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Wednesday, January 3rd

Joe & Lo break down the list of 15 NFL Hall of Fame finalists including John Lynch, Randy Moss, and Terrell Owens. Then they debate who between Randy Moss or Terrell Owens should make the Hall of Fame first and discuss Derek Carr being called out in the locker room after his performance in Week 14 against the Chiefs. Houston Rockets Owner, Tilman Fertitta joins the show. 


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I. Don't know wouldn't you. Wednesday morning let's get after it. Welcome to the program Jolo in dibs Maggie I said in the game. Helmand for CNET the owner of the Houston Rockets set to join us at 630. Naturally. Given his handling. Very prominent Las Vegas. How does he feel about the legalization of sports betting amongst other things. Good friend of the program Lorenzo Alexander. Oakland born and bred big help product the former raider the pro bowler. He's head of the playoffs the Buffalo Bills he's gonna join us in a little over an hour at 718 Greg pop back at 830. Has everybody feels this morning good blows back in the mix you actually. I'm actually had a terrible morning I if you and a. Carted off well actually land walked the stares at low twelve stories. In is filling in going against him and we go to gesture there we go we did Obama Texans fourteen you're signed the basement you may feel better ten. Yeah by the way I tell having a baby almost exactly five months tomorrow. And and then trying to get back into shape with. Who should be an NFL hall of Famer Lorenzo Neal and definitely it's all task I am exhaust heat get it I just keep going to go easy Graco don't bring a lot demo or even have the best part of the story after all her stuff got locked into a room. Now I'm like that's nice I like right now yeah that's the inside and locked out. I. Story about a try to get back initiated this I don't hear about that don't hear about the misfortune and a video lockout I've X I'm not an Omega flat yet to good morning and I. A good note did today he's out all week we'll see him again next Monday Joseph lo and and a 957 game. Let's get into it the fifteen. Finalists for the NFL. Hall of fame. Were announced yesterday. That list includes. 49ers general manager John Lynch. Another safety always gonna go head to head with Brian Dawkins. Adopt a very strong candidate Alan Faneca. The longtime offensive lineman Brian Urlacher who if you go to Chicago find me a billboard that doesn't happen Urlacher and touting that pair regeneration. I mean he is everywhere him in this new had a Harry his. It's phenomenal stuff well Ray Lewis Tony miceli Isaac Bruce Edgerrin James highly wall Emerson walls. Kevin Moore why Steve Hutchinson Joseph Jacobi Steve. And then. The debate of debates. Terrell Owens. And Randy Moss. Yeah I mean. Now you got me feel pretty good because this is your first year you appeared on the list and how we start up the campaign and now and next year and have a little more buzz we working at this point but once you get to this point this is the good outside your tall guy he did this point 20 year back. You're talk I can you get right here you'll met list if it's bundle and down it's used to have a we're talk about the reigning lost a great grandmas and deal to great receivers two guys are probably going to be top five receipt I Atmel for sure without a doubt top ten receivers of all time these two guys but both have interesting careers both of them quit it at certain times in your career both dumb turn into terrorists at times and we know didn't do well with the media so how. Joseph I'm sorry. If I act that's what I find so if you miss the real test both Obama or Kurds and yet here we are talking about the whole thing if you and here's the rundown. CEO is up for the third time now we understand. That the voters decided he wasn't going to be a first ballot hall of Famer because as you said before there is a distinction between the hall of famers. And then the first ballot hall of famers are right no question and that meet at first ballot hall of Famer that steady that Angela. I was first ballot they both got to Mikey you're the uncle slack no price is no additional levels like you can get it no question and so you know like GO. He's got to be able to say that but everyone knows he's a first ballot hall of fame and he's gonna get in this time. And I think so no I'm I'm data that that this isn't ideal that we like this we like wryly. That you don't know what. When you talk among receivers and you can't let you can't let any MB for him because. Bulls and Randi quick even more grainy it's couple years here where he didn't even play Joseph. I'm gonna run down the basic numbers for OK please show you how close it is now range he's up for the first time and day he goes up for the third time that should be the deciding factor here we here's overlooking that. In his career. Over fifteen seasons. Steel plating 200 in nineteen games. In his career over fourteen seasons Randy Moss played in 218. Game season one game difference. They both play for five teams although moss had an additional state with Minnesota which could count as a sixth team right. Now receptions. TL 10768. All time moss 98215. All time. Everything else gets really tight receiving yards TO second all time at 151934. Moss is fourth all time only 700 yards behind him 151290. Tip. Touchdowns that one goes to moss 156 to 153. So the yardage is razor tight. The touchdowns a razor tight TO's got about 36 about ninety more receptions they both went to six pro bowls TO was an. First team all pro five times moss four times. So let's imagine. Right now that they were both. On about for the third time or the first time where the second time if you were voting for one but could only vote for one. Which ended two would you be put in all things for me it's it's easy in XTO. I think that it's actually if you see it's here's why it's easier when you watch steals body of work Joseph the way he played not send their stats aren't similar. Teel played digging hard tough brash guy after you know he wouldn't quit. So that's the age here Randy Moss had two years here with the ratings joke or he would scan a bomb placed in wouldn't even move on from the line. He was your raider fans remember that TomTom up just would even take off people's about a router play was what turned his back already hit back to the huddle wouldn't even do anything. Even though one T always TO. He'll still gave everything he had he never would take plays off he still would block he was physical he blocked downfield he go across middle but he taught athletic ability they're both athletically really really tight but you gotta look at Marie any mosque far speed in just a freak of nature. You give extra Randy in that regard but disappear. Athletic appeared as many guys who hustled and thought. He got to give the extra deals that's why I'm CTO to me because it comes down hard and it comes on not being able to quit I can't disrespect now. Does he deserve Renny monsters are being a hall of fame no question. But when a guy quits on me campaigning millions yeah. Ted got to count for something birdied two years I completely agree but couldn't you make the same case for TO or virtually everywhere he went he's a wore out his welcome and got into problems with his quarterbacks with his teammates I mean everything was going great and Philly and then all of a sudden they suspend them down and and they just get rid of him he's doing the sit ups. In the driveway he goes to Dallas and eventually as a falling out he bounces around buffalo and Cincinnati and Cincinnati is wary eat your career goes to die as we've seen shot up Marvin Lewis two year extension well what's that like you don't really know us. Why didn't I think that was gonna happen so why. Under the impression that Marvin Lewis in the back angles we're going to part ways why Cleveland Cincinnati so close to one another missed both patient just emerge if you murder you know organizations. You've got to be able to put together a team that. Could go eight made every year similar colors that at times idea out urge him. Ash just Ohio trash people wonder why Ohio State has such a great following they had nothing else they got