutes Perry was seven seconds. Waiting with a wide intervals boss that backs up that three bodily. But at the thought quite hard but not the right front of the rim and slant it to know. Season with an I report it to the first quarter for the warriors. Leg goes baseline. Like to rant against not masquerade ball fake dribble flyby three ball. The other three lukewarm with a one time and the way down the other book club the lakers. Boy did get these jackets without. Is that in June got to prepare yourself correlated. It is a lot of time in its leniency. He had a statement to sharpen. Understand how to keep your body's right in between Gainesville and only there really matters renowned game one so you gotta be able to start off and go through it kind of set the tone for the series. And you know protect our home court. Now back to Tony this tiny on 95 point seven big game. Our divers are polite not 5795. Sanity here a little step carrier right there aren't from the floor. Is brought to my Walnut Creek Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram where savings is simple on line. Matt Waldman. Walnut Creek cheat dot com has got depth bleacher David Oakland good evening bleacher de young warriors wrap. I'll make. Take public tired brought the Albright did a real well. They bleach got gotta ask yourself I notice. A couple days ago. Yeah it's waited out a photo of the cigar. After the Golden State Warriors victory Alla Red Auerbach who used to do. Expected him. Big time like you I expect that's Gardner. To look like a baseball bat but it was like a tip for real immediately. If you don't get the good Cubans dominicans. Not a treatment. Ago. You don't opens you don't smoke Cubans. OK okay met with smoke the I don't know. Those. You look at radio pop art. Yeah are up with to be able to. The nasty here here here yeah your flight X right now I get a bleacher did well I didn't really see his collegiate. Rock he. Commit patrol well. But what you thought yeah that's him. And I mock up the game a little like Mia roll off. Well as I'd said. Yeah. And lower outlook. People. That little bit but not sixty been in the the actual number should be. It's and we seem. Like collect it. There was no way out on me tonight. In game. Against the clock that bill could get. Out he. I'd like that triggered an out lots being. Upbringing and maker. Will put in. Their vote. In years. It's old. Sweet it is so important you know and answered it franchise. Now it is 67 number but I think what you would you guys were also saying it. The past two years in a now mode gain. I think this team is measured. At that particular day I think they know. What it takes to win a championship. Figured out there colon to start to play. My favorite and it's in that bird yet. Why there at the fear what's choking them. How those final three quarters and I think that out injecting. This game and now on that team despite all of the op all of which are mentally and how how cold wet. It is a lot there opted for image what may actually do it is what begins. A lot of this. It is part of and and in the channel that may see. Liked the law if you look like a picture yet mat out for. You know it that athletic. He looked like he belonged again now all of a don't go up I'd be EU would have been a lot that we rebound and got out. But he looks like he might be some that go forward with it man. I am so excited Britain play opera and that's about to go damn. But he Golden State Warriors. This is a wonderful. Wonderful game it is loudly. The real warrior like Kurt in. We get to would have more months ago let's say for every region they. Accurately today let's get cute debt well technically Tiger Woods was rural. The last day the NBA finals could be cute eight. Two months and we. I'm really well my producers English teachers of the hell's that have to do it dates well because I'm I take things literally a lot of them so let's get added to evidence and it's failure on that if I've sent the game. I got into an area. I don't do it and do it so does that touched on the a little bit aspects of this he's not know. I know that game that everybody keep people are met again everybody is gonna sit spurs game and I do understand. Why that game so it just it was down 22 points in the first was in smack so that really did he brought it back locals asked. Can't do brought it through bush excuse. That gain was in the midst of this wing street it would be on the scene what was the game that responsible for that. Now keep among warriors like we are we haven't lost two games in a row for almost two years we did that battle that. We lost a third game. That would change and actually didn't forget the opponent was the best and came around we would still lose and mail app. Fourth quarterly at all. Fourth quarter grandma bought and so you can see it in the state you can see it acting operated backpack on the men. But he's and now. And you start Larkin and re seeing now. During one of the catalysts but when that beep its old school board all the hard trademark the ones propaganda. And the interest are locked it down there close that game out the first game and of the of this of this question that we did not yeah. That was that was the best game of the season for me. That's great I mean that's a great call out to different call Tony. That was after the warriors have lost three straight they've lost five of seven. They were on that. Brutal stretch of eight games in eight different cities then they came home and played the Philadelphia 76ers. And it was a game where everybody felt like the warriors were gonna get right in the snap of the