Warriors Wrap-up
Sunday, April 2nd

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Every team. It's going to be excited for the opportunity to come in here in and knock us off target quarterbacks didn't play buffalo. Spend so it does. Deep three right. That's got the ball. Pick up varied as the seemed to break. It's time for the warriors brown but use your help us. Wants the way I've got my great wipe down the Middle East goes after the Israeli very worth the worry about the oh my goodness. That was sick. I was just sick I'm very good downloads right at the red Kevin Durant and all that is hit it Nancy can't believe woody hit song. The Dow was that would like to the rim and out backwards no look. Hazard traffic that would trailed. Rory who even thinks of that. All right everybody welcomed the warriors wrap up Matt Stein Mets here at ORACLE Arena after the Golden State Warriors win their eleventh consecutive game. They beat the Washington Wizards won 39 at 115. Tonight. And it was all Stefan curry. From beginning to end it. Curry was brilliant that night maybe one of his best games of the season. Definitely one of his best game of the season is just the matter where you want ranked them. Curry finishes with 42 and 88 assists only one turnover. He goes fifteen for 22 from the floor nine for fourteen from beyond the arc. He scored or assisted. On Golden State's first 23. Points. He had twelve points on 43 porters at five assists in the game's first seven plus minutes that got the Golden State Warriors. Going. I've pretty much they cruised all night. Washington hung around give them credit they are the last of a five game trip. They clicked. The division title earlier in this trip. So. It's a team. It'll lot of ways is he set going in the post season. A played other team that set right now go to the post season that the Golden State Warriors. They record L 63 in fourteen. They are all but assured of the number one seed through out the NBA playoffs. Five games remaining. And it's another tremendous year for the Golden State Warriors also chip but it that I play cops and with 23. And how Special Olympics that tonight with seventeen points on eight of ten shooting. And seven rebounds to go along with that the warriors also got a nice efforts off the bench for David West that JaVale McGee. In other words it was all good tonight. And it's been all good for the Golden State Warriors most the last two or three weeks. And the playoffs are now less than two weeks away. And everything is going right. There's five games left if there really any big laugh for the Golden State Warriors the either show you. Or prove to you or that you wanna see before the playoffs start. Or is this picture complete. And it's just the matter what this team's gonna do in the post season. Kevin Durant continued his rehab. Continues working out he's obviously getting close. I get the sits at the Golden State Warriors. Were to start the playoffs tomorrow. The Kevin Durant would be in the starting line up the playoffs don't start tomorrow. Its audit the warriors are being very cautious with Kevin Durant. Steve Kerr is already ruled him out for. Tuesday's game against Minnesota at Wednesday's game against Phoenix. That would leave three games remaining. For editor at the play and so it looks like the Ria will probably play. Auto go two maybe three games. Before the playoffs the artistic his knees feet under and get some legs back. But the other thing is Steve Kerr made it clear that would Kevin Durant. Those comeback you've got to come back in the starting line up it won't be a case of him come off the bench. JaVale McGee tonight. Three blocks in eight minutes that's one game after he had five blocks in twelve minutes that you do the math. It Jabil with these last twenty minutes on the floor he's blocked eight shots. The only issue with JaVale McGee was. Taken a three pointer at the end of the game that didn't sit well with Scotty Brooks. JaVale agree Mickey takes a three pointer from the corner Brandon Jennings. Thousand flagrantly. Some. Members of both teams start jawed each other with six point nine seconds ago. And it was the only thing that really. I don't know colored this game a little bit. These are apparently after the ball game and I'm looking forward to. Being joined by John Dick in cities there out in the locker room it's also. Was in the steeper press conference but apparently Steve her apologize. You Scotty Brooks after the game four. JaVale the luckiest reported that I. I assume steeper wasn't too crazy about. So we'll get the details on that would judge Dickinson Joyce's. A segment or to delve alive but once again the Golden State Warriors but let's face it the playoffs can't start soon enough. They really care the gold they warriors are played well. The ramps on the verge of coming back. I say let's get this thing started with a Golden State Warriors all year. Have. It concentrated on the regular season. Without putting too much emphasis on the regular season. Ants beat her I think he's managed this regular season very very well. Not only have the Golden State Warriors 16 feet three games this year. But he also found a way to incorporate. Some of their young players in this season. Which most teams that are contending for a title don't do. Most teams contending for a title though. Have the luxury of getting a rookie like Patrick McCaw consistent minutes or even Ian Clark. But the Golden State Warriors. Have won so many games this year by such a large margin but also. Steve Kerr shall willingness to play young players even earlier in games. With the outcome hasn't been decided. And I think that's though we go to bode well possibly. In the post season but I think it's gonna bode well double life for the Golden State Warriors. 