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Wednesday, January 3rd

Joe & Lo kick off the show breaking down the 15 NFL Hall of Fame finalists and whether Terrell Owens or Randy Moss should get in first. Then they speak with Houston Rockets Owner, Tilman Fertitta.


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I. You're little you. 19 fine. Seventeen game. Wednesday morning let's get after it. Welcome to the program Jolo and did ask Maggie I said in the game. Helmand for CNET the owner of the Houston Rockets set to join us at 630. Naturally. Given his family. Very prominent Las Vegas. How does he feel about the legalization of sports betting amongst other things. Good friend of the program Lorenzo Alexander. Oakland born and bred big help product the former raider the pro bowler. He's head of the playoffs the Buffalo Bills he's gonna join us and a little over an hour at 718 Greg pop back at 830. Has everybody feels this morning good blows back in the mix you actually. I'm actually had a terrible morning I usually. I started off well actually land walked the stares at low twelve stories. In his billing going against you know we go to answer every goalie didn't bomb attacks in fourteen years aren't the basement you may feel better ten. Yet by the way at having a baby almost exactly five months tomorrow. And and then trying to get back into shape waste. Who should be an NFL hall of Famer Lorenzo Neal and definitely it's all task I am exhaust heat get it I just keep going to go easy Graco and bring a lot demo or even out the best part of the story after all her stuff got locked into a room. Now unlike as night I went right now yeah that's the inside and locked out to yeah. Story about a try to get back initiated this they don't hear about that or hear about the misfortune and a radio blackout I've X I'm not an Omega flat yet to good morning and I. I'm a good note did today he's out all week we'll see him again next Monday Joseph lo and and a 957 game. Let's get into it the fifteen. Finalists for the NFL. Hall of fame were announced yesterday. That list includes. 49ers general manager John Lynch. Another safety who he's gonna go head to head with Brian Dawkins. Adopt a very strong candidate Alan Faneca. The longtime offensive lineman Brian Urlacher who if you go to Chicago find me a billboard that doesn't happen Urlacher outing back hair regeneration. I mean he is everywhere him in this new had to carry his. It's phenomenal stuff well Ray Lewis Tony miceli Isaac Bruce Edgerrin James highly Walt Anderson walls. Kevin why Steve Hutchinson Joseph Jacobi Steve. And then. The debate of debates. Terrell Owens. And Randy Moss. Who who who who now you got me feel pretty good because this is your first year you appeared on the list and how we set up the campaign and now and next year and have a little more buzz we worked it at this point but once you get to this point this is the hearings outside your tall guy you get this point 20 you're you're you're talk I can you get right here young man lists its its bundle and down which is to have a wood to about draining lost a great Randy Moss and deal to great receivers two guys are probably going to be top five received at more for sure without a doubt top ten receivers of all time these two guys but the Obama -- interesting careers ballclub equate it to certain times in your career both come turn into terrorists at times and we know didn't do well with the media so. Joseph I'm sorry if I act. That's what I find so if you miss the real test for both Obama Woertz Kurds and yet here we are talking about the whole thing if you can. Here's the rundown. Deal is up for the third time now we understand. At the voters decided he wasn't going to be a first ballot hall of Famer because as you said before there is a distinction between the hall of famers. And then the first ballot hall of famers are right no question. And the deadbeat at first ballot hall of Famer Estee de that Angela I was first ballot they both thought the mighty and the uncle slack no question is no additional level slide you can get him no question and so you know like GO. He's got to be able to say that but everyone knows he's a first ballot hall of fame and he's gonna get in this time. And I think so no I'm I'm Dana and Ed that this isn't ideal that we like this we like wryly. That you thought. When you talk among receivers he can't let you can't let Randy and before him because. Bulls and Randy put even more grainy it's couple years here where he didn't even play Joseph. I'm gonna run down the basic numbers for OK please show you how close it is now range he's up for the first time and videos up for the third time that should be the deciding factor here Beers overlooking that. In his career. Over fifteen seasons. Steel plating 200 in nineteen games. In his career over fourteen seasons Randy Moss played in 218. Games in one game difference. They both played for five teams although moss had as additional state with Minnesota which could count as a sixth team right. Now receptions. CEO 10768. All time moss 98215. All time. Everything else gets really tight receiving yards steal second all time at 151934. Moss is fourth all time only 700 yards behind him 151292. Touchdowns that one goes to moss 156 to 153. So the yardage is razor tight. The touchdowns a razor tight TO's got about 36 about ninety more receptions they both went to six pro bulls TO was an. First team all pro five times moss four times. So let's imagine. Right now that they were both. On the ballot for the third time or the first time the second time if you were voting for one but could only vote for one. Which should do to would you be put in office. For me it's it's easy in its XTO. I think that it's actually you see it's you know why it's easier when you watch steals body of work Joseph the way he played not send their stats aren't similar. Teel played the game hard tough brash guy after. So that's the age here Randy Moss had two years here with the raiders joke or he would stand a bomb placed in wouldn't even move on from the line. He was your raider fans remember that TomTom up just would even take off people's about a router play was what turned his back