Warriors Wrap-up
Friday, March 31st

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Every team play. It's going to be excited for the opportunity to come in here and can knock us off and we got a target on our backs and be ready pros. Were very do you have reported to have left foot traffic. My mind. At five seconds to go carry that forward currently believe that every. The war years wrapped up you're you're hoaxes and Chris Townsend at best dynamics yeah. I'm great with my second fiddle for holding lady. Now tries to make the little ball goes to dump it back very less likely apple hardware. Well two straight games bats I have its meat lots the Golden State Warriors beat down. And come back tool is they get the win tonight over the Houston Rockets. 107. To 988283. Of four from the rockets on the year they've won ten in a row the magic number is now or. And when he is Salt Lake Houston plate tonight and great confidence they currently the warriors but in the fourth quarter. They went out this drought where it is score for about six and a half minutes. And it atlas 557. Left in the fourth quarter tied it ninety to 92. Ian Clark hit that three. And it is over from there. They're defense was exceptional in the fourth quarter that's the one thing they have that I don't think any the other teams. But they're competing against have a that is their ability just to shut teams down for minutes at a time. And the Houston Rockets are a team that could score a lot of points James Harden it to. Incredible offensive player but the Warner should have his number I mean they know how to guard him they know how to turn him over they know how to tournament you'll volume shooter. And even though. He's got to get his assessed because. He's involved it's nobody plays the worst it's hurt them over a lot too because their help defense is so good. And the player they have defending him is usually great individual defender whether it's. It with dollar tray monitor Klay Thompson those are tough matchups for James Harden. No matter who. Of those three guard it. The numbers AAA not 5795. Sanity that's Tripoli not 5795. Cent year reaction to this game tonight. As this has just been a lot of spot I mean we talked about last week was the game of the year right we have so much on the great comeback. Down in San Antonio be look at the teams they've beaten. You look at Memphis Houston San Antonio used it again. And they're beating playoff teams. And there's a lot of different ways they're doing it probably that everyone's story for me. He continues. In constant since he likes to play golf almost sand Bagger is like the ultimate sand Bagger Andrei eaten ballot when he. Toward me. Eight minutes to plant and Tony nine seconds of Tony half scored fourteen points army times now as he hit a big shot. Right before the clock can meet what he has been able to do this year. And giving a warrior such credible minutes we were so worried about always on his last legs Andre Iguodala continues. Night after night to play big minutes and contribute huge MB watch for the warriors. He's been a lot of big shots in the second half of the season. And I know the warriors are 6214. That you say we'll have a big shots to their hat. Not necessarily talking about buzzer beaters but we're talking about are shots where the other team might have you down seven or eight. And if you miss a shot they come down out double figures he always seems to make that shot. Had not allow the other team to get separation. And the bit about eight dollars but he keeps your fourteen point. They'd you know. He's had a great game because he's always gonna give you defense always gonna give you defense he's always gonna give you heady play. He's always gonna keep your Smart play. He's a good passer. He's gonna get some rebounds so if he schoolers. Derek Keys played a great game. He's given your pockets when you really needed. Yes and it went out and out legal weight like there's struggle going on EB cattle ate me up. It's lately he's at those very kindly bought it's it's then. All different times during games early sometime it's it's been late. But win. Like let's say to my clients definitely got out to a good start all's and he hits at the tidbits in its economic. And he was the only guy currently on stands at. Adding. Yeah I think the warriors. Bell I think we have their back pocket is I think their belief that their page. Obviously JaVale McGee was very very good tonight you may create it's it's JaVale McGee tells the night we tell us how do we do this. If anybody calls it says that you bill McKee should start. A jump down their throat. Because not to say. Oh you should start. The bottom line is Steve Kerr has been the best possible role. That's why he's producing because. Of weight Steve Kerr is putting him in the game. How about that. ID. All scenario if they think Alec I don't that you play a lot of minutes and it gets tired he played eleven minutes that I clearly. I heard as a player a lot of minutes he's better short stretches. And it's just not worth disgust. Let's analyst Kurt gets opened up its sleeve with that can happen. Animal starting fees so operated cares. We if you start it's only minutes at some point in the game and what he did for yet. In the second quarter elected you said almost eleven minutes he aviat thirteen points or one. One partly in ten points ten minutes the blocks or count on aplenty at five million the re right row. If he can beat up spark for you off the bench at certain times as a BA. And his ability did the dogs throw up their form right he can be a weapon. They like to play within the