JLD - Hour 2

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, January 3rd

Joe & Lo continue to debate whether they would build an NFL franchise around Terrell Owens or Randy Moss. Then they speak with Buffalo Bills Linebacker, Lorenzo Alexander. 


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Into one's I I tell you get a lot of texts from some of the guys are here on Tex and elect Joseph Joseph Potomac and have a good actually and I don't know about that. How many people do you know they're hitting you up about Cleveland. And they kick in more than one. It's about two or three that I give him my phone and they they ons to X line and they had column checkers or. Joseph Jones whose talk mark Lieberman says you know he you tell them go win a couple games you are in the basketball you're that you heard that Cleveland I respect Ohio State now. That's where it adds that. Columbus you also get that we know it's 7 o'clock so John I know you're a brain on John Lynch he knows his three when a dear. Yeah just John has once you do know and I see you and I. Go ahead of them put on some bad cycle time. Sakes we're on mean you so you troll but a cat Collins of the why do you have before John Lynch don't measure the 49ers that guy's the prince the Bay Area right now out night in that the trends mean. Italy did. John I mean you got to realize we should go to Google and Japan that bar. I'm guy and he would we it's yelled we had a great time when he came down the Fresno when Wendy you guys go to Japan played yeah altogether if all adults are you doing that Stanley played baseball he'd come to Willett president who partied there in Fresno. France now I mean could go do all kinds of stuff and now the heat and came out. That he may in his millions Johnny wanna see Johnny boy and are you know I know Linda. In the mail me your wife let it go Jill every year to his golf tournament in San Diego he has yet to meet he DN. They try to work toward his death and all those radio station done their job was open to bomb blast this morning so until people are listening and so John and also my problems and I think those at. Those are trying to figure out what's going on here. I mean low reached out John Legend recently once they are good friends my bag today apparently because leads to return the call immediately lows society's got our black. I was every morning is so he picks up a. And it's not about Pro Bowl stories. A look at all in the Tampa oh for the love immediately is estates this amount of these snitches get stitches. John police and the role would you please click the little one album both of them good dude I'm. Now with some might say it's hater ade because yesterday. Yesterday the pro football hall of cain's fifteen modern era finalists were announced were announced. Yes and Alessio it list. Do gather a round of applause button. I noticed we're not on top of that hour on makes a mistake we're on top of all that stuff yes I've been. Finals but your first year on the ballot altogether guests and and this is progress when you sank. So I'm excited excited about all the things that you've done and you guys to station on the voters out there it is don't try to help the big boy out will appreciate you appreciate you Levy from the bottom aren't really appreciated where you make a strong push to advance you further next Jack told it is going to be a process he would let me get back east keep working out you keep yourself healthy well we'll get you in that does not only. John. Guys here modern era final sixteen as what they're saying is and this is according to speculation is that. Much like the Randy Moss TO debate which we're gonna having a few minutes if you want to weigh in triple 89579570. It's gonna be links vs Brian Dawkins because you're only gonna allow what five then. And of these five modern era finalists Ray Lewis looks like he's going to be the luck. So you've got four spots it's gonna be tough to justify to wide receivers or to safety so lidge has got to battle coming up when Brian dock lenses give me who tremendous safety tremendous. Safeties. Yeah NFL I'm completely biased. One way early in my life and and one way late my life so I don't even have a pin all of the bulk of doc and I'm you know we went to pro bowls guy he's a great guy played a game like it's meant to be played. I'm all buys but I really believe John's gonna get an idea think about why he's gonna get into your hair all over him about a 130 seconds ago you know duck incident and John you can. Not here. Lucky about that later. I'm pull Obama let them call all my friends tell me but all of voters of over Dawkins and all John. Oddly enough John John's a John's gonna get he's in the niners now he's GM. I mean I think it's great for the where you know for the hall of fame to show a player that still going great great I really believe that John Lynch is going to give in you know he's he wasn't a first ballot. The guy played a game. High character guy now the GM I really believe it's good for the National Football League to have this guy in. But not only because he's a GM I think because the way that he played is god is deserving without a doubt he is one of the greatest safeties that ever played but I really believe that there will be a safety and and I think it's gonna be done the further you get removed from a guy's career the harder it can be to remember him as the player for example John Elway I see him now for years in suits and in the box I almost forget watching him with a long blond hair sticking out the back and held it making plays on Sundays. Lynch I'd spent so much time over the last years seen a minute soon hear them talk about the niners talk about Kyle Jimmie all that south. You almost forget how dangerous that too was Romans secondary America and he was stone cold killer back there and now is he's polished executive talks about Stanford he's down there and Silicon Valley you'll also forget. I bet. It does not nice I mean the nice guy that's cool. He's crazy. John Lynch. Was crazy he'd be bleeding in the foray in the look and I look when I was playing UC I knew where was that cause I knew he was not come down and a boxing news want to direct shot. Do you not care he would come in and he had a hard hate you guys take a battle some right now I only yours is that hard at all. He was in December Joseph on we ran tops. It was and he was going to get to play and he didn't seem he thought he was underneath me right. I caught in your oldham all. Any would fly people so mad the whole game she was try to give me I was left and good way to get in Tampa and then we leave you know of course I go my way neagle are you friends handle. Okay is he had a good relationship and probably mutual respect for one another because you both had very productive career so so I attempted to come to Tampa Bay in what 97. And were playing their first year were hanging out but I've been known Johnson's college so you know 67 years where are you been in the