already hit back to Donald wouldn't even do anything. Even though one T always TO. He'll steal gave everything he had he never would take plays off he still would block he was physical he blocked downfield he go across middle but he taught athletic ability they're both athletically really really tight but you gotta look at Randy Moss far speed in just a freak of nature. You give extra Randy in that regard but disappear. Athletic appeared as many guys who hustled. And thought. You've got to give the extra deals that's why I'm CTO to me because it comes on the heart and it comes on not being able to quit I can't disrespect now. Does he deserve Randy Moss deserved it I'll make no question. But when a guy quits on me campaigning millions yeah. Ted got to count for something birdied two years I completely agree but couldn't you make the same case for TO or virtually everywhere he went he's wore out his welcome and got into problems with his quarterbacks with his teammates I mean everything was going great and Philly and then all of a sudden they suspend them yeah and then they just get rid of him he's doing the sit ups. In the driveway he goes to Dallas and eventually as a falling out he bounces around buffalo and Cincinnati Cincinnati's wary eat your career goes to die. As we've seen shot up Marvin Lewis two year extension well what's that like you know what it does. Why didn't I think that was gonna happen so why. Under the impression that that Marvin Lewis and the Bengals were going to part ways why Cleveland Cincinnati so close to one another must both patient just merge if you murder you know organizations. You've got to be able to put together a team met. Could go eight made every year similar colors that at times I. Ash just Ohio trash people wonder why Ohio State has such a great following they had nothing else they got LeBron and get the Buckeyes what do you do you get excited about Cincinnati there the airport is literally in Kentucky. That's what you think about it I'll. Up I think it's too early otherwise you don't basically them again back column I love you Ohio I've driven through you multiple times. They never told me over all I guess that's a that's when you go years in about TO I totally understand but what about his effort. What about you and I think was GAQ could he be a Smart but he had could he be not a good team meeting guys and don't say beta accounts for some idea that. But at the saints have only thing that I do like he did. You was it questioning he didn't wanna win. Our didn't wanna play keeping the ball he wanted to get it he would block you do those things so yet was he would. Pretty below the bag guy absolutely was he cancer teams I'd get that but I take that over guy just wanted to quit it wouldn't run routes and had so much athletic ability in that turns changing game by speeded things you can do and he said no I'm not gonna do it. This is dead meat. Then let that that would establish his cast my butt to Slobodan. See what I hate about this argument this is such a great debate yeah. Such agreed to maple what I hate about it is that the only way to distinguish between the two is to go negative legs you are right now and in what you're doing isn't wrong. But we take these two wonderful careers and we talk about Randy quitting in both Oakland and New England because remember Belichick ran out of there. And then we talk about TO and what happened with McNabb what happened when everybody else. Why not focus on and you can't do this is a voter I understand that but. I just remember thinking back to that era with those two. Gil was the guy that you could force feed the football and he would just find a way back through sheer size and how were and will he would grab that football. And he would get that first out you can just fortunate I mean he was essentially a running back. Out there that you were handing the ball off stooges via the passing game as sound stoop but I know but that's how dominate inconsistency was. I was in the Philadelphia is living in Philadelphia when he broke his ankle. I was at that game right there at my mop shot up Monday looks that was what I do you remember that game Roy Williams at the horse collar town that created the rule. Gil gets up. He runs off the field and this is the year the Eagles are gonna get it done they finally had a a wide receiver no more James trash no more tied stinks then no more Freddy Mitchell the people's jump. It was you had TO they were gonna go to the Super Bowl and he gets up any runs off of those okay front and off everything's fine they broke his ankle in the news came out and I mean there were reports like you couldn't believe on this ankle this hyperbaric chamber every he was doing and they played the symbol of mammal did you reception amazing double dip recession great Super Bowl game and that was less than two months later if memory serves me correct me right. Also on the other hand was mr. highlight. I mean Randall Cunningham dropping back with that catapults slingshot army he had thought of that of that and just sixty yard TD bombs out jump and everybody out working the sidelines to tone in the back right corner. Back left corner. Making Joseph Bachmann disgusted. If you speak moon at Lambeau Field is still one Hilton recalls that's what I'd like to focus on my just the fact that those two changed. They gained just go to public enemy and make them yeah. He is doing until when we may mirror Brady was had a great year did you say OK Brady gold go up and I'll give 160. Targets. 98 receptions 1493. Yards he averaged fifteen yards a reception. 