Beyond The Arc 12-5-17

Beyond The Arc
Tuesday, December 5th

On this edition of Beyond The Arc, Tim Roye talked to Warriors Director of Player Programs, Jonnie West, Stephen Curry, Ian Clark and Anthony Slater of The Athletic. 


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Yeah. You champion Golden State Warriors basketball. Now I'm 517. Big. Resilience. Yeah. ER okay. Mike's pizza. Now it's easy 23 feet nine inches and Denzel boldly go where no man. To the boys are warriors basketball. Tim grew. Moore brings a little. Throws a right way not downplay get now to look what look like I'm drill hole. My dad he's got live. What gets out of our big let down has got the lawyers believe that doubts what you have time thereof zapped by these six Maggie but I made them. Just another amazing comeback. But his team that simply will not Golden State Warriors knocking off the new world pelicans last night. And they've become the first team in the shot clock here since 195455. To overcome multiple wanna point halftime deficit. In this scene seems. They trailed by twenty. That happened last night and they trailed by 22. On November 18 at Philadelphia remember they had that 47 point third quarter after the sixers have put up 47. In the first you've heard some of the highlights from last night right there what a night bird. Step curry becoming the fastest Everett at 2008. Threes as it continues to rewrite every line. Of the three point record for the lawyers have also outscored their opponents by twenty points in four separate third quarter this season. No other team in the NBA. Has done that more than once so Paul are two down from seventy. If it's an incredible run the lawyers have been on the last few years. Continues this year they're four and all the longest road trip of the season we're back in the eastern time zone where here in Charlotte we're tomorrow night they take abhorrence for thirty. If your airtime right here. I five point seven to gain the Bay Area sports station. Bowl at all that that maybe the big news of the night involve lawyers guard Stefan curry who rolled his right ankle. I want the last plays the game going for steel. And a topic going back to work curry goes for steel falls down more files for the three and hit it. It's. Still been at seven Miguel. Weighs about seven Clayton Townsend durables. And off the Fremont street view of the ways to 44 seconds off the clock and they pelicans vowed to re mind curry might be hurt periods limping. Noticeably after he fell down. Is gonna walk over to the bench. Curry went through steel. Oh you know oh my goodness is right ankle turned the wrong way. Heard it badly and now live to the locker room. All the words are lucky they have a day off Perry. Perry is okay he's not the result an hour but. Words have a day off to Charlotte tomorrow that will help. He left the locker room last night in a walking boot in on crutches and the update is that staff underwent an MRI today here in Charlotte. The results of which confirmed. That he suffered a sprained right ankle. In the game the MRI indicated. That the ankle is stable and structurally intact he will be reevaluated. In two weeks though for tomorrow night obviously he'll be out for the game. Against the hornets patch but called that knows contusion that's aperture Leo left shoulder soreness they're both questionable. For the game tomorrow night against the hornets. And that puts a little different perspective on tonight and coming up a beyond the arc later on Anthony Slater from the athletic dot com tells us. Which warrior he thinks would be the best comedians. Then out lawyers box former lawyer is Clark we'll tell us how many times he's opened the box that holds this 2017. Championship ring. And in that segment I'll also answer your questions on Twitter and lawyers feel acts and that email at him Roy. And lawyers dot com we'll look at how the lawyers help the Bay Area and it just a moment. I'll talk with what is director of player programs Johnny west his life as the the logo and how he's making is all bark in the NBA. It also caddies. In his spare time. But first he's a presence in the paint. And he's a hero back home in the Republic of Georgia and now he's been immortalized as a Bobble head. He won the first 101000 fans with the lawyers host the Memphis Grizzlies on Wednesday December 20 and receive is not that the chilly at champions addiction Bobble head. Courtesy of Get verified official to get tonight and warriors to account. But Johnny west is the son of Jerry West. The logo hall of Famer as a player and a driven successful NBA executive. Johnny didn't shrink from the spotlight. Being the son of a famous father he embraced it. Here's my conversation with lawyers director of player programs. Johnny west when Johnny you're on the. Row with the warriors a lot and director of player programs so what would start with their start with the job how what. When is the director of player programs responsibilities. In and what he trying to do to help the young lawyers. My role this year his kind of grown a little bit with with Travis Lee bingo. Past couple years my main responsibilities then. The off court player development. Of our younger players say it's it's it's for everybody that the main focuses. Is there are younger guys help them get accustomed to the NBA and its huge transition going from. College athlete or international athletes are becoming an MBA players and the different responsibilities and face with that. And then also. That is some scouting both college pro. And NG leak and you know being on the road with the