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Beyond The Arc
Thursday, November 30th

On this edition of Beyond The Arc, Tim Roye talked to Warriors Center JaVale McGee and Mitch Lawrence of Sirius XM NBA. 


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You champion who. Warriors basketball. Now I'm 517. The resilience. Yeah. Okay. Mike's pizza. Now exceeds 23 feet nine inches and Dennis boldly go where no man. Google Voice warriors basketball. Tim grew. The rich come back bigger balls down right fine. And it went so that's going to be a jump ball. Floyd drama wrestle that away it could have been a validate their kids to give across the arm of green. But the lakers are fortunate there. Bring my kid did to grant to ramp wolf bush comes down the middle players to the right with a handle it now waits and looks at five feet get down. Hydrated curry flights out of other prefers to have. I got back up back trap of our car a you don't want to call 9402. To go and the lakers called time about it though. Two days. What a ball game last night down in LA at the warriors winning in overtime 127 the 123 staff curry was seventy points in the fourth quarter. And overtime that power the lawyers to. The victory Kevin Durant had 29 and Brandon Ingram a career high 32. For the lakers but the road trip has moved up the Florida. And the Orlando is where the warriors find themselves a take out the match tomorrow night. 330 with a start time. About a five point seven in the bay area's sports station tagged out for beyond the arcade coming up on the shelf later on the art Mitch Lawrence of Forbes magazine the sporting news and NBA radio the talk all things NBA and the under the radar moves that were made. In this past offseason. I'll answer your questions on Twitter at warriors of plaques will also look back. At the ring ceremonies of Ian Clark and Matt Barnes we'll find out what the lawyers are doing off the floor. To make the Bay Area and even better place to live and first double here from lawyers center. JaVale McGee but first this reminder. Warriors basketball camp powered by under armour is coming to Sonoma country day school in Santa Rosa December 26 through the 29. This four day winter break camp session is a great chance for young warrior fans ages seven to fifteen. The special session is filling up fast so sign up tonight at lawyers dot com slash camps earlier in the road trip. I had a chance to sit down with lawyers center JaVale McGee he is it near number two is a Golden State boy year and year number one. As an NBA champion curry up what they see through my family lob that you look out. The drill will hit the quarter pole plaza like to say when this team gets to twenty games give me your thoughts on what's going out of the lawyers and when he. What do you see in and where can you guys get better as we head toward the midway point of the season. Whom feel like we definitely certainly these things together everybody is certainly mesh well unfortunately I think injuries. And Marisa some guys that I kind of makes it for fun lineups but who's the villain doing pretty good to be tuning and then pretended so. Was it weird to start the season sorely this year. Not room thinking like unfortunately. Those news some. Slid as you did get into your role how how important is it for you anti Kurd area on the same page so you know what to expect nine and now. Is really important not just from mementos the other news in general just guns and again the same energy in the same lines that. Just trying to stay focused is really important for us to just keep clear it. When you talk about. That the relationship to player and hey coach Leo it it's not always that way and sometimes he coached that there aren't that communicated but. How much easier does it make it when. Speaker Pelosi insist that your play a lot tonight or he may not play well tonight. Home means a lot easier and easier mind earlier before it's kind of hard when you're out there. And you're facing view and is sort of play and you don't play you don't know is way better and does so you have friendly disposal and it happens and probably most likely and then maybe some maybe some slave. Last year is that before resells them play an innocent I had a man. Yeah and usually what we need you now so. Never enough. That's our role in Vienna I'll think people appreciate that. Sometimes in the end now if you look at the the awards this year and another new guy in Jordan bell. Are you getting the point now where you can maybe mentor. Player like that and maybe help make the transition to be coming approach. Home yes definitely there's definitely we're seeing things that the NBA is different from Cairo's. Mainly you know high school to study you really as the best book you have to you have to be able to amend his time career in the right way or the business. Do you have a lot of free time so he's certainly. A positive experience so so everything here for a. We just mentioned is it that to your baby is now over a year old. How's how's dad doing house announced the failing doing our viewers period they've used in Smart or smarter days sincerely think. Because they're now on eBay users in this in the east and when they're that they're learning how to manage technology a lot quicker than say you an idea but. But how's how has fatherhood changed you home I mean as deadly thing in the positively. Numbness as saying he loses me more appreciative