league but I give the Tampa Bay played together go to Tennessee to play get set up. Then I'm Eagles a damper on the San Diego. And he was right and as possibly. Anybody who's by me I came backing caught in Joseph. The whole game he was looking for me I'm left him. I was laughing because I know I gotta he's looking well what the and I think Michael Moore and I'm glad that he's chasing her because he doesn't even forget so I alike got in so he's just out there. Hold on grudge about mold Todd McCarthy can feel good OK okay I jog or try to do it now you realize his lunatic in the secondary to try to take you out there. My guy and this is a new charges. He was the heat seeking missile he wanted to get mean he wanted to give me in the week before though the great thing about it he was so many neat. The week before member of that rated and never happens learns O'Neill when I got to when I got laid out when I got later got that audio so I know people Q well we don't know about and we don't need to anyways sometime to get the Berenson and a biggie too so they got you right. Jesse Chatman the rush him back is on its chargers. The next week we're playing that it was a backfield where it was. I don't send and you hopes Darren Sproles patrols Michael Michael Turner we had a back field and Jesse chatted just talk. Good god man yeah the good guys and so they're laughing awareness meetings and man it never happens in the world rates low yield had not gotten Jesse Chapman's lab being just. Enjoy my tennis LT Laphen. They all are ever was out there. Let's have a good yeah. Fire everyone and low coaches were wide. You know it's. Not born here and and played on the meeting room and everywhere no god no no legal. I guess I mean that's why we have so much followed because in sixteen years is like the only time we did see anyone ever get better at but improve the and for those who don't know that play. Still down on. That will be. Wow. That's great marquee Sanderson goalie is he. I didn't mean to get a couple caught brilliantly got some get some value showing that video to every one every day he's in the barbershop should really watch that didn't really he's got don't we why that's a good way cued up audit ordered all. So Kevin laugh and joke so the next LeBeau played against Denver. I did John links in nineteen fired up so he. He's trying to kill me Jesse Channing gets a ball he hits Jesse Chatman so hard that it mouthpiece in his helmet flies off his head. But it's not pieces in so he's hole and onto a mouthpiece source helmets off. Copies and it still does not it's what don't and helmet. He's fill in on the ground for his mouth piece look around like Mike Tyson look imported my Mike Tyson that knock out here he's all grown on the ground kids who look and it's not dome completely Alvin since senseless. Putting this sideline. He came a silent this who are. Joseph was the best hit ever said that meant I went over to John afterwards he was mad I see John thank you so much I would actually praised him or not can help out because he was a bit. This one left and and meet the next week again it's not that I did not guy was just a day you're just you can. As you read about Iran yes you're gonna hang out for a minute you're a veteran sometimes young fighter tries to get to Sunni wobbles. The rest now the ref doesn't trust yet they experienced fighter he takes the need. Full eight seconds yeah I. This takes a breath you know what you're doing you'll like I had let me catch my wind they wait for low O'Neal O'Neal it many Russia. It does when he's going to trainer James Collins and bring them shows charges does you know trainer he comes out does it well we are subpoena. If you okay massive US have been housed grout taking it. OK. Okay so crappy commodity really set the course. And he. I was god and Lowe's got but I was just so happy to John Lynch. Not Jesse Chatman Al knocked them out Cole it was one of the best knockouts have ever seen and I was happy. And then did you get your revenge in the film room rat weak link and everyone that you did I did we did it. Joseph I you got to see America searching on the ground NE RD has his mouthpiece and he's looking for his mouthpiece like Mike Tyson. And it is now coach I looked it looked and I love you for that. Couple things number one sounds. All the be flying around starting Friday we get a new element we're bringing to the shell. You call our hotline number nominee that's you know second and you just go off told the beef line. You go off when they need you got on me on low on did when he comes back on Monday. Any thing about your team's coaches general managers and players anything at all the best stuff gets aired every single Friday told the beef line. Air those bass calls Friday 7:45 AM the phone number to call if you wanna get down 415403. 8588 that's 415403. 8588. You better bring it because if you don't ya I cannot that's how works the phone number is on FaceBook and Twitter as well also if you didn't. Catch it it's there beautiful stuff thank you for doing back. One of our favorite guests of all time on the show. Raise an Oakland went to cow. Played for the raiders now pro bowler with the Buffalo Bills read back the playoffs Lorenzo Alexander on all the hype of playing in the post season he's coming up next Chilo did not if I send the game. Chills going discontinue. Its on 9570. Game. It was the best story line Sunday. As the Buffalo Bills who had the longest playoff drought in major. American professional sports. Ended that drought by not only beating the Miami Dolphins in Miami but then by watching on TV has somehow some way. Any doled in the Cincinnati Bengals came roaring down the field to defeat the Baltimore Ravens in the final seconds. He played a huge role and it. He's going to the playoffs ladies and gentlemen Lorenzo Alexander back would Jolo and did on 957. Game low congratulations how's it feel man. They chemical going on popular great dumb obviously they can't get have two played a playoff series at the chance to our our goal right flavor it but the ball is always a great tournament a lot. Good to get worked day and you can afford to put in the work. OK so take us through it. As you're playing Miami you guys got up on him early you handle your business you look good but how much scoreboard watching is taking place for the bills at that time. I would outward things that we hear about you know earlier the week off that you wanna be. Economical or look at that could now we can't can't market this art. You know what we got a lot of veteran out what he could play which everybody all post PD. Lorenzo how. How exciting nights is for you but it seemed like the community buffalo been on this track here at what is it like in the town what's the excitement level there's only like they're now. I mean if it. These are everybody upbeat talk. I'll quit. The bill Mott community deal would add adult. Our foundation are they donated over a 100000 dollar. Great you know. You don't forget