The Raider Dust Has Settled: What Now?

April 27, 2017 - 3:24 pm

It's been 3 weeks since hearts were broken in and around the East Bay, when the NFL announced Oakland would no longer be the home of the Silver & Black. Reactions encompassed all the 5 stages of grief:

1) Denial- "There's NO WAY this holds up! Not happening!". 2) Anger- "Damn it! I can't believe they're leaving again! I'm burning my jersey! I'll never support them again!" 3) Hoping- "Well maybe if we sellout every game or win a Super Bowl, then they'll stay!" 4) Depression- "I love this team. They were just getting good & now they're leaving? What do I do now? " 5) Acceptance- "That's it. It's over. I'm done with the NFL."

So what do you do now? A lot of people have equated this to a marriage. What would you do if your wife told you she was leaving in a couple of years, for a man more handsome and rich? Of course you would tell her to kick rocks. But open your mind up to a different comparison: the Raiders are your best friend. Your best friend has an enormous job opportunity in another country and he is leaving in a few years. Would you refuse to see him prior to his departure? Hell no! You would see him as much as you could and savor every moment until he left.

Look, I'm not telling you what to do or how to feel. But I assure you if it was me, I would hold on to every second of whatever is left. The OAKLAND Raiders will be gone after one year or after three years. I would hope it will be three. I would show Mark Davis and the NFL world just what a big mistake they are making. I would hope they win multiple Super Bowls. I would savor every moment I could until the Raiders don't belong to Oakland any longer.

Once they move to Nevada then you can reassess. You could root for Miami (Dolphins owner Stephen Ross was the 1 in the 31-1 vote) or any other team. You could give up football for good. You could root for the Raiders from afar but never go to a game or wear  anything with Las Vegas on it. Whatever you choose, I can't imagine over time Raider fans wouldn't continue to root for their team.

I've been an East Bay kid my entire life. Oakland going from three teams to one kicks me where it hurts. But the bottom line is, I all but assure you, that any protesting or boycotting will not take any food off of any millionaires table. Enjoy what you have while you have it. Show up and show out, but root for what you always have, the players. 


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