Beyond The Arc 11-14-17

Beyond The Arc
Tuesday, November 14th

On this edition of Beyond The Arc, Tim Roye talked to Warriors forward Omri Casspi, Philadelphia 76ers Head Coach Brent Brown, and Brooklyn Nets Broadcaster Ian Eagle. 



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Yeah. Flagship. You champion Golden State Warriors basketball. Now I'm 517. The resilience. And good. ER yeah okay. Mike's pizza. Now it's easy 23 feet nine inches and this boldly go where no man. Google Voice warriors basketball. Tim grew. Direct a movie. Flopping if that was scored a movie this to one giant step to the river plant that down. Where his first basket of the night 34 square feet Iran but now. The court. They're still the highlights of last night's win over the Orlando Magic but Golden State Warriors have now won seven straight Barry Levin and three. And they're getting back to their defense of principle for the win streak. The words were 26 in the league. Defense of rating in the at climbed all the way up that they'll verse seven. And there's still room for improvement we saw last night of frustration of lawyers about their defense of switches in the first half but they. Got better as they've been doing lately in the second half and it really putting the clamps. The opposition the third quarters have been fantastic players and outscored their bullets. Over twelve points a game of the third quarter at last night they outscored the magic by thirteen and keeping pace with that. That has been devastating to the opposition but Jerry the wintry. Welcome once again to another edition of the the art it will talk about that third quarter and why it's been so magical for the Golden State Warriors. That's who we answer your questions on Twitter. We year's box we've VOX or send me an email Tivoli TI MR OYE. And lawyers dot com we try to get to as many as we can weather peak on our broadcaster here. On beyond the arc will also find out about the Brooklyn that's in the Eastern Conference illegal. Launched on TV voice for the Mets and of course a longtime national sportscasters well. He'll join us here out beyond the arc to talk about the bets that Howell former cal stand out. Is helping them mightily. In their rebuilding process we'll check it to the Philadelphia 76ers. Head coach Brad brown was a great story. Allow warriors say coach Steve could hurt but first up. Here beyond the arc we'll talk with all precast beat one of the newest Golden State Warriors and another fascinating story in the NBA. And before we get to all bring a quick reminder the you can win your. Older personalized. Authentic 2017. Warriors championship ring. Along with the warriors VIP experience while also supporting. At risk kids after the warriors committee foundation ring raffle. Employers dike slash ring raffle and the last day to enter is November 24. So make she'd do that tonight and maybe you could have. A Golden State Warriors championship Rory. Last summer what the Golden State Warriors side all precast beat it was almost as it polite boldly gone off above the head of the NBA experts because they almost said to a man while he is going to be a perfect fit for the Golden State Warriors. And so far so good. The young man and new father. From Israel correct crossover dribble it Cathy Lowe dropped by a parade. Perhaps probably first of all tell me what's experienced the life you know do this is a unique team and I think it's it's eighteen net. Has a lot of dynamics to it it has leadership and guest star power. What's been like coming to the warriors end. Anyone here experienced it or they do obviously to my expectations you know just just. From the sense of of leadership and then. That you know the yours obviously translated them into the right areas and we need to be turned that it took so long mr. foreign like because they're very they're always. From de orbit he showed us the way and then you know how things. Being done out here and you know as you know broken and different things now and then you know the experiences are different in each chamber. A fellow like you guys you're motivated me in the right directions. Very great to see that in their part of it. You just mentioned the word he Gil pieces to put it put it the right to direction when he beat but that. Well Louis you know who we're professional athletes and and you know obviously a lot of star star power here in a lot of different you know. Pieces around and then everything else and affiliate because there are motivated and and couldn't everything they into the right place doing its warning and then they don't have. We were people who say they don't have ego or road don't have he's going do you make a shot and they're happy for you felt like there until I came to bench whether it was me that you know Dave B or you know nickel whoever. You know from hearing her great word from Acadia Stafford play and Graham on and then Andre in Charlotte acreage or to bring energy. You know this this stuff goes a long way for four in Austral players you know so. It's big sister you know Busey different level leadership you know that that's what it is in or near the day in. Guys are great. And here I thought Katie was held you back to. And yeah bar and there