and edges and is working for something more so. He would try to keep playing. Long enough so that. That the they'll be positive memory an actual thought of you being on the floor you're definitely influences in film you I'm out there on the court not only better every year that. That's good so who spoils the baby the most in the family. I was Disney had this their mother. But that's just because this is this movement is things where I mean almost four of them just move more rough and her mother's. Always was it like for you glee and in their elation when you when your mom your mom as a player so we'll what was that like communism and isn't. To me everywhere receive this is planned reasons on stroller. Is always around us most of them. Was it harder though as you grew up because now you've got somebody who Natalie can tell you about how you're playing but as the resonated back and on the event initiative in those whose vote in Mosul and if we have to take heed to exit. What what's the reaction for from you is this we get now more or less how we had another woman that was Sacramento more more women coaches in the in the act. I mean there's definitely a positive thing for me is something that should be. Happen more often justice and equality so's this things. JaVale McGee's our guest on beyond the arc on 95 point seven the game I Timberlake. As the lawyers in the middle of their road trip let's go back to last offseason and give us the update on on the shelf life. Wrong. Do lead to longer there's some rule over you kind of gets into our rules that got bill. I'm a dedicated to listen uses those fabulous very humbling experience and I'm. Just let us move Hungary were wounded in the gonna have another saw Hogan here on. Just because of his longest. Re define it for people who may not know what it is a what you're trying to homes and closes the water promotion company to where we teach people exits the martyrdom of ministers from some kids safe inactive. Armand is also a non answer you I mean is it Syrian uprising. Goes through Uganda and do what to us for people who don't who don't have access to clean water so. How many wells did you guys get to dedicate this facile we have three and right now like perfect word more than one thing and having ignored. The next. The next time he goes so. Do you have any idea as to how many people that will affect. Home I don't know the numbers exactly good food when we were there's a scene original water sources that there isn't it can cloudy Whitewater's. Brown waters who murdered. Using the bathroom dialogue and they were playing their bikes and stuff like this vote. Who's really innocent users and to present to secede. And the crazy or was everybody just happier still gleefully. So. Is that an ages homebuilding experience this and people who in I really appreciate what you. I know there's been some problems in the US with a water Flint, Michigan comes to mind but but do you think on the whole we can't take it for granted that we don't realize. What other parts of the world have to go through. It was closed little music program. For example wine glass pipe to. More words to vote and we'll kind of glad that line goes and there are countries. I mean it's a lot of things America is definitely yes and one of the wrong. We don't have to spread that around the world measured. You you to enjoy in life also. JaVale McGee's our guest we're talking about his charity John life pushing me to find more information that employers dot com. Let's say give back to the lawyers for second era for a let you go in and and tell me what what are your goals for the team in this of this in the next twenty or thirty games doing it to the first of the year. Oh win this too goes. Not lose there's no there's only go you have you don't move me go to play and the ones certainly in the room. And so far we've had a chance to see a couple of the bright young talents in the NBA we're Cummins of these rookies and young players I don't get a couple of your thoughts what are your thoughts and on two well indeed Philadelphia. All ninja moves doom this thing I was there was so for two juveniles planned fairly and do you agree angry person. Sports are. Always in June. He deserves it he's showing his talent he and unfortunately those injuries even is totally anonymous than his teammate Devin Simmons. Old Vinson is amazing doing his thing also accused guards and I just just been through. Home. That your go to pieces him. And again we just salaries they Sacramento the year foxes they can as quick with a ball it is of record. Through the command. And trying to make an argument. Antennae on holiday wishes. How do you pure pros to. It's not always for shades it in that time in and so impressed with with John Black has a job well done thank you so much for the camera station and continue desolate. That's lawyers center JaVale McGee. Hi Tim Roye will we come back I'll answer your questions on that Twitter app lawyers box right here beyond the arc. I'm 95 point seven to gain the bay area's sports station. We're going back. Stick. Wave back to be armed VR. Presented by bound by. But the holiday hoops to get packages are back these special four games packages. Feature of the Cleveland Cavaliers Oklahoma City or Boston by a holiday hoops package tonight. And receive a special warriors town teacher while supplies last pitcher for game Agassi tonight and lawyers dot com or call triple AG SW. And