Warriors Wrap-up
Tuesday, April 4th

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Every team play. It's going to be excited for the opportunity to come in here and an Arkansas we got a target on our backs and be ready broke. We're very group who had reported to have left foot traffic. Good job. My mind. Had five seconds to go very good lord Perry agreed to every ball landed. The warriors. Wrap that you are your hopes Crist allison's at best done so yeah. How many times that we said. If you're got to see it sounds like four for nineteen from three. Yeah he had no chance to beat the gold Steelers you've got no chance of being in the game. You shoot 21 point 1%. From the three point line you better hope and pray that the Golden State Warriors at home. Are gonna have an off night and the bottom line does not happen once when he won 2107. As the Golden State Warriors. They shoot 43 point 8% really 44%. And that it's ballgame over it's that simple they don't have the firepower the Minnesota Timberwolves to be able to play with the goal. Wars no and the warriors finished fourteen for 32. From three point range and at one point there were fourteen for 24. They missed their last eight shots. Those didn't really matter because the fourteen they made. Where would allow the wars you get a twenty point lead in the third quarter play was terrific. Staff curry hit back to back threes with about four and a half minutes ago that bump that up to nineteenth. And the warriors had another fourth quarter. Like if that's so many this year whether a big game you're just wondering how. They gonna have to come back with the starters are not tonight he didn't have to do and it was a nice win for the warriors twelve road touting. I think he'd say they're peaking at the right time. And the playoffs. They can't get here soon enough. I'm not that San Antonio game you know that unbelievable. Come back down in San Antonio. I we all kind of let you know that was an awesome game let's get to the blouse that number is triple eight not 5795. Seve as Tripoli not by seventh. 95 said he plate tops tonight. I mean you just now he steal it. And aegis it's going to be a special night. And get the 41 points to get that lay up there at the end to get him from 39 to 41 but when he does that's that's stroke on. It's and it's beautiful. What's amazing is that the warriors have to. Great three point shooters. And stuff Currie is widely considered the best shooter in the game some people call them back shooter. Outside shooter in NBA history. Which. It's probably true. But on the same team in the same back core. They have a player and Klay Thompson who actually. Can get hotter than staff curry for short stretches. Klay Thompson scored 37 and a quarter Klay Thompson scored sixty in 29 minutes so would you put that backcourt together. And they're both shoot the ball well they both get off the Gucci group starts from three point range. It just that such a tone and I think Steve Kerr made a reference this. In the post game when curry and clay make shots early it changes everything because then the team. That there play at have to even be more aware. To step out further on the Florida contest those shots. And when you step out. Further on the floor it gives. The court more space for all the other players to operate. And Todd were talking about. Three feet you you make it defensive player about three more feet that's a big difference when it comes to the spacing in your half court. And sometimes you watch your Golden State Warriors in games like these you need to think how would somebody get a knock them off in the post season. Four out of seven games. Kevin Durant come back Saturday. It's all good right now for the warriors. Tripoli not 579570. That's Tripoli not by seven knighted by sanity and I hope yet you realize. It don't take for granted. That I understand there's been great shooters in the game. But nobody had shot it from three now obviously the game. The game balls in the game changed it was a great piece in the Bay Area news group today will get into a little bit later Matt triple doubles now. In outs. On green bouts at the franchise record but it really look at what will will that get credit for steele's right neatly plot three average over and some years. But you start looking at it and a warriors the art tonight. Klay Thompson. At the top five most threes made in the season steps one. 23. Plays sport step. Up it's not all its ads right now I am. Not here means that this year in now I mean it's it's it's that this year he had to tell you that people on their outlet top ten every every. Oh my goodness when assuming. Clay instead they'll get hurt you out of top twenty because they're going to be in the top. Three your war in the next five years this is the sack its greatest year. And three point shooting history priest after. He's number one obviously last year made 4020. Now this was. 46 minutes ago I think he hit one or two after this let. When this came out 46 minutes ago that's 305. Struggling this year with the second greatest. Three point shots made in the history of mass. Well let me get to my pet peeve because I've seen a lot of you know stuff curry was the player of the week this past week in a