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Are. You smash hit two did Steve who used to ask people 95 point seven. Resilience. Okay. Mike's case. Now exceeds 23 feet nine inches and Denzel boldly go where no man. The voice warriors basketball. Tim grew. I'm fine. The ball goes the deck gets the ball back. Holds up the like it was all very. Free at Oklahoma. If you don't love the. Hillary the one way. Let me Sydney did and floor rotates the board right sideline that very. Grip the ball arrived in the fewest town region very doubled after being released this wonderful mug shot over downplayed any bank. Just mail my game with a bucket of the lawyers go back and bite to have that. If Golden State that but why. Variable that it did scored thirteen it's not a lot that ultimately goes by everybody gets the. We'll watch it. He voiced great ability 118 don't want you out of the lawyers leave by seven again. But you heard some of the highlights from last night the Golden State lawyers put the best record in the NBA. For the third straight season the best overall record. Of course securing the top seed for the 2017. NBA playoffs the lawyers are now 65. And fourteenth first even NBA history to win at least 65 games in three straight years that the first team to own the league's best record out right. It's three straight seasons since the Boston Celtics did it from 1983. Two in 1986. They've also want a season high thirteen. Straight. Games tag along as woods' streak in the NBA this year and they finish. Their road schedule. With a record of 31 in 101 team in NBA history to win at least a 31 games away from home in consecutive seasons remember. They won an NBA record 34. A year ago and now 205. Regular season wins over the last three years the most regular season wins. In NBA history over a three year span. That's what the Golden State Warriors. Have accomplished this year within the other banner season and yours truly is just honored. To be sort of a messenger of history if you will. On the Golden State Warriors radio network. So welcome to another edition. A beyond the arc here at 95 point seven they gave no static and all I am to employee and we have news from the morning. Following multiple work out sessions in recent days the rent. Has been cleared by the team's medical and athletic training staff to return to full team practices. And it's anticipated that he will play on Saturday when the lawyers take down the new worlds pelicans. Out at ORACLE Arena so you're updated with the stats you have been news of the day what's up coming on the show I'm glad you asked coming up later I'll be out we'll talk well but sort. MBA radio Forbes magazine and that the sporting news player of topics to get to and always alerted to average station. When you talk NBA basketball with Mitch Laurence but I asked about last night Cleveland going to Boston with a top seed in the east the line. And the cavaliers treaty last night. Like it was a playoff game. We saw what happened. In the big game it bought them last night were Cleveland just basically told everybody you know what we're still we're still the cream of the crop in the east and bought the mean that was a rude awakening for the Celtics and their fans I've never heard that that that arena back quiet as we heard last night. Also on tonight chiller mightily last year questions on Twitter and lawyers box it's weird VOX league semi email. At Tim Roy TI MR OYE have lawyers dot com we try to answer as many. As we can't all find out what the ways of doing off the floor. To make the Bay Area. And even better place to live but first up coming up but just doubled its. We'll talk Lavoy is general manager Bob Myers who has pulled off two of the greatest transactions in recent NBA history. The acquisition of Rodriguez ballot a couple of years ago that. Help set up the warriors championship squad accords last summer the signing of Kevin Durant. But it our conversation tonight I asked about where he was it what he was doing. The night Kevin Durant went down in Washington I was. Watch in the game and then after that happened. Kind of stopwatch in the game and was immediately talking to our doctors trainers Josie. Anybody could Antarctic have a couple times that day and as it's been well documented. The different forms that evening took as far as information. Of course the news coming out of that that it was great to left MCL sprain and a foam bruise not a bone break and that has made all the difference in the world. For Kevin Durant. A reminder that the lawyers 20162017. Season. Is presented by Kaiser Permanente and that's that Kevin Durant. Should be playing on Saturday when the lawyers take down the world's a course that means. The lawyers are hosting Anthony Davis and the book geek dozens as the pelicans come to town it's the finals late night of the season brought team by draft kings. Get your verified official tickets to the lawyers pelicans game and boy years. Dot com. So let's start the shell of the conversation with the gel that you're the Golden State boy here's a guy who grew up warrior fans here in the Bay Area. And now has the dream job of guiding the lawyers through history. And that's. Bob Myers. Always a pleasure to talk with lawyers general manager Bob Myers at first of all congratulations. Best overall record in the NBA for a third straight season. First team on the league's best record outright in three straight years in Boston did it in from 83 to 86. Season high thirteen game win streak 31 wins on the road and first team in NBA history to win at least a 31. Away from home consecutive years you know there are so many. Benchmarks of this team. Is establishing the last three years it seemed like every