press want. Time now for lawyers box Seve or questions odds what are. And lawyers VOX. Or send me an email at Chevrolet at lawyers dot com that's TI MR OYE. And warriors dot com our first question comes from Christina who wanted to know about the players can't they take their family on trips and do day. Well recently sized up the Chilean brought his two boys on the recent road trip and he explained how beneficial it was. Have that incredible experience. There are thoughtful and experience. The literally. Differently. Why it. They could fall off your policy. Where the world was back for. Quote. My room a few nuclear official. If you faster than ever. Very you know who threw Grunow exclusive news. And I wanted to do both. In the room where new laws for the hills it was revealed this. It was a thoughtful enough. Good group movement through two vote. Our next question from Twitter is is more we get this question a lot here. In the first twenty games or so how come Jordan belt doesn't get to play more well he's having an impact he's still learning the NBA game he still learning the way the warriors want to play the NBA game. And I think at this point in east he's telling all fine you concede that in short bursts. Then he has a real impact any gives the way or something they don't have an athletic forward. Who's a high flier he blocked shots with the wars have guys to block shots but. But easy easy guy attic and chased out people from behind the design at Annapolis is a and I think. Mid season is where we're gonna see Jordan bill really start to have an impact when he gets comfortable with the NBA gets around his rookie wall. And heads toward the post season I think that's where. He is gonna help. Of the Golden State Warriors in. A big way on email at him Roy of lawyers dot com John has the comments have really question. He thought was great to see Matt Barnes and his kids get their rings. Any yet doubt really was cool as well as Ian Clark. And now through the electronic and digital wizardry of Marcie Davis. What's relay of the warriors experience for both Matt Barnes and Ian Clark. The wolf the rest of the matter is large enough when I. I'll go away. Although Anthony Davis spectacularly drive like Clark being Clark for summer 400 Omar or we're we're. We go our grocery scanner. Your after briefly covered in Belmont there. Earlier her sorrow here defenders are so big shot. Her closet to Amma does it despair he did Clark bounce after making them play also adults at that but right hand up pretty well. That was. Impressive play Clark. He and his perfect example. I never know about those you know. Produces every night if he gets dragged. That's a big part of this league it's becoming. Professional. Aware. Your responsibility to stay in their heels. You might get away stop that hot for jumpers got a good mark was angry. So that they've removed by his wife and unity to have a look the other way violently. He's biggest vote today. We just hope we will watch film it's just that one play tomorrow and figured. Exit all downtown. About throwing stuff at them they are worried that trouble he's got you but boy it's informative. At least on the jaunt down anyway. At present with Juliet backcourt like Clark have a live. The end Clark is great here we don't see where he's also and I earlier on the floor again here at Indy champion now. And yet here I soldiers who retired to see you that's why do we know. It was very. There support me and my friends my family there. Is great turnout. They were innocent moment. So it'll the work ethic that you observed on this team and how does that apply to your game. Being able to come in lesson learned a lot from these veterans sponsors. Once plays. This is Haiti every. After every practice before practice seen them get it working. And an excellent work then was more so is it fair to those. And week we know it was an exit the better. Not many people get to see it over a million people want us. There's an Asian. Always like this. The only. On behalf of myself my teammates fellow lawyer organization we wanna take this under recognizing him Clark. Here's a tremendous. Had submitted an impact on our service or run you buzzer pessimism every single day enjoyed that a game was. Intoxicating for all organizations so we went to dishonor. Recognized in this well deserved accomplishment. Format Bard doubled floor first out of the lawyer and a longtime. Now supports cutting inside for the last step back far it's hard to get this first two with a lawyer and the Golden State warrior event up and applauding. Their newest teammate. Less than ten seconds yeah about that productivity. It was crazy you know I Jack's kid me legacy to the wire six tear up. Noticing that he felt like he knows that he was playing even if he was coming back. Investors and Unita team at their fair and text news alerts and no respect in the organization as well wanna come back to be a part of you know just. Revenue organizations there we have fond memories here that was a great time out to their release was totally different. Those of us were freedom. Just a bunch of guys that nobody else wanted it we gotta kind of cool mid season trade to inject around tensions and became a fairly decent. Or do we need to build on noticing the program the following your own stringent risk but it just is there's still Wall Street and all have some. Let's talk to map aren't just a moment because. I know this is so it's