lot of people would say and look at that curry how how does everybody feel well. But the people say any he's have a bad year down year an off year. Should that nobody said debt. The only thing that's ever been said was purely not having. The kind a year he had last year at last year he had a career year he may never hit 400 threes in a season again. Would say you have a bad year this year already but he said is he isn't matching the numbers from last year which you don't want. He may never match those numbers from last year if you watched Jeff curry play from day want the till today. You know that it's happening solid year you'd go with the first couple months of the season. Maybe you've numbers were that great. But it was because the rent how to ride encourage try to do the right thing get him assimilated and get him adjusted. That's exactly what point guards posted view. If you don't numbers fall during that period so be it. That's not for a point guard to worry about his own numbers they've been around Christmas we saw her start to hurt the quarter become more aggressive. Start making more shots scored more points beat aggressive that we sought to have victory to get hurt now taken it to the next level. Nobody said curry was now prepared year but he sic hurry to have a bad year. I mean they're not it's absolutely. It's what you say it's likely Ted Williams back in 1941. Hit or 06. The last guy to have 406 the very next year 1942. He hit 356. And have a bad year after him for a sixth exactly. Exactly much does that nick sample the numbers triple late not. By seven ID 570. They law. The Minnesota Timberwolves. It was a fun game to watch your tonight once when he won 2107. Were taken your phone calls anyway you wanna go you want to about play you lots about Kevin Durant write him a quarter we got a couple guys resting tomorrow in the valley of the sun. Warriors wrap up right here on 95 point seven the game were taking your phone calls. What's. So when Jimmy and. No real desire. And we relax. Me. Really it's. A give and and in. Murray on the break about apple. Nobody had. You can't take this stuff up. The defense that last it's no Big Brother read it at that around the world may fourth. Now that it Tony as Stein on 95 point seven big game. Analyst the a's had the. Green light the night that didn't work out with them in the ninth inning across the way I gotta tell you story a little bit later. About the guy who runs the angels. Was asking me about the warriors tonight before I came over here aka. They about that it executive who runs another professional franchise is asking me questions about the lawyers. I mean that's that's a big day in Tripoli not by seven knighted by Saturday from the fans brought to bite nation's giant Amber's keep it real. Make it nations let's go to David in San Jose's leaders often I hear orders rapped. Hey I just wanted to cover a couple topics real quick live so. Just wanted to talk about curry. Wrote quake. You know EU's game and when one arming our city and I mean. Then there's not a net gonna stop in when he and we know debt and our love to wave were going into the playoffs. This is just amazed. When I was in Reno despair we cannot consent of their own in Reno. And you know like to gamble on odd that some fun but the waters there had been worse week. Well I would down there and now. Outlet do in accepting guys. In San Antonio and I go in fact. I never seen nothing like do. I come back. And it is it is the it is this election that we have right now they it is going now they're going down. Already sent to I don't wanna touch that topic is it is much or wanna talk talk about that word started but I it is bloat which you guys do. I just wanted to give Marleau opinion on what I think is. It vegetable warriors right now and it's just momentum. You know bring green program back. When you want to. We're gonna get we'll get there wouldn't win win. A lot of the people who are used to Tom basketball with during our talk that squad. There's scared. You know rocket and there are Houston Rockets stands bidders San Antonio Spurs fans you know bidders. New Orleans. Pelicans that are there are also key and you know also cavaliers can't I mean when. TARP too much about that because you know. What was important to sort out the Western Conference. And and you know it is global corn are right now. I Dana right for the bulk up appreciated yet cavs got a big game against the Boston Celtics. It's not a big gains that tomorrow here or abroad. That is flat while somebody says hey you got a big game against the Celtics can determine. This in nieces. I bid six straight NBA finals. Meaning they'll talk about right. Well if anybody can do it to anybody him. That is true I'll tell you what he's gonna have his work cut out or get the number seven because Cleveland has not played well and they're going to be deterred at all. And you know the old adage that sometimes you can't turn it on what you wanna turn on but we're gonna see if they care because they have not been playing well last 56 weeks. And nobody does it every year he's been there every single year but at some point it will it will this speed the first year. And I mean it is one incredible run me to get in the