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Wednesday, January 3rd

Steiny and Guru are joined by John Dickinson (Super Reporter) to talk firing of JDR, how to get Raiders back on track, and how Reggie and Gruden will  coexist. We get into a little 49ers talk.


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Joining us right now he's our 957 game reporter and a few people ours tapped into the raiders the 49ers in the Bay Area sports scene is John Dickinson. JD. I'm gonna start with who what I think is it is a simple question but I haven't gotten an answer to it yet why do you think. That Mark Davis fired Jack Del Rio. Ninety seconds after the last game. But before Jack Del Rio would go into his post game press conference. That to me it was probably just the first time that he saw Jack Del Rio blow was dealt downstairs before it went into the press conference I think in that moment. Mark Davis likely guys wanted to need to get it done he knew he was going to do to make that decision regardless of whether. Jon Gruden was gonna be the next head coach of the raiders or not in the know obviously it looks like gruden is going to be the next. Head coach of the raiders but I think if you were called just gone back to Saturday night there were reports out there. That the raiders were content on May be bringing Jack Del Rio back if they didn't get Jon Gruden. To come aboard. I think maybe that changed at some point during the game. On Sunday or Mark Davis was wavering over whether or not he was gonna make that change regardless. And in the moment after the game in the hours leading up to when he saw him I think it was almost may be Mark Davis look at it that is just his first opportunity. I don't think it was calculated. As much as it may have been import taste I don't think it was calculated as. I'm telling Jack Del Rio he's fired and now he's got to go way to face the media guide I think there's a realistic. I think there's a realistic and plausible. Scenario where Mark Davis isn't thinking about the fact that Jack del Rios got to meet with the media or he's got to meet with the media or anything at all I think in his own mind he may have felt. He was being stand up. By letting Jack Del Rio know the first time he saw him at. Into the season. Aren't that tells me that Mark. Davis has no idea. Like the standard protocol after the game etc. anyway here's another thing -- why do you think although I JD. No I I don't think it's crazy for that to be true bell. I really don't like I could see a scenario where mark it down the Steelers apart like did the PR department know you think it. Watch and it play out and look I've been out. I'd been out the last couple days I've been asked connected to it the last couple days but it sure had that look to let that they didn't know that. It sure had that look that that they didn't know Dick Dick you know Marc told Jack Jack walked in. Jack made the announcement and then everybody kind of was like oh my gosh this yeah you tell we've got no I'm mired we gotta get him out of there. Yes he had tells me that that mark. Did it on the spur of the moment maybe not that he hadn't been thinking about it but that didn't spur of the moment which. Is fine it's just. It's frustration like dupe the question I keep asking myself. Why did Jack Del Rio go in and do it. Why do you think he went and Dick is. I mean don't try to put myself in Jack del Rio's position I don't know if I would've gone in I might said marked you go tell him. Yeah and look I think everybody's different in that situation look the one thing about Jack Del Rio and in the three years a press conferences that I covered when he was with the raiders. He would stand up. At every moment that that he was asked to stand up and try and really control the discussion and in a four small forceful manner he would stand there and and the other are certain things you wanna talk about but he tried offer. You know things on on subjects that he that he would wanna talk about what the one thing he would always do. Is stand there strongly. So to see him standing there and it may be and in some. You know instance try elbow almost break down a little bit or try to prevent himself from breaking down a little bit does it look like that it as well. Was the case but to stand there. You know chin up. Hey this is what's going on this is what just happened I'm not gonna be the coach no one I I think market think the team you know whatever kind of move on bond that really wasn't any different. From the Jack Del Rio that I you know stood at the press conference. Our sat in post game for the last three years it really wasn't surprising to me I also think. There's some benefit in his mind of well while I can't believe the way they just did this I'm gonna go there and I'm gonna stand up and maybe it's it'll make the raiders look. Like they didn't handle this as professionally is as maybe they could have. Although I think that really you know nobody's really made a big deal about that I know you've asked the question it's a flock that I had as well but I think that the big reason that nobody's. Really given much thought to it is the fact that. People are so enamored with Jon Gruden and the fact that it really looks like this thing is gonna happen with him coming back that they view. The overall decision. Firing pending hiring new Jon Gruden is such an outright positive that it's almost like yeah who cares that Jack the real if Jack didn't have it who cares they're gonna upgrade. So Mark Davis gets the benefit of the doubt Jack del Rio's gonna get paid nobody needs to worry about it. JD. Monday Night Football was appointment TV for me and I was talents dining in a lot of other people that would listen. There was not a game they win by then I was not educated on what the offense the defense the receiver the quarterback was looking at what they were trying to get accomplished and I say that to say I'm excited for the raiders. Where you whack it if it is John Grogan and how confident are you did he can get this thing turned around and mainly saved. Well that's the number one thing right there if you look at the raiders' season from the the end of 2017. Are looking to 2018. They dedicate their car back on track they got to get their offense. Back on track so if you're gonna make the move to fire Jack Del Rio is the raiders did. If