8889579570. Is that number. We got five games left. We can put a bow on this season pretty much the goals they warriors are gonna have the number one seed. In the Western Conference playoffs and throughout all of the NBA playoffs that is essentially a fate. Plea. So is there anything you wanna see the last five games. Of the regular season. Or is it a case of let's just get it over with and get into the post season I guess the one obvious thing would be. Let's see how Kevin Correia looked upon his return. But I gotta be honest with you idle they were gonna watch Kevin Durant play gamer to at the end of the regular season. And they weren't going to be able to recognize. I think we're gonna see Kevin Correia. And he's gonna look very much like Kevin Durant we've all come to know love and if they're already. Rust the areas. Or spots that need some improving. I think he's going to be able to do that the first round of the playoffs. As the warriors are looking more and more like they're gonna be a first round matchup with the Portland trailblazers. Hated it 579570. Is that number you'll listen to warriors wrap up on 95 point seven the game. After every unit plus seconds. They're like yeah. You are back behind the best little bit. Those that traffic doubled our first. The ramp. But Michael upside at. It up while the way music is inside hand if you looked it up midnight east evidence 78. Warrior easily. My goodness. Now back to the warriors wrap up on 95 point seven big game he is and that's got nets. I'll tell you what. Stuff Currie has some incredible finishes at the rim tonight. Incredible finishes and yet to finish. At the Washington Wizards bucket. The one that Tim Roy just describe. It which. It was a reverse lay up and yet he put a different kind of spin on the ball that you normally would. It was actually an opposite rotation type but spin so that when it hit the backboard. It would come straight down rather than. Kicked further in the opposite direction if you played basketball you can I don't know what I'm talking about you can put through different type disputes on the ball. And one with a layup underneath the balky. You put a little spit on one way usually we curry somehow. Put the other way. And it dropped the it from straight over the basket. If you didn't see it I'm probably not doing a great job at describing it but if you saw an addict you know what I'm talking about 8889579570. Is this number. And the Golden State Warriors. With a victory tonight over the Washington Wizards won 29. To one. Fifth putts on 130. 2150. Let's go out to the phone lines. Aired here from. Let's go to. Greg its efforts Cisco how to don't Greg. And think yeah managed description of that. Shot Mattingly and reverse inaudible and he just you know incredible. And I promise you that the best camera there was tinkering planes in place. You know I mean just incredible game and those those two circus layups and all the great played everything. And it came real quick a way they want to this guy for Purdue you have you white cat and seven foot nine needs. I got complacent on the PC you'll I think court should take a look at. In his real quick tour of the Porsche on the bench and take. People need to quit harping on him and this man comes up big when he needs to don't worry about Shaun Livingston not everybody has. Straight into my error stricter laws in doing so great don't worry about Livingston. He's just a savvy veteran in the southern on the tee shot I have no problem with debt you don't want him about over point four seconds I have always said take two shots. But guillotine either rebound and they can run the clock at night. Charm about over intentionally. Bumping cutters and apologize and not in the you know I just enjoy this show award that's Coker. Thanks a lot appreciate the call. Yeah what what. She was referring to there and and what we hear from the fans it's always brought you by nation's giant embers keep it real make it nations. JaVale McKee tepid at three point under late in the game they had to take a shot. They had to take a shot. Because the shot clock was. It play at that point the Washington took exception to it. It let's take a real quick listen to what's the Federer had to say. About the play late in the game were JaVale tepid at three point shot. Jabil