LeBron and get the Buckeyes what do you do you get excited about Cincinnati there the airport is literally in Kentucky. That's what you think about it now. Well I think it's too early so I don't magically them again back column I love you Ohio I've driven through you multiple times. They never told me over Paula I guess that's a that's when yeah boy years and about teal I totally understand. But what about his effort. What about you and I think was GAQ could he be a Smart but he had could he be a not a good teammate and guys you don't say beta accounts for some idea that. But at this thinks its own thing that I do like he did. You wasn't questioning he didn't want to win. Our didn't wanna play giving the ball he wanted to get it he would blocking do those things so yet was he would. Could he be a little bit of bad guys absolutely was he cancer teens I get that. But I take that over guy just wanted to quit it wouldn't run routes it has so much athletic ability in the turns changing game by speeded things you can do any says no I'm not gonna do it. I just didn't sneak. That that that that would establish his cast my butt Slobodan. See what I hate about this argument this is such a great debate yeah. It's such a great debate what I hate about it is that the only way to distinguish between the 20 is to go negative like you are right now and and what you're doing isn't wrong. But we take these two wonderful careers and we talk about Randy quitting in both Oakland and New England being remembered Belichick ran out of there. And then we talk about TO and what happened with McNabb what happened when everybody else. Why not focus on and you can't do this is a voter I understand that but. I just remember thinking back to that era with those two. Gil was the guy that you could force feed the football and he would just find a way back through sheer size and power and will he would grab that football. And he would get that first down you can just fortunate I mean he was essentially a running back. Out there that you were handing the ball off to just via the passing game man sounds stupid I know but that's how dominate inconsistency was. I was in the Philadelphia is living in Philadelphia when he broke his ankle. I was at that game right there at my mop up shut up mom Duke's that was why do you love that game Roy Williams at the horse collar guy that created the rule. TO gets up. He runs off the field now this is the year the Eagles are gonna get Etan they finally had a a wide receiver. No more James trash no more tied stinks then no more Freddy Mitchell the people's jump. It was you had TO they were gonna go to the Super Bowl and he gets up any runs off of those okay front and off everything's fine they broke his ankle in the news came out and I mean there were reports like you couldn't believe on this ankle this hyperbaric chamber every he was doing and they play consumable some animals did you reception amazing double dip recession great Super Bowl game and that was less than two months later if memory serves me correct me right. Also on the other hand was mr. highlight. I mean Randall Cunningham dropping back with that catapults slingshot army he had only that of that and just sixty yard TD bombs out jump and everybody out working the sidelines to tone in the back right corner. Back left corner. Making Joe Buck and disgusted. When you speak moon at Lambeau Field is still one Hilton recalls that's what I like the focus on my just the fact that those two changed. They gained just go to public enemy Beckham yeah. You're doing until when we may mirror Brady was had a great year he just say OK Brady gold go up and I'll go get 160. Targets. 98 receptions 1493. Yards Gary's fifteen yards a reception. 23 touchdowns NFL record. That's what he did a year when they went eighteen and one back nineteen in dough they like to say New York. Nelson Mazie camp I mean to do you think there's any chance that both get in this time around now. Now that's fair do you think there's any chance neither gets in the stammer out now. So we're talking your prediction in you feel prison met on this. You too. If they're gonna they denied teel looked like you sit teal and black balled. C in May and he had lack of effort seals them black ball because that's how he was. So you're gonna look at these guys and they've held rain they've had to know how long enough he's got he's served his time there like we showed you. Now gonna do it in he's gonna cry into law it stuck in Arabic awaken your speech. Because what he had to go due to endure to get here he had to eat some humble pie. Understood. Someone has the last he would ask first don't always last last and that paid in the paper. Dictated in the you know when you're didn't end because of who eat what the things that you did. I can see the speech gone some like this he just gets up there and says they'll probably all. In unchanged number solicit. Those things take a disaster in play right now. And I could get by Logitech foremost is coming right now he's still must play. Daisy gonna help moss that he's on ESPN because you've talked about this before they TV gigs are very big when it comes all and there's a lot of politics echoes on the. There's a lot of politics and he does a great job like mosques as a commentator colored guy and guys it you know did. Fills in and doesn't he does a great job people loving these crashes to the point he knows what he's talking about he's played a game we did it well. But yes I think it helps but I don't think he gets in and first ballot. Chills going discontinue. Its on 957. Big game yesterday. Greg pop over this way that made a lot of news regarding what happened. After the Kansas City game. In regards to the operator coaching staff and our car. This coaching staff turned under cart is well. After the Kansas City game they called him out in front of the whole team meeting it wasn't just the offense of the quarterbacks and a segment of the team as a whole team. And they ripped on the phone everybody. And there's a trifle guy but. When we have a head coach it's not designing the play calling the play and then second guessing the play in the quarterback's play in the certain play. It doesn't go well so I think this organization what they have to do from this point forward on. Is bill Derek are up they've got to get his confidence back his swagger back. All right you've been locker rooms all cross league winning teams losing teams you have seen it all AFC NNC. The best the best the worst the worst when you hear something like that at a coaching staff after a marquee game my bag goes in and in front of the team calls out anybody. Whether it's a quarterback or anybody like that it had the wrong thing to do as a coaching staff could you see why coaching staff would do that. I can see why would be good and I can see right to be dead it depends on the individual. I've been in situations work wasn't good. In the situation Gordon was great and bad guys you know I you know shaman you know I was and am new running back coach and my coach and San Diego. And you know as Pro Bowl here in all the stuff we're planning game and in Chicago and we got an means team meaning. Canadian open borrowers fail many sit there or won't won't won't watch an offensive. Say some say some good people to be doing you into both the UA. He's an expletive anymore why no more than charged with a dollar sign yeah yeah this is a part of the whole team and a key so he jumps in on is this Norbert is Marty. This is Norton so nor is it because he jumps an era of smaller campus north little soft on the stand for the story. English and this one is our enemy. And honestly. I was given just mad and I wanted to you know it took it took some restraint I mean in and he'd he'd. Britney and I just might for the media tours don't you know we going and guys look at and you just you know the kind you need to look you just mark in the media. You're disappointed in you in sometimes you you know and you what I had the conversation but she's you swallow it swallowed me you know when you look at it you need to reflect. You go back in you wants to take you look at and say I missed a block you don't hit it in that. And you try and you try to look at some of that and some of wasn't as bad. Sosa