finals as much as he hasn't. I don't think criticism is like poison the ease out here worry one way ticket to any type of championship. Stanley Cup final. NBA finals World Series obviously as the apple of the Super Bowl but I mean. And team sports but it's still beat them main guy in that sport. Get there every year pretty phenomenal AAA not 57 iPods and the so much idiots who will get it to all your phone calls John Dickinson is gonna join us from the locker room. I still got to use that story about the GM from the angels associate the great interest in this team the numbers Tripoli not by 790 fives at least get any. When your phone calls right here wars wrap up on all the Golden State Warriors as night five point seven game. All of them coming in the plus tickets. Find out who pre defined victory. Not enough. Got apple actually had the open shot up an offbeat way to move over covered it still. It was seventy. Who wouldn't want to overdo we'll let me fired up about. For a bit multiply that by trade accord like very good appellate court Tuesday at that. Did you can see why. That's blue cells. Did read that want to do. Some nights he does stuff and all you can do listed games here. 9475. Or years. Now got its Sony has dining on 95 point seven big game. But average to avoid that by seven ID 570. Can't wait for JD to come out here so staff curry Klay Thompson you'd see this on. At 95 cent of the game on Twitter staff curry Klay Thompson saying this on your weather march as helped him played better recently. Stuff so that about clay now. I could see that hey LA did. He was out they yeah opening day yesterday gave was they saw that I saw you know clay and I are a lot alike. When the sun comes down. We make shots. That's simple. I shoot better in the summertime. This is summertime if you're from back east like item the steps of summer starts wearing now. You pride your social sop ballots left and you did a winner in the east I wouldn't. Well with the last night. Nineteen. Edu. If they did alleviate it did in East Coast there. And it is. All over its aids has. Eight US and now the dean of the writer has won the game. And that's the thing at you know I alleys joke on might not stop bitching about each rally traveled to run injury right the results. Now. And you're traveling through the horrible editors at the airports I mean. I'll realize the writers whether we're talking to NBA or NHL. And it's ID. Now it's not but it's a great job and if you love sports you realize how great it is and for every. For every game. That let's say you're a Minnesota beat writer tonight that you're going to be here in the Bay Area write your story till after midnight. And I don't know what Minnesota's schedule is tomorrow but I'm sure their beat writer told. Have to get up very early to be short night's sleep and that's a pain but for every every night like. You have a night where you're in another city in your off. It you get your work done at a reasonable hour and you have a nice night. Long afternoon and tonight in another city and then you don't have to get up real early the next day because the game day. It's so you can enjoy yourself on those states they get. Get really short nights and that you get the sleep that once in awhile when your in a city and you have an off night. Let's go to Antonio and Oakland will welcome to warriors wrap up. Very. You know another great winners of the warriors. Like outweigh the searching and roll lecture thirteen. You know I think. You know I mean it is easy to say you know the reason why they're back of the splat bird have been back to being just flat Brothers. You know even without it's like when the king or championship. It would. David where you know some of the games you look like in Indian state of west you know demise Figueroa in the medium range shot blocking shots. Number I think the most underrated part but when it street. History mar 192 technicals. By IR rated. Yet I thought were. They happen that aren't accurate thing about the pole streak in topic you have 01. Wanted to let you know he did you know. Very eager you'd beat the player of the year. At the latent at all. One important for the player of the year without a sixth man of the year you know Perry better in the top five keep these people are conditioned. All right let me respond to each one of those two I agree I believe should win and be the offensive player of the year I view I think it's going to be among hair. Hawaii lettered at Rudy go bear but I think ray mine green is gonna win sixth man of the year. I don't think you were dollar's gonna win it because. He was pretty. Average the first half of the season. Now if people really pay attention to what happened the second part of the season may be. Bought. A lot of those sixth man of the year a lot of people. Lot of voters look at the numbers and the one thing about eight dollars while he's really valuable as a six man. These numbers are off the charts we see him dated we CO helps with intangibles. You're defender. Good passerby and put up big numbers that are gonna cut overwhelm the voters I don't think the dollar's gonna. Its sixth man award nor do I think Curry's going to be in the top five in the MVP race I think it's going to