23 touchdowns NFL record. That's what he did a year when they went eighteen and one ranked nineteen in don't know how they like San New York. I don't amaze me down I mean so do you think there's any chance that both get in this time around now. Now got a fair do you think there's any chance neither gets in this camera now. So we're talking your prediction in you feel prison met on this. You do too. If they're gonna they denied teel looked like you see it feels good black ball. C in May and he had lack of effort he tells them black ball because that's how he was. So you're gonna look at these guys and they've held rain they've had teal out long enough he's got he's served his time there like we showed you. Now got to do it in he's gonna cry and do all it stuck in everyone's taking a wait your speech. Because what he had to go due to endure to get here he had to eat some humble pie. Understood. Someone has a let he who asked first don't always last last. And that paid in the paper dictated in the you know when you're didn't end because of who eat what the things that you did. I did see the speech on some like this he just gets up there and says they'll probably all. In unchanged numbers so sad. Those intake of these ads in play right now. You don't get to buy lodge at four balls for somebody right on the he's still must play. Daisy gonna help moss that he's on ESPN because you've talked about this before they TV gigs are very big when it comes all and there's a lot of politics goes on the. There's a lot of politics and he does a great job like mosques as a commentator colored guy and guys it you know it. Fills in and doesn't he does a great job people loving he's brash he's to the point he knows what he's talking about he's played a game he did it well. But yes I think it helps but I don't think he gets him in the first ballot. I let's kill the phones triple 89579570. Moss vs TO your building a team today we got. AAA 9579570. You've got to go with one who's going to be the guy. As well as your thoughts on how all same boat should play out Dylan dad's not offensively get chills going did continue. On 957. Big game. Terrell Owens vs Randy Moss. NFL. Hall of fame for announced yesterday. Moss is on the mound for the first time. Owens is on for the third time. There's always deserved to be and if you're starting eighteen today. Are you taking TO over Randy Moss. Anything you want to weigh in west on this situation we wanna hear from you AAA 9579570. And that reminds me. Lot of people had beef. When it comes to this process when it comes two weeks he has been treated I think when it comes to the portrayal of TO vs Randy Moss. Well starting Friday there's something you can do about it in fact starting today there's something you can do about it. On Friday's moving forward. We've got something called the deep fly. You're gonna call a number. And you're gonna leave recording and the best recordings are gonna get played on the air. You had that right so you here's some good low says that you totally agree with or may be love it we think it's crazy all the beef line. Drop your rant. We'll play it on there every Friday. And we'll do a little react total mystery science theater 3000 or for the new raise a little Jesus and marital. Well these Tamara I'll it'll be this morning is locking myself out of one of the rooms has almighty extra clothes from mark now you have B could yourself I've beef shipments. You call a hotline on call. If this and I got a problem and a yeah that launches you beat yourself up when you have beat yourself beyond an ice it do that every now on the and I enjoyed being mad Amazon River DNA it is hit yourself on the whenever that. Well anatomy had done at all and I you have some news man used. I have my quarterback I walked Rennes cerebral position that there will couple picks if you didn't count yourself and go more yeah yeah times over there and how did all of the you have to their account yourself and head. Anyway back to be flying Mo Jo you go ahead and get here pretty bad garlic and we'll focus we'll respect ago. Are you dig deep take a cinnamon hell yes Simmons good for your joints and earnings so again in a little focus factor you know memory loss on the CT and all the hits and had sent biologist says brain power bring power little brain power. This'll go FDA approves yet. With over there is currently exist for us was fifteen primarily in this 59 dollars and volunteer Jessica buts about it via a I keep it straight if you wanna jump on the beach line the number 4154038588. 4154038588. Young mark it down and is gonna tweeted out it's also going to be up on the FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash not present in the game tennis we will play the best calls. From you each and every Friday. He and then we go right to the tax on your baseline Joseph you're going to be in trouble. It probably right if you look at this is gonna be good for my hater you're not no please listen you guys please call lead behind and give Joseph pieces. I mean we're going to be listening and he's dated Glen played a would you guys to bring it special on Joseph don't not so much a lovely little can only that it may have missed it right now I don't know if anyone's going to bring it hard enough to worthy. Air time on Friday from the before I could you caught 4154038588. You let me hear it now. TO vs Randy Moss. When your thoughts OH and Oakland thanks called the show H what's going on. It and everybody already knew utes are you. He'll without a doubt did you look at nude body of work its numbers on across the middle every route that he can run purses. Randy Moss is gonna go on and on the goal route. Bound and also you do look at as far as first ballot all of Spain. I've ordered players to get either one and got in trouble with the law. Get a bit has been a known drug but you look at guys like Chris Carter. Lawrence Taylor Michael Curtin Michael Irvin they were all sparked ballot hall of famers but they were can't that a Mark Roman had problems all can't the but as far as like would bragging mocking it it would certainly electric only in the group. Great Roger brought in Ottawa. Ready mark would do repurchase. Our motto all throughout the plant you know every condition of water right repeat retreat. The body could either late Friday that he wanted to did you look at the colts beat edit or add immediate concern about it at a school. But which SR says Alipay is all about bet. That about let it Eric personality. With a great teammate at the Bob bet that most numbers receiving Russian Paquin back there at that whatever it. KB audio but bishop and that we're ready market you know do you look at it is the quarterback steady at the mad at any ball pets are great. The Bill Belichick off. Omar didn't. Did you would be would have said everybody