should not have taken three. You know we and we knew that we have a lead like that. You know you shouldn't be shooting three pointer I told him that and I think they key understands. I don't have a problem taking a shot when there's shot clock differential like I never understood why a team. Would be offended. If there's a shot clock differential wide wide dribble out the clock and take a turn over. But I don't think you shoot three either so I guess that was sway Jennings was upset about. And yes I was I was not comfortable with with the way it ended apologize to Scott and a you know he wasn't happy. But on there was absolutely no. No. Offense but you know that. On our part like we weren't you know we were trying to port honor offend anybody was just thank you felt just knew that there was shot clock differential and but taking three is not the right thing to do. No malice. No balances with speaker was essentially saying there but I do agree with speaker. I don't like to take a shot clock violation there either meanwhile why. You have to shoot you got subs in the game it's their time. If they take a shot I don't mind it actually. Had maybe a little bigger problem with the warriors. Going out of their way to penetrate my green triple double. And I think that maybe is also factoring in the way with speaker was talking about with how he wasn't crazy about the way that game and did. Not only with the key three point attempt but maybe. With the warriors fiction portrait mine greens. To get his triple double but nevertheless. That please. Details those are details. The theme is the Golden State Warriors winning by 24. Now eleven and row at 63 and four mile go to Jean in Oakland G Euro warriors wrap well. I don't standing. Well yeah. Yeah. Oh. Each and so much ado about nothing sane would payment during months. An and and I'm gonna stop pitching that may be to start because I totally ignorant you guys. They can they can shift the lineup around anyway you want and that student and this I don't. I don't see anything stopping this team right now except potential injury or. Drain mine go on and and doing something stupid and getting suspended short of that. And they're gonna win this championship. They shouldn't be anything stopping and I'm taken more. And the future right now. Toward and an am morning. About what it's gonna take to keep. Equal talent in the eighties and maybe Livingston honesty and they guys essential that they are gonna keep testing on term the year two. So listening to that combine camps on the show yesterday. You broke down the numbers in the said that and I understood that. That's gonna come down to Canadian Hamachi gonna want to keep takes a full 36 mil turned the communities. Title to. I don't want to have a body mill floor. Troy Iguodala and he could probably command you know fourteen you know more and they took three years and and in I hate to see him go for that top bon Temps you know. Security Katie would take Fulham on my I beg to disagree I mean go let's not forget that he left 109 and on the on the table. The legal seeing come over here. You know so I'm I'm I'm hoping that Jay Beagle will take 56 let. You know and Iggy will stay maybe they from front. You know office job one done I mean I want I want to see him in the organization until he's until you know a long apt. After each finished. And that now along with. BW then second. Livingston I mean accurately coliseum that statement. I know curry is in line to make about forty million of smaller it's isn't it yeah taken last full have an effect than others some sort of exemption on that. Maybe you can enlighten you on that front. Anyway it doesn't like but. We appreciate gee thanks but as well as far stick with dollar goes. This is a hike okay it says this is just the highlights. But idle state. Ray its decision. Will impact whether it would dollars in state. I really tell I don't think it's gonna come down to. Public and cadaver that. I'd hate I can't quit dollar will not vehicle here I think I like the Golden State Warriors win at all. I don't think Andre Iguodala will be warrior back seat. And the reason I say that is speaking is if the Golden State Warriors win at a B two titles in three years. That's through titles for archery with dollar. And now he's being a finals MVP. And a big time contributor. On another finals team I think there's going to be teams out there that are real look at him today. Let's go get this guy. One because he's a tremendous mentor to younger players a few more importantly he still got so that in the tank. And I think if somebody offers country with dollar some good money. You've got to take he has to it's his last contract and he's got two rings already in his back pocket. I'd like to hear ask Andre Iguodala to take less money at stake here. What he's already got three titles under his belt that's just me and that's just my college but we'll see how that comes they'll go to bleacher day we two dates in Oakland what's up. The cabinet match now are you. I'm good mentality quote. We