was foreigner than you know is just a joke and then you know obviously it's it's grin and Kennedy is the such a a great human being is this fun of here I am. So we can SP is our guest on BR BR Karen 95 points over the give my team Roy. The warriors hitting the road to take out of Boston celtics' first before game road trip that. Albeit the experience you've had and I went back and look that this of the teams he played upon platelet. That that Houston teams the only one we got the post season correct yeah. Yeah over and over and Providence. For so many different reasons and you know felt like has kind of hold held all of us back in a sense. So Roman ruler come forward to it you know Ben Cohen and different European championships in Euro league final fours in Europe and but never had a test they're really feel what NBA playoff is all about I don't know him he felt Philip come ready for you know I'm older now own 29 years ago and it. I'm looking for the experience. When the we you heard the warriors were first interstate in Q. And you thought about the way you like to play the game bird what did you think. Well. At their that there is a lot of obvious emotions going through tomorrow on the town I was really excited about it but at the same tone wanted to make sure that you know this is the right spot for Meehan. And looking at the schedule on the commit the team and enough to talk and missed the event they're really felt comfortable that even though some nights on one player summit summoned if foul play well. You know be given the opportunity to to be a part of this then. I was really excited you know because you know folk like over the years so many. Some of my team is or are you going to be perfect in San Antonio you've agree with the warriors. And I really had a chance to play it inning that type system you know and then two to show what I can really you know endure the best of course sometimes that we put. A post offense and and differences we play different shots styles. That none as silly to have my game enough folate. Bigger part of this and then being with the great leadership of group group for guys here in a championship team can really help me develop and learn a lot to learn enough from Ron Adams our defense of course I think it's divestitures Oakley at all on my entire career. So we've been working closely and felt like you know we've been shooting and everything around like you're really gonna bring different parts of my game that knows not a lot of papers him before so. I'm really have to float for the two or summit of. No doubt that the which isn't as a skill that that is is it blew a little lost in the NBA I think it's coming back down. Do we saw Philadelphia coming and they like a mirror image of the wars with a way to like the move the ball pass coming news. Is to be where it's at in the NBA but. I have to ask you this because it year unique out because the fact the year the first player born in Israel to play in the NBA and I it's it what's it like when you get drafted to what you silent warriors. And you wake up and end the prime minister of the country texting you and in the end of dignitaries have been in politicians of what's what's that like. That's fine they know it as a Natalie your own particular position to win titles and to be if you know some something big and and we have a smoker and rent. I'm grateful for that you know in. You know common and then. Signing with the warriors to sellers felt like it was me getting drafted all over again and even more in the hopes they resist. Surreal really to be honest and then. And grew weren't to mow my wife and I read it literally had a baby two days before and some doors in July 6 basically I agreed to it we agreed on a par on everything which you know doing door free agency put my baby was born July 7. And in two days later I came here to subcontract to resume amazing we can. It was really. A dream come true you know why we're talking their prime minister and and being over to it to influence a lot of people Buckland dust bowl and and chair went on this is as obviously gift. How's the baby. It's been it's been amazing has been really amazing you know life memo Weston from from one end to another overnight and they. A lot of long night and early mornings but other than that it's been. There has been really amazing. Yet it is its greatest appeal. You'll Kirby says before it stability it's it's the hardest job I have his being dad but is the most fun I have this being a dad. Zone what. Gain back to it to Israel and end if I remember reading in figures come by when you were exactly EU we like to bring guys over there to Israel this deceive the country to experience in the offseason he still doing this. Well I don't know if other than the future but it is because the schedule been. There's been you know is obviously we will have a long season this year hopefully although it did and it and I mid June and everything around it so it's it's really hard to. Arrays to stretch but you know that the mindset behind it was just you know have an opportunity some of the guys that have been around you know over the years playing in the US. That they show me their family their country you know obviously their