was and I don't look at myself say. Why am I I didn't I wasn't I should've played better. And it was a time where you know never gotten a meeting and ripped LT. He was in because nor was it sometimes you don't have a head coach that steps up. And then we head coach need to step up and do things and I'll put it to other guys losing guys don't respect sometimes you wanna see with the head coach is going to do as well. Any ripped LT. And we got enemies can say Neil got an LT. And penalty you know can possibly you told him that this deal yeah. You're talking mimic this you know you don't need any goodwill and. And he uses have been in front of the running backs yeah now could you see OK let's take it step by step here so. The raiders going this huge game against Kansas City it's been a messy season we saw an opportunity to win the division began when this game and you beaten Kansas City early in the year. You go in there you play a bad game afterwards a coaching staff decides they are going to eviscerate. The starting quarterback in front of the entire team. What would be the mindset that if you're the head coach you say this is what I'm doing why would you be doing that is it frustration or indeed does it serve eighth. This is sort of point the wake people sustain the work here's the thing I really believe he was great because everyone in those offensive meetings. Thought they'd sometimes car was not making the right decisions. And telling him to do offense of corn and Osi wasn't getting on him in but he was still getting on everyone else so embarrassed making mistakes like everyone else but he's being treated differently more favorably than everyone. And not is not dared probably didn't care dare probably wasn't same thing about it but guys see it guy see here here's a guy hole and other guys accountability now home quarterback. They're doesn't thinking they know that the seat because he wants to wait. So you probably had those things you start to hear it in the locker room you start to hear certain things. A car you see what he does he takes the podium and say that's on me I got to do better under quarterback I can't do that I can do these things so caught acknowledges he's he's not playing well he gets sent. But if you see it in the meeting room and don't see it's a maybe because as I predict that. I'm here in this around and tell them here in certain things slumber call amount let's go call amount indeed this guy yeah. So you can do that to a page mini news New York Tom Brady but those guys have been veterans in the game 67 years in the game. Guys in his fourth seat here. Or give these guys once did he get people got to make sure I get that led the same sense when you've been hole and it down like last year and the year before and you've been doing all the things you need to do and you be the guy. And all of a sudden now they're putting all the pressure and you could go win to save jobs coaches' jobs are like people are wildly and all those who we think. And it fell on his shoulder. And sometimes people crack the guys still human. And I think this sometimes you put undue pressure on and young men are young quarterback and you can break them. In no matter how strong how car comes across comes across I got this understand. He steal it sometimes still mentally sometimes it guys only in his fourth year figure. Sometimes he's not ready yet now would be ready I think you will is he going to be good quarterback I believe he's gonna come through this. But sometimes when you put the cabin pressure and a whole weight is only one guy. Sometimes think cracker sometimes it just not good and the way you delivered sometimes the message you do delivering you do in this anymore everyone's knowledge now you what are you trying to be so perfect. And you're trying to be sorted you don't make any mistakes. He can't play like that I have got prime example Marcia remember how he did what it Marty Schottenheimer do. Drew Brees I heard in telling Drew Brees hey you know he's looking at jeweled say Intel SS Omar is a true. I don't know what he was sandy drew but I could just tell that he was saying something too on this is doing Chicago bear game. Arab born Jewish and now we believe email lead. I think lethal got sick as a male we did you guys know the garage when you guys. I just stand up the lead seeding Mardy was get on a little bit Marty was getting on I was get on but he's going by himself and Uggla. And Eagles are telling what do you tell what was he telling jokes he said amen give you one more series and not we're gonna go to kid Phillip rivers and we're gonna put you on the bench. And joy I knew something was going on and so our goal on a massive Mecca more so we believe these. Put looking around and step up and leave me and we believe he's one until three touchdowns he never looked back I didn't think at that moment that they did anything for these young men. Drew Brees couple years later you see what he does he writes a book and he talked about that moment. That moment in his career where change you didn't know when he thinks so you can give life. You can give death. And some people they think they're giving life but they also can be given deputy can be heard person's character. Heard a person's mental their psyche in a lot of things else even though they're thinking they're building them up. We pairs sometimes you press if you may not amount to nothing New England do nothing because you don't we just like your first your uncle are good don't you don't we just like that usually amount to nine. They think they're trying to push hill. But a lot of times they're hurting you. A lot of times are disconnecting you pump because your talent person just because a lot of kids are some in the buildings that look mingled you'll strain of being an amount but not the a lot of kids say okay I've been straight up and do better. But a lot of parents sometimes they do that may push their kids in the wrong direction because that's not positive reinforcement. So you know you don't win and that's the psyche of a head coach and that's also what parents and that's what leadership that's what everything. If you'll speak of life in the right way with individuals you can crush their growth. So you have to be careful parents have to be careful bosses are to be careful people have to understand who they're dealing with an understanding if you listen. And see sometimes people say a lot of things that protect themselves say a lot of things at all positive but even though they may not know what's Cuomo. Got to know the people that your deal only. Got to listen and understand who's hiding something who's the one most certain things. You gotta be able to assess the situation and understand how do I speak to that individual that's why a head coaches. You gotta be outlets like college you gotta be applauding you got to understand or no deal with it. Cause sometimes you beat a person up when you put an accord they try to become so perfect becomes so we can't that they will lose their weight. Mentally spiritually and a lot of different ways so I think the gap Koran as can be and do some things and he understands that. But I believe this young man's gonna come through. And really get stuff right there thanks to new coach. They're not head coach because I know that there's a lot that goes without wants him. Obama did you Hernan everybody's business. Tiger Woods read his book by the way that chapters called mind your own business. He Marty Scott and I are talking out of business proposal and try to get involved. That's a fact. Yeah. Having that dude is one of the more intense dues yet planet has ever known he is he I've I've been fortunate to be around him a few times talked in a few times. It feels like he never lets up like he is always just on edge because he's got something to accomplish these that's why they tip on a show it comes across is like too much but you also. Realize that that's what makes him great. My dad and that leads back in the TO thing every time you talk about the problems he had a locker room short he wasn't. Mature enough to necessarily express himself. I believe how he wanted to put it all came from a place in competition he was so intense and so fiercely competitive that when things didn't work