finger. And it was turn it to a great ball game the words had a rally they ended up winning by two points. And even after that game. He wore a little concerned with where the Golden State Warriors were at that point but with that ended up doing was. The callers right it's set the warriors. On a path. To some very good basketball they blew out Orlando they blew out the Milwaukee Bucks they went to Oklahoma City they blew out the thunder. They handled the mavericks they came back home. They beat the kings and the grizzlies. All these gave up talking about county are double figure digit wins. So after that Philly game. The Golden State Warriors went on a 67 game run in which they were down. On its head one that I love Coca it's the December 5. And I have the box score up here on espn.com. From the Associated Press Oakland California. It says Klay Thompson won it one more quarter. He wanted to score AD. And thinks he absolutely could we were right where we are right now. To watch somebody lives it's different when you watch on TV to watch somebody who lives get that hot and put at sixty was amazing. And especially since the day before as somebody who does raiders pre and post game. To watch on December 4. Derek Karr will lead the raiders back. With the two touchdown passes and gloom Mac was huge in the turnovers. And watched the raiders at that point go to tenant to. On that Sunday to have so that you'll post game show like that for the raiders on Sunday. And then come here on Monday night and watched clay go for 68 that was two straight days Regis sit back ago. You know damn I'm lucky to do what I do. I mean that was two straight days of tests are doing post game shows that people just Golan you know this is why we love sports is why people. That's what people pay the big money go to these events you know this is the entertainment value you can take your entertainment dollar and put it anywhere you want your house car vacate her. This is why you buy. The season tickets is quite. Well and also. It's what makes the warriors different and special. They have. The player that most people consider one of the greatest shooters in the game probably the greatest shooter indicate histories there Kerry. And I said this a few times. He's got a backcourt mate who. It may be score points in or more Hillary that's thereafter but I idiots sixty he'd like thirty minutes. Last year at 37 in the fourth quarter in the third quarter of a game against Sacramento. This team gets so many weapons. And they've got so many ways to beat you at the opposite and and even if they're not playing well Leo often today they still have an ability to be. Maybe the best or one of the best defensive teams in the league you just realize how tough it is to beat it's tough to beat it again. Let alone in a seven game series that's what's that he's gonna have to do policy is that the most points you've ever seen scored lie. Oh boy yes court lies gap from Atlanta to try to think you a leprosy and Tracy Murray scored fifty plus. Here against the colts they awards are science like Jamison grow up if the back. The back right we weren't here for when Rick Mary now that the what the 6460. Was the most I'd like to analyze the F sixteen was the most votes line. Yes it's amazing when your hear you lock somebody like that get hot just inches keep. Quorum down it's not real neat pictures that you sometimes I find out what it gave lives. And I know. Have the stats the rust on me and not watch in the stats you look at it on TV. They'll say outplayed top to the buck he's got 23 clay tops but he gets when he so watch the game it hurts it. If you're not watch at the box score you lose track of now that he had put on that night. He was so hot that you can. You looked every once again and again if the crowd surged down right exactly now it's. And the music it's a coin flip 6029. Minutes or 37 points recorder which is. What do I need. That's. Mean it's live it's one of the greatest sporting events. And one of the great performance outs. That's ordinance one of the great performances live there's. It was pretty. Sixtieth. Thirty so. Now that was its act. Well it was it's notes here that was. Having that's that's sixty. That's still something that says deafness and what's his high 54 the garden. Then that might Tripoli at 57 out of 57 and continue with your phone calls after the warriors beat the lakers. One overnight tonight before what's your favorite moment from this season will continue right here on the home the Golden State Warriors society five point seven again. Picked up by McKee hands off to her Perry to director grant county. Now again. Fifteen of the 35. And he is ready for the postseason. First two games I thought you saw it and tonight news spectacular with the shooting and a buddy moved better. It would we go quicker looked stronger. So I think. Really good to get these three games under his belt heading into the first round. Now got it Sony is tiny on 95 point seven games. No doubt about it Steve Carroll talking about Kevin Durant something that you reference mad about. You know. Everything is game looks good let's see about the three point shot came back tonight 5% and hearing from steeper. The coaches that are being brought to you by oaks card club play it Smart. Play at a hoax let's get to the calls its go to Amir in Richmond Amir urinate I've seven game. OK let's go to league which shaiken a nightly. Convening children and I think that you and I know and key to. Speaking to lighten the fact the warriors arrested those boat four guys about a month ago. Well to match. Count me out it would