warrior guard that's for sure Traber. Loves to throw value open. You can throw McKee that value in a lot of places where he can't throw it to other players are talking about above the rectangular. Mark on the backboard I mean he he can really get up. Addicted to this story tonight's game though as the warriors defense I really thought. In the fourth quarter they locked up the rockets but more than that we're starting to see either the feds come to the four. In the last few weeks and that's exactly. What you wanna do heading into the playoffs it's the one thing you can control. At the Golden State Warriors have hated them. To hold the Houston Rockets team to thirteen points in the fourth quarter. That tells me that they have. Defense that's good enough to propel them to an NBA championship Ethiopia. They're not clicking on on all cylinders offensively. The numbers for polite not 57 ID 570 S Tripoli not 579570. He talked about hard being a potential MVP. You know you always wonder okay has he MVP do against the best team in the league. You know what he is from three point eight from from beyond the arc is we like to collier at night I've sent the game. You know does numbers are for for the four games against the warriors probably not good he's five for 34. The five for 343515. That's probably between 1450%. From the floor Africa from beyond the arc. Pay the warriors. Have done a great job this year of defending all the great players they've got a great job against Westbrook they've done a great job it's hard. They were terrific the other night against Hawaii letter and the reason it is because they've got players on their team who defend US guys who have witnessed. And they're also a great team defensive. Team so. It's tough it's tough to score consistently. Gets colds they wards especially if they got their eight gave on that and the floor. Start to see that JaVale McGee tells comment an average Tripoli not 579570. Were taking your phone calls after the warriors take down the rockets. 10 sevens at 98 are now 62. At fourteen they've won ten and Guerrero. And the magic number is four were getting your phone calls right here on all the gold state warriors on five point seven game. We've now pipelines that are available 245 ago. Guarded now by William stick to free off the dribble about. For us that they stole that 103 tonight before. And waved at fifty if you were terrible with the ball they force. One minute to go boys. Very with a double Rockport Natalie. Broad front toward the toward favorable. Great stock market I've got to go to the rim can't upgrade my threat. If that would want to. Now ducked it Sony is dining on 95 point seven big game. Let's get out of bounds after a 10798. Victory for the warriors over the rockets and the fans are brought to you might nation's giant Amber's. Keep it real make it nations start out with Ryan and Hayward walking the warriors wrap up lead us off. And it rank and Hayward whats up man. They just got to walk that on the evening game and of showdown and I know. The only EU calls were coming in but I just want to highlight. Prominently. Nava. Why is he starting he is. He uses super. Durable players that aegis aegis and go to guy and I feel like. Indians game in particular. He really kinda set the foundation. For. Did you mailed me he showed. I mean Egypt's. Jabil Jabil you're putting and we're at 77. Point two minute. Ali will add anything right now. Yeah I ended up with thirteen in in eleven minutes. Thirteen and eleven I mean you had a picture mean we hot start. Which I think ducked the inner pain at that. Pretty craven I've been listening to. Two became. At that ball on the radio Mya my only if that happened being watched. And at this stage ray Aman which are. Back I. You do it. A 100% hopeful all the time. I just have to respect. His ability to always hit two loose ball yet agreed to. Strip the ball blocked shot and Egypt is totally that the tempo for Golden State. Inevitable queens and I even though they trailed most of it I am not I'm much you could just tell in the fourth quarter that. It was it was going to be there. Yeah amateur preach. Me to remind those so many things defensively that are. Incredible really he's able to stay in front it guards he's able to block bigger players because it's timing. Is incredible. You don't think of straight month as a sleeper but I'll tell you what he can't get up. He has to be able to get up to. You know blocked those kind of shots. So I think ray Montes. Probably get a witness the Spezza player of the year this year. I think he deserves it and I think tonight we saw. Why is because he was involved with so many plays in that fourth quarter. And they all the winning place. Blocking shots. Help but out on defense the elections all those kinds of things. There atop these are very Smart defender. What it heads in the game which is most of the time obviously. But. This team isn't. A championship team I don't think it straight mine greens on it now they make the playoffs and they might even go pretty deep. I just don't think they can win at all without re in my green that's how important he has. Let's get a Josh and Oakland glad Josh on 957. You. ROR. There is more market share when it moderation seeing it coordinate the pocket. They stretch they come out why can't there. They took it completely makes machine situation. And here is they didn't make it. How. The law at its jewel whether he can't be originally or at the teen. He can't beat. Actually basic beat and be back. It's. A lot in count on. Include important Claire parliament it on the ballot I'll sort it out there cannot