team. Having constant dialogue with their coaches or players and keeping a pulse of what's with the team. So give me your pulse of the team right now obviously when you hand out 78 assistant. In the two game span that's pretty good. We've I think we've we've gotten back to. To playing to the way that we. Been accustomed to playing. That the start the season is was a little. Little different with coming up three straight seasons ago in the finals. China trip. Or are pre season this was one cut short. By the by the certain pre season and then also this country so. Think we've we've gotten back to cling cling warriors. Basketball. Wait coach crew likes it. Yet such thing in the I think at some point we may go back to maybe. Six games of pre season we've I think teams are gonna find out they can I need that extra work not only for the good of the guys that. Are you know hot absolutely ST with a roster but for some the guys who are kind of on the bubble as well. It just it was tough especially such address the streets isn't going to China and then. We had. One maybe two practices over there in the new company. To me leave you lose today and come back and take two days to get him back just in its to being back in the states that. And I think it is it is important that they're there has to be some way to try and find that balance of having the right amount of pre season. It's turning. In terms of practice and how to. Manage what number of games Vincent. And that schedule. To Cuba two days to me about two weeks I just feel right yet that endless let's talk a bit about. You mentioned the scouting but that's something you did when he initially came to the organization and in two as a scout now a senior travel with the team. Are you watching other teams and other players to see how they get their players ready for the game and how those players are reacting but we we keep a tab on home on house. On on all NBA players. But more specifically the ones that. Would would possibly tree agents and you know next year in the next next two years. Younger players and and guys that we might not have seen as much. You know move the LeBron James is in the James hardens in the Chris Paul's those guys the world that we know who they are so fifth. They become available there's there's a way to. To make something happen we don't know we don't need to. We don't need to keep tabs on that but let's get a good sense of the younger players only guys who were you know either on restricted her restricted free agents. Two way guys with the with the new two year rule Simon players. That's that it's just a good way to track progress in the NBA now tonight I get to see. Probably. Over 75. Games in person. So I've seen a lot of different teams then and then we'll go out and see teams besides the games that we well. Johnny west is. Our guest on beyond the arc course member of the lawyers front office in the and your you know deal from the room always we knew his you're the son Jerry West and direct quote free. That that is the idea is to embrace you know and and what was it like growing over your deck you gets driven person. And and was it hard when you start to play basketball because of the compares. It's growing up in in LA. It had never really. Understood what it what it was. And in the things that I don't have to deal with him and I remember. And one of my first ties to a games when we moved to Memphis and I played with mark solved. And as are one of our first games like. As the high school student section was on mark was on me and that was really the first time that I felt like okay this is this is ornament I have to deal with. And then. Obviously going west Virginian and playing basketball there was was another step in and feeling when it was that was. That was kind of one of the reasons why I wanted to go there was to grow up. In college and an experience where there was. Pressure on the not so not to mess up. And I'm it helped me grow up and and gain a sense of who I was as a person and they grow in this environment where there was pressure. I knew that if you if I was able to do that then. I would. Be OK with anything that was ever become violent attitude dead two months you go into history and he initially didn't want me to go there. He won in need ago. To an Ivy League school actually. And it's it was something that I. Always wanted. That he never. He never pressured me into saying yes you need to go there no don't go there and that's kind of how he was. Bass Austin template and Terry never pressured me to play bass line I think that was by the reason why I wanted to play basketball. So he was he was great from that standpoint. He was supportive of whatever season. Experience and a limited to but for NCAA as the final four that's a plea would would would Bob Huggins like. Might soon not knowing you know but I assume his on court demeanor is it a little bit different than who he really is he Meehan Hemmer still. Closed Tuesday. He was such a huge. Mentor for me. He's really father figure to solve this guy's. It's the way he is that that people see him on TV were when he's coaching. He's that way when he's coaching. But the second of the seconds leading up to practice second practice is done that all goes out the way and he's. Extremely caring person I think that's why a lot of people see his his players are always so supportive of him there always around. Because he he truly cares about every single player that he hasn't I think that's like guys. Go through brick wall offering. Can tell you tell us while love between news players for that one scene indicated