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Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, January 3rd

Joe & Lo are joined by Warriors PxP Voice, Tim Roye as well as NBA Insider for USA Today, Sam Amick. Then they discuss what would happen in Cleveland if Lebron James were to leave. 


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I. 957 to. We got noticed yeah. And very focused Joseph and I'm gonna watch this weeks it's gonna fix. Joseph did is out of BBC I gotta think I know the radio here. Number of the volume it's time to play golf. Again a little from week we could do a version where we put your voice instead if you would like why we haven't done he had. And both don't know why did it to be golden Sunday Olmert. I'd love to move again it has plenty of reasons why this is gonna help pregnancy. Yeah needs him Roy report brought to you by Porsche of Fremont opportunity awaits at portion of Fremont leave voice. The one state warriors and Roy joining us here on 95 cent a happy new year ten how aria. I'm I'm I'm good I'm pondering that the committee agent furloughs next career. Tim don't throw away we have them. Nintendo and don't start to mean you go way back to start that don't jolt educated dark side all I'm trying to do is make a live in him. And for you you know come on and say going to be my agent named Jill tell you don't need your career. It's no I don't think he called games for the greatest basketball team in the world there's that purses endorsing Mike. Yeah good to be out it might have to wait Jeter's deal right now so don't. Don't write this waiter. Yeah make sure that retirement plan set up before you go or rolled the dice that this guy on God's voice can't you can't he multi tech. This is summer gig Tim. I work at first we gave it I have to multi cap. Royally jello I did that he 57 the game let's start with Christmas. It was a game we were all looking forward to obviously no staff curry in the lineup for that one but they see LeBron James and the cavs back in the building a what was the atmosphere like for you won that day what do you think of the Christians in general. Well you know I'm I think it. You know whatever eight and the word quickly that can be a great atmosphere it's got got a playoff game and and that's exactly what it hit. Com and you know like it it's called it and attitude to look at so far park that it's one of those teams has supplied great doubt in my outplay the other. And that's not fun Christmas and so I felt for those guys never that respect but. Our twenty lightly about that why is that they're competitive nature of it. And the warriors defense was really really good clay Thompson and that came peel back in and logic it again. There about five plays where the cavs try to post him up Kevin Love Jeff Green and not one of them got clean look at the battle. Because calling it just that good and so. So I thought she meekly out of debt and you know without step on to hold them to see what was it 31% shooting and and my assassination by Chapman look at look it up in Iraqi navigate a lot time to cabbage shot that low. Was against the warriors on Christmas Day two years ago. And so it just shows that we under the defense apart equation for Golden State went there a geek makes say it makes the warriors even that much. Morse of more of a special team because a loud and overcome. You know walks and a two time MVP. Tim and three. Wasn't into senior chief quality in any game after it was over LeBron you know says say house found the what do you do about it don't you think it have been better for you to say. We'll be back. I didn't know there's lightning goal was stopped early each guy anybody's. Now it it'll be out that they were there were fouls that were arrested and yet be admitted back from down the stretch they also let nobody. From you know we secretary Chu remembers it that appear for personal foul on the last play of the game Richard Jefferson TrueCrypt Kevin Durant. And that wasn't call will be OK it's just it just happens in LA and the wars have been outshot the free throw line by. All I'm all by about a hundred more free throws. By their opponents and and so you know I think he had been in the heat of the moment has. It told those kind of calls there are our talk to make the other third you know Lovato basket. And the only vehicles up for shouted as governor Arnold long arms and Hispanic. Just like that happens just like batteries so I think when you slow it down slow motion all while he can get on the Arnold but there. So that could've foul and and so. It's just it's just a waiting game as it's it there's always going to be human element in there and it's like oh retired football we know. I was always I was the rear guy and it didn't mind the sudden death and part of it in backer and today went. You know where he got the ball first catcher has to win the game because in my mind yeah I'll see you at four quarters to decide this thing. It used to quite football let's just hope the luck of the draw and so. I I cannot feel that way too with a good. With games like that you had 48 minutes to establish a lead in the protect athletes so it could come stay you know electric now the one call it and then you're delegate. Imam was outspoken about it after the game on. The league rid releases these final two minute reports do you think they should continue doing that it feels is that it's more harm than good there. Yeah no I think I think with a liege duke is that in this dislike gay and out but. I think what they should do it is go case by case. Yeah look at they had people back in every place that are working starting that game as well the guys were working again. So there's a controversial call it there's no rule interpretation of state got a bigger example the other night. Outside a true post spin baseline stepped out about everybody saw except through guys all look so it was unfortunate you know when