be the. Where. Jet. At the that we get a jet. In. And I'm not an act on our. Like well I'm actually at all. Why not an occasion in and it on 04. When you can't. Black or in. The rapper. Can't. Trap pregnant are at it a lot it would be needed to get. And it where. It that way. Out there you'll. You can count on them at idol. Or or work part. And it completely shut. You re acting court. But in AJR. And make it. Out to sort. It there. I. Thought that would yeah. I'm Josh thank you iris I was. Talking about this little on the warriors warmup show is that. Both they orders just waited to Houston and San Antonio at one. Back to back games on the road against two of the top four teams in the NBA. That would be a lot of teams. Highlight of their season first the ball 45 teams in the league hitting it. Do that. They couldn't even comprehend. Going on the road and beating both those scenes like consecutive nights but it's emotionally Katie and the the fact that the warriors can do that on the road that they come back it played it's one of the same team again and take here at home. They have so much confidence Golden State that that's another part of them that I don't think it's enough credit. They doubt go to a man that they can shut teams down and when you know you can do that. And the great teams. Sometimes go. It is just such a weapon because you just look at each other and the five guys were on the floor look at each other and they say they're not school. And they did it tonight they had six plus minutes stretch where they didn't give up many points and they're the Houston Rockets when a high score teams in the league. Scored only thirteen in the fourth quarter. It. They're there. Sometimes I think they're just too good offensively they're too good defensively. For any team to beat them. Four out of seven now we sit down a little bit last year. And the Cleveland Cavaliers got them but. It just feels like this year the warriors. It it feels like this year the warriors. Are just doing it the regular season they're also. Thinking about the post season while they're doing it at your I felt like it was all. Just about the regular season when a great regular season they were haven't and it might have even had a little bit elect them in the post season. Lights out about the teams they have joined three straight years at least sixty wins. And you start thinking about Michael the bulls and magic and Kareem and worthy with the lakers and then. Bird in the guise of the Celtics and the other Celtic teams have mean this is this is historic basketball so. With Josh is all fired up he should be as a warrior and it all these years like crap lots. I triple A not 57 out of five set of course wanna hear from me. If you're leaving the game on the way what you saw tonight we continue with your phone calls after 10798. Victory right here on I five points. Hurried through my lot that he's. It's got crowd of Iraq. There are so athletic and and the threat of the lobbed. It's always an important factor with your bell and a just felt like even more so tonight you know they jumbled up the the matchups. Really kind of changed all the matchups since last time we played them and so it was good for us too because of all the switching what you're doing and put that loss threat in there and he got several quick baskets. Susie got in in that helped turn the tide towards. Now got it's county is tiny and not five point seven games Steve care rats I oaks card club played Smart play it notes. Here at Houston Rockets lead at tonight. It'll when he sang yet be there you'd Vietnam. Well. You don't. Give up. You got to take the positives out of a game like this you gotta say we were up three plus quarters. We didn't finish the game. We'll play it one of the best teams in the league. Talked so what's the paper said bill little bit about the matchups there are a lot of times tonight with the Golden State Warriors. Found. One of their big players matched up against one Houston smaller players. Saw a few times whether it was Beverly. Or gore left alone with McKee. There was a point where it was Lou Williams or Beverly. Defending David West in the paint. There was news Hardin defending at times does not which Julia. And the more I think about it the more I think that's not a bad way to go and the reason I say that is because. What they wanna do there is they wanna try to get the warriors took note of that match up. They what the warriors. To try to beat David West they want the warriors. Throw it lobs although easy lobs to. To bail Vicky and I think the reason is because every time to bail Vicky takes a shot every time Pachulia takes a shot. A retired David West takes shot that beat courier clay are not taken shots. It's kind of an old dot Nelson trick. Where you make a switch defensively. Because you want that team to go to a match up that they think they can exploit. And you know what maybe they can't exploit it but while they're exploiting it they're still not played their game. And it's not a bad thing to try and I thought it had a little bit of success. Because it is if you do that it almost ensures that you're gonna keep curry play. Away from having a big night because you're gonna go to other places where you think yeah a better match ups. Let's go to markets and Oakland welcome to warriors wrap up. To me. Adequate collect and so. The intensity. The way the wars have been I mean other than 76 is really stepping up that we are. Well Matt Barnes. I call in coincide. That we are out there are. The big black Asian and and months ago apple or get. Out. Get attention. Are the you gotta not boy