allow me to pay. The spurs game in which everybody rested as the biggest game of the year I will actually want you to think that. Well. I got everybody thought that the warriors is conceding that number one spot I think. The disbursed by. But they had the tiebreaker in the quarters ripped off 140. Steve Kerr. Loans. Sports Radio personality that was outrageous piece saying the word to go through that game. I'm my eyes and I'm not. I'm not afraid that by in his stance. No my favorite moment. Of the season without a doubt. Was January 16 ORACLE Arena warriors 116. We were in 91. A 35. Point Spain. Yeah that whole season has been about redemption from that awful finals. Series and that's actually really at the scene that the cavaliers watts for road and feet and you know they are. They are all on the part supposedly internal extension. You know there are old un athletic cannot be and not rebounding. So it that would that scheme would be year. Yes that was a 12690. Juan I don't look at the box score right now Lee. 26. For clay when he first staffed what do you want for the rail. And off the bench it would dollar with fourteen of living that with thirteen to they got all the the performances they needed from their big time players and that game and in that game Cleveland a day they punted the game pretty early if I remember correctly. It's in the woods yet they were down fifty at the end of the first quarter. And actually it's halftime 6840. So warriors were up if the odds are. Cops are upset. 78 points they leave. And that was Cleveland. Had even made the moves forward there Williams I guess corporate did play it today. But the other let's think about the cavaliers where I think. They're missing the boat a little bit about the reason that they beat the warriors last year in the NBA finals was. Because their defense. They want gate 79380. They can't hold toward Tuesday night points this year. And I don't vote they can score up against the warriors. Over the course of its ears to beat them. Again not only help they're gonna get there do you think now lost the number one seed in the east I still think quickly now we get there. But I don't I just. Idol they. Wars are better than. They have more talent they're more together. I think they're better defensively. And offensively right now. There was an interesting article on espn.com. That talked about metrics verses Vegas. Is Vegas. As of yesterday. Still had Cleveland as the second best ticket is the NBA finals. Behind the Golden State Warriors but the metrics are saying look how they of YE. Under 500 since the all star break defense hasn't been good they've had injuries so it was like the question laws. Are they over rated or are they under rated. Depending on how do you want it of the Vegas style you wanna go the metrics measure saying not backed to metrics say still. The second best team in the NBA. I think. That the Cleveland Cavaliers are gonna work harder than they wanna work to get back to the finals I do think there to get back to the finals. As much as Boston. Had a great year they're gonna finish 53 point nine. Maybe this is just a hunch I just feel like the Celtics are one of those teams where. They're tougher to beat or the regular season when they have a day or two at your play at a bunch of different teams that make you go into Boston. It Brad Stevens is a very good coach and they prepare very well. But I think what you play the Celtics over the course of a seven game series for the Cleveland Cavaliers. And maybe even rod I think throttle. If Kyle Lowry 400%. To beat Boston to a lecture about Washington. I just think Boston has been a team that's over achieved. And that's not a slight against them because. There's the number one seed east but I think they're getting the NBA finals if I had a bet I would still bet on Cleveland and make it the. Lexus status. Of bright lights come on who's gonna shine the past. I would that our. Ears. I would bet on the cavaliers to beat goes through players carrier. Abroad and those players. Know how to we gave they've won games they've made big shots. And I just. I just don't think anybody in the east is prudent enough. To beat Cleveland. If Cleveland's. Development together. But. I don't think Cleveland to give the warriors. The kind of fits they gave last year. But the bottom line here's what we're talking about RD good apps now that they've dropped him boss and once you. Are they good to get back to I think they are yeah I think there. Is I think they showed that they're still pretty cute the late the year when they have bird this year with Vegas. Yeah I would not bet against Cleveland. To get back to yet BA finals the question is who. Who is more of a favorite to get to the finals the warriors Cleveland. Warriors well that's an easy answer. Well I favored it we're talking gambling Breyer going to be a heavy favorite no matter who they play. From here on out they will not be in I mean not help but would not even in the finals I don't care what they exit from the east I don't care who they play in the last. The warriors in there in Nevada will be a favorite by a lot in. Every sear your right but the warriors path to the NBA finals. The the the finals is going to be tougher than the cavaliers. Because they're gonna prod their gonna have to be. You saw where the clippers and they're gonna have the likely beat San Antonio or use that. I don't care what anybody says the west is still better than they eat. And we were going to be able to witness theories. Cleveland. At Cleveland clinic and I really feel. So everybody's making a big deal out of date debut