he does open talks. And Milwaukee when the game. Okay that would be playing the leash drop the next it's okay. Well we missed the call here's why it was not reveal apple which is because nobody blew the whistle policy without counts. So they couldn't take a look at. So and then came ready to breath trying to fix that in the future sort of like that I think that's what the leaks is that given as a controversial call. Or if there's a rule interpretation or something like that. But I think the two minute drill all that does that mean I know the idea was to be transparent and I appreciate that and I think it's great. The reality of it is is that all it does is throw the referees under the bus and say hey if they get this congress that call and as you know as. Drop laid out LeBron played out today it's like a changing thing. He'll look the calls were called and told her little heart and soul. Yup there's a drastic missed call like the one in Milwaukee. Yeah maybe take a phone call for assay president of the general manager of voters say look we we we missed that one can work or sorry we can't change people we yourself. And so. I I think it's predictable. Report that it is gone has gone that way I think it's time that they attacked. Get away from Matt and continue their efforts to be transparent continuing her effort to try to do did to make. You know the process per view better than him more efficient. Tim what do you say to those who say you know I'm strongly that. Players of all things being equal players are gonna make plays. Coach is make decisions to help determine how can they gained. But if everything is equal and the players are gonna make the plays especially have to equally matched teams. In you do you say decent team gets the ball full ball do what we know where he's a ball they scored that until we're considered given both teams an opportunity. What he's saying is that wind when this when it's so equal competition is so equal bidding. It does Kenny can come down to just one bad call or two bad calls. They can determine an outcome of the game even though I know you talk about they have all those minutes it took that play at a high level. But when it's all equal don't that will have have an outcome on the game. Yes sure it is beyond that there's there's always going to be that we can see where. You don't call wolf affect the outcome of the game I think if you can base already seen that in the end. End in football and you see it didn't end in every sport and so I think that that's so neat that it's. I'll talk partly human equation. You know if if if all sports were video game and he can access it up perfectly so that everything go perfect. Then you know it's it's can't take the human health and I mean does this say you know the Cleveland Browns might get bit. No one caught. Football Ol DL from getting a win this year but they've been kit unfortunately went right through his air. You know the Buffalo Bills were. One you know tackle away from being out of playoffs but instead. You know there are so I think seventeen dollars to use any don't charity it means it's. It it's crazy. But yup but not ready that's that's also one of the reasons why we also allow it because it's so unpredictable and you know you want to take it. You know they take you wait for life for a few hours and you see you know people battling you don't fight. Sometimes we expect players we robots but they're all human like we are soul if if they're going through a situation you know what if a loved one is sick or if the other going through some personal problems. As they come home front. That's gonna factor throughout campus of the issuer or advance guys concerts are quality you know he'd take a little deeper you might find out aid concert sometime. Disliked Erica and so the human element to be as part of the reason why we help solve all of sports that it makes it's so unpredictable. Based on what we saw against Memphis on on Saturday night. I'm a step curry ever gonna shake this rust off I mean the guy looks the guy looks rusty tend. It was awful odor is horrible. How does he do that. I didn't have this conversation for in the first three years running about how does he do that come back from the ankle and just drop. Ten threes on the grey is like that and what he did dig assault him what he did did assault. What about the Saul. Yeah and the. Mark markets so this fight it that the first guy that's been done to put. It'd slide step has special. I think what people look at it they don't realize they'll see that I'm a moment because he was ready and and in that there's a certain joy about the way he plays and you can tell you missed it. Anyone get out there aren't you want a deepening credit and yeah unfortunate for him he was even knocking down shots like crazy. And the hole. You'll five in the building was different of a hole. You know a way to warriors went out bank Colbert differently. It's no wonder without staff when they get stopped they don't tip that fast break opportunity as much. And and you know except for the game the other night that would step. He makes the warriors be unique team that they are you know he drives them to be. Not only just seen that can touch your heart out here via politics. But also this team that that transcends the sport if he takes the team and and and and makes it not only its incredible basketball team but also highly entertaining and fun basketball. As somebody takes the sport and to cut pushes it a little bit. And end at that joy that he doesn't Wear it is why you know he's a guy that that doesn't get enough credit for being a game changer. Tim when you see what happened last night you see cut you see. When you look into so sorry we look at the Celtics what they've been able what they're going to do tonight the panic you know cats. But you saw Isiah comeback last night had seventeen. Now on film being equipped with guys they EC steps back for the