would have been reported on Thursday meet the hole that if I did that seem right out today it definitely would be without trouble. Is it correlates how to go one happy new year we appreciate way NN. Indeed that's one of the issues that always crop sub in this debate is the fact of the voters. It feels like they take it personally if feels like gift if they had some sort of unfortunate or unpleasant run and with one of these guys that they're gonna try to keep amount because some personal beef maybe they called beef line. And god let let you know I think absolutely I was like Charles Haley they get them out for years oh well he wasn't great with the media does that. I mean really. I understand that the media as a job to do that players it's part of the job but at the same time he kept Charles Haley out for a long long time. A long time because of that. And I don't think you who are worthy of that much power that's that's the one issue I take with the voting process and well you know what TO just. I mean he's never arrested never tested positive Freddie dank and quite frankly that was an era of the diva wide receiver might. Let's every receiver back there and it was a diva they were all day and sin no more and had a cell phone underneath the the gold had. Deal with the day and takes Randy Moss at the antiques Chad Ochocinco. All those dudes back then we're dancing and had an idea finished outside a light Marvin Harrison who. Yeah all of single iMac Philadelphia view and every that's what I mean and that kind of rally car wash your car. I see holy crap Marvin Harrison I really stunned yeah pillar of the community marketing is that I always dug in bad. Like Marvin was again there is half. The football on Sunday okay. Why don't do the car was doing it no legal Lamar and I don't like bugs these big hook you know Marvin Omar -- you're not into Omar like that no I mean like on our suspect anything at all he just seemed like some ideas why dude. The marvelous dignity. Like yeah I always thought he was a football guy with a round private life who turned out. Was like Frank Lucas. And I think you may get that accent and call and let them home. On the day but I guess the attack that. Michael Stanley edge out T overseas Randy Moss when he got idol. Yeah I guess I have to go with TO because this dude. Lot of people forget that this kind of retarded caught a ball this guy it took 23 or sometimes three defenders can get them down. And we got (%expletive) people over like that Terrell Owens created openings on the other side of the field. And this guy is antics like compared it sometimes so Dennis Rodman in the NBA. It's like I told my wife she goes how can that guy do things like that going all fame I think because on the field. And on the court he gave it everything he had. Everything. So that was it was a piece band and I we taken over ready to block any day operator has so you know where that that would that debt. So thank god appreciated. Appreciate the call me a good point don't here's some of the great irony of this entire process. The media. The voters are largely comprise the media members and I understand this is a tough John I'm not I'm I'm really not trying to criticize what they do but I do wanna highlight this issue. The media members will keep a guy like TO out now because of stats are production but because of something may perceive that they don't like the way he talked to them the way he operated within the clubhouse right. I yet he was great for their business. We know was fantastic. For the media in Philadelphia there was never more buzz than the years TL was there. Point teel was in Dallas. Yeah. This record backward movement is the quarterback played that was a story we still talk about today even at the end of his career in buffalo and Cincinnati. He was always making storyline and Randy Moss made headlines. Everywhere. So the media has no problem. Getting page views. And selling subscriptions signed and radio people and TV people and people tuning in to hear what you had to say about TO and Boston and when it comes time to say you know what. This is true greatness of put the ball now and now I. I don't like the way he spoke to me one day. Not all Kurt Warner which year you're absolutely right you don't want to do is look chopper. They're always getting in first ballot they gonna have to you know almost get cut. I was just get one call mayor yeah. Out bag and good for me everybody Penske team on opponent needs and it shows from 6 am. Dell would do you actually write the media do you know how can we say they were just we have compassion and understanding and then all of a sudden. He loves would guide get on the field because he wouldn't talk in 96 I got a chance to get back and work work work. How is that really how is that really do when he job. I was generally EAS number. Once and was it a demo and Robert. 100000 to south desolate but Assam once there was a there was a guy that was. Talking about come into an all these different things about it but he was brought up and he said. What do you think about this guy and they asked me about him so lease at. Hey he's good he does this in guys who are you saying all these great things about name. He said because you'd ask me how I felt. You ask me what do I think about him is it you know as a leader so that's what I think a lot of times what the media they look at it they say look. They're not ask you how you felt about him there's and how was he. Is he a hall of Famer yes sides truly believe that. Paid the under on civil war reference as though undoubtedly yeah the united generally at the focus goes NN and and and nobody. I did. You did cinnamon focus Phil's brain power element there today an idea picture that. All right so look for Tina he owns the rockets let's listen James Harden what does he think about the legalization. A sports wagering he's coming up next a low and it's not by suddenly get chills going did continue. On 9570. Game. Owner. Of the Houston Rockets. And you can catch season three of his TV show billion dollar buyer it premieres Wednesday January 3 that happens to meet today at 10 PM this evening. That's eastern time and Pacific time on CNBC. Tillman for