city where they from their neighborhood or whatever. And now have an opportunity to show them right right back where I'm from an other southern world meaty Middle East and so that's part of our camaraderie and and going over there and haven't in town the workout in and kind of do over the summer about some of my teammates from other. Players from around the league but. You know it's on the they're really proud of our country our mom proud of where from in and obviously it's a beautiful country there's a lot of PR around you know negative and positive and so Tom wages go there and have fun and and then continue our eyes everything that's going on and you get a really different perspective of life. What is it that the basketball like over there because obviously from living here and you know you re about. Mac beat Tel Aviv it's early American players have got all their what's what's the game of basketball like Israel. Well it's it's. Well you know if you rank in Osaka will be probably the number one sport and all over Europe and the Middle East. The bass was right there with him you know and and planned basketball. I've grown up and input from a Caribbean players from Cobb is as junior team is that the age of fourteen and I turned pro when I was seventeen in a play for the pro team for thirty years before I got drafted for a guy drafted to the army and everything. So so basket was a big dips really big big big did Noah and and there's time that soccer and obviously taken over and doing in this stuff going on with soccer it's it's that more sport but. You know my cubbies went on Thursday night and you really game you know the whole country shut down in Allen and everybody watching and then and so. You know it's part of of who we are as people who love sports and and sports always you know translate to a lot of good things around it and so. It's awesome. Only cast me as I guess to be out the art care in 95 point seven the games a couple of more questions. Give the they have the league match in about Mac to be Tel Aviv dub -- David blatt was a coach differed numbered years correct you know did you have interactions with him. A lot of different directions on different. Situations but never we never and never coached me unfortunately you know but it always a lot of good things about noon on the way he does stuff and as disagree go. Who were the players that you admired when you're. Growing up. Or come over and it where I grew I was born mandated and and that the Tom you know that the gay or being televised maybe once a week 5:4 AM in the morning and so in the early ninety's number of my dad used to wake me up and in June to watch the migratory in the pools of the ninety's and into what's already games. Cream record ever at the time you can watch him here on a whatever. So that was really our first in Russia we MB invest bombing now they are all our games have been televised but. Not only that you know there's if some some nights three or four games are being televised back home so I think you know to globalize the game has been amaze thing it. And now Libya in the press and everything around it just a lot easier but. You know put the body me guys they came overseas and played you know from Cobb reapply with Anthony Parker that played with the cavaliers a few years and Carlos Arroyo and then Marcus Fizer there was a great draft pick and so I remember me is and 1819 year old kid. Saying hey how's it like over there and then with the guys that door would be before games is it powers practice how the game how the media house. And his being intrigued that everything around it and you know so humble I'm blessed to be in nine year veteran you know so. You know a good thing happened if you work hard and then you you compete and you play the way. I could tell they had coach that you woke up at 5 AM in the in the health and well it has sort of made the do with chairmanship I heard her yell at it as so when it comes for. From another country I can't imagine what that the whole experience is playing in another country but. But. You know what what's it like to play for galaxy Kurd that truly has a world view. It's fun. But bush who were awarded the end you know as far he gets it he gets. He gets what which being a bench player an MBA. You know it's it's a lot different than being a starter as a lot different than being guided played 35 minutes and I. You know some do we need to stock about a left of the day that alone. You know we had a day off the team had and I came in and cut them some work in some some some weights and shooting. And misty were joking and you know we mom you know as bad guys you might get one opportunity or for five minutes so you better be ready you know you'll have to do the privilege of coming in as a starter and in game the first 78 minutes and come back in his second. Order and get another run that in in the third. Tonight's in my plate I might not play but to let them have played four minutes and have a better be sharp a better very much cut whenever up to a bit of mayor Marcelo an ankle and I get a that the three point. So yo is he always gets who are we going through one and and which is defined you know it is you know what we going to his players and