night I am looking at a new record or quoting some historical mark. And where you know you're right in the middle of the whirlwind at all this I know you can't process it in terms of appreciation because there's a job still at hand but it is it has been a remarkable run congratulations. Will you do you've been around. Longer than I am so I'm glad you can be a part of it in the road here and pieces but talk about our fans and the the ones that have been on the train. It's the eighty's or seventy's I don't even know when you started but I was a fan growing up here for you to work the organization and and witness some of the the adversity. And the struggles in the NC enjoy this I think people like you. Deserve it and it's appreciated in a different way than in many many others do so gradually since he YouTube. Well I appreciate that it's you know it's great not to be able to schedule Memorial Day barbecue. Because I don't know that's the best thing for years I could to and that down like mid January okay regret the public about our goal protection yeah exactly so. News of the day earlier today Kevin Durant cleared to return to practice. And anticipate he's gonna play on on Saturday and it's been great watching him you know work out and in he looked great the last couple time has seen him but. But I want to give back to the deny the entry Washington because I member. I saw Bob you know even up top where we are Washington you conceal but the concern on its face when he went into the locker room. And arm were walking in that locker after the game. And usually the way your locker it was a fun coming jovial plays obviously. Winning a lot but and that's part of it but that's still it to you on the geyser. Very nice they're very inclusive. And it's replaced it to walk into. But it was steadily it was deadly quiet. In that locker room that night where where where UN news sought in in the injury and and and getting the update described the night for me it. Well isn't there. Which makes it worse and every time there's something like that that happens. Whether it was Wednesday after that Houston last year or even the year before when it's death had a concussion. In Houston. That we had to give people forget or didn't wasn't actually concussion but should take Kia. He was done it big enough to we had to make sure he wasn't contests to go back in the game. So those moments. I feel about it or him physically present because you feel you have a better handle on it and them. Watching games at home for me he is always the worst things do I don't know for the people in my role find it easier I find it awful so. I would watch in the game and then. After that happened. At a stop watch in the game and was immediately talking toward doctors trainers Chelsea. Anybody could a topic have a couple times that made and as it's been well documented. That different forms that evening took as far as information. I think sometimes Tim we get. We yet the rapidity. Of information and the speed with which we wanted to demanded sometimes gives us trouble. We're human beings and we're used to an instant gratification culture of I want to know what is injuries right now and one on the way back and I want to know five minutes ago. If that really on the world works. But that's questions that are being cast especially by Kevin and so he wants and and we went in Iowa. So that evening he went through the battery of tests that was until the final. Stand in the seat he's scared which is probably the most elaborate. Images you can head of something involving that area by in the did we realize what were deal with and what we heard that there was a possibility of coming back it went from. It went from disappointment that it was injured it went from distraught that he might come back to hope. And that he could and PowerPoint where it looks like he well. Shortly if there's no suspects in there tomorrow. So that sports and you better on sports long time it's. Highs and lows and try to keep an equilibrium to it. Try to have some equanimity. But that evening was not. Quieter peaceful and that was. Intense we also had to explore options for his positions it was to steal Kevin it was. Looking at a guy like Matt Barnes and see if he made sense to Phil let's votes which I think you've seen that has been more than adequate and that rule has been great. And so all those things. Encapsulated in 1456. Hour period from the moment he walked in the locker room until whatever was one hand to him. An hour here. And the bumpy road from when he initially gutter. Having to figure and a plea without them now have to figure a play with them which should be probably done that once we had not figure out how to play without him and 5060 games. Getters so. Part of it again. But I opaque where we are now I think we're happy with that we're happy with the team's resilience and more than anything happy that Kevin could play again. And he's knocking right on that door because he's. He loves basketball vacancy in his eyes he's just chomping at the bit to get back out there. You don't know theses guys I'm so impressed with how hard he works. Every day it's craft and care benefits and that when he mentioned that board so it gives it that whole process is FL is really cool. What you do with Jose call girl why was it's so important. You guys to sign him we him and then go sign that part instead of going do it up too bad we found another guy we need need some meals. Well it's just about you know he was he was he was he had been bought out and who was their target. We conveyed dead after he was Bono and you know barring injury. We really need wing depth when you point guard and so injuries happen anytime anyplace. And that what