Amaral reader but I did I say. But it is art oh yeah let's let's let's. Male would it weren't elected. It would put a doubleheader this does not right now but it. Let's get but again you don't really is I think it. I think that you know the start of the year was fireworks in the middle of the year with I think there was a wall I think people got a little complacent but I think. They start to pick up again. Yes no doubt may have heard me talk about how bored yet become. Racquet back committed to be no effort and Annika about box. They and it does so much or put it yet. Fortunately. Followed George misses is that not the cavaliers that would miss and missed that free throw line that there. The warriors bridge is playing great at it they've got. Forty let point. The last three games as of may be it's that spurs you know. Yeah I got a. Court is warrior. Is. Part and yesterday but it did. That that while three quarters weren't so great that you play a couple years. Bit athlete award that this is that Hebert talked about it. Who you who cannot see it. Unlike the pack two is needed. They are starting to play that there and the approach playoffs last couple years they were just kind of wait you know lawless. Continued need not complain about all the seed out of it this last week mean last year. That victory would mean the prior year's championship in about those those gains. Which of these three kaine he'd become is that maybe his language and different ways that that. Be the most fun. That's your gut thought last year's thanks for the call bleach them to them to get out after after I answer that I thought last year's team. Was. One of the best teams I've ever seen player regular season. This many many times I did not think the Golden State Warriors were not it'll waited a hill. Game seven and I thought the warriors win at all. Up until the moment that they didn't win it so I thought last year's team. Last year she door the regular season to meet with more impressive than this year's team doors the regular season that doesn't mean. That this team has less of a chance to win it though because I I really think that the warriors go to the playoffs. As prohibitive favorites right now Cleveland is a mess. Any team in the east the warriors are gonna have a significant advantage over talent wise so that leaves the San Antonio Spurs and Houston Rockets. And we saw with the warriors did the both those teams this week. I think it's safe to say that if the Golden State Warriors are healthy and clicking. They're gonna win their second title in three years at one reason they're gonna do it it's because of something that has occurred in these last. Eleven games and tell you exactly what that is after the break 889579570. As the number you'll listen warriors wrap up on 95 point seven again. When you go 14307. Ago. Golden State closes out parts of the wall. Where we'll keep their eleventh straight win curry circled dropped out yet history. Her big white guy with the bill what chance down the back the lightning is definitely a Hillary did. 303. Level if tonight's game we've got a forty point game. 128 to one elaborate. Don't think he's been any different with KD output in terms of his leadership he's still just Steffi she's humble and and cocky at the same time which is why we like it you know he's a very humble modest human being. Which you guys respect and cheese. He's arrogant basketball player which is what you need to feed the superstar he believes and and himself and then he goes out there and he's looking to. To light it up every night and then you know take him off the floor and we'll find kinder gentler human beings so for area. The powerful force now back to the warriors wrap up on 95 point seven big team fears and that's got nets. That of course was Steve Kurt talking about Stefan curry who scored 42 points tonight. Fifteen for 22 from the floor night for fourteen from three point range and the coaches interview was brought to you by oaks card club plates mark. Play at oaks but before the break. A set I was gonna tell you why the Golden State Warriors are playing their best basketball season right now. And it's because of what they're doing on the offensive end. Or their ten game winning streak it's now eleven of course but in the past ten games. The warriors your head held their opponents to forty point 8% shooting from the field. 