will alert say that. He thinks they're going to be towards six games. Said. That it really he's what if we get what gave auction we don't not yet happened. It's Florida Barbeque. It's four games or have in the team dinner or that the warriors beat the blazers if you believe the list seventy. Left but it water in the regular season the last three years if you were one last year's playoffs. Who live here Willard who thinks they are gonna cheat remember who was hammering. Warrior award finance. Well how to warrior fans feel their take on the Dallas Mavericks years ago. We'll go to opposite ends. Same back in the day if warrior fans what is said that before the start the season about the mavericks. And that Don Nelson we believe years people but they're crazy. True I've obviously these are not the same teams but you know just. It's an underdog the underdog Asta sameness that interaction that it. I would expect that nobody gave Joseph date with grief what guaranteed it what the hell would you say it will alert came out that we get a chance. Magic athletes Beck going into the policies and yeah do you really get ripped. He is here the man myth the legend John Dickinson has arrived from the locker room as will continue to write about this win. Going forward the playoffs all starting Easter Sunday right here at 1230 warriors wrap up right at gold state warriors that's night by. Thought they were in great shape you know other than that or injury I think getting KG back I think Stefan and clay have been good groove last month six weeks winners. Were healthy yeah we've had great. Contributions off the bench. So I think I'd I really liked position where we weren't going into the playoffs his last few games have been racquet that's to be expected once we have one seat. The attention wanes a little bit and the intensity of the games Wayne and when that happens. You know overall place authors and so last few games have been spotty and Albert. Now got Sony is tiny and not five point seven games. Speaker brought you by American Express the proud sponsor of the Golden State Warriors John Dickinson Aaron. Insider for let's say everything joints is here coming up from the locker room and woody need you need a little warriors. You know sometimes it's days. LA's an idea of tonight's victory Kansas City at giants don't win it's also seized Trixie could drink sacks well nobody and you don't want to throw you curve ball early in order sharks jar jar that it's not over I'm back from tune up and down on credible. In Hawaii with the sharks and light out and it wonderland apparently. Catered out of five for God's sakes so. What are we got coming up from the locker room. Well does this team likes where their hat and I think. They're finally. Glad to be in the playoffs and mean I'd from the moment he said that Kevin Durant on July 4. It was. About. The post season and about who they were gonna match up with and what seed were they gonna get me how many games where they get a need to put themselves in position to. You know get a one seed in and vanquish. The game seven loss in the games 56 and seven that they lost in the NBA finals and and win a championship get the championship backed. I mean he can never have the one back that you lost to get back on top after losing. In. To the Cleveland Cavaliers last year right the right here in this building so is about adding to rant get him into the mix. And then just struck a deal wade through a regular season and it's deeper after the ball games that he he really loves were the teams that right now head into the playoffs. And a couple of days ago even said he thinks it's similar where they were at two years ago they want to put the exact same record. 67 wins. It is interesting to think about. They're buying said the last two years. They're coming off 73 Williams last year. And I got to believe that they. Never assume you're gonna win a title. But would wait 73 games you go into the playoffs they cute. All we have to do these do what we didn't do it at all and I think that the warriors essentially. Created. What they did all regular season last year but at the finals they've been a team that defended. So basically. And they were allowed to play so physically that the warriors just did. Know how to reach spot where they were practiced. And how to respond. JD it seems to be like this year. They want 67 games. But. They they are almost. Going and it feels like. As an underdog if there by that bases they've waited all season for these sixteen weeks that they want they did it really does feel like. They are ready to go and ready to really make a state. We'll stepping Terry said they're chasing something they're they're not protecting their chasing. It and you know they wanna get in and I think they know that. They hand. Get beat. And that was something that after they won in 2015 I don't think anybody thought they can it be right may be themselves include I agree and tell they were stunned on this war and scored 89 point two games have the finals. And lost that 31 Lee so you go back to that I think the warriors the guys here. Especially as Stefan curry two time MVP especially Klay Thompson entering mine green. Those three guys in particular they carry the weight not get it done last year and wanting to make sure they get it done this season. Yeah I know this strong outgrow court. And it's a comparison I'm made it's one that's. Not everybody likes. It's a guy that's. Was a terrific heavyweight. I mean you look the part you looked at the sides you look the speed he was an Adonis. But there were questions because there are times or. He didn't