Cincinnati got curtains down of these these surfer twenty minutes. Talking to kids and making sure he's okay. On a fast for a little bit too last August your caddie and feeling make classic TVCs to overture home course. Are few and stuff courier friends. There's a big difference between. Joking Ellie golf course and and your guys than playing in something that really means something and now you're the caddie. With certain pressured you are you worried about my kids screw this up the biggest thing is. Having carried that bag. Who we'd we don't know that I'm bit. During a practice round lead yet actual. Staff bag out and it was just a couple years. Prior to the the new staff bags that things weighed down Obama's doing so. Walking on the seventeenth fairway and they hit the drive and I put my arm around and I think we gonna talk about something and he. Did not know what was coming as that you've got to switch back I can't do this for two artists that are or force him if he would pay cut but. It was it was so much fun. To see him in in a setting where he's not comfortable because it's he's. One if not the best basketball player of the world. He's so comfortable in that setting in and knows what it's like to compete at that level but he gets thrown into a completely different sport we're. Place for fun and hasn't played competitively since since high school. I magazine can count Reno's as the competitive event but. To see him perform the way he did under those. Circumstance in the pressure that he had on him because there were a lot of people saying you know it's it's a waste to give him a spot. He showed a lot of people that it it was it was then he can. If he if he wanted to he could stick at at that level fees if he could put the time to do it. Actually crazy idea he everything he does turns out really well right now it's one of those people. Before Alex you know. Have to ask what this accident tonight a mutual thing and it's always got to look that up so it's ever happened before. You're here with the lawyers and then we're thrilled that you're here and it's and your dad now has moved on the clippers. He's working there and I your brother works for the lakers I can't ever remember a time in the NBA. Three different family members were for three different teams and their own side to say division. That's crazy you've got to find two more went somewhere didn't get that back them. Waited and then we can have have a Pacific division remembering. That it's very it's fun though. Our our. Whole family is so competitive I think because of because of my dad it. To be able. So one not only worked in the same. Same business that. Two to be able the trash talked each other's there's also a lot of fun. You guys thinking about this before. Came downstairs to talk Tuesday and now. It's an amazing. Life experience you've had me your dad this is a wealth of basketball information and life information. Negro in that household which had to be heart attacks and also special times. And then high school assignment in Memphis with a ten different backgrounds of all the people there marked a soul and it's clear Bob Huggins total file for now. You know here best friends for the best of the best players ever. Years. An NBA champion I mean it's it's that's that's pretty good run for a guy who has if you know what what you every thirty yet. Almost almost 32 point nine got a couple more couple more months before for my thirties but it pretty good run it has been. I've been extremely fortunate in my life. Got to experience a lot of things that that a lot of people don't. I've never taken that program. And like it's a pretty fortunate and you have some like like my father to be able. We're in the same industry that he does. And and to be able to have him as a sounding board and some of the good advice from it's it's it's been so beneficial. It's been great to have to catch up with the thanks for the the conversation and it continued success of the worst word you just thrilled that your. Around and and with us every day in and best of luck carrying the baggage here thanks -- appreciate it. I hope you enjoy that conversation with Johnny last the director of player programs for the lawyers. As much as I did it was fascinating conversation if you missed any or part of it. Go to sound clouds dot com slash lawyers for all your warriors information beyond the arc is archive there. Every week as well. As well. At the lawyers' website lawyers dot com next up your questions and comments are lawyers box as beyond the arc continues. We're going back. Kids thirty. Waved back to DR DR. I'm Monday December 11 the lawyers will hosted Damione Lewis the son of Oakland. Portland trail late it's your verify vigilance against. And wired dot com or call one Tripoli. TSW. And press. Representatives. Are standing by to assist the time now for our ask warriors boxing into question not Twitter. Lawyers box lawyers feel acts for sending email that's Chevrolet of lawyers dot com Tim Roy lawyers dot com. First up the obvious. As Bob says what's the update on guards having curry and that right ankle he turned it last night in the world ones curry might be hurt. Curry is live thing. Noticeably after he fell down. As got to walk over to the mets' first of all let's go back to last night at curry in the locker room. Talking to be assembled press about his sprained right ankle the behavior in London. And now. Strickland who see. I don't business. Don't and as long as an. It's okay. Just moving. Yeah. Think it is time. Well I. Okay whores. Went through my own. Yeah coma dead zone. And