Tina joining Jolo and heads on 95 cent in the game mr. Padilla happy new years and good morning thank you so much for your time how are yet. Right let but I talked to do you do as I'd love San Francisco and it bullets early out there sellout crowd at the it ought to get there early due to Sunbelt. Kinda high impact. Early indeed but as we said we do appreciate your time congratulations on your recent purchase of the Houston Rockets tell us how does something like that work when you get welcomed into that club is their secret meeting at deep into the four S where it's just nothing but very powerful individual welcoming you into their fraternity. But not you know it's great it's a great club to be a part of this thirty NBA owners in the world in. You know I'm I'm excited. Two. Attack on the scene and get you to sub mini owners don't get told the team at their home town and and and to grow up being a fan of these rockets get a card since I was a junior high school developed. I'm really one of the fortunate ones a lot of people don't seem. You know they have to build and multi bit but it it it's exciting than that. Looking forward to playing those Golden State Warriors two more in the east are so James part of. No no question you've done an awesome job on rice and happening go to saint Thomas see you and now I know you guys are you contributed that's cool they're great schools and had a great education airmen at how what and you know not just only team that what goes into you know make sure you get the right guys on the team and had a really Chris Paul how your student organization filly eight house Chris Paul let it work when James Harden two guys are ball dominant. You know week week that they're so different and in the and the one way that they bring the ball left the court in the way they've and the outfit send. He got to realize there are also only on the court about 20/20 five minutes together that would change without courses and it. And then you know likewise the other way so you know it's. If it's amazing how well they they work together and end this is we're gonna get to see you know Chris now for the next. You know ten to twelve games maybe fourteen games with without James Harden it alive out there and you know it's amazing what increased due to these teams that. And in this little stretch we want all these gangs and wrote the then. It almost seemed operate with an eight that may have rotation in three of our top eight guys were out tend not. It just truly affection was a basketball team so. You know we just want to hold it together while James is injured in you know the whole key is don't be injured come April with the playoffs start. You know I think Christine but it's it's it's great that Chris is portability. Come and cortina owner of the Houston Rockets would Jolo Indians on 957. They game one of the elements of basketball that I find to be the most refreshing is that coach is. The front office executives owners they tend to be more outspoken than you hear in other sports in the NFL it feels as if everyone's always operating in some secret of back room whereas in the NBA the commissioner. Is outspoken owners general managers. They they speak the truth they speak what's on their mind and I find that to be very refreshing. A Daryl Morey your general manager may comments recently about how he's obsessed. With beating the Golden State Warriors some people criticize that comment but I think it's great to see the level of competition. In the national basketball C association wet when Daryl Morey makes comments like that AM how does this strike a chord with you. I mean it's it's. But the bottom line is though but it is true. Because they could not obsessed with being a model Barbie play it every year they. You know what it had been doubt there is that you all put together are unbelievable super team. You know I think the greatest scene ever and so if we're not successful tried to be child while we play it every year you know. Of quality. Carrying two superstores a bunch of money and they. What we wanna win just dislike you guys do then and I'm I'm I'll let did this deal feels that way the whole organization feels that way. And our players feel that way our main. That's I think it seems that that don't think about whether the championship every year but I can tell you this the east some rockets. Will work. I know how tough it will be. Good but you know our plane is just the BR percent in the west. You know about the Golden State Warriors this year but we also not popped up probably and everything got all of the place. Of life but does he go ahead and so overs Bennett a parent and a great. Great commissioner rent and you know that there's been lots of rules in place for about you know standing internationally at her and then. It to a different thing than it's just. That CBA's the world sport and you know we we just. It it just seems to be accepted everywhere our players seem to stay out of trouble. And end. It's it's just so auto real positive hive right now and I am thrilled to be a part of it. No question and then include us here for just don't like it isn't that you're absolutely right that is you know your organization every organization job is to be a champion into dramatic and yeah exactly the lift that bad -- in what what is so many things as as an owner how involved do you get some guys have passes some guys are very very involves some guys just sit behind the scenes what is Connie your role what are some of the things that you like to make sure that you have the sphere of influence on and implement a determination of what happens and in your organization. Well I can tell you this that I never had a meeting that voters office of the stadium and I. I go to mob does every day I'll run a big company Arafat under restaurants five casinos amusement park. Aquariums and and that's what I get out that I do every day but it but it but it thank Paramount announced a look at the numbers every day from you know. You know car world was solid sponsorships that we sell tickets and and and look at it all the players that are made I have a I have a great entertainment pat brown and and and and Terrell. But but a great cut that cut. You