happened it was unfortunate for everyone everyone involved but. Try to mitigate. That disappointment. Best care and we mitigated. As best we could with Jose and honoring. What we said murdered do and then by signing Madden. And I also by the players and coaches. You know not let go rove it was a typical stretch schedule that's been stated many times and you're on the trips and I think people don't quite realize how how fatigued. The amount of fatigue that sets and forget about this plane but does the travel alone and you're one that. Could speak to that more acutely than anyone else because here on what you're everywhere. And you probably were wiped out absolutely sure you're absolutely waking up that that that Thursday morning. Heading to the chartered to go to Minnesota. Had to feel like a dream. That yes or orbit nightmare it's okay yeah anyways that it is to. Understand. Whether it's baseball who travels quite a bit of basketball hockey proposal different. You're walking someone's shoes you in your people would take me about this get on the plane and and go one of those trips into the two A and then. Look at it there are much harder occupations in life but wouldn't when you do one that requires effort physical effort. I at a high high level. Fatigue certainly matters and so to see the players. Get through it best they could and respond with a weighty one lately. Really a testament to the that are professionalism and maturity or coaches. And bad he said. Doing his part theater veteran who are in the system understanding his role. And all our guys for that matter you know they say that these people say next man up. Because you really have nothing else to say that if you use of these cliches or whatever yours say but. Kevin wasn't coming back. So you deal with it and I think they did more than deal that are our coaches and players really. Almost took it as a challenge. And responded in a way that even exceeded my own expectations and probably many of their own I would imagine with with well that's. They're can grow our government we've won rose that would it is third zero yeah. That's a good. That's a great risk have a better response than that so it's good for them and and now Clinton. They're one seed. Gives us just debris and the schedule paean favorable home here. Looks that we wanted to get on plane potentially for two weeks. Which is. Exactly what you want this time a year and it's the fruits of the labour of going through difficult schedule stretch which is what we did early. Was it mid February late February early march. Questions now about mark were killed at your guests here beyond the American 95 point seven the game. IT android asking about the unity miserable watching games on how difficult it is your round your family but other than your your family. When you need to clear your head for a couple hours what do you do. I don't know the not good at that I don't know what I do I am it's a Guinea pigs you know I don't know what you. You're working you're calling me game so there's an emotional. And pretty views games to please some fans. Carter so emotional. And I love them especially are so passionate and it takes a while the wind down. And then add to it back at work for the team. It's it's it's exponential the stress. So there's a there's it kind of period where a year. Decompress in Armenia since day rubio status. You know sort of that is gonna give my mind of his sports editor and in looking. Post games that sometimes it's just needs to stop for me. And to shift my mind it somehow also read I would read. Are yours and not exercising after games like that but that day do it steam but but for me it's reading. Review of the Real Madrid my whole life but oh and I am not talking like reading. You know what sports related rights its rights completely difference. To look what what's what's next it will be went well this book every right now which is random it's called the secret river. Australian author and it's a female and them just about. The settlement. This was in the era of when they use this in British convicts. Would hang them they'd they'd send them to Australia right so this is about a family trying to make their way. In Australia. Amongst the aborigines lived industry knows younger real for a couple years yet to fourth and fifth grade son. And had a fondness for some Australian. Literature but it's you know aborigines are we could go along this course and your people here. Maybe it's a lot about it took its similar to. Wins native Americans that are country. We're trying to assimilate with the settlers. It's a very beginnings of that in Australia. I think it's early in the time but I don't read the books I like him and there's I've read a lot of the stuff that people. Have read. You know some of the best best stuff that's been out there I mean I'm sure you've heard some of the boys in the boat current stance is not in my brother was. Crude that Washington so that I asked him some stuff about. The accuracy and he said earlier this that if the pictures of those is open or house. Read them. I think a lot of good stuff a lot of the world and written nightingale which was the world were to warn. I read the other will work to mourn. Although we cannot see. Right that's one of the best books of them. And red called intimate all the stuff that people read but I've read. Any suggestions. Seem amino. I will I will ultimately throw complexion. I'm I'm I'm more but yet I am more or non fiction. The problem is I have so many books that that I need to get tickets go it's like their stacks of have to I might Michael Lewis the new ones on my desk and somebody gave me the Harvard Business Review how to build a team. But some of that stuff