be. Westbrook Harden her hard Westbrook so those are two I takeaway letter will be three. I think LeBron James will be four and then I think they're gonna go with that John Wall or an Isiah Thomas and eyes. The fifth player. No slight against curry. But I think the perception it is that he didn't play very well the beginning of the year. And they pick it up here late like I said I don't necessarily agree without body had a a real solid first part of the year as a point guard. But I don't think a lot of other media people. View it quite like that. Let's add delete. Good evening gentlemen. Up Lee Kirk. About curry. On that curry at seventeen shots. On court this year and even and at the end of a quarter GK herbal weight is. It's that shooting 41 point 2% from three this year. Then I actually think that the very distant problem MVP voting body that that could happen at this. I'd that you curry has the best finals of his career this year include diet Billy. Well kind of opened clutch and didn't say anything about it but you can tell when you try to make a point. And in the last eleven game. He played brilliantly. I mean the guy who played in the fourth quarter basically in three years you can bet that Q that the volume shooter. That you know partner Westbrook won't be cute all their planning and where it minute game that that would just be predictable. Well I don't let go yeah I mean they would up market and I'm not gonna say they wouldn't. But. Which you take exception to fight said that he can't play like caller whisper. Those guys are different kinds of players. They. A lot of their game as it happened at six curry would get his numbers he would but he wouldn't go about it the same way if those guys those guys. Penetrate more than him they try to attack. More than him now if he were the number one option on a team that was just average. I guarantee you be more aggressive. But I think mostly it's three point attempts would come up I don't know. I don't know if you hit. Survived. Going to the basket. 152025. Times a game like those guys do. Know what you're gonna get hit a lot in the air. Yeah I don't think you would change his game which is what it would be if you will lighten that upon I don't think it would be adapting. Hard left or others piled on open Currie would change you know the kind of player yet. You repeat that shot yes and a nickel hit it can take a look at why Leonard is punctured or what name on there and aren't. Just to war in in every number every step except Leonard taking what six or seven shots war every game. Then dribble and score more points. That will be the worst team as we don't know. I got it got so many weapons. It's just a bit and better and get they're helping they're playing like there are now. There's no way anybody can beat me in this church for debit and upper boundary. So I am I really really want to get tired now because it and kind of the peak I think we all feel like this is that he and it warriors team you can. And pat you know the cup winning streak right now new app in that particular particular this. Is that bill pot. And nobody gets hurt and start the web. Now I mean that's the key now nobody. Nobody gets hurt roll into the playoffs at at full strength. And take your chances and I guess I gotta believe the warriors are gonna go in obviously as the prohibitive favorites. The only thing really left now touting his deceit. How Kevin Durant looks Saturday to Saturday Monday Wednesday. Triple might not 57 ID 570 S Tripoli not 5795. Saturday that takes me two what's the difference. Now vs the way they're Indy last year we'll talk about that and your phone calls warriors wrap up right here on that plot points out again after. The warriors rule the timberwolves once when he wants a 107. I'm not a five point seven game. Normally you know they have. Very ticked down the right side like run for the fourth with five seconds my plate not the last night Greek night. They're very at what looked like very important. Is upgrade now Benedict county is 9195. Point seven big game. Interesting question. How many shots. Hesitate. Percolate Thompson. To get hot it's stepped curry was asked that here's the answer. It is on these plant chairs it could happen any moment. This is you know the disease he's explosive laden and has the uncanny ability to kind of create some nothing. Does need a much room obviously. You haven't that I tonight. From the moment he locks and the build. Radiator. Yeah. He is one of these. Gifted players. Doesn't really need to warm up there's the other thing about clay I love the news. He's the kind of player who would go play pickup basketball. And be the first item pick up game and Lance got to leave. And a lot of players who really gooch but it. Shop the GA against reds they got a find out who their play anywhere from sometimes they wanna play in sub and he just won't supply. It's with throughout there and like that's all what's the due to number one. Focus its what are you enjoy doing most. And chose to meet loves the game and it's fun to watch him. Let's go to Colette lead of the game here on out of five points of the game what's happened it. Little children you know it's abuse it's a beautiful today and yet to go from having