dubs. What kind of a match in what does that do what does that do for both teams in what is Isiah bringing your opinion to the cavs. He brings very consistent scorer off the bench he's score and that's what he does and and he's got pick that team up on nights when they're not shooting the ball that well played that well. And he's got to get a couple wins by just giving him enough offensive punch to win. Step. Yet that you make he takes them I think for being. Hey hey 88 very very good it would make it great to step I think take the lawyers in the championship level. And and and again it would accept the help they wondered when that top four group itself be an and they. Are playing well they want the best team I think in NBA history and so you'll be additional staff gives the lawyers that kind of potential. To have that kind of year again and so certainly won't having all those guys back put these teams more on a collision course. But I will say the one thing that it is separate Boston. Think Cleveland is defense. Auctions are better defensive team and I don't think Isiah is gonna make Cleveland a better on the defense and so. That thing is that the reason why I think Boston might have a legit shot at Cleveland make it you know they may get the team. Strike could be better and in this they have received only a long way to go yet but. But it but it ought to look at a chance in my mind right now because of the way to play defense. Follow him on Twitter at warriors box that he isn't Victor OX the voice of your Golden State Warriors Tim rule when Jolo in dibs on 95. Seven game great stuff there's always Tim appreciate the time enjoy the road trip with a Ford beauty and against them. Allocate me a little bit ever hear about Amy Allison. In some. But above the value of its time to play ball with Jim lowly Jill. Gay alone in that area I like to run. Tim right. I guess share data and salute put him there as well and in love. Some job and it contains isms are low we've been hoping to all right is back Monday didn't come away and you're right the black money we very much look for messing messing Milan very much talked to you we're just talking when he comes back. It's about the real real. You all season to where many NFL playoffs it's about the pop off payable bet against Minnesota's Peking. Houston James are now for a couple weeks we had this Cleveland Boston until tonight we should be I go to. James is playing at a ridiculous level I have to acknowledge that I don't know whatever was here about LeBron James in the people. Let's go ahead emphasize something we need. LeBron James are right you don't have to love him you don't have to like them you don't have to root for him but you need him he. Justifies. The dynasty. When it's all said and done yeah and we look back on history and we talk about the war re years and their place in history because tech 102030 years from now. I need to be arguing my son who's trying to tell me about this hot new team out on you at all. I must say mantown back in my day that's right and actually use the terms and appropriately son. Back in my day is old articles say worries they would never did you Dalton would never hang with those warriors. Never they smoke and eighty staff all that. But when people lined up the Arabs all one thing you need. And this is what solidifies Larry Bird Magic Johnson the Celtics and the lakers they had each other you need him greatness you need to defeat. Greatness can do in order to solidify your place. As the all time elite. So so many people here and I get it that's random and get it I love it. They hate LeBron James I don't hear about LeBron he's the you've. And then you need to beat LeBron James. And every time you do it you do when you look back on this area and you have three rings in four years and those three rings came against one of the all time greats to ever play. And mark my words he is one of the all time greats ever play no question that solidifies your place as one of the all time great dynasties. The lakers didn't have the Celtics. In Jordan early on didn't have the bad boy pistons. Rite Aid these teams in how. Have one another the pharaoh what it be as. Nasty think about it. Which Celtics run. Do people remember more fondly what happened in the eighties or what happened early two thousands Shaq and Colby. People look back on the Shaq and Kobe area is all that nominee even though was because they beat that lousy sixers team in the finals one year. Bulls really beating. Well for the media I can remember right now that the nets did the Mets get there it's a good. This now. Now only do is give number one picks everybody else and all of and it's a good four or miss USA ranked I think LeBron thing. He is having a remarkable season. Remarkable and it is. Fifteen year in the league. He's very hard to justify it's it's great and it's happening alongside Tom Brady because it's this kind of some historical perspective that we can lend to that these guys are so far past what should be their primary and get the performing at the highest and most elite levels since only thing different between you two is the bronze in the more championships he just had won his knees Brady so when you think about what he's been able to do the last eight years enroll amicus I think think about music disguised play when another two season. Many playoff games in a playoff games yeah. He's got so much Wear on his legs that people don't realize. A whole season tool and you think you know look at the way he's playing steel that's what's amazing. Nelson both lost 3-D three games goodbye to do something about what LeBron has been able to do in the playoffs and behold another season. And here fifteen foot wave like 1718 years and look at it like it's unbelievable leg of Gotham city was truly Giuliani's New York. That may when an existed the cares about Bruce when they care about that. She is fighting the Bill Clinton's people. No