you had to go out and you had to get a quarterback guru. Head coach and offensive minded head coach somebody that was going to fix Derek Carr get him back on track get the offense. You know back in balance keep the offense back to have and a lot of exclusivity. And I fake field that's why Jon Gruden is appealing match hundreds also appealing obviously because he was with the raiders before and Mark Davis is trying to right. May be Al davis' biggest mistake on backed into when he traded him. In 2002. So I think there's all those factors and it always know gruden has always been the biggest name guy. I day. The belief is the raiders could actually attained because if you look at the last couple decades I mean there was always this thought wolf no big name coach. Was ever gonna come really to the raiders because of the way the raiders and operated well Jon Gruden is the one. He's the one guy they feel that pie in the sky EO guy with a track record because he was with the raiders. And liked his time with the raiders obviously tell it ended that they can actually go get. So I think that's why he was always that the only he was always the guy that it would come back to just because other. Top named head coaches in the belief would be that they never com. Coach the raiders so but to your point yeah it's all about six in the offense and and I think John Gergen candy that I really did. They JD before we jump into the niners what what is loosely Reggie McKenzie do you think. I think that's gonna have to be worked out I mean whether or not he takes on a different role. But in the organization how much controlled his Jon Gruden really want I know it gets reported to that Jon Gruden is gonna have. An awful lot of power in and that's going to be something that it's a necessity. You know was also reported that they were gonna have to off from ownership to take pay him enough money to get him to come and I know he shot that down. A little bit earlier this morning so I think things are never really totally. As they seem I I think. At times. People view Jon Gruden is that the guy in his thirties as opposed to maybe the guy in his fifties maybe he's toned it down a little bit maybe he's a little bit more of a team player. That he was you know going back 1520 years ago. But the one thing I do know is a Mark Davis really likes Reggie McKenzie and would want him to be a part of the organization so if that means gruden becomes. The head coach Shannon and the number one in terms of and you have a final say over the roster an in the draft and things like that I still think Reggie McKenzie would likely be asked a number two and someone that Mark Davis would trust. Greatly. In the process of moving forward this football team. JD I a solid tweet from these smoke Marshawn Lynch about it was to Barry Sanders actually about join in the 101000 rushing yards club. And how he wanted to leave the game. And I was shocked like gives Marchand. Do you know or have any knowledge or do you believe that we've seen the last of him in the raider uniform. Yeah who knows flip a coin and he checked back during the super ball might retire he Biden to retire in March she might say is they can about coming back in June. Bottom line there he's doing the raiders a favor in my opinion if he does retired that they need to move on from Marshawn Lynch you know he he's not. That he hit kissed it just didn't work and I don't he played well in the second half but he was one of many different factors. That they created. A different vibe in 2017. And out locker room than existed. In 2000 at sixteen when that was twelve and fourteen so to meet. If he wants to flirt around and retire. Again then the raiders could say hey thank you much like they said to Jack Del Rio and and move on to try and get themselves. Running back in there. They can help lead down offense back to where I was into that. And sixteen yeah ideally you'll get waved and then have to do press conference a minute later. With his head held high like Jack Del Rio jogging walking out of the room we know that lets you just know we know Marshawn Lynch would not do that press stuff. That's true that we needed and joining us on 957 the game. We talked a lot about Jimmy drop below the last few weeks franchise tag long term deal you heard John Lynch is press conference yesterday. What what did you glean. From what lynch said about the future of the 49ers in Jimmy drop off. Well there's nothing new and it it's fixed up to and from the Lazio last couple weeks and John Lynch is set every time he's asked some version of we want Jimmy drop loaded V. The 49ers quarterback for a long time I mean I think that's his standard line and I think everybody gets that at this point it's just a matter of how much is that going to cost. And Il why don't we threw around last week's shiny when when we were doing the shows I think it's gonna wind up costing. More than people. Believe it's going to cost like that there is no sweetheart deal to be had for Jimmy drop below and and I really don't think there was ever an opportunity. For a sweetheart deal I mean we talked about it again last week a little bit but if the franchise tag is around 2324. Million dollars a year but. To meet the baseline in terms of guaranteed money over a three year span for drop below would be and that. You know almost seventy million dollar range so if you start to spread it out over five years in and look to maybe non guaranteed portions of a of a long term contracts you're talking somewhere in between Derek Karr Matthew Stafford kind of money right now. For Jimmy drop a low so. I think that's why this thing is may be slowed up. A little bit and I I think. It's because maybe the 49ers are quite ready yet to get into that exact realm of you'll find special commitment. To drop below but I think they're gonna have to get there eventually and the one thing I'll tell you Matt. Is when that deal gets agreed to in the terms of a come out. And he's it a forty hour quarterback for the next five years at least under contract I think rocketed looked at those numbers and go. Whoa that's that's a lot of money he's that he's the second highest paid quarterback in the lead or maybe even for a short period of time the highest paid quarterback in the. They JD thank you so much for joining us good stuff is always and LC down the road. Our sounds good guys.