their. At the coliseum youngsters watched a nice opening night victory. If Rickey Henderson and you know you'll be in Spain Japan. Going over the oracle watching you know B two quarters continued these. These show of reclamation after that structure of entities. And then coming back and exercise routine and you know futility. That they have for that little stretch you know where they went too important to team that. Peter invitation got lost in Minnesota I think we're the last war and the teens not left that. In every single one of these gains. Is not an opportunity to kind of exercise will be. You know what they hear a pretty pedestrian first how peculiar the 67 points. He gets that deal and get that done and I turned over diversity it's ago that you upstart. That's exactly what happened to adopt. Two. Little bit rate shopper then show host and you know three point barrage I'm back out if the dollar. And everything else that you know. One thing that. Give all local Asian inside that they have been throughout the arena is that specialist applies Clinton special their power away. And all the sudden you look and got to change. We would. Do it and you're like how how to play. If that was so that we talked about stuff. Not how special thing. Here locally with. But he gets overshadowed by the greatness. You know starting to overshadowed by you know keep coming over here. You know how special as well to have around. I totally confident. That here in basic Sharon and not be seen as brightly and all the rest of. Then doesn't care in fact I think you prefer it that way to tell you the truth he prefers to stay under the radar and lecturing mine. Garner all the attention because of the emotion in it like Hillary garner all the attention because it is. Flashing isn't great news and derail it just for coming over I think clay loves. The position he's in. And I think it's rare because I think a lot of players if they were as good as clay Thompson. Would want a little more they would always want a little more than their debt now and I think they would look at the situation. As though. You know what I do everything that staff does but he gets more credit to ray mine gets. More tension with clay I don't think he spent any time thinking about that. I totally agree and starting epic you know college spot struck about you know pol. Under rated the fact that promote market in the technical. You know I've been over the Arctic Arctic a couple of articulate and I talked about myself that. In about dish about bargain. David last you know. Beat the blues their temperatures to take some of that attention away from going on in you know and now barge going to be enforced are getting the technicals. Getting the flagrant and you really allow premarket become. A much better player and he was because you don't have to be walked into after deviant. All of that in terms that they keep up that he had to do more because there will be more prepared to try to share that load but now he's got in trouble with the nasty edge and David West. Trouble with just have to imagine about march we will take from that way you know what this team. Our our global think that they even hit that stride that they need to choose we're gonna start seeing in the integration as Kim. You know this Saturday and there and it's. I'd say it by about mid way through that first round but watch out. Yeah I retired and welcome yeah thanks glad it. Tough to disagree with the really tough to disagree with the and that's the last thing to see is how. Kevin Durant fits back in but I think it's going to be. Pretty effortless to tell you the truth the reason I say that counties because. Direct a Smart player Smart person and he's been watching this team while he's been out for five weeks or so and I think it's gonna be a blessing in disguise. That he. Has been able watch this team without him and now he's going to be able to come back I don't think you'll be try to do too much I don't think you feel pressure. Because he sees. Not everything. Is predicated on whether he plays Weller now. And I guarantee if you go back dues Oklahoma City days he probably felt like you know final play well there's a good chance that we're not gonna win the game. But here in Golden State. He doesn't have the feel that way. He feels like if I play well there's no doubt we're gonna win the game. But if I struggle we still have three other players who. Can pick up the slack. And who can carry me a little bit and I hear. I know Russell Westbrook. Is a great great player but it. The rich got more weapons here and he's got more players you can rely on and that's why they. That's why they Keyes probably gonna fit back in seamlessly. You know SLA times we look at that guy where you're talking about superstar. Who who's going to be that. Face of the franchise. And where you feel like you're getting enough you're getting enough respect. So much that over the years will be about money. Will be how much your game paid vs somebody else. And let Klay Thompson announces slogan ample. Never gonna have to worry about money ever again in his life. And if you wanna be that guy. And you want of these. The the face you wanna be a star there's a lot that comes with that that you that yeah