29 point 9%. From three point range. To just think about it openly here. You've got maybe the most explosive offense. Certainly in the league but maybe in the past several years. They keep score in bunches they dropped 139. Or Washington tonight and then. Just for kicks they could shut you down for a long period of time with the sentiment. When they eat 2888 579570. Is that number. Let's throughout the league at Santa Clara I don't late. Ain't it great and you know in addition to Egypt's. There tension and I don't. And all that you've been all that I'll tell you what I'm gonna reserve. Judgment. On whether the warriors of the bridge the best pitcher in the NBA. But to the playoffs. Then then that'll make statement. Well that would be fine and if you are there of course yeah or like no take it easy way out nearly. I. But you know in court one. In question. Earlier. The scene. I don't think I read it and yeah I think it. Is. And all their bets right now. And you know. Curry oh another all stars and other guys can get MVP votes tonight the fight game and wrote them. So a spot in the morning that now wait culture expert this year. My pick for MVPs James Harden. Barely over Russell Westbrook I mean it's like 51 to 49. Actually would like to see you. Week OM BP's I really would. But I have to give it the hard because Houston's. Better than Oklahoma City although I didn't think. Oklahoma City was going to be this good I I really don't like these detractors that are trying to take away. From what Russell Westbrook who would with a triple double. I can I get it if the if the Oklahoma City Thunder with 3845. Yes they go ahead and take shots at Russell Westbrook whose triple doubles. But that's a playoff team that's a team that's ten games over. Everybody thought they were gonna fall off the radar after derail laugh I just have to pay that guys respect. You know back to your pick who are you are watching. You know three ears that guy against the warriors team are the what are our series you could paint ordered to shoot at people spent just. I don't know that the guys came just built on the you know kind of flopping and trying to get to keep tack foul committee won't be turnovers. And you clearly an all star but I would just. And I looked old when no outcome but would I Q just you know not better incur I don't think anybody know. I don't disagree would you put the best player doesn't always win the MVP. Otherwise Michael Jordan would have had a run of won eleven in a row it's the guys had the best season. And that's. I agree that yeah I agree there. And and unfortunately or fortunately the bigger picture curse words you know during. In the earlier currency and you know what it well and I figured I really increased and that sort now. Slow yet if we could jump to the final play next week that would be great so yeah hoped for all and end and what we have seen people. Thanks a wildly appreciated. Yet the other thing that'll like I'm not crazy about his people who's a well hardens. Defense. Isn't good enough then. They say local Y a letter news is great defensive player. On the takeaway Leonard is that are great defense lawyer why letter to take rate defensive player but what I'll say it is with all due respect. Witness the fans really come into play. What we're talking about the MVP. My favorite player of all time Larry Bird won three straight MVPs in the mid eighties he was hardly. A great defensive player who team defensive player not a very cute individual. Defensive player Magic Johnson. Good defensive player Allen Iverson though. With all due respect our MVP step victory. Not a very good defender so. If you look at some of the history of the MVP. It goes to primarily offensive players soul I don't think it's fair that you wanna hold the faith against James Harden. What you never really held defense. Against them hurry or you'd never really held defense against Larry Bird magic Johnson and Allen Iverson let's go to Collette. Let's leave it oracle without Colette. I I want. If I can. You know appoint a one way that content from. Oh what. There were due to. Washington. And it was in the first quarter and drop the ball on the quarter marking ports are isolated against them. Quote I gave up a lot of corporate or why it took you out. Of course all around court pop but it was the drive and that's why back into the brewery. And boycott the good news kind of like Pete backed. Look at. That hit the bridge on my back there on the court I mean this winter it will Mercury. You know commit to the court today. You know felt that could be seen entering. That you were talking about what you put the reverse and on the ball but it checked against the grapple with it now yeah I don't really skilled like if you were yeah. That's a good way to hey yeah. Checked off the backboard I was good good good description. I think they waited they get checked into rock great you know you know there. Come from Portland that is not such companies and their but he. Position on the court but you know to do with the and if you want for the there would be many years ago where on the court why don't Judy. Hi he'd been hit them regularly. Throughout world all the things spot that needed. With the with the with the life. Practiced there is movement on the ball. You know movement on the court and stop the war and we certainly. The situation that it tried to execute them in the day yeah. I appreciate you got up there like you see. Oh yeah I I agree I completely agree thanks a lot for the call Colette I got to go to break. I thought Hillary played effortlessly and he he looked like he was not moving overly fast but he is getting to spaces or open. He depositing all the shots that he did