out they want to help. I'm Philadelphia it all started to unravel because he came back from that broken ankle and like less than two months to play in super wal. And on the game winning drive McNabb was shooting on the field and couldn't get lined up because he wasn't properly conditioned. He was completely out of gas he's throwing up in the huddle and they couldn't get down the field. And that became a big rift between those 20 I saw all that a few years later McNabb any game in Tampa Bay that was acting gay lower level seats now read what. Have LJ Smith the tight end looks up. He's McNabb looks at the refs call harmonic does other Putin is you don't field itself. And it happens who. One Packwood that. It is a warrior Wednesday. Brought you by Porsche Walnut Creek eighth 2017. Premier Porsche dealer and Freeman's clients' trust name in the Bay Area since 1922. Tim Roye is gonna join us in just a few moments in San they make NBA insider at 930 congratulations to James in San Bruno on winning the know your show tickets. Decrypt into the trivia question was. Eldorado. Pro Owensboro pain and Eldorado all one word. I was at Eldorado was to work it's all mark. Incidents had he gone by Eldorado Owens and I think starting to say he's already in a bit and he's just walking around. Major rain everywhere so it's on his fault for not went by going around he made a tactical error. Early in his life by going by Correll and TO and act that connect attack catching. Secretly it's the Eldorado factor any gone by Eldorado the voters would have put him and chill blowing did continue. On 957. Big game. Let's go through the rest makes right I mean look at the Reza meets these who have had virtually identical careers in terms of production CEO. Pleading 200 in nineteen games over fifteen seasons miles Randy Moss pleading 200 in eighteen games over fourteen seasons did go. Both played for five teams except moss played for Minnesota twice so you could count that is a sixteen if you want yeah. Receptions. TO is eighth all time moss is fifteenth all time the difference there is about. Ninety receptions Deborah Tate right that's as far as any category gets separated 1076. Receptions tonight 82. Receiving yards they're within 700 of each other levers 700 no second all time moss is fourth touchdowns. Moss scored a 156. That's second all time. Diaw scored a 153. That's third all time they've opened the six pro bowls always was a five time first team all pro moss was a four time first team all pro it's virtually the same career. They both had stand for they didn't get along with their teams where they cause some problems and I think both were highly productive they both lasted just about as long and they played the same era. I mean I. How much work you really need to put into figure this thing out you made Owens wait this is the time he goes in there's no reason to send any more of a message he gets it we get it. Your powerful. You dictate whether or not their first ballot and and Randy is Randy got to wait because you set the precedent here with Collins I mean do gray is there any way to fight this thing. At the U 1000% right Joseph we look at what happened when many mosque in hears it the difference to me and then I think they're both these guys. Any mosque was more electrified. The guide you just do the ball let people who go get his speed was and can't what he can do loses interest in that why you looked at. But somebody crying your guiding goal cross milk who can catch the long ball who could do law. That was that was TO. He knows way more physical did all those things Randy was more just. Thought that the let him go and what do the biggest thing to separate me yes TO is indeed yes Randy was a diva. But when he came to heart and effort let's talk about that rainy raucous metal balls up igniting he would put his hands down I'm not going he would even go. Put the ball would even try to catch the ball put him across middle they know that. And then you look at teal T or go across the middle he would block he would do all those things but was he did it actually. And let's take it to what when Randy Moss came here to Oakland. You paid a million dollars joy pupils are running nine marble block he would stand there because they were lose it he wouldn't even run a route. Wouldn't even leave he would stand there walk Idaho before the play was even done. In you wanna tell me that right here it's indeed a separate yeah. Obama had their issues but a guy that goes and plays the game leaves you can't say that he'll quit he can't say it TO wouldn't go under in his mind work. He was mad because he wanted to be more well he was mad because he wanted to blow up your rating must come to tomatoes in Steele he was a lot of peak he'd lied to say go play football and is it because it was gone. I thought he was eight yeah he offered no question Randy Moss is a hall of Famer. I didn't really taps mean when a guy Joseph lines up and he's getting paid where grown man planning kids' game getting king's ransom. In new lineup to play a football game and you quit. You quit and you play with a ten guys because eleven guys and you know what I'm not gonna run my routes I'm not gonna go block I'm not gonna do anything. That's raw. So to me he can't give in this first ballot is he a hall of Famer yes but here and he'll veto it he'll win because the media. You can't let Randy Moss in because of what he did so I believe the TO should do in this time. And granular the next round I mean there's always this focused on what happened and Oakland as the big knock against moss I get back because it was so obvious. But he also wore out his welcome would bella chicken wing. Escalate after that I think it was a Monday night game in Miami he was dogged it built right in the Minnesota like an ecstatic ratings again here any lasted for five minutes in Minnesota where he criticized the catering. And then they got rid of many ended up in Tennessee he was one of the I think he's the only guy in history that like. He played for three teams and he vinegar. Service two or three I we did it came to San Francisco and he couldn't because he'd think it was a bunch of Mets guy so quickly did seek cleared through wanted to be more involved it's just. So you look at that you look at that Belichick we know the movie and look what he did we don't talk. Brady did just go to open late and go get it knowledge at all foul wasn't my guy you played Tennessee pulled balls. I hear you had Brady. And malls or moss and the patriot defense that your is outstanding on you were drawn up points every week like you must've crushed your lead. They set every virtual record in NFL passing Nazis and in the giants beat him in the super most unbelievable. Armed. Post career. Gil has not a whole lot now seen him around a little bit it seems like when it doesn't go his way for all seem we here's some negativity which I don't mind I would do the same way I don't I don't hold any of that against them usually Randy is on TV now he's on ESP and we see him every week to sit out there in the suit he's talking with Charles he's become a very. Likeable individual who is welcomed into all of our homes on Sunday mornings and beyond couldn't that. Be the difference when it comes to a vote like this that now in his post. NFL career life he's become this different individual does more likable character whereas deal hasn't found anywhere well. Looking Cris Carter Cris Carter drug addict all the stuff that he did not I I everything that he was about I don't TV I got down in Philly back down any change come and apparently. Well Michael I'm Michael. It took some time for Chris Carney giving him in the cup thing for how grateful Cris Carter is the media's been investing form now he's. He's apologetic he said forgive me all the things he did. Renny muscle hall of Famer Randy Moss does a great job on TV I love Randy Moss brings I think these two guys rate in what he does. You watching mount Aries Boise does a great job he does a great job breaking it down. In the guy had some great amazing years but anomaly years one of the most prolific receivers that will ever see. Electrifying Powell yes he was something else on the big play him and Randall in Germany is a rookie Randall has that had a poll