I like deaths of two but it feels a little bit like I mean I needed this game. Right more than drove it absolutely absolutely need the the escapees so. But yet at that does it see how it is it is. I think whether things about being in this like stylus that that that you have to find Steve Kurt really get it piston and is he have to find ballots you know weakness. You know I can sit here and Craig you're eight game notes you can field goal it's cow ate the guys they resounding yeah I cannot back away because that keeps you sharp. You know yeah. It's in it's true it's what I was thinking that day. It was apple I worked I've worked in the it was the age an agent before but they're like use there's no boundaries to that there was no batters to that profession usually known to this meaning. Weekends nights holidays are not tradition they're not nothing really stops our profession. For me now fourth Ida I've worked on the fourth of life for twenty years he's you mentioned Memorial Day. However wasn't too and power play which is a fantastic thing we hope to be playing we played last couple years. As an agent I was recruiting you're trying to do things. You know Valentine's Day is over all star Halloween we play. Home or road Christmas we play New Year's Eve play new year's day of Thanksgiving you're scouting a tournament. So. You're right in the fact that I I I have to remind myself. Sometimes that this job. Part of the reason I love it is it's it's entirely consuming I cannot in my mind but that's not very healthy. You know you have to like you said he would take it should have to have those innovative moments. When you're thinking about your roster. Or any decisions that need to be made in order to make those choices and decisions you author and I have to move myself. It's step out of it what you said for a little bit. In order to get clarity on how to make those decisions because if you're constantly. On that grind. You miss things. And it's hard to get off that thing and it's hard to get off that some machine it's everywhere it's the coffee shop. It's on TV that that work clearly. With friends family so. It's it's not like I'm not complain and buy it if there's an effort that he's made kind of step back. You know as we have two of the policies on let's go lectured the only two more for it and if you had the posts post season. Eight and in your fan should be documents and he taps grip warrior fan in your your vested in this. Is it hard to. Eight to work on the other things you have to do as a GM like the draft him and trying to scout ahead how the summer's gonna go and and figure out. You know all. In a dollar signs where they need to go at it and is it hard. It did when that team heading into the post season to keep really focused out that because she wanted to win so badly. Yeah but it's also yes it is hard because. What seems so important is so. The gains but I can't. I don't do anything now I mean you do things around the edges but now player coach and although Steve is one of the most collaborative people in the last two I think and suppose he listens to say everybody's for the times he knows what to do. And I'll talk to the players vote obviously you deal with things that happen as they come trainers and injuries and all those things you I guess you could say you have an impact on what's going on in the playoffs but beyond that no one else is doing besides our front office the work on the draft. Or free agency or anything like that that's not gonna get done unless we do it and yes it but the bad that I liked that challenge Jimmy. I really do I enjoy that part of the job because. It's what it's very difficult and to. It's. It's it's deep I think in some of that stuff to figure out and you have to be. Take risks have to have. A great people around you and there's some very good discussions and dialogue and then you get to see how it turns out and for us myself and our front office. We have three times of the year the draft free agency in traded and that's it and that's what people watch very into games in the playoffs that's. We must do and you really don't have many other opportunities so when those opportunities arise. At tomb right next to each other draft of trees here we part is very unusual in in professional sports to have that phenomenon. So we have about one month window. To solve all of those things and that's our product report on the floor. It's important you know clearly if you who made mistakes. Brett if they're mentioned certainly but we gotta we gotta deal we get to watch our mistakes play out when we watch her successes so. I like it even when it doesn't go well you learn from it you make mistakes and learn from those in and hopefully do get better but yes. It's intense. But we were more in the way he wanted to play rate capsule you wanna be plain and so that's that that's what we do. Absolutely you know going back or some of with the with the travel and the playoffs. And it can't be hard but it's it's a good it's a good problem to have you know but but but. But seriously it. If the playoffs which start GA courses don't start today and that's always the but phrases people used but clothes were calls were really close now and there's a Chancy Elliott at the very worst as far as travel goes. Denver would be a first round blow which is a couple of hours. Or port Ebert Portland right now in the driver's seat with that. So if it ends up Portland it and play either you to follow the clippers how much that benefit the thing that would be for the club to it to not have. You know going back and forth for hours three and. Ours is done in the past. Well look coming obviously you know this. You get into one series it time and and and