and he's been there. To always help. And you know the system is obviously phenomenal and so I and to every second of. We enjoy having you here and appreciate your time today and you got for him. Yet it's it's been ill a lot of fun to get to tell you a little bit note forwarded to more conversations in the future and that. Well welcome to the welcome to the Bay Area her thank you thank you so much. The Golden State Warriors battle we have great players they have great people mean the last two weeks here BR BR David West all recast beat. To the most thoughtful. An interesting young man. I've had a chance to meet. In my days in the NBA will continue to hear beyond the arc guide to avoid answering your questions it warriors box Weir's VOX. And tip Roy at lawyers dot com TI MR OYE. We'll get to that next as we continue our beyond the arc of ID five point seven a game and bay area's sports station. We're going back. Kids thirty. Wave back to BR BR. That's at five bound by itself. For the holiday hoops ticket packages are back at these special four gave packages. Feature of the cavaliers Oklahoma City or the Boston Celtics. Why a holiday hoops packets tonight and receive this special moyers talon T shirt it's while supplies last get your four hit package tonight. Employers dot com or call triple AG SW and breast option. One well what a great Christmas gift that would be. But the holiday hoops to get packaged with data under the tree and you'll make the warrior Fayette that your family very happy person that badly at your questions. At the warriors walk lawyers feel X or could have been emailed him Roy TI MR OYE. And warriors dot com we try to get to as many as weak hand. Let's go to GC who wants to know about Shaun Livingston the before but he had last night was I surprised. The shop played so well and the answer is no he's he's so professional he is coming it'll last night that he was going to make his ninth start. As a Golden State warrior for Charlotte doesn't change any thing he just goes about his business. It's non conference the storm Otto. One and stuff so so. We're missed about between 25 and fifty points again you know. Which he does but so this is really about being aggressive this monster. Obviously it's a different type began. You know our team identity says is so it's really try to move the ball play inside out a little bit more to stop us. It's obviously going to be more. Maybe a grind it out type later on but there's been aggressive and hopefully it opened up. Some shots and and and thanks for the treatment. Well Casey chimes in on that Twitter as well says Steve Kerr needs to talk to the bench group about giving up the big lead when they come in. I think some of that is is just the fact that that. You know when you get a group in there at the end of the game they're probably not a five that played together too much they get a little bit out of sync. And and and I think the other teams played a little bit harder because of the situation that there and and so I wouldn't worry about that too much doubt that get to a point where she dressed to bring back the starters OK that we're talking about may be a problem but. But so far I don't think we've very. You've gotten close to that point a web wants to bill. About the third quarter what is it what are the warriors doing into the locker would have to have. That makes him so good in the third quarter that's good question they've been outscored airports by over 120 points per third quarter. During the seven game win streak and outscored the magic by thirteen last night 32 to nineteen so that's the head coach Steve Kirk. What's going on with the lawyers. In the third quarter. For whatever reason the third quarters of them. To a slightly what I. I think we get more focused in the third quarter were you know we as we talked about it and turning it over Clinton for staffs but to a third quarters pretend. Tighten it up and incurable. And here are warriors boxes say what we continue the conversation Libre brownies they had coached the Philadelphia 76ers. And quietly. Has done one of the great jobs in the NBA the last three years yes I using wave at tip of the sixers have been awful the last two years. They have that what many games but that team has played hard he has given these kids the sense of purpose he either made some careers look at Robert Covington. The swing bad for the sixers who have bought a five NBA player. An undrafted player. That bell has the FDA as a career impart. Because of the confidence and the development. Under coach Brad brown had chance to catch up with a coach. The lawyers recent game against Philadelphia. You know all coaches at the teacher. And so you have this group with so many talented players. Imagine that you know it's going to be. An exciting time again and help those guys world. Well on this son of who teaches my dad was a high school teacher minimum with a 27 you're third grade teacher and so. You know that part of our profession is stuff that interest me I think that anytime you can. Find ways to help me move forward and she is stories my experience with the you know while in the spurs certainly less we talk on the on the on the level that I think. You know helps them understand