joke or there's no crime no one's all fired up about some lunatic and a bat suit race and on the streets late at night that guys just crazy he's just. He's a drunk driver could want they're endangering the bus and you know I'm single because. These jokers out there terrorizing Gotham that Danny's step up and take them down. Guys this is sort of the rotted and miss this helps my point. On the tax line Penske auto sales dot com from the for a late if he's beaten back consistently is he that great. He is put your teen is so much greet her. Which is what solidify your place in history absolute need LeBron James you want LeBron James on that wall. Did you taken down it just makes your resume look. Better guys. Until you exactly and you need me on that while liked that line too and I stole that from a few guys that we're course and we don't know but I always shocked into you know when I do my line and there why did LeBron say you know what. We'll be back. And that was what was gentlemen once we just randomly bringing a movie lines now. No that money can't get a loaf. What I was doing the I don't know why that would be my go to what I rarely need a movie line spot there's a lot about. It was it was a perfect time you think about who they lost the game LeBron they always say the army back in the finals might widen this is a guy fell once and I'll be back. Ladies and I don't like. Them I mean I mean I gotta talk Brahma and. Like Camilo won the right now gray yeah I've got to now and now. Because she's gotten on this diet is some hungry I could go for some you won't see me again I'm confident and I had no choice. Oh my god. Roger Federer also bring broad as well there like that that's a guy who doesn't get nearly as much appreciate amazing what he has done his career he's Korea attacks like 36 I'm not sure that's true I know he's old. But 36 and tennis. Brady as a Paul forty plus year old quarterback LeBron his fifteenth season with eight people this. It's all about they may not be your guys but that's what we want that's what we need the league would be so boring without these villains and heroes. The warriors are heroes to office but in every other market they are the ultimate villain of the ultimate on big boy hate Kevin Durant no price paid staff curry. Everyone must clay Thompson he really hate clay and the matter where you go Leahy's love but hatred in my green. That's is a nation the business you need haters in your life you're not a hater UA where in. I mean I Beatles are right they hate no you can figure NetApp haters right. Eyebrows haters know. All they know they'll knock on. Buddy you think about it if Katie wasn't in this market went to some of the things he's told job people will they cite your. They wouldn't let him it's it's interesting just to watch you know he's a great guy all the things he does. But you liked it a traitor all the things like I say he's lost his damn mind this year he's getting ejected fight with everybody I love it it's like this whole new. Just I'm done with all this clearly some snaps inside that man and I love this this is exactly we wanna see this team is is entertainment. In its. Highest form that saw no more though we can't say that they're soft anymore they they they get after they'll fight until they were never soft it's just the perception of these teams is that if you're not throwing punches like the Palestinians you're not tough won't know. They're tough they just cut if from a distance it step by a thousand paper cuts and the warriors is you don't Wear you down by sprinting up and down the court by passing the ball around and I knocking down threes in your face on like that's. You Paul Williams the boxer of course grew big. Ironically I had that horrible accident that paralyze them so I mean to shut up all Williams aside from you know I didn't really get the ring you throw like 17100 punches and fight. Emily was a slap you when he was just slap annual opportunity just hide all you bet it in the when it was all said and done you look at his opponent that guy must have been like. And then pulling just flat mean 17100 times as lost yeah I wanna send we all get knocked down. Policy Yakima fire using his holy all six or one I have hell yeah there's nobody like he has a maneuver well. Very big ads brought five days I. I am. How I feel good gathering team is so yeah it's weren't aware of where flow statement that the calls flood stage and but I guess you do is most state as you said and I now most days as regards clocks are management okay store Matagorda island. Want to call anybody a little and that's the key whom would you went and from. You do whatever you want. And they make NBA insider USA today James Harden how bad is this hamstring injury womb we'll find out next Joseph lo did not offense and get chills going did continue. On 957. Big game. We are now joined by NBA insider from USA today follow him on Twitter at Sam underscore may make. And it would Jolo and his here on 95 said in the game at new years Sam how are. I could do here boy they sure had him do well. Pleasure to have you as always let's begin by jumping ahead to tomorrow night's game for the warriors he'll be in Houston to take on the rockets there will be no James Harden what's the latest on that hamstring injury initial reports said about two weeks is that how long were expected to go without Harden on that Houston roster. I'd I'd say stay tune in if I had any tepid you know probably you know that maybe significantly more than that anytime you see. A press release that has their language and sense she'll be reevaluated two weeks you know you got a lot of work where. Other military kicking the can down the road and a guy like hardened with the way you play each other injury you're injury like end strain. You don't want rush that and they got. Such a good team that I guarantee of from you know they're GM Daryl Morey are down. They're viewed going to be