Warriors Wrap-up
Wednesday, April 5th

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Every team play. It's going to be excited for the opportunity to come in here and can knock us off and we got a target on our backs and be ready girls. We're very group who have reported to have left foot traffic. Good job. I survived. Ahead five seconds to go carry that forward currently believe that every. The war years wrapped. Gee where are you hoaxes Chris Townsend and that's dying it's. Bulger off it was great eagle would agree short rebound tip because got a ball games over. But Golden State Warriors will have home court for the whole season for the third straight. And let it go over the lawyers available seat the last. We'll start Golden State to funny about it except warming haven't. Live from pick six sports lounge and pleasant send. It is warriors wrap up Chris Townsend Matt's time it's come down and see as we're going to be here for well over another hour at the drinks are on. We still got a little baseball going on here we're going to be taking your phone calls and Tripoli now I'm 579570. Talking about another historic night for this organization. The only team in the history of basketball to win at least 65. Games three years in a row Matt. You think about all the great teams all the legendary players. And you look at the Golden State Warriors effected their playing in the Western Conference that we've looked at to be that Dominic conference since they've been doing this. I mean 65 games in the showtime lakers didn't do it easy on all the great Boston Celtics teams I mean. Jordan and the bulls and me this is this spring and I know it's only regular season but pretty amazing what they've been able to look up. Politics credible with they've been able to accomplish. Especially in light of there history. Which in the recent past certainly hasn't been good. What it really speaks to is the transformation. That this team. Hat or under talk with Joseph lake who bought the team at 2010. It's not a coincidence that the team started waiting shortly after that and they didn't win before that under old ownership. I don't know if Joseph Waco but the warriors front opposite Bob Myers. Dan keep this going. But this stretch they've had for the last three years you could argue it's been the greatest stretch in NBA history or to the regular season. Think about that warrior fans and that's what we're running here tonight Tripoli not 57 knighted by sending. Could you ever even imagine this belt could jewel of everything and not about let's go back let's talk about. PJ getting choked by spree well. Let's talk about some of the bad players in the bad teams in the east teams that you look back on and the names you go all my god they were so bad. Could you have ever envision that your team would win at least 65. Games. A year for three straight years. At triple 8957957. He could it be better yes you can won the championship last year. Wanted to again this year make it three in a row but still what you've seen what this organization could you never dreamt this. Triple 8957. 9570. And it. It is just a story Matt that when you start the season. Everybody's goal who is legit. And I always say legit any you know because the NBA is any sport like we see. With whether it's the NHL the NF now or or Major League Baseball where you have some team that. Not to be people projected to be very good right turn out to be playing for the championship it doesn't happen a lot basketball so. You know for the teams that are legit. You set standards. You set certain parameters of what you want. Title obviously being the end goal but giving the number one seed is a huge. God be the warriors. They wanna be number one seed but they were gonna bend over backwards to get it but they have so much talent. Nortel and any other team in the league and that talent to our freedom to another 65 win season and what you put 65 winds up on the porch here it is argued to be the number one seed. I think the most oppressive day about this at your goals they warrior fair. Is the fact that they did it. And Kevin Durant missed five or six weeks. And they didn't have to. Exert their starters and played too many minutes to get all these wins. They just got over the normal course of an NBA season and they gave up the push anybody. And I think the emphasis. That the reason this is a win win is because the emphasis. From Steve Kerr this year with to have the team ready. When the post season came around ready. And healthy he said that was even more important the number one seed. And the fact of the matter is they got a boat. They're now going to be healthy and they have the number one seed so you could make a case that he could deflated at that. Tripoli 5798571. Of our favorite bands as we're sitting here Scott have a loser night so far in the Bay Area. I've straight to the warriors when the giants of Los down and airs on of course. Our razor down right now five not that to the angels that PG right over here Matt is one of the greats. Eighties warriors raider fans. And she's there for us because they do the skins skin cancer today and I a ballpark and PJ helped put that on there at the coliseum to make sure that. We're all this on a little too much as we get older yes nice to be checked out every single year in each day. Is the absolute star and member is Tripoli not 5795. Savvy that's triple A 957. 