Beyond The Arc 11-7-17

Beyond The Arc
Tuesday, November 7th

On this edition of Beyond The Arc, Tim Roye sat down with Warriors forward David West and Senior writer for Sports Illustrated Chris Ballard.


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GA champion Golden State Warriors basketball. 95 point seven big. Resilience. DR. It's. Like streets. Now we teach him 23 feet nine inches and Denzel boldly go where no man. Did the voice warriors basketball. Tim grew. Here's a dribble drive my woods over the break Jack did like Durant grabbed my wife died. Yet they shoot their buildup strip got it back those up blog why don't. Yeah but Phil Gramm went back to back blocked at a technical foul ball broke about Florida he thought why god got hammered. Head coach Steve Perry so it felt like a playoff win last night as the warriors knocked off the Miami Heat it was vague right here. At oracle last night that he played so hard place they're good defense lawyers had to fight their way through that. Eventually winning by seventy but for the first time all year. The lawyers don't get the 100 point plateau but. We have is that we have is a win the Golden State Warriors are heat theory. I'd say a royal welcome to another dish that beyond the arc here on 95 point seven the game the bay area's sports station. Busy week for the lawyers as they go through a four game homestand. Game one was last night of course tomorrow night the Minnesota Timberwolves got the town. That's Wednesday November 8 that Carly if any doubts enter wigand's Jimmy Butler and the walls make their. First appearance on lawyers ground gauger verify official to get some lawyers dot com. We'll of the pregame show for you at 7 o'clock and it Philadelphia later on in the week. On Saturday night the sixers come down and if you trust the process. You wanna get out there to ORACLE Arena. Again go to warriors dot com for ticket information but eventually week last week the Golden State Warriors as they went up the road they beat the LA clippers a team that always seems to get their attention. Down ninety in the first quarter to San Antonio. And lawyers come back to win by twenties. And then of course in Denver they get off to a great start up thirteen at the end of one they scored only three points in the first five minutes of the second quarter. And it's a five point game at the break and etiquette about it just stop the nuggets 43. Point third quarter. Tonight for the most points in any quarter by any team this year and the lawyers went easily. In Denver's owed it seems like the lawyers are getting their moto back their rhythm is back and their defense he started to come back and that's what helps. By the fact they cut down there turnovers always. An issue with the war that coming up but at night she'll. We'll hear from David West the veterans Ford who last year with a great celebration. After the warriors won the title he could tell was a special moment for him and his family. I finally was able to get that NBA championship and of course this year. Receiving is NBA championship ring we'll answer your questions on what are lawyers BO actually could send me an email. That's him TI am world like eat. At what years dot com will find out how will always continue to make the Bay Area a better place to live and that we'll talk with Chris Fowler Sports Illustrated. Will give his all time warrior five. Before. This Kerr run of excellence like Golden State before the Currie and Thompson and trade monitoring of teams the game is starting five. For the Golden State Warriors able find out his thoughts on the trade of Eric Bledsoe. Going to Milwaukee that trade happening overnight we'll also look ahead of the scheduled to all of coming. On this week she'll but we start with David West and start the conversation by asking you about opening night. Am receiving that coveted. Championship right David first of all thanks her for coming on the show tonight we appreciated and I have to go back to. Opening night and tell me what was that like for you it was it. That type of experience that you had dreamt about. Before. David let's come over here David let it over here and David last NBA champion that office. Maintenance. And ruins the adrenaline. Wasn't easy. To Europe or use for the gold I won an attempt at a bus. It's on every single day. Regardless. Sacrifice. Accepted a role we talked with so old you had no locker room isn't. Just a human. How you went there and you also went on the court David Heyman. The team was down and were part of that run when it was when he wanted to I hear inspiration. Your thought this you know how to play and set an example absolutely egregious. With stayed committed all here. We look that it wasn't going to be easy. If basin one greatest player ever played sports. At a level that no we've never seen. And he can do that seem to attend today having proven that. Who's who. Worked worked worked executed it guided tour that's all the concerned about all if you look at certain about numbers brokers or any of that stuff. And especially be a part of who wouldn't like this. Only gave up a chance created it heard a few more dollars. That winning is better. Fuel topic is better that feels better. Trust me it feels better. Those words it feels better to wait we're we're very happy where we're so happy you thank you go. Hey thank you guys are four great either. Yes it was it was a great night loan