then we got to take a long view here think about. Mahan and who knows maybe even June and they consider Harden and the way they wanna handle yourself. It it makes things stuck in the Arab not only eight you know against the lawyers tomorrow night but just the fact that they've already lost five out of six. Chris Paul and I kind of wrote this today is. No Crist left the clippers last summer. Largely because he was kind of tired of being that the guy who had to be not only a primary playmaker. But just to have a huge load on his shoulders and really doesn't that count as they actually it that's the only way out. Are delayed for them to survive right now is that McChrystal put on out of metal clippers had it and be that guy again as Jane tries to get healthy. This injury this is going to be a pretty significant load our MVP chances and not. Yeah I think they'll be LeBron authority Cali quake. You know come strong with his cheating that even having great Alaska we'll game LeBron thought a little bit but it was already. Becoming a lot of people that Kenyans should count a one on one day. I bet geeky right and it certainly doesn't mean no game is hard not going to be MVP but hey you know unfortunately for games he has learned. Several times already that you know the configuration tradition marathon type thing where you know last couple years. Around this point there have been times well we thought he was going to be that guy and whether it helps. Or you know secretary. You know going crazy couple years ago whoever it might be you know James ultimately Mossad award and and I could see that happening again this year. So what did worst Katie in this conversation staff goes down and Katie pulls it down. In most score defense blocking all the different things that he brings to the club. Worse yet in this MBP conversation. Great question I don't know the entire guys because we you know get together yet anecdotally a little pre stroke but our pleasure that we talked about this before we got these weekly. MVP rankings it would duke. And and the what's happening and Amy I only got my vote in their escort us to vote and what's happening in. Then when chances should hurt and Kevin is allowed to dominate. They knew she inevitably Kevin started rising through the ranks of the NBP top five that we duke and I think he'd gotten as high as three. So far this season but then once stepped on the back. Any scores thirty whatever he scored the other night any edge 103. It you're you are having this dynamic where they. And up siphoning votes away from one another because you know before stepped out heard. Chef was they guy who is creeping up the Eddy Cue right age and then that you know that's kind of the Detroit those guys may have by partnering together in poultry and you've got championship rather than. Individual accolades it just makes it hard. Two to Parse that out into the you know to apply a value to one individual got what they do this so collective and then they got the cap stocks are that they have. Winners of seven of their last eight the Minnesota Timberwolves are now twenty form fourteen and they're coming on like a freight train but it's citadel is notorious for just run in his players late in the games and run up those minutes. Obviously seems to be working now but what's he what's the ceiling for the timberwolves this year I know a lot of people thought the last couple seasons they could break out this was to be that breakout year. It does it does how this skeptic early on I was banging their drowned there you know like you talk about the Mitch and kids and IBM the Kreider that he is they're running guys in the ground. And I did like without seeing or hearing out of Minnesota early on people back to training camp. And then beat China trip when they played the lawyers slides there was a lot of chatter from better players on that timberwolves team. About how there was concern internally that it was too much you know too soon and can they weren't going to be able to make it. The senate slot and be able about a month the roster. I will change. You know you've still got to look at it like a marathon anchor wondered if they cannot keep this up would this kind of workload but if you're going to. Push your guys like kids had. These are the kind of result in my opinion Mitt that you got to expect because now because of this stretch the barrel on. They are getting to a point where I think it's somewhat justified because you've got timberwolves came there was twelve of twenty shakes. At this point lashing which honestly Estrada last night and I and I'd I think I forgot how bad they were early on even though they had so many great expectations. There you go from twelve point six to twenty scored fourteen which they are right now number four in the west lookalike Tina could certainly get home court in the first round. That you know those are major strides toward that organization that I don't see them as legitimate title contenders. I see them as you know above average question conference team but they had been a player option thirteen years they get their belief blog of playoff crowd look. And so you know you gotta crawl before you walk in and right now because the crowd pretty well it's. How do you do butler's this year what does he brought to the game and you think about what they're doing one. As cease as he makes your expectation. And always with the way that he's fine. Yeah I think so he's done really good mr. find the cheeks. Because there for a couple reasons for one he's been a bit of a million. What it comes to giving the team what they need godaddy. Point in time so early on he was inside deferring being a playmaker and you know I didn't talk to a I guess you travel weekend of the regular season where you Cadillac should you are still Jenny buckets like I can still go give you forty on any given night. But that's how low we need right now. And so he took this pragmatic