95 cent of the Golden State Warriors with a win tonight. And you know you'll like when you conduct. You roll into the building. Hey we're not plane everybody tonight we're on the road staff gets out to a hot start. But there's got to be kind of a cool feeling leaving on we even get our best effort tonight we are old guys and even though they Phoenix came back. But stale now. You just got hurt played golf today. I let. Well because it errors out now I want a great place to get up to stand the air will start your alarm we know player likes to be warm that's true. That's up this. Is interstate. The wars were different spotter the warriors. Maybe didn't play well tonight he didn't play well they'll make maybe that would ruffles feathers I don't do you think it affected his performance tonight now. Because he had 23 in the first quarter. Nineteenth straight at one maybe maybe golf 42 well I'm not an end zone that's the thing maybe Saturday. Before the pelican game we'll see him out there at the for now club while I won't you probably remember those that it would like to cal club in December. Probably. Are you watching the masters. Knowing step he'll be very and that term I was actually watchable Golf Channel today. And because that the par three contest got rained out yes and we'll get to your calls at Tripoli 95795. Said he he and Jordan's beef. Are pretty good buddies. So all of her under armour correct so Andrei who dollar comes out on it's a Sunday game so they must've played. On masters Sunday last year. Andre Iguodala comes out for shootaround. To tell him. Because the twelfth hole the par three aiming corner route was the disaster roar Jordan. So. It would college scene now. And the. Locker room came out two bolts that stamp went up to one of the coaches like he had a camera which want and just kind of like Allen to melt going. But as Jordan's beats itself. Yeah I know you watch his body Jordan's meet at a guest of probably on Saturday that we hear he shot 75. In season where he can't play golf every day he has that she's seventy. It was it was Dell who once thought his father's body via professional golfer not a professional basketball there until apparently Hillary is also. Really good at always. Tell the guys like Hamburg and I idea guy's case. The by the guys you go life like Justin Verlander. Great pitcher great golfer. Made up terrific personal life the guy a surprise you don't like. I hate Raj you know. This like murder carries in marquee guy if Perry wasn't in the utes all mis step has like he has a news and at a marquee guy and I got. I like it is that's a clever Friday. And a right yeah it's yeah its stamp Currie was this is is scratch yours. He won easy what a load to scratch me means under par now under par Manger plots aka so right now in these aid. Three handicap right or if you're scratch means base your power to act now your plots that means it's weird if your plots. Like. Tiger Woods back it'd be a plus spot which means he's a minus by rag. Good luck in the NC GA gag you know I'm. It might be one of those guys at. One of those guys got everything that your money out of it legitimate handicap do. I think you have to that he later in our market guy care I can't stand this nobody's life. You know she's mayonnaise and mean we never know her land. Yeah Verlander makes like triple its staff are they make it. Violate it up it makes more than he dies then I believe I can ever to play not 5795 said he. Lawyer January arts and I would love to see your picks exports laps in Pleasanton if he can't make it. Can't make it give us all. As the warriors gave a terrific win 1218111. We're taking your phone calls right here warriors wrap up on the whole the Golden State Warriors as 95 points of the game. Period Tim the shot clock. Twelve point six who did not want the ball those that can't get the ball back. Pulls up deflected loose ball very well I noticed that a lot. It up pockets of what we'd like I pick out three kilos of California club president Bob Graham you've got me candy you've got to be kidding me. Jury on the ground just turn want the ball three times with the limited pizza. Trying to get a lot of good he. Yeah. Now to county is signing on 95 point seven games. Let's get out to the phone calls a triple 8957 out of five savvy. Right part we do that. San Antonio I don't feel bad for them. They got enough titles there you know they've got everything you'll ever need right legacy money the whole thing but how about San Antonio you've had two straight. Fantastic seasons. And you're still looking up and you're the number you're the number twos he think about that. And now it's. Mean who would have thought the warriors. At least for the time being would be thrown. The San Antonio Spurs at least the last 34 years. They'd. They've been better than whispers maybe they'll last for years because. The governor's first eliminate them five years ago. You know last four tackles for five years ago. The spurs. Eliminated