maybe a little bit more moved unconventional we walk or you know playing in June. And I try to give as much as I can back to wide eyed guys in that respect. You mentioned this person do you have any really good speaker story. I actually the one that stands out the most to me is what. When you're coaching and development that was your always aligned with a player and so Steve and I worldwide. Can't he winds up for many months where he really wasn't playing in the 2003. Season. And Speedy Claxton Tony Parker world. Sort of looks good the rotation guards. Inning game six in Dallas in the Western Conference championship. After playing only thirteen minutes in all of the playoffs. It was sitting in his own Tony Parker walked off with a food poisoning. And went down fifteen points. And Steve Kurt came and went and bam bam bam boy threes. We went on I think between three to one 23 to two run and ended up winning quite probably twelve points because of haven't. Indeed life lesson we you have to be bad. You have to be ready and he and I are working sweated and didn't play and you know just a tremendous life lesson for me. Of what work you need to do you just don't know when to time's going to be called the numbers because you think that helps him as a head coach now. I think he's just so give it all over the place you know it he's comfortable varying interest in the back home from the spill on the perspective. Because he comes to championship pedigree that he's enjoyed with coach Jackson and the bulls. He had the connection in the opportunity would walk in the spurs. And so like you go you know championship play you future now playing coaching your own team. That's an amazing collection of experiences. That you communicate coach you know handled itself I think he's classic he's great last question what do you like about your team. I'll like to potential. I'd like to people. I really respected young work ethic respected fashion. They let me coaching them like coaching hard. And it's just the the opportunity slash responsibility. That I feel I have in the city of Philadelphia. To help grow these guys you know give a chance and keeping it real. Educated as best candidate and in this book. Coach as they wrap this up Owens you know day everybody around the league knows this moment they want to make sure you hear Ross's that is. That we've watched the sixers are these last two years we know that every time they commodity hit the floor. There's going to be a great deal about and that's credits here guys that's also guaranteed under zack's job we appreciated thanks so much for sharing them. That's Brett brown I love the Steve Kirsch story just shows you. About the importance of staying ready and that's something that's deep constantly preaches. To the lawyers or the end of the bench that the starters he knows they're going to be ready but but the guys who play once every three or four games he's constantly preaching to them. To stay ready but there is a segment of our population that is always ready always ready to be on guard always ready to serve and that's of course. Our armed forces. It was veterans day this past weekend and of course we like to honor and cherish our veterans when it is veterans day but we also did remind ourselves our busy lives to honour it cherish them not just on veterans day but every day. Well we have BA every year celebrates of those who serve with hoops for troops and the lawyers are no exception. As once again Golden State going out into the community that try to make the Bay Area. Even better place to live. Then. No we met here coast of the island were putting together 500 care packages that will be mailed overseeing. To forward deployed troops and we're also putting together a thousand care packages. For the best friends I've got killed that's turned so much in Napa we're so fortunate. That we continued our partnership and our friendship with the warriors to. Support troops veterans and their families here in the Bay Area it's really important for us to give back to the troops. Because we're here able to live our life comfortably because of what they do for us for the sacrifices. That they make us and we really appreciate that. This is innocent professionals because not only are the veterans here being taken care of our veterans day. We are also known names and the people that were affected by the wildfire the so we're spending time together for the it makes it up. Enjoy on both ends. This event right here put together. Gift bags for these guys bill is just it's not gonna change what they're going through but maybe it might brighten their day just a little bit knowing that. There are people out there that really appreciate. Them from going within blue cross. Well. This flash. Great rallies clash. Has returned to this is beyond ER. Advice about my pizza. Don't forget to celebrate the holidays and ORACLE Arena with the warriors in a fully catered premiums week. Take advantage of the very special holiday themed package which also includes a warriors Jersey for each of your guests for more information on triple AG SW. And press option. Okay. Fly and obviously there's the Brooklyn nets or the middle for a rebuild but they have they jumped out with a 