I. Wolf I. Think I would laugh. At you I would laughed if you sit back or does as good as Harrison ours. Bar to help them. I think he's really helped them mostly because they beat somebody gobble up the rants minutes and barge is doing it. And the warriors are loose and anything. That when he steal it. Will be just to see. How much he plays in the post season if the Ritz healthy. But. The more I think about this the more it's become apparent to. I think Steve Kerr is gonna rely on his batteries in the post season he's gonna go to west he's gonna go Livingston gonna but it would dollar's gonna go to Matt Barnes. I think I saw. It loony. It Clark's gonna be kind of in the middle there are not sure how much he would Clark's gonna play. And that just leaves Mickey what is he gonna do it McKee and how much time is getting yet. Out of JaVale McKie put I think Steve Kerr loves the idea. Right now of having a veteran bench that he doesn't have to worry about make it bone headed plays. For the most part they're Smart group but they're not gonna beat themselves and the key skill that. Yeah Audi late start he's point 26 minutes I mean from the Malik not here he's been on. Yet and he's gonna have to adjust the play less minutes. When the playoffs come. That's for sure because he's not gonna play this much wants via wants the post season. Starts a lets the rift that back but it looks like during its going to be back and bloody time now for the post. Tripoli not 579570. Let's head out where we go and we will go to. Cal lead lead in the game heading back up eighty what's up till it. So until that hey I got a quick question before I start talking about the game what they deal with that corner. Over there. You know between Oakley the the coliseum body when he got more over the years. Today artificial it's the ground what do you feel that. Yes so basically that area for days game's going to be a whole different kind of feeling a little party atmosphere. And they're gonna have food trucks that are gavel locked on not so we're gonna get our really our first look at it tomorrow as the Bay Bridge series. Comes to Oakland first pitch is going to be at noon. And now loads that this whole area is gonna be something now that's going to be like a pre party thinker phrase games. Hey you know QI logic everything. It right like it we got on the Google and not for God's sake boot straps again. Got a new bar don't either put a lot of money into the coliseum right now it's very Tennessee. Although it is so let me let me start off by. You know I don't like the boy and bigger award read in the I don't know if you've gotten a copy is. Our. Minds technical and it's sitting. A little bit because we've got on the scene that was a lot of people. Bad. You know to enforce all over the war and what you can drink on April. And that kind of like the warriors have two Brothers were option. People are quiet about it not to go out to get into that because. About what it will do. Wouldn't get to the people. Are gonna like it you know we've got that clipboard. Rather. Bet you know I appreciate you know part of the problems. It's like any. Like adding Marty McSorley your team. Sure. Shell. Out should be. Our. View. Not including. Actually. Get Maltese without evidently. The jurisdiction in. Occurred over the streak bench in comparison that you. These pre injury warriors and the injuries. And little hole. As to do it. And everything. And you know. Try to. A pretty good argument based on statistics. You know. How. Went. With. You know the basketball. Right now what occurred. You kind of content and structure. You. Guys would do in. Any comic that you'd. Legitimately score that would. With. That you know. Oh. It. Oh and can. Even. As on the court. You. Walking back troll. You know wow he could. And try. To do it in you know. People are getting breaking that. Without. That. I thank you glad not well said plus the other thing is it's out at me like what Colette with say it is. They took the numbers. From this ten game winning streak while they lost the budget games when derail it first got hurt. In other words it took them awhile to get adjusted. With Kevin during at the end now. I think that's a dangerous game. I'm not gonna say the warriors are better without the rain at I just think that's ridiculous. Which really want a team without Kevin Durant rather than with Kevin Durant. But they do play differently without Kevin Durant and what's gonna be very interesting ID keys words of 110 in a row. Once they finish the season. On sixteen game winning streak on have to do with six more games. And 56 are all there's really only one tricky one really well maybe to Utah on Washington. What they go into the playoffs the sixteen game winning streak and they Kevin Durant comes back so they better winner. They better win it then. Because then I think you do say well wait a minute they want sixteen in a row to finish off the season to raid came back and they didn't win it. Then I do think you might have something but right now. That will to say that these teams better without him wondering out even though I'd ever be willing to say that. Because. Kevin Durant why would you not want to have cigarette in your team especially in a season like this when he played both sides of the ball very well. Analysts that he doesn't want people buy into it listen to it Hoosier Hoosier cable or satellite provider. Comcast yeah Comcast on Comcast to what which channels FS one on. Fox sports one yeah. Exactly don't worry let Nolan logic talent out heard nothing like that trip like not 57957. We'll continue with your phone calls