the warriors and clippers. Eliminated 2004 years ago yet the clippers eliminated wars that they want it. As an idling on the warriors actually won in San Antonio had to be in the Playhouse is that streak to. So Long Island society years. Tripoli not 5795. Sanity it's time for you the fans brought to you by nation's giant hammers. Keep it real make it nation's leading us off the year let's go to all in San Mateo go at all your own lawyers wrapped up. Good evening gentlemen and like all these talk about going back to old warriors. Back in the late seventy. Franklin annually. At a garden behind our out. And hacked into our front door house that we would water. But it part if he used bring food decades. Ago was really cool. That the agent. Yeah absolutely. The new you know water park off. I know you bring me. Our capital fire hi I was those slick old school acts spears did. Yeah man the old school at a flap that went up and you know it will be our night job my. Stock number you know how one day just. You know you might well warrior. YouTube my doubt artwork and elegant app a lot aren't boards. Right. Yeah it's pretty amazing. The warriors have. Just turn this around the last. 1015. Years it's pretty incredible. And as we talked about a lot. If you're affair that goes back to the mid nineties or run DMC. He committed never fell out of this you could have just never imagined. Ever that the Golden State Warriors would be the best team in basketball. For three straight years they would set records to they would be the most dynamic team literally who they would have a players staff Currie who would. Capture the imagination of of of the league really. For so long the warriors were looking for that superstar. They were looking for that elusive big man. They golf fan out find debate now I try to find bigfoot they never found it and then here came Stefan curry and when they drafted Stefan carry. Nobody thought he was going to be the player that was gonna turn this franchise around people thought it's going to be a nice player. But nobody thought it's going to be this. Franken merely was a guy who's a San Jose wasn't sounds a gap now where he left on summer for college that he made. He made his money selling much TV stations and radio stations music immediate guy it was amazing he added it. Yet we have some really old school dynamic owner. I. Charlie Natalie layers bids. There's this crazy owners of some of the sports teams around here in the Bay Area trip late 57 ID 570. Yeah are you want I ain't. Had one of the greatest rock radio shows together. For eleven up three months. What's that long I think it was about three months I think crazy stuff happen and I had to leave the show for a different shell and but you and I during that three months was the discussion. Staff curry and the contract. And you look back on and now it's laughable this is actually. If you really said. Greatest steals in the history is boards. If you really look at it. What would step curry is meant to this organization. And his popularity. And his ability to help the franchise win as take it. There's no question the bottom line. Staff Curry's affected the bottom line in the words of this organization or Micah Wright not even close all and well. Loads lowest his contract for Iwuh. 44 for four years eleven million years stepped Curry's only make it eleven million. And we pick what it heard Billy Butler was for the gays and he was making eleven million metric breakfast in your cap. Terror expensive coach he was bird so we used looked in had. What staff Curry's value it's one Brawley. We really broke it down value and everything it's probably great contracts sports history. Well they always say when would Michael Jordan would get me that was now under contract. He was an early much money for news Chicago Bulls it was incredible. Life. Curry's gonna get paid now he's for sure Jordan early contracts are for not right. But even woody was but he shoot minorities opening if it would it would start to make big big money. The bulls were still feed off because he was a worldwide brand and you know. Curry is done a little bit of the say they have to think about this town it. The Golden State Warriors. In the whale looks from here. They were gonna change Saturday they always we Joseph like a quantity. He wanted to give it its efforts Cisco eBay though. No secret that. It's so. He says he wants to go to separatist go and there are a lot of people that believe that he was. It's gonna change the date of this effort to go warriors. That he ever said he wasn't having he was thinking about do it that. What are getting through it because of the success of the last five years at the Golden State Warriors. And the attention staff Hillary's broad out there ran it. They're every bit the Golden State Warriors. You can make a case that step curry isn't just curry. They would change you can separate Cisco warriors. And so like little stuff like that. But he is made stuff Perry is may typical state warriors the marquee franchise in the NBA quarter of all. Why easy. And if you wanna go or get your calls a triple 89579570. Dig a little deeper. In all Bill Russell you can say is the greatest