05 win star. And and that's significant considering that last year. It was a twenty win season and and also the factory and got five with about your list here it was so important to them last year. What would deliberately keep behind this start for furcal. Every player development more than anything else for them has really been at the forefront of what the philosophy from. GM sure on March and her coach K any action then what they put forth. Factor they want players we'll find and to their culture and they realize see we don't have the star power that a lot of these teams in the NBA and the currently. The tests but they've got to do it a different way. So a team that plays hard team that is unified in place to the other. If a good bunch of guys which I know when your friends sometimes you get figures so well. I might be willing to give up in that area if I know that it could guarantee more wins but when you're in management. They're trying to build something from the ground up. That becomes a serious priority and I think they've they're really focused in on that. Trying to get a certain kind of player and and trying to melded together where it's. A team that's gonna have to do it a different way. There's no doubt about that I I tell people all the time line is that the reason the lawyers are so good. Is not just the fact they have great town we see a lot of great talent not going where. In the league goods it's because they're good guys along with a great talent and they share and that system it's an important thing. If you mentioned the and your coach say this what's the while I want you to take us. You know at what point did playing hard went from being expected to being scared but you know I mean. Are we also always supposed to play hard. Yeah yeah yeah you're right I think what's happened the as the years gone by not just in the NBA but. But across all professional sports. Things are so scrutinized. And based on the fact that. We have. An avenue in which to ask questions. Over and over and over again and Allen points home based on multimedia and social media. I beats. Issues have come more to the forefront. And of course that should be a basic premise that you be rudimentary and perfunctory when when it comes to going out and competing. Well I. Because since we now see things and thinking is available to you. Seconds after it's over you could have cut up film if you want. Fans have more access than ever before. And it raises more questions when you see lack of effort. Those questions now pop off I think it used to be understood that that effort was part of it now it's not what would that sell a couple of with this idea. The fact that there are people out there that think today's athletes are co triple and it's an age you mentality. I don't. I don't buy into that entirely I think guys wanna be coached if it's the right message if that's the right instruction. It's it's the right development. And its sole. Interconnected. In improving and getting a better contract didn't winning games and building a reputation. Players recognize that they can't do it all on their own so when we get a good coaching staff can have a strong dynamic coached a player. It can go along way in in developing good habits and eventually. A leading to better careers and more well rounded career so I do think sometimes we get caught in in that mentality. These guys are playing hard in the effort isn't there I do think today apparently. They understand what they're putting their bodies and how they approach this are two jobs. It's it's truly a dedication. To a location uh oh. Trying to invest in yourself then and trying to do the right thing. That's not I don't want there to be. A mixed message there I do believe today's athletes play are but I do think it's something the coaches have to stress and remind. Other players. You'd expect in and that's a basic premise of of competition. Especially over 82 games it's hard to be you know fired fired up ready for all 82 looks at what. I digress and and you Hubert green but I. Let me get back to. To the nets indeed in and show mark's been aggressive he's been aggressive with the job he's had in India there are honestly a lot of times you know. You know he's really up against it that's a very difficult fixed right now considering the restraints that he's under. They're very much so. This is not that he's where he could sit back and pull Philadelphia where you just wait and see who fall into her lap. On draft day. I'm very you were restricted in what they could do based on the swamped with Boston not just the trade. But the option at the Celtics had to swap picks in future years and that. Pushed the Atlanta Joseph Johnson trade to the background a bit because there was a similar. Set up in that deal so. The nets were getting it from all sides and that none of that was helping the future. They went for broke and this was not just Billy King the then GM of the team it was ownership. Approach trying to create some sizzle on the New York area moving from New Jersey to Brooklyn. And trying to validated by getting bigger names and getting council and its. In the end when the smoke clear the best they could do during that stretch was a second round playoff