see what happens but I can speak to whoever we played it looks like it'll be a closer opponent than what we've done in the past which was. I believe it was a New Orleans two years ago in Houston. Last year. And those are those are real place I mean that you don't feel like it's the Western Conference flight. That matters. That the difference between coming home after that second game on the road course veterinary. It's really data thieves. So can tell you the years that we. Did win. Doing New Orleans Memphis Houston Cleveland you did it mean to not have any flights under three hours. I think it does get chip me we still got that championship. That's you know it is cumulative and if stated at same time zone and every team wants that to limit travel. This time a year so. We'll see what shakes out and it seems like what whoever we play first will be closer. Closer opponent then that we've done in the past and after that will deal with certain. The important. Thing. High class problem yes exactly yes you don't live in years away and one gamer one series and then folks on the next one but it. Yeah I mean. You know whoever will be I will tell you this both those teams are tough opponents and absolutely have beaten us. You know I don't think Portland feels intimidated buyers who played last year in Denver. Plus to replace him if there was. Yeah exactly I mean any ill of any video port of Portland had a couple of point point lead the hours last year's so. Yeah. They arise that challenge and so you remember that you know this stuff but it's one game at a time when it. He Rwanda wherever you know hopefully get through it you see your play index. Let's find the best timing here absolutely sure you love it we love it its way to do it is to get to the playoffs and see what happens from there for the challenge Kevin Durant back end Saturday. And Bob Myers has that are against them via your Bob by always appreciate talent earlier really busy and I know fans love to hear from you and thank you so much richer thanks Tim thanks have me see that the game but thanks to Bob Myers if you missed any or part of this conversation you go to sound cloud dot count. And listen to be out the arc as well as all. Warriors audio that's sound cloud dot com slash lawyers the all your warriors on yield goodness. We continue would answering your questions that's right time ago the mailbag or. In this case between bad. Or is it the email bag will double. As we can answer your questions that lawyers box on Twitter. That's what you're Felix Tim royal Weyers dot com. The answer your emails that's coming your way out beyond the arc on 95 point seven a game crystal clear FM. We're going back. Kids. Wave back to BR BR. Cannot answer your questions on Twitter at what your response to lawyers and BOX. Putters at meaning they'll. And Tim Roy TI AMR OYE. At what you're dot com before I get to the first question a reminder lawyer Vince. Next weekend that's right next weekend the 2070. Playoffs they're here and they're brought to by Kaiser Permanente and they're returning to oracle read it. Don't miss this exciting time come shared these special memories with the lawyers verified official playoff tickets for the first round went on sale earlier today. So get yours now at lawyers dot com and we anticipate the warriors playing obviously either Saturday or Sunday. Next weekend so let's get the sillier questions we've got a whole bunch to get to tonight so let's go to Mori who wants to know Blake pardon staff. Same draft class if we do the draft today who goes first. Great question Maury and I think the answer is pretty obvious you have a two time liable player. And help this team win a championship to step Kerry would have to be number one now the trick to me is who goes number two. Harden or Blake Griffin. Apparently toward hard to be honest with you I think Harden has. Has the offensive. Firepower that we know and he's doing a great job leading the rockets to number three seed this year in western. A conference and I think he's found the perfect coach for skill set might get Tony. I I think that would go hard number two then put Blake Griffin. Number three. Andre chimes at Beverly question that more of a statement A so impressed with how the lawyers have stepped up. Without Kevin Durant and one of the players who stepped up and a big way. Without Kevin Durant is Andre Iguodala. You know talked about this was Katie went down just like you know we got to do collectively we can speak one guy there's no other guy can. Replace him so. Matt has been really do for us Thomas says so right away. They've always play well Sinatra trust Obama's oath against Vargas has a pretty big gains for us and. A we continue next question comes from Carolina wants to know where the lawyers this Kevin Durant but most. Well he's been out of course the lawyer since the rest game in San Antonio a thirteen an old boy I'm most impressed with the to be honest with a U is the way they have done it on the defense event Kevin Durant. Was a force for Golden State protecting the grammys averaging a career high in block shots before he went down. And that's something that's stepping curry has been really impressed with the warriors. Rim projections. They yard philosophy osu would take away at two point mine. And Fowler writes the paint and you have guys do it by committee Katie is back geocities. Proving India hello. As big forces we can turn those two isn't as deep as of substances you know fast break opportunities horse. Blocks by committees pretty pretty Jeff what's so what's the future for kabob loonie after this year has he shown enough or having not seen progress. As hope. To very good question I think above Lou he's at a