champion greatest winner in the history of this sport. But the Boston Celtics weren't making money. They struggled financially. Take the other guy take Magic Johnson. No question Magic Johnson at the lakers were the lakers right right any. Larry Bird in the Boston's south I mean you I have to look at. Michael Jordan staff curry because. The success of the San Antonio Spurs ruling ever made in my own world. Right. Right so Jordan made the bulls a world brand and step curry has as you said the Arab world brand now you would be stupid. To take Golden State out and just go San Francisco. Because of China and all the different places around the world to love basketball they know staff curry and they know the Golden State Warriors. That is your brain. They do now. They do though they didn't take years ago I didn't have him there aren't sure they didn't have limbo Coles jerseys in China. Now all of them vote them up not that the is that it is. Triple it not 57 let's go to let Josh in San Pablo we don't warriors wrap up. I just go to Antonio in Oakland go ahead Antonio. Yeah you know like curiously it's just says its case because. United is currently just little Davidson they've questioned if you can play. Similar Algeria are actually in the germs because you know little Mississippi Valley State and he. For each time when they do you know it's people who question. You know current little injured right right there. During Mark Green lighting the way thirties or Dick or second round pick. Trap me dynamic he's Tom Brady's six were picked up these super dynamic. Not term for chart around. So you know work out at you so I'm happy sometimes lets you spirits industry. It was very. You know like Terry your turn our programs like unbelievable you know it's mainly the patches on his dribble shots. Is unbelievable or anything like this you know I mean probably like Allen Iverson with the replenish our memories you know. Because. It is over I mean everybody brings something new at a table. You know. Yeah ours are and how are Allen Iverson with a three point shot that's not that I I would take Hillary over Iverson. Just because it's just because Currie. So much more efficient it's still much more at home mom Mallory topped him. Iverson is a great require time about practice Iverson as a great player by the way practice I was look at some numbers Iverson was Iverson what the FBP in the early. Now. Ed. If you look at Russell Westbrook numbers. And put it up there Allen Iverson's. They're pretty similar terms of low 40% shooting. Why. West brooks' numbers. War Iverson's other numbers these is the rebounds. All that's on Pickett well 5%. You know. The year that Westbrook having it absolutely credible budget talk about say it about making a pitch here for Russell Westbrook with the FBC. But what I'd say it is hard it AM Westbrook have both bad. Vastly superior years over Allen Iverson and he's here I'll lot of respect for Alan Iverson. Sure he was tough got tough little time. With us he was it was Corey. I don't NBA finals. You know it's funny everybody criticizes Russell Westbrook it's as though we won't play with him but he did anybody really would play with a Iverson. I mean Iverson pass less she could make the case that Russell Westbrook is the average less justice. I ally I'm like listen IA a I was great player. No doubt about it all favor all that stuff but. I just wasn't a huge. Fan but I admired as art but it. I I think kind of Mimi meet guy you kind of would have bonded with him. Our style line would have asked him that maybe share the ball a little bit more little bit yeah it just trust your teammates just a little bit more although it fares the immediate great teammates. It's though. When you are a great player on the team without. Good teammates. It is brutal it is really hard and I give a lot of credit for that because he took it Philly team that was a very cute and got to the NBA finals. AAA not 57 ID 570 here makes exports lounge in Pleasanton. Come down at CS if he can't give us calls warriors wrap up of the warriors take down the Phoenix Suns 1218111. Right here. On 95 point seven in the game. Typically quartet that's very drives up blockers dropped its route comes out of the right things like Terry that its tenth note that there is back. It is flying it will rebound might look on outside thought to have to carry very want dribble of other great. Haven't Perry has thirteen in the first corner thirteen of the nineteen. With a lawyer to lead Miami. Electric car. Since it took seven of the daughter that an eighteen point cooler reception area the warriors lead by thirteen. I think we kind of got mesmerized as a team we all. You know words were so enamored with what step was to kind of stop playing to start the second quarter. The ball wasn't moving like it normally does and we had nine assists in the first half and a second half we did a little better job. Breaking free and getting getting three reform passed possessions where you know we were able to get guys better looks. Now that it Sony is tiny on 95 point seven big game. You know the last collars mention accounts is it makes exports on chair Pleasanton. You know use tiger about