get. Didn't turn the ball over. Again if if the Golden State Warriors. Yet play like this at a battery Klay Thompson the page continues to contribute an injury it comes back in. It gives them what he can give them. Here's how awful it. Here's how I'm gonna put it. If the Golden State Warriors. Are healthy entering it comes back and they don't win it this year. I'm gonna need to see how that happens. I have to see how something like that happened because it's not something that I can envision. It is not something that I can envision a full strength Golden State warrior team played well not waiting. And NBA title you show me team that can beat that team. Four times. And I'll tell you that I was roll but other that. I don't know that this retreat he would be stopped right now all right when we come back we are gonna be visited by John Dickinson. Who is emerging from the Golden State Warriors locker room you're listed the warriors wrap up to five point seven the game. Wait a 14307. To go out Golden State closes out parts of the world. Or who keep their eleventh straight win curry circled dropped out here history. Dripping like side with the girl's life can't stop them back why it's definitely a and after 303. Level it tonight's game and he's got forty point game. 128 to 111. Well the Golden State Warriors with a browser separated that picture. For the most wins three seasons I had 200 at Torrey. As they beat the watch TV it was it was 39. To one of the fifteen. Now back to the warriors wrap on 95 point seven big team he is and that's got nets. All right welcome back everybody to warriors wrap up outside Mets now alongside John Dickinson. Who is emerging it has emerged from the Golden State Warriors locker room the Golden State Warriors that I won 39. The Washington Wizards want fifteen it was a game that they were in control. Most of the night and it was a game in which. Stepped curry was in control. Most of the night 42 points eight assists Mercury. And most impressive was fifteen for 22 from the floor night for fourteen. From three point range eleventh straight wins for the Golden State Warriors. I know that there's any doubt JT this team right now is peaking as the playoffs the year. But they aren't and of course they're gonna get Kevin Durant back it's important that next week to ten days which just makes it. All the more impressive and we should also whatever but he don't work covet the on the 95 point seven game FaceBook live paid for this segment is we like to view. What it's just that two of us here on 95 points and gave a curry was in complete control the game I think you're exactly right in it fell to meet Matt. Liked it was me 20152016. Golden State Warriors game it felt like the warriors were put on a show at ORACLE Arena tonight and start with Stefan curry. The passing the three point shooting. There were six different vibe to oracle tonight. That showtime five that we. Come to it just see almost on a nightly basis the last two years not as much this year but tonight was almost turn back the clock night to a year ago. Yeah and that's hurried in addition to nice passes the three point shot. He had a couple finishers at the rim tonight that were just exquisite. I mean they were incredible I've tried to describe the one down in front of the Washington Wizards page where it got the other side of the basket. And he put a reverse it on so that hit the back were just dropped straight down. And it just means you don't put on a shot like that typically you put the spin the other way to get a kick off the glass. And then drop in again I told people is on its that it it. Your docket it can help. If you haven't played your doctor really know what I'm talking about hundredth time yeah it's all on it's it's pretty pretty. Crazy move but yes so curry obviously play it well the benches play it well. You know what slept what do you think John left for the last five games and what they wanna hear it now. Well what's left is getting Kevin Durant back into the fold but whether that's the final three games of the year in the final two games of the year. Trying to kid here and it's deep Kermit should before the ball game that if he's gonna go right back into the starting lineup when in fact he does return. It's not going to be a situation where he plays. Too but it comes off the pitch for game and in. Maybe gather data play twenty minutes off the pitch and then he'll start he's go right back into the starting lineup. From day one the warriors will adjusted it's interesting drink on green was asked. After the game about. If he said needing it to rant about you know coming back at one defeated in error anything to that of that sort entering bonds said. We don't want to defeat it we want him to be Kevin Durant he was brought into this team to beat Kevin Durant to be the superstar player. It's just play his game and that the warriors a figure out the rest of it. Around that and I think it's larger question about what's left. It's getting to rant acclimated. And it's also. Is Steve Kerr maybe get a