goes like to cap former hold. On the whole turn the ship Goran. You know so really you're really excited. He knows first army that we really gotten back in the arena with a fair and sort of worry would've through relived those last few moments. Of that though it took me six season. I just thought it was great image a year ago whose Grady. He'll ask to go back to Lynn we were all kind of in the locker room we're trying to do the at the post game show there there. Were you were you surprised at your reaction. I'm a little bit cause them usually. There are used in naval to control of myself. I'll put our our our felt really good so really. It's like this week you know sort of clubs offer you feel. Psyched it's like this huge relief or. There are so people that armed. And historically an organized their school almost five years old and avenues to win so this 32 years in my life you know. Compete and then play basketball and consistent basis. To give TD to top. You know we set of lofty goal as a group. You know we've literally to skate and came together and team that it was a symbol and actually it was together for the purpose of that was the wood it's an issue. There is harder to do what we did in terms of lead from the front you know we're gonna get everybody's. Best shot every single night and but we stayed composes of group. All of those things are sort of in cost would be replayed in my aren't. Because a lot of things have to go right in order to weigh in and thanks and we would get there. Yeah I was missing the everybody were little bit differently and everybody. Has. Different trigger in that moment and it today it was so we deceive real it was so emotional for you was who has. A fun to watch it then and and you know because everybody knew if he'd ever think about basketball everybody dreams of that. Everybody Mercury hit when he shot we've all done it in the driveway. Stuff. Due to finally have that come true quoted you at that moment we you thinking about what what what what people came here. Line on it probably all Mara among former coaches. A lot of them who you know we're we're Bob Booth you know biggest fans and biggest supporters. Before. MB. You know few of them are here with this evening Morse hosting and about a man. You know just thinking about you know the journey the different steps along the way all of you know property that was probably the most consistent all mean just different moments to our mark but basketball during the particularly when you're. When you win in the states like he would be far. He adds it's so much fun we're talking with David West you're out beyond the arc on 95 point seven in the game. Well that was seal last year we didn't we all sort of pro sports is what have you done for me today. So distilled to give me your yes give me your assessment so far of the star for the club and and in and where you guys better today than you were saying on opening night. Well. And obviously it's a it's a whole new ball gave. In every year every team is different. Even though we brought back a lot of guys are still hadn't seen. You know we went through that the clue what to an adjustment period because we got a loan. Long season in the short off season. Think we're starting to round into better shape. Think you know just guy's legs than it did not season legs under us is common I still think we Jeffs you know ways to go in terms of our. Ball movement and open our defense prison because. You know we wanted to top teams in you know defensively and actually and in the NBA we feel like if we can get the energy and whatever the shadow of you know compete and that is very very top so you know obviously there's always room. You know to continue to get better. What you know right now are being group who would start and given little movement I think our starting field better opposite conditions coming along with the shortened pre season. We really haven't had much practice terror. So a lot of things that we're trying to do we'll make adjustments on the far. I'll mention rounds and things like that the middle thankfully we're. We've been in good enough position to win a few games drop some runs early that we know we don't have to make a dumpster somewhere. But with a before too. What's it like for you to be in that role. Of that group that starts the second and fourth quarter and in the sometimes years trying to maintain what is right. Given TC in the first quarter when the worse off to a good start what what do you seize your goal. When you love you get on the Florida start that court well what we're trying to do is retarded either maintain or improve. Kicked kicked the lead up I think the biggest things game flow though we don't ever want to be. So disruptive. You know to the flowed through the front group. But the guys who play. And at first quarter. We don't want to ever disrupt the flow and rhythm. Or we're start missing now is teams mix them some strategic coup just links. You know just in terms of the attack I think some nights in order to different types of identity that we get from certain groups. But we're versatile tile enough to me to chair went on in the corner to the fourth obviously we want to make sure there were put the guys in the best position to. Were almost like literally was at that point you don't the league vote runs. On just wanna maintain that maybe you know maybe. Draw a couple thousand get some guys out and get some