it. It's. My. There's a conflict that's news to us. He told us Schuettler rather. You heard you. There's a single now. We're. It is. Hoses were. Through. This game a war zone. Thirty minutes. Yeah. That was staff last night today he underwent an MRI. Here in Charlotte and the results are that he suffered a sprained ankle and the MRI indicated the ankle is stable. And structurally intact he'll be reevaluated. In that two weeks and obviously will not play here in his hometown tomorrow night against the Charlotte hornets. We move on now to John enclosed. He wants to know how former warriors guard Ian Clark is talented job of coming off the bench as in the world's pelicans answered that I chatted with the of before last night's game but we started. With the rinks. This time recognizing that Clark refuses to read his. Perry had. The impact on our service or run you run for president remembers it today and joy to the game was intoxicated prolong organizations so we went into sudden. Recognized in as well deserving top. How many times have you opened the box and take a look at today at the ring city again. Oh and cars it's like. There's a whole event the likes. This kind of war for a little while ago but today. This but the ring on it executes an unfit that I got a thousand or so. At the movement. Is great man I gotta step in my house now a transit and competed so I think I'll tell them as I've got to right now. Let it was a reaction from me teammates and you're able to hear them. As my mom and things. It's amazing to come isn't obviously they want to see in him. And I hope in New England uses that is it was different in this but mediators it was damp. This is this bars and when it about a with a point. It's happens I think it was a really get by an article that night when you start walking out the record now as pretty fun. It was fun math I got. Details a little bit from the crowd you know it's so much support some stuff in the Bay Area. Obviously I'm out teammates. In. Present in the rain and every night that it was very. About of that. Hi eight video when you're AJ. It may well. You know we read that and on the court obviously this new group that was kind of found a way we had a talent. But off the court you know we've got sail well. I mean I've been around these other. That's the first part of houses that for you and your family because you're a lot closer to family here that you were in the back it's great they have family friends that come down. Probably. About a six week you've already. We've got her most. Actually. That's as to. And that I haven't seen in awhile and the happy wow so. Is in good and a large body Alando. No but it makes you we can't when we're home they come out and support those very. Happy holidays and we'll see you in April and thousand you have out and I think we'll Chris wants to know why are the warriors getting so many technicals. Last night in his post game press count it's head coach Steve Kurt addressed that matter. It's absolutely too much we're not composed out. We're championship team you know. Got to believe. Poised to got X cute out there we're getting way too emotional. Myself included have got to do a better job of that too but. We've got to show some. So Tories when things aren't going away and stop worrying about everything else and just worry about the game. It saved me pretty bleak right now. I savings if I didn't say having three again. That it should. Wolf we're gonna definitely talk about it the next couple of days. Thanks Chris for the question and by the way on this road trip so many little stories wrapped around the fact that the lawyers are on their longest road trip of the season a great moment in Miami. As Klay Thompson met for the very first time. The coach who was responsible. For his father being in the NBA. Coach Jay Caldwell ghost of Michael Thompson at Miami's Jackson high school and he discovered him in Nassau over 45 years ago. It was a great moment the tops the family and I sat down with Jacque during warm ups in Miami what does what does this daylight. For you what we wouldn't have experienced team going through today. Big date. Big day. Don't know on the on the games since these guys coach and and this is that he took him. We. A couple of that hosted. See the son of a couple deaths could have coached little. Have a luncheon this time with a man. Is. You know. About tonight in the person and let the total time. You know those guys it. Over the years. Coaching in place I don't know I just had enough of ground. We're being in. Did. The expertise and didn't read. They backs and on that but. I'll come out what do you think did you have a. Chance you have until quite yes. And with the Palestinian Michael and how much different is played. Then Michael at this age. Well yeah it's it's. It was mine was. All the players go right. You know he was so yeah it was definitely a great great big men and one of the big great big animals and it's. You know. Honestly. As a as a professional he was not as great but. But he was very good and they are the teams and clay is and I know he's quieter yet but lately is this. Is. Okay. Oh. That professional women than and Michael who's my. My blade to would Portland and he didn't play well let's own it. What's the lakers and that's when he was most notable relentless. Absolutely I mean listening very very good college player doesn't ask how did you find it. It wasn't like you it. Yeah we. I accidentally bumped into it hit him I mean. It was any any any plans thing. Anything of that nature to suspect it. I happen to be in the Bahamas and visiting