that we had back to tackle by each eagerly everybody at a rate move is quicker every three years in the crowd to get back you know this historic franchise. It's big for the organization and the humidity and out a way that happy about being here we wanna be an automaker bought while we declare where. Lorenzo Alexander we Jolo Indians on 957 game what's it like being a player for the bills and then seeing those videos of the fan base out in the parking lot before games smashing each other through table are currently a fellow acquired by bad. Accident do you guys watch those videos in just. Haven't had that good but Creighton organization are bad they haven't been around a bit out to the very passionate but without that aggregate pre game usually. They hadn't played there but I am I take it down like that now we cannot order that you put our cocaine with nobody out the other RT shirt saw. Got deadly fire at a live in have a. I. You know Manny and he played special teams you played defense and dual I'll say is not able to go mail was the deal consultant you know you've got the same name you know. And I mean I knew I think he can you can you got a 20 W double got. Hey there's a lot of cal let it go over there could be an we go eight years old she's probably took place got too hot I Iraq and while I'm Wales we'll be adequate. You know David I credited you don't want got a little bit shady are able to go. What we've had guys step up our cameras are out here are Bob Mike told radar it mark you're a great job with artillery which it went down in the portal got people open their great or. Lol what's it like with the club as you get set for this game in Jacksonville this is my personal analysis and I'm not saying it's right but my feeling is that. Jackson really very good team coming in but they've got some pressure here they got a great defense you guys it's got to be like house money year in it's the first time since 99 the fan base or not is are you guys gonna be able to play loose do you think guys are going to be loose for this one. I think will be Luke I'm gonna we're we're definitely that wanna try keeping up that they can't believe a word here now a playoff game it's actually being pick up. Are they can't seem to speed of the game and going around it. But it got going there you know great perk Rachel we're credit due to cost in the game plan which are pure which eroded what did it. Up their play bad you make great actually net which reign to do army and again I got that would that it had to be you're out of order they go it. Got to get everybody go you don't you reported it took apple makes Olympic a big ought to get it checked again. No questions owning a local election dollars in this thing for you guys to remember when I still like that it'll do until you know when you look at do you look at the team their component to two playing you travel into on most things you see Jacksonville the defense you know we are the best defense is in the legal points allowed not allow a lot of points you know and and disorderly or does this match up well what's going to be summoned key indications and European your defense hoping it what are. I need somebody keys for either team week what's gonna do you think the main thing did you guys have to deal. Blonde is worried about that when they're effectively we have to come out that the confident enough or all brushed off Richard in the game I cannot adapt or they yelled at. It ivory back the year would create a mock debate bill great job are they keeping up their. You know it really could come out without Aurora is one out ground account. They could let you know or give a lot of twenty to outweigh have a RT park rally car it is crowned the rockets so yet be great. Get. Actually. I give up black he took a ball swarm. And die every day great some of turnover of bird law situation cook over areas where. Bait they have a little issue as far apart in like most order spectrum to public Kurt that what are glad. And what opera for the Olympic figure the last two weeks I would get rid of it after break or a little bit. He's Bay's own Lorenzo Alexander we Jolo Indians on 9570 game mode no live my wife is from East Aurora so this game means the world to her she doesn't know it and actually flying in. A case of Labatt blue light I don't know if you ever have any of that you can only get that in buffalo that's like the no. I'm never had an art be pure white cry after we got to play out but I go to a couple of days go at all. She was we have an eleven month old son so already a ton of bills here has been ordered to this weekend my Sunday are we got a whole thing set up which sheep look on her face when she realized what was playing. What how is Miami she was in junior highs the last time you're out in the playoffs so she couldn't even comprehend it and then she just was quiet and so watching social media for like an Al. How were all the outpouring of friends and family I mean it's no joke bills mafia and that town rallied around that team when you gonna say that that's I seed in my household man they love you guys. Yea he edit the family affair chiropractic community here at you know to wiping away Coke now. Brooke block is everywhere well which site great bit misty and celebrate with the markets on. And buffalo surprisingly cost of living roughly the same as Sampras is not. Do you low low heat for errors I think Paul in buffalo right now. It again that's islanders got to you know he's energy got a mansion out there by the so we know we mean Joseph definitely commencing the mayor shuttle's own driveway I saw that social media you're out there shovel and after that sells. Hey man outside a great marketing data where our games. It got that call us a bit but so let. A guy managed by the number I'm doing a great job what what's it like this week you know forest is travel you don't with the when he won't you guys leave this you don't want playoffs and he can only getting 60 I added tracks is doing here but now in the playoffs he get to at a press padded practice how does that work in and what's happened to workload do you guys get a for the playoffs. EL coffee house sound of the record that would or would have a at a cracked but are they well about why actual album so we gotta keep it is that usual. You don't want to say too much out what they did a great appears well let's go ahead of a bad bank at the bigot bigot that you want it'll be literally out in be it Greek chorus. What are they come around. But there are focused and and comfort to the record we co located favorites are what we travel we need Danica evacuated think about Beckett got cooking. 