guys in trouble that mainly disrupted rooted for him close the game strong. But we definitely don't want to give them the game with a ticker starts fourth quarter. All I could see you would have that's gal on the map. If you are got a good people of the late. A you if you I think they have a little bit Bob Gibson that you're back that you would knock a guy off the plate isn't just for fun paper right there at. Didn't the west is our guest here beyond the arc. And 95 point seven in the game. You got all of some all lot of older and more but I also the thinking in terms of a lot of different things. The the world around us here in and to tell me a little bit about. You're you've been around the plate for a lot of coaches a lot of different deal situations. But but what's it like to play for a coach who has such a world view as Steve career. Well you know it's great film you know Steve is always. Open and honest about how he's feeling. With us in the group. I think even in the early morning before he gets it from there from the media. He's. He always seems like he's got. You know it's contemplated some good some things on his Marin alone he keeps. Our world keeps himself engaged in terms of what's going on in the world around us and so I think some targets. That's what happens so that's one of the fault of professional. Life in terms of athletics is that you get caught up in this. This lifestyle you caught up in the game and sometimes you forget about. You know the greater greater issues outside in the world. That was Steve doesn't let you forget. He's he's he's constantly beauties and using old port hole went when he when he does say something publicly. He's got the he's got the right perspective in the right outlook could. You know when you can live as whatever it is insane. Yet it seemed to I think kicked communications probably is best strength I think he's such a good people person. You know you knew that you had ever Teddy it in this league and to play with a bunch of different guys we ask you about couple what they'll fifth at toll of about the point guard you've played with baby early in your career. But Tom Albania a little bit of Baron Davis over the Chris Paul. All alone well I think go off when I was a rookie a play would be the early on first couple years. Palm you know is obviously super super talented guy. You know it was a bigger guard. It great playmaker career. In one of the reasons you know we made mated with these single playoff push and Mya. My first year on them with to reduce and and obviously we're Chris Cain. Chris discusses. Natural instincts. Be enough playmaker in the creator. You know I I got him I have him as a rookie when he was probably the fastest guy in the NBA those first couple years before him you got to live. You know just how our our Q any tough competitive. On this size was never nation you know even against. You know bigger guards are good working majority and he first or the Mets it would Jason QQ 64225. Parents. You know CP is like six foot 185 what he was you know justice ferocious and justice too often turn to compete against. Take cute in those bigger guards as anybody you established herself early on as one of the of the guards. They you you've played with Steve Smith right Leah did what was he like. You know submitting was our own. So many was I think 35 or 36 when I played when he was my rookie year it was EE practiced every day. You know heaps to somebody that. And had great knowledge of the game arm but he was you know very very poised our number one. One of those one of those those nights we would in the San Antonio and on as a rookie I was org oldest team in the India the average needs Mardi 3334. Years old I mean. It there was some guys who were literally 1516. Years in. And known. As one of tonight's win in the San Antonio I think there and was out. I think. Jamal McClure was out. Begat the and it was literally Steve Smith and George lynch and Stacey Augmon and Darrell Armstrong. And we went in their one game. And also mail a member of just sit there and all of those guys go through these guys like. I mean. You know if you're 141516. Year vets of minority which you strategize and compete and see me he was going off patent believes in though. Column that's what my fondest memories and I just remember watching him prepare that night. As a rookie just sitting there watching all the these guys who didn't you know through these wars he plea from the ninety's. And they were just prepared to win their game. What's midi was always open with information was always you know very very helpful it. Young fellow young fellow this young Fella that take care itself to cave by taking your money it would that was consistent. Message. From him and other guys marked our rookie year. They held that year in that rule right now you know and he's taken some of that in what what what do you tell C young guys like like. Patch we've gone in Jordan. Well I mean you are distraught are trying to steal remain consistent. You know I am who I am all men are. There's one thing that trucks or young players is is be yourself. You know don't get into the MBA and think you have to just you know. Copycat or become someone else not trust who you are trust all the things that you learned that got two years. Our home and just become a better person and open it in the mix you know be able to learn from all the different. Environments and situations