his retirement Kerry and his contract and now it's. Incredible to think the value that he brings and what he's brought. To this organization where he's taken this organization. And Wear them value of this organization has gone. And and Leo well you look where he's trapped look word plays draft it won't be able talk about it a copycat Lee. You cannot copy what they have done. Because so many times they've hit on guys in the draft. To where future we you re drafted. They would be going in the same spot. Name on Greenland via second rounder platelet and all then stamp wouldn't go what seven it would habits like. It's amazing to think of soul mate even the holiday Harrison Barnes basses Healy. Every one of their picks. You would say outperformed weird they were picked and the projections. That people had on them are all these guys amaze. Write and edit more than that is. What you are talking about it via a copycat league. Head try to copy. Don't. Let try to find. It a lot. You can't pick two players -- editor you can shoot the ball like that curry Klay Thompson what schools they. Washington State Davidson and this isn't duke. I'd UCL AR Kansas and Kentucky. Do you think about what they have pill you took a guy at Davidson. And then let's face it nothing against the tubes. But Washington State isn't a power. And college that you took two guys. Adam nine hour college traditional great. New ones won a national championship. Neither one has a great history in the NCAA tournament. You took the two greatest shooters and a schools. If viewers at eyewear of the greatest ally labor commanding India's state but verdict on Indiana in Indiana before right. And you'd get two guys that work it drafted or she's been working recruited were gained scholarship offers from the best schools. May have Klay Thompson why in the audience realize. His own backyard right you got the two greatest shooters out of schools that you would never said here's the two greatest players and this where they came. Right and you can tell any team we can tell Eddy Cue would be to say. I can't go try to recreate curry Klay Thompson of anybody or. You can't you can't recreate that. You can't put you can't pick to pro players. Who. Could form a backcourt that could shoot the ball as well as those guys care. And it. It's gonna be that way assuming these guys stay healthy it's got to be that way. Let's go to John and de Moines Iowa and jump on all the way and Iowa welcome orders wrap up. Book it plant you know I got here and Europe also. Tried true which was that the game seven loss to the 76 sucked up by a bottle. So a couple things what are you you're talking about guys over over purported aircraft a factory like pre. And separate speak to that point. Which it is not just the talent to hurry and Thompson. Is it how good they should. It's T its cover its buyers for it and it it for being the worst trafficking. Into Italy to accept legally that would open up. Everything to those guys. It's so that if you could argue eleven dollars yoke choreography is that is traded market but the warriors have done as much for sale. And done for them by changing the way they play ball. They're bringing it out of camp that by the which used to which scored teaching them do the couple Kerry thing. I cutesy I. It's. No no I don't and I couldn't. I don't I don't. I don't. I don't know I go all lower after the match you gonna hide all the words it's. Right now I'm kidding to. It's a ways that you pick out of of the Q rating it's the period. Is over Tuesday. He realized Matt wants wrote this easy times right. Yes. I do know all about it. Back and that it tonight it reminded me so I was pregnant with that your mind yet. Remark last year and it would all it was hurt. And all those dumpsters that most of them. But they were high wire act. They let her beat everybody by the G-20 and everybody sit out the fourth quarter. Just suddenly winning they'll byters but it mediocre teams and then the. And it only came you don't have time to really get. Get or Kirk curry get hurt they were ever that it's interesting to me that they actually played better this year without direct. That they've played last year without it would now. I think. Rick about that for a medic it's like I've I wouldn't doubt it hurt yet for the year was around Christmas time. While picking up Bart Bart's got hurt for five or six weeks he had the ankle or right but a thicket of Iguodala. Had trouble. So he's saying that. The warriors adjusted better to having Kevin do rant now. And Andrei you'd gone out last year. That's. Oh. I think it's I biggest may point with that Hillary. That the warriors have done as much for curry as curry is done for the warriors. And that may be true. That may be true. Curry has taken his game obviously. To an unforced sea level. Thanks to. A lot of things beat her. The the players they put around him. It off at the plate tops it's not the team made its staff Perry's staff Curry's probably got as effective. Staff Currie got on the team. Last year within true Bogut who takes the pressure off stepped Perry maybe not to say player. I get with the caller was saying I think he hasn't very cute. Boy there's very