have his chance. They'll say Hitler. Now Ken Norton's great heavyweight funded it Lennox Lewis now. Lennox Lewis was a guy that looked the part is one of the most devastating heavyweights of all time but it guy like Oliver McCall's and we'll get a right handed and so the question is for this year. You know. What kind of heavyweight champ they going to be because they're the favorites. And it takes you back to the days where we are looking at you know 49ers and cowboys who's gonna who's can we knew one of the others gonna win. And Matt sand that al-Qaeda cavaliers he thinks even with the struggles down the stretch. Are going to be in the NBA finals audio and before that the warriors it's like okay. This is this this define who you walk is if you do not win this year. I this has got to find New York. It will that there's no question. Well. Everything that's happened. I don't wanna say erased. Because they want a championship I mean you can never take it she groups it seasonally they won the race. In 20142. You see cannot take a getaway to Hawaii for a great great team. That we've set 65 wins three straight years and yet when nope they want it when they came out of nowhere from the start of Nazis because nobody believed they could win the championship at the start of that season. 20142015. Last year they were the favorite all year and this year clearly the favorite for most of the year and maybe other than a couple of times that they struggled now. Around December until right at Roland in January. And the rant was fully integrated in the thing I look I think they're up for that challenge. I really view that the last year and not winning. That helps them for this can I Hillary is just a that's it and how fast the adding he magic you got to meet it be more vulnerable right now thing in one last year. For this year right heart I don't cars aren't familiar things have been different and alike. Why not say this I think the reason that this has got to the five is because. If they waited. I think we're gonna look back on last year. That's kind of a betray my greens here. If they don't waited this year. People look at a look at their title two years ago and say that was the flu. And so that's why I think this is gonna define the goals they wars if it this year. All the ammo for every other team is gonna come out take you don't want the year they wanted. Yes why everybody else was hurt. Every point guard they played against was banged up and I think the warriors note that. That's why I think they're gonna win it because of the best feet I think they're more prepared. And they are ready. I just think it's it's fallen into place. The audit last year to JP but this year. I do think you've hit the fail and lose. Else while and I think. Look it's about appropriate fear to me that's when a speaker's favorite. Favorite phrase I think they know that if they are not on top of their team they can get beat so I think they're going to be on top of their team. More consistently I think even some of the injuries. That have occurred. That. Will help them in the playoffs because they're going to want in series quicker right they saw Stefan curry go down in the playoffs they suck haven't arena. Look for a half hour like you see. Season was going to be over. They know that every extra game you have to play is a game or something could go wrong that he rails potentially the whole thing regardless of how well your plane. Regardless of how talented you are and the warriors. There was a moment last heroes like what was Stefan carry going to be. Back in a weaker two or binge but the finals and regular rock kind of wondered any indebtedness and not very long he came back in and while some may say that he woods. Wasn't the same down the stretch because he was a little off with the knee injuries so I think the warriors know that they have to be buttoned up. Every game if you have a chance to go up 30 you'd go up 30 fee of chance this week that suite that I just think they're gonna be. In the aged more consistently. Than certainly the regular season that may be even neither of the last two post seasons. You know what they Currie said after the game when he addressed the crowd. And it just hit me when he said work at it each of the next two and a half months. And that's what it hit me in these playoffs are so long. And there are things. That are outside your control. And he all week they can hurt the warriors I think is if somebody gets banged up if if they lose one of their big four. And it's easy it's odd don't say that there you know don't buy. We still got two more months. Of basketball after an 82 gay seated at the root of the reality is players get hurt the post season. It happens every year you just hope that the warriors. Have taken care of everything they need to take care of through the regular season so there. Strong as any other team right now and they also believe that they have a safety net in place now they believe that they can withstand one player be it out as long as shorter term. Type of the situation nature they can't lose some body for a month now hour two because that comedian season. But they feel that they can play without somebody even one of the stars what do you think of war and what do you think 57 games let's. So you think they can win a series. Could they would finals without borders dollars. I think that would be tough but it depends and neither can apply. Politically. I think that would be tough. Could they be clean but already this example in public its type that are giving this example yeah let's say that the the warriors without the rain. Before