situation right now where I think this upcoming offseason is going to be a huge one for him. Obviously he's had some hip issues and that has sidelined him for a couple of games but. But I think for come violently this offseason it's going to be a big one I think that this is the year where maybe he takes that next step and I also think that we. All me included have to remind ourselves that would be ages of players coming into the league right now. That when you draft a guy he's played maybe one maybe two years in the NC two days that you have to give that player. Maybe an extra year or so before you finally pull the trigger on what do you like that player or Wendy's he promised nav player. Just simply because I think it takes them longer they're maturing not only emotionally but physically. And I think they're learning the NBA game I say this all the time the NBA is a much more but teaching leak then I think at any point in its history simply because the players they're getting aren't getting the kind of teaching back up. That an elder levels I'm not saying that's good or bad I'm just saying that that they see at the bottom loony in years gone by would have spent four years in college he would know more about the game. At that point I think the college coaches would feel a bit more relaxed because they can teach more and not worry about winning right now with a guy who may not be there. Next year so I think that whole dynamic has brought a number of players who are very young. To me the MBA and don't have the background of players have twenty or thirty years ago so I think we have the meal but more patient. With all players to come league right now at the ages of nineteen and one great question Jeff. And I appreciate it great questions from everybody. And I appreciate always the input. A boy or spots on Twitter. What you feel lax or email. At Timberlake and lawyers that count let's move on Europe beyond the arc coming up later on the hour we'll talk would bitch lords of NBA radio the sporting news' Forbes magazine. Again this and conversation. About tree in my great defensive player of the year also had two of the great coaches in the NBA. Erik Spoelstra. And Scott Brooks as we headed to spring time and to the playoffs and to the summer. Their efforts off the floor continue day by day the lawyers' committee foundation led by warriors owner Joseph late given his fiancee Nicole current. Continued to provide for underserved youth in the Bay Area that those efforts go on whether or not the warriors are playing basketball whether the warriors are preparing. For an upcoming season all the all the gold say boy years 24 sevenths 365. Days of the year. Try to make the Bay Area. Even better place to. It's great for the kids to see how company. And he like beat you need partners with a professional athletic organizations such as the way. Because they have an opportunity to see how we're partnering together for the betterment. In the community and they give them an idea. Having their jobs and enable them to do fun things simple things. And not to see it. Really helpful usually get perspective from teachers in fact you really off you know we got back these people war in various jobs not. If the school system. You have people or one place and again if I didn't ask about which is I didn't. Get another spot. But this morning. Do they. Thank you. Very. Hopefully they take a lot from it. The splash great release black. Has returned to. This is BR BR and presented by mountain my yeah. Phillip Goldstein of lawyers will be hosting. Close to Eiffel Tower Rudy go where in the Utah Jazz this Monday all fans to give it to evidence. Received lawyers of themed rallies sleeves courtesy of Mountain Dew. If you're verified official tickets to have lawyers jazz game and boy yours downtown. It's always great to talk to people that learn something from it that's how I feel about BitTorrent who's on NBA radio. You can hear my serious exam as well as read his throws in the sporting news and Forbes Agassi. Hold it here we are we down the final week of the season and I don't know if it's this year because of schedule or numbers but for whatever reason this this season has flown by for me I know your. Talking NBA basketball every day out in the Avery yeah. So right sport news Portland but there has it has it gone by quickly for you. Thought he would just the other day were Kevin Durant who's gonna play for the word. Really I mean electric fat waiter and it is literally. Blown by how much is happening here it's an eventful year span for any decent. Joseph the Westbrook off with a triple double in the way the words are played of the cavaliers and but it really cut off by right. Yet instinct and and what years you know the coverage if we can you sit there and argue it and you know about the semantics of of them all the numbers are flying around here but what a great year I think definitely be in terms of the other the lawyers are once story at north you know all too much on that but but but you know you've got Westbrook you've got heart. They are they're obviously you know so something going on Cleveland. That needs to be flushed down at some point in and and just a lot of the theory. It used to all that with a with a great year for the jazz hands and looks like the million home court so there's been a lot of right really cool stories here. And stuff that you know what you enemy when you mentioned you cut out here in the east. We've got a tremendous story in the Miami Heat. Mean they're not gonna you know go deep in the playoffs but who expected that he be even make the playoffs this year. With the continuing draining a talent LeBron leaves. Wade leaves spots camp plays political