88 off without a playoff people to try to you sound a little bit different that the local level where which we doughnut hole here. They've been working for you really put you look like defeated now watch that you think directly. All I wanted to close the conversation with the but it the most important topic I mean you have been nominated as the organization's 2017. Walter Payton man of the year. Award nominee I'm what does that mean to you because that is a tremendous honor. Yeah I'm here but I Pachulia record and an honor constitute a tall order also their record got a what I thought all in all the fielder who shall there be it could if it. And out black I am I what I'm doing and have declined about this special technique work so he guy. Or Cabrera Jerry you can't look how would you know I Iraq and back toward orange you know jedi. Humble guy at a very active well given their time in your mind that he didn't eat the Fiat car setup our old guy to be associated walked look eight he never got that water like common they've selected Gerald. Is it that truly a daughter that's what you need to be able to let word get keyed of course I'll call you know bay and Oakland well club. It every heater up played its article without the picture courageous intercity youth people to have great ability to lead a clump of mud and the gap former it help them get he would cheat. Former California golden bear former raider now Pro Bowl linebacker for the playoff bound Buffalo Bills and he is the organization's nominee for the 2017. Walter Payton man of the year award Lorenzo Alexander joining us here on 957 game low it is always a pleasure getting a chance to do about but you can't catch W excuse me keep doing what you're doing and best of luck to you when the bills this weekend and will be rooting Korea. Our recruit her. Take your love. And that's a good dude right there crazy good dude and that community insistent. They may accidentally lit themselves on fire on a regular basis and a car I'd much they love their bills they love it I mean all my whole household. Is geared up for this game on Sunday morning I. Over jaguars I mean as Agile for balls to be don't you don't want to do you gotta Miller. Buffalo is just a blue collar town. Those people work and they love their bills or stay humans tough place and play issue say it's isu fan and you feel like don't feel almost mining kind of high school scientologists so close to the hilt and they get after at least get Iraqi it's it's it's good to see a bills team that has been in the playoffs since 99. To actually have an opportunity to go to Jacksonville and place it and I'm not playing meg great right now team that was. Really got a couple weeks back in just kind of warrant couple games loses so skid after the 49ers some in the face. You also you look at what's going on they have a chance one makes him hey I'll take the points of the bells well. It was eight it's come down a little bit I would take the points I think they're going in there on house money here's what here's here's what you got to do if your boss when I was that's slow this but he's really got to do. You sellout against Cornet the run and you say Blake portals you gotta be set and it played morals BG ticker at home. And you reflect upon a great season then you work towards building towards the future. If played morals can't be you now you got a real shot to win that game and you realize how to win that game it's not too complex you go out there and you sellout against Cornet that running game shut it down. Much and then tell portals to go beat Jeff I think that is going to be a low grind them out slug fast that's ugly nasty physical and late in the game here there are you just need one plus you know until it's gone come down learns on. And another and went what you have to do squeeze everything. You wanna make sure that you don't know stretches you squeeze everything and now docked at safety down in the box and make it make you make a fight the phone Booth. Make them fight the phone to do not let them get to the perimeter make sure those and squeeze it in and make them hit two in the middle to not let them get the outside any place you play the man to man who rolled a safety is single high safety but that's what I'm duke. I'm telling my aunt you take that tackle if you continue constrict the hole and now you put him in the fumbled make them Egypt make a beach in a phone Booth. To shout out. Buffalo Bills buffalo YT five year anniversary today today I'll be 35 to three comeback win over the Houston Oilers in the play all my. Frank Reich was in the quarterback then both frank Kelly went down frank Reich led him back. Against Warren Moon and the Oilers 35 to three decade was over oh my goodness and they came all the way back to when now one that is one of the great comebacks in playoff history. That one and a few years ago when he colts surged back against Andy Reid Jay-Z EO Mike Reid have no idea how to manage a game as well and that was crazy discussed brutal. This fire able quite honestly night we announced that Andy that's what happens in game management situations play got to be wary of his she's in the playoffs. Those late game scenarios he has not improved. On that situation. Called Mickey's brother in buffalo yeah this weekend Turk I got them shipping out. This Labatt blue light you can't get anywhere I wanted to be a surprise for her after the game on Sunday. And as he just goes walking him. Who I don't wanna say who was there I am in cash or how does in my household and they get. But she Eagles and one of the shipping companies just holding the beer is again I need this at this is San Francisco and like much. No you can't do that. Well why not they called Lilly put you doing the F package it up on your own and then sneak it through I don't know mushy talking about this on the air well you gonna be honest. I don't know if of course I can mean don't be so you cavaliers at your subtle excitement that's coming. And you Oxley did you look at my. It doesn't but it was like do what you don't like each pitches walking in there the case a guy. Haley to send this is everything 00 sure we don't need to see any ideas or verify anything nice yeah. Or they have. Happily driving across Chicago friend Joseph Gibbs got a teaching I just need to get it organized and I just knew that our people come and house it is you're next going get it and I don't right now the plan is it's an early game yet so it's just going to be in 2000 jobs. She's got a ton of bills gear on order for tubs as. Good for this game. And they learn a possible playoff game in the future but we're not going to be any c'mon what did you growing up with a team that has shot and understood. As I I Pablo Alexander and and he shouted it's Jimenez wins are there on the rise there on the rise aren't. The time has come. Yesterday. Yesterday the news came down that the fifteen. All the same modern era finalists. Have been announced forty niner general manager John Lynch is one of that. He it will be an heads up battle with former Philadelphia Eagles safety John Lynch Kurt. I Balkans excuse me. It's unlikely that a book five modern era. Nominees recipients of this great honor to see these are getting in so it's gonna be links verses Dawkins but. The other battle and the one we wanna hear from you