appearance and and and it seemed really started to fracture. So try to build it back up piece by piece has been a challenge Sean Marks knew this when he took the job that was a goal an opportunity. And I think he's done at the right way I I believe that. But you can't miss that that's the problem because your margin of error social and when you do have a first round pick. You gotta be right even if the text is. Let's stay there is twentieth overall or of the pick is listed at 22 overall. He can't wait. It's just. The way that it is right now for the Brooklyn so there is some talent they're so young talent. They're definitely developing something. Why it's it's definitely. Going to take some time and I think even the fan base recognizes it just. They wanna see a team that's making progress and showing improvement you mentioned the numbers from last year you win twenty games. You can't go out and win twenty again you. Got to go out and its despite with the injuries might duty or you gotta go laden and win more than that and show that. There's a upward trajectory developing the park which. Well right now live there around that trajectory of getting more wins this year whether or five and they going to play tonight. And the it'll Russell I know he's banged up right now but so what was that the thinking of making the deal sitting Brook Lopez back to the West Coast. Where he played I obviously college ball Stanford but. What was the thinking on De'Angelo Russell why were they so intrigued with his talent. But the thought process was so you're getting at 21 year old who was selected second overall in the draft just two years ago sort scene that has not been able. To secure lottery picks based on the trade they made here was been her lottery pick in many ways they believe in his talent. They believe in the upside. Having now watched him up close and personal for a stretch of games as opposed to just seeing him here and there. I can completely understand where they're coming from he is gifted. And the questions that will pop up will be. They can build a team around him I do you believe that he is a cornerstone in your organization. And it can't rule being asked those questions completely. Unless you you're exposed to them on a full time basis using your program. And to me that's that's the reason that they made this deal. Instead of trying to figure out a couple of years from now when free agency rolls around it's. Is he a player but you're willing to invest a hundred plus million dollars and without actually no way what makes him tick. This was a chance to. The take a young player and and go for not just to test drive but to all the caller. For a couple of years until you have to make that decision so there're. They're happy where it is playing they're happy. Awaited. It is potential. And now the key is going to be get them on the court consistently and are showing that he can be a durable figure and and a player that can be a part of the solution. I an eagle our guest on beyond the arc and 95 point seven the game the Bay Area sports station ninety Roy way yours back handed up Thursday big matchup in Boston. Against the Celtics. I'd still more questions for you a group we really appreciate your time we know you're busy but not only with the nets for all the great stuff the do you do great work. That I would ask McKinney act it's because he's not household name for the casual NBA fans a little bit about Kodiak considered white. And you think he's got a chance to be really good NBA head coach. Gym rat mentality. I didn't know Kenny before lists. Heard about him obviously. Knew his resonate as an assistant coach we're at Atlanta with a mixed and people in NBA circles spoke. So highly of them. But until you meet someone up close and get it's and so what makes. Them tick you don't really know. What the Genesis so. And there are all being is and just being around now for a year and change. High quality guy. It's all Prescott ball. All the time he is completely committed to doing everything in his power to develop young talent. And to create an atmosphere where players. Can improve and get better not just individually but from routine step or. He's been credited in the past for helping out players individually Jeremy Lin in particular when when sanity here in New York. Kenny was the guy in New York that believed in Jeremy Lin and from what I've heard. He is the coach that kept. Needling my parents tell me that hey we got to see what that guy can do because I believe. That his skill can translate to the games eventually got a chance based on injury based on the fact that the knicks were not winning. That much and and you know there are an NBA career was born. Similar situation in Atlanta he he beat the drum for a number of players that develop in the backcourt group. For Mike who doubles or that became a consistent playoff team so when John Mark was looking for a head coach Kenny name came up quite a bit. There were some connections behind the team but nothing directly he never came from that Gregg Popovich. Tree but I think he shared a lot of the ideals. And actually play out. You know he players you need horses to win in this league there point eight coaches though it just