are. Drizzle of lane piling back this. You know what I think he was free to do was pass into church you know clippers had a lot going on there yeah. Came up from land talent region and bomb bombs and just and make every one MVP MVP it wasn't like he came out of nowhere and filled in right. In Indian Randy Moss wasn't Randy miles was a big part of that success. So when he's done a phenomenal job in the Booth and you heard him on TV and radio I love what he's doing. But yet to meet. He's an hall of Famer but TO should definitely give him. In my opinion over remarks are boy Luis over an open he just text me he said the one thing we're not bringing up is TO had all those drops. Back in an elder as pretty drops in big spots but that was like an early career San Francisco thing when she got past that yeah. In the game against create like that was not only okay that was the seminal moment where from that point forward. He was clutch I mean I only remember him as making big plays in Philadelphia and Dallas in the same way but that was on the resume early in his career he's dopamine. And I cannot believe how long how tough fast time goes how long ago that was ultimately and completely just seems like it was. It was yesterday triple 895795. Sandy if you went away and this deal get in this time around does he deserve to get in this time around. AP and Hayward thanks gonna show a. What can't not let you guys both your your heart and let it play all right. Without a doubt. It got a big video. And at that site if you make a wide receiver yeah having your I wonder why would be quite. Wrigley what do you don't brag and how are you work pretty gains be at. It toward the court fight for the ball and new audio. I thought well look at his rookie certain they try to invite and he and I said that if not a real person. OK. Good point that they didn't feel a little bit child they gag man come out. Appreciate the call called Jonathan San Francisco deal vs moss what do you think John I think guide. A bank can heal Ment he'll look great here what great feeling it was great no doubt that he did do was so great. Dell is trying to even up the fact he did effected the college star. We'll be keeping you're running back. In Q&A brick along the woman you're running won't you won't try that may god guide option then he he won't meet. Ballplayer you look the original meg that you are actually do remember when he caught that deep post had been Green Bay. And what people need our yards away from that and don't YouTube moment convene and coach. That's how great occasion the band. First ballot hall of trainer. You know I don't what the cancer in the locker room but they like like it always want to get involved and getting the ball. You didn't like you know other stuff. And he won't regarding trouble off the field so I don't know what the problem he'll not see him getting him in the first good. I tried trouble you know Jerry Rice Carroll won't do the number two guys as far as why did you were compared. Thanks John and then always appreciate the insight numbering done then and in studio. We album we've we're doing it's funny Tony's back in the day and we were OK how was it apple Jose was Daly City. It was on the way to say the gunman a Pacifica. And they love their city we were there he came through we did get to meet them yeah he makes some great points the mile from the flu like this is all wins. Never has problems with teammates in his career is exactly what it is except. He's a really good duties great to the media he's essentially Kurt Warner he's been on the first outright no question okay so we know kept him out twice. Because a nothing that has to do with playing football on the field but with what's happening. In the locker room and with possible media members and things like that how much can you possibly weight back. When you finding guy who in his. Fifteen NFL seasons ranks eighth in receptions. Second in yards third in touchdowns went to six pro bowls 51 team all pro. And that kinda career. How long can you possibly say no. Because of all the field stuff that doesn't involve the harassment and doesn't involve drugs of TDs ending like that yeah. Yeah I mean there's too much weight on that stuff there's too much weight. No question Joseph this is not a guy doing PD thank you say would involve with the law here's the thing everyone says okay were written what did Randy do better. Randy could catch the ball better in many was faster. But I did he say what did Randy do what did Randy do better in TO. Wouldn't come across the middle. He would then he wasn't as I didn't block it could break tackles like bell so there's so many more things if you told me which receiver that I am back it take. Orgy I would be right it would be it would be TO because of the other things he had other things that Randy refused to do. Oh cross the middleman and dig route he would he would just run across joint and I was like there can we put his hands up. He refused to do that Q what about that actually went about FedEx embossed he would run a seven round where you go deepening U boom COPEL cornered him and another he ran a nine hit run and eight. He wouldn't run a lot of routes that you need them to do. Because of fears so you've got a look at TO so he's got to look at tee don't say okay let's just talk about. Being the best football player who's a better all around football player. Misty. You know what's so unfortunate about this conversation is that this is where we should be this good or we should be celebrating these careers. Right we should be nitpicking the negative we should be. Looking at teal one loss to Justine ourselves out like rather than say I'm taking one or the other because these are the problems with the other guys which we say. Like most who were awesome to watch play football. Both of us and for two totally different reasons. From what you're laying out Owens was the power to act would go over the middle catch the ball great three tackles boss free celebrate the end zone. Moss is the guy who would street pass you on the sideline and then the that back corner 65 yards away would go up miracle one handed come down to be towel at the corner and scored touchdowns. Think they both. Filled our lives with these electrifying moments for completely different reasons and and here we are well the one guy was a nice in the one that was you jerky neither did their tour. The game's great no question and you know who may TO people wanna talk about it that he made him because of his work at Jerry. He'd he could go wrong did go I mean yeah of course Jerry was getting older we understand yeah. Let's let you know Jerry was a better receiver and pay but you think about what he did go bad though coming here with that they're Debbie likes someone doing the whole blew up every day lawyer be elusive. The fans' mood right now you can catch it and it's our offense move it's just you know it's Jerry my. I'm sitting but Jerry may think about what TO got the seat. How to be a pro. Yeah it didn't rub off far as the mental part as far as BM a TT TT student and treat the media right. Before his work ethic in as a billion to go in and train and do those things. He got them from Gerri mean. Best thing to happen its deal is common to San Francisco and see how I'd true pro practice because Jerry now when you watch. When you watch steel. These and what Jerry did well watching you saw teal practice in Dallas. Watching EC practice in note that Philadelphia what's peeled away all the things he did why because he saw the greatest of all time. Practice and work remaining mosque would it started off here. And not go Cris Carter who had all the drug all the different things it was Barak if Randy Moss would have had a career here started he would Jerry. Randy Moss probably would be have to cut you don't think many Muslim ran across the middle of the news saw Jerry and I Randy Moss would have been better he wouldn't be able to work with Jerry and he would have better be watched Jerry infill move means. You want to steal the weight it's GO worked the way that he ran around to all the stuff he did in practice. It's because of Jerry and that's why he was able to go every team and dominate and play so hard because he practiced like dad he played in the game