want happens to come at the wide receiver position TERRELL OWENS former forty niner. Is up for the third time however he's got competition. This time around Randy Moss. Is on the all came out as well. So we wanna hear from you if you're starting eighteenth today. Would you rather have moss or all its AAA 957 that if I seventy. Also relish triple A 9579570. And do you see a scenario in which Randy Moss gets hit. Over TI. This TO get shut out again Imus are we view this is his third time throw. I think the committees made their points but they may Charles Haley wait a long time. Could he'll be in for more disappointment this time around. So it's possible but I don't think it's probable and this is this third time are yet strike one strike two kids start out. Bases loaded. Get this thing so what I really believe that the media. They they they you know they they're playing god and they understand. Because of what he did in some good things and how he went about it not being in according to the meeting me medium rather. They held it may held a grudge. They're not hold the grudge because the way that he played because why do you think the media wanted to talk to him. Because he was such a political player. There's a lot of guys get in trouble lot of guys that have also many different things the way they do but no must talk to why because they have no sphere of influence or impact on the game. But TO had a huge went so these guys and I'll make good now all of a sudden now they're saying you know what human what you did to me. But don't wanna say they were just wanna say they were cordial wanna say that we can forgive you won't. And they didn't so now finally at that where at that point and I just think that with all that with every once speaking out until when he was announcing okay that's enough. The guy's a hall of Famer look at his numbers and his career look what he's done he's hall of Famer. Are we going to do what's right now we've we've made our point he's still gonna have to come problematic. In Kyrgyzstan now it staged in say because I didn't know what it took a fouling made it. In he's gonna be more appreciated than sometimes people just cannot first ballot. Is your first ballot hall of fame the real question. DO you look at his numbers and see this guy's gonna go down as top five as he's ever played one of the best ever does finish. Sure Sid be a first ballot a joke I just think that now they're gonna let teal and and Randy Moss is coming down and how the did you have an uptick our eyes today. Conduct an avenue and. Aside from teeth in Walnut Creek on the pads get us so that context line I worked for FedEx is a federal offense to ship moves across state lines unauthorized. To. Yeah hold lasting that was just a bit he's lanky guys is addicted so I didn't actually make that call and try to get a case of leadership out here's my. Oh that's not it right is he would never do that no reason for anyone to look into where it's just too bad you know we're just having some fine there's actually no validity to it at all. Just calm down we got better things to worry about the world the 8095 whether or not some radio guys meeting joke. Usually no need to look into it. I'm all nervous whose. That's the FedEx guy hey you sorry about that he's he's he's he's he's playing he's joked yeah we're all his job and yet Lewis had a good time it's morning radio also have fun. I look and I got to close. If it's on to got a close backseat I don't give any context that sounds oddly quiet gentle way or the other and the Dow was weird show. I carry out court OK you know what a few minutes we'll explain exactly what I'm talking about right there but. The TO situation is insisting in Matt. This is the great irony most of the voters if not all of the voters are somehow media members right and a lot of times. The the thought process regarding Owens is that well he may not have treatise teammates right way or the media the right player ABC Dini and we're gonna go ahead make him wait yet he was so good for your bottom line. GO represented that era a wide receivers about as well as anyone including Randy Moss no question that was the era of the diva wide receiver Ochocinco. CEO Randy Moss all full. Right mega tribe came along with. And then started this new quiet cool of the position AJ green Julio Jones you don't hear a whole lot of the divas coming back O'Dell Beckham's lead niche arch. Not he can dance in the end zone it's a little bit remember Joe Horn but the cell phone went wide receivers were why I'll back that wow and now they were just their own breed and I think for that era. When it doesn't involve a rest or drugs or. He these anything like that I mean that is team that errors wide receiver AZ game don't they may they need to commission the commission say no more. The cell phones couldn't props they may have to shut it down that he when I was bond that only choreographed it's humor it's almost too much Camilo pulled. RP outlook thrill that was an audio. I am now it's like OK let's get together around get do this but back in the day yet they changed the game where the commission had no more no more this. So all these years TO what the setup tasks deal with the drama Lazio would dumped as a quarterback McCormack the only hole stuff. It's great headlights I mean do you remember when he was doing sit ups in his driveway after Philadelphia kicked him out of the facility and suspended him. They were running around the clock coverage on ESPN a everywhere else on the Scott. I mean I. Everybody can easily get off this radio TV newspapers and blogs and yet then we turn around his media members that we say you know what now we're gonna make you sweat conceding treat us well. And that to me sometimes we we we just need to putts how. Big picture how bad a guy is Terrell Owens' big picture look at the world today and ask yourself between him and Randy Moss. Really they really do we expect all of these guys to be Kurt Warner let's guys and I know he's your friend I'm not taking a shot at him but. Ray Lewis wasn't exactly Kurt Warner and he's gonna Waltz right into the hall in pain as he should have. Because he was one of the game's greatest linebackers all of all time the way he played that's Super Bowl MVP performance against the giants. I've never seen anything like that does and he was involved in every single play ticket passes interceptions sacks tackles who was everywhere and I can't pay anyway. Everywhere in US did you talk about teel Mike DC it was he out beyond. Even associated with murder no ray didn't kill the guys would get DeVon still associated I understand that but it gets you up till is doing since Joseph in his front yard on a sidewalk and what was that not just the music. Unanswered and helicopters final results are. How they. Did this a watch is guiding sit ups and boy did what we try to get. The city was coming off. Its first Super Bowl periods since Jaworski in the east in eighty when the raiders crush them right