thing and Erik Spoelstra got that seem poised to make the point out that the tremendous story here. Daily niche Erik Spoelstra look well so let's let's go and focus on Spoelstra and Scott Brooks and in Washington in your estimation you've been around the league club I have. What makes those guys who what makes bad hair day a very good fit to be an NBA head coach. Well you know spoke has been out a long time now a lot of coaches who have come and gone and he he was there for obviously all the way to help you with them first. A lot of it is about. The demand that he put on it seems and the whole organization there at the culture in Miami next start obviously with making garrison the owner Pat Riley. You never hear about Miami saying you know what we're gonna taxis and never greater than they were gravel who do you can there even though they put together count that we look at from the outside go there's not a lot there. There's always a lot there because Erik Spoelstra really coach them up and here's what they hope the players accountable mean look at a guy like Dion Waiters. If you you know what went on to get Dion Waiters is gonna go to Miami I'm like that's ever gonna work out Dion Waiters can't. He had that that's like oil wouldn't water I can't mix and they do a great job. We get their guide and shape and putting a lot of the bad economy in terms of Scott Brooks. We all knew the fine coach in Oklahoma City. They made their move appears to go obviously Scott sat out what we knew we'd be back and what a perfect. It in Washington. Get John Wall and Bradley peel and those guys playing at a tremendous level you know there was talk early in the year about these two guys get not getting along that great. But Scott Brooks cut way you know we had to deal with Westbrook and Kevin Durant for a long time and obviously they had a lot of success. In Oklahoma City got a two finals obviously one year 2011. But they might think it it just speaks so highly of Scott Brooks the very very good coach Washington made a very good move here's a guy who even keel. No Randy Wittman there were a lot of complaints within the organization ready women of the coaches Scott followed a little bit too negative. Scott always kind of on an even keel. Always basically trying to push his team. But doing it the right way and a good kind of a follow or Randy Wittman types of just the great job at Washington and by the way that the team. That could make a deep run in the playoffs here in the. Tournament next lords MBA radio. And also sporting news for type two of Roy here up beyond the arc boy his weekly show about the NBA and at the Golden State Warriors. Buick dot them for a moment just touched on Cleveland. And that you know you're obviously geographically closer you don't get to cover the cavaliers but the but he doobie dude talked a lot of people. Who were around the MBA daily basis so your thoughts and is it just a veteran team. That may be news that march really wasn't the end all that it really matters for May and June. I think there's part of it there I think there's you know the march was a market like we had never seen with LeBron James I think they went what six and nine or seven in an an awful month. And defensively. This was in my Beagle and the lakers into the all star break. All were worse then then the cavaliers. And it seemed like a lot of times in watching him talk about people. They basically didn't care they just want the beat to get a playoff here and in the east you can afford it got by the way yet they get pushed by fought but we saw what happened. In the big game at Boston last night were Cleveland just basically told everybody you know what we're still we're still the cream of the crop in the east and bought the mean that was a rude awakening for the Celtics and their fans I've never heard that that that arena back quiet as we heard last night there was. No noise except for all the noise the Cleveland made but you know what they've had a lot of people at the problems they've had their share of health issues to. I have been in and out hurt obviously Kevin Love it starts there he missed significant amount of time he's got to the got to backed deal. I mean Evernote abroad I mean I think this team takes a lot of its cues from LeBron it does seem like LeBron. Wasn't that heavily invested in the regular season. Take a lot of games golf arrest but there's a method to his madness and because this could be his seventh straight trip to the final there's a guy who blocks. Tremendous amount of pain it's he's always the MVP league evenly he's got the discussion because in me it's been so much the club we I think gut. You know Cleveland very underwhelming but we all know with the playoffs right around the corner. Though answered the bell. Made before it's gut I have to ask you about your hungry you know I think it you know it's inching is that. Dream on. Over the season it's been kind quiet in the end though it's kind of noticed that I kind of a kind of thought about unity and a plane flight if not you know what he's been. He's been he's been really good the last few months that I think he's deepened the player of the year this year because of his versatility. You know he's number one and deflection he's top five and in contested shaft that once deals because he can guard everybody Gartner point guard feeling guard hard though Aldridge. Ill on anybody want. But to these these kind of toned it down a little bit you know he hasn't had. The the slew of technical fouls who would have thought of economic we had and what brought them I was in the night John Wall that technically now he's one away from the suspension. In the great season obvious easily come more games but the