know. State they talked to see you on the team in that they wanna trade somebody that was sent somebody. You're in the middle they think is what people don't realize that the business side of only one of these teams sent. You know would luxury tax and revenue sharing that and how difficult it is for utilities that this might significant side display here. You know it can cost you double the salary at a certain point so it's it's it's it's extremely. In. You know you always you know it's it's it's it's. You have a trade deadline come and Peter free agency EU you have to drag it and then blocked the big decisions that need to be made it. Shapes attain but the thinkpad you know you worked there did last few years so maybe you know. That everything you wanted to do that you listen to your expert and he usual business sense than. Beat these guys know what they're doing then end. You know hopefully he's got all put things that are good decision. Houston Rockets owner Tom and for Tito in Jolo and games here on 957 game. On you mentioned the casino business that you're in I used to live in Las Vegas and you have family members there as well who were in the casino business. Up NBA commissioner Adam silver has stated in the past. That he is for the legalization of sports Manning and the Supreme Court is currently hearing a case on that matter as we speak where do you stand on that do you think bay the legalization of sports betting would be harmful to professional sports do you think it can be a benefit to the country. Are they going to be 100% be a benefit are made every but what people have to realize this is number one if you're in the gaming business. You know were more sport more regulate it then than anybody in the background than and the rules that we have to follow. And and and people love the sports that people just like to do it it's only legal. And and the weak economy cannot always very good solid legal in the body even though I had this thing doesn't five different states. You know my golden Knight which you can only do it in the product. And and so they pushed the billions and billions of dollars steady illegally around the world as a country. And so all these states have tension problems sit in it that debt problems. Why not make it illegal okay people we're gonna do it you know it's just like people finally said he felt. Dugout just approved marijuana in California illegally now so. You know why not let the state get attacked dollars and and let it be regulated with people that if you make a bad. You know you're gonna get play economic people don't get paid other bulky Germany people full plate of cookies. That's what's so good about you walking you have to make the bet person and and you get eight and end. Did you always want everything to be legitimate and a bit about that it's going to be legitimate. So. Billion dollar by air season three premieres tonight January 3 10 PM eastern on CNBC how much fun has it been for you to do they shall. You know it's it's it's truly been great and and it's it's a serious business showboat but it's a lot of and pretty the last Pakistan and and that I ate it got me out defeat all the latest greatest products and young companies that they heard and had a lot of silent by the fact tonight it's about two California companies send and it's it's it's it's a great show which formed the table products is is really big in the restaurant industry right now work. You know you're not going to all the middle distributors you don't have all the chemicals that basically goes straight from. From the vegetable patch on all of the the dinner table and and and and your restaurants and and and it ended will women's empowerment so important right now and it's this woman this that this group this great. Leisure Wear product that is it to stay really good show and end that the people of California I really enjoy it. Follow him on Twitter at so mean Jay for Tito he's the owner of the Houston Rockets and billion dollar buyers season three premieres tonight. 10 PM on CNBC. He's you're Jolo and lives on 95. Sent in the game mr. Padilla thank you so much for your time this morning and hopefully we can do it again right before the Western Conference finals what do you say. But let to any damn glad to talk about the Golden State Warriors have a great thing. You do thank you very much have a great day sir. How did this last I get paid 500 wrestler guys who got started and misses he has got 500 restaurant. Homes smells of rich leather bound mahogany yeah I don't know about those you know campaign and I'm panty superstars well I don't I'm missing I don't have bad nights get it. You try to slide it never does Paulino my son went to saint Thomas and she sin in your case the instead there a date of the means to deliver on that high school to win in Vegas. I'm bishop Gorman Lisa Bradley goes are his cousins who owns its casinos if they didn't all of you now via named bishop Gorman for game day it's. I mean you would want cousin had this awesome. Pat how's con know. Late in the next neighborhood from when Nicky and I live it's just over it was just over the top and everything in summer when it was courts that there was still towers and the penthouse it was just the one tower the whole thing was the penthouse at the top asks everything. Well on this golf course we'll explain badlands where you must be a nice neighborhood would overlook your house so many days you lose you move don't know outside stuff coming up he gated community. The top guys did a nice guy but I mean that I had a lot of stock. When they have to let you know they're there how I would have my I Japanese I miss a book and players involved and he didn't over. My EJ just over Hong volatile neighborhood that's. I'll give you the biggest thing you big house number on if you are really what makes no longer love going to be out Robin yeah. This guy and we found. I mean yeah I want to give it you know I loved one of his cousins. He's got this whole huge house is you know I conceded overlooks all the house is there and now is still nice you try to. Got monopolies edit each other important problems we. Does not Camarillo. I'm on it but he showed up here every morning