with the baseball team mate of mine and one of my players. Was there and he was showing me around. When it's. So we went to look forward this he would. So he would name to host. Sold. Chemicals which we ended up it throughput given houses and we ended up. And Michael's house and its future as house. And we want it wasn't Michael wasn't extremely sneaky he would he would play basketball and these the other coast. In. It is evident Erica that France was lifted. So than them over 2. Uncles who I am a student visas Obama. From that point and tacitly we don't we'll teaching. And that's dispute. It was ought to let them. DeVine but the battle and get them it's just. Because. You know this thing you know it. He is accidentally found. You know and because we've made a lot of progress so. That one. You. Rest is history it. I would imagine that. One thing that links the two of them has to be dry. As we've seen playing a lot better for me in the time he walked into the lawyers him in and what you say Michael had a ways to go as well. Oh yeah. The outlook. What do they play as Mike Mike's. You know my ex wife put an uptrend school's fiftieth and you know Mike didn't have anybody put in the time we do so he was the youngsters. That was not exposed to a whole body and clay. And my ankle in the buckled and and all of those kids. You know boulder around with the and then mothers. This age though he has a distinct advantage that Michael didn't. Play as. No question about it he has these he has made progress you can see it. It is. Deftly done some things up his game. And a groom him when he went to college he was definitely. He doesn't leave a lot of work. And he's done it with. He feared. June 30 quality. Notables here guys in the Olympic. No question I think he's a great doing lines. Is look at Canada as a you'll always. In the lowest Ulanova on the floor. If you win you can deliver this job. The way he did that kind of stroke. You'll have a job. Coach I know is that as the guy loves basketball. You're you're gonna have a great time watching the rest of the game enjoy the experience it. Glad to act catch up with viewing and work. We're so happy found Michael against Michael begat client on there and they and so it goes thank you so much good yes OK they didn't it. And finally here are warriors boxes segment there's some news USA basketball. 20172018. Men's World Cup qualifying team. Fully played down in Santa Cruz in February the team will be made up of G league players and now Monday USA basketball like conference call with coach Jeff Van Gundy as well as Santa Cruz warriors team president Chris Murphy. Who's excited about the fact. That the Santa Cruz lawyers will host two qualifying games against Cuba and Puerto Rico and the Kaiser Permanente arena down in Santa Cruz. Would keep yeah basketball. Started this process. Rules changes in the timing changes. The international momentum requiring you know he did. I happened during the middle of the NBA beat I think yeah they got the ball game Gigi Lee saw and rightly so little logically that exact. Do you pick out exactly determine exactly in the world being did you eat there. Formulate the Kenya Iraq third. Yeah a bit debt obligations that are salt. Another team about fortunate not to travel to Greensboro. And technical game this past weekend they did a great job there. Yeah here we hear it through in the capital. Six years is the reason that it then US they've asked him did you really can't call it to keep this is something we would love. I'm are building an electric and I didn't try it now and that's I don't expect these two games to be any different. We're really I mean that'd be able. You're favored to Cuba. On the 23 and then get worry on the twenty picked up the Greek debt well all about all already opposition do our bankers community help or very. -- about. You know we pick the actors are big either and ballot. This community it prevented the port Detmer threw gap here we. Create and edit or an air Reid added I think about it QB so worked that it did bring that being. Spell out that pier 82 USA basketball game. We without being. Taught him but a heartbeat if they get older that we ought to be executed more. You know will go on built the general public but take it down. Beat it to Denver night peaked I'd expect. A big surge of hatred then well. You know you that they kept all laid. The Golden State Warriors at. And you've got big Pete and ORACLE Arena. In overtime bout damn right back in the extra gate then I think it that in our our intimate environment 2.5 hundred feet. On the map that we create I didn't made up our own game going to be pretty exciting for you but they've got all the experience as well. You know it it's exactly what all this shook gate did not only gate directory to. The world basketball community but to showcase our band here at a group. You meet in doubt that you that they about all that upper arm from the empty geely player on the court they did decorated. But in the it out at all on the side line. That's Santa Cruz lawyers team president Chris Murphy. While you know it's a holiday season and every holiday season the Golden State Warriors make sure that those who are in need had something to celebrate and that's the case this year. Goldstein waves continue their ongoing efforts to make the Bay Area. And even better place to live. Thank you I went for coming up is a really special occasion for us but because they wares for this shop and learn event. Presented by like supermarkets in partnership with the ET reason. The Bennett and heavy serious and spreading up for