he came back win in twelve row right of the public when he came Acker gets thirteen room. The point that that warriors team plan like that purses are vs caps that you when I think ticket in the finals plant that. We don't know they're going to be playing at that right. And get it that your question but then that's compared to well the way the cavs are playing now well that wraps yeah. But cancer in the finals they're gonna be pointed at different weapons that they may be not. It's going to be Tuesday hopefully going to be in a lot when you come out it's. That we. Out went a title and it's been so long we've got to go back says it's 7475. And you win a title. Okay. It's great but there is something special. In sports history when you're the favorite. And you come through. An exodus earlier with Matt where you talk about. Whether it's not about bulls teams are about Laker team Celtics teams. At. Yet Lee yankees we go back to 49ers. Applicants the cowboys those teams you know. The 85 players and there is something special when you're the favorite. And you'll pull it off. Guess there's people who want you to fail they don't want you to be that super team to become that super team. And to win it when you are the favorites. Actor puts special place. Human history it really does and I go to the guys that that looked great tonight it's Kevin Durant because I think that's the other factor in this thing. It's the fact that terrain hasn't won. So this is you know there's I don't seem more her pressure. Necessarily. That's perfect it works it works for you've got a guy that. You've got. A guiding you wanna win at Ford you've got him that wants to win and it was out for nineteen games exact count in college and he hears everything I mean he hears the people that he you know it might have been. Candidate on its and column in their better when outnumbered you know they can do certain things better without him. You know he wants the ring I mean that's a big reason why he came here. Was to get that championship that you've got. Him trying to do it and you've got three guys of the of the three starts you have one trying to help him through it so I think that's the other. It's fascinating dynamic of what you look at the ninth date yeah I mean it was that was the game you wanted to see from Durant before the playoffs started to Atlanta everybody. No all right. He's back lots are a big guy that wants to the start talking about lakers Celtics. Niners cowboys yankees. To a lake to the organization no doubt there's no doubt as great tonight what they what they donate to the communities humble able 500000. Well it's like the one. It was like one points that they got data allotment. That it. That that's where that's. That is what they want to be able to speed they take what we look public crap we've watched all these years. And they want to admit they want to be known as one of the great organizations of all time. Wearing a target maybe that's that that's Joliet race peppering the target now and he he wanted to bring a championship. To the Bay Area a lot of champion but he wanted to be. The owner that can bring a championship here but also be the owner of the organization where. The warriors were gonna be a threat to other teams in the league not because they were gonna win but because they were gonna win and they were gonna have the ability to take you or star. And I think when you look at signing Kevin Durant if that that's what the lakers would know that when the lakers wound up with Shaquille O'Neal and his prime. You know that that's that I I think there is a comparison there to be made in owed it really cares it's a Yankee. Yeah you're right. Now there's no doubt we're gonna take your guy we're going to be yet and they were an eight year gap. Payable horror or he's gonna calculus because he wants wants to you and that and Kevin Durant can Kevin Durant didn't have to come. The money essentially equal if he'd blow maybe even last he wanted to be in the Bay Area he wanted to be with this group and he wanted to win a championship here. Tomorrow here on 95 cent a game John Dontrelle Willis still left hander. Is going to be here at 805 Christmas art will be here 830 Travis like your body man will be here at 845. It. Amateur body here cost a lot loss of the year starting out. Jamie baker 1030 tired about the big sharks win two really does it Richie at 1115. San Amy at. Actually Richard is led that team San Amy is 1215 John Estes on the left hander 1 o'clock. And David ports that you get tired at 4 o'clock ticket right. That's at two years. That's a year what you can for which you can bring to the organization asking it for hours wrap up boys will be back here 1230 to start. On Easter sun finally. I finally I. Calls but now it's been great all year long what a great regular season 67 wins eighty I mean it's amazing. Yeah and again I give matter a little bit of flak grow quick because we get our predictions at the beginning of the year he said sixty. Six but I had sixty Sen. You called nailed sixty sevenths at 67 of fifteen. Just like two years ago and the team itself magic number we put it out at Tahoe is 66 and I've taken deal. Well lighted ego and I would have been sweat and yeah well maybe not an act and I had to sweat it out of its web. For the the fourteen game winning or winning streak. A tie that much of it that that I guess in my kids' college art that's ghetto for awards wrap doubles seeing here Easter Sunday I'll be back to target rate for a's baseball. Case against the Kansas City Royals have a great night everybody fox Sports Radio to get the rest the lie.