right here the warriors wrapped up after the lawyers take down the rockets won 798. And I five point seven again. Lance what dribbled back that Clark. Makes it reads rebels battled out they have weapons to back up to the great month reflected that applied very left side with mark you know what we're worried got. I felt great for the period. Were staying. The lawyers would igniting like diving to their first lead at the first quarter. Now got Sony is tiny on not precise point seven games. You break down certain moments in the game meat it's eight that was the moment where it really turn it also helped after about six and a half minutes. Houston did not score in the fourth quarter they went down that drought warriors with the labor take your phone calls Tripoli not 57 night that said he John Dickinson has arrived. From the locker room we'll hear from him coming up here at 1130 that's gonna rake in Sampras does go to migrate your warriors wrap up. He thinks you are. Beyond just what perjury and get Becky says. Partisan warrior group for sure and then no doubt about it many in the key player in the game today he kept us in that second quarter when. Things weren't going really good India architect that shot. There's an outcome you know I'm man on this in again just reform I've reached deals immediate on. Aren't tonight you know that turning game and again. Okay. Cutter back on the Damon shows skills and no regional round in the cookie -- it would damage sometime Google give them cookies gamut. You know and a stooges dish nevertheless agreed defense to put I'm guessing he's in good coach but he needs to get all that. It you know and every player should have the opportunity to reach its deal when it's fair. You know that's got to tell you please talk to you as far as I'm concerned and and in that I just wanna see that continue going in in the playoffs is that it's really important you know it's. Pattern and I enjoy your show and I'm wondering just put gear again one more time. Yet thanks Greg appreciate the update this town me whatever they're doing against Harden just keep doing it. However their defended him to an ideal we got the light seven times which you take any day of the week. Well four games. He says five for 34. From three point range. Take that any day of the week to write fill up our bike here now lawyer's rep that go ahead Fillmore. I. Thank their Beck and call out written like art toggle lock workers department watch the diary you're like there. Org not a public anyway. What do you. Think it. And I know you noted Leo accurately. Anyway I wanna talk about the future. Patrick call. And chip the only key on this at all it's going to be excellent pro. Obviously you joke out on start and it also. Which of build G. You know story out to. Appeal. To. Like holy men and indeed. But next year could you know. Don't keep JaVale maybe true story of sheer. Well and I you'll be playing a player so we can make sure talk a call here thank you. Get up banks. Good question. I didn't well I think the worst now have to worry about it somebody look at it JaVale McKee and say you know why. Let's give him a two or three year contract hit 68 million a year maybe something like that. If that happens that I the warriors are gonna have trouble retaining him. But they might not water retain him either depending on where else they go there so I think the warriors are a good spot with with McKee. And I don't think he's got a ever be a starter for the Golden State Warriors and obviously order for any NBA team. But I equity shown this year is that he can help and he can certainly fill a role for certain teams that I don't think there's any doubt now. That JaVale McKee is help the warriors this season and I didn't think he was gonna help. When they brought in trading. Lee at Santa Clara good evening. If you went but one expert Amal. Watch early but the only way Westbrook Leonard damaging our time in four Ottawa. And the guys sort of a pretty much the top. Candidates for him ET supposedly in a hurry back in the much support but I think curry who takes it personally that it. That are backed down the challenge and it's nice to see him playing at this level you know against those guys. And the other one wants me on the spot out in the column he. Actually vote but when your best ball right now and court that. Man bench if it would here at this level yet aren't. Livingston. Choir. Again who went missing I think an editor but I actually think that's the best bench in would be and it took a look at some numbers David went. I. You know the warriors bench and actually the number one local shooting damage they've got a new goal percentage. And we finished in the league from the woman walks. Up to sit in the perceptions deal. So I actually think that the most underrated part of this team and let it go you know bought votes explosive. I. Oppose what went home to. And the fact there's been. So. You think there's another better shelter in India because we're playing right now that. Off the top my head I mean I can't think of any. But we're gonna have John tickets have been here next segment he might of and ask him that's a question Connecticut's a good one. And I think right now. The warriors bitches play in the best they've played all season so maybe that's skewing things. Just a little bit but I do like the fact that they're gonna headed in the playoffs with a bench that. It's very experienced. And I think that's what's the paper. I think that's really with Steve Kerr wants is to be able to look down inspection look at 45 guys and not have to worry about. You know who might make a