so special for you. How about this mid season you're look at court basically and and the lawyers if you look all night you can do this. It's been a combination of comment fifteen years of ups and downs and to get to come back and got us Garnett broad and benefiting from Truman and let it be thankful for the organization my teammates. Everybody made this possible. I know it's not gonna sink in for awhile but your Matt Barnes now NBA champions. And it treatment I mean level with President Clinton avenue asked me I was putting him through. They've come through and can gradually been so happy for. We never stopped believing in the evening in the nation status to closed. I watch a film that was needed in the first two games and you're playing you never. Made a basket in the NBA finals and Jim LeRoy Collins shot he was so aware of that and everybody to have these kind of building for the that you and your family. When you're funny story that was tonight. You know it's just it's been held of the season how little you know fifteen years and you know this amazing team and make the organization. The other share the floor in the Jersey in the uniform of these guys have. Let's incredible journey just this year because all of a sudden did you ever think you would end up on the lawyers. And now they're report of the champions. Started in Sacramento training camp at. Now hopes and dreams and yet the government seized a cup of investing in the league when its effectiveness does not explain. Players like dirt that is senator car. Where water is read on grade. All alone with Steve then again. It's high school go to it now typical high school at Sacramento. Will present Chevy separates them back at it now. Today. Home Ralph and and tire wars organization. Myself. A lot closer banker you know what's brought this team last year north and what you brought this organization over the years you know let's not forget the first there. Thank you for what you brought congratulations. Notice the guy who. Everyone has painted this Bruce wrote to be one of the wars doesn't round he's one of best image however hat so. For everybody who's credited behaved. I got fell one of best him without ever having a vessel where it was so thank you for everything from graft. Thank you for all your emails of lawyers that cap and your questions on Twitter at warriors Vioxx lawyers VOX we try to answer as many. And as we can. Upcoming will hear from Mets Lawrence NBA radio host sporting news writer. I'm beyond the arc of 95 point seven the game the bay area's sports station. The splash. But Berlin's black. Has returned to. This is BR BR and presented by mountain MySpace. Celebrate the holidays and ORACLE Arena for the lawyers and a fully catered premiums this week. Take advantage of a very special holiday themed package which also includes a warriors Jersey for each of your gas. For more information call triple ATS Debbie who oppress option number one. Beyond the arc continues and everyone wants a look at some of the big offseason moves of points to Oklahoma City to Boston and so on. But for some teams they've improved with under the radar moves. That's what we start the conversation with Chris Lawrence who rides the sporting news' Forbes magazine. And as a host on NBA radio always pleasure Todd Woodbridge lords who covers the NBA he writes for Forbes the sporting news here money NBA radio. And then there's first of all happy holidays and that'll be who you are doing well how. Doing great happy holidays do you can tell our things out there in the Bay Area. Closing in the Bay Area are going pretty well at this point the warriors are off to a decent start in the you have had some injuries which is you know something that every team has to deal with that I think the B five plan. Family is good their kids are spending all my money so I was. You're the ATM machine and write ups absolutely. He just insert the card to write. Boy I saw Kevin by the way it's been absolutely I'll put all day. I I saw your article for the best under the radar moves and I was just saying last night of the year. And I hadn't seen here hardly of that. But that I thought Avery Bradley might be the best you know offseason pick up. For anybody in the existed just in terms of the impact he's having not Detroit wise Avery Bradley such a good fit there. Well. What they're van Gundy needed out there and he's the coach and president obviously the pistons as a guide to come in. And really bring some professionalism. Bring a winning attitude a guy who's been in a great program in Boston know they have won a title but they've built the right way. And they conduct themselves and me in the appropriate way we're an MBA player. And so you're not as bad guy got an affinity readily admit to you know they like the whole deal about being an NBA player not just the applying but the you know after hours off and you know going out and things like that he wanted to got to come any kind of show on the ropes and how to get things done but also. You know stepped up big believer in running on a certain way and you know getting you know among multiple people a lot of touches and passing neighbor brown he's been great with that. Defense has been infectious he's just type of wood glue guy this Stan had not been able to get. And it's funny when they knew that they were going to be able to deal with bought the bought of course made this move. A lot of people very popular ball