myself. All these years you got to understand it in Philadelphia they had everything except wide receivers they had everything beat the offensive line the running game the defense and the quarterback they had. But they couldn't get over the top. Always comes in and that's the year they broke through they lost in the box in the NFC championship they lost the Panthers in the NFC championship. They lost to the rams which was the first time around in the NFC championship. And then this Fortier against Atlanta and Michael Vick. Owens was out but Owens was the catalyst for everything that year he had a monster season they finally got a wide receiver they got the Super Bowl and then you come back the next junior thank you all right let's figure this thing out and it all goes to hell. In the first game in Atlanta. Because Jeremiah Trotter gets into a fight on the field before the you know and he gets reject yeah for the game starts Eagles lose on Monday night. And then the only situation between him and McNabb in the locker room go south. They kick them out. Because half the team sided with Owens and then the other half side it would make matters Hugh Douglas was the one that got involved there Hugh was like the may hear he was kind of he wasn't playing anymore but they kept them around organization several laws Hugh Douglas. So really the mayor of the team he gets in this people always like to training room because he's tired of all the calls talk and they suspend knowing if he leaves and in the cities just watching. Their chances of mobile up in flames saw the helicopter everyone's there. And this continues an Eagles and Dallas everywhere he's big he's been a major headline attraction everyone's made money. And and now it's like no we're not totally changes yet because we don't like your attitude. He's not a bad guy he was probably a bit of a pain in the as usual you're. You see that's the position I Randy is the same way you can't let Randy in the same time now because the numbers don't justify it can do it can't keep TL out so TO goes in this year and then if you wanna put Randy next year so be it but I don't see any other way you can plant and Carlos in Phoenix appreciate all call Carlos. That's my big teams and our village CEO we guarded all the drama he just call eight a great player I mean that you look also on the world are we are sad. I need Dre and just there right on Rashard being patient so does indicate a lot of golf and would be he would be attracted itself on the road GO. I mean this is kind three let's let's go through the rest makes right I mean look at the resin he's he's still who have had virtually identical careers in terms of production CEO. Pleading 200 in nineteen games over fifteen seasons miles Randy Moss pleading 218. Gains over fourteen seasons didn't go. Bolt played for five teams except moss played for Minnesota twice so you could count that as a sixteen if you want yeah. Receptions. TO is eighth all time moss is fifteenth all time the difference there is about. Ninety receptions Deborah Tate right that's as far as any category gets separated 1076. Receptions tonight 82. Receiving yards there within 700 of each other letters 700 no second all time moss is fourth. Touchdowns. Moss scored a 156. That's second all time. Diaw scored a 153. That's third all time they've opened the six pro bowls Owens was a five time first team all pro moss was a four time first team all pro it's virtually the same career. They both had stands for they didn't get along with their teams where they cause some problems and I think both were highly productive they both lasted just about as long and they played the same era. I mean I. How much work you really need to put into figure this thing out you made Owens wait this is the time he goes in there's no reason to send any more of a message he gets it we get it. Your powerful. You dictate whether or not their first ballot and and Randy is Randy got away because you set the precedent here with Owens binding deal gray is there any way to fight this thing I. At the U 1000% right Joseph when you look at what happened when many mosques in hears it the difference to me and then I think that both these guys. Any mosque was more electrifying. They guide you just do the ball OP would go get his speed was and can't. Would he can do loses interest in that why you looked at but somebody crying your guiding goal cross milk who can catch the long ball who could do law that was that was TO. He knows way more physical did all those things Randy was more just. Thought that the letting go and what do the biggest thing to separate me yes TO is indeed yes Randy was a diva. But when he came to heart and effort let's talk about that rainy raucous metal balls up igniting he would put his hands down I'm not going he would even go. Put the ball would you try to catch the ball put him across middle they knew that. And then you look at teal T or go across the middle he would block he would do all those things but was he did it actually. In illustrated to what when Randy Moss came here to Oakland. You paid a million dollars joy he pulls a run a nine marble block he would stand there because they were lose it he wouldn't even run a route. Wouldn't even leave he would stand there while Beck Idaho before the play was even done. And you wanna tell me that right scary should be the separate yeah. Obama had their issues but a guy that goes and plays the game at least you can't say that he'll quit he can't say to TO wouldn't bond in his mind work. He was mad because he wanted to be more involved he was mad because he wanted to blow up US and rating must come to an amazing skill he was a lot it'd be he'd lied cynical political bunnies that because it was gone. I thought he was yeah he offered no question Randy Moss is a hall of Famer. But I didn't really chaps me when a guy Joseph lines up and he's getting paid more grown man play any kids' game getting king's ransom. In new line up the play a football game and you quit you quit and you play with a ten guys because eleven guys and you know what. I'm not gonna run my routes I'm not gonna go block I'm not gonna do anything. That's raw. So to me he can't give in this first ballot is he a hall of Famer yes but here and he'll veto it he'll win because the media. You can't let Randy Moss in because of what he did so I believe the TO should do in this time. And granular the next round I mean there's always this focused on what happened and Oakland as the big knock against moss I get back because it was so obvious. But he also wore out his welcome would Belichick in new wing. Is played after that I think it was a Monday night game in Miami he was dogged it built right in the Minnesota like an ecstatic ratings are down here any lasted for five minutes in Minnesota where he criticized the catering. And then they got rid of many ended up in Tennessee he was one of the I think he's the only guy in history that like. He played for three teams and he