big mistake he'll though that he kittens some pretty tall players in there guys are gonna help close games. It's gonna Oscar Mayer field welcome Oscar warriors wrap up here on 95 cents. I thank god that does not get on the show after good wing when I get off work to get. I wanted to I want that they right now. We needed a player shall be a top brought Katie. And right now they Tokyo down at the nation that. Egypt came out and just blow thing up should be shown at MVP again. Into port at the time that we needed them most. Game with him there it's made big corporate which is gonna it would save that they. A lot of Mara art paper once the approach we believe that in my hand my. I'm sorry if I'm made and it does beat them like that like a lot but when it was what the exit of if you bought it jumped. Yeah and up. Eight about eating. I like can be not the bench we need our bench perhaps from some of that that game changing. A status that happen and come and change it make too big they're you know I don't want a change like can come up to pitched at what went. What they need something common like in the next thing when he come. Any bill came up when he comes by 00 wait we expected you know and other you. KP injury and what a blip in the guys that our bench has improved so much that. It's amazing and have a we believe aren't there just it just adds you know to make the grip despite outward good that Abby. Defeated team movement's strong right now the town that we need him emote in public or Saddam would be a mistreatment in the championship thank. I've yet thanks for the call. He's right. He's right about that you might be right about it with dollar it would dollars and emerge like he did after two Ritz injury maybe they don't hold on the number one seed he's been that good. Well he's been huge and specially in certain spots when may have needed somebody to give them a spark. Different parts of the game. I mean for great example what Iguodala didn't San Antonio. Everything was not going your way it's looking like you're gonna get blown out also and he starts hitting shots. He did it again tonight and in the fact that he's giving you minutes you didn't think he can keep those minutes anymore he's giving you those minutes and offensively. Whether it's three user big shots are dunks he's just giving you the spark he really really need is great to watch Andre Iguodala down the stretch right now. You know look at this box score right now and I didn't even realize. Trait I agree with two for eleven from the field and now. There are about. I don't even now five players in the NBA who could go two for eleven from the war. It still be a positive influence on the core. And there's no doubt Raymond green was a positive out there tonight it's the defense was tremendous. Blocked three shots again he's involved in so many plays he makes so many terrific defense that plays. And I didn't even notice he was two for eleven tonight that to light just looked at the box score right now because you made such an impact on the defense and the floor. And that's another luxury the warriors now. It is. They have two players it would dollar in green. Who were excellent on defense so that when they score. It's just icing on the K. And then it's our ticket will it adopt a great defensive player he scored Traber agreed to good defensive player he scored. Klay Thompson the good defensive player and he's scoring well the other key bucket wind. If you have stated that if you're good defense of players are scoring two. It's over. Triple H not 57957. Is the phone number warriors with a win tonight over the Houston Rockets 107 and 98 did beat the rockets on the road. Came back the next night to care San Antonio got back on it take care of their rights jogged tickets this year. He was just down in the locker will find out what they were saying right here on a all of the Golden State Warriors as I five point seven game. And the way that fifteenth if it was very able wolf that court. One minute to go boy is definitely very with a double plus what Natalie. Broad front toward the toward favorable. Great shot like that I've got to go to the rim can't upgrade my strip. It that would want to. Now got to Tony this tiny on 95 point seven big game. John Dick gets into this year's he's come up from the locker elements from the floor is brought you might Walnut Creek Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram. Where savings is simple on line at Walnut Creek cheap. Dot com what's shaky at night to day but Smart guys ticket to be with the tenth straight for the warriors and this is as impressive week. And it's I think they pad. All year when Youkilis out Kevin Durant elected in San Antonio. But 22 down beat the rockets a couple of times the grizzlies are a team that had beaten the first couple of matchups this year impressive for the warriors to the to go through these teams and really played well. For every minute of every game and they were down in this game and made a little run right before halftime did to get it close down thirteen. But down and and the way they just find ways to do it and deepen its again he. Down the stretch as they hold the rockets that the team in the four. That's what I think. Upstart notices they know were hit late in the regular season that the playoffs are common. And defensively. Title. If they defend like they defended against San Antonio for recorders. And like they defended tonight against Houston. I don't see how they're gonna get beat because their profits is going to be good enough. To win games when their whole the other team down. Below a hundred points