drama hasn't gotten to that. That threshold yet what are your thoughts on drain money and do you think he has a real good chance of defense of player of the year because no good the rebound. And so forth and it. How could I weighed in on the board got infected seven seconds to go to David David would fly at the clock ball not quite. And it's not that. Oh yeah I definitely do like I think this is the guy who's earned it. I think he's he's up played tremendously well like that it but that into the court the warriors is such a great defense is the and it really starts with him because like it's that his versatility really is unmatched. When you look at guys around league and I know why Leonard the guys and you know San Antonio talks about quite Leonard got both ends of the court has to get it on. You their number one store offensively and you always take artist Scott regard the blue velvet the most lethal opponent at the other end but. Trailing green. Especially with the rants that sincere in a last month I think he's solidified it I think. The fact that everybody knows the cold they played the number one defense overall and it really starts with him and he set the phone and yet he does sometimes walk that line. Where you know you don't want him to cross that with you know the flagrant and everything but it speaker says. And it said many times you know that seem to exceed the warriors take a lot of their use in terms of there emotion in terms of how they you know approach the game in terms of their tenacity and aggressiveness. From frame on greens so I would expect this year who probably have a break through and you know the win that award and well he always does in the playoff that beacon. Keep himself under control. You're on NB radio edit every day anything coming up then in the Forbes and sporting news if you've been working on that it's gonna come out so. Well I gave my little opinion on the great cavalier felt the game went right eye which wasn't so great but. I think I'm like but look I would Brandon Jennings that the garden tonight and taught them about the rule book. The rule pathetic and I wanna come on. And basically kind of visit that because the fascinating if you saw gold they would that JaVale McGee play and we cut others that this year. Like you got for sporting news that's kind of off. In the you know kind of in the up in the air they spoke will be put LB posts and a lot of stuff over the next few weeks for sure. Outstanding we will look forward and we encourage you to look forward as well plus I think he needs to take your show on the road I think you need to cut in the Bay Area for. I'm real and I expect I'd love they would you know what if if it's right out there and we don't have any playoff here in New York I don't know if you've heard back exactly. Bill state championship team and Oakland Brooklyn I don't know what they have to point out there so yeah I would love to go about the Golden State. Good insight from Mitch lords of NBA radio Forbes magazine and the sporting news hi tip Roy beyond the arc rolling down the homestretch. As we could do 195 point seven a game no static at all. Generally takes you back to three point play it's. It's beyond the arc continues. Presented to find out Mike's pizza. On the Golden State Warriors radio network. What kind of hard to leverage another three. Regular season games left on this season into oblivion the arc and Betty five point seven big game of the upcoming broadcast. Brought you by cache creek casino resort. Play here. Play the best step by cache creek dot com. For upcoming concerts and events starting with Saturday died Kevin Durant should be on the hardwood on warriors ground. When the lawyers energy bogey cousin. It's double off the catch usually right so good rebound for thousands. Have a look kind of figured he would. Would be the way to 3050 they'll fire for three. Stores little blue. I wounded dozens. Of rule one there to be fine. Lawyers and the world 7 o'clock it is a slight I brought to you by draft case now Monday on April 10 Gordon Hayward and the Utah Jazz come to town. Double fine singles he breaks that they let them back up in Hayward is weak spots at the right. Are all right. Pop goes the alcohol. You don't want the best teams in the west 7 o'clock with a pregame show. All fans get there warriors rally sleep brought to you by Mountain View and then. On that Tuesday night April 11. Our final regular season beyond the arc here on 95 point seven in the game pitcher verified official weigh your tickets at lawyers dot com. Our call triple AG SW hoop. And press options. Number one that's gonna wrap up tonight show what effect our guests on the show missile lords of NBA radio he could hear him on serious exam as well as. The sporting news and Forbes magazine well think wage a manager. A Bob byers stepped curry and not Reagan thou for their comments out of warriors vox Dave felt house out the controls about a five point seven the game if that right now let's talk more warriors basketball the NBA. You can call triple 8957. 957. It's triple late night 579570. Has always everything on Golden State Warriors radio. Is produced by our seed Davis and for this shell on beyond the arc the CN RC Davis stands for crowded. I hit Royce a good I would talk to you on Saturday. Hopefully that tonight Kevin Durant hit the hardwood yet again when the lawyers take got the world's 7 o'clock with a pregame show. Here on 95 point seven a game. Crystal clear. FM. This is didn't beyond the arc as that point I won't go beyond. Tim voice weekly rundown of all things gold and see presented by Bob likes pizza took a break. For tickets call 1888. GSW. Who are very loud and very successful broadcast.