to Roland I I could mean here for fun and left in the back. Oh my god all right you're more your Wednesday's run. He by Portia wanna create a 2017. Premier Porsche dealer and Friedman's appliance just name in the Bay Area since nineteen point do we have got some who talk we need to get to. Isiah Thomas made his Cleveland debut last night the chasm another huge game tonight. That the warriors next yellow and then I present the game. Chill blowing discontinue. On 957. Big game. Presented by Schroeder is restaurant bar. And not. Presented by Schroeder is the best spot in the city still watch the done your first beer is only a block and every Saturday is all the day happy hour. Coming to the details on that front street in. San Francisco. I love. I'm a fire five NBA topics frankly right now topic number one. Isiah Thomas made his debut for Cleveland the last night scoring seventeen points in nine. Eighteen minutes off the bench and the cavaliers won 27110. Win over Portland trailblazers. How dangerous could it has become. Now that I season the Mets they become very very dangerous and this is the thing that's gonna put him over the hump simple way to make sure if they're gonna represent peace. Yes that right because they're gonna get by. Dubai you know the Boston with this guy that transitions us right in the topic number two speaking of Cleveland they are in Boston tonight to face the Celtics. Isiah Thomas his return. And it's the first encounter for LeBron James and Tyree Irving since the cavs 10299 win. Over the Celtics back in the debut on October 17. Big game where Gordon Hayward suffer that gruesome leg injury no point spread out yet. How do you see this game being played out tonight but they just gave it captain meant big boost by giving guy who can't stand what Boston did too and so I elected I love this game I think it's going to be very very competitive but you gotta give the cavs and tonight why. He's ready get this team. Topic number three the warriors are laying eight points in that Dallas tonight now the mavericks very quietly on a four game winning streak and rookie. Dennis Smith junior looks. Look she asked IDC as well planned out. All we know it's all about the dubs lose. No fears that carries your what do you do as the opening game when he came. Once that's. I think ten threes I like it and I like get a lot once the more that I still let the dogs topic number afford James Harden out. Thursday night against Golden State after suffering a green to hamstring strain. During Sunday's two overtime win over the Los Angeles Lakers. He's gonna be out for at least two weeks how will this affect his MVP Jackson Hole this got to fix is indeed these ads because you've done much two weeks to come up fourteen to anywhere from ten to fourteen games that's a lot of games in their someone argued you know that is. That's my big gains in their he's gonna get sent back against those let me just see what happens. Topic number five the more dangerous Western Conference team. The Minnesota Timberwolves who are now 24 and fourteen having won seven of their last eight games. Or don't look now the Oklahoma City Thunder scored twenty and seventeen after winning six straight which unfortunately were followed by an end to losses in their last game was that guy's name permitting them from Minnesota I want to come in yeah. Hey under the Milwaukee I know but I know you don't get I don't I thought what. But you know this it's go to Asia and until then so we're talking about the free our brand kind of freak freak out let's go anywhere but no I. It's you got to do that than what they've been able to do Chris Paul most guys are starting get it back Minnesota they still got a long ways ago we understand but is there but I still like. Goosen how it's presented by Schroeder's view bad spot in the city to watch Saddam your first beard. Is only a block every Saturday is all they happy hour coming for details on front street in San Francisco. Right over there in the financial district love the place great TVs. Great spot to watch games. I do music I saw we were going gnashing usually and help me with his name wasn't. So I don't know anyone had just like you know the greens creek I just like I say this is trying to get and then I started the hardened the VP chances. I wanna touch on that for a minute before John and the dogs here. Two weeks out you're gonna miss probably eight games at least in you know they're not gonna Russian back. There already couple games behind the dogs now in the west so perhaps they might realize it's the big picture that matters more than anything else. And this is the guy who pushed it very hard pun intended. Late in the season. In an effort to chase now Westbrook and then he like Westbrook ran out of gas in the playoffs. So this opens the door for someone else to emerge possibly Kevin Durant possibly. DC king James given the next fifteen games had to be he's Lebanese assists and what he's been able to assist and and you've got to think about another decade he. Katie is what he's done and what he's been able to do especially with the absence of staff Currie this guy was absolutely unbelievable he held down to step got back in everyone's talking mark you know him as MVP so it was great it was great to see. What he can do we know at the forefront and of course and and as Greek freak you see some of the things that he's able to do Matilda but learn the what Minnesota's won their start to make some noise to Oklahoma thunder you see where they're at they're not really going to do any thing you see. I mean pars in BP you know Westbrook and all those guys over there they are one thing we can say they'll their start a new jail they are starting to come together like when is this gonna come through when it is gonna come to fruition and got three superstars over there grew as you know Paul George Fresno state great plays defense can score you brought in you know all the different things are wrapped mellow so you're looking at this team thing okay when they're not made their run and right now under start and make a run. You know as well so. You look at echo when you talk about MVP LeBron James Bond be on the short list to see what cap our