few sports. That you're going to excel. Without having quality around you right. But you still. The ways step it's just not the numbers. Sometimes players put up great numbers. But how you put up those numbers when you do something great. And how do you do it step curry is playing a game. And doing things Nolan in the history has done before and that's why are so many people who main item B. Really NBA fans know who this guy is because he's doing things that well no one's ever done before you got to give him now. Oh absolutely. Absolutely. And matter of these are the lawyers at the Orlando Magic putter or where today Kelly be what if you wanna get it to a a real basketball discussion. You would say that right now with the three point shot. Were at the peak year they may be what the steroid year used to be in baseball. And so. You're right we've never seen staff curry. Before we've never seen a player like this before. But. We've been. We may see a player like that occur in the next commander fifteen years because he's the first of its. To kind of take advantage of where. We are right now the three point shot. The fact there's not a lot of physical reality. Their baby at other player five or ten years down the line who will say well he's he's. Well a lot like after. He's better I don't know who that player is what I'm saying is we got to give them more time this year before. We take hurry to one of a guy. Player for the. Hey it's been average AAA 57 out of five sanity warriors with a win tonight on the road. 1218 of 111 they clinched the number one seed they've won 65 games. Three straight years nobody in the history of basketball has ever done that we continue their phone calls right here on nine to five point seven a game. An active Golden State's lieutenant around the clock. Terry holt and if they scored thirteen of the shot clock ripples in the paint goes why everybody gets. We'll watch it. 32 point three to go at 118 the one mile out of the lawyers leave by seven again. Up to apple your office green eagle with the three short rebound tip because got a ball games over a Golden State Warriors will have. At home floor for the whole season. We'll learn. Straight. I've seen in the last final score Golden State want to only at the Phoenix one thing that happened. You know we've had a agree run last three years and another very regular season and really proud of our guys especially the way they responded no after. After Kennedy's injury and losing a lot of games on the East Coast. Bouncing back and winning last thirteen to get us in the top seeds. Really help Iran and now hopefully we can just. He finished the regular season well and healthy and get rolling in the playoffs. Now got it county is tiny on 95 point seven the game. Let's get to acknowledge Joey and San Francisco welcome to warriors wrap up. Well yeah. Yeah. Record here and you know the warriors are. I would imagine maybe it was the right is a step curry. Stepped earlier in my. The like super. Star he. Our our little try. I'm at such. Call. Such every man. Yeah. About six which is about all right it's sixty but still. You know. Play within that year with that I'll. Comes from. Like. It would still currently held itself. On. On. There. Were. Chopped the I. Here you know you. Hear. So much you know just kept it. And I'll do it. It. Incredible. One more thing. I. Wish the Mark Jackson. Actually won the house. That step per click ops was. Off. That brought so mark with Debra. Yeah it was he was. Although when he said that they Hayward. They were quite there. But now if you make a list of what you want it is superstar. Step Currie has all the boxes checked. That's the other thing about staff her. He's got just a superstar he is almost. The perfect kind of superstar. He is. Like the caller said the Everyman. He's a smaller type player relatively speaking so. The average guy can relate to a he is hopeful he's classy. He's inclusive. He's teammates like him. He's got an edge to them that's. A big part of life and in spite. Doesn't I mean I don't miss out on a big part for real quick I mean I know their part parts of his game have some laws you that the great defender. There's well over a little too much but as far as the superstar goes. How do you get better and step coterie as a superstar. Leading your team I don't I don't think. And when you get it level and he's getting nicer tiger about beautiful why. And acute daughters. That's why the whole thing which she's doing with the cooking and everything it's the image. You don't you hate when these images Tiger Woods had kind of a perfect image at one point and it rips apart step curry with this image that he adds. That projects away from the court. Which makes you are more for Madison avenue what you know why is it reveals that not sports period when they get beyond June. James Corbett and and you know I mean my wife people like it's it's the I liked I liked politics that I thought it. My daughters don't step theory is that you know his wife's name I Asia. They know daughters Dave's they do when he she got pregnant the last. They do all that stuff. My daughters and my wife it is and how do you put a price on that. Patty