that we we experienced well at this level. All of them and be better afforded me it. You know later on and I've or you've already we queried talked about this whoever promised your wife is she's gonna have a quick appearance on the show. To promote some of the stuff that she does would that the dresses at that did for those who don't know your your wife. Has this idea of and you guys provide dresses were kids that can't afford a prom dress how did that start. It started a long time ago. In New Orleans. Our it was something that. Kyra just randomly you know people don't bomb something that I guess it's forgotten. You know. Everybody can afford a chrome. And everybody can afford different parts of the permits so. She. Why I guess it was it was. These Carol places where they have all these gallons and every year to turn them over she had an idea about. Hey maybe we can. Far under way to give them you know at a good price and then be able to donate go home and this has grown from there and it's gone from where she was literally handing out. You know made the forty or fifty dresses to now you know she gets into the hundreds. In terms of just. Knowing that there's a need in our own for a lot of kids. You know that from that it that's a good that's a big deal and she just wants to make sure that. Particularly young ladies who can afford. All lose the entrapment succumb with the prom dress. Make gulf between the different items now this he's added are actually just to take that burden off for the parents. Arm and it's turned out to be a positive positive who've written a lot of young people are very appreciative of. Guess really it's really cool because you we we we tend to forget how much pressure teenager put on themselves right at that age and just having a nice. Dressed to walk in when it has passed it takes over that. That he often and rent enjoy the moment or element or it's a really cool thing we look forward to getting updated on that final question for aid in in. He'll last four games defense of ratings at around 93 which is what were brought accustomed to the lawyers great defense of rating. Are you guys you know getting back some of that that mode Joseph right now and it started to feel like the lawyers again. Well that's what we took us and talked about every day you know obviously this team is. Is unbelievably talented offensively. Employ terror. In Arctic our focus everything and then there's speed defense of the putting pressure on teens and forcing teams to turn the ball over force teams into tough. Tough contested shots and my guess that I think it's just that in order to losing what takes time. You know as we give it just days short pre season and we haven't been able to sort of revved it. Into Mikey will having you know scrimmage is in practice it. Calm things of that nature are so we were sold at work our way into it I think we're we're we're moving in the right Ericsson and obviously we can get a lot lot better. I will be Bob Myers genius has been our game last year it change having you around is is a great thing game today I appreciate your time as always. And into the conversation at Kentucky for hours and it's certainly for our equipment that would that's. But it did it's it's a lot of fun and I really really appreciated not spectrum by tanks of lawyers forwarded David Weston a reminder that beyond the arc is brought to my mountain Mike's pizza. Order online about Mike's pizza. Dot com we continue all answer your questions on Twitter it email to have lawyers aren't always via elects. Timberlake at lawyers dot com TI am Earl YE a dot com that's wouldn't be out the art continues at 95 points over the game. The bay area's sports station. We're going back. Kids. Wave back to BR BR. Presented by bound flight. Beyond the arc continues I've table later at 95 point seven but in the Bay Area sports station and on Saturday that exhibit Jill well it needs. And the Philadelphia 76ers got the lawyers ground on hoops for troops back. Brought to you by Crown Royal. A reminder of the 5:30 PM special weekend start test. So did your verified official tickets at lawyers dot com it's your only chance of all year. Did trusted. The process. Let's get to your questions on Twitter where yours Boxee Sammy emailed Timberlake and leaders can't start off with will. Who wants to know how does coach Kurt decide who's going to play and for how long compared to others does he use the hot hand. What will I think assistant Coach Mike Brown can answer that because he and Steve Kirk and his running joke about Steve playing everybody. On the roster. A joke around with you liked him or on time and time to complete those lot of guys. Let the date it's the best thing for the group because everybody laughter which can contribute it and try. Maury wants to know. About Patrick would cause he's the future replacement for Andre Iguodala as the sixth man Maurice hitting me up on Twitter at lawyers fox lawyers deal exit. And more I think you know that the boys love that they would love it if kilometers into. And Andre Iguodala type of player a facilitator I got it is a glue guy gets everybody together on both ends of the bull. And soared captains that bench units does speak. I think he would love that. I think that's the plan they would love to have Patrick get to that point he's not there yet. But you conceded that because playing with the eve renewed confidence the confidence