Kyra he's too and also as well so we'll look at that you know look at what's going hard and I think you did have another moos for other guys now to continue to elevate their game. But it's a very very short list and we know who's going to be on there definitely Katie is going to be on that list. Definitely LeBron James right now LeBron James can can. You need to make any. What about indeed imposing games gadget guy and it it is an out there on I. I don't know. Stephen. Don't look at that and razor sharp today well well done voice is me and I love the kid Joseph I think to sell on unbelievable. And there was no matter how they did that quit and I. May need to raise amid talk that moss is giving no ground that we Gaby and Gaby Joe's question us making so much money we know has got his big tire is over in Vegas now Salmonella. How about the old and out who has a digest is like to say I wrote that Blake in this morning and one life was stolen by a Bob had a light doesn't war properly out under some Reagan and and I thought would be expensive man. What bikes might be a better idea like I bought it last year there is bikes or over on him right by the whole foods over on fourth and they were going on sale and I kept checking in light to find when the last day was going to be I was just gonna smash like something at the last moment and that's the result that's a nice my dad I got it for cheap too because they just had to move on DN gamma gonna and that might that's using about it 1112 under all Mike Hsu wow you may have. I'm not that I need luck now he's making. I have by XY human bike ride bikes I never seen you ride a bike I never you talked. Golf and from a physics perspective that body on a bike probably doesn't work still have a bike in Alameda heaven and you know Hamels mountain bikes and not pro bikes because it's a little proposal by the but I did have a the guys love mountains over there and I'll meet you know the bigger tires and stuff it's hard when you're right those spikes you know tell you got down city mountain bike thing. And the like the fat I'm sad that now I don't look now now but I coffee and those things went in the ocean. And but I do memories and bite him in Fresno did see you know they have to claim defeat in all it's up I do have a nice high performance bike yeah Lotta hills in Fresno got a lot of shape relate there's a lot of mountains are people ride do you honestly. Ride the bike a bit when your Fresno I didn't go well. Who joins us every season on Mondays Oakland a's manager he loves ride the bike he's always over there ride the bike joy when I heard I don't I would love I mean I love you do it's you know get everything you need kits for cycling and you come down the Fresno I'm not tired and that their well. I'm not putting on the spandex into and I don't think I riding into work cited around the city Illinois Ed Nixon got the booty pads did you put on the black is good for you I'm glad I. You feel that a lot of cushion for the tuition so I wanna make sure they got those those that pad their because it hurts it hurts might mean Moody's. I've got to know you I nor do we just three years now never once have you mentioned this but I'm I'm disabled. I like your old has made out frazzled great bike and I should tell me I'm telling you do it's absolutely phenomenal if you love the trails they have there is someone just listen to you cannot on Fresno they would think that place. It's the garden of Eden the out every every every time Fresno comes up with this has no scrape from mountain biking Fresno is great for barbecue Fresno is great for swimming. The Rolling Stones you gotta. A lot of and there it it's very wonderful talent plays on the planet gets warm up all night Fresno air. So Paul is on its very way hotter so he's old but if you come down there would apart and it's so beautiful the party is a brutal part Jolie's actually amazing used to be a river that come always picture you'll be amazed by taking their. You would take pitchers you can do camping things there there's there's a there's actually less sleep in the dirt I made that. I made a decision along time ago. That's why I grind it nicely Panetta did three years even saying you're gonna come down a phrase bird. You know I don't know town altitude inside flew over a couple of these embers came to my house never said hello you need to maintain gonna come down anti society down there. No you're wrong not relying on and jumped from 85 and other Penske auto sales that context line Fresno is dusty and smelly. So there is rival opinion out there to close at 50 is that the 51 up I don't I can't read the whole bit and L 510 that's a Fredericksburg man. An eagle from the 559. In all caps will Fresno is great you go low Tina in as male athletic. Happy Fresno area NTT had thank you for listening he's a bit biased it has no team has been real she's given a woman and you would enjoy Fresno you really good. Well yeah. I'm not a lot of nice people from mess I've never met anyone that I didn't like my hear a lot of great things about it but by nature my job is to rip everything associated with Leo do you don't fairly good job about that I'd. Wagered on quite a few Fresno state games this year and I'm not enforceable law yes and financially if you NHL Brazilian financially and they could get a great job covering and I warn you every year Mike Joseph they're fantastic you know that team so while I don't I mean. Damp pretty did you know that team well what do you. Coming up from the Farley and pretty sure lo into Fresno on the mound surged more. And now. I don't know surfing I cannot. And I'd say anything about surfing. You're listening to too many times in the game KG MZFNAC. One San Francisco. Cordero was evident as may. I'm doing commercials at this portion of the show rolled straight through so I come in all hot with a line ID and then we just too broad because we wanna give the listeners. Much you'll wanna hate on me every now again we wanna give you as much Warsaw as humanly possible. Happy new year helping usually all think about their hate on your team or the other team this team that team where this city that city. I'm just here trying to tell you got your back.