and that's what they did to disperse and the rockets at the warriors. If they if you're telling me they can hold teams under a hundred. Are right they're gonna do this thing. Is over if you're all the rockets under exactly amount at three exactly shoot in the way to try and get up and down. And put in the basket your you're right it's the rat. It's actually about the job that delegates teams aren't. The seats Greta I mean James Harden yankees into the free throw line. But he's a minus fourteen and I seventy points he's not make threes against the warriors another. Off night for of the eighteen overall two for nine Stewart and an incredible. The heart at Westbrook in the QVP candidates the warriors have been outs in the effectively it's. All but I just don't think he. I don't think you can be efficient. If you're Westbrook Harden over the long hall played against the warriors. I think both those teams played the exact way they have to play. To be the most successful they can be. They both put the ball in the hands of their best player and they asked him to make as many places possible. And on given nights James Harden can be so good. That. He can help win a game by himself put the warriors. Have three or four players that can defend him. Klay Thompson can defend him straight mine green and defend it with dollar can defend. Its so. I'm not say they're gonna shut him down. What is so hard when you have so much offensive responsibility. Against the good defensive team. It's just it's just almost impossible. To be efficient over the long haul. Solo trip on greens after there's a little skate on after this game and James art and he he was asked about the incident where real hard and treatment were locked up but it looked like. To remind us why aren't injured. And dream on was asked him what happened in east at this team Spartan. Benched him it thinkable. And pinched him to go back and you watch the video was watched it before came at you guys. James Harden just grabbed him right. It is just him and you can't it's a mystery. Hit pitcher washboard. You can depend and I know exactly. I mean things are just very religious man screen grab a hit a pitch out its policy so you you can see gays art pitched him an injury mind. Well he. Axes and want us now and I think it will be interesting will be you'd you know with this before. For him use the right some pretty handily from the locked up. They injury month jokingly said as he exited the press conference resupply probably get a phone call. Four for much of the guys he punched it. But when you look at it you know it looked like it was more of wind out that's going to be well you know it's going to be what that it's in the I don't reminded me now that I think about it wide personal apple. It looked exactly like Charles Oakley did through the security guards in Madison Square Garden that day he got thrown out member that it is today. I don't think Gettysburg and come I don't think their shoes I mean. May be fine. But I can't suspending guys for you. And I would think. Think now but again. We you know old you know after game or finals and we ought. There's no treatment green it's sped for game. Yet to hear the difference here at CEO. What hardened the heart starts reverse I mean. It be very tough to come back and say where did use up that I'm not agree obviously that. Part was the aggressor in this situation I you would think you think. But. You Beverly okay never really do what's going on and it ended mind in the lead when it comes to discipline you really down. JaVale McGee JD. Pretty effective today he wise if I thought it was actually more effective in the second half. In the first half I know we had most of his stuff happen to him his first half but they were getting some things at the other end off them but in the second half. Is it. Abu we looked up Padilla at ending nine yeah quickly in about two minutes it felt like. And the warriors hadn't cut into the leak right were Elliott all in fact it actually increased. For twelve to thirteen but in the warriors went on the run into run right before the end have. And knocked it right down to five media blocked shots five blocks in twelve minutes yet the block shots especially I was pretty impressed in the third quarter was impressive it's so funny is we talk about this every night guys. The center position right lose that we were talking about the pre game with David who's the best center. That the warriors tan eco Pachulia. And travail and in David stream on the plane and it's packed it you've got some time there. Tonight and steep current transplant act if you against the rock right just think that's a good matchup. So. Tonight it was JaVale McGee. And I think you can almost go every single day. And it's somebody different right actors in it to your game was Dave what. You go back. Game before and it's nightly tonight list which you'll it was all right against the grizzlies played it tonight there's couple times David last who did so hot. This may that it goes to the point of all the these guys bring something different definitely absolutely current said that in his in the press conference that. It just the threat of Guam. Changed things. And help open things up right at the rockets were right now the ot Matt for the rockets put their heart now Pachulia just you know change in everything out. Talked a little bit about that I thought it was its strategy I think it's going to be that we'll see a little more that they meet the playoffs. It's it's an old Don Nelson tray where you try to bait the other team and to go into a match up. And even if they're milking