the same thing the way to Jerry did. Take a lot. I think there are only. There might be more than two. But when you go through all time records for certain things and you see the discrepancy between light. Rice and then everybody else and then Wayne Gretzky and everybody else I got sick. I don't know if there's anyone else in any sport that just. Utterly annihilate the opposition the way those guys there like at running back you had all these great backs and you had the cream of the crop like at the top right out walled her in and made it all these guys and their clothes much. But I mean they're Jerry. There's a huge drop and then there's everybody crazy there's Wayne Gretzky and then there's just this precipitous fall off Mount Everest to the next best player crazy. I'm saying I C five I see final tomorrow practice democratic. Like that I know you would you referring to ms. Iverson banked if you wish you haven't had that conversation because that I possess it the way the Jerry practicing well. The sphere of influence on TV all the way to eat practice and the way they you know played any game that's an iconic press conference right there that guy just losing his damn mind. Ricky who did what would you don't want. They did this same kind of thing right yet but that was Iverson city the fact that any you know if anyone practice so be it. It was him and eleven stance that he was carrying the playoffs every year how are you wanna work. If not I don't care as long as he shows up who plays the game for us tomorrow right if yes right. I don't gonna for no reason that they always had to do. Sit in the driveway the only way to address the media and found host. She had been in coast mean did you in you that some superstar he hated by all right. I've partied I like I put myself and all tied cisneros all the time and it's like what if I was ever coached. Wouldn't I'd be a mutiny. Midway through the first season I'm trying to think of like the great one and done coaches of all time I'd be ready neck like Cameron only last so there you biko died. Oh come on that also. This down the road test hole. Phillies braves braves admits it can't rain was one and done my land I loved him the way to answer man. Put your head coach I mean when he wanted fifteen or they could work out you're the Obama camp homer Coke diet high and not just and I went and rob. About a season I know would have liked I think you Donna see you you would have guys will wonder fights and you finally did stay in your offices at. And you have been so disgusted that I didn't want to practice among sit mobs and watches I would have mining and everybody for everything he was just dot. Have goals or less than 500 here thousands had a great break down. I mean I never would have to see if they let me hear talk and criticizing everybody else for doing that job. Is there is I would never do myself better than gonzo. You don't let go daylight Jim yeah they wanna like the guy I would have been one and unlike Jim. And I would had great game management so you would never had to worry about my decisions with challenges timeouts in Ponce. But I but it never got to a point brutally competitive game anyway the whole locker room to check out immediately. I got immediately console he at least you know players like them to get that going form or Obama I could would you did he say you know. When zero games and I'm not the only one engine driving around today journalism that nonsense chill blowing did continue. On 957. Big game. Owner. Of the Houston Rockets. And you can catch season three of his TV show billion dollar buyer it premieres Wednesday January 3 that happens to meet today at 10 PM this evening. That's eastern time and Pacific time on CNBC. Tillman for Tina joining Jolo and lives on 95 cent in the game mr. Padilla happy new years and good morning thank you so much for your time how aria. Right let but I talked to do you do as I'd love San Francisco and it bullets early out there suffered at the it got to get there early due to solve the. And high cut. Early indeed but as we said we do appreciate your time congratulations on your recent purchase of the Houston Rockets tell us how does something like that work when you get welcomed and that clubs their secret meeting at the deep into the four S where it's just nothing but very powerful individuals welcoming you into their fraternity. Back at not you know it's great it's a great club to be a part of there's thirty NBA owners in the world and you know I'm I'm excited. Two. Attack on the scene in your use of so many owners don't get told a team of their own tail end and and to grow up being a fan of these rockets get a card since I was a junior high school of the village. I'm really one of the fortunate ones a lot of people don't seem. You know they have to build and multi bit that it it it's exciting than our. Looking forward to playing those Golden State Warriors two more at least it looks and James part of. I. No no question you've done an awesome job myself happening go to saint Thomas see you and now I know you guys are you get contributed that's cool they're great school sat and had a great education airmen at how what and you know not just own it seemed that what goes into you know make sure you get the right guys on the team and had a really Chris Paul how your student organization Philly steak house Chris Paul led to work when James Harden two guys are ball dominant. You know week week that they're so different and and the and the one way that they bring in the all of the court in the way they've and the outfit then. He got to realize there are also only on the court about 20/20 five minutes together that would change that south course is handed. And then you know likewise the other way so you know it's. It it's amazing how well they they work together and end this is we're gonna get to see you know Chris now for the next. You know ten to twelve games maybe fourteen games with without James Harden in the light out then you know it's amazing what injuries due to these teams then. And then this little stretch we want all these games in a row but then. You know most seem to operate with an eight that may have rotation in three of our top eight guys were out ten it just truly affection was a basketball team so. You know we sort of hold it together while James is injured in you know the whole key is don't be injured come April with the playoffs start. You know I think Christine but it's it's it's great that Chris support the team. Come and cortina owner of the Houston Rockets would Jolo Indians on 957. They game one of the elements of basketball that I find to be the most refreshing is that coach is. Front office executives owners they tend to be more outspoken menu here in other sports in the NFL it feels as if everyone's always operating in some secret of back room whereas in the NBA the commissioner is outspoken owners general managers. They may speak the truth they speak what's on their mind and I find that to be very refreshing. A Daryl Morey your general manager made comments recently about how he's obsessed. With beating the Golden State Warriors some people criticize that comment but I think it's great to see the level of competition. In the national basketball c.s so CAC wet when Daryl Morey makes comments like that AM how does this strike a chord with you. Tell me it's a but the bottom line is that over the age. True because they cannot access would be you know model Barkley played in every year they. You know what it had been doubt there is that you all put together unbelievable super team. You know I think the greatest scene ever and so if we're not successful tried to be child while we play it every year. Of volatility. Carrying two superstars a bunch of money having. What we wanna win at just dislike the guy has to end and I'm I'm I'll let that they dear all filled so wait a whole organization feels that way. And our players feel that way our main. It there might be contained that that don't think about what the championship every year but I can tell you this Easter rockets. Will work. I know how tough little bitty bit but you know our plane is just a BR percent in the west. You know not the Golden State Warriors this year but we also not popped up probably and everything