give some people a night off the second out of the back it back in Phoenix after they take on the timberwolves Tuesday. Warriors not practicing tomorrow that's another byproduct of this week in what an impressive week incredible the five know if you count the two games against Houston Memphis tonight against Washington and the comeback against. San Antonio it just it doesn't get. Any more impressive than that. And that we that the warriors had beaten four teams with over 600 winning percentage. Are four games and against the four teams of the rockets whispers. And obviously the wizards as well just impressive impressive stuff. And at this point if speaker said to kind of wrap up the original discussion about rest. He's gonna give with a trained staff they're not gonna practice tomorrow and we'll see where things go maybe one of the gains in the next. Now one of the experts think the things that happened tonight occurred late in the game. I thought there were cute things that we're going on late maybe in the last ninety seconds on the warriors clearly going out of their way to try to get Trey mine. Greed triple double he needed two points to do that he eventually hit three a to get a triple double that JaVale McGee. With the shot clock winding down it was a situation where the warriors. If they didn't shoot they would have gotten a shot clock violation of ailment he raced up for a three point shot and Brandon Jennings and ended up flagrantly fouling him. What is kind of the fallout of the residual from that was it was talked about it afterwards was emphasized that were. What role did it play after the game. It was talked about couple sides steeper it's edit and he played the audio from an early in the post game did it was. He was uncomfortable with the waiting game in the AD dot that you feel he should have taken. Three pointer in that spot and went as far as to say it. That he apologize to Scott Brooks. It's oh I think he felt that it was just a little bit awkward. I was brought up as far as the triple double aspect of it. When it is for the warriors side of things goes. Entering agreed even joked that he's not the pictures didn't get triple doubles yet one shots he could meet earlier in the game. If the hit a couple of them would be an issue coming down the stretch. Thought the warriors were were having some fun tried it yet. They were triple double to do an error an app that ran a play for of that basket. Yeah and a host. We've been very that he ended up paths and all the elderly. That's fine. That's their prerogative. But the wizards were fuming and bring it getting to particular took the now to dale key he was fuming after the game he thought. They feel they've got curry out in the game with forty plus the tried it straight not a triple double it JaVale McGee shoot the three pointer. Eat eat thought it was it was disrespectful Brantley Biel John Wall. It to a man around the wizards side of the date they felt or should have taken shock Miley. In that situation it is not the turtle Steve Kerr has him at different times. You believed he doesn't believe it's taken a turnover. But at the same time we also said he wished JaVale he shot three did the read there. Is mate is not the right way with the shot clock going down. Thompson. Like tops a victory for eighteen. Ball brought up the fact that JaVale key works that shot frequently during practice. An hour and a half joking half serious like you know why not. Note take that shot in JaVale key after the gains at litmus as to do but take over. And it doesn't seem right either but yet the wizards. Word. Fuming about the wizards were were not happy about it Brent Jennings went as far as to say. It's probably a good thing too gimmicky camp in the basket at that point art because he would have gotten he would receive the harder now. The that he got even. In the instance though when he took the three. So the warriors were cast on their side that was out of the press conference obviously go back and forth between Nebraska locker room. By. The wizards clearly. Irritated at the weighted thing out the orders have been in this position before where teams. Car frustrated we would need habit too much line right. You know like a wizard you know long road trips at the there. They're frustrated with things nobody wants the company to compare arrested and it arrives tonight the energy in the opening. Was. It was like cash it was like that that the wizards where you know the Washington generals quotes that it now. The pictures that we we talk a little about curry or cricket team. It's expected but it's it's a situation where. 