the warriors to do an event like this is that they really help get the word out about how great it is to help ease the warriors are great role model parent needs to be able to drink water. Eat healthy get physical exercise and so it's really great trust me it's partnering them and bring awareness. Your whole community and the area. I'll but ultimately you the way you you probably takes everybody. Our bodies tumbles so we got. Right nutrients and trying to. News really help provide for its highest peak. We'll enjoy ET reason than lefties that they've been doing this for many many years continued to really invest in the communities. What is also hope you teach people really healthy decisions about what to put into their bodies and how effective that is. You know for their longevity and health so it's really cool when you come out of jail. And really need to found Leah and talk to them and talk with some of the challenges they haven't really help them an opponent to make better decisions were made and go grocery shopping. I really really enjoy what we did good today. I just lay out that I mean about your book they have lost his left what's that meeting then though it was really tough for a lot of the time. This flash great release black. Has returned to. This is we already are presented by bound MySpace and. Hi Tim every other yards continues. The conversation and Anthony Slater of the athletic players the last few years has switched his feet from Oklahoma City to the Bay Area. He's making the Bay Area home but he has also switched his employer will be in the Bay Area news group to be athletic. That's what we start the conversation and how his role has changed. And how covering NBA games has changed for every one. Of course road trip continues as before the game and in New Orleans had a chance to sit down and Anthony thing here again and again. And revert to last about that out of what's going in and day is that they'll. The way of the digital world now. These river writers are by their own spots news to move from paper to sedate him. Work on the project they wanna work out. I think Grassley I isn't going good and it is time to agent you know when you look over and it's fourth quarter with two minutes left in a crazy game you won't see he's scrambling to switch up my lead and get a deadline story and by about five minutes after the buzzer. It really allows me to sit back after game analyze the game maybe even though look back babies are partly government back and look at this past them. Who's off really was this turnovers and I really talented big games digging in deeper stories right Pavia 4000 word feature at some point that would take up an entire sports section these days that. We're digital though it can kind of go their subscriptions having good in. Hi you know. There is a place for newspapers they're always you let newspapers and always give plays for a lot of different kinds of media and I'm very happy with the woman sentenced him to get that big. What's happening now is that it. People can get the scores and highlights in the and actually. Box score and everything and get that money away now. Yeah or you know a traditional gamers kind of gone by the way Saddam and Mark Cuban members he was getting really magnate Pete was start to say maybe you'll like mechanically fill in. You know it's accident basically have a robotic gamer I don't think that it's but. People watch the game. They can see highlights on Twitter they can they get opinions throughout the night as a watch in the game. They want us you know something that that goes a bit deeper and you know it has the inside access but also makes it maybe. I know it's not from the coach hood you know cost somebody's there on the team Alonso. It's been fun to kind of X beer mean and you know what are some out there and try to find different ways to write about a sport that you know it's eighteen get ham Marc zones in your grades he gains a year. Seen the same things it's been fun. Now let's move on two. The lawyers and before I ask your Nina on the team's doing in and they want to have a little fun today. So I wanted to ask you questions and without giving you any time to preferences. These secret well I. Jordan now I feel like he's got kind of some some rhythm. I was gonna say Drake dream on was I was ready to say its previous poster he's going to do a lot of successful things especially in the entertainment industry and usher singing would you do. And which way do you think. Will eventually end up being a coach. You eat the dollar has been mentioned backer a lot of times. But I rusher Andre you know once it's very Mark Green has also been like it's kind of rumbled Haiti could be the language Ahman Green happy on the sidelines manner in the end of patience with young players who aren't like championship ready messenger mongering trying to coach to rebuild. That does seem like I'm thinking he's got a Smart mind for it he's talked front office but. Guys on this team I mean you've seen on the court is right or tacky team the lead so I think there are a lot of options out there. We got to eat cat jumped again on my next question which one do you think we'll have the best tech career. And tech might be a dog is museums the most you know it's receded in a lot of them I. You know what you're after governor at the U apple the brand name there yeah you can. Playing here click here naming your grand on anything and it immediately skyrockets the stock so they have the most options but I think you've got the most interest. Any chance that anyone of demo and up as a comedian. Now we