approach. Where he made the guys around him feel comfortable he allowed everybody to find their rhythm and he put a different hat on and we had seen from the one he had in Chicago last couple years. But now on the backhand and only get deeper and achieve and you're seeing elk bloke can million thing come in the play where now he's. He's going out and given a daytime scored you know they've. They've won eleven out of fifteen right now and during that time he's averaging. Point seven plate Carla Berry town the second scoring very Nash and and then about nineteen point two games so Jimmy is carrying the offense but much more importantly. Would generally be in the tone setter defense suddenly these guys are going anywhere unless they get better are bad and and that's when it had improved lately to that went from. Like 23. For most of the year to about fifteen and defense degrading joke. They're doing a lot of good things right now it's a good stretch and they got to keep it going to guys can urged Obama should be you know you another drop the last two candidate playing better. And and I think those two games they're going to be fighting for the number of course I'd the last. No question we were you even know that. We look at the exit the dubs what they're able to do you look at the rockets you know sand and Tony's going to be there but let's talk a little bit about bill OKC in what's gone on here click in for them and what do you think what is their ceiling when you think about OKC with three guys they have there. Yeah it got better got a lot better you know you what these these two games they dropped they were close game against the lock in Dallas. And they've been pretty good and and clutch time. Different points in the sheet but they I mean it's as if that sounds really awakened simplistic. But Russell Westbrook reigning MVP. On the engine shop and his efficiency. You know striking at the right time because he. Along went Melo along what Paul George Altria those guys try a lot of this year. We're on track to have the worst shooting percentages of their entire careers. And you know you guys know what we're not talking about young players cheerleader guy as you'll all's been doing it shakes seventeen. Russia then go on and around the same time Melo has been doing a much longer you know let you have all three kind of look at a terrible perfect storm. For a Casey when they were all just plan really poorly and knotted the kind of shot updated throughout the course of their career. But some Nepal shed. Yesterday with interest income children are going in the play. The lakers and the clippers in LA this week there's a lot of speculation obviously about all sidled lakers this summer. And and even with these two Boston all shed he liked it crazy how to think how good we could be. You know he. You what should take into account how much they've already gotten better soak. Still some optimism there but you know like we betrayal all year their fight against the -- o'clock who they got a secret guard because you know we're not we're getting the concede there. NBA insider USA today Sammy may quit Jolo and ends on 957. The game is visiting you mentioned the lakers and Paul George because the next question I wanted to ask you know last offseason. We all ran wild wood LeBron speculation what do you these Cleveland again on the lakers the front runner. It's been all quiet on that front as they as the cavaliers continue to go about their business this season you don't what's the latest in NBA circles what do people think is going to happen with LeBron James after the season. They'll look at LeBron to the resolute guy that talking like this BA list create and so we're gonna have this summer an apology or does what I'd like that. Would LeBron. It's gonna be like you can't you who you can speculate we have our road OP couple weeks ago about how accused him is they believe they have a legitimate chance of getting LeBron this summer but in terms of breeding LeBron mine there's just nothing to be had there because what they do in the playoffs. And going to play a huge huge art and the way to LeBron cheated situation you know he's he's at this point. Where I guarantee you keeping that final streaked will be all alive and not and number one priority you want another chicken what's another rain. That is resonated legacy and the when this summer comes with what they cabs were able to do what they weren't able to do. They're going to be I think the first second and third factor that he takes into account and so. The backdrop there. But I don't have a great chill for a bit of good I think he's gonna come to play too. Is that the personal dynamic in a relationship. Which cavs ownership Dan Gilbert and then just this vibe where all the LeBron knows where he's at and I respect because you know he kind of did this time when he came back. To Cleveland despite the fact that banded. You know it would send them officers scathing words and that infamous comic chance letter. You know there's there's a lot of history there are a lot of baggage you know I do wonder Karabakh a LeBlanc minded that maybe he just what doesn't wanna just how to. How to clean break from that chapter and and maybe do some again difference somewhere else. Follow him on Twitter at Sam underscore and make NBA insider for USA today Sammy may quit Jolo and dads on 95 cent in the game. Great stuff as always Sam we appreciate your time and look forward to doing it again soon. What do we. Comic sans letter that is like the but fumble of SL ownership moves over the years now of course I mean OK fine it's not so much letter and I get it I'd. Do Tom Hammond I got all that money and power in the brown leaves I'm gonna be better I know where my my franchises don't want. But to doing comic sans I mean the name alone is comedy scenes like. Did he change the font to comic sans and sales of you know what I really wanna get my message