prepared for that. For some guys do you really wanna have to be the go to guy every single time after the game he really means you. There's a lot of things take it you really wanna be that superstar. There's a lot that goes with it a righteous playing basketball and collected one. Extremely large Jack. You know maybe I'm wrong because I don't follow these guys around the Bay Area when they're just hang in now but. Out of police feel previously did will stuff Perry hit Dolan. And he walks down the street everybody knows knows who stepped curious but I don't believe that Klay Thompson with a hat on. With a hoodie in the race at Saturday you don't bet for the most part. He can watch the David peace. And that's just not in his nature and I think that's the way he likes. Grow up keep in mind when he was growing up he was around the showtime lakers now so we saw. All the attention. That team received his father included. And so he. Knew that part of the game the media part so wasn't. Anything that he really needed to go seek out the limelight is. He saw all the positives and negatives about it and he grew up Benedict became second nature so. He's just not a big time type guy whomever big time yet. He grew up around lawn at the true stars. Of professional sports. Where Magic Johnson was more than to state basketball NBA star magic was the type of star that people who'd eat them while India. Knew who Matic laws magic was an icon. As you grow you grew up around that. He kind of say I like I wanna be great like magic I want championships like magic but do I want to have the kind of every year. The way magic Johnson and maybe clay is like I'm good round pick guys got to raise got gold medal he's got everything you'd ever want. Well I also wonder how much. Go to Washington State played into that too because. What you're playing for Washington State that's relatively. An anonymous type of college it's not a mean yes I know it's division one it's in the pac twelve without Kentucky's that in North Carolina studied at UC layers not exactly and so. He was. Probably able to play his whole career at Washington State pretty much under the radar. And weather warriors drafted him number eleven. Lot of people knew who he was. He wasn't highly acclaimed out of Washington State. Not say people thought he wasn't gonna make it but it wasn't as though you lose. Somebody that everybody was familiar where they found out he was Michael Thompson's son to shoot the ball a little bit and then he came on the scene and he was cut this. Now low soft spoken guy in the next thing you know. You realize that its gains pretty loud. And in his brother's not too bad either right. Aunt for like Coke roots and not that little Washington State well. John Dickinson is going to be coming out from the locker room bully learn about this land we're gonna find out right here warriors wrap up one night five point seven game. Rubio the Reagan Reagan. Don't always like the Hillary people. Murray on the right now that's what I look back at great yeah. Stuff. Not decades after the laughter. And again the defense that last night's interleague Brothers who read it fit it around the when he rode and he forces. The real one and a new clothes so with her hand on her side his. Right and even with Mitchell is in the lead test situation. Definitely develop in the last turn to go toe to play. Pleasures director in between that Attica shuffle little bit and who's the you know the fastest growth of your scene. Gotta go jewel and. Now got it's county Stein I'm not precisely seven the games. And we heard from everybody's eyes as speaker brought to you by oaks card club play it Smart play it folks John. Gibson is here. From the locker room from the floor. Brought you by Walnut Creek Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram where savings is simple online at walnut. Walnut Creek Jeep. Dot time JT elected Madonna wanna treat them it'd decree not to rile up the Currie. So why I was there you go along. You know. Advocates on wall McCurry Gant out up Larry. Sucks out so quite topics silica absolutely he says now he's asked with what's been Golan. Wells last few weeks he says well what that sun's out. But the gap get out enjoy it and we were talking about that during the game tonight how clay Thompson about joy it. When the ice and after the game becomes not be goes for. What 41 points tonight and thought it was funny the guys. You know Stefan curry was asked you know wind windy and it now lower how many shots does it sneak. It developed Klay Thompson can go off on a night like that says zero. Zero to sneeze in the game. Is the fact that he hero arrives at the arena and I building that we can go off like that. Is such it's just a typical back in the sense I mean. He stares he's a chip on our money personality great personality. So different from the rest of the warriors stars. You know whether it's career treatment green obviously extremely outspoken Kevin Durant is gala bit of an edge to him at times in and a funny side. Curry of the L. Isn't like attacker in his personality. But the client is funny it's just they just steady in dead and did you know he doesn't really enjoy speaking of the media but. And I like and I knew that