drain on. He's got a great delivery. Great tone. Great in front of crowds I was at Harvard did enough that was the standup comedy special that was some very serious topic to talk Harvard but. You know even in those settings he has humor but he also has great respect it you know comedians are as hey you know crack funny jokes like you know talk about. Lightning and you're battling your struggle and everything that baton there's nobody better price in the league entering on that. Basically here's our guest here beyond the arc he writes for the athletic with so how was the event at Harvard and what did you learn about three month and maybe did know there. He don't know if I have made in there anything new he said he was nervous the first time I've ever heard him saying he was there was actually tucked in the day before Mossad. Nervous on good speaking and then he got up there and you know you're at Harvard you know you're not. World famous business school. I you can tell like. It was you can hear is voice some nerves early on but you know him once he gets about thirty seconds into 17 minute answer that he's going on he really starts this. Getting don't eat. He insists. I think it was interesting to see how the Harvard kids responded to you know the year Beazer. This you know such a prestigious schools and on the kids. It I look up to so many different people in their avenues they may be going judges and lawyers and went right. Is this get people and injuring hundreds night when he walked in Iraq Clapp and his toughness a site. It's just insisting these kind of how these guys are revered in my all avenues you know across the country across the world Europe shine. Doesn't giant we saw that the world I saw. Wolf Blitzer the other day in Miami come up to step period asked for pictures it's it's it's it's there it's truly it is. In part kind of like traveling with the of rock group. Yet China in particular was stunning to me is that your life while we are really like completely across the rose the first time I've been there it's like I'm. A very foreign to a lot of stuff there. Yet like these people who are around every day are lying if I walked out I just ran in the haven't you lock up the plane saying I nexus death. And night you know. Somebody walking on their soil that it's you know in this it was a dot that was walking behind their missing. I remember outside their hotel we got there that night to the Ritz Carlton in Shanghai in. There was a bunch of people camp out like errors and a lot of hotels across the country and I was like I you know you expected this week we knew what was coming. But then I got. I was there at 2:30 AM the night later in there was still about any of us there were sleeping there for three days just just for the second glimpse of a guy get off the bus that a guy walks and no itself. And then there awaits the next guide and you know you get seventeen glances over three days and that's a great three days those. Arab might see that what what you're in the middle line you know that that it's not just a basketball team is really more of an event. Before we get to the team real quickly what your favorite quote again the last few years. Now on there's some obviously some great great moments. Steve Kurt really you know he delivers. You know. Good kind of quit after your quiver of trying to figure wanna vigorous and that you do you have once why I think of one line I I have a a couple I I've I think the the other speaker when when he came out and and now let everybody tweet the other day volume is like shuffling cards I thought that was pretty funny that that that was pretty cool. These guys are ready to tweet armament and coach. What we're gonna start. All marine. And not Jordan bell and this exposure to tweeting all. We'll resume human contact. And in the meantime spiritual songs. Ignore me just cracks English. Be ready. And I have no idea about shuffle couple more. What's up with. To do able to longer three between. It gets ready for eye to eye contact again and human connection. You know that started in Denver where in. He said he was there right you dollars and news dressings and he's gonna go right to the phone Newsnight OK out clause where you and the next time you start to come out drop tenacity. I guess the magic eight ball yet. Kurt Kurt. Heard your name on deliver these night. Long gray. Quotes Stecker is pretty good look at a quick here wants ally and long. On though about. You know I help you didn't judge me on my personal and against either. You know he had that wants from last year's night you know take off the ET on asset. Those are party does a very sweet able quote this is good. Now let's get to the team right now and that they did on this road trip I think we've seen this team kind of head back to where they used to be yes. It's funny I think the Florida sun helped them I don't think it's a ridiculous thing to say. I think they needed. A reef rest you know kind of way from there. You know we've mentioned how monitor on the season is you on the launch of the Florida for years avenue Ian Wright in a December when it's cold everywhere else in the Bay Area. It's an eight degrees. He gets them back performances that proceeded you know how this team response to a couple that forms and the coach Kirk who's been very critical of him this year more than in years past. And he bit he very much less after they won LA and they came out Chris that 46 this this game Orlando. And and I think it very much appreciate her. Gifting them an off day Miami and saying you know what let's come out for him. Play well