put a price on how do you put a price on. My two daughters sent out what I what occurred yet I wanted to order. That I wanna go to war get my two daughters. Now fifteen years ago. You get up and sons they would wanna go to warrior. They weren't saying daddy Bobby Sarah because that Christine good mojo back after. I think that he put it what about what is my orange tree house oranges and we picked him up we'll shoot baskets. My kids are younger and if my kids are eleven my twins my line Abbott it was like stepped carrying out. Yup I doubt it staff carried though. Every little boys wearing number thirty stepped green jerseys to school which you wouldn't ever seen as a birthday there. And yeah it's public let's go to Josh in Oakland Josh your own words wrap up. Was going on gotten it just so quote when I caught a couple we expect our caller area that we but it went well orchestrated. What what got me to really understand about their courage is he changed our franchise's well butter early. And I want to. Guys to really even listeners that's listed really understand it I'm a rookie who was this Kevin Durant team. I was so pissed off and who was. Are you serious. And Perry show everybody that uses Cain and I'm happy that. People that was the respect that we got Kevin grant Otis is Kevin gray to rant came now query have to take a backseat. That was due respect coaching them sort of court because he changed our franchise. If people understand Corbett the war's worked for years and we just won't inform want to gang of ten dollars and twelve dollars. Yeah the year. I did I'd it would it would do respect her. And that's all of talk about one Richard got like listening to golf market work and I'm happy could you didn't respect that yeah. Because. I would hope nobody ever got them again and that life. And that was their last ten. Yeah I mean anybody said it's the Ritz team was way too early with bats. You know that prediction or that. Believe because. Is. An avid curiosity. It's still stepped her let's go to G state Oakland all in with your hero warriors wrap up. Well it. You just. Like college in the apparently he but he deals right Amish. Perry. Have been trying to hurry. Up out. Cope. To. Go for you. Guys. Go. So. Though. It. It and it gets the all that topic. Now. Still stole really equate to the village yet. Let's step theories tremendous like he's got a great. Let's let's not go over board. Stepped carries a great player he's not a great defense lawyer. Getting through not many guys in the history of the game though being great on both ends more pure. Is it not I talked Coby and his bride of post abroad. You know thousands of people in the NBA Hillary obviously is pretty good at an all time greats. Speaking at a theory alert that the people are those are edges letter. Top ten black. People are wanting to put up with the greatest that the rest meets up because of your time. He offensively. Is going to have an X an extreme amount of points though doubt he'll have the record for three pointers that will be. He's gonna put it out there are so far it's going to be tough it's going to be like Jerry Rice with the touchdowns or value Wayne Gretzky dotted far more. I yeah now the viewpoint Jerry Rice. Now Hank aaron's home runs put out there relate far. A view we used Uga you get to a number it's like along it you know Pete Rose and hits here you know you gets you starting at KUM. She ordered expert twenty years flies you know. 4256. Hits and a certain all right you just get out there Nolan Ryan in the strike outs you go okay. That's going to be out there every yes is he. Top five all time. You know the guys you just mention I don't think Kobe be top five careen toward would be. Right let me just speak top and my god in the history of a game that had so many great players and athletes. Are you right. Ellis that we got here because. You wanna go Omar. I'm sort of make a point okay ftp to go talk about the FBY usually. I think he's a lot of times they'll take into consideration the Larry Bird three time MVP he wasn't great defense like what I'm getting edit the the people takeaway letter should be the MVP it's the best operatives like the bits of wire. I get their argument but that's not the way to history of the NBA's taught. Clarice want him he's he's not a good defender Larry Bird and BP's. Not a great defender magic was items so agrees to match it was a good affinity with Allen Iverson. So. That that. Criteria. Has not been consistent over the use. What's our next game. That's game Saturday Saturday and pelicans. And Kevin Durant back. Hate you back in the house and be exciting to kind of credible please get us up and he's not really three game basically what we're looking at now is the rest of the games are going to be. Watching Kevin Durant and just fun fun fun. Lot of things. Warriors with a win tonight on the road down in Phoenix. 12182111. Will be back on Saturday night taking your phone calls at Tripoli not by seven ID 570 breaking down Kevin Durant return. We'll have a lot of fun with that that's gonna do it for warriors wrap up fox portray he'll take yet all the way to our morning show. Joseph lo and tips on 95 point seven again.