got all of the place. Of life but does he go ahead and so overs Bennett a parent and a great. Great commissioner rent and you know that there's been lots of rules in place so about. You know standing internationally at her and send it to a different things and it's just. They DBA is a world sport and you know we we just. It it just seems to be accepted everywhere our players seem to stay out of trouble. And and it's it's just so auto real positive hive right now and I'm thrilled to be a part of it. No question and then include us here for just don't like it isn't that you're absolutely right that is you know your organization every organization job is to be a champion into dramatic and yeah exactly the lift that bad rap in what what is so many things as as an owner how involved do you get some guys have passes some guys are very very involves some guys to sit behind the scenes what is Connie your role what are some of the things that you like to make sure that you have this -- influence on and implement a determination of what happens and in your organization. Well I can tell you this that I never had a meeting that voters office of the stadium and I. I go to mob does every day I'll run a big company you know 500 restaurants five casinos amusement park. Aquariums and and that's what I get out that I do every day they let it but it thank Paramount announced a look at the numbers every day number you know. You know our world was solid sponsorships that we sell tickets and and and what happened in all the players that are made elaborate I have a great achievement that brown and and and and dear all that but a great cut that cut. You know. State they talked to see you on the team. In this they wanna trade somebody and what somebody. You're in the middle they think is what people don't realize that the business side of out of one of these teams then. You know would luxury tax and revenue sharing that and how difficult it is for utilities that this might significant side display here. You know it can cost you double the salary at a certain point so it's it's it's it's extremely. And you know you always you know it's it's it's it's. You have a trade deadline come and Peter freeagent see you you have to drag it. And then blocked the big decisions that need to be made it. We appreciate. I'd seen but the thing parents you know you worked there did last few years so maybe you know. That everything you wanted to do that you listen to your expert and he usual business sense than. Beat these guys know what they're doing that in the end. You know hopefully he's got off on things for the good decision. Houston Rockets owner Tillman for Tito in Jolo and games here on 95 cent in the game. On you mentioned the casino business that you're in I used to live in Las Vegas and you have family members there as well who were in the casino business. Up NBA commissioner Adam silver has stated in the past that he is for the legalization of sports Manning and the Supreme Court is currently hearing a case on that matter as we speak where do you stand on that do you think bay the legalization of sports betting would be harmful to professional sports do you think it can be a benefit to the country. Other going to be 100% be a benefit are made every but what people have to realize this is number one if you're in the gaming business. You know were more important more regulate it then that anybody in that background than and the rules that we have to follow. And and and people loved sports that people just like to do it it's only legal. And in the weak economy cannot always been that solid legal in the body even though I had this thing doesn't five different states. You know my Golden Nugget she can only do it in the product. And and so they pushed the billions and billions of dollars steady illegally around the world as a country. And so all these states have tension problems sit in it and debt problems. Why not make it illegal okay people we're gonna do it you know it's just like people finally said he felt. Dugout just approved marijuana in California illegally now so. You know why not let the state get attacked dollars and and let it be regulated with people that if you make a bad. You know you're gonna get paid you know how many people don't get paid other bulky Germany people full plate of cookies. That's what's so good about you walking you have to make the bet person and they need it date and end. It he always won everything to be legitimate and did advise that it's gonna be legitimate. So. Billion dollar by air season three premieres tonight January 3 10 PM eastern on CNBC how much fun has it been for you to do they shall. You know it's it's it's truly been great and and it's it's that serious business showboat but it's a lot of pretty the last X stand and and that I ate it got me out to see all the latest greatest products and young companies that they heard it and I had a lot of size and side effect tonight it's about two California companies send and that. It it's it's it's a great show it's. Formed the table products is is really big in the restaurant industry right now work. You know you're not going to all the middle distributors you don't have all the chemicals that basically goes straight from. From the vegetable patch on all of the the dinner table and and and and your restaurants and and and it ended will women's empowerment so important right now and it's this woman this that this group this great. Leisure Wear product that is it just they really could show and end that the people of California I really enjoy it. Follow him on Twitter at so mean Jay for Tito he's the owner of the Houston Rockets and billion dollar buyers season three premieres tonight. 10 PM on CNBC. He's you're Jolo and lives on 95. Sent in the game mr. Bhatia thank you so much for your time this morning and hopefully we can do it again right before the Western Conference finals what do you say. Outlet to any attempt not to talk about the Golden State Warriors have a great day. You didn't thank you very much have a great day sir. Chill blowing teams continue. On 957. Big game. At least who LeBron and LeBron makes you become irrelevant as a franchise number for the second he left they were relevant or Cleveland and I'm sorry for you know an assertive. It's been looked at the laws and doing a little sympathy you let you lead Kyra even now expects they get out so you look at and I mean. And even a bronze gonna go compete OK so this year say they get back in finals. Where it in your opinion is it is its sense homework and he goaded you really think you need and the Houston armour hot okay believes in Houston. What are you gonna get on defense you it will Chris Paul I mean understand is is that really the NOK you got Imus are. And the later scored a buck sixty a game. That would be insane I don't even know how would work many media pretend to tell you how it would work or if it would work but. Based on what I saw from that team so far this year. Adding LeBron James it's just I don't know I just kind of terrifies me I don't know if he's desperate up and down the court the way they wanna do it so maybe that would cause an issue but. What ever ends up happening once again this summer will highlight why the NBA. Is overtaking the NFL in terms of that offseason free agency movement drama like people what I hate. Wondering if we're coming to the warriors whatever man get over it but player movement in the NBA it makes it such a great story like last off season how awesome is that I called a traitor or Houston track called George Carmelo Anthony illegals are great stories you can give us fresh lines every year you're right Eagles and rockets and rocket he can move the ball that's one thing LeBron can he's a great ask you see how many insist he's get. So are you gonna trend may wonder how he's a multi. Just saying you know an American jobs thirty game and I'm real back in about 26 point seven but not all pieces total so all their steady gains up and he might get more one on ones because now you've got hard neared its demands a double team so. Sure seem to see how that thing works if he's turned it. So sex and say he wants another tip. North of the NBA title that I feel like that that name has jumped the shark a little bit