vinegar. Service two or three I we did it came to San Francisco and he couldn't concede think it was a bunch of Mets guy so quickly did see cleared through wanted to be more involved it's just. So you look at that and you look at that politic we know the hoodie and look what he did we don't talk. Brady did just go to open late and go get their knowledge at all I wasn't like a guy you replace any. He pulled all that clear and you had Brady. And malls or moss and the patriot defense that your is outstanding on you were drawn up points every week when you must've crushed your lead. They set every virtual record in NFL passing Nazis and in the giants beat him in the super most is unbelievable. Armed. Post career. Gil has not a whole lot now seen him around a little bit it seems like when it doesn't go his way for the whole scene we here's some negativity which I don't mind I would be the same way I don't I don't hold any of that against them usually Randy is on TV now he's on ESP and we see him every week to sit out there in the suit he's talking with Charles he's become a very. Likeable individual who is welcomed into all of our homes on Sunday mornings and beyond couldn't that. Beat the difference when it comes to a vote like this that now in his post. NFL career life. He's become this different individual does more likable character whereas Steele hasn't found anywhere well look at Chris Carter Cris Carter. Drug addict all the stuff that he did not I I everything that he was about. I don't TV I got down in Philly back down. Any change. I'm inherently. Well Michael Michael. It took some time for Chris Carter beginning and in the accounting for how grateful Cris Carter is. The media's been investing form now he's. He's apologetic he said forgive me all the things he did. Renny mosque hall of Famer Randy Moss does a great job on TV I love Randy Moss brings. I think these two guys rate in what he does you watching love dares Boise does a great job he does a great job breaking it down. In the guy had some great amazing years but anomaly years one of the most prolific receivers that will. Ever see electrifying Karl yes he was something else on the big play him in Randall remember his rookie Randall had that had a poll are. It'll play in pilings that used. You know what I think he was free to do was pass into church you know clippers had a lot going on there yeah. Came from Lance Allan preaching and bomb bombs and just and make every one MVP MVP it wasn't like he came out of nowhere and filled in. Right in and and Randy Moss was a Randy miles was a big part of that success. So ran he's done a phenomenal job in the Booth and you hear him on TV and radio I love what he's doing. But yet to meet. He's an hall of Famer but TO should definitely Guinean. In my opinion over remarks are boy Luis over an open he just text me he said the one thing we're not bringing up is TO had all those drops. Bakken and elbows pretty drops in big spots but that was like an early career San Francisco thing when she got past that yeah. In the game against create like that was that was okay that was the seminal moment where from that point forward. He was clutch I mean I only remember him as making big plays in Philadelphia and Dallas in the same way but that was on the resume early in his career he's dumping him. And I cannot believe how long and how tough fast time goes how long Labatt was unraveling completely just seems like it was. It was yesterday triple 895795. Sandy if you went away and this TO get in this time around does he deserve to get at this time around. AP in Hayward thanks gonna show a. What can't not let god blow your your heart and it actually did play all right. Without a doubt. It got a big video I'm yeah that could tighten if you make a wide receiver yeah having fun well yeah quite. Wrigley wish to brag and how hard you work pretty gain beat at. It toward the court fight for the ball and new audio. I thought well look at is do you certain did try to invite him and I said that did not a real person. OK. Good point that they didn't feel a little bit child they gagged man come out. Appreciate the call called Jonathan San Francisco deal vs moss what do you think John I think guide. I'm taken EO meant he'll look great here what great feeling it was great no doubt that he did do was so great. Don't I mean even up the fact he did effected the college star. Don't eat beef you're running back. In Q&A brick along a woman you're gonna want you won't try to put this god guide option then. If these leap. Football player you want the original meg that you are actually do remember when he caught that deep post had been Green Bay. If you looked like he won't tell yard to wait and don't. YouTube moment convened and coach pain only make. That's how do you appreciate the band. First doubt total stranger. You know I don't what the cancer in the locker room but they like like it always wanted to go to get the ball and get the ball. You didn't like you know other stuff. Shame he won't regatta in trouble off the field so I don't know what the problem could still not yet giving him in the first good. I tried trouble you know Jerry Rice Carol would the number two by a short while you were compared. Thanks John and then always appreciate the insight numbering done then and in studio. We album we've we're doing that's funny Tony's back in the day and we were okay. How was it a home Jose was Daly City. It was on the way to say the gunman a Pacifica. Annie what they're fitting we were there he came through we did get to meet them yeah he makes some great points the mile the flu like this. If all wins. Never has problems with teammates in his career is exactly what it is except. He's a really good duties great to the media he's essentially Kurt Warner he's been on the first outright no question okay so we know kept him out twice. Because a nothing that has to do with playing football on the field but with what's happening. In the locker room and with possible media members and things like that how much can you possibly weight back. When you've finding guy who in his. Fifteen NFL seasons ranks eighth in receptions. Second in yards thirty touchdowns went to six Proehl bulls 51 team all pro. And that kinda career. How long can you possibly say no. Because of all the field stuff that doesn't involve an arrest and doesn't involve drugs of TV's ending like that feeling discs too much. Wait on that stuff there's too much weight. No question Joseph this is not a guy doing PDs that he says would involve with the law here's the thing everyone says okay were written what did Randy do better. Randy could catch the ball better in many was faster. But I did he say what did Randy do what did Randy do better in TO. He wouldn't come across the middle. He would then he wasn't as Biden didn't block it could break tackles like now so there's so many more things if you told me which receiver that I am back it take. Poured I would be right it would be and it would