that may be even more partners same way in some way tonight via Isaiah Thomas. Well because Avery Bradley had been there and Avery Bradley on with a guy who you know with successful they're now. They were also looking at Detroit if not Avery Bradley maybe garlic markets Smart. Well bought them how to make this move because they had to get under the cap from Gordon Hayward. So then jumped up the opportunity get a regret because he knew what type of player who was. Good mobile group leader. Couldn't in the locker room and when I reached out to stand there and you'll appreciate this I reach out to the FAA. I would bigotry but that Avery Bradley because it looks like he's been you know exactly what you want but figured it would take stands the better part of a baby got back to me. You know about it by phone being an it was stand with a litany of stuff we love about Avery Bradley felt he's been a big part of it turn around downed Detroit. Gather looks at they have good squad there recently with a win in Boston. And I think who were gonna get chance to see them at the end of the road trip so looking forward to that. We just saw the pelicans and and I saw you you had Jameer Nelson there's one of the the better acquisitions I ask what yours are secede coach Jerry Collins. Before the game the other night against the tells us that what's the difference with the team history as a veteran point guards yellen Rondo and hand it. Jameer and in the testing is it allows holiday and be who he is and it just seems like everything starts to run. Well you know. They lost member to go back to the woes of the pre season where they lost Rondo training camp with the sports hernia. He was all penciled in to be that guy could get the ball they had the Davis to get the ball the bogey content and Holliday was just gonna operate on the wings we really took the best he's not a big time playmaker. And of course he goes down to an injury Rondo really reached out. To get Jameer Nelson now be extinct being here was that Denver of course he was playing there a lot for Mike alone but then like below the Denver decided. You know what we got to throw our young point guards they really don't have point guard they have combo guards who got through these guys got to deepen and see who can survive and do we have a point guard of the future. And so they they make that move by cutting you know Jameer Nelson and he was snapped up right away by Alvin Gentry. It was a very good move he knows the offense. You with a guy like that a veteran type not to worry about what he's you know does he know how to get people the ball the right place for the right time. So early on that was a big move for them for New Orleans of course the last couple years they've got off to a really bad start that's due nurse sees them. And so Alvin knew could be heaped on issues in the last year's contract custom built up the last year of his contract GM. They knew they had to get off to a good start and they did at least for them to know route 500 is very good so Jameer Nelson had a big play in that report that. What more before you know under the topics of the moment we're taught when Mitch Laurence of course of NBA radio he writes for Forbes in the sporting news launch that. A journalist cup covering the MBA. And Jonathan Simmons he the Orlando's that this gets right down the of the bombs out of the defensively and they aren't there real freefall but. Is never better story of perseverance and Jonathan sevenths well what are story. I made his way to go what into the B lead get a tryout. Worked hard with disperse. You saw last year in the playoff with the spurs see any made an impact. The rim plain James Harden and he looked great. And then the big you know the big puzzling thing with that here's the spurs have taken the time and the effort to develop it looked like he had a role there. And they basically. Let him become unrestricted and of course or let. NAFTA muffled through the would have been other teams do and and really you know what 67 million dollars a year per player like that. Big mystery as to why dispersed let him go but it was interesting when Orlando played there in the pre season they talked regret popped it's about that age really rooting. For the Roosevelt any acrimony you really rooting for them to succeed he felt though that you know Simmons wanted because these you go late bloomers like forty years old. You all but one that made a major role on the spurs which they couldn't give him. Understandable after years did you add that you want a more major role like Bob particularly for him or mentally he's got the talent. Unskilled he needs to really focus then. On just keeping his head and not letting it is emotions get the best of them. But he's a very aggressive assertive play football sense and that's what Orlando looked about a no it has got other. You know live as the situation where their play making with help repaid has been really bad. And this goes back to Scott Skiles who wanted to trade Oprah they need few years ago and people people and they wanna trade all the people the people in charge. The repetitive or other people rather I think in the old she had. So we had a difference of opinion there are. Now they have a real PowerPoint guard problem with felt for patent but they've been through that has been a bright spot but they got off to a great start but she knew it. Who's gonna catch up their brutal schedule. Starting in