of going the entire year last year. Of getting the call and gave filed in the NBA finals and that's translating to his game that it is certainly. I think it development to keep an eye on over the next couple of years is how good Patrick Cobb comes in at one of steel he was. For the lawyers to get him at 38. Soviet relative Roy TI am RO YE a warriors to not comment. If he wants to know about the recent road trip why was it's so important for the warriors used a Doris Day whether it's home or road. As to when they get together walked him to ramble tells right now though they. That going on the road was special for the warriors and it helped them recover some of their rhythm and. Our producers Hulu or really good group companies so there we can deflation so could government turnovers after the Detroit game which is good cause is so good answers. Been aware of small stuff and telemedicine clinic came within a game so we wanna shoot yourselves in those two we always wanted to try to detect explosives grosso do he's telling us that every day and so does the thing about that would make him an accord. We just trying to go Travis key get better keep growing and no sale to. We love your participation whether beyond the weekly show here beyond the arc where our game broadcast. Keep sending those questions to Twitter at warriors box boy you feel lax and also emailed Tivoli TI am oral lightly. At lawyers dot com we try to answer as many. As we can get to you in today's day and age it's so important to have a good education the decisions that are younger generation I'm gonna have to make afterward gone. Will hopefully be based on information information that baking get for a variety of sources whether it be the Internet but nothing beats the ability. Of learning how to read and comprehend that's why the MBA is always that he read to achieve program. To encourage youngsters to pick up a book and open that door to imagination that only a good read can't provide it. The gold stable lawyers have been doing this for years and recently stopped by a Bay Area school to once again. Help young students to read to achieve. All part of the continuing effort of the warriors to try to make the Bay Area. Better place to live. Detonation that it would would do it Cox and beach academies here in Oakland for brother beat to achieve. Reading rallied presented by Ross Stores we have a number of middle school and you guys since coming out today couldn't be waiters cause of death. Read some stories. Cover the big red dog might also be here it's a chicken out. I'm mad. At me. And we'll. Eat me. Good job. You can do what you want and it's not like you. President needs let me. It's encourage them people one of the hot what success is the importance of Reading and really. Reading everything just being really crude and loved and lost the love for learning and reading. Cool it's still. They've had a reading rally for the Golden State Warriors roster of glass and reading time. We're celebrating literacy and promoting reading skills among. Robin bent out of partner with a weary parents over a decade on the need to keep program that we think we know it's important brings littered the and a lot of learning. I hit the Bay Area. The splash. Great release black. Has returned to. This is viewed on ER presented by Bob and Mike yeah. The championship celebration continues with the Orlando Magic of the town home Monday November 13. The first 101000 fans will oversee a staff Rick Perry champions addition Bobble head courtesy of Kaiser permanent feature verified. Official tickets tonight employers dot com there are tickets available for that game against Orlando on. Monday night. And here I'm beyond the arc we continue with Chris Bauer of Sports Illustrated and noted Hooper. I got a really enjoys the NBA game well Chris first always a pleasure to talk little round ball we view and a we'll which is get the up do what's been keeping you busy lately. I finished the story I'm Jamal Crawford one time warrior and just when most of the movies. You can you can ever meet. Which with a lot of clinical drew immediate right about he did in my life as a human being well. Guess it's easier to Molson nice guy put. He's really you know I think it's underrated the impact he cannot Seattle bass voice take a lot of these young Seattle players under his legal. Did I hear these stories talk to people. Word you know sometimes get NBA athletes don't encourage local. I think need her upcoming prospect of all give them all his phone number. He's he's held the big like you know by a new parachute you get a three point oh GPA pick me up for wherever you want. There's a local. High school dean there wolf he gets troubled student will bring unity opted Sonoma and on the phone without on why. And on the other end will be Jamal ready to dispense like flattened and you'll do it a couple of times a month that that's not something. But not regular rate he'll even do it in either. And it's really cool to see you got this great fuel. In Cuba cattle is that they get his duty. Remote bat on Seattle and to make sure all these guys you know I their comments that don't they Marie. Michael Porter junior he's meant toward a lot of these players. The answer is really really cool while I enjoy use whether it's a short time and I really enjoyed. Having him around a since we started with ailments go right to it to Minnesota they're coming to town. Tomorrow