be TO because of the other things he had other things that Randy refused to do. Oh crossed the middleman and dig route he made Peewee the disgruntled cross joint and I was right there he we will put his hands up. He refused to do that Q what about that actually went about the next embossed he would run a seven round where you go deepening U boom go post cornered he ran enough he ran a nine hit run and eight. He wouldn't run a lot of routes that you need them to do. Because of fears so you gotta look at keel until you've got to look at tee don't say okay let's just talk about. Being the best football player who's a better all around football player. Misty. You know what's so unfortunate about this conversation is that this is where we should be this good we should be celebrating these careers. Right we should be nitpicking the negative we should be. Looking at TO one loss adjusting and ourselves out like rather then say I'm taking one or the other because these are the problems with the other guys which we say. Most who were awesome to watch play football. Ultima and for two totally different reasons. From what you're laying out Owens was the power to act would go over the middle catch the ball great three tackles boss free celebrate the end zone. Moss is the guy who would street pass you on the sideline and then the bad back corner 65 yards away would go up miracle one handed come down to be towel at the corner and scored touchdowns. Think they both. Filled our lives with these electrifying moments for completely different reasons and and here we are well the one that was a nice in the one that was in jerky neither dead they're two of the game's great deals question and you know who may feel people wanna talk about the. He made him because of his work at Jerry. Peavy it don't go I mean yeah of course Jerry was getting older we understand this. Let's let you know Jerry was a better receiver and pay but you think about what he did go bad though coming here with that they're Debbie likes someone do in the hole blues every day lawyer be elusive. The fans' mood right now you can catch that I cannot. It's our offense move it's just you know it's Jerry. I'm sitting but Jerry may think about what teal got to see. How to be a pro. Yeah it didn't rub off far as the mental part as far as BM a TT TT student and treat the media right. Before his work ethic in as a billion to go any train and do those things he got them from Gerri mean. Best thing that happened it's healed it's common to San Francisco and see how I'd true pro practice because Jerry now when you watch when you watch deal. These and what Jerry did well watching you saw teal practice in Dallas. Watching EC practice in note that Philadelphia what's healed well the things he did why because he saw the greatest of all time. Practice and work in America any moss would it started off here. And not go Cris Carter who had all the drug all the different things that was going around if Randy Moss would had a career here started he would Jerry. Randy Moss probably would be having a -- yielding many Muslim ran across the middle the news saw Jerry thank Randy Moss would have been better he wouldn't be able to work with Jerry let me put it better be watched Jerry infill move means. You want to steal the weight it's GO worked the way that he ran routes and all the stuff he did practice. It's because of Jerry and that's why he was able to go every team and dominate employees so hard because he practiced like dad he played in the game the same thing the way to Jerry did. Take a lot. I think there are only. There might be more than two. But when you go through all time records for certain things and you see the discrepancy between light. Rice and then everybody else and then Wayne Gretzky and everybody else I got sick I don't know if there's anyone else in any sport that just. Utterly annihilate the opposition the way those guys that like at running back you had all these great backs and you had the cream of the crop like at the top running out walled her in and may it all these guys and they're close my. But I mean they're Jerry. There's a huge drop and then there's everybody crazy there's Wayne Gretzky and then there's just this precipitous fall off Mount Everest to the next best player crazy. I'm saying I C five I see final tomorrow practice. Practice I like that I know you were you referring to ms. Iverson banked if you wish him covenant that conversation because that I possess it the way they Jerry practicing well. The sphere of influence on to heal the way he practiced in the way they you know played any game that's an iconic press conference right there that guy just losing his damn mind and Ricky get rid it actually you know. They did this same gotta think right yet but that was Iverson city the fact today you don't if you wanna practice so be it. It was him and eleven states that he was carrying the playoffs every year how are you wanna work. If not I don't care isn't really shows up who plays the game for us tomorrow I guess right. I don't wanna for no reason that's like always had to do. Sit in the driveway. Killer when he addressed the media and how. She had been in coast into huge and you had some superstar he hated by all right. I partied I like I put myself and all types cisneros all the time and it's like what if I was ever coached. When I could be a mutiny. Midway through the first season I'm trying to think of like the great one and done coaches of all time I'd be ready neck like Cameron only last only dare you biko died. C'mon that's also announces that. There's yeah. Rhodes has. Phillies can break was great was it that came off camera and was one and done my wife and I love can by the way can answer man. Put your head coach I mean when he's 31 and fifteen sorry okay work outside your little mum came over coat type type not this and I went and rock. Out of season I know would have liked I think you Donna see you you would have guys will what are fights and you finally do senior officers at. And you have been so disgusted that I'm I didn't want to practice among sit mob is a watches I would have mining and everybody for everything you wouldn't just die. Have goals. I want to hear thousands had a great break down. I mean I never would she keep it may finally hear talk and criticizing everybody else for doing that job. Is series I would never do myself better than gonzo. You don't let go daylight Jim yeah they wanna like the guy I would have been one and unlike Jim. And I would I had great game management so you would never had to worry about my decisions with challenges timeouts and Ponce. But I but it never got to a point brutally competitive game anyway the whole locker room which check out immediately. I got immediately console Leahy at least you know players like them to get that going form or Obama I could always did did he say no. You know I can win zero games and I'm not the only one measured driving around today catalyst of that nonsense.