what mid November so. We just knew that things were gonna turn south on them because your team on the rise in like their plight but they're young and haven't won Willie Simmons has been a bright spot for. No doubt about that looks move onto the story of the week David this deal out in Memphis I had to be after I was I was a little surprised at that. And that's the shocker. Everybody wants me out here. You know now he had problems with Marcus hall. We know that over the last couple years you always read stories were. You know what when David says they'll come out they we need more leadership but he pointed console do you like other things because I was doing you're not doing they've butted heads. And then the turn over the last straw I guess was. When he was benched the console was spent less fifteen minutes of a very tough home loss. Against Brooklyn. Which basically came in fought for five games under 500. And so. After the game console basically didn't you know wait for the media and said he would like a one bit basically all those things you know they'd never do this to Mike Conley junior of course. What Mike Collie is out you see them play enough you know except met with the Vatican's. The Golden State the Houston playing that certain way a lot rides on it my colleague juniors and line up for not much different team worst team. Throughout my college years they haven't had couldn't Achilles thing for the last 67 games. So we all bought the papers it was built going to be able. To keep his job even with a losing streak because. Of bill rig from my college junior returned what would be old turns out that this this whole thing that was good for ownership that was it for the front office. And they send the bill packing you know here's a guy and as I regarded Dave this bill was coming for the Miami organization. I've been told by people that look when your first time head coaching your second season. It's still a very tough sometimes handling players like market sold very difficult to coach the people. And captured deep anger. Has story about that other People's Court Marcus soul and so this by the end up there's still enough coffee that goes double BP glanced back with Miami in some capacity may. Good coach. But you know first five out of the pot to the market's sole. I think next time around when he had a player like that a superstar. Or star player you Michael about they are good go about things will be different. What did I I heard that that Blake Griffin had knee injury last night we don't know exactly the you know Willis what happened there but boo when it would just take the clippers right now. Well there are best first of all they're not as good without Chris Paul I mean we all. You have to realize that that it's much is Chris Paul and the clippers were a disaster when it came from playoff stint in the regular season they're pretty darn good. Over six years the Chris Paul was there they took a big step back without Chris Paul this year. And then you factor in Danilo Gallinari the injuries he that Patrick Beverley he was out. He's out for the year now Blake Griffin who's been injury prone and that left the has the litany of problems and surgeries that he's had over the last what 56 years. So big thing for them is. Big change without Chris Paul the injuries continue for a team that's had their share. And it looks like Iraq rivers you know what probably won't get past beyond this year. My approach. Beyoncé is so funny because it just seemed a year meal for five years ago they were close they are the tee on the last. And had a chance that it shows you how. How fickle the salt can be amidst lords is our guest we're out beyond the arc about a five point seven of the game. I Tim Roy and that means from MBA radio have you heard anything from your sources about till all four may be where he's going to end up. Well there's all kinds of stories about jewel or he's obviously happy once the buyout. Fixes or Hannity put themselves in the top position. You know they wanna trade him to get something for him yet they don't play and they don't build his value. We've heard about seemed like Boston. I don't know if he's really want to give up many assets for an undersized you know slocum for. Just six Stein and have better. With limited defensive. Skills but can impact the game at that and not a great rebounder offensively for me is one of these old time senators. We know who have to score around the basket. And when you're six site and it happened you don't float outside and shoot threes. An estate agent the FDA you know flow by duke Catholic Christopher's legacy is 73 east looked outside and shoot threes so there's not a great demand. Broke referred its value is low I don't know how it's gonna and in Philadelphia he was a very high draft pick I think they're very big thing you have to remember to a woman next to Chris that's forcing it. In the draft a couple years ago the player taken ahead of them with a player Phil Jackson really wanted. The play in the low post in this triangle and over to local fur and even on draft night. After you put forcing it thought Phillips holding up the sixers trying to somehow get -- offered a deal with pursuing it but we're doing it. The disinterested wat forcing a he would not play they're trying out there. And they've figured OK we're gonna go and focus for what he would have beat does beacon ever come back from injury. So very interesting how it's