night to the play of the of the lawyers and and I'm intrigued by them I I think they have a potential to be really really good at what this year. Outlook Kumble. I love would Jimmy Butler is doing there I think they needed a bit of that. Having someone who said that. Sort of veteran work ethic. Tendered under they had Kevin Garnett originally those are the idea did more Wear them. It felt like you know the bill can only do so much. That Zimbabwe they're all a lot of having to Malta veteran presence helps. Some as well I think the next step in and won't be getting currently towns to buy into playing defense. Usually that's not a problem was that the bill coached team but if you watch him. And you can people watch the compilations in on deck load mentioned breakdowns on it you know he's going to guy he's still doing he's really David Lee. Showing goal you know run over too late and a blocked shot you don't bar got your man. He's so good op Ed piece so young it would promise if you can get. Going to count become a legitimate defender and you care and the Butler then you've got that defensive corps right there. Well right now they're they're still in transition it feel like they could be really good they need to pull the other. Go Chris Ballard of Sports Illustrated in and noted Hoover himself. Here out beyond the dark and bloody five points of the game of the bay area's sports station warriors and bulls tomorrow night 7 o'clock with a pregame show right here. You know what's what's switched out to them the news of the day which is that the Phoenix Suns found a hole for air blood so. They get back Greg Monroe get back your protected first in 2018. Which I believe we give Phoenix. 31 round picks in the in the upcoming draft and then a protected second round pick as well. It it just seemed like Neil it was one of those deals we see this eat every year. Where one team has to trading guys and they've ever really get back. What they expect though like I do I do I'd personally I I I like great girl I think you can you can do some things. Didn't didn't we will gut reaction to that deal. Yeah I think you know like to what you paid considering the situation. That's a pretty good return for them. But we look it in until a local war with pictures have been trying to trade forever and if everyone knows you're trying to trade a guy becomes so hard to get value back. Monroe's or even make peace. He's never going to be a star but. You bring you that bring you stole that elegant Cilic that your twelve and eight night. I think that issue Phoenix has is you know stockpiling more graphic together. It got to get it I'm gonna larger plan here they have only young players. You know drug Bender and and are you strip and and and what cure which identity you know what your cold sure would be building around you know Watson didn't work well for the warriors have done so well to identify. And overarching idea and culture of the team a they culture at a steep curve brought Bob Myers. Concept about long. Multiple additional players. If being in stock probably pick who they wanted to that figure out who they are I don't in Everett and the beyond this sort of continual churn of view. Nearly got them down they're Booker and Jackson and you know they they you know I really think they could use. It get DL and a guy like Jerry W I understand why he's there he's there to help lead those guys put. But I big and I think the the problem might IC with a with a lot of teams now on the NBA is that they are so heavy with news. That they really is it's hard for them to grow without that the leadership that's why I thought. I thought Sacramento did something really interesting this past off season. Embree and Zach Randolph a great guy that everybody around the league like some respects that Vince Carter who is the poster child for having a long successful career. And bringing them in the throw them into the pot would they are young players because I thought that that's that's kind of cool you don't live there. They're admitting they say we you know we want to. We wanna create a culture and we're bringing in two guys they're gonna help us at that time I thought that was really actually. Yeah I ended in you can have debates with GM about that. About the value that you know the more analytically minded. There'll managers war you've got there's not valued that we they. Probably Q I've always thought that. That has huge valley guys like Terry Cummings is to do would it come in and made this tape players and their wings and and killed Nicole and value. In Oklahoma City all these years it's a large part of that. Sacramento I'm not sure bubble but are gonna solve what ails them. But are you like become. Yet the CIA it Terry chemist who was were the words what what one year and I saw him do more work in the locker room Nam bosses complains then and a lot of people in there with a franchise while five years. You know couples players probably would turn out. A lot pay a lot better. But you're of a Bay Area gala have some fun with the you know what's let's do this. The is totally off the cuff here and I didn't prepare for this like politics. Our game you're starting five for the warriors but not what's not include the current wars takeaways you know the current wars before. This run which is a great right did you do you could say you could start you on team with the Ford you know. With you know step clay creek