across. Price screwy times new Roman did I Nicole Lee Green a picnic area. And our pedigree OK we're going comics hints act like that the name itself. If I'm serious so I'm not taking you seriously or there's the other option he's just always typing stuff up and comics fans and that's how he does what's worse. That's a great question I think what would be worse would probably be. Choosing to use comic sans rent an already having it there as your as your default as it did you devolve meager humorous guy you're going to find you didn't think dramatic he's so mad because actually change at the comic sans. When I got to say bought fumbled there's. Yeah eight it's crazy because a market easy and right now it's fool's goal. Because once one guy leaves and that's LeBron what happens in that market that's why are you looking Tyreke you say OK when in best to try to say OK LeBron were you wanna go. 41 and go when you say I'm gonna keep Tyreke. Because now he had a carrying guys don't play 78 more nine word years. Do you consider so now you gotta hand it and they then the house that falls once this one Carlos is once shipped gold. So you look at the national greens and all the things that they do because yeah LeBron. What what what's next you know what's really next for this Arnaz. Usually when I'm doing the Dow. He brings is when you got to be looking around like yeah all the team at least who LeBron and LeBron makes you become irrelevant as a franchise number for the second he left they were relevant oh Cleveland and I'm sorry for you know what sort of it's been looked at the bus and you're a little sympathy you let you lead tire in the next best thing get out so you look at him I mean. And even have a bronze gonna go compete OK so this year say they give back in the finals. Where it in your opinion is it is it sent home work can he go to to really think he had the Houston armour hot okay believes in Houston. What are you gonna get on defense you were Chris Paul I mean understand. It's is that really the end okay you got Imus guarding the later scored a buck sixty game. That would be insane I don't even know. How would work many media pretend to tell you how it would work or if it would work but based on what I saw from that team so far this year. Adding LeBron James it's just I don't know I just kind of terrifies me I don't know if he's disparate up and down the court the way they wanna do it so maybe that would cause an issue but. What ever ends up happening once again this summer will highlight why the NBA. Is overtaking the NFL in terms of that offseason free agency movement drama like people what I hate. Wondering if we're coming to the warriors whatever man get over it but player movement in the NBA it makes it such a great story like. Last off season how awesome was that I called a traitor or Houston track called George Carmelo Anthony illegals are great stories you can give us fresh lines every year you're right he goes and rockets and rocket he can move the ball that's one thing LeBron can lose a great ask you see how many insists he's get. So are you gonna cram me wanna always a mall. Just saying you know an American jobs 30 AM and I'm real back in about 26 point seven and up pieces total so all their study games up and he might get more one on ones because now you've got hard neared its demands a double team so. Just seem to see had a thing works if he's turned it says thanks and said he wants another tip. Nor do the NBA guy that I feel like that that name has jumped the shark a little bit and really. Yeah I mean chip came on hot yeah and now it's like everyone's using it I'm wondering is it still still hours it like it's like blank might remember a blameless all England you know and then like you come home one day and your mom says that this like that's the end of that gap. I don't know that mentally young team playing blame. I didn't come home and played. Bob how are you dead and work was back. I well that's CNN that I'm daddy and momma John I think is gold chain on those bang off coffee tables athletically Mario and I say get hi fi in part because the low he's a dad any money and he said oh. OK so take me through you got a son in college software and you too. Loud they're guess a large did you don't brutal slaying and he had you don't like. He dropped my condition I don't talk with swagger talk talk we'll try to relate relate might see why his minutes. You know used to honest trying to survive you know just kept tumbling all mean high heat get in that dad okay is just like right legal right there you definitely laid out the rest lately DelHomme did this story and don't incoming assembled a like. Why even in my you know I'm I'm old bags you or I gotta be honest I must you you trust them. And I table badger pretty cool that. Play in the league you still love you still hang out those guys until you've suburban or you don't actually look at that he didn't hold it up Gilligan is still gaining. These New Orleans Purdue game you know after the game he's the last one but that fell as the laughter because the last one had a lot of that does not surprise me if you ask me what number he is I'd say he's bottom 5% he probably takes his sweet time jerking around the manner but no. I wish so you just waited a whole teams cleared out and he's still in the air. Oh so bad that at all X access pass and I had a premium walked down there and make sure he wasn't on the bus. Yeah Joseph took a Mike OK you know I know more tomorrow. I don't know we have like 5060 people waiting for him. Did you don't come around saint. I walked down I'm wade missing most don't think so essence amid I think it's all call and you know Osama I'm giving it won't be the best because everyone can't walk down there is security easier so you gotta walk the buses are down at the bottom. And so they have the walk up the ramp to come see family. I'm waiting this 3040 minutes I'm Mike believe that it