gave you something like that you just not expect the. Right while I was talking earlier with county in. Sometimes you just have to take stock. You look at the warriors in staff Currie. And maybe the greatest shooter that's ever played the NBA's longest computer. Probably the best shooter in the game today. Maybe the best in history. And it played alongside him as a shooter that in his own right it's so great. That he can actually get hotter than staff curry more quickly and score points. For students temporary. And if you can stop and think about that first acting. It almost makes this team unbeatable when they're making sure it's an aid because they play defense. Flu yes I was in the defense was up and down at Fisher warriors may be the last couple games have been. And once they got through that week. Now ill last week yeah I think a little bit in the Washington game made it started to slip a little bit on the deep that it sent it to go back to curry are and quite content like Thompson. He's at the NBA record for points and a quarter. In his career high sixty. Is greater than step current career high so well and we're talking about two time MVP. I doubt it you know is is rising up the charts that thing down the stretch of the season to be. Yeah mate maybe a top five or six out of the idea VP race certainly are garnering more attention and he was earlier in the year but clay Thompson. For an individual game or an individual stretch of the game he can be just as mesmerizing if you watch that no doubt. You know and you think about this team and and you think about play and just that the meter is today. With so many alpha dogs you could say it's nice to have a star player who's just Johnny cool breeze. As if he had too many guys the same. That puzzle may not fit well it is that. Funny when you go back and ended with Kevin Durant signs and everybody gets asked. How's it gonna work staff for you can have that unity ten in BP you have to give up some shots. Re not you are an issue last you can be less of a playmaker with the book equate not. It's not an acuity and I'm not change your best but I'm not sacrifice. The exactly I've not changed in anything and you look at the way this season has has played out he was exactly right. He gets he gets the ball position puts it right and if he's making shots. He can have a hell of an like he did tonight. In the one other thing that the speaker pointed out is that defense and it and that's you know every time you as a game like that we focus on. Just how explosive he has offensively and I think for him that you eat it's. And still be a good defender. Maybe not as much to nice plane off the ball more but tonight the nights where he guards. The best guard that the opposition. And it really needs. Is a two way player I think he's probably under rated across the MBA because were so focused on the fact that he can fill up from the. Katie how you feel about the bench these days and they really do seem to be coming together. They seem to be establishing an identity. I don't late a year to do that but I think they're doing it. I think David West. As. Obviously felt his role they found a way to use him it would ala has emerged again. There's been a lot of talk about whether they're back to the strength or weakness for me right now it's it's a strike that fill this in a week until it is a weakness again if it is. Yeah and I think when you look at the rant coming back and that's only gonna help. If Shaun Livingston is an out of debt that you didn't mention that. I think is he's played well these last couple of weeks you know in the last couple games he's Amman plaintiff positions and I think that's the one area where the terrain injury. Has helped the warriors and almost a blessing in disguise. They've been able to figure out roles in use some of the bench players a little bit differently. And it's helped them. Sort of re engage. And now when during it comes back and get into the playoffs I think a lot of these guys are gonna have more confidence in Matt. You know we we were having this discussion a little bit before the game. I like the warriors. Haven't another. Players like Matt Barnes. Just haven't him available. Whether he's gonna play a lot or not happen and other veteran you can go to. Because terrain it's gone back and he's gonna start. Well after a car that was get a lot of starts. To cost probably not gonna play the but you still have Matt Barnes is another body and played three plays before. You know. Just had gathered. Swing band they can be in the fold that you don't have to apply at all in not but if you need to place them but some without terribly in the injury. He's against Clinton op plan. Well thing I like about Bard that we were talking about this a little bit before the game he was on with Tim Roye. After the game being interviewed. Tim asked him about his mindset coming in and Barnes said. The first thing I wanted to make sure it's that I didn't step on any toes. And amid a few. That's huge because. He's probably gonna go through stretches in the post season where you might play eighteen minutes one night and maybe the far right. I'll bet there's a game or two billion play all you might be here aren't you obsolete might be