we'll see if it continues because I do think it's going to be seize on this here where we're like oh they look like. Who we know they are and it's like well they know they are that against and that kind of thing if put up against even more so than in years gone by I've eighteen there are coming out of harder. And I think teams are. Also league wide. Figuring out how to guard smaller units from any better than what they did four years ago. Yeah I mean you get this book Hamptons five death library on a caught you at some numbers it. I mean it looked at death Bynum when it originated with these unbelievable matches a couple of years ago in the semi regular season you know. You're not really duplicate those plus one point 270 Norman some might yet. But that line if you would think it's always going to be a meg plus as it was last year I mean it was there go to sledgehammer and and a passed this here's a minus. I think some of that is that lackadaisical play some messy when dollars really kind of strong as profits of weapon the more experienced on. A but also it's it's what you mentioned this is more if things go home Ortiz Jack on three's. The pace in the league team from four years ago it's just skyrocketed. Words like by the sixth or seventh place big I mean they're not the vast team. They are still the most dangerous mob all you put. They are challenged more than average query data primary game suddenly bam bam bam 333 and teams on nine around. You follow my Twitter at Anthony V Slater. Appreciate so much and and thanks. For stopping by here and in the forward to reading your prose the rest of the year. At that travel a pleasure to chat with Anthony Slater of the athletic. As you just heard you can follow him on the Twitter news of the day you haven't heard earlier on the show warriors guard Stefan curry rolled that right ankle last night. In the New Orleans had an MRI today here in Charlotte. And here's your update on step curry. Lawyers guards stepping curry undergoing an MRI today here in Charlotte and the results of its confirmed that he has a sprained right ankle. The MRI though indicated that the ankle is stable at structurally intact so that's good news he'll be reevaluated. In two weeks and obviously will not play tomorrow against the hornets Patrick but Colin those contusion as the Chilean. With left shoulder soreness that both questionable. For the game tomorrow night so the rest of the road Tripoli inched we will check the upcoming schedule just a moment and a reminder that this holiday season. Kia is giving the gift to the lawyers purchase or lease any 2017. Or 2018. Kia. I get two tickets to two pre selected warrior games and the free teachers. Opera in January 31. For details go to wars dot com slash Kia. Coming up the schedule that's beyond the arc concludes on Matty five point seven the game. The bay area's sports station. There. Yeah. Usually takes you back to three point play it's. It's beyond the arc continues presented find out Mike's pizza. On the Golden State Warriors radio network. As always beyond the arc presented by mountain Mike's pizza order online bouts of Mike's pizza. Dot com are now look at the upcoming broadcast starting with tomorrow the boys right here in Charlotte gets a 438 pregame in this Kemba Walker. Try to show off some of his skills. Drive. I'm still playing his passes out to handle it until I. And I kind of bottled water it costs what 32 point nine seconds left to go. Our solid block in the lane next time. By Campbell walked. There for thirty pregame lawyers and a hornet's. Right here on 95 point seven a game that the road trip the longest of the year ends Friday in Detroit. 330 is our start time as the lawyers will try to keep Andre Drummond off the glass. Dump the Tobias Harris there's been. Let's talk about a hundred. That I will. Does Obama. Coldest day we'll get their first look at the pistons new arena on Friday. 330 yen the pregame show and 95 point seven a game. The waste at the weekend off the back on the hardwood on Monday as they take out the Portland trailblazers at debut Allard. At a oracle. Other notables right. Pulls back up three point eight. It's okay. Now has eight. As franchise record for most points in a single. 7 o'clock with a pregame show on a Monday. Warriors and trail blazers and then a week from tonight another beyond the arc show right here on 95 points of the game. That portly gaming get your verified official word tickets and lawyers dot com or call triple AT SW. And pressed option number one provider the lawyers 2072018. Season. Is presented by Kaiser Permanente. Begging everybody who made the show possible including the lawyers director of player programs Johnny west. Really enjoyed that conversation and it's always good to catch up with the wants pelicans guard Ian Clark judge Caldwell. He's a high school coach in Miami who brought Michael Thompson the father of plates out into the states. Michael going on to have a fine NBA career. Jake you course meeting clay for the first time when the way he stopped in Miami thank you Chris every the president of the Santa Cruz warriors. And of course at least later. From the athletic dot com I tip brought the warriors senior radio producer artsy Davis thank god died out beyond the arc we'll talk to you tomorrow here in Charlotte. 430 for the pregame show as the lawyers take on the hornet's. This is didn't beyond the arc as that point I won't go beyond. Tim voice weekly rundown of all things golden city presented by Bob likes pizza took great. Particularly call 1888. GSW. Who are very loud very successful broadcast.