looks so I walked down there enables it to you go to Cologne. Aren't going down there. Not to go down there again twice tally come up a dude police escort me down and we don't want to Ghana and am I dude just arrest him. There's been this way I could our dad I let me go and I didn't show were who knows and news supported us and what are you and he just walked right walks Guyana in Iraq she's taken by Jesus how. Whatever they ate in Iraq shoot. You got your grandma was there yes yeah you got caught Bremer was never behind you and he's everyone's still waiting for you for is did you want to you don't come to California. You are attraction. They wait for him yeah Mike Duke so he ever won the heat is one pos powerball would you do false or omit the couple. Highlighting you can hear it and and you saw me and important enough asset outlook ahead of BD you look good that's where you. Had a nice look there was a nice look had to shape. All the FaceBook and I was mostly it was it was not it was not kill so does what. He takes for ever to come out many hugs every 10 yeah they screw balls to do don't condone the most of the Christmas all the everyone's getting checked. Wow yeah why. Only a month low met. Trying to meet just thinks she's not. I series beyond that now most of those years that I need to you know you try to take him down to the woodshed and and in government those days are over here he's he's I silent now wedeman. He's scared to death you know not Jolo island on the Purdue couple weeks back five weeks ago and I did to Tony 538 times. It should go to made it public needs and everyone cowboys' recent. Don't your dad. He screw what would you do would you Schuller do movements from coach to whom he as they move on here and I had this and as they did so we did. We took care that slot. I've been trying to watch a Joker but yet can be a late flight deck like the Soviet Union moving battleships down near Cuba like all Cuban missile crisis the checklist of things that went back and forth. Let you go into. And real at all. Congrats to you yeah. Especially the Soviet Union say what's up candy quiescent battleships just off Cuba we've got. We got Turkey you got missiles we got entire wrap up battleships in your backyard. Miami. So you don't idea and I just say now but he has yet he doesn't. I'm not cool anymore and it's crazy sand. The opposite markets still are small enough where they think we're like the coolest thing ever cubs things on the mend all these so misguided because he knows nothing else except me and her PT listen be like man this dude has a go at all. Now wait until he goes out that door for the first time see your best the world he seemed like what do revenue in that series suckers she's all right like she's always around when moments are important this other thing. This guy and all his jokes all his loud noises when you move on these people them on the carpet legacy and yet the blanket yet have you did little more on wheat mama want to do it well we re arrange the living room just. This thing is. This these mobile like mobile enough. He's trying to knock downed fences he's climb in all over everybody all over and just falling in every things can get Boston up two times that got pulling no I don't know we've we're creating this we re did the living human and we created just like fortress then complain in the cushions it's just it's it's. It's incidents more than I'm mad that I'm bargain for work and this can be a lot easier. So honestly I can't I guess on a regular disparities and yeah to. So you know your boys always drop in TV show recommendations for everyone mine on there it out of the park I know you're all welcome. Legion I dropped that last year you're all welcome to that I got another one but this one's twisted. It's I'd really twisted and I'm sure a lot of you know about it as latest season just dropped on Netflix but this show black mere. They don't hear why she shall we tell me about the sum this show is talk. We ST you come off every episode feeling awful. I'm not I am not gonna shoot good news for you this will screw your mind up. It'll play with your emotions and edible and then you'll just sit there for a few minutes like man. And put yourself so let me edit. Not it's you don't feel good about humanity really it's. Every episode is a different cast in a different story it's not an ongoing series like everything else you watch on TV where it's the same characters and they just continue to get into each episode is a standalone different people. Different cast I'm most of it takes place like the British accents. But it is very creative it will make you think it puts you a lot of ethical and moral dilemmas where you have to make a decision and multiple decisions throughout the course that. But it ends in. You look like hot garbage really you come off just being like man. The man has plans to add placed technologies that plays it really goes on technology quite a bit. It's it's crazy Joseph got hooked on this thing Nicki actually shut it down when Christmas came crashing they would not watching it for weeks at a fine. I was like ball rolled through this thing can't wash is sure brown watches during the holidays. All on Christmas oh wow it's just it's sad that black me where I get the latest season and I'm not there yet and club here we're gonna watch it DiMaggio my streak remind media minute. Ask me what happened little joke. Little low remind me that remind you to remind why are mine need to tell you this story about little little sign autographs and taking pictures. Although I got below that actually happens. A guy OK back to relieve what tomorrow. It's 6 AM parade great story about little low side out of gas taken pictures. That is it for us I think you're up next John Higgins is gonna join him at 1018. Don Nelson. At eleven for low. I ran on joke thanks right now this and everybody we're back too much exam right here and if I submitted.