that match up in a positive way it's still about the end of the world because they're not you you're not doing what you normally do anyway. And for every bucket that Mickey or west door. Or Pachulia scores that means players staff isn't shooting it. Which I ideally you would won by. The thing about Mickey JB. I just think it. What do you think it's total audience the way he plays and the way Pachulia place. It makes Pachulia look worse that he is and it makes Ricky looked better than he has a little bit heavy Pachulia. Is that a highlight real guy he's the opposite of the JaVale McKee so. Would you bail dunks like he dunks or blocks a shot like blocked shot it just feels like he gives me it's more yeah. At the it factor got away that we definitely. Put that there are times Mickey Wright did beat ought to play were peculiar to help. Nobody really thinks twice about that got to play but it's just as important. It is Julian makes plays when when he looks bad. It's eased its sticks with almost again if you're just over the sheet paper you're doing your own eyeball test grades. He'll McKie gets extra points 4010. That right time to truly maybe gets points. Take it away were you keys that you think is worse that is maybe your grade and anchor and they may be. To build. Ayatollah Ali. He. Warriors wrap up here on not a five point seven again the home of the Golden State Warriors and they take down the rockets. 107 to 98 and cents Andre Iguodala is a golfer. I'd call a sand Bagger. Has let a sand Bagger isn't golf as a guy who like out. Lies about his handicapping as being better and we'll look at Andre who dollar on how much does have laughed. Sudden Andre dollars dividends on the good nets. What he's doing for this team but he. I mean. Big shots to advertising to talk about all night JD like look at San Antonio team was struggling. He got some good shots he got the roll in tonight. LB the end of the time he's hit this shot he'd and Eddie's played about thirty minutes a game which we thought we couldn't do more it's been amazing what he has brought. To this team it is in the warriors if needed every bit of that during this stretch to get themselves right and get themselves that position now where the the magic number for. To clinch the one seed when it looked like it was gonna go down to the last week of the season it's it's not gonna animate orders in hand this thing. Clocked up here in in the next week or so. And Iguodala. He always has a way of coming up big with a warriors needed to come on really and he's he's now only the energy in May be. Like you say he's he's pacing himself he paced himself to a point where now he can finish the year strong. To me it would dollars similar rate mine green. In that if they're scoring. Then. Their production is off the charts because when Iguodala plays what do we now was going to be very good defensively. Dockett hurt the ball over on to say halfway through the year he had the best assist to turnover ratio. Maybe in the NBA at one point it was like seven to one to be Smart he plays defense. Now he starts knocking down shots. And that my friends is an all around players helps you win games tape with ray in my agreed. I would say I didn't relatives threw for eleven tonight because he was so powerful that the sense of and that he threw for eleven PRC. He made. Fifteen plays on the defense event that help you win game. It is a phenomenal effort and in you you see a lot of hatred for mockery out it looked up at the end of the night like swap plus. Fifteen you know the best on the team at that point on what it would island again the point about a dollar I wanted to make two was just that you know it's speakers make this a few times. The fact that acknowledged point some positions. There are ways he's a pack up. Small forties power forward right now he's been he's almost the backup point guard and a sense when he gets on the Florida handles the ball. A lot almost use in times a little bit of that that Scottie Pippen waited the balls which would where he's the guy initiating offense. It together guys involved so it just did. The multi positional. Affected he's been able it's been critical in addition to everything else that we talked about. Sent a dream seizing it pays for the Golden State Warriors as they take down the rockets long as evident 98. You guys will be back tomorrow from nine yes sir yeah 9/11 and Travis lankans can join us coming up the warriors assistant general managers in 2 o'clock. It's in box seats on each week you'll join us. Along the ways well but Maurice Bates gave as neatly in the last game of the Bay Bridge series before we that's an afternoon game tomorrow it's a new start pre game will be at 11 o'clock before we get picked on and on opening night the year all right across the way at the coliseum between. That hate those and the Oakland Athletics exit the giants get started on Sunday against the deep accidentally that baseball is here but the most important thing. The lawyers get to any of it quite narrow the magic number is well wait whore. JD old war incredible and I just add that the thought president once I'd just yet the number of incidents at the thought that there'll be an actual Major League Baseball giants will have one game in the books with a worries that. Where they plants and Kofi. All right let's get a different lawyers wrap up 10 sevens at 98 fox Sports Radio address the way it makes it join these guys tomorrow morning right here on many types in at 9 AM floors and have a great night everybody is awards wrap up right here at home. Of the old state orders as 95 point seven yank.