all played out the bottom line has to look over to look and have a lot of scooters. That's really really sick too because Philadelphia just to such a good vibe there now he that was pursued it and got it in. There had a lot of fun how I want it to one team for let's go that. That has surprised me and I did did not see them. Being at the quarter pole a playoff team and above 500 and that's Indiana. What's out there why are they so good. Well you know it's a funny thing you figure if you lose Paul George and you know they had to trade Paul George Ball toward. Was walking out there this coming summer and they knew that. Course they they probably should have got a lot sooner because we all felt they made the trade gee that's all they got for all to work with Victor all the people in the sabonis. Did you know our fetuses on. The modest. It looked like a one sided trade. But how well they've McMillan and his group ate a lot of renovation of that team. You've got you point guard and play there are they let chipped he'd go off and been a good addition. You know it's one of those things where. They've stuck up also seems in some cases I entered the exceeding expectations. I don't talk to Victor old people though here's a guy whose ouster around been traded a bunch of times already. And he went back Indiana we played collegiate league with a big chip on the shoulder. And that's the type of player that although Skype kind of drive a lot them in this league guys who have been spurned guys who have been. You know jettisoned because you're not good enough to play whether it's Orlando Oklahoma City they've always got a world approve that I've forgot. You're we're building the team you wanna capture you wanna have to rent Currie and all the got the Golden State but you also want app player throughout the prove. Everybody wrong that people made a mistake on up and I think that's coming at the plate. Obviously mile turner young good piece of big. It has its future looks very bright a lot of good things happening in Indiana what I look like they were gonna real very very bad team this year. You know it's really a semen and you're right I think that that chip that such a powerful thing you know you see it in the guy like Isaiah Thomas is just that chip is there. And it just got lousy at it pushes every day to be very. We're asking this question. You can train my greens who has chip on the shoulder forgot the second round. I see it every night please see it every day that they are there such regularity is that those those type of guys. You need those guys because the guy to come and satisfied. And the guys who are not who don't feel slighted because they've been traded a bunch you don't want those players around because who's gonna take the easy way out. Absolutely there are they of their wait for you to hand them something these guys who take it I try it personally. Mitch always a pleasure by Freddie and follow much footer Mitch underscore Lawrence. And he can read his prose in Forbes in the sporting news and hear his opinions out and being radio. Enjoyed the conversation is always look forward to catching up would you. When the warriors get to New York. Thanks then great talking to take German front. Don't forget that beyond the darkest presented by a mountain Mike's pizza order online at mountain Mike's pizza dot com. Thanks to Mitch lord typed it right back to wrap up the weekly show here Orlando and 95 point seven a game the bay area's sports station. Another name. Yeah. Usually takes you back to three point play it's. It's beyond the arc continues presented find out Mike's pizza. On the Golden State Warriors radio network. Final segment that weighs 20172018. Season presented by Kaiser Permanente. It's beyond the arc of 95 point seven a game the lawyers on this road trip in Orlando the chick got the high flying. Mary Gordon. 330 your start time employers to match got 95 point seven the game. Tomorrow afternoon then it's on to Miami Sunday afternoon against the heat. And Tyler Johnson. It's at a quick rule after a jam levied on the floor. That is transition basketball at its finest. Lawyers on our sister station Q1 02 on Sunday 330 with a pregame show so we see two Bay Area products in games two and three in Florida than a quick flight over the Gulf Coast in New Orleans and Anthony Davis will be waiting. Dolly today it negates it caught it comes back down walk at the rim might Nowitzki gets it done whatever I can't go without big Fella. Lawyers and pelicans for thirty the start time on Monday December 4. And 95 point seven game and the warriors radio network event Tuesday from Charlotte another addition. A BI of the art on 95 point seven in the game. We wanna thank everybody connected with the the broadcast including those back to the studios about a five point seven game. As well as warriors senior radio producer. RC Davis special technical assistance for Mike Nell though in Los Angeles I'd seabright thinking Mitch lords of the sporting news. And also NBA radio and Becky warriors center JaVale McGee. Lawyers and Orlando tomorrow today at 330 with a start time on 95 point seven in the game your home for the Golden State Warriors. And the bay area's sports station. This is didn't beyond the arc as that point I won't go beyond. Tim Royce weekly rundown of all things golden city presented by Bob likes pizza took great. For ticket. Call 1888. GSW. Who are very proud very successful broadcast.