mine Doran and throw Nate Thurmond there and heavier you know Europe you're great five there but before this team. What you're starting five. Warrior team B who would be. Look good I do recall up to their first. At the first Rican chick just not that not that bad news one. We did a commemorative issue at that time they ask me. You had a deck being but I stuck there and reminded there which people didn't like that time but what they're dirty. Ended and that. Daddy I guess we include the Philadelphia. Version as well it's sort of thing rod and the like to go a little more recent and that got more recent you know I think yes you've probably got to have Rick Barry on there. Oh yeah look forward to it before this run you know we would we used to you know introduce him as the greatest Golden State Warriors ever. And now you know you're not so sure army that he yeah Rick I think America's underrated simply because he was not well liked as a player. Yeah the leak and and I think people don't realize just how good he was. Yeah I think that that capital will be could have with players. And I think Rick he continues to not. Help his legacy. You know a bit the other other players don't put the weight Kareem started. They put up a bit the way Kareem has done it. Green is now being remembered or other things to think for a while green was hurting it's like yeah we're but now with his hourly work and his writing he's. He's turned a corner that he's got a new persona the way to the magic it's got it you know being into the businessmen now probably buy it. I younger younger fans as much as he was that the player. Right focus we that was however period one forward who would the other forward B. Or enough emphasis tough. You could go out. The you don't you don't wanna leave anybody out right. Yeah. All will be your vote. I you know I'm I'm thinking. If we include Philadelphia. Then. You probably have to look at Paul players. This community was so good in these times. You know his numbers are eye popping. But it is time they wore utility east you have resisted twenty some points finals back then that was huge yeah you're the leading scorer. By a good chunk. Carries it would be there I think if you go. More recent then you would probably look at it like maybe I don't maybe archaic horror. War per short and I'm missing somebody that maybe you know Jamal Wilkes was there but he wasn't there that long. You know giving guys like that. That's it's it's it's the united. A loved doing it's so much fun but we doubt legal blow those guys. Yes it's. There than it you know he's review your stuck in there that you remember I came up watching sleepy and JB and and permit. Hiding meet Thurman got to be a big man right yeah yeah Tom yet this lets you do well to produce well it will the big men and it's not it's it's Nate. I don't I don't like that they go will look the warrior but it doesn't seem right. They'll give it yeah very. And areas in and made. And I think you crypt mole would be would be in there for me. Yeah. I mean there. And and then you know at that point guard probably the Hardaway. You know. It's going to be ten. It's not that. I think you know on a moderate sleep in their bodies and probably had a better group we're. Yeah probably tomorrow and then maybe Jeff small sleepy Floyd coming off the bench. Yes and in Baron Davis programmed into the net and I they're good you know there was I'll run of a couple years for Baron Davis with a good. And as anyone in the NBA. And I think it that you probably throw us Stephen Jackson they're just for fun to have around. It could make an interest in it. Just hit it just think we don't highlight about that that we believe team right. As it the only time that ever come very close to feeling like I was on a real life pirate ship. You know I. Yet Don Nelson you know the captain and and had only guys that beat them with bared its Steven Jackson the map. Matt Barnes and just that crew of characters is just great great stuff. Hey is that as every episode out though as well as I enjoy that once. Guinea QB two stories that you're keeping an eye on right now in the NBA and kind of waiting to see what happens. Well I think these Cleveland so interesting right now because you can just you go watch. LeBron. And I get the internal struggle then there's. He he recognizes. That is window's closing these legacy. Defining moments. Right Ares to chase and ended a lot of right now about paternity that it should remember games played and all that. Wedding indeed these are your apartment I'm gonna get another. And BP if I'm gonna get up finals. Gonna win another final as the best player on the team in the Goodwin later Redick he either says Abdel dog it's got to happen and then and combine that your. With the Derrick Rose being it's remarkable how. How ineffective he is. Defensively and offensively in the rest that squad now so you know how LeBron mule and you know two or three years ago when he got upset. He would we did in these sort of pact regressive ways right you know or people would say he was working not a coach. He'd get on an inmate in some way he seems to have turned a corner a leader in that respect but added you know. That kind of they're they're they're still struggling come January February. How will you respond we start hearing it every day about him going. You know take Houston or the lakers or wherever you might end up eventually but at that