more. Yeah I mean chip came on hot yeah and now it's like everyone's using it I'm wondering is it still still hours it like it's like blankley remembered blameless all England now and then like you come home one day and your mom says that this like that's the end of that death. I don't know that I don't know laying blame blame. I didn't come home and played. Mama I was today network was back yet. I well that's the NL I'm daddy and momma John I think is gold chain on those bang off coffee tables that's not cool anymore now and I say get hi fi in part because the loans and any money or he said oh. OK so take me through you got a son in college software and you too. Allow their guests are trying to do deals brutal slaying and yeah and you don't like. So I dropped my condition I don't talk with swagger talk and talk we'll try to relate relate lets you know that is meant. You know used honest trying to survive beyond just Intel double lane Maloney hi fi gear in that dad okay is like right legal criteria that would regulate private rap lately are low bed is soaring and don't even come on our Sambo a let. Why even invite you know on my own bags your I gotta be honest I must do you trust them at my table badger pretty cool that. Play in the league you still love you still hang out those guys until you've suburban or you don't actually look at that he didn't hold up Gilligan is still gaining. These New Orleans Purdue game you know after the game he's the last one to federalism laughter because the last one and a lot of I did not surprise me if you asked me what number he is I'd say he's bottom 5% he probably takes his sweet time jerking around the manner but no. I wish so you just wait it'll hold teams cleared out and he's still in the air. Oh so bad at all like access pass that I had to bring in walked down there and make sure he wasn't on the bus. Yeah Joseph took it. I'm like OK you know I know more tomorrow. I don't know we have like 5060 people waiting for him to do you know commands into. I walked down wade missing most don't think so essence amid I think it's all call and you know Osama I'm giving it won't be the best because everyone can't walk down there is security easier so you gotta walk the buses are down at the bottom. So they have the walk up the ramp to come see family. I'm waiting this 3040 minutes I'm Mike believe that it looks so walk down there and it was a can you go to Cologne. Aren't going down there. Not to go down there again twice family come up a dude police escort me down and we don't want me Nana I might do to arrest him. There's been this way if you are dead early and do it. I didn't show or who knows the news wanted to ask him what you and he just walked right Waltz Diane in Iraq she'd take in his life he's just how. Whatever they ate in Iraq shoot. You've got your grandma was there yes yeah you got caught memorabilia behind you and he's everyone's still waiting for you for is did you want to you don't come to California. Star attraction. They wait for him yeah Mike Duke so easily won the heat is one Foster park mall would you do also missed a couple I. Highlighting your community and can you saw me and I'm pretty. Asset. Had to beat beat you look at the sweater you guys had a nice slow giggles a nice look had to shape. All the FaceBook and I was mostly it was it was not it was not. You sort of does what. He takes for ever to come out. Many codes every 10 either they screw balls you don't condone the most for Christmas all the everyone's giving (%expletive) to wow. Yeah wow. Only a month low men don't try and you just think I'm. A series beyond that now most of those years that I need to use you try to take him down to the woodshed and and income from those days are over here he's he's eyesight now when I mean it. He scared to death you know not Joseph Allen down the Purdue couple weeks back five weeks ago an idea to you Tony 538 times that this red coat may get public season. Everyone cowboys' recent. Don't your dad. He's crew won't you do would you Schuller do movements should go stone dead heat as they move on here. I had to send us didn't so we get. We took care that slot and I've been trying to watch a Joker but yet can be a late flight deck like the Soviet Union moving battleships down near Cuba like all Cuban missile crisis the checklist of things that went back and forth. Let you go in the and real at all. Congrats to you yeah. Especially the Soviet Union say what's up Kenny quiescent battleships just off Cuba where you got. We got a Turkey you got missiles we got a dire wrap it up battleships in your backyard. Miami. So you know I'd I'd I'd say now but he yet he doesn't. I'm not cool anymore and it's crazy it's. The opposite markets still are small enough where they think we're like the coolest thing ever cubs things on the male Cole he's so misguided because he knows nothing else except me and her ET listen be like man this dude has a go at all. Now wait until he goes out that door the first time CS the world he seemed like what do revenue the next series suckers she's all right like she's always around when moments are important this other thing. This guy idol his jokes all as loud noises when you move on these people them on the carpet legacy and yet the blanket yet and he did little more audits we momma won't let you do it well we re arrange the living room this. This thing is. This these mobile like mobile or not. He's trying to knock down fences he's climb in all over everybody Sullivan just falling in every things can get Boston up two times that got pulling nine billion well we've we're create in this we re did the living room that we created this like fortress then complain in the cushions it's just it's it's. It's incidents more than I'm mad that I bargained for work and there's going to be a lot easier. So honestly I hit I guess coming I get I just days ago you two. So you know your boys always drop and TV show recommendations for everyone mine on there into the park I know you're all welcome. Legion I dropped that last year you're all welcome that I got another one but this one's twisted. It's I'd really twisted and I'm sure a lot of you know about it because latest season just dropped on Netflix but this show black mere. They don't hear why she shall we tell me about the somebody's Jolie's top whiskey you come off every episode feeling awful. I'm not I am not an issue you're good news for you this will screw your mind out. It'll play with your emotions and edible and you'll just sit there for a few minutes like man. Yeah yourself so let me and it. Or not it's you don't feel good about humanity really it's. Every episode is a different cast in a different story it's not an ongoing series like everything else you watch on TV where it's the same characters and they just continue to get into each episode is a standalone different people. Different cast I'm most of it takes place like British accents. But it is very creative it will make you think it puts you a lot of ethical and moral dilemmas where you have to make a decision and multiple decisions throughout the course of that. But it ends in. You look like hot garbage really to come off just being like man. The men's plans to add placed technology is bad place it really sales on technology quite today. It's it's great job. And got hooked on this thing Nicki actually shut it down when Christmas came crashing really not watching it for a week or so why not. I was like move rolled through this thing can't wash is sure brown watches and holidays. On Christmas wow it's just it's that black Mir got the latest seasons I don't I'm not there yet and clubs here we're gonna watch it tomorrow until my streak remind media minute. Ask me what happened little joke. Little low remind me that remind you to remind want to remind me to tell you this story about little little sign autographs and taking pictures. Although I guy below that actually happens. A guy a guy that's what we're lead with tomorrow. At 6 AM parade great story about little low side out of gas taken pictures. That is it for us I think you're up next John Higgins is gonna join him at 1018. Don Nelson. At eleven for low. Fran on Joseph thanks Ryan how this and everybody we're back too much exam right here and if I've submitted.