08. Tell you what let's go let's listen to what. Brandon Jennings had a say in the locker room after an hour finish up with some that regarding curry in this whole showtime there. That they did tonight and it seems to be coming back with thick solicitor Brandon Jennings. Two. And you know we take. Off so well but. If you know. You can. You won't go along. They're very. And I can go to where I live and work. But you know come my dad and I think you should just. But you know let the clock went out the loan disbursement. You know. My principal that was out there reporting. Just. Or foot store which. And I am quite often and most movies so I guess they've been great shot that really go to Iraq. And you needed team. I'm out justices to rule on me moment when I first came clearly not good. I mean right up. When he almost I was like. And if for him to do this. The that your teammates appreciate. He's. Nobody was really complain about it this is one of those things now like. You know we're headed for the playoffs you know. We need to do more physical into the morning so that's on here for so. You know any drama when it. I'm. All right that's Brandon Jennings talk about the final sequence that. Not at that pretty much the discussion that we were. Our out with respect. That was disrespectful and mean it seem like the detail key part. While Perry be out there for Ian game ended with the pack it and early. Start the fourth quarter basically early on in the fourth quarter upper boring guys back into the game it tried to make. In the fourth quarter in long trip out road games last five weeks then. Soul. I think I thought it was one thing it's one thing for. The opposition if curry Stew in curry does it. Okay dream agreed that all of the players all start our treatment green this disrespect the game UBE eight. You know he made via frustrating players an opponent the way it's the eyes because of the it's. It's respect the game never I think the issue is okay it's JaVale key right. Is that when he becomes the guy that when it becomes. All right here's I want this tonight because that day a colleague of mine from Philadelphia. Tactically. And this is what he wanted out because you watch the game back he said here's one for you. You've been at a lot of NBA Arenas a lot of games. Does any arena react to a player. Quite like oracle is when Hillary has it going call. And I didn't think of anybody nowadays that he got back said the reason he asks is because. He felt like diapers it was the kind of player that he got older filly. The hole or read pitches got behind him he could elevated it higher read. So he wanted to go by thought there was a comparison in that regard between I oversee curry which I do. And that which started fazed anybody else that that becomes the mine that bird. Burton boss that heads south of magic of the lakers obviously Jordan. At the bulls and it's like what you say it will be the greatest players of all time well maybe that's the point. That there are some of the greatest players of all time but there is something about oracle went curry gets. Yet there is in it's really unlike anything I've experienced in. I I'm property in the game and Kobe Bryant it different sciences at that it's Steve turner yeah went when he's been on a roll Il a lesser players. And the caliber. Of players that that have been made to hear worse actually talking about all all for sure exactly at future hall of famers that. It out Jason Williams comes to mind with Sacramento. In the early going when he would make it on a flat place he would pull up. In a forum for thirty feet out and take it three entry in its issue did indeed change to gain but get different caliber player but the at the arena it would. Would be a buzz. When he would view that. But I don't think there's anything quite like. Theory and with these buildings and when he starts to hit threes which he puts the English on away outpour. Or makes a pass it all work. The only other guy Canseco warrior related would be Earl Boykins. Or debit yeah real. Outlet here anyway. Lit cigar and chairman Jeanne does with oracle Lehman and a little stretched. Gold state warriors. With that I won thirty guide one. Fifteen. They play Tuesday and Wednesday Tuesday. At home against the Minnesota Timberwolves. That Wednesday they go to Phoenix. Kevin Durant will not played either of those games but then stay tuned. Because you've got to believe that will be played at one of the last. Three games of. Not more and bought the worse the second team in BA history to win four straight. Against teams with 600 winning percentage patterned after humans that are I didn't put. You would have thought that been done before second time. So the way it's the second time in BA history that's happened. Just to to show fear that title week that the wars it lets you throw out Memphis. Because price is below 600 yet and I stated that at a team gets the close. Close enough. Playoff caliber team it beat wars it's unreal the week they had in the week out in particular. All right that's gonna do it for warriors wrap up the Golden State Warriors now winners of eleven consecutive games. They beat the wizards again by twenty ordered I've won 39115. Next he's Tuesday verses the Minnesota Timberwolves that at 730. Tip off Damon Bruce we'll have the warriors warm up. Beginning at 6 o'clock. What's against the warriors when their eleventh straight 139115. You've elicited. The warriors wrap up on 95 point seven the game.