the most interest being in these then paying to watch seeing Cleveland right. Now out of the playoff pictures. It's speculated I don't that plane right now now. And again. It walk he's so. The end it's itching because. I think that if you look at the the whole scenario is also set up for Isiah Thomas committed to be a hero. You know because there is pretty evident right now they need him in the historic. And I think it's it's kind of setting up for him to come in and Lee haven't Beisel story going. If the if he's healthy which is a huge question in my mind that's a that's at ten. Have you back here he doesn't defend either so your image he's gonna come in and help your often. Would they go on and advance. In. Yeah it's it's hard it's hard go to do I was talking to the lawyer coaching status last road trip and you know they they know it that their locker room knows that. You know if they wanna be a fun team they can just score but they wanna be championship team they have the defense and and that's that's the the trick is getting everybody to buy into that. If you do I think if you do that you have a chance to them. But Chris always a pleasure. If you haven't read it I would that would encourage you to read his story on that Jamal Crawford but he also loved you also this story a which is in which is instinct for people to Bay Area because of maverick and reveals you had this story a surfer correct. Ariel Laird Hamilton no conviction in the new documentary about life in. Butted in the way you you know he's. At that point there's like four the united 5050 plot where few men mole. Continued doing these endeavors that we are risking your life. Again and again and again and it of the young man. And man's sport split the layer keeps going in and eat you know it's gonna need it surgery in his body speed up. Blood pumping striding in to do that and sort of where I ended up with the idea was that thought that. Perhaps for and that does take the place of you know though you're mortality for him is that fear of athletic mortality zone NBA players. You know and their thirties didn't either way Coby. Read a final you gonna keep going I'm gonna I'm out worked at him and bird bone drop in unit and that but it becomes where you are you happy transition. The surfer. Like layered and try to push that further and further and that sort of for retirement. While it's in various him I'm fifty something I'm just happy get out of bed. Few weeks ago yeah true speaker is always fun always a good time and I appreciate it he being so gracious with the Utah Avant and best of luck with the erratic. Are out. Always great to catch up with Chris Ballard of Sports Illustrated and a reminder that the voice 20172018. Campaign is presented by Kaiser Permanente. Looking ahead of the rest of homes stable we continue here I'll be out the art. On buddy five point seven the game. The bay area's sports station. Usually takes you back to three point where it's. It's beyond the arc continues. Presented find out Mike's pizza. On the Golden State Warriors radio network. Dugout with the final punctuation mark on tonight's edition of beyond the arc. And 95 points of the game the Bay Area sports station homestand continues tomorrow night the man they called like cat comes to town. With a Minnesota Timberwolves. This cat it's 23 on the way out of pockets of the offensively what. Plus isn't the right here. 7013. Minnesota front. Lawyers have wolf 7 o'clock with a pregame show tomorrow night that's going to be a great match of it and bad the warriors don't play until Saturday night and be intriguing match up of the team that trust the process the Philadelphia 76 twos and may be the rookie of the year. It bent Simmons. Cement behind the fact he's got company and Nowitzki back again slamming in the face of the future hall of Famer. It's been seven. It's the hoops for troops Knight brought to you by Crown Royal at the special weekend starts have to get 530 with a tip 5 o'clock with a pregame show. On Saturday afternoon. And then up Monday the homestand concludes with the Orlando Magic and that means the annual appearance a Bay Area high school hoops legend. Erin Gordon. Guilford downs since backs off comes around leftist drive closest he's got Eric Gordon and just what sky wanted. This guy and don't sit down the total take of the mixer don't. Lawyers and magic the first 101000 fans receive a step would carry champions addition Bobble head courtesy of Kaiser Permanente and next Tuesday night before the warriors head out on the road. Another edition of beyond the arc got 95 point seven. The game there are tickets still available for the final three games the homestead so get your verified official warriors tickets. Employers dot com or call triple AG SW group at a press option number one. That's gonna wrap up our show tonight my thanks to David West lawyers for it. As well as Chris Ballard of Sports Illustrated. As always it's produced by the senior radio producer that's RC Davis I T a boy saying good night or beyond the arc got 95 point seven negate don't forget warriors of wolves tomorrow night. 7 o'clock with a pregame show. On 95 point seven gave the bay area's sports station. This is didn't beyond the ER says that point I won't go beyond. Tim voice weekly rundown of all things gold and see presented by Bob likes pizza could break. For ticket. Call 1888. GSW. Who are very elegant very successful broadcast.