right and host Ellen JP that the 27 year old Matt Barnes. That ain't gonna sit well not happen that now but at 37 year old Matt Barnes who knows that this may be his last chance to win the title. He spyware that end. And I believe it's fine with a lot of the keys just acting. Well let's be honest I mean Matt Barnes again he's from Sacramento originally. He didn't want assignment sack and he didn't he would he was a free agent he's played a lot of winning teams. He's guided he wanted that win a ring and he really wanted to come back here and help the warriors do it. Given you know the affinity he has for the we believe days in India on that team. Ten years ago. So for him to have worked out where it doesn't work out in Sacramento. Essentially because he was brought in. As a mentor to DeMarcus Cousins speak about that for a second lockdown that McCain's move on for DeMarcus Cousins. And that makes him available economy says a plain young guys we don't we don't need yet. Even don't pay you for next season as well. Well I realize that and yet. We got a two year deal exactly. That was and other factors involved in in a white wide map parts of the gains when he's ignited by ordering any batteries went on winning teams. The kings gave the team year to year deal. They move on from cousins he moves on and Kevin Durant injury and I mean it if Kevin Durant doesn't get hurt. Those were map forms if you are the Golden State Warriors I don't think because they would assign Jose Calderon and they did eventually signed Jose Calderon before. The rant went down and they decided we need again to complain three in the four. And Matt Barnes was right there at Opel because sacrament decided they are gonna move on from. Cousins and ship them off the door it's every when you look at the story of this whole season warriors have they gone to win a championship. I mean that. That's it a fascinating. If held. Number of different things that had to go to certain. Sequence that to have it wind up where he would not back it. At some days off tomorrow mat for. Game out of Phoenix. Yeah it drain on green and and Andre Iguodala apple getting it done nothing else from the post game from Steve Kerr is far and has. No injuries or anybody playing. Too many minutes to where he was gonna add anybody that list. I'd always been our goal right. Another go at it dollar on the fly you know what. I probably. Snow that you are Gaza yes it but I was player. Honestly was cute guys days off but on the plight you want real day optic that up on the point. It would help with this. Yeah sun's out like eight. Those re morally well Iguodala definitely to get eight team and among them Phoenix no doubt want you police Scottsdale absolutely. One place that's entering minded in an Andre Iguodala not ineptly Amaro. And you know that the training staff and all the all the different things that that they viewed to track. Succeed and track how geyser field one of the trainers like that to steeper. About a week ago once it etiquette these guys today at some point so. I got the impression he didn't really wanna do it last week with the level competition the warriors are client. But this Phoenix game second in the back to back before to rant comes back is once during it comes back a thinker wants to play everybody. That he possibly can. With the its last three home games so tomorrow became. That dated it made the most sense cynic would all of they've done that periodically with a solid all year long. What once they got. Like to see is 95 point seven game. Use these monitors and truckers. So they know way and guys like you mean needed payoffs. Well because then. On a day like tomorrow touting dot com now it's day out if you're. If we if if we play unite you might break down so. We're gonna suck you out tonight you get some rest come back the next. My problem is on off days do more damage that might actually at war so I better and I worked keep me on the lead. I I I might like that that are Ott tomorrow. Speaking of having fun will be X exports mountain pleasant tan. As it is a road game currency is at happy hour on a road game of the final wrote that you. I. Cannot invite him. John let me tell you that the trackers on me. As far as I don't need that day I'm I'm at that point right needed. This area you may execs like today with BA schedule the rest of the week. Amber's the game on Thursday gave up. On Thursday. Maybe me. One at the ballpark site that it's possible and I loved me and of those we did not Collins out of it quick turnaround for me I'll leave it takes six. Angela rock and I got to turn around early morning on Thursday to be back guy. Back at the old ballpark might be. That's quick turnaround in your season I think. Xbox have. We'll have not only orders don't pick six also have days giants. I think five games on that. Giants days warriors sharks gains racked. Now as a bit busy night for the new NBC they're in no way out. Our boys we'll see tomorrow applause that it takes exports lab of the post game joke or reports. Damon will have. The pre game tomorrow morning show. But warriors guest talking about is greatly against the timberwolves once again 11 want to while settles it right in Pleasanton. For warriors wrap up points.