didn't have. A chance based on the fact that they didn't have the talent. I think Kenny recognizes. Took the job knowing that this was not a quick fix. But if he has the belief in ownership and and his GM. I do. Truly believe he'll be given time. Two to try to make this thing work in and see if his philosophies can and a can be successful as a head coach compared to what he's done as an assistant and a player development coordinator. Well question before we just saw Orlando. The last night and they're better the other better they're playing at a better pace they've got they've got some talent they've got some continuity there. You down below Boston and Cleveland were some of the teams a year keeping an eye on in the Eastern Conference. Well it's interesting with Detroit because I'm I'm not really sure that I was on board for the season started. Didn't she major improvement in their roster. It seemed like last year there was some infighting standing Gundy is city. Excellent head coach. But he can Wear you out and can act. Felt as if it might be happening in Detroit meanwhile you look up. And the pistons the second best record in the Eastern Conference. Andrei drummers playing the best basketball. Of his career he's making free throws. So I think that's a team that. We don't know what to mirage right now or if it chest finally connected that stands. Mentality and philosophies. Finally resonated. With his guys that the team that has surprised me the most so far probably. Just looking from a league standpoint. I didn't know what they're gonna be much better than 500 team. And they have proven to be much more formidable than that. Why won't keep that I am a pistons will be seen them in Detroit then the next month there's so wrap up the season series with them. And of course will see the nets on this trip starting at Thursday. In Boston. Always a pleasure did to us talks in basketball you sir and best of luck and continued success. All right Tim always great talking to you soon. Iron eagle the television voice Brooklyn and also covers the NFL. For CBS sports I tip Roy we continued Al. Would beyond the arc will look ahead to the road trip and the schedule as we wrap up here on 95 point seven to game the bay area's sports station. We continue our BI of the art and a pleasure to welcome they sportscasters who needs no introduction I have eagle has been on the national stage for years but we've gone up close and personal if you will. As the TV voice of the Brooklyn nets and he joins us tonight. I'm beyond the arc. Yeah. It's generally takes you back to three point play. It's beyond the arc continues presented find out Mike's pizza. On the Golden State Warriors radio network. As always beyond the arc tried to buy about Mike's pizza order mine at mountain bikes pizzas. And we take a look at the upcoming schedule. The warriors who have big road trip that starts in the marquee match above Thursday night outbid Boston. And we get our first look at Harry Irving. Lori Foster greens tirade. Which is the right answer to shoulder the sugar turns around it's a great draw a lot but just. 344 carried lawyers did Celtics two teams that have their design. I'm the Larry O'Brien trophy for the 20172018. Season 430 the pregame show on Thursday that. Right here in 95 point seven the game and then out Saturday the rematch for the Philadelphia 76 using can't you process the fact. That we'll see bands Simmons yet again. In such a short amount of time. 4 o'clock with a pregame show lawyers in the city of brotherly love. On Saturday November 18 and then absolutely the back into the back to back he'll come very quickly to thirty. With a pregame show the warriors in Brooklyn but take out DeMarre Carroll and the ever improving deaths. Did what activities. On Russell between the that door he won't why don't they would DeMarre Carroll please it'd admits to what 96 to ninety eventually go the fourth quarter. Lawyers and that's the Barkley senator 230 on Sunday afternoon. And approachable continued after that heading toward Oklahoma City. The words we back up the hardwood the Friday. After Thanksgiving when they take on the Chicago Bulls if you want to about it see the warriors. Over the holiday weekend you can get your verified official warrior to get some lawyers that cap or golf Tripoli GSW hoop. At press option number one that's beyond the yard here on 95 point seven negate the Bay Area sports station they'll forget the warriors 2072018. Season is presented by Kaiser Permanente. What do thank all of our guests on tonight jailed. Including lawyers for all brake gassed me as well. As Brett brown the head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers Addai illegal but TV voice. Of the Brooklyn nets. I support for the lawyers senior radio producer RC. Davis saying good night and we will talk to you from Boston's game one of the road trip out Thursday November 16. 430 with a pregame show right here at 95 point